A SHAMELESS COUPLE. CHAPTER ONEA SHAMELESS COUPLEBy Amanda WrighterCHAPTER ONEDingle & Tanner Urology Clinic10:20 AMDAY ONEKaren Burke sat quietly at her desk in the back corner office offset from the nurses’ station. It was just another typical day of processing insurance claims at the same old office she’d worked at for nearly three years now. She wanted to peel her face off rather than look at her computer screen again.She shifted uncomfortable in her rolling chair and then glanced around to see if anyone was looking her direction. The doorway leading into her office had no actual door. So anyone in the hallway could see in. When she was satisfied nobody was spying on her, she leaned back and pulled up the tight fabric of her scrub top and then pushed the overly tight waistband of her pants down so her belly could roll out over the top. Once it was free, she sighed with relief and pulled her top back down over it.How did I ever let myself get into this? She wondered as she leaned forward and resumed typing on her keyboard. Her boyfriend, Roger Cobb – she hated his last name, but he was good in bed and cute to boot – had conned her into it is how she’d come to be in the predicament she was in at that moment in time. She’d met him in the supermarket four months earlier and the fact that he’d actually hit on her was still a shock. Roger was good looking and a new car salesman…could have had just about woman he met in the store…but he chose her to ask out for coffee. She’d taken him up on it and about two weeks later she finally pinned him down and made him tell her exactly why he’d gone after her.The truth was simple, but still seemed too good to be true. Roger liked fat women and not just any, but a particular type. Roger liked women who were skinny all over except for their bellies. Roger also liked big titties. And good old Roger found exactly what he was looking for when he met Karen in the supermarket.Admittedly, she wasn’t all that great looking. Two k**s and a failed marriage had taken its toll on her. At just barely five foot tall, she’d weighed barely 110 when she married her ex-husband right out of high school. And even after the girls were born, she was only about 130 or so and that was with ten years of marriage in the mix. But after her ex dumped her for a newer model, she tended to take solace in junk-food and ended up ballooning into 160 pounds before the divorce was final. After that it was sort of downhill for a while. She just avoided scales entirely and tried to deny she was still gaining. By the time she met Roger, a year later…she was approaching 190 at full speed. The only good thing she could say was that her former C-cups were now Double DD-cups and thankfully stuck out far enough to hide protruding potbelly in most outfits.Roger wasn’t just a lover of fat bitches though. After discovering that he liked her body, she got bold one night and asked him what he’d think if she gained more weight? His answer came in the form of his dick being pile-driven into her pussy for nearly thirty minutes, non-stop. She ended up cumming harder than she’d ever gone in her whole life. She took that as his way of saying he liked that idea. The next day she went on a fatty food binge. By the end of that week, she’d packed on five pounds and made it a point to moan about it in front of him…then she even made a big to-do about her pants being tight.Again, she found herself on her back, listening to the squeaking of bed springs as the man fucked the living shit out of her. Confident that she’d discovered a secret of his, she decided to confront him on the subject.“Roger…does it make you horny to think about me getting fatter?”Roger sat quietly without blinking. His eyes gazed back across the table at her…wide and bewildered. “You told me you like the way I look,” she reminded him as she spooned up a mouthful of ice cream from her bowl and shoveled it in. “And every time…every single time I say anything about getting fatter…I end up walking funny the next day,” she added as she made a show of licking her spoon. “I don’t think nothing’s wrong with it. I’m just curious if it actually turns you on.”Roger, the fast talking, good looking new car salesman remained silent…continued to stare in abject shock. She could tell from his expression that she had nailed him. He was just too terrified to admit it.She knew he’d never gotten along with his one ex. He’d cheated on her multiple times during their marriage and each time with a fat woman. He’d been up front with her about that from the beginning. His ex had been chunky when they’d gotten married, but shortly after the birth of their son, she’d took to losing weight and not stopped until she was a fence rail with an A-cup bra. He’d been disgusted with her. And after their divorce, he’d promised himself that he’d never hook up with another woman who had issues with maintaining some curves.“Roger…I’m okay with it. I’m not your fucking ex-wife,” she tried to reassure him. “Tell me you like it and I’ll eat this whole fucking quart of ice cream right here and now,” she added with a smirk.He was literally sweating.“Oh I’m eating it…I’m eating it all,” she said in a sultry voice as she spooned up a giant glob of it and forced it all into her mouth at one time.She never got the second spoonful to her mouth. One minute she was smirking at him and the next she was being pillaged atop the damn dining table in her apartment kitchen. Luckily the girls had both been asleep and never knew anything happened.Several days later, he finally admitted to her, after sex, lying in bed…that he was fascinated by the idea of a woman getting fatter. He told her the hottest his ex-wife had ever been was when she was growing during her pregnancy with their son, Randall. He told her how the old cunt had ballooned up to over 200 pounds, tits the size of her head…blah, blah, and blah…and then as soon as Randy was out, she started dropping weight and didn’t stop till she was a beanpole.“So how fat is too fat?” she asked him.“What do you mean?” he asked in response.“I mean if I gained a little more weight…at what point would you think I was gross?”He turned in the bed and stared at her with a look that was somewhere between unfettered joy and shock.“Ten pounds? Twenty? How fat would you make me if I let you?” she pushed him on it.“How about you just let me feed you till I’m all out of cum?” he countered with a devious grin creasing his face.“Are you serious?” she said with a somewhat shocked look of her own. “You’re a dirty, dirty pervert I think.”“Sorry,” he apologized and his grin immediately faded.“I didn’t say it was a bad thing,” she assured him. “I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that you think I’m hot…and that it turns you on to think about me getting even bigger.”“I know…I’m a freak,” he admitted with a sigh. “But I honestly have this sex fantasy where I find the perfect woman and I just tie her to the bed and feed her till she so big she can’t do anything but let me fuck her.”“Oh hell no,” Karen grumped. “I’m not getting cut out of the room by the emergency services people. You’re hot and all, but I’m not doing the five hundred pound thing.”“Oh I wouldn’t do that…that’s cruel and really dangerous,” he insisted. “But I would definitely put another hundred pounds on you.”“I’m five foot one…and I weight 192,” she declared with a single arched eyebrow. “You do realize I’d be three hundred pounds…I’d be as wide as I am tall.”“I don’t see a problem with that,” he popped with another devious grin as he rolled over and began to sexually pillage her once more.Dingle & Tanner Urology Clinic10:31 AMKaren recovered from her recollection daze and resumed typing as she heard Doctor Tanner’s nurse walking past her open office door.She leaned forward in case the woman came in. She was already starting to get odd looks from her co-workers concerning her increasingly tight scrubs. She’d been 192 the night she learned of Roger’s fetish fantasy. In the time since, she’d gained upwards of 216…most of it going to her belly with a bit sliding lower to her ass and thighs…enough so that her pants were starting to cinch in the hips as well as the waist. Roger was such a freak. He actually considered weighing and measuring her to be some sort of twisted foreplay. And she got off on it because he got off on it. And with them both working and both with k**s at home, their time together consisted of about every-other weekend. So every two weeks, she’d astound him with her new girth. The most recent of which, had revealed her to have a belly measuring 45 inches in diameter…her gut literally stuck out past her ribs nearly six inches. From the side, she looked positively pregnant and probably third trimester pregnant. Roger didn’t mind. Roger thought she was a goddess. Roger threw that tape measure down and humped the ever-loving shit out of her right there on the bathroom floor next to the scales.She’d never felt more sexy and wanted in her life. She was quickly falling in love with Roger and would honestly do just about anything for him…even hit 300 pounds…as long as he kept pounding her like he did.“Why’s he here?” The voice came from out in the hallway.She leaned back and peered out to see who it was talking. Immediately she identified Tanner’s nurse, Amy and the front receptionist, Dana.“It’s a referral for peeds,” Dana replied, referring to Pediatrics housed two stories above them.“Is he having problems?”“No…just…well his mother…well here, you read it,” the receptionist insisted as she pushed a chart to Amy and then hauled ass back up front.Amy thumbed through the chart and then noticed Karen looking out at her. Smiling, she walked into Karen’s office and approached her desk.“What’s up?” she asked as the nurse leaned up against her desk and continued to read through the chart. Her cheery demeanor immediately dimmed…her smiling expression morphing into something more akin to being disturbed. “Well?”“Damn,” she muttered. “No wonder she was being weird about it. This’ll do it to you.”“What?!” she blurted, nearly on the verge of yanking the chart out of her hands to see for herself.“I got an ten year old boy down in the exam room next door…he’s here because he’s got…well…macrophallus and distended testes.”“You wanna say that again…in English this time?”“It means he’s got a big dick and balls,” Amy explained with a slightly hushed voice. “He’s nine…that’s gross.”Karen just sat in her chair looking stupid.“Did you hear what I said?” Amy asked.“Yeah…but what exactly constitutes BIG for a ten year old? I got two girls…that’s not exactly my area of expertise,” she admitted.“I got no k**s…I’m more lost than you,” Amy insisted as she stood upright and continued to scan through the boy’s medical records. “I don’t see any measurements, but I’m assuming he ain’t right or the peeds douches wouldn’t have sent him down to us.”“What was up with his mother?”“Oh apparently she’s the one who insisted the peeds doc send him for referral. She’s having a cow over it. She’s over there with him,” she added, pointing at the wall opposite them. “And now I gotta go in there and ask all kinds of questions…shit I don’t wanna know about! Ewww!”“Doctor Tanner won’t do it?”“Are you k**ding? That witch don’t do nothing she don’t have to. Why a woman would ever become a urologist is beyond me to start with. And she hates k**s of any age or nature. So no…I’m stuck like Chuck and I’m gonna end up puking before lunch.”Karen’s mouth was moving before she realized it.“I’ll do it…”“What?”“Well it’s just questions, right? I’ll do it…but you’re buying me pizza for lunch.”Amy looked down at her oddly for several silent moments but then seemed to be contemplating the offer.“I handle the fucking insurance and billing…I see more records than you do. Not like I’m gonna be giving him an injection or anything,” she added.“Why you wanna do it?”Karen hadn’t anticipated that particular question.‘Cause I have a hang-up when it comes to over-sized penises and I’m just pervy enough to wanna go check this k** out…somehow didn’t seem like a really smart answer.Despite the truth being perverse, she couldn’t seem to really find a way around it…so she just decided to soften it up a tad and go with it.“I’m curious as to just how big he is,” she revealed.“Well you can’t just–”“Oh I know…damn…but I’m pervy enough to check out his package,” she admitted with a one-sided smirk. “His mother’s in there anyway…not like that…damn.”Amy stared in dismay at her.“Oh c’mon…look me dead in the eye and tell me you aren’t curious about it too!”Amy’s demeanor softened and she slumped back against Karen’s desk again…then tossed the medical chart onto the counter beside her.“I’m gonna go to the bathroom and get some coffee. If my chart is magically filled out when I return…I’ll assume the nurse fairy did it for me.”“For which a pizza with double pepperoni and extra cheese will then be left on my desk…right?”“Corleone’s?”“You know it, sister,” she replied with a grin. “This the forms?” she asked as she sifted through the chart.“Yeah…good luck with that, perv,” Amy answered as she darted out the open doorway and disappeared.10:42 AMKaren knocked and then entered the examination room with the boy’s chart in her hand. The first obstacle she encountered was of course, the boy’s mother. The woman was probably thirty-ish and only a few inches taller than Karen. She was scrawny as a rail and looked so nervous that she might jump out of her own skin were someone to yell, “boo!”“Are you the doctor?”Karen stuttered before answering. “No, no, I’m just here to get his history and some information before the doctor comes in.”“Are you pregnant?” the woman asked as her nervous eyes dropped lower to Karen’s bulging belly. She’d not bothered pulling her tight pants up, so her tummy was unrestrained and pooked out ridiculously through her scrubs blouse. And she wasn’t for sure, but periodically she could swear she felt a breeze from below…meaning the bottom curve of her gut might very well be hanging out from her top.“Noticed that did you?” she said with a smile, deciding to play along with it rather than admit she was getting fat just to suit her boyfriend. “Er-hrmm,” she cleared her throat as she stepped around the woman to view the boy. “So this is Eric?”“Hi,” the boy said with a half-hearted smile.She let her eyes make a quick dart down to his crotch but she didn’t really notice any impressive bulges or shapes and immediately she assumed she’d gotten shafted on this deal. Having to do the nurse’s job without so much as a fringe benefit…well, save the free pizza anyway.“Okay, so I need to ask some questions and I have a feeling some of these are gonna be a little uncomfortable to answer, so just…ya’know…well…answer what you feel comfortable answering, if that makes sense?”The mother nodded and stepped over to the waiting chairs that lined the side wall. Nervously, she sat down in the one closest to her son.“Okay,” Karen began, thumbing through his chart. “First question pertains to his particular problem. Now the pediatrics clinic says one thing here, but doesn’t go into specifics really. And I know this is gonna sound–”“Oh please,” the mother blurted. “You don’t have to be politically correct about it. Just ask outright.”“Okay,” Karen said while nodding. “Alright then, his doctor lists the reason for the referral as macrophallus. But ya’know that’s not really necessarily a medical illness or whatnot. It just means he’s got–”“A huge willie. Yes,” his mother agreed, cutting her off before she finished her sentence. “It’s not just big, okay. I had this same conversation upstairs two days ago. Nobody seems to take me serious until they see it, so let me just go ahead and take care of that for you,” she added and pulled the boy to her. With hasty movements, she unbuttoned and then unzipped his jeans and then in a quick motion, pulled his pants down to his ankles before leaning back. “There…does that look normal?”Karen gasped. She couldn’t help herself. The boy’s penis was flaccid and withdrawn into a short but excessively fat tube of flesh. He looked uncircumcised due to the immense amount of skin visible, but she wasn’t for certain. On first glance it appeared that his penis was no more than three or four inches long, but its girth was monstrous. It looked like it might be as big around as her wrist. But his shaft wasn’t what made her so unsteady that she had lean against the cabinet. That…that would be attributed to the balls that dangled heavily beneath his dick. They had to be the size of small chicken eggs. Each nut was at least a decent handful. And they hung down probably six inches from his crotch in a sack that looked strained and stretched.“Uhh…umm…are…are you having any problems urinating?”The mother shook her head. “No, we’ve gone through all the basics with his primary doctor upstairs. He’s fine, it all works. But c’mon…look at…at THOSE–” and she pointed at his testicles as if they horrified her. “Do you see how fat it is? eskişehir rus escort He’s ten years old!”“I see,” she agreed as she tried her best not to stare. “So you’re just concerned because his genitals are so big…in other words he’s not having any medical problems related to this?”“No,” his mother replied with a sigh. “But this isn’t normal. Don’t stand there and tell me that’s normal.”“Has he always been big?”“Yeah…but in the last six months or so, he’s taken a growth spurt or something,” the mother explained which struck Karen funny.“Oh shh—I’m so sorry…you just said…and that…I’m sorry,” she did her best to turn around and hide her mirth.“Oh hell,” his mother said with a sigh as she realized what she’d said. Reluctantly she began to chuckle herself somewhat. “Not my best choice of words.”“Nope…nope…I’m good…just…sorry…that was way unprofessional, I’m so sorry,” Karen continued to apologize.“Why are ya’ll laughing?” the boy asked with a bewildered and perplexed expression.“Nothing…girl thing,” his mother informed him. “Seriously though, he was big all along, but it’s like since he’s started puberty, that thing…those THINGS…are growing way out of proportion to the rest of him. And I know not everybody perceives that as a problem, but he’s having issues at school…gym class specifically. You can’t keep those suckers in your shorts. C’mon! And his coach is bitching at me about it…but there ain’t no brief known to man gonna hold them hounds up when he’s jumping and running around. And they don’t make ball bras, as far as I’m aware.”Karen grimaced and tried not to bust out laughing again.“Okay that one was me again, sorry,” the mother said, laughing out loud as she did so. “But it’s the truth. I mean you see what I’m talking about. I just want somebody to really check him out and tell me straight faced that he’s fine and just hu—umm, well gifted.”She cut herself off, but Karen knew she was about to say, “hung like a horse,” probably.“Okay, I do have a few questions on here that pertain to men in general. I mean we don’t get many boys in our office. Urology is usually middle aged to elderly folks. So these are not…well…you said he’s just started puberty so maybe they do apply to him. I sort of have to ask them though, so if you want we can step outside to go over them.”The woman stood up and Karen took that as the woman’s intention to go out in the hallway. So she turned and opened the door and led her outside the room before closing the door behind them.Looking down at the boy’s chart she still held, she read down the list of sexually oriented questions.“Does he have problems maintaining or achieving erections?” When she looked up, his mother’s face was beet red and beads of sweat began to pop out on her forehead and upper lip. “Sorry…it’s on the list here, but I guess you might not–”“I don’t honestly know. I’ve never really seen him with one, but I don’t make it a habit of…well…he’s my son,” she stumbled through her response.“That’s fine,” Karen assured her. “But it’s something the doctor may ask about. I mean his parts there are sexually machinery, ya’know…so she’s going to want to know it’s functional before she looks you in the eye and–”“Wait—SHE?? The urologist is a woman?”“Pat Tanner…yeah…sorry…we get that a lot, but yes, Doctor Tanner is a woman.”“Well how is she gonna determine if it’s…if HE’S functional or not?”“Well I’m sure she’s aware of methods to test that. Sperm count in particular is usually done by–”“Having a guy jerk off in a jar. Yeah, I’m not stupid,” the mother blurted. “But he’s ten. He’s just sprouted pubes in the last few months. I’m not even sure he knows what masturbation even is.”“Well I’m just saying…she may want to test everything, so be prepared for that.”She opened the exam room door and looked in and the boy was still standing there with his pants down.“Is that it?”“Oh, yes ma’am,” Karen answered as she opened the door further and ushered the other woman back into the small room.“Pull your pants up,” his mother told him as she took a seat back in the chair next to him.“Umm, actually, he probably needs to go ahead and just strip down and put a gown on. Doctor Tanner is gonna want to examine him, so…ya’know…”The mom nodded to him and he began taking his clothes completely off while Karen rummaged around in a cabinet beside the exam table for an exam gown. The gowns were of course on the top shelf and being five foot one, she had to strain, standing on her tip-toes to reach the stack of folded garments. Finally snagging one, she dropped back onto the heels of her feet. Just then her lower belly caught a frigid chill. To her horror, she realized her shirt tail had crawled up while she was stretching to reach the gowns.She was already turning around to hand the gown to Eric before she realized she was exposed. As the boy took the garment, she realized his mother was gawking unabatedly at her belly…as was Eric!“They don’t really make maternity scrubs,” she chuckled as she wiggled and tugged to get the shirt tail to go back down.It was while she pulled downward that she noticed Eric’s penis was moving…elongating…extending forth from its fleshy sheath. He was holding the gown but making no effort to put it on. Buck naked, he was just standing there with his unblinking eyes, glaring directly at her as she struggled to pull her blouse down. And with each tug and movement, she knew her belly and tits were jiggling. But it was fight the shirt or just stand there with her belly out like a doofus.A sock hit the boy in the side of the head. It didn’t really make much of an impact, but it got both of their attention.“Hey! Why don’t you embarrass me to death!” his mother scolded him as she hurled his second sock at him.“Ohhh…umm…I’m sorry,” Karen apologized but she was anything but sorry. Since laying eyes on the boy’s fat sausage, she’d been wondering how big his erection might be…and now she was apparently going to find out…and to top matters off, he was apparently enthralled with her bare belly hanging out. Was he another fatty lover like Roger? It might be why his scrawny ass mother had never known him to pop wood. Nothing around their house was doing it for him.“Well I guess he gonna answer your question for you,” she groaned, covering her face with one hand and turning her head away so as not to see him.His dick was still mostly flaccid, but it had lengthened to probably five or six inches…its girth still as big around as her wrist. He wasn’t well hung…he had an elephant trunk for a dick apparently!“Okay well go ahead and put this gown on and I’ll go see about getting Doctor Tanner in here,” Karen announced as she snagged up his chart and made her way to the door and then out into the hallway.“Er-hrmm!” It was Doctor Tanner, grumpy as always, and standing just outside the exam room waiting on her to exit. “Last I checked you were the insurance clerk, right? Did I miss you qualifying as an RN?”“No ma’am,” she answered as she handed the chart to her boss. “But Amy had to…well…take care of some business and it was just paperwork…which I already handle, so I was just filling in.”“She didn’t want to deal with him?”Karen blushed in response to the question.“It’s a penis…doesn’t matter how old the guy is it’s attached to. She’s such a pussy sometimes, I swear,” the doctor commented as she glanced over the boy’s chart. “I got a call from Doctor Flemming upstairs. So how fucking big is the boy’s junk? His mom just weird or–”“Oh cheese, no…she’s…she’s got reason to be freaking out. He’s very…umm…like…it’s gigantic.”“He peeing normal and whatnot?”“Yes ma’am.”“Any signs of trauma or…hell, I don’t know…pumping?”“Pumping?”“Penis pump…dudes do stupid shit to their equipment. Age is not a factor in that. So did you see any rings around his pelvis or blood blistering…anything like that?”“He’s ten,” she asserted.“Age…not a factor,” Tanner restated, looking at her like she was stupid. “I grew up with four brothers. Urology doesn’t bother me ‘cause I’d seen more dicks by the time I graduated high school than a two dollar whore. Men are stupid. So did you see anything?”“Well I didn’t really look at him that much. I’m not a nurse. I’m not supposed to do that.”“True enough, but in light of the fact that my nurse is nowhere to be seen and this is a juvenile of the opposite sex, I’m gonna ask you to come in with me for the exam. You got issue with that and I’ll remember you were doing something you weren’t supposed to without my direction.”“What?”“Do this and I’ll forget you were in there in the first place…aka-I won’t fire you for doing nursing shit without being a nurse.”“But now you’re telling me to do it,” she argued.“Exactly…now I’m telling you do it. Didn’t do that before, now did I?”“Point to Doctor,” she admitted as she reached behind her and opened the door back up so they could both enter.After they were both inside, Doctor Tanner began to exchange pleasantries and introductions with the boy’s mother. During the exchange, Karen noticed the boy was staring at her with a dorky grin on his face…an obvious sign that he was enamored with her.It made her uncomfortable, but her infatuation with his genitals was overriding her good sense. She smiled back and pooked her belly outward as far as she could while leaning back against the door. Ever so slowly, she moved her arms behind her as if to support herself against the door that she leaned against…but in truth, she was positioning her hands behind her back in order to tug upwards on her blouse. Little bit by little bit, she tugged up on the back tail of her shirt until she could feel the front beginning to ride up as well.The boy had hopped up on the exam table now, instructed by Doctor Tanner to do so, but his eyes never left Karen’s torso.“Sorry,” the mother was suddenly beside her and pushing her out of her way. “I need some air,” she blurted as she passed out the door and into the hallway.“Alright big guy, let’s see what you got swinging here,” Tanner was saying and then she flipped the boy’s gown back and froze. Eric was half-hard again as he had been earlier when her shirt rode up. His penis was still pointing downward, quite limp for the most part…but it was nearly six inches long now and still growing rapidly. In moments, the tip of it was touching the padded top of the table beneath him.Tanner reached out without preamble and grasped his manhood with both hands. She couldn’t wrap her fingers all the way around it. She flipped it around a few times and then pulled the skin back on it to reveal an immense penile head the size of a golf ball.“Well you got a big one, don’t you?” the doctor commented nonchalantly as she continued to examine his penis. By this point she released his penis and told him to lay back on the table. Once he was positioned as she directed, she began to examine his testicles and sack. Karen couldn’t see much of what was going on because of Tanner’s position, but the boy was looking around her to continue staring at Karen.She smiled at him and winked and his goofy grin grew a tiny bit. With Mom gone and the doctor turned away from her, she suddenly felt emboldened and moved her hands from behind herself to the front edge of her shirt tail. Sucking her belly in, she pulled her blouse up and then let her gut plop back out…and the boy’s eyes looked they were going to fall out of his head. She lifted one hand and made a shushing motion with her index finger over her lips and then did a little bit of a sexy dance that made her belly jiggle and jostle.“Wow,” Tanner suddenly blurted and whipped around to look back at Karen. She was caught with her belly exposed. “What the hell are you doing?”“What? Oh…sorry…my shirt was…I need a bigger…my bad,” she muttered as she tugged her shirt back down.Oh fuck I’m so fired…just so fired…she thought as she blushed and tried to avoid looking the doctor in the face.“Get over here so you can see what I’m doing. You’re supposed to be my witness and all you’re doing is standing back there scratching your fat ass belly,” Tanner grumbled at her. “Dig in that drawer there and get a tape measure out of it. I need to take some measurements. The boy has got some serious equipment on him.”Nervously, she dug in the drawers beside the sink counter and finally located a flexible, cloth tape measure. She approached Tanner and handed it to her, but the doctor declined it. “I’m holding…you’re measuring,” she informed her.If Karen hadn’t been blushing before, she was now. Sweat was beading on her forehead and she felt like someone had turned up the heat twenty degrees.“Wrap around,” Tanner instructed her.She ran the tape around the girth of the boy’s penis and discovered it was seven and a half inches in circumference…meaning it was over two and half inches across.“Length,” Tanner said as she wrapped her own hand around the base of the boy’s penis. “Wait a second…gimme a minute,” she added when Karen tried to place the tape to his dick.To her shock, Tanner began pumping Eric’s cock rapidly and methodically. Almost instantly the boy’s penis began to lengthen and harden into a full erection. Less than a minute into it, she stopped and waited for his hardness to finish developing.“Now,” she said.With shaking hands, Karen leaned forward with the tape only to have the metal tip snatched by Tanner who extended it to the base of his shaft against his pelvis. “Wow…I say again,” the doctor commented as she and Karen stared down at what had to be the biggest dick either of them had ever laid eyes on. The end of his rod was just short of touching the eight inch mark on the tape.About that moment, his mother re-entered and shut the door loudly behind them. Tanner told the boy he could sit up and moved quickly away from the table. His mother could see him then and his immensely fat erection. When he sat up, his cock stood up as well and remained standing.The woman looked like she was about to faint. With bulging eyes, she quickly fumbled her way to a chair and dropped into it, diverting her gaze from her son’s erection.“Well, his equipment works,” Tanner announced as she leaned up against the sink counter. “Sorry…that happens even with the grown men,” she added, pointing over at the boy. “Er-hrmm,” she cleared her throat and gave Karen a strange look…that she eventually figured out meant to make the boy cover himself up.She reached and pulled the gown up and over his boner, but it did little to conceal it and Karen found herself suppressing the urge to laugh out loud again.“I didn’t find any abnormalities. He’s just got some seriously large equipment. Was his father endowed like that by any chance?”The mother shook her head to say no.“Are you sure nothing is wrong?”“The only other thing I can check would be a sperm count to verify his testicles are functioning…I mean of course I can order a scan…but honestly in my opinion, he’s just got a condition called Megalopenis or Macrophallus. Essentially he’s just got over-sized male anatomy. There’s not really anything that can be done about it.”“I want the sperm count done,” his mother insisted. “I know I’m fucking paranoid, okay. Humor me.”“No problem,” Tanner agreed. “But he’s got to provide me with a sample and as part of general protocol I’m not allowed to be involved in the collection process. He’s quite capable of achieving an erection, so I would assume he can produce an ejaculation. I’ll get my nurse here,” and she looked over at Karen when a snarky glint in her eye, “to get you a collection cup and he can have the room till he’s done.”The boy’s mother looked horrified as Tanner exited the room and disappeared down the hall.“Well wait…I don’t know if he even knows—well crap, does she expect ME to explain this to him?!”The woman was looking at Karen with an almost pleading expression and she suddenly realized what the woman was about to ask her.“Ohhh, no, no…no, I’m not…that’s…umm…I’m not really qualified to–”“I’m his mother for crying out loud…please don’t make me do this! I mean I’m all for explaining the birds and bees, but I don’t…I’ll puke if I have to tell him how to…to…DO THAT!”“I’ll go ask Doctor Tanner,” she said and disappeared out the door in the direction Tanner had taken.10:58 AM“Doctor Tanner,” Karen said as she caught the woman about to enter another exam room. “She says she can’t stomach telling him what to do…she wants me to do it. Is that okay?”Tanner smirked and grunted…then leaned in close to Karen so that nobody else could hear what she said.“I know you weren’t scratching your fat belly in there, bitch. I saw your reflection in the glass of the picture frame that hangs on the back wall. I also know why you volunteered to snag this case. You got a long dong fetish, don’t you? Why you think I’m a urologist? I been playing with cocks since I was big enough to figure out what they were good for. If superstud in there likes your fat fucking ass, go beat him off and get me a sample. I don’t care. I don’t want to know. But juveniles are problematic. eskişehir rus escort bayan I don’t want him as a patient and I was his nutty mother out of here pronto. So go do whatever.”“So do you jerk all your patients into erection?” she hissed back at her.“Only the big ones,” she spat back. 11:08 AMKaren was back in the exam room and Eric’s mother was standing there look mortified as she expected her to be. The boy’s erection had finally fallen though so at least he no longer had a tall tent atop his lap.“I’m not supposed to and I have to deny that I did it, but okay…long as you understand that.”“Fine, fine…you take care of that,” she agreed. “I’ll owe you for life.”Feeling a bit bold, knowing that Doctor Tanner was a size queen too…and had taken handy liberties with the boy in her presence…Karen suddenly wondered whether she might get away with it herself.His mother was about to depart when she spoke and stopped her dead in her tracks.“Umm, it might go more efficiently if I just got the sample directly.”“What do you mean by that?” his mother asked.“If I did it…rather than putting him to doing it. Just do it and get it over with. But you know that’s sort of…er-hrm, well not something I’d do without your consent. But one of us really needs to stay in here with him to make sure if he does it himself that he does it without contaminating the sample…and…umm…the room, if you know what I mean.”The woman looked aghast.“Wait…so you’re saying one of us has to stay in here with him while he does it?”“Probably should, yes,” she replied.“And…and you’d just rather…what…wait…you…out in the hallway, sister!”11:14 AMThe mother stared at her for several dead seconds before saying anything once they were out in the hall.“Are you saying you’re gonna jerk him off?”“It’s not like that…I mean yes, sort of. It’s not gonna be all pornographic if that’s what you’re worried about. He shot up like a rocket during Doctor Tanner’s exam. I’m pretty sure I’ll be done with it in like two minutes tops.”The woman looked faint again and she leaned against the wall to steady herself.“I don’t mind doing this or even just telling him what to do and staying in there to make sure he does it right, but the sooner it’s done the better. You’re welcome to stay in there with me while I do it. In fact, I might feel better about it if you did. Or maybe you wanna do it yourself?”“Shit, if he was just a little older he’d probably know what he was doing and this would all be moot.”“Are you sure he doesn’t know how to do it already?”The mother sighed. “Oh sure, like I’d know.”“We can ask him,” she suggested.“Look, just go back in there and do it.”“Only if you come with me,” she agreed. It was both humorous and deviant. She wanted to make the woman watch her playing with her son’s dick because she knew it was repulsive to her…and also she wanted to feel the rush of doing something nasty while being watched. It was like when she was jiggling her belly for him behind Tanner’s back. She’d always had a bit of an exhibitionist in her. She’d also always been a bit of a bitch, especially to skinny women like this woman.Reluctantly, without saying a word, the woman opened the exam room door and went in.11:19 AMEric was standing up on the floor with not a stitch of clothing on. He’d removed his gown at Karen’s behest and his mother, blazing with embarrassment had taken up a position by the sink counter opposite them.Karen was kneeling beside him and was reaching out with her right hand to grasp his limp cock…her left hand was also extended, but was holding a collection cup out in front of him.The moment she grasped his cock, she knew she was going to be in trouble. She was so enthused…so enamored with this massive dick in her hand, that she knew she’d never be able to remain professional through the whole of the process.I’m gonna end up fired…and honestly I don’t care…’cause this is THE BIGGEST fucking dick I’ve ever seen in my life and I’m not passing up the chance to at least milk it. And honestly if he was a little older I might even try doing more than that!With that in mind, she began jerking his penis, pumping the fat fucker for all it was worth. In moments he was hard as a rock and she found herself having trouble pointing it downward into the cup.The boy started bucking his hips and moaning after a short time and it made her immediately uncomfortable. The situation was taking longer than she anticipated. She’d assumed two or three strokes and he’d blow a load, but he seemed to almost be resisting her efforts to force him to ejaculate.She looked up at him and realized he was looking down at her…past her face…straight down into the v-neck of her blouse…probably getting a good gawk at her DD’s. Her hand motion was making her tits jiggle…and he was all up into it.“C’mon…relax my man…let it go,” she said aloud to him and all at once he erupted like a geyser.Semen blasted out of the tip of his dick and shot into her collection cup, but the sudden force caught her off guard and she dropped the damned cup.His mother leapt forward and scrambled to grab the dropped cup. Semen was firing off rapidly though and by the time she latched onto the plastic basin, she had cum all over her and Karen was enjoying the show…intentionally continuing to jerk the boy off in her direction.On her knees in front of her son, his mother hefted the cup up to the end of his penis and did her best to catch his ejaculation.Karen’s arm was growing tired but the boy was still spurting globs of semen. She was so turned on by this point she couldn’t stand it. She swapped arms and continued pounding his meat.“For fuck’s sake,” his mother gasped as she pulled back from him, the collection cup all but overflowing. “I told you this wasn’t normal! Where’s he…HOW?! No man makes this much spunk!”“This one does,” she blurted back, still jerking…still firing off jizz like a fire hose.“Hey…you can stop now…I’m pretty sure we got it,” his mother jabbed at her verbally with a look of pissy-ness.“He’s still going,” she popped back.“And I think you’re enjoying it,” she countered.“Are you? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure he is,” she argued.“Are you pregnant?” his mother asked, the question being the last thing she expected her to say back.“Yeah,” she chirped back. “I told you earlier.”About then the boy’s constant squirting began to slow and then stop. He’d been ejaculating for nearly a minute non-stop. Karen slowed her pumping motion and then began to work and squeeze the remains of his load from his cock…forcing it to drip and ooze out of his fat cock head. A literal puddle of cum lay across the floor in front of him and that didn’t even account for the cup of jizz his mother had caught.Karen released him and stood up to face his mother. The other woman was spattered with semen…her son’s semen. She seemed oblivious to it. She also still held his over-filled collection cup in her hands.“You put on a good front,” Karen commented as she stepped up close to the woman. “You jumped in there too quick though.”“Did you even talk to the doctor? You just wanted to do that didn’t you?” the woman replied with a pair of loaded questions.“You wanted to watch,” Karen came right back at her.“Shit…at least I’m not the only one,” his mother said with a long sigh. “I just been so paranoid. I mean you see it…it’s crazy sized. Part of me wanted to make sure it was normal…and the other part couldn’t bring myself to have him do anything…especially while I was in the room. That’s why I’m here.”“It’s all good,” Karen assured her. “Female urologist. Put two and two together. And me…I’m just a little freaky like that. Sorry.”“So she did tell you to do that?”“She told me to get the sample however I wanted,” Karen admitted. “So you okay with that?”“How sick is it if I told you I liked it?”“What?” Again the woman said something that she never expected to hear from her. “When I said you wanted to watch, I just meant that you came in here to watch…I didn’t…wait…so you…” and she looked back over her shoulder at Eric, “you REALLY wanted to watch?”“Look at this,” his mother hefted the cup up to show it off. “He’s never had wood…till…till when he saw your belly a while ago.”“Oh, you think he’s got it for me ‘cause I’m pregnant?”“Don’t he?”She smiled deliciously as she turned and looked back at the boy who was now sitting naked in one of the waiting chairs…his fat and bloated cock dangling down with his immense balls over the edge of the seat.His mother reached out and pulled Karen’s shirt tail up till her entire round belly was exposed. And she made no effort to resist. This was by far the nastiest sex-capade she’d ever been part of.The boy’s dick began to rise across the room.“Oh fuck,” his mother whispered from beside her. “How the fuck is that possible? What’s he gonna be like in four or five years? He just hit puberty!”“He gets it honest, doesn’t he?”“Gets what? That monster? Noooo…his father was a joke compared that,” and she pointed blatantly at his erection.“No, I was talking about the prego fetish,” she asserted. “I’m fat…not pregnant though.”The woman’s eyes bugged and then lowered to gaze down at her exposed belly. Her hand reached out and slide across the round orb of her tummy as if to verify that.Karen bounced a bit and made her belly jiggle.“Your tits are so big,” the woman commented, finally convinced that Karen wasn’t actually pregnant. “Luck of the draw,” she replied. “I don’t think he cares …do you?”The woman’s hand slid up her stomach and then under her pulled up blouse. Her tits were suddenly being groped right there in full view of the boy. Then her shirt was coming off…her bra gone…and the mom was behind her, reaching around her…squeezing her massive tits and fondling her fat gut…shaking them all.“You were worried about him because you couldn’t get any action with it, weren’t you?” Karen whispered over her shoulder to the other woman. “You’ve been playing with it and doing your best…but you’re just too skinny. Mom ain’t got what he wants.”“I saw your face when I pulled his pants down…I knew you were horny for him,” his mother countered. “We were both horny for you apparently. Get your fat ass over there right now and fuck him…ride that fat fucker.”She pulled away from the woman and turned to face her. Reaching out, she snagged the cup of semen and unscrewed the lid. As she walked backwards towards the boy, she poured the entire cup of his cum down onto her big tits and round belly.“Whoops…oh no, messed that sample up. Guess I’ll have to collect another one.”Just then the door opened and Amy walked in. For a tense second, everyone froze and then Amy stormed forward and viciously grabbed her by the arm and dragged her topless out of the room cussing her for all she was worth.Karen Burke’s Apartment2:45 PMKaren sat in shock as she stared at the pink slip on the table before her. One minute she was embarked on the hottest sex ever imagined and the next she was in the office manager’s office…topless…covered in cum…and beyond saving.Eric’s mother had of course feigned shock and horror, claiming she’d walked in and found her with her son like that and had been too horrified to react. To her relief though the woman had refused to file charges of any nature…and had insisted the office not do so either.And Doctor Tanner, of course, denied any knowledge of the matter and so she’d been stuck like Chuck. Somehow she’d concocted some half-assed excuse about dumping his sample on her shirt and freaking out and taking it off before she realized what she was doing. The semen on her torso seemed to back that up. And luckily her pants were still on. So reluctantly, the manager had bought her story…but still fired her for inappropriate behavior with a patient. She was fucked. No other clinic would ever hire her and insurance was all she knew.As she sat sulking, it occurred to her that wouldn’t be able to pay her rent on unemployment income. So she’d end up having to move into some low-rent crap-hole or move back to her parent’s house with two daughters in tow. Neither of which seemed a reasonable choice.She stood up and retrieved a full quart of vanilla ice cream from the freezer and returned to the table to begin eating it.3:23 PMJanet, Karen’s 13 year old daughter and Jennie, her nine year old, both barged into their apartment like a hurricane. As usual, their father…her ex-husband, had dropped them off and walked them upstairs. They were used to staying home alone till she got off work at 4:30 each afternoon.Normally she wouldn’t even be home from work yet, so seeing him wasn’t something that actually happened very often. In fact, they usually communicated only by phone and she couldn’t honestly recall the last time she’d seen her ex in person.Startled by his entrance, she stood up from the kitchen table and stepped into the living room.“Whoa…hey there,” he said, apparently startled a bit himself. “Just making sure they got in okay,” he added and immediately headed for the door.For some reason she wanted to talk to him. But as he closed the door, she sighed and realized the moment had passed.Just then, her cell phone erupted in music…“Hey, what’s up?” It was Roger calling.“Nothing…” she replied but the falseness of the statement was immensely obvious.“I called work…they said you didn’t work there anymore. What happened?”“What exactly did they tell you?” she asked, suddenly concerned her day might go from bad to apocalyptic. “Absolutely nothing other than you didn’t work there anymore. So what’s up…you quit or get fired?”She just sighed.“Please…I’m a car salesman. You think I’ve ever been able to hold a normal job? Can’t even tell you how many times I been fired.”“Got fired,” she admitted reluctantly.“Wanna talk about it?”She did, but she wasn’t about to tell him the fucking truth of the matter. Sticking with her lie was probably the best way to deal with it.“I was filling in for Doctor Tanner’s nurse…had to collect a semen sample from a patient…a juvenile…his mother was there…she handed the cup to me and I spilled it all over my blouse and I freaked out a little. I was holding my shirt up to keep it from…ya’know…soaking through it and onto me…and the nurse I was covering for walked in and thought I was flashing the patient and his mother. The mom tried to explain what happened, so they didn’t do me anything…but I still got fired for inappropriate conduct with a patient. Guess I’m s’posed to just let bodily fluids get on me without a fuss, huh?”Roger was silent for a moment or two before responding. When he did, his words weren’t what she expected.“How old was he?”“Oh it was a freak show…trust me,” she replied in an attempt to deflect his question.“Seriously…how old was he?”“Ten,” she replied. “Let me guess…wondering why a ten year old was having to submit a semen sample?”“Yeah, pretty much,” he agreed.“You’d have seen his man-parts, you’d know. He looked like he was giving birth to a baby elephant, if you know what I’m saying. Damn thing was the size of my forearm and I shit you not.”“You said you spilled his jizz on you?”“That wasn’t normal either…let me tell you! I went into the room to see how they were doing and his mom was all spattered with it and the damn sample cup was completely full. I was a little disturbed…I was nervous and I lost my grip on it and she didn’t tighten the lid worth a fucking shit. It was just one of those HOLEE SHIT moments when everything that could go wrong goes wrong.”“Damn…so freak boy shot off all over his own momma in the exam room? A whole…I mean like a standard sample cup? Those things are usually pretty big…that’s… where the fuck was he storing a load like that? That’s crazy, man!”From his voice, he almost sounded excited by her story and it made her start wondering just what the fuck was up with that. She didn’t have to wait long to find out.“His nuts were the size of eggs…I k** you not!”“So you saw him…like naked and shit, right?”“Yeah,” she admitted. “I’m not joking either…he was a flaming mutant below the belt.”“Did you get off on that?” he asked and her jaw felt as though it surely had hit the floor between her feet.“I can’t believe you just asked me that!”“Yes you can,” he quipped. “So his momma was in there with him while he was jerking it?”“You’re a total pervert! Are you getting off on my story? This like porn for you or something?”He started chuckling on the other end of the line and she couldn’t help but laugh as well.“You’re so bad…I get fired for dumping some k**’s jizz load on myself and you’re on the other end of the line tugging one out yourself. You sad, sad man!”“Pardon me if I think my fat girlfriend dumping cum on her big ass titties and belly is hot. My bad,” he mockingly retaliated.“It wasn’t YOUR cum, dumbass!” she smacked him back. “I’d assume that would be downer for you.”“Well normally yeah, I’d kill whatever douche had come near you with his Johnson…and quite honestly I’ve never even fantasized about something like that. But listening to you telling about it is rus escort eskişehir pretty hot. Maybe you’re just a great storyteller.”“Oh, ha, ha,” she grumbled at him. “I just lost my job and I’ll be blacklisted from working in a clinic again because of this shit. I’m screwed. I’m gonna have to move back in with my parents and end up letting the girls go live with Jimmy and his beanpole of a new wife.”“Your parents live out of state,” he suddenly blurted.“I know,” she agreed.Silence filled the digital air between them for a while before Roger broke it by saying, “There’s another alternative.”“What?”“You could move in with me and Randall,” he asserted. “And before you say no…c’mon…we hardly ever get to see one another as it is…so I’m not letting you get out of state on me. I’ll move to follow you if I have to!”That made her feel so good inside. Knowing he had it so bad for her that he’d quit his own job and move to be near her was something she never imagined she’d have after her divorce from Jimmy.“C’mon, woman! I’ve got a townhouse here with three bedrooms in it and there’s plenty of room. Randall has his own room and the girls can share one for a while.”“For a while?”“Well…I don’t know how else to explain that other than to say that I have been thinking about asking you to do more than just move in.”“What?!” She was both elated and horrified at the same moment. Was he really insinuating marriage to her? “Are you asking me to marry you?”“Well I was gonna wait a little longer, ya’know…I mean I been thinking about it and stuff and now this comes up so I’m thinking maybe we might give it a whirl. Ya’know… just move in together for a while…make sure the k**s get along…make sure WE get along. And then maybe later we look at rings. Just thinking…ya’know…just saying,” he seemed to be flustered to some degree as he tried to explain what he was thinking and offering to her. “Of course if you wanna go home and live with your mommy, you’re more than–”“OH SHUT UP!” she blurted at him, cutting him off before he could mock her further. “Yes, okay…yes!”“Yes what?”“Yes, I’ll move in with you,” she growled, spelling it out directly for him.“I got one condition though,” he added with a chuckle.“Uh-oh,” she moaned.“I want to hear more about this work incident.”“Oh c’mon, man! What do you want me to tell you about it? You want me to make up shit?”“Just tell me the truth about seeing him. Did it turn you on, seeing a big whomping dong like that?”“He was ten, Roger!”“That wasn’t an answer,” he informed her.“It shocked me at first. I was asking his mother questions about him and she just up and pulled his pants down. She was worried about his size and everybody apparently thought she was just being weird, so she decided to just show me rather than have me think she was nuts.”“Nuts about his nuts, huh?” Roger chuckled.“Not funny…she was really disturbed over it. I mean he was seriously huge, Roger. And it looked even more out of proportion attached to his body.”“Did it turn you on?” he asked again.“Maybe a little,” she admitted. “I had to help measure him when Doctor Tanner came in. Freaky bitch got him hard before we measured him. I thought I was gonna pass out for a while there. She said she had to test his reactions, ya’know. I guess. I don’t know.”“So how big was he?”“I knew you were gonna ask,” she asserted. “How about you guess?”“Six inches?”“Long or around?”“Well long…I guess,” he replied.“Bigger.”“Seven?”“Bigger.”“Eight?!” he sounded shocked.“Just short of,” she stated matter-of-factly. “You wanna guess how big around?”“I’m not that good with math,” he cracked back with a chortle.“Seven and half inches around…like the size of my forearm, man! Two and half inches across in diameter.” She could all but hear the gears in his head turning and she imagined him on the other end of the line fumbling for a ruler or trying to imagine the size in real world terms.“HOLEE FUCK!” he finally blurted through the phone at her. “That ain’t right, man…wrong…just wrong!!”“You’re telling me! And that’s why his mother was spastic I guess. And let’s not forget his balls were the size of Grade-A large eggs. She told me they kept sliding out of his underwear in gym class at school. His sack hung low enough to literally dangle out of his shorts leg. I’m not joking, Roger!”“Damn…and so what, Doc said she wanted a semen sample? What up with that?”“His mother insisted that she run everything that might be problematic. She just wanted to make sure that his shit was properly working.”“Guess she found out, huh?”“Yeah, she did.”A silence once more invaded the airspace between them. “So she stayed in the room while he jerked off? How’d the goo get all over her? She holding the cup for him? That’s a little on the creepy side, huh? Or do you think she was the one jerking him off? Woman with a son that hung, man…that’s gotta be tempting, huh?”She didn’t reply.“Do you think I’m pervy for thinking that’s good dirt?”“What part?”“All of it,” he replied. “Him being hung like a moose… her maybe jerking him off…you ended up with cum all over you…flashing his ass.”“No,” she answered. “But don’t tell anybody I admitted that or I’ll have to kill you. And especially don’t ever dog me out for admitting his big, mutant dong did me anything.”“So if mom hadn’t been in there…and say he had the hots for you…would you have messed around with him?”“Are you just goading me here?”“We fuck, Karen…we fuck a lot. You know all sorts of dirty little shit things about me, but I don’t know crap about you and your dirty little fantasies. And I’m not really saying anything, but I kind of get the feeling that you’re not admitting the whole story to me about all this are you?”“You have a twelve year old son, Roger. I’m not sure I should really be telling you my dirty thoughts on a ten year old just before moving in with you.”“Well Randall ain’t hung like no moose, so I’m pretty sure he’s safe. And if he was hung like a moose, well I’d be proud as hell if he was tagging grown women with it! Ha!”“Even me?!”“Could I watch?”“PERVERT!!” she blurted at him loudly. “Be serious you freak!”“Why would you do Randall if you could do me?”“Good point, but I don’t want to talk nasty about a ten year old boy to you.”“Yeah you do,” he insisted. “Don’t you?”“You really think it’s hot?”“I have my dick out right now…I’m in the men’s room at work…but I’m getting frustrated because you won’t hook me up here.”“You thinking about me?”“I’m thinking about you jerking this fat dicked little fucker off while his mommy watched,” he replied.“You want the real story or do you want a made-up version?”“Hmm…how dirty is the truth?”“Pretty bad,” she answered, honestly considering telling him what really went down. Part of her suspected he might actually get off to it. Apparently the man was far more perverted than she ever imagined. And that crack about Randall didn’t seem all that humorous. Was her newly minted fiancé some kind of closet p*******e in addition to being a lover of fat bitches? If he was, did she want to move in with him with her daughters in tow? Both of whom were chubby? Perhaps moving in with him might not be a good idea.And yet, deep down, some part of her was aroused by the idea that he could be excited over the idea of her messing around like that. She trusted him. She probably could admit she loved him at this point. And all the times he’d been around her daughters, never once had he even emanated a feel of threat nor behaved in an inappropriate manner with them. In fact, both girls stayed up his ass and liked him a lot. They’d probably get pissed if they found out she refused to move them in with him.“Well, you gonna keep me waiting. My dick is getting cold here,” he nagged.“It’s not so much something you’re gonna wanna jerk off to,” she explained. “I’m worried you’re gonna tell me to take a hike.”“Oh shush…as if!”“Alright…fine. His mother said he’d never had an erection that she knew of and she didn’t want to have to explain to him about how to do it…and all that. But she didn’t want to leave without having it done. And at one point when I was in the room with them, I was reaching up into a cabinet to get him a gown to put on and my shirt rode up and my belly was hanging out when I turned around and the little bastard was standing there naked and just gawking at my big belly…and his dick starts snaking out right there in front of his mother. Now I pulled it down, I mean it was embarrassing enough to have my fatness hanging out, but then here he is popping wood to it apparently. Well anyway, so after Tanner left later on, his mother hits me up…puts me on the spot to explain to him how to do it.”“Is this what really happened? Or are you telling me what I wanna hear?” he asked, and she realized instantly that the truth was exactly what he wanted to hear.“I’m not good at telling fairytales,” she informed him. “You wanted to know…so I’m gonna tell you.”“You didn’t show him, did you?”She wasn’t sure how to respond.“That how you ended up with cum on your shirt?” he added when she didn’t answer. “Did you jerk him off right in front of his mother?”“She told me it was okay. She watched. When he went off, she held the cup to catch it. I never imagined, even with his big ass balls, that he was gonna blow like a fucking geyser.”At this point she couldn’t bear to tell him everything. Admitting she jerked him off was enough. She wasn’t about to tell him that she was on the verge of fucking the little freak or that his mother was fondling her titties in front of him.“Holee fuck…I would have paid money to watch that,” he stated as if what she’d told him was nothing too far out of the ordinary.“I jerked off a ten year old boy, Roger. Does that not disturb you to some degree?”“It was all in the interest of medicine…science, right? I’m pretty sure his mother wasn’t…well you said she took up for you when the other nurse walked in, so I’m guessing you was all business with him, huh?”“What if I wasn’t?”“You were,” he insisted. “I know you well enough to know you got off on it but I bet you were nervous as shit doing it. Especially with mommy watching. See my question is how did mom did with that?”“What do you mean?”“How did his mother respond to you jerking him off and him spewing like a volcano?”“She noticed he got a little hard when my belly was hanging out…so when she was trying to talk me into it, she told me she’d rather it be me than her. Because he was hot for me, ya’know?”“So did she seem to get off on it…like while you were doing it and shit?”She could tell from the slight hitch in his voice that he was jerking off now.“When he started shooting off…I looked at her and she sort of looked…shocked…I don’t know…like maybe she was as blown away as I was. I sort of think she might have been as turned on as I was but didn’t want to let him know it, ya’know?”“I was holding the cup with one hand and jerking him with the other…and I dropped the cup and she literally jumped to grab it and hold it…and…and I might have…sort of maybe…intentionally pointed him at her while pumping it. I know that was really sick and mean…but it was so hot, Roger…it was like a dream or something. And you know she never made an attempt to wipe it off. She just sat there on her knees in front of him and did her best to catch all his mangoo. And it went everywhere. The damn floor had a puddle and he over-filled the damn cup too. And then when he finally stopped, and we got up, we were both nervous and she tried to hand me the cup and I just dropped it and it poured all down the front of my shirt. It was so much spew. And I pulled my shirt up…just grabbed at it and pulled it up…my belly was hanging out, and I swear the little shit’s dick tried to stand up again.”On the other end of the line she heard him panting and then sighing as he achieved orgasm.“Holee shit…did you really just jerk off to that?”“Did you bring your blouse home?”“What?”“I wanna see it before you wash it,” he told her. “Evidence of the deed and all.”“You think I lied?”“Can I cover over tonight?”“It’s stiff and crispy…it’s gross,” she remarked.“I want to fuck you with it on,” he told her. “Naughty nurse needs to be punished.”Suddenly she was aroused to the point of rubbing her own pussy.“Oh fuck…you’re so bad,” she cooed to him.“As if you don’t like it,” he asserted.“I never dreamed you’d be like this,” she gasped as her fingers made their way down the front of her tight ass scrub pants. She’d changed shirts when she got home, but she was still wearing the same pants from work. As her hand slithered down to her wet pussy, she realized the front of her pants were somewhat stiff as well. Apparently she’d gotten cum all over them as well.Probably didn’t see it because it was under my fat fucking gut, she realized.“I’m still wearing the same pants,” she informed him as her fingers began rubbing at her engorged clitoris. “I can’t tell, but they feel a little stiff in the front. My fat belly is in the way so I can’t see. I think maybe there’s cum dried on them…right…by…my pussy,” she said amid gasps of pleasure.“Are you shit’in me?”“It was everywhere, Roger…everywhere…all over her and me both…the floor…even him. His balls were so big, baby…I…I couldn’t help myself…I wanted to jerk him off so fucking bad,” she blurted as she rose to orgasm.“You dumped that cum on your big ass titties on purpose, didn’t you? Yeah, you did. ‘Cause you’re bad! A bad girl…and you need to be fucked by a real man so you’ll stop playing with boys!”“Aaahhhh,” she came hard and fast and nearly dropped her cell phone. “Oh shit…oh shit…oh shit, I just came,” she told him.“Save that fucking shirt, dirty girl…I get off at six and I’ll be getting off IN YOU by seven.”“I got the girls here…we can’t get too wild,” she warned him. “I got Randall too…I’ll just bring him. We’ll talk about moving in with them in the morning…all together. But tonight it’s on like a chicken bone. Make him a bed on the couch or something.”“Better stop and snag some rubbers. I think the box you got here is almost empty.”“Why? You don’t mind long dong fooey’s spooge get’in near your pussy. Why you worried about mine?” he asked.“Because I don’t wanna get pregnant,” she declared.“Why not?”“I’m already getting fatter for your ass…don’t get crazy now, Mister Cobb!”“Yeah but do you know how big your belly and tits would be if you did?”“Yeah…and I’d be tied to the bed posts probably as a result, wouldn’t I?”“Any time I wasn’t selling a car…yeah, probably!”“Get off the phone and get over here. And if you’re that crazy…DON’T stop for condoms.”“Really?” he sounded shocked.“You heard me,” she said and just hung up on him.3:53 PMThings had looked wrong all day until now. Somehow her worst-day-ever had turned around and was quickly becoming the best ever. It was crazy and ironic and totally beyond her imagining. Now she was sort of engaged without a ring…moving into a nice house with her fiancé …and about to get fucked raw by the most awesome man on the face of the earth. As excited as she was, she still couldn’t help but wonder what Eric would have been like and just how awesome fucking him with his mother there would have been like. She wished she had their information. Hell she didn’t even know what his mother’s name was. She had no way of even finding them. And aside from that, she was probably doing good to have gotten away with what she did. Pushing her luck might not be the smartest thing to do.She wondered what had happened when Eric and his mother had gotten home. Was she playing with his dick? Would she try to fuck him? Would she try to get fat now so she could be attractive to him? Or would she just find another fat slut to fuck him while she watched?She stared at her phone and wondered if the woman would let her BE that fat slut if she could find her? Her life was perfect for the moment…but still that giant cock called to her at a primal, undeniable level. Her pussy ached to ride it and to have his gargantuan balls pumping her full of cum.Picking up her phone, she dialed the pediatric office two floors above where she worked…or had worked.“Hey girl…it’s Karen from Doctor Tanner’s downstairs. Hey…yeah…what? Oh no, all the lines are screwed so I’m calling on my cell. Can I talk to Laura in records? Yeah I’ll hold.”Thirty seconds later her counterpart from the other office answered.“What’up, beeyotch?”“Hey, ya’ll sent us a boy named Eric…but the fax is all screwy and I can’t read his last name or any of the address on his referral sheet.”“I’ll re-fax it to you,” Laura asserted in response.“Oh I don’t need the paper…just the info. Can you look it up and tell me real quick?”“Sure,” she replied. “Uhhh…hold on…looks like…Eric Spencer…1457 Auburn avenue…uhhh…apartment 188–”“That’s good,” she cut her off. “I can read the rest of it. I just wanted to get him processed. Today is my last day,” she added.“WHUT?!?”“Yep…boyfriend just asked me to marry him and move in, so fuck this hole…I’m out,” she explained.“Well go, girl! Don’t forget about me. Holler once in a while and let me know how regular dick feels!”“Will do! Late’a!”Holee shit! I know where he lives.But what would she do with that information remained undecided. Part of her wanted to go jump in her car right then, but the girls were home. And she couldn’t very well take them with her. And Roger would be over later.She’d just have to wait. Wait and see.TO BE CONTINUED…

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