A Story with Emotional Depth Ch. 02

Alli Rae

To all the people complaining about how I don’t retype my physical description in every story I write: Okay, I’m lazy. Sorry. I had assumed (incorrectly, obviously), for some reason, that everyone would read the story “I Thought She Was Straight” first. Don’t ask me why I thought that, I just did. So I figured that I didn’t want to make the effort to retype something over and over again because I thought the reader would just skip over it anyway because they’d read it already. So I’m wrong, you’re right. And to the reader who “thought (they)’d follow (my) example, skip reading (my) story, and vote a 2” because I’m “just fucking lazy”, as they so eloquently put it: if you’re reading this, could you send me your email address so I can reply to your message? I have something I’d like to explain to you.

So here it is: I have very short brown hair, but that’s the only butch thing about me. I wear skirts, heels, and makeup when I want to look my best. I spike my hair, and a lot of older women (among other people) compliment me on it and tell me it’s beautiful. When a guy spikes his hair, old women shake their heads and complain about kids these days, but apparently when a girl does it it’s beautiful. I also have light brown eyes and lightly tanned skin. I’m 5’4 and 120 lbs, with an athletic body. By athletic I don’t mean ripped, I mean toned. I’m not fat at all but I do have fat, apparently in the right places. People are always complimenting me on my ass, saying it’s very nice and rounded. I just think it’s big.

On with the story. One of my previous stories was about the first time my ex-girlfriend and I fooled around. We stayed together for several months, before she had to move for college. After a couple months we decided to try to just kiss each other for as long as we possibly could, just to see how long we could stand it. The rules we had set up were that we couldn’t touch each other’s breasts, ass, or pussy. Anything else was fair game. We also couldn’t rub our pussies against anything. We could press our pussies together because that happens naturally when you kiss, but no rubbing and no unnecessary pressure. We also couldn’t rub our nipples against each other’s deliberately. Our mouths had to stay above the other person’s neck. And we had to be naked.

We were sleeping over at my house again. In the beginning of our relationship I was surprised that my mom kept on letting her sleep over after catching us in bed together our very first time, but she said it was a part of growing up. What can I say, she was in her prime during the 60’s. Apparently all the “free love” had an effect.

We decided to time it. We agreed that at exactly 9:00 pm, we’d start. This meant we had a lot of time to kill. She came over around 6 and ate dinner, so when we went to my room to hang out it was 7:15 or so. We hadn’t even started our little game and I was already having to restrain myself. She looked really good in this white pleated miniskirt and a tight, light blue wife beater. I could tell from her bra straps that her bra was Anadolu Yakası Escort also a light blue, and as we were sitting on my bed talking, all I could think of was how she looked without her shirt off. Just imagining myself running my fingers over her shoulders and sliding the straps off made my clit start throbbing a little. I shifted my position so my pussy was pressed up against the heel of my foot, but instead of easing the tension it just increased. I think she was feeling it too because she kept squirming, until she finally said, “Maybe we should just start now.”

I quickly agreed and we mechanically stripped off our clothes, avoiding looking at the other’s body. I had seen her naked many times, but even then the sight of her nude body still turned me on. I couldn’t resist and sneaked a peek at her. Her skin was light colored, without any tan lines. She had just a hint of freckles on her face and the tops of her shoulders, which I always thought was cute. Her breasts were the perfect size, just a little more than a handful. Her nipples were already hard. What I liked about her nipples was that they weren’t too big. From reading the stories on , it seems like a lot of people get turned on by very large nipples and areolas, but not me. Her nipples were also perfect, a little bit bigger than a pencil eraser and the same pink color. Her areolas were about the size of a quarter. She had a well-trimmed pussy with sort of dirty blonde colored hair, which I could see was getting a little wet already without us even having to do anything to each other.

I laid back on the bed, smiling and holding my arms out to her. She paused to look at my body and sort of giggled, saying, “I don’t know how long I can last” then knelt over me. I looked at the clock, noting that it was 7:34. I wrapped my arms around her, starting to pull her body into mine, but she resisted. She took my arms and put them by my sides, then still kneeling above me and holding my arms, she kissed me on the cheek. I lay there helpless as she continued to kiss my face, kissing both my cheeks several times before kissing my forehead and my nose. Her kisses were so tender and loving I almost melted.

She paused and said softly, “You know I really care about you a lot. If you don’t like this I’ll stop whenever you want to.”

I had never had a serious relationship before, and haven’t had one as serious since then. I wasn’t used to having people tell me sweet things and look at me as if I was the only thing that mattered. Right then, it felt like my heart would explode. I know this is so cheesy, but I just kind of felt overwhelmed with love and affection for her. I said, “I don’t want you to ever stop,” and kissed her on the lips gently.

She kissed back just as gently and let go of my arms. I turned so I was lying on my side, and she laid down next to me and put her right arm over my side, pulling me in close. I could feel our bodies pressed against each other, her nipples poking into my breasts. Her head was resting Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan on my arm, and as my arm curled up and wrapped around her shoulders she rubbed her cheek into my arm and kissed it once.

“No breaking the rules,” I whispered, then realizing that it would be unrealistic to do that, added, “Not yet anyway.”

She gave me a smile and went back to kissing my face. I closed my eyes and she kissed each eyelid as her thumb traced patterns on my side. I wasn’t even really turned on anymore, I felt more protected and loved than aroused. She kissed my cheeks and her kisses got closer and closer to my mouth. I ran my fingers through her long, kind of blonde hair. She said, “Don’t move your lips,” then ran her tongue along my lower lip. My mouth opened a little involuntarily but she kept licking my lips, moving up to the top one. She sucked my upper lip into her mouth and ran her tongue along it at the same time, then repeated it on my lower lip. She kissed each of my lips several times, then said, “Okay you can move now,” and pressed her lips into mine. We stopped moving our hands and concentrated on the feel of our lips against each other’s.

Her lips were so soft and gentle. I never get over that. Every time I kiss a girl, even if I’ve kissed her before I always marvel at how nice her lips feel. She was no exception…my entire world became my lips and hers. We moved our lips against each other’s and slowly I felt excitement building up again. Our kiss slowly grew less loving and more demanding.

We pressed our bodies harder into each other’s, restraining ourselves from rubbing or touching. It took a lot of willpower. I think we slipped our tongues into each other’s mouth at the same time, because suddenly our tongues were swirling and dancing together. We moaned into each other’s mouths and our breathing grew heavier. Suddenly she pulled back and said breathlessly, “Slow down,” and kissed me again, using her tongue but this time at a slower, more languid pace.

Her tongue explored every part of my mouth, running over my teeth and feeling underneath my tongue. She tickled the top of my mouth then pressed the flat of her tongue harder against it, soothing the itch away. Her tongue ran between my lips and teeth and over the sides of my mouth. After a while she started pushing against my tongue, and I played with her tongue for a while. Then I did the same thing she did to me, my tongue feeling the smoothness of her teeth and seeing what she tasted like in all the little crevices of her mouth.

My hand started running up and down her side and suddenly I was very aware of her body, not just her mouth. She had pulled away a little earlier, but our breasts were still pressed against each other. Her nipples were touching mine, but not rubbing really. Her fingers ran down my spine and I shivered and arched my back so my body was pressed harder into hers. Her hand rested on my hip, her thumb rubbing my hipbone. We naturally moved so that we ended up with Escort Anadolu Yakası her on top of me, with her resting on her forearms on either side of my body. I could feel her hands on my sides just behind the sides of my breasts.

I had totally lost any loving, caring feelings I had earlier. I mean, they were still there, it’s just that desire and lust had set them aside for the time being. I wanted nothing more than for her to touch me. I could feel her wetness spreading on the front of my pussy and hips, trickling a little onto my own pussy. Not only could I feel her wetness, but I could feel her clit pressing right into mine. Our kiss grew more passionate again and our hips automatically started rubbing against each other. I don’t think either of us could have stopped at that point and I just raised my hips higher and rubbed harder. We both spread our legs, which caused our clits to come into greater contact. Her hands finally reached up and started playing with my breasts, her thumbs and index fingers rolling my nipples. I moaned into her mouth and we kept going like this for a long time, kissing and rubbing our clits, with her pinching my nipples.

I broke the kiss, saying that I needed to taste her. We both needed to come badly by this time though, so she got up and turned around in the classic 69 position. Usually if I’m just trying to come, 69 doesn’t work too well but neither of us could wait long enough to make the other come first.

She lowered her pussy onto my mouth and went to work on mine. She spread my lips and ran her tongue between them, then flicked her tongue over my clit. My hips jumped up as I took her clit into my mouth, sucking on it. While still maintaining suction on her clit, I ran the flat of my tongue over it like I would a lollipop or ice cream cone. She stopped flicking her tongue, then started copying what I was doing. I moaned onto her clit, which made her moan onto mine. That’s the good thing about 69, soon you’re both moaning and usually you can feel the vibrations in your clit. It’s like having someone go down on you at the same time as using a vibrator.

I started coming, wrapping my legs around her upside down head and pulling her hips hard into my face. My thighs were tingling where I could feel her hair tickling them. My tongue went into overdrive as I started screaming into her pussy, feeling the much needed orgasm. A few seconds after my climax hit, I felt her body tense up and she ground her pussy into my face. A trail of her come dripped onto my face, smearing over my nose and mouth, which made my orgasm even more intense. We both shuddered and lay still for a couple minutes, savoring that post-orgasmic glow. She turned around and laid back on top of me, looking me in the eyes. She kissed my lips, licking the juices off. She slowly licked and kissed off the rest of her juices from my face. Usually I wouldn’t think that someone licking my chin would be a turn on, but the way she did it was so tender that I actually liked it. We snuggled up together and fell asleep, totally forgetting about our little game.

One thing about her was that whenever we fooled around it was almost always an expression of how we felt about each other. Yeah, sometimes we’d just need a quick orgasm but usually it was very loving. So I hope that satisfies everybody’s need for a story with emotions behind the sex.

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