A Tale of Two Wives 001


This is some real-world shit happenings from my past, with some fantasy rolled in. I’ll let you decide which is which.

This is my first attempt at writing anything so, Please; Let me know if you enjoy it and I will add further parts to this story. There is a lot more to this story that I want to write and share with all of you.


Back Story:

Being a computer systems consultant for 33 years, I traveled extensively and had accumulated a more than 2.5 million frequent flyer miles and that’s just when I was traveling with Delta, I used other airlines as well. Took the wife and children on many trips over the years for free.

A few years ago, my wife left me since I found out all the money, I had given her (over $50,000 CASH a year for over the past 10 years). This was actually $2,000 cash from my received salary which was a little over $3,000 every two weeks after taxes.

The main reason I did this was so she could save for our children’s education, and for our retirement. If you think about it that’s over $520,000.00 total, which was OK since I paid for all the utilities each month.

Furthermore, I gave her extra for the yearly insurance and property taxes.

Given she was the love of my life, and had my total trust, I never questioned anything. I was getting close to retirement age and started looking into how much we had and if I would be able to quit working and retire a little early.

Low and behold, I found out we had NOTHING in the bank, all this time she was constantly sending money to her family in Indonesia. She actually had nothing in savings for our children or our retirement.

Like the old Hank William’s song (You Win Again)

Better Version

The Kentucky Headhunters (You Win Again)

– Just trusting you, was my great sin. –

“You have destroyed our children’s future and our retirement; why you care more about your family than your own children I will never understand.

“I will never give you another penny ever again, period. Any and all bills we have I will continue to pay them as always.”

Her answer – “Well, if you’re not going to give me any more money there’s no reason for me to stay with you”

At that moment it felt as if several hundred pounds of weight were dropped down onto my chest. The senses were as if someone slowly ripping every fiber of my heart into tiny shreds.

Since I had always thought my wife of 25 years was my soul-mate. I found myself wondering how could she say something like that, and had she actually felt that way our entire marriage.

Ever since we first met, every day of our marriage I was absolutely and completely devoted to this woman and would have gladly given up my life for her. I always carried pictures of her and the children braggingly showing everyone this is why I travel so much; I want to be the best provider I can be for them.

I guess the old saying is true, (Love is Blind).

I quit working and retired as soon as she moved out and left me and never looked back.

A year after she moved out, my boxer (Georgia) died being only 8 years old. She was the most beautiful tiger-brindle boxer I had ever seen. The kindest, most loving dog I had ever owned and would lay down her life to protect my daughter or I.

What was so odd about her was she never once ever licked anyone, she would reach up and give you a peck on the lips, like she knew by instinct what a kiss was.

This loss hurt almost as much as my wife leaving me. I remember when we first brought her home as a little puppy, I had to sleep on the kitchen floor for the first few nights with her nuzzled up next to me to keep her from whining all night from being alone.

Georgia was very needy and always wanted to be with us at all times.

Plus, to make it worse in my entire 66 years of life, she was the first dog I had ever had to bury myself.

When my puppy died (I called her – my puppy – all of her life) I kind of just gave up on life, quit shaving and not getting a haircut since she passed away. It just seemed pointless to go on living with no soul-mate and now my only friend gone.

By now my hair had grown down way past the bottom of my cheek, almost to my shoulders, and my beard was about 4″ long.

Yes, my daughter loved me although she had grown into a fine young woman, much smarter than her father ever was. She was just starting her life and I knew soon she would leave home, and then I would be totally alone for the rest of my life.

Since about 6 months before the wife left until now, I had not touched, held, or kissed a woman in over 3.5 years, other than fatherly hugs and pecks on the forehead for my daughter.

Incest never crossed my mind, I’m not that warped kind of person.

The strongest reason for not trying to get another woman was, even though I hated my ex-wife completely, I still loved her. It always seemed that if I went after another woman in some strange way I would be cheating.

Hell, since then, the only time I ever spoke to a woman was Lara Escort maybe a checkout clerk at a store.

Oh, by the way, when the wife divorced me, since she moved out and left me, I got the house and she received nothing in the divorce, and she didn’t even want her own daughter. “Gold Digging Bitch”


Part 1

It Was Just Another Day

Nothing ever changes but the weather, day after day after day.

Since the ex-wife left about 3 years ago my day-to-day activities seemed to all blend together and it was common for me to have to look at my watch or phone to see what day of the week it was.

Living mostly off of what social security gave me I had very little to want for and spent most days sitting around the house, browsing the internet, and piddling around the house making and/or fixing things.

One day I needed to go to the store to pick up some supplies for a home project I was working on – so, I grabbed my keys and headed out to the store. I remember locking the front door and walking out toward my Jeep Commander.

The next thing I remember was lying face down in the front yard???


Why am I on the ground?

I got up and noticed the back of my neck was throbbing. Also noticing that about half an hour had passed since I first left the house, I went back into the house and picked up a hand mirror and looked at the back of my neck in the bathroom mirror and was totally SHOCKED.

There was a thick deep black burnt mark about 1″x2″ at the bottom center of my neck. Lightly rubbing my fingers over it my fingers came away covered with black soot on them from the burnt flesh.

Apparently, I had been struck by lightning and was out cold in the front yard for about half an hour. The pain was slowly dissipating and after a while was gone.

After a shower looking in the mirror again, I noticed most of the burnt spot had washed away leaving only a deep ruby and black colored scar as if it had happened several days ago.

Furthermore, there was no pain of any kind and I felt OK, then again, I felt GREAT.

I don’t know if it was some kind of divine intervention or what, although I started feeling healthier and stronger as the days went along. As the weeks drifted by, I also noticed several other things.

My salt and peppered grey hair was filling back in and turning dark brown again, all my old-man 60’s pains were gone, my eye sight was getting better and had to stop wearing my glasses.

It seemed I was getting younger with each passing day. All my life I had never been a Morning-Person (hated mornings, and hated people), now I seemed to wake up naturally without a clock around 5AM each day bright-eyed and ready to take on the world.

About 6 months after the lightning strike, I now had the mind, body, and energy of a 40-year-old and continued getting younger. Hell, I was even back up to bench pressing way over 200lbs again, something I hadn’t been able to do since back in my early 30’s.

My height remained the same at 6 feet.

I kept wondering (Why is my body regenerating, how much younger am I going to get), will it stop at some point???

Looking at myself in the mirror was totally unbelievable. I had a full head of thick dark brown hair down below my shoulders that hung in ring curls after wet combing it fresh out of a shower (just like in my much younger years).

My body looked somewhat like a slightly lean body builder. Cannon-ball shoulders, traps to die for, good beefy sized arms, chiseled abs, and legs/calves in perfect definition.

My beard had grown out dark and had become wavy instead of the normal kinky/curly. The one thing that hadn’t changed was my package. All my life, I always had a little more than the average man.

My daughter was in her senior year of high school, being a perfect 4.0 student her entire time in school. It always amazed me; often times she would snicker telling me how she had to correct her teachers again, and how stupid they all were.

One day about 8 months after the lightning strike (now looking and feeling like I was in my early 30’s). My daughter had graduated high school, and was away for a couple weeks interviewing and researching various colleges, the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and was caught by totally by surprise; It was my daughter’s girlfriends Milla – 25, Samantha – 26 (Sam for short), and another girl. Here I was home alone with these three beautiful young ladies standing on my front porch.

Never has any of my daughter’s friends ever come by when she was not home. Since it was the hottest part of the year, they were all three dressed scantily wearing very revealing shorts and the briefest of tops.

“Lynda wanted us to stop by and see how you were doing.” – Sam said

This was strange I thought, why are they here?

I talk to my daughter almost every day on the phone, she never hinted that her friends would be stopping by.

This was Really Strange. Most of the time whenever any of them Escort Lara came over, they hardly even spoke to me other than hello and goodbye.

“Come on in” – I stuttered

They entered and Sam turned with a wave of her hand and said –

“This is Anya”

I Looked and Behold;

I was looking down at the most beautiful petite little young woman I had ever seen in my entire 67 years of life on this earth.

She was almost I would say a little less than 4′ 9″ (I knew this since my Indonesian ex-wife was 4′ 10″ and Anya seemed shorter than my ex-wife). Her long hair flowed way down past her elbows, long naturally very wavy (Somewhat Curly) natural platinum blond. She had the cutest little pixie nose and beautifully perfect pale skin that seemed to glow like moon light.

Her lips were somewhat thin and matched her face perfectly. Her eyes were the most strikingly deep Sapphire blue, and she seemed to be able to see into my soul.

The utmost flawless of a little Tinkerbell appearance I had ever seen. Inwardly I gasped at how truly lovely she was.

Not wanting to look down and be a pervert, out of my peripheral vision I noticed her very slender body (although not skinny in any way) with just the right amount of womanly curves. She had a very tiny waist, stunning athletically toned legs, and cutest little tiny feet.

The complete picture of a world class model to say the least.

She was wearing a skin tight set of white micro-shorts that looked to be painted on they were so tight. The bottoms of her shorts rose up high on each side of her hips and just barely covering her very predominant camel-toe.

Her scanty white shorts gave me the impression of an early 1960’s style bikini bottom. Breathtaking in all their glory.

She was wearing a very thin tight-fitting shoulder-less pink blouse top that loosely ended hanging down just barely below her breast that really showed off the curves of her slim body and tiny bare waist and hugged her perfect sized little titties.

I guess in the bright sun-light at the right angle her top would have been very transparent, with her little rigid nipples pointing out like head lights through the translucent material.

Her very thin waist displayed a slight amount of well-defined ribbed abs with the most adorable innie belly button ever. Her belly button was pierced with the cutest little dangling diamond like blue jeweled clasp.

With her petite little frame, I would guess she wore maybe a 30 or 32 bra size with maybe an AA or A cup.

The way her pert little breast sat high up on her chest protruding just slightly with those adorable little pointy nipples was truly astonishing.

I had the most difficult time trying to keep from looking down at them.

(I have always been truly enamored by petite women with small breast).

No actress, or model had I ever seen in this world could hold a candle to her exquisiteness.

I could hardly speak, my heart was beating so, I held out my hand and muttered “Hi”.

When she looked up at me with those deep blue Sapphire eyes with a hauntingly expression that seemed to imply (I can see into your soul, and I like what I see).

She extended and put her hand in mine, I felt a very strong sharp jolt of electricity pass through us as our hands met. My knees weakened and I had a difficult time trying to remain standing.

Never have I had such a feeling at first meeting someone in my life.

Without a doubt; I just knew it was truly Love-At-First-Sight.

It was almost as if God spoke directly to me saying (This Is Your True Soul-Mate).

I had to force myself to remember to breath.

When I let go of her hand, I felt a longing and emptiness and wanted to reach out and take her hand again to make the feelings subside.

I motioned them into the living-room. As they passed by and walked in front of me, I was aware of the most hauntingly sensual aroma emanating from Anya. It was as if some-kind of spell had been cast on me from just her body odor.

The smell of her body penetrated and locked onto my brain taking complete control of my mind and soul.

I noticed Anya’s perfectly gorgeous very plump tiny upside-down heart shaped rear-end.

My brain momentarily severed connection with my body and I almost blacked out at the enamored sight of a female’s rearend being so flawless and erotic.

I also noticed her shorts did not even come close to covering all of her lovely plump ass cheeks.

We all sat down in the living-room and started talking and after a while I blurted out “Where are my manners, I’m so sorry, would you ladies like something to drink?”

“Sure, what do you have?” – Sam inquired.

“Not much – Vitamin Water, a couple of 7-Ups, I can make some coffee or iced tea, or would you prefer something stronger?”

“You could fix us some nice drinks if you have any good strong alcohol” – Sam implied.

Sam was far from a connoisseur of alcohol, although she knew rot-gut stuff and wouldn’t Lara Escort Bayan touch it. The other girls agreed so off I was to fix drinks.

Already knowing Milla and Sam were in their mid-20’s.

“Sorry I just have to ask; Anya are you over 18?”

“I’m 26 I’ll have you know” She replied looking really tiffed at my insinuation that she might still be a teenager. Her expression was as cute as could be.

I noticed her looking me over up and down in her tiffed expression, and then her eyes stopped and she stared at my crotch for about three seconds.

“Forgive me, I would never serve a minor and I just had to ask.”

“Cool, I’ll fix you ladies some of my own custom drinks”

I went into the kitchen and mixed up some drinks of my own creation, a recipe I had developed almost 30 years prior.

They were a mixture of Ever Clear, Blue Curacao, just a little 7up, and a table-spoon of milk just to give it a light blue color, stirred together in crushed ice (you never want to bruise some alcohols by shaking them).

It had the most stunning baby blue color and kicks much harder than a Long Island Iced Tea.

I fixed myself my standard scotch on the rocks with lime wedges.

While in the kitchen I could hear them whispering.

When I returned to the living-room it quickly became quiet, passing the drinks out I warned them —

“these don’t taste very strong, but please be-a-ware don’t chug them”.

They all said “UMMM” they were great and what do you call them?

I kind of dipped my head – “can’t tell you that – just call them -hmmm-… Blue Pearls”

Sam inquired – “What are you drinking?”

“Glenfarclas 25-Year-Old Highland Single Malt Scotch, I prefer scotch over anything else.”

Why these three beautiful young women would want to spend time with an old man like me, inwardly I shook my head, I DON’T KNOW.

Never in my life had I ever been alone with such young beauties like these before. I thought they would stay a few minutes and then leave.

Although who was I to complain, anyone to talk to was much better than being alone, and if these three lovely creatures wanted to spend time with me, COOL.

We talked for a while about this and that, and I was having a very difficult time trying to keep from staring at Anya. The way she spoke her accent sounded slightly European.

I noticed while the conversation continued, each time I glanced over at Anya she was also looking back at me. Furthermore, it seemed each time she slightly smiled whenever our eyes met, and me getting tongue tided each time and mumbling out the next phrase of the conversation.

I just could not get over how truly lovely and innocently she appeared.

I got another whiff of the scent of her body and my brain started getting confused and contorted. My mind was racing a thousand miles an hour and my crotch took over the though process stealing all the blood from my brain.

My only escape and to prevent an embarrassing bulge; I forced myself to start thinking about my lost puppy. This brought the blood back to my brain and my swelling soon deflated.

From my perspective Milla and Sam were my daughters’ best friends so there beautifulness had always been off base, although I wasn’t sure about Anya, so I inquired.

“Anya, I have never heard your name mentioned by the girls before, are you new to around here?”

“Yes – my sister and I moved down here recently from the U.P. in Michigan”

“Ahh – the U.P. is truly very beautiful country” – I replied quickly

She continued – “Yes, it is beautiful up there. I was actually was born in Taby, Sweden where my parents were from, although we moved just after I was born and we grew-up in Michigan”

Ah I thought Swedish, this is the accent I am hearing. Somewhat staring at Anya while she explained everything I felt like my heart and soul were hers to do with as she wished.

What I didn’t notice was the smiles and expressions on Sam’s and Milla’s faces as they watched the two of us.

Being like an average stupid man, I had no idea that these three were up to something. They toyed with me like I was a play thing, inciting small innuendos here and there as the conversation progressed.

A couple of them I caught onto, although I thought it was just typical young lady banter.

Then everything changed. When Milla spoke up – “let’s play a game!”

I said – “OK what do you want to play?”

“Truth or Dare”

I immediately kicked back with – “You three young lovely things couldn’t possibly want to play something like that with someone of my age.”

At the same time my cock stirred again and scolded me: – (You stupid fool, SHUT YOUR MOUTH).

How would I be able to play such a naughty game with these three wonderful looking young ladies.

Sam spoke up saying – “Mr. Smith, you don’t do yourself credit, you look way younger than my DAD! Almost like a kind-of older brother”

“Those kinds of compliments can get you in trouble young lady” She grinned broadly

“Two things, if we’re going to play this; no one can ask this old man to do anything naughty, and you must call me Jim, not Mr. Smith”

“Agreed” – I heard the three replies in unison as if it were practiced.

Was this practiced?

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