A Tall Drink of Water


The candied concoction of my drink barely slipped into my mouth when I saw him; he came into the disjointed place called a bar like a cool drink of water, especially made to quench a thirsty desire I had for young men.

And suddenly, my parched tongue longed to taste the very lust of his wanting into my mouth.

Stepping in from the cold, he calmly took in his surroundings, which allowed me a small moment to view the rest of the package in full. With his conservatively stylish cut of dark hair groomed for success, the rest of his physical credentials impressed me immediately: he wore the threaded suit quite well. Everything about that tailored look hung tight off his broad shoulders and accentuated his chiseled features, most of which seemed to bulge and crest underneath it all.

Especially with what I made out to be a silhouette of a particularly large limp cock snaking down the right thigh. In the dim lit place, the piece shined up thick and rich with possibilities.

I bought into him instantly as my ass straddled the barstool. My dress crept up my tight thighs, which for made good for voyeuristic entertainment for the barflies circled around me. Yet the subtle moves stirred my sensuality, and I realized then, it turned on more than its share of horny cocks in attentive position. I’m that sultry kind of mature woman your mother warned you about.

So what.

I parted my bangs, making up the flowing curl of my salt and pepper blend of blond hair, slightly. The small whiff of hair covered my dark eyes as my looker of a dress barely hugged the curves of my pear-shaped body; it revealed almost everything I wanted a particular someone to see underneath those red and black threads — a heavy set of big tits and a rounded ass made for the well gripping hands of horny men.

Even with the growing influx of quickening perverted glances striking everywhere, I simply had mine on the catch that entered the door. I eyed him like a virgin to sin. And with a little more playful persuasion and execution from me than the usual sensual guise, I figured it seemed almost an unfair advantage in my favor, to break this boy in.

Locking down an empty barstool and cocking my head slightly, I threw him a sinker of a look in his general direction. I took him all in and fortunately, his stare pierced right back, before any gramps in the three piece polyester had a chance at making his presence known. It all came together at the right time and at the right place. He caught me hunting and definitely on the prowl.

* * * * *

“I knew you’d want me,” he later said as he stirred the Gray Goose cranberry mix in front of him. He soon turned and faced me. “That’s why I’m here now. You know, to keep you company, and away from this.” His hand gestured about the room like he was giving presentation at work. I squirmed as he summoned the bartender over for my next drink, which like the rest of the candied pieces, arrived much sweeter. He said so since he bought it.

Word for word I listened as he engaged conversation. But instead of breaking the ice between us, he sliced through it with an air of tight confidence. He talked calmly quick and precise, and I barely had time for my own mouth to match his wit. At the same time, his physical brazenness gathered some steam when at certain times he took my hand in his. It was cute, but then again, the kid was definitely a socially gifted prick with a knack for banter. And Escort I loved it.

“Ok, I’m cutting through the bullshit,” he soon said to me, as he slid me another 7 and 7 in my direction while pulling his stool even close. “You get a few more, since I’m good for it, and then, we’re out of here.”

With the liberated affect of the alcohol weighing heavy on my mind, thinking slurred to a slow crawl. Yet, I managed to remain acutely aware of his play on that wolf in sheep’s clothing thing. “Excuse me? And what makes you so sure I’ll leave with you?” as I slung the drink down my throat.

The hypnotic lull of his dog dark eyes pulled me in and he leaned in dangerously. The hot whisper slipped from his lips and he smiled, saying, “One: at least give yourself a chance to taste it.”

As he inched in again, a trail of his breath followed up my neck as he casually placed his hand on my thigh, watching the way he smoothly dipped underneath my dress. “Two: From the look of things around here, unless you like a guy on Depends, you don’t have much of a selection to choose from.”

My resistance faltered as the affect of his sexuality overwhelmed my already horny being. He had no public qualms in pushing the purpose of his wants: his once calm hands made naughty on the way to my wetness dewing underneath my soaked thong. There, his excited fingers strummed my clit into play. Gritting my teeth, I leaned my head back taking it, as the sensual dance of words and feelings turned me on.

With the calculated frenzy about me, my head went dizzy at the prospect of it all. Slit eyed, I watched him as he went about it so stoically; he drank the slippery remnants of the whiskey, nursing the hard liquor in his mouth.

He simply stated then: “Three: you need to fuck me now.”

* * * * *

I remember the icy burn of cold scratch harshly against my skin as the slight wind blew across my face. I lined up trying to walk, but even that was some expeditious adventure turned crooked as I zigzagged along the sidewalk making my way somewhere fast.

Or being pulled in a general direction.

Either way, I clung onto him like a crutch, limping along as the small throbbing reminder of the alcoholic binge tapped in my head.

We passed a few concerned for safety bystanders along the way, but he seemed to handle the P.R. business end quite well with his, It’s my mother. She’s not feeling well line.

“Do you always come off as pompous?” I managed to say.

“Only when I want to fuck ones like you,” he quipped.

Oh, he romantically had it all planned out.

* * * * *

“The only thing you know is, that you want this. “Now, do what you do, and suck it.”

Even though my buzzing mind subsided slightly, I worked my way through the motions as the horny feelings slipped back into play. A sense of eagerness trembled with angry anticipation from his hard cock. I felt it as my finger grazed his slacks and felt it again the moment my hands went to his zipper. Yet, with a sense of my will over his want, I decided instead to thrill him with the slow kill, the sugar to sweeten part of the oral deal.

His meaty shaft, a rigid piece of work itself, quivered further when I cupped his fatty balls in the palm of my hands. Bringing my face in dangerously close, I examined it, bringing my nose to the bumpy ridges of cock-skin. From my advantage, I could see his dick was well taken care of: he trimmed Escort Bayan the bush quite nicely — it wasn’t quite scorched earth, but manscaped to intricate perfection. The tickling scent of his sweaty musk rose from the hedges causing my sex box to dew drop, and I nearly creamed at the thought the kid was going to let it slide all inside.

My jaw strained to accommodate his dick, as my eyes fought the tears. Yet, as I rounded my lips and started a vacuum tight seal around his shaft, his fingers inched closer around my hair when he slowly pumped my face.

“Oh, fuck! That’s so good!”

And indeed it was, that evening as my head bobbed up and down and my hand stroked every loving inch of him. The alcohol ran through me, and I left loose my inhibitions for him. My fingers ran the length of that saliva slicked dick, touching the top of the rounded bloated mushroom of a head back down to the bloated balls; I coaxed, milked, and nursed the thing like it belonged to me, because for one night, the sucker was mine.

He held tight my head on his shaft to the point my face flushed red from the pressure I exerted upon his cock. With a tremble and push, I tasted a salty drop dipped on my tongue, and I knew with the pleasure of my mouth on him, his emotion would reward me with a shot down the back of my throat. Looking up at him with my sultry eyes, my fingers inched behind him; with a singular finger, I probed his ass to the point he barely noticed my physical manipulation of the smallish hole. My head thrust suddenly on his cock as I gagged him completely, swallowing him whole once more.

“Ah shit!”

He jerked forward wide-eyed, and then back again, sinking his ass on my waiting finger. The very moment spelled relief, blasting the much needed cum thick into my mouth as I opened wider to accommodate the overflowing stream.

After the last dribble of cum surfaced, he dropped down slumping on a nearby seat, as he nearly curled into some sort of fetal position due to my mouth upon him. There, he tried catching what was left of the breath that apparently aired out the moment I perked both his ass and dick into release.


He finally spoke as I licked the last of his favor from my face and into my mouth.

“I already had my drink. Thank you,”

“No, I’m thirsty. I’m getting a drink.”

He got up, glancing at me before heading off into the dark, his mean spirited cock leaning heavy against his leg.

* * * * *

I hoped for my share as well; my loins were wet from the blowjob I gave, and I grew a bit frustrated and excitedly impatient when I walked out his bedroom waiting for my turn to fuck. His quick moment for a drink turned the seconds into long minutes, and I wondered whether or not he passed out from the activity I stressed upon his dick. Damn, it figures, he’d be like the other clichéd boy toys I ever had the recent company of meeting: all talk and no action.

Doubt cross my mind as I blindly made my way down the darken hall while feeling the walls to my sides. It was then I felt the rush of some body come from behind. It struck me familiar when the feel of hands cupped my ass; this wickedly delicious person, running his hands up my dress, soon pulled my thong sideways. He lashed his hot breath upon my neck, while the growing urge of his now full cock pushed into my pussy folds.

“You thought you had me. Now who is in whom?” He said this Bayan Escort as his hands planted my face to the white wash of the wall. I moaned as he penetrated his cock further down the channel of my cunt.

“I was just giving you an in,” I panted.

And then, he was everywhere. The very part of his sex vibrated the very core of my soul, the heat burning between him and me. It built up to the moment close to where release drove us both fast and furious; I gave in then, and simply rode his youthful desire with his Adonis of a hard cock splitting me right down the middle. The fucker just pulsed once within the velvet sleeve when he entered me, thrusting again and again.

I heard the grunts of approval when he twisted me around and I faced him. It constantly reminded me of just how much he liked it. So in deviant fashion, I moaned a response in return. This egged him on apparently, and he quickened the fuck, pushing out my plump breasts out of the confines of my wired bra; with his hands on my tits, he both tweaked the nipples into play, and suckled them with such childlike hunger. He pushed up again, as though he wanted it deep, and with my frothy wet pussy on his shaft, he continued more of his sure assault on cunt. The long, strong strokes slid even deeper when he sat me on his dick, and every inch he used, I clamped down and milked it for all its worth.

My mind blurred at the very delicious thought that this was the way to fuck a young man toward brutal ecstasy. I attacked his dick further, squeezing the shit out of the shaft as though I was trying to get the last chalk of toothpaste from the tube. In this case, I knew his cum was riding fast again to the top of the bloated slit head, and the eminent blast would soon wash hot into my wet pussy.

“Yeah baby, fill up your momma. Give it to her real good!”

Arching my back, I pushed deeper still till his head hit bottom. Even then, he pounded away at my, creaming me once again on his pulsating cock. But even the rapid tempo of which he fucked slowed quite considerably after the umpteenth I came on it. Still, he continued lifting my ass, driving into the wet mess he so wonderfully created; smiling shit for brains he grabbed my shoulders and calmly threw me that deep dark look as the sweat dripped off his face.

Sure, I played this dirty bad cougar part like a mean spirited bitch then; I returned his thrust, my pearly whites fading away with each impending sensational part of my climax busting through. The feeling fluttered from the lips of my cunt to the back of my throat, and I garbled some mumbo jumbo bullshit to pull his trigger.

“Yeah, you hot sonafabitch. What are you gonna do now? Cream cum inside this mature, waiting cunt?”

Yeah, psychologically spent, this macho motherfucker struggled mightily when the words hit the context of his brain. His will and confidence was crushed by his own narrow minded ideology, which meant thinking heavily with the other head. I noticed the complete strain in his face, the young lines near his eyes and mouth, and cheeks contorting to almost an almost near aneurism for the boy. The sweet dilemma bounced like a ping pong in his head as his cock trembled for one moment of lasting control.

Yes, the end was near when I first felt his expanding cock hard against the wet velvet grip of my cunt walls — even my muscles involuntarily sensed it too, and sucked him deeper just for that affect alone. By then, his mouth rounded awkwardly into orgasm, and his dick? It sunk once again. But that time my thirst was quenched when he simply unloaded his will, and filled ounce after ounce of his youthful desire into the deep well of my welcoming hole.

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