A Teacher’s Erotic Adventure


Jennie, her blue eyes crinkled as she smiled out into a sea of apprehensive little faces. She knew how her ninth grade class hated ‘pop quizzes. “Everyone, take a copy of the test, then pass the others back.” A collective groan could be heard throughout the room “Okay,” you have 20 minutes to complete the Quiz. You can start now.”

‘Ah,’ she thought to herself, as she pushed back a strand of her beautiful long blonde hair, ‘I can have a few minutes rest,’

With the classroom deathly quiet, within moments she felt herself relax for the first time that day. After two children and 7 years of marriage to Randy Martino, Jennie at 27 years old felt tired, and slightly worn out. Thinking ruefully to herself, well, I guess the bloom is off the rose, she laughed inwardly to herself. Yet Jennie knew she still remained ‘wildly attractive’ to her husband, Randy who still almost insisted, no matter how tired she was, on them ‘doing it’ every night once they had tucked the little ones into bed.

‘I wonder what sort of story I should tell him tonight,’ Jennie thought tiredly. During the Pop Quizzes she gave almost everyday, was her time to think. If she were lucky, and creative enough she would come up with some wildly erotic story that would climax Randy that evening, almost immediately.

Jennie loved her husband dearly but sometimes she was almost too exhausted from holding down a full time teaching position, being a mother, and wife, to be as creative as she knew he liked her to be. ‘These kids think they have it bad,’ she laughed to herself, ‘I have an erotic pop quiz every night.’

Jennie smiled tiredly, as she remembered how their erotic fem fight stories had started. Shortly after her and Randy had married, and she had become Mrs. Martino, Randy had one night, embarrassed and hesitant, had reluctantly at her urging, revealed to his new wife his favorite sexual fantasy.

Jennie had been happy to learn she at least played a very important part and was a very prominent character in his fantasies. At first, she was shocked and stunned. She couldn’t believe her ears.

Randy’s favorite fantasy was picturing her get into catfights and wrestling tussles with the winning woman being allowed to do degrading erotic sex acts to the losing woman?

After she got over her initial shock, Jennie remembered how she had been so amused and to please Randy, she had entered as his favorite character, into his little fantasy world gladly. After all, she thought, I minored in Creative Writing in college so she quickly found it easy to make up the erotic stories she whispered into his ear during sex. Her often lurid erotic stories just positively drove her husband into a wild almost insane frenzy.

Jennie had quickly perfected her technique as she come to know just what Randy liked. After a while, Jennie came to realize he mostly enjoyed her telling him stories about her and different women acquaintances they knew getting into a catfight.

Jennie had found it odd, and a little disquieting, that at the end of each story, Randy most times ‘liked it when she lost to the other woman. His favorite part was when she would tell him the very nastiest things the other woman would do to her, and make ‘her’ do. In time, some of her erotic consequences would even sometimes arouse her. Checking the clock on the back of the classroom, she saw she had only five more minutes until the Quiz would be completed. Jennie’s mind, in that few remaining moments drifted to ‘the ‘after sex’ conversations’ they had been having for several years now where they would both speculated what it would be like, and how she would ‘really do’ in a real confrontation with other female.

Many times, just before they would drift off to sleep she would lovingly discuss with him what might happen if they every found another couple, and the wife was Jennie’s age and size. Since the little ‘play tussle’ would be just between the wives of the two Couples, and if it could be done in private with only the two husbands watching, she would gladly do it for him.

Randy’s Birthday was coming up next month. When Jennie had asked him what he would like for his birthday he had whispered in her ear. “I’d like to see you get into an ‘erotic sex fight.”

“Oh, Darling, I wish we knew someone,” Jennie had whispered back wistfully. Jennie now often thought, ‘I’m 27 years old, so if I’m ever going to do it for him I’d better do it soon.’

Call it providence; Call it faith, but the next Monday morning at school, the sexual situation they had been looking for, fell directly into Randy and Jennie Martino’s lap.

Everyone had been called to the Teacher’s Lounge to meet the new female Math Teacher. As Jennie Martino entered the Lounge, she saw several of the other teachers talking to an Asian woman about her age, size and weight.

When Jennie approached, the other teachers quickly introduced Jennie to Peggy Chan. Jennie discovered Peggy was a 26-year-old Chinese female who was to be Anadolu Yakası Escort the new Math teacher and would be teaching there starting today.

Looking this Peggy Chan over, discreetly, Jennie laughed to herself, ‘Boy, I’ll bet Randy would ‘go crazy’ if ‘that one’ and me ever wrestled each other, even in fun. We’re really close to the same size and everything.

When Peggy wasn’t looking, Jennie memorized what she looked like, and that night, an excited Jennie could hardly wait for her and Randy to get into bed. Being very coy, Jennie had teased her husband by saying, ‘I’m going to treat you to ‘Someone new’ tonight. We got a new female teacher at school today. Her name is Peggy Chan and she’s my age and size. So this will be a ‘special little erotic treat’ tonight for my favorite husband,” Jennie whispered sexily.

Randy only lasted for about two minutes before he climaxed at the erotic part where the Chinese Math teacher had his English Teacher wife down, and was about ready to make Jennie lick her Chinese pussy.

Afterwards, as they lay relaxed in each other’s arms, and she felt Randy thrush his warm leg between her warm luscious thighs pressing up against her ‘messy’ pussy. A tired but happy Jennie feeling warm and secure in his arms asked quietly, “Want to talk for a little while before we go to sleep? ”

“Yeah,’ he replied, adding “This Chinese Teacher, Peggy sounds like you and her would be the perfect match for each other,” Randy mused adding, “Why don’t you feel her out.” he hinted, laughing.

“Honey,” Jennie said regretfully, “It’s a little too close to home; don’t you think. She and I will be working together.

“That’s true,” her husband said. However, Jennie could detect the disappointment in his voice. Trying to cheer him up, Jennie laughed and said, “But, like you said, Peggy Chan and I are the same size, almost the same weight and near the same age, I think. So it would definitely be the Mother of all catfights,” she assured him, as she giggled into his ear, as she lay wrapped in his arms.

Jennie lunches with Peggy The next day at school Jennie had just bought her lunch and was looking for a place to sit. Then she notice Mrs. Chan, the new Math Teacher sitting alone at a small table. As Jennie approached, Peggy looked up waved, and with a friendly smile invited Jennie to join her.

Being fellow-teachers, they had much to talk about and quickly felt at ease with each other.

Jennie found the Chinese female to be outgoing and friendly. They were soon busy comparing families. Jennie told her she was married to Randy, a Computer System Analyst and had two children. Peggy quickly told Jennie she was also married to Edwin, a Real Estate Broker and had two kids.

“So, your husband Randy is a System Analyst,” Peggy said, adding, “Sometimes I wish I was. I have a Math program I put on my computer here at school, but, I can’t get it installed on my Desk Top Computer at home.”

“Well, you know, if you would like me too, Peggy,” Jennie offered, “I can ask my husband Randy. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind installing it for you.” “Oh, do you think he would?” Peggy said, sounding relieved. “I would be happy to pay him.”

“Oh, No,” Jennie laughed, “That’s not necessary, it will just be nice for Randy and I to get better acquainted with you and Edwin, since we both teach here at the same school.”

“Then,” Peggy suggested, “Why don’t you and Randy come over this Friday evening. I told Edwin last night about meeting the beautiful blonde haired English Teacher, so he’s dying to meet you.

“Hey, It might be fun,” Peggy laughed, ” I could borrow Randy to work on my Math Program, and you and Edwin could make coffee in the kitchen or something,” then she added with a tart little comment, “I should warn you, if Randy is as good as you say, I just may not want to give him back.” Now at ease with each other, both Jennie and Peggy laughed lightheartedly at Peggy’s last comment.

Then in a teasing tone of voice, Peggy laughed and asks the blonde haired English Teacher, Jennie, “If I decide to keep him, am I going to have to fight you for him.”

At those magic words, Jennie felt an almost sexual surge. ‘Goodness,’ Jennie thought, ‘can they be interested in the ‘same things’ we are sexually.’

Struggling to stay calm and keep the conversation light, Jennie spiritedly replied. “Yes, if you want him, you’ll absolutely have to fight me for him.”

Peggy now completely at ease, replied, “I’ll bet our husbands would enjoy that!” then added, “If your husband’s anything like mine, we would probably be giving both of them the treat of a lifetime, if you and I ever did ‘get into a hair-pulling tussle,” she laughed.

Jennie giggled and replied, “You have no idea!” she laughed, ” how much my husband Randy would enjoy watching us ‘do that.” adding as she held her breath, “Don’t tell me Edwin enjoys ‘that sort of thing’ also?”

Then as it dawned on the Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan two women, Jennie laughed, shock registering on her face, “Oh God, you two ARE into that also, aren’t you?” she whispered.

Peggy leaned over and whispered Jennie’s comment back into Jennie’s ear,” You have no idea…” adding, “Edwin’s always told me, every since we were first married how much he’d like to see his ‘little slut’ get in a girl fight with another ‘little slut,’ Peggy giggled. “Oh, so now we’re a couple of Slut, huh,” Jennie laughed.

Just then, the Bell rang, and the Lunchroom quickly emptied out. As the two teachers parted company, Peggy said, “So, we’ll see you two, Friday evening then, about eight P M?”

“Okay,” Jennie replied as they turned to go to their separate classrooms.

Friday Evening at the Chan’s

That Friday at eight PM, Randy and Jennie Martino rang the Chan’s doorbell and were met at the door by Peggy and Edwin Chan who quickly invited them into their beautiful home.

After introductions, Randy furtively began examining the Chinese female. ‘WOW,’ he thought. She really is beautiful just like Jennie said,’ he thought. ‘What a perfect match she’d be with Jennie. Taking advantage of the chance to be alone with the long black haired Chinese female, he laughed and said, “Come on, Peggy, let’s get that Math Program of yours installed.”

Randy was pleased at how the Chinese wife, Peggy, seemed almost eager to lead him into a back bedroom to where her Desktop computer was set up.

A few moments later, they were seated at Peggy’s computer in the Chan’s cozy intimate bedroom. Seeing the problem’s solution immediately, Randy first deleted the Program Peggy had tried to install; then, quickly reinstalled it. It worked perfectly the first time out.

Peggy, meanwhile, had pulled an extra chair over to the computer and was now sitting, her sexy figure so close to Randy he could feel her warm breath on his hands as she leaned over to look at the screen.

With the Math program installed, Randy suddenly became aware of the Chinese woman’s warm feminine smell that had begun seeping into his nostrils. Then Randy felt the Chinese female’s warm thigh pressing ever so lightly against his leg. He could feel her warmth now.

That coupled with her sexy feminine smell mixed with an expensive cologne caused his unruly Cock to start hardening.

Then Randy awakened to the realization that Peggy’s movements had been deliberate. Just then he heard the Chinese wife, Peggy took a deep ragged breath. ‘She’s aroused,’ he realized in amazement.

“Oh, Randy,” she murmured tenderly in a soft voice, “Thank you!”

Randy turned and smiled into her warm lovely brown almond eyes. “You should let me pay you for your time,” Peggy insisted.

“Naw, forget about it. There’s no charge,” Randy laughed, adding, “Hey, why don’t we go out to the kitchen and see if Jennie and Edwin has that coffee ready yet.”

“Gee, Randy,” Peggy teased, “I’d better warn you, Edwin really has a thing for pretty blondes, and your wife Jennie is really stunning! I’m jealous of her.” Peggy teased, adding, “for all we know, they could be out in the kitchen right now ‘making out,” she giggled.

At the Chinese female’s next words, Randy felt himself hardening. Sensing what would please Randy, and already knowing his secret desire, Peggy added, with a little laugh, “Gee, I hope not. I would hate to have to get that little English Teacher of yours, down and ‘get on top of her’ and pull her blonde hair out.”

Getting into the spirit of the moment, Randy grinned and replied, “Hey, if you should decide to do that, how much admission would you charge, to allow me to watch you get my wife down and pull her hair?” he teased her.

Peggy giggled, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe that could be my payment to you for installing my computer program,” she teased him, adding, ‘would you like something like that as payment?”

“Boy, would I,” Randy laughed.

“Well, who knows,” Peggy said, with a coy mischievous little giggle, “Maybe ‘some day’ something like that could be arranged.”

Once in the kitchen, the two Couples were sitting around the table for only a little while, before it became delightfully apparent to both Couples, that the other Couple was ‘open-minded’ in erotic matters, and that both Couples ‘wanted’ the same thing.

So Peggy, glancing at her fellow teacher and with a devilish mischievous twinkle in her brown eyes, said to Jennie, “Your husband just ask me how much admission you and I would charge him and my husband, to watch a certain ‘slutty’ female Math Teacher and a certain ‘slutty’ female English Teacher get into a female tussle with each other.”

“WOW,” Jennie was stunned! “What did you two talk about in there beside computers?”

Before Jennie could reply, Edwin, the Chinese husband quickly joining the discussion said, “Hey, what a great idea. I’d be Escort Anadolu Yakası happy to pay any admission to see that myself. What about you, Randy?”

Jennie, throwing a quick glance in her husband’s direction, could see Randy was in seventh heaven at the Chinese husband, Edwin’s words. “Yeah, I’d gladly pay any admission to watch my wife and your wife ‘try it’ with each other!” he laughed.

“Okay, then” Jennie said, entering the ‘verbal fray’ as she laughed at their enthusiasm, “If Peggy and I ever do decide to ‘test our strength against each other, ‘how ’bout we don’t charge you guys any admission. The ‘four of us’ would just go ‘somewhere very private’ and Peggy and I could do it for ‘you guy’s’ enjoyment, and let you guys watch.

If we dressed in sexy negligees you would both probably get an ‘eye full. Maybe we could just wear that, plus bra and panties” she added as she looked across the table at Peggy, What do you think, Peggy?”

“Oh, Jennie, you really are a little slut” Peggy said tartly, smiling warmly in Jennie’s direction, “we’ve been hoping to meet another Couple who likes the same erotic things we do for years. I’d be willing, if you are, to ‘try it’ with you some Friday evening.

“Edwin has always had this secret fantasy about watching me have an erotic playful tussle with another woman every since we were first married” she explained.

“WOW, all right, Okay” Jennie said, amazed at the Chinese female’s brazen challenge, adding as she grinned at her future Chinese female antagonist, “Shall we compare to see if ‘we all have the same fantasies she giggled.

From that, sexy tension filled moment on, the two Couples’ Randy and Jennie Martino, and Edwin and Peggy Chan embarked on an erotic voyage together in search of that elusive perfect sexual interlude they had only fantasized about up to now.

Once decided, their voyage from fantasyland into the real world of erotica had a slow start, but quickly picked up speed.

“WOW,” Randy grinned in Edwin’s direction. “Maybe we should compare erotic notes sometime.”

Edwin laughed, “I’ll bet all four of us have some really ‘nasty erotic fantasies’ Then struck by a touch of genius, he said, “If we want to do this right, maybe we ought to let Jennie and Peggy compare notes.”

Jennie smiled, looking thoughtfully at the other three, she said now serious for a moment, “If we are going to ‘do it,’ I’m sure Peggy and I want to make it really ‘special for you guys. Why don’t we just agree to include all the nasty little erotic things and acts that we have told you guys in our stories during sex. “Jennie added with a grin, “I wonder if the ‘stuff I tell Randy’ is as erotica as what you tell Edwin,” she said looking in Peggy’s direction.

“I don’t know,” Peggy giggled, but Edwin can hardly wait. I’m sure he can hardly wait to watch me fight you,” she laughed. “Some Friday evening, soon, why don’t we each hire a Babysitter to take care of the kids and you and Randy could come over and stay overnight.”

“If you, two spent the whole night with us, we could then make it a nice leisurely private intimate evening. With no one here but the four of us, we could really let our hair down all evening long, and do anything we wanted to do, in completely delicious privacy,” Peggy suggested, warming to the idea.

“Each couple could fill the other couple in on all the nasty things we can think of to do to each other. Maybe, if we all agreed,” Peggy suggested, “we could even swap husbands or something “adding, ‘after all, it would be a private gathering with just the four of us.

“Wonderful, I can hardly wait” Randy laughed as Edwin nodded in agreement.

Delicious Anticipation

Saturday morning, while thinking about their future Friday evening Adventure, Jennie had just finished bathing her twin girls when she received a phone call from Peggy. Even over the phone both wives felt a subtle tug of erotic arousal as Peggy began to tell Jennie the reason she had called.

“Jennie,” Peggy began, “You know next weekend is Labor Day and all four of us have three days off. Edwin and I were thinking, you and Randy might like to ‘do what we talked about next Friday night,” Peggy said. I can’t say too much more, with the kids right here in the room,” she whispered into the phone, adding, “You know what I mean, right?,” she asked.

“Sure,” Jennie said. I just got my period, but I should be fully recovered by then. “Oh, WOW,” Peggy said, amazement evident in her voice. “I just got mine this morning also.”

“WOW,” Peggy added, “Do you know what this means, “Both of us will still be in the ‘safety zone’ next Friday. If we decide to ‘swap, neither of our husbands would even have to wear a condom, nor would we have to ‘worry’ about remembering to insert our diaphragms. We would all be ‘completely free to make it a ‘sexy wild night to remember,” she explained.

Jennie laughed into the phone; a conspiratorial tone in her voice, “You mean we would be free to ‘act like a couple of wanton Sluts. That should be really entertaining for our husbands.”

“Yeah,” Peggy laughed, “I can’t wait to ‘try you, Jennie. We can compare notes at school next week and let the guys know ‘what kind of a Treat they’re in for” then added, “I have to hang up now; but, before I go, Edwin had a wild idea.

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