A Walk In The Woods


“Are you almost ready to go?” you ask impatient to be going.

“I’ll be right there!” I answer. “I know you like to get there and help with the set-up. I promise we will be early.”

It’s the annual Fourth of July picnic, one of your favorite things every year. But this year I am planning a little extra surprise for you. I am going to make one of my fantasies come true and I am certain you will love it too.

“OK let’s get going, we don’t want to be late!” I say with a coy smile as I come down the stairs. You smile with appreciation as I walk down the stairs. I can see the bulge in your pants and know that you would much rather take me back up the stairs and fuck me hard and make me scream with an orgasm instead.

As I walk past you I give you a kiss and run my tongue over your lips as I run my hands over your cock encased in those tight jeans. You like to wear those jeans for me, you know how it turns me on. You know I will be watching you all day, and wanting what you keep inside of them. Today I have something special in mind for you and your goodies.

We get into the truck and head to the park. You notice me staring at you with a shy smile, “What?” is all you say.

“Nothing, just looking at my favorite man,” is my reply. What I am really thinking about is the plans I have in store for you this afternoon. I am getting wet just thinking about it. You just look at me and wonder what’s up.

We get to the park and say hi to all your friends. We help set up the food and the grills. Everything looks great. It’s time to visit kuşadası escort and have fun.

You play some horseshoes while I watch. I just love your form. Then we play some volleyball where I actually spend more time watching you then the ball.

The food is ready so it’s time to eat. We both head for the brats as they are our favorite. Add some salads, some chips and soda and we are all set. We sit with your friends laughing and talking, just having a good time. When we clean up our plates I ask if you would like to take a walk along the paths in the trees.

We walk off into the woods to relax and be by ourselves for just a bit. Once we are well into the trees I grab you for a kiss and then take your hand as we walk. We continue to walk for awhile until we can no longer hear the voices of the people from the picnic. We stop and kiss and just hold each other for awhile, it just feels so good to be in your arms.

I suggest we leave the path and look for someplace a little more secluded, a spot where we won’t be interrupted. You readily agree as now you are beginning to see what it is that I have had in mind all along. To make my outdoor fantasy come to life. You are certainly up to the challenge by the look at that bulge forming in your jeans.

We move away from the trail looking for a place to be undisturbed by anybody else walking by. We finally find a spot a little out of the way, it’s perfect.

“I wish I had grabbed a blanket but I didn’t want to give away my surprise,” I say to you.

You laugh and tell me “It’s fine my shirt can lay on the ground underneath us.” You put your words to action and take off your shirt, lay it on the ground and invite me to join you on it.

I smile as I join you. I reach forward and pull your face to mine and start things off with some gentle kisses as my fingers run over your beard. As I deepen these kisses I remove your hat and set it aside along with your sunglasses and my glasses.

Things start to heat up as my hands begin to roam over your body and to the waistband of your jeans. I undo the button and open the fly, making room for my hand to reach inside for what I am searching for. I pull your cock free and lick my lips as I look into your eyes for a moment before leaning over to swirl my tongue over the head, “Oh yeah,” you whisper, “that feels good.”

This is my fantasy, you want it to be a special memory for me, so you roll me over onto my back and start to undress me. You kiss the spots on my body where the sun touches my bare skin, making me squirm with the anticipation of your touch. You reach for the waistband of my jeans and open them up and lean over and take an appreciative whiff of my scent indicating just how much I want you. You pull my jeans down over my hips exposing my pussy to your eyes and your hands. Slipping a couple of fingers inside feeling my wetness, followed by your awesome tongue.

I start to move my hips under the expert ministrations of your tongue, pressing my pussy into your face, wanting to feel you deeper inside. You pull back watching the shadows from the leaves play across my skin as you continue to explore my body. Not missing a spot as your run your hands everywhere, taking your time, enjoying the look of hunger in my eyes. You know that I want your cock in my pussy.

You move between my legs and position the head of your cock against my pussy, letting me feel you there. “MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm fill me with your cock,” is my demand as I raise my hips up to meet your cock. Suddenly you give me what I am asking for and I gasp with the intense pleasure I feel as you bury yourself deep. Then you press just a little deeper before sliding out and thrusting back in faster and then slower. Rubbing your cock against my clit making my pussy clench tight around you. I can feel my orgasm mounting as I start to move my hips in rhythm with yours, wanting you to release your cum. You slow down prolonging this wonderful torture. “Please make me cum baby, don’t stop.” is my plea to you.

You smile and roll over and pull me up on top. Once one top there is no stopping me, I am going to ride you to the finish. I ride you hard and fast. You feel my pussy tighten hard around your cock wanting it’s release. I can’t hold back any longer, my pussy begins to pulsate with my orgasm. “Yes baby, cum for me,” you demand as you begin to feel your balls tighten as your cum rises to the head where it explodes in my pussy.

I lay down on you and you wrap your arms around me, rubbing my back, letting me calm down after such an intense orgasm.

Slowly we start to move and get dressed. My fantasy now fulfilled it is time to head back to the picnic. Luckily the grass stain on your shirt will tuck into your jeans and nobody will be the wiser.

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