A wedding for sluts 2: And then I had breakfast


We spooned for a while then eventually rolled to our separate sides of the bed and passed out. I woke before dawn when Vanessa got up. She went over to my luggage, I raised an eyebrow in curiosity. “This bitch gonna rob me?” I thought to myself, but no she bent over still and put on one of my undershirts. I think there is something dirty and raw about assholes. They’re disgusting and shit comes out of them, but they’re a part of a woman’s body that I love to tongue, finger,and fuck. She then walked into her room then came back a few moments later. She nuzzled up to me and we passed back out.

“Fuck I gotta pee.” The old pee boner was present with me in the bathroom. It was well past dawn and from the open balcony doors you could start to hear guests enjoying the pool area. I drank a luke warm glass of water from the faucet and when I rounded the corner back towards the bed I saw that ass. Vanessa was curled up with a sheet over her shoulders but with her naked ass begging for my attention. In my luggage I packed condoms and lube. I never use condoms but you know some girls insist. The lube was for anal. I didn’t know I’d be fucking my thick aunt, but I knew I’d be fucking somebody. With the lube on the night stand I slid off my boxers and got nice and close.

I started kissing the nape of her neck then moving towards her shoulder. My hand Escort was giving her ass nice slow circular rubs. This continued for a few moments. She gave a weak protest that she was sleeping but we had bigger plans. In no time I became more aggressive and Vanessa was wet. My hand had moved to her asshole which was wet with pussy juice. I made it clear this morning was about anal and she made it clear I was doing my job. “I’m gonna fuck you in the ass before breakfast.” I whispered in her ear as my first finger went slid up her shitter to the knuckle. “Hurry the fuck up.” My middle finger made a few full strokes then pulled out. Remembering what she said last night. I rolled her over on her stomach, a dragged her hips to the edge of the bed and spread her cheeks then buried my tongue. Vannessa anal ring was pink, brown and delicious. Squeezing and pulling her cheeks apart hard my tongue switched back and forth from massaging circles around the ring and punching the hole.

“Dick!” She begged. I rolled away and smothered my cock in lube. Another glob was smattered against her hole. Two fingers went in. She inhaled hard and soon I herd a buzzing. Vanessa had gotten her vibrator and was working her clit. She came hard and fast as I worked two digits in and out. I was engorged and my cock head was damn near purple. Laying on our sides, her anus swallowed Escort Bayan my head. I’d push and let her adjust,thrust and let her adjust. Soon my balls where on her cheeks. I wrapped my arms around her grabbing a tit in each hand. I sorta flexed my fully engulfed rod. “I’m ready for the hard stuff.” She gasped. “Fucking good.”

“One,two,three” I counted in my head. And I rolled her ass up face down. The preferred position for champs. The buzzing on her clit was soon drowned out by her moans, my grunts, and the sound of my balls slapping her labia. I fucked her hard. I squirted more lube mid stroke and that made her even looser. Iet her have it. I watched a drop of sweat roll of my nose and land on the small of her back. All the while Vanessa was screaming and cumming. I’m sure those enjoying the pool where wondering who was committing murder a few stories up.

My time was at hand. I was going to bury my load way inside my thick, blonde, aunts ass. She turned her head from screaming into the mattress to out in the open. Right then and there something from a porno popped into my head. I stepped on her face. It was degrading, hilarious, and it pushed me over the edge. “What the fuck.” She laughed. “You’re insane.” Giggles taking over the moans. I took my foot off her face as I flooded her rectum with my sperm. I collapsed my chest Bayan Escort resting on her back. We where both slick with sweat, the bed was destroyed. The lube had spilled all over the sheets. I hadn’t realized it but we where both slippery as hell. My deflated cock popped out and our fluids added to the destroyed bed.. Vanessa was a 10 but her covered in oil was holy fuck.

In the shower I asked her about breakfast. She was gonna pass and go back to her bed because it wasn’t in dire need of maid service. We kissed and parted. I don’t know if we where falling in love but I did know we where going to keep this up for as much of the wedding as we physically could.

Breakfast was an an international farm to table buffet. I’m not a smart man but I’m pretty sure it was just odd marketing. Jean and her nerd was there and I being a guest at the same wedding saw no two better to sit with. The nerd was this fat Asian kid who rarely looked up from his phone. I asked him if he was bitcoin mining. He scoffed and I decided that was all the conversation I ever needed from him. Jean on the other hand was a delightful 19 year old who was majoring in Chinese.”They’re gonna rule the world in thirty years so I figured…” She trailed off with an awkward laugh.If Vanessa was a thick thot Jean well she had small perky titties, not much of an ass. Typical late teen girl dripping with innocence. Cute mousy face. I got up to get another plate of amazing food. As I filled up my plate with ceviche “I’m gonna fuck Jean” ran through my head.

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