A Willing Slave for Daddy


A Willing Slave For Daddy

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18!

This story involves some abusive language so be warned.

This story really went longer than I intended but I just couldn’t stop!

Thank you to “Dougslair” for editing for me!


Hi there, my name is Harry and I thought I’d write this down, if anything, just for myself. I’m 26 years old and until around 2 and a half years ago I was a young, fairly successful straight lad with a beautiful girlfriend who I saw spending my life with.

Then, it all changed, and now… I am a live in sex slave for my Daddy, Trevor. I am at his beck and call 24/7. I take his cock and any cock he tells me to, whenever he tells me to. Don’t misunderstand me, this isn’t forced or against my will. I love it! He has pushed every boundary I ever thought I could have. I have immense pleasure every single day, and as weird as it sounds, living your life for someone else has made me feel freer than ever before.

Let’s start at the beginning, the first few months of this story has a lot of things happening so I will give you the basics to stop you from getting bored, but don’t worry, every detail matters, everything I tell you are individual bits of the puzzle that leads me to where I am now.

Meeting Trevor

Jessica and I are sitting on our sofa watching TV. We both work long hours Monday to Friday so at the weekends we like to just relax.

We have been together for nearly 2 years now and I am head over heels for her. Not only is she smart, kind and one of the most generous people I’ve ever met, she’s an absolute ten out of ten. Long blonde hair, a thin and toned figure but tits that are bigger for someone as slim as her.

“What’s that?” Jessica says sitting up.

A bang comes from outside the door and grabs my attention.

“I’m not sure.” I say, pausing the TV and standing up.

Opening the front door to our apartment and I see two moving men in the hall wearing overalls carrying a large sofa.

“Someone must be moving in.” I say back to Jessica who’s still in the living room.

Turning back around, I’m startled to see an older man standing only a foot away smiling at me. He’s bigger than I am, way over 6 feet, and his body looks like that of a swimmer. He looks muscular but not bulky. He has short brown hair that’s slightly combed to the left and a small amount of stubble that outlines his chiselled jaw line.

“Hey, sorry for all the noise.” He says, his voice is deep and soothing, the type of voice you could listen to for hours.

“It’s okay,” I reply with a smile, “Moving in?”

“Yeah, I’m Trevor.” He says extending his hand.

I reach for it and shake his hand, instantly I’m slightly hurt by the sheer strength in his hand that dwarfs mine.

“I’m Harry.” I tell him, releasing myself from his grip.

He looks me up and down and shoots me a smile. To be fair, compared to this man I must look tiny. I’m not even that small, standing at 5 foot 9 and I am pretty toned myself by going the gym at least four times a week, it’s just that he seems so… godlike.

“Do you live here with someone?” He asks looking over my shoulder.

“Yeah, with my girlfriend Jessica.” I tell him, looking back and seeing her walking towards us.

“You must be Jessica.” Trevor says, shaking her hand as well.

“It is, are you our new neighbour?” Jessica asks.

“So it seems.” He replies with a smile, yet, staring more at me than at Jessica.

Our apartment building is pretty nice and very pricey! Luckily Jessica and I both have well paid jobs so we can afford it. On each floor there is only actually two apartments so I definitely want to start off on the right foot with Trevor considering we will be seeing a lot of him.

“Why don’t you come round for dinner tonight?” I ask, “I bet after all this moving you won’t want to cook.”

“That sounds great.” He replies and I notice his perfectly straight, white teeth.

“Come around say 6pm?” I ask.

“Perfect, see you then.” He says.

Jessica and I go back inside and leave Trevor to carry on moving his stuff.

“He seems nice.” Jessica says to me.

“Yeah, at least someone his age won’t be throwing loads of parties and being loud at night.” I say with a laugh.

Since we both have stressful jobs, our social lives have nearly disappeared. Give me a good movie and a nice meal any day over staying up till 4am drinking!

We both sit back down onto the sofa and I intertwine my hand into hers. Sitting back, we both cuddle as we watch TV.

Then, 6pm on the dot… there’s a knock on the door.

“That’ll be… what was his name again?” Jessica asks me setting the table.

“Trevor.” I remind her as I walk over to the door.

“Ah yes.” Jessica says.

I shoot one look back at her, she’s dressed in a simple jeans and t-shirt but her arse looks amazing in it. Already I’m hoping I’ll be getting some sex tonight.

“Trevor.” I say opening Maltepe Escort the door.

“Hey, thanks for inviting me over.” Trevor says handing me a bottle of wine, what a thoughtful guest.

“No problem, come in, come in.” I say opening the door.

I watch Trevor stepping inside and taking his black, smart, shining shoes off.

“Our apartments are set out the same I see.” He says as he walks into the living room area.

“Yeah, I think everyone is pretty much the exact copy.” I tell him, following behind.

“In here Trevor.” Jessica shouts from the dining room.

“Looks lovely, thank you.” Trevor says politely as he takes a seat at the table.

I join him as Jessica brings out the roast dinner she’s made.

“So, Trevor,” I ask, “How come you’ve moved here?”

“I was living down south for a while,” He tells me, although he doesn’t have any sort of a southern accent, “But my work has brought me back north.”

“Oh, what is it you do?” Jessica questions.

“I help business’s that aren’t doing well to get back on their feet.” He says. From his professional talk and the way he holds himself I can tell he is an important person.

“That’s interesting.” I say.

“Please, tell me about you two?” Trevor asks.

“Well, we met at Uni and after Harry here wouldn’t take no for an answer, I eventually went on a date with him.” Jessica jokes, forcing a laugh from Trevor.

“Best decision she ever made.” I laugh out.

“Well, you make a cute couple.” Trevor tells up and I reach over to hold Jessica’s hand.

I am definitely the luckiest man in the world to have her.

The rest of the night flies by. We drink the very expensive bottle of wine that Trevor brought round. We chat into the late hours of the night until Trevor decides to leave.

“It’s been great having you over.” I tell him at the door.

“Oh, it’s been great, thank you again for the invite.” Trevor says holding his hand out.

I shake his hand and feel his soft skin against mine once again, looking into his deep, brown eyes some sort of strange feeling comes over me.

“I’ll erm, see you around.” I stutter out.

“You will.” He says and turns to walk away.

That was weird I think to myself.

Closing the door, I see Jessica cleaning the plates away. Bending over the table I can’t take my eyes off her perfect arse.

Walking over to her, I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss the back of her neck.

“Oh Harry, are you sure it’s not too late?” She asks with a giggle.

“Come on, we can clean this up tomorrow.” I tell her, spinning her around and kissing her.

“Go on then.” She laughs and we make out way to the bedroom.

After undressing and twenty minutes of passionate sex, we both drift off to sleep.

New Gym Buddy

A few weeks after the night we had Trevor round I’m getting dressed into my gym gear. There is a gym on the bottom floor of our apartment building and I haven’t been in a few days so I decide I need a big work out.

“Do you want to come?” I ask Jessica as I put my shoes on.

“No, it’s alright I have tons of work to catch up on.” She tells me, sitting on the sofa with her laptop open.

“No problem, I’ll see you in an hour or two.” I tell her and head for the door.

As I close our door and head to the lift, I hear Trevor’s door open.

Since that night I haven’t seen much of him. Our paths just haven’t crossed a lot other than the occasional “Hello.”

Turning my head, I go to say “hi” to him but my mouth is left hanging open as I see a young, must be early 20s, man walk out.

“Erm… hi.” I say to him, startling the man.

He gives me a shocked look and can’t even reply. I just watch him heading for the stairs and disappear.

“Hey Harry.” I suddenly hear Trevor’s voice say from behind.

Turning around I see the man standing there in just his boxers. The first time seeing his body and fuck me he is ripped!! The sort of man you’d see on a magazine cover. I would never have guessed he’s in his 40s.

“H-hey.” I reply, a bit shaken by the fact a young man has just come from his apartment. Is Trevor gay?

“You going the gym?” He asks, looking at my work out gear.

“Yeah, just heading there now.” I tell him, still a bit surprised by everything.

“I’ll meet you down there if that’s alright? I need a good workout.” He replies.

“Y-yeah, no problem.” I stutter to him as he turns back into his apartment.

Jesus, that guy was a lot younger than Trevor. I would never have expected him to be into that!

I’m in the gym for fifteen minutes when Trevor walks in.

“Hey, what you doing?” He asks walking over to me wearing some baggy gym shorts and a tight vest. His massive arms and chest fully on show.

“Doing all body today, been off for a few days.” I tell him finishing my set.

“Sounds good.” He replies.

I step up and he takes my spot on the machine.

“Sorry about you seeing that guy,” He says whilst doing his reps, his muscles Maltepe Escort Bayan building even more, “Must’ve been quiet the surprise.” He laughs.

“I just didn’t realise you were…” Oh no, don’t offend him now Harry.

“Gay?” Trevor finishes for me.

“Y-yeah.” I nervously reply.

“It’s alright, don’t worry about it.” Trevor says finishing his set and standing up, “As long as you don’t have a problem with the fact I’m gay?”

“What?!” I say back in surprise, “No of course not. Let people be whatever they want.” I tell him.

“Great, sorry, I’ve met a lot of bigoted arseholes in my day.” Trevor explains and to be fair I understand where he’s coming from.

“Well don’t worry about that from me, I don’t have any problem with it.” I tell him, trying to reassure that I’m not homophobic at all.

“Perfect.” He says with a smile as I get back onto the machine to do my set.

We carry on working out in relative silence for the next twenty minutes.

“So, I take it you’ve never tried it?” He suddenly asks during a bench press.

“Tried what?” I ask as I spot him.

“Being with a guy?” He says.

“What?!” I say loudly, then realises I might’ve offended him, “N-no, I haven’t.”

“That’s a surprise.” He says finishing his set and standing up.

“Why’s that?” I ask, a bit confused as to why he would think I have tried it.

I sit down on the bench and lie back.

“Nowadays most guys your age have at least experimented in some way.” He explains, standing over me and supporting my reps.

From here, I suddenly realise I can see the bulge in his gym shorts. Although I’ve had tons of guys support me before like this, I can honestly say I’ve never thought to look out for their cock before.

“That may be true, but not for me.” I tell him, taking the bench press in my hands and starting my set.

“Shame.” He says in a cheeky manor.

Although I know I should probably say something, I don’t want to risk getting an enemy from our neighbour so I just laugh it off.

Finishing my set, I stand up and catch myself looking at Trevor’s amazing, ripped and sweaty body. Wondering if I could look like that one day.

“You alright there?” He says bringing me back to reality and I realise he just caught me staring at him.

“Y-yeah,” I stutter out nervously, “You’re just in great shape man, I hope I can get like that.” I tell him, playing it off as cool.

“Well, I can help when you train if you want? We can make it a thing.” He says.

“Yeah, sounds great.” I tell him.

We finish our final exercise and head back to our apartments. I catch myself glancing at his body time and time again.

What am I doing? I’ve never looked at men’s bodies like this before. It’s only because he’s so toned.

“Right well I’ll see you later,” Trevor says patting me on the back, “Let me know next time you want to work out.”

“I will do.” I tell him and head back to my place.

Closing the door, I lean back against it and take a moment to think of everything that’s gone on. Then, I release I’m fucking horny!

Walking straight over to Jessica who is still on her laptop working, I push it to one side and kiss her. Only for a few seconds until she pushes me away.

“Ew Harry, you’re all sweaty.” She jokes.

“Come on, let’s have a little fun.” I suggest.

“No way,” She replies crushing my hopes, “I have way too much work to do and you stink of sweat.”

“Fair enough.” I reply, knowing that she’s probably right.

The First Look

For nearly a month I train with Trevor at least 3 times a week. I can already tell the effects it’s having on my body and I’m feeling stronger than ever. The only down fall is that he works me so hard in the gym, I have no energy for sex with Jessica so our sex life has drastically dropped.

Also, I have caught myself looking at Trevor’s body over and over every time we work out.

I have also seen multiple young men leaving his apartment, all similar ages to me. I still find it a little strange, like, where does he get all these young men? However, I’m not one to pry into someone else’s personal life.

“Hey, you want to get a drink after this?” He asks helping me with my last set.

“Erm yeah sure.” I reply to him, finding it a little strange to be going out for a drink with an older gay man, but also wanting to be polite.

“Great, come back to my place for a quick shower and we’ll go.” He tells me.

“I… I can shower at my place.” I say to him.

“Don’t worry about that, I just had a new power shower installed. You’re going to love it.” He says, his tone is so forceful yet understanding. As though I can’t so no.

I just shake my head silently and follow him upstairs and back to his apartment.

“Take a seat, I’ll hop in then you go after me.” He says, again as more of an instruction than a request.

Sitting there, I grab my phone and text Jessica that I’m going out with Trevor. Looking up from my phone I nearly jump out of my Escort Maltepe skin as I see Trevor stood in front of me completely naked.

“W-what are you doing?” I stutter out.

“Just getting you a towel.” He says throwing it onto my lap.

What the fuck is going on, is this really happening? Why can’t I stop looking at his cock!

He’s soft, but even like that it looks huge! I like to think I’m pretty well endowed but Trevor is a whole other level.

“Thank you?” He says in a firm tone, bringing me back to reality and managing to take my eyes off of his cock.

“Erm… thank you.” I stutter again.

“See you in a sec.” He tells me and turns around.

His cock is gone, but I still marvel at his muscular back and firm arse cheeks. God he’s so hot. Wait a sec, did I just think he’s hot?!

Fifteen minutes later, Trevor comes out of the bathroom in just a towel, once again showing off his amazing body.

“You can go in now.” He tells me.

“T-thanks.” I nervously say standing up and walking past him. Steam is pouring off of his hairy, manly body.

As I step into his bathroom, I realise there’s no lock on the door. I guess he knows I’m in here so he won’t walk in.

I undress and I’m actually amazed at how nice he has this place decorated. He must be making some serious money to afford all this.

Wait, what the fuck is that?!

Next to one of his cupboards is a very big, very thick, black dildo! I pick it up and just look at it for a while. There’s no way this can fit in a man, it’s fucking huge!!

I put it back down and continue undressing and then finally jump in his shower. He was right, his power shower is amazing! I feel cleaner than I’ve ever felt.

“Ready?” He asks as I come out in a towel.

“Yeah, I’ll just go get some clothes.” I tell him.

“It’s alright, I’ve got some stuff that should fit you. It’s folded up on my bed.” He tells me, again, firmly.

I walk into his bedroom and see some clothes there. As I put them on, I realise how tight they are and I’m not sure they are my size. Although I just about manage to squeeze into them, they are tightly pressed against my body.

“I think they’re a little small.” I tell him stepping out of his room.

“Oh no, you look perfect.” He says whilst staring at me.

I feel like an animal staring at its prey. This huge, older man undressing me with his eyes.

“Let’s go.” He says and we head to a bar that’s just a short walk away.

We get into the bar, which I very quickly learn is a gay bar! Why has he brought me to a gay bar! This is just getting weirder and weirder! Even worse, Trevor comes back to the table with a beer for himself and a fruity cocktail for me.

“Thought you’d like that.” He says handing it to me.

“Erm, thanks.” I reply, taking it and having a sip. To be fair, it is actually really nice.

“So, how you feeling about the work outs?” Trevor asks me.

“Great, I definitely think it’s having an effect.” I tell him.

“Yeah, you look great, especially when you came out the shower, you looked really hot.” He tells me with a huge grin. Was he checking me out?

“T-thanks.” I reply nervously as I take another sip.

“I mean it, you look really, really hot.” He says in a deep, seductive tone.

Oh god, am I getting turned on by him?

“So, any new boyfriends lately?” I ask him trying to change the subject and get my mind off of getting turned on.

“No, I’m not a boyfriend type.” He tells me with a little laugh, “I prefer… straight men.”

“Straight men?” I ask, getting even more confused by this man.

“Oh yeah, I love turning straight men.” He tells me.

Turning straight men? Oh god, he doesn’t think I’m like that does he?!

“Sorry, you probably don’t want to know.” He says sipping his beer.

“It’s okay. I just… I just don’t want you to get the wrong idea of me?” I say, trying to put some boundaries in place.

“Oh, don’t worry, I know everything I need to know about you.” He says with a confident tone.

Oh god, oh god, oh god! This isn’t all in my head, is it?! He’s definitely implying this isn’t he!

Luckily for me, Trevor doesn’t push the topic any further and we have a normal conversation for the next hour until we head back to our apartments.

“See you soon.” He says and I am utterly shocked to feel him slap my arse before walking away.

What the fuck?? That was just a friendly thing, right? Like sportsmen who slap each other’s arses? This is getting a little weird.

I get back into my apartment only to realise that Jessica is already in bed asleep, I also find that I’m extremely horny! It’s been a couple of weeks now since we have had sex and I don’t know, for some reason I’m horny as fuck right now!

I check in the bedroom to make sure she’s properly asleep before going onto the sofa and pulling my “new” trousers down.

Closing my eyes, I grip my cock and slowly start to stroke myself. I would watch porn but I don’t want to risk waking Jessica up.

I try to imagine Jessica and I having sex, in the many different ways we have… but something isn’t working. Something different, is coming to my head.

I keep accidentally thinking of Trevor. His firm, muscular body, his manly and domineering manor, his, big, hard, shaved cock.

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