Across the Room Ch. 01


As soon as I see her across the room, I know I have to have her. She is just leaning against a back wall, nursing a beer, and idly watching a game of pool, but there is something so incredibly sexy about her casual aloofness. It does not hurt that she has on a pair of short shorts that show off long, tanned legs and a tank top that displays her equally lean, tanned arms. She is gorgeous. Long hair, beautiful eyes, and soft curves; the embodiment of everything I love about women. Not even the dim lights of the bar can prevent her beauty from shining through. I envy the beer bottle she puts to her lips as she takes a drink. I want to feel those lips on mine. I want to taste them, tease them, bite them, suck them. Anything, so long as I can have them pressed against me. The mere thought of kissing her has me soaking wet and achingly aroused.

Realizing that I have probably been staring for longer than was appropriate, I turn back to my friends at the bar. But as I attempt to keep up my end of the conversation, my attention keeps turning back to her. Every time another girl approaches her, I hold my breath. I am jealous of their courage. I feel inadequate in my jeans and t-shirt with my short, messy, dark hair. When she turns each girl down, my heart soars and my anxiety rises. If she turned down all of them, what chance do I have?

With shaking hands, a pounding heart, and shallow breaths, I finally work up the courage (aided in part by a few beers) to make my way across the room. Halfway there, she looks up and locks eyes with me. It feels like electricity scorching through my body. I stop walking for a heartbeat and she lifts the corner of her mouth in a half smile. It was then that I knew she was aware of what she is doing to me. There is nothing more dangerous than a beautiful woman who knows the effect she has on others. There is also nothing sexier.

Now that I am standing in front of her, I am at a loss for words. I like to think of myself as pretty smooth and self-confident when it comes to flirting with women, but, apparently, that version of me was gone tonight. Stripped away by killer eyes and an alluring smile. “Can I buy you a drink?” Fuck. That was original. Why didn’t I think of something to say when I was across the room gawking? She smiles again and lifts her full beer so I can see it. Shit. Well, I can see this is not going to work. “Oh, okay. Have a good night.”

As I turn around to sulk back to the bar, I hear a chuckle and then she grabs my arm. “Wait a minute.” My heart starts hammering in my chest once again. I turn back to face her. “Yeah?” What the hell? I swear my brain has stopped working. I need to get out of here before I embarrass myself further.

“How about a dance?” Wait a minute, what? Did this goddess just ask me to dance? Why didn’t I think of that question? She cocks her head to the side and all I can think about is how Ataşehir Escort much I want to run my tongue along her neck. I want to taste her sweat and her skin. Her eyebrows raise and I realize she is still waiting for me to answer the question. Smooth. I have been standing here gawping at her for at least 30 seconds without saying anything. She probably thinks I am a little daft by now. Finally, I manage to engage my brain long enough to choke out a mumbled, “Yes.” She grabs my arm and leads us towards the dance floor.

Women pack the floor but we manage to squeeze in. The crowded floor forces us to dance close together, but I am not complaining. She is nearly the same height as I am and, as we come together, I can feel her breasts pushing into mine. Instantly, my nipples are rock hard, almost to the point of pain. She puts her arms around my shoulders and I put my hands on her waist. My previous nervousness fades as we start dancing. She pulls our hips together and I am reminded of how aroused I am as the seam of my jeans rubs against my swollen clit. I rub my thumb along the small gap between her tank top and shorts. She leans into me and I can feel her lips brush against my ear. My entire body shivers and I can feel goose bumps rise on my skin. “I saw you watching me. I’ve been waiting for you to make a move all night.”

As her breath washes over the sensitive skin of my ear, I am afraid my legs are going to give out. She does not seem to notice and leans into me once again. “The way you were looking at me made me so hot I almost had to go to the bathroom to take care of myself, but I didn’t. You know why?” She leans back and our eyes once again lock.

I respond, my voice husky with arousal, “Why?”

“Because I knew it would be much more fun if you helped.”

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since the moment I first walked in here and saw you leaning against the wall.”

My response makes her pupils dilate and her breathing speed up. The clear signs of her arousal cause my stomach to clench and my clit to pulse. I slide my thigh between hers and start a slow grind against her pussy. I can feel the heat of her center burning my thigh where it is pushed against her. The action causes her to make a whimpering sound in the back of her throat and she moves even closer to me. At this point, I am barely aware of the other sweaty bodies tightly pressed around us. All of my focus is on this sexy woman who is slowly driving me crazy with want.

My eyes move down her face and I watch in fascination as her tongue pokes out and wets her lips. I desperately want to follow as it retreats into her mouth. Leaning forward, I lightly brush my lips against hers. Her lips are so soft I have to kiss her again. My lips press more firmly against hers and I run my tongue along her bottom lip, entreating her for entry. Her lips part slightly Ataşehir Escort Bayan and my tongue slides inside. I groan into her mouth as I explore. She tastes divine and it is as though I cannot get enough. My tongue teases hers, stroking along the bottom of its length. She moans and our tongues duel, a back-and-forth dance between our mouths. She nibbles lightly on my lips and grinds her pussy harder against my leg.

I do not know how long we make out on the dance floor, but when she pulls back from the kiss I can tell she is close to the edge. Her skin is flushed, her heart is racing, and her body is tense. My own body is on fire. My stomach is so tight I am afraid I will cramp, and my pussy so wet I am sure it is soaking through my jeans. She bites along my jaw line and sucks my earlobe into her mouth. Breathily, she whispers into my ear, “I’m going to the bathroom. Would you like to come?” The double entendre is not lost on me. Even with all of my blood rushing to the lower half of my body, I can still think clearly enough to nod my head in the affirmative. She grabs my hand and pulls us towards the back of the club.

Of course, there is a line for the bathroom. She stands in front of me and leans back against my chest. Her ass pushes into my groin and my clit feels like it might explode. I lean forward and sweep her hair to the side as I softly kiss her neck. My hands move around to hold the front of her hips and she covers them with her own. As she gently rocks against me, I continue my exploration of her neck. The same neck I have been fantasizing about all night. I kiss, lick, and nibble my way to the back of her neck where I bite down hard. Her nails dig into my hands as her body arches against me. I suck on the tender skin, leaving a mark. Some primitive part of me enjoying marking her, claiming her for myself. She whines softly and tries to move my hand down to cup her center. I resist, drunk on the power of making a gorgeous woman desperate to come.

When we finally get into the restroom, I follow close on her heels as she goes into one of the stalls. I ignore the knowing looks we receive from the other patrons. The only thing on my mind is fucking this sexy woman. As soon as I get the door latched shut, she is on me. Her lips are bruising as they press against mine and she is rocking her hips frantically against me. I slide one hand under her tank top and tease a stiff nipple through her bra.

She breaks her mouth away from mine and whispers urgently, “Please.” That is all it takes. My other hand slides down and unbuttons her shorts. Before I even have a chance to unzip them all the way, she grabs my wrist and shoves my hand down them. I realize she is not wearing any underwear and I growl low in my throat. The palm of my hand brushes against her pubic hair and makes its way down to her soaking wet center. I Escort Ataşehir use my index and ring fingers to separate her lips as I run my middle finger over her stiff clit and down to her entrance. I circle around the opening for a moment, but I know that neither of us is in the mood for teasing. I plunge one finger inside her. She moans into my mouth and sucks on my tongue. Her pussy is hot, tight, and wet. Her vaginal walls grip my finger and I answer her moan with one of my own, past the point of caring what other people in the bathroom might be thinking.

Groaning, she whispers against my lips, “More.” It is difficult to maneuver my hand in the tight confines of her shorts, but I manage to slip another finger inside her. She rocks against me as I fill her, hooking one of her legs around the back of my thigh. I move my thumb up to stroke her clit and I know she is going to come. Her head falls back against the wall and her mouth opens in ecstasy. Her pussy clenches around my fingers so hard it almost hurts. A rush of liquid fills my hand and I smile triumphantly. She pulls my lip between her teeth and then says, “Your turn.”

Before I have a chance to react, she is on her knees and pulling my pants and boxers down around my ankles. I almost lose it when I realize what she is going to do. I can feel that my thighs are wet with my juices, and the strong smell of sex fills the air. My clit is stiff and protruding from its hood, practically begging for release. When she leans forward and sucks it into her mouth, my entire body jerks against her.

“Fuck, I’m not going to last long.”

She moves her mouth away from me and looks up at me with those beautiful eyes, “That’s what I want, baby. Come in my mouth.”

Wrapping her arms around my legs and digging her nails into my ass, she takes a long swipe of me with her tongue. She lightly bites down on my clit as she flicks her tongue around it. When she scratches her nails down my ass and the back of my legs, it sends me over. My eyes close and I see flashing lights behind my closed lids as the waves of an intense orgasm overtake me. I bite my lip to keep from screaming out my pleasure and grind my pussy into her face. She lifts her head and I see that her face is covered in my juices.

A pounding on the door breaks me out of my post-orgasm stupor, “Hey, are you done in there yet? There’s people out here who need to pee!”

“Yeah, just a minute,” I yell back. The situation comes back into full focus and I remember that we are in a bathroom stall.

“Fucking hurry up!”

Giggling, she pulls up my pants and buttons them again. Once she is standing, I can see a smile on her face and I have to steal a quick kiss. As we pull away she asks, “Your place or mine?”

“Mine. I only live about a mile from here.” She grabs my hand once again and leads us out of the restroom. Anticipation for the night ahead runs through my body. I picture her naked on my bed and I can feel myself getting wet again. As we are leaving the club, I realize something and pull her to a stop. She turns to me, a question in her eyes, while she waits for me to speak. “This might be strange to ask now, but what is your name?”

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