Adult Situations Ch. 71-72


Chapter 71 — Cuckold Situation?

The list of people I missed seemed to get longer every day. In Northern New Jersey, I arranged for a limousine to meet Katarinia — Kitty and me where the Appalachian Trail crossed a major highway. I also arranged for first-class flights from Stewart Airport in Newburgh, New York, to Sarasota. The Cyber Solutions jet was in California on business. I resolved to get my own.

We had a teary goodbye, and I sent her off on her next adventure. Who knows, I might even come back with her the following year and do the north end of the AT again, or maybe she’d wait because she was so busy with some new career. I still had many miles to go.

After the limousine drove out of sight, I trucked across the highway and back onto the AT heading north. Things got to be anything but remote. Part of the trail went through a local zoo. I saw Mr. Bear again — his cousin probably, and this time he couldn’t get to me thanks to the zoo enclosure. Also, it seemed I couldn’t go but a few hundred yards before I’d be on, under, or over some other major highway. I walked across the Hudson River on a bridge, shortly after the zoo.

I stayed on the trail, but I did treat myself to a motel whenever I was near a city or town of any size, and in the densely populated area, that was often. I also used restaurants more than we had been.

Two days after putting Kitty on the plane to Florida, I got a photograph from Crystal that somebody had taken around the dinner hour on my patio. Crystal, Trish, Elynn, Jean (with baby), Carol, and Kitty were standing nude and looking very happy. I kept that picture handy to remind me of what was important in my life.

The trails in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut were wide and well worn. There was no doubt we were near a large city, or that people there quested to be closer to nature than whatever they had. There were a lot of altitude changes along the Trail in those parts, and lots of road crossings.

My arrival in northwest Connecticut corresponded with the arrival of Tropical Storm Estelle complete with a forecast for three days of heavy pelting rain and wind speeds up to fifty knots. This was not conducive to camping in a small tent. I just made it to West Cornwall when the rain started. I had telephoned ahead from the top of a nearby mountain and reserved a room. The Hitching Post Country Motel was nice and unpretentious. There were a few other hikers there, and they still had available rooms. Everyone was hunkering down for a few days. I texted Crystal my whereabouts, so she’d know where I was when the icon on the tracking map wasn’t moving.

Across the back of the large old home was a long wide porch with chairs that seemed amazingly dry and untouched by the storm because it was alee of the house. My pastime the first day was sitting in a chair with cellphone in hand catching up with what was going on. In a way, I didn’t want to ruin my surprise at all the changes when I got home so I didn’t want too much news, but on the other hand if there was something important going on, I’d fly home and take care of that. I could always come back, although the end of the season in Maine was already in sight for some campers. Crystal and I had talked about all of that.

She filled me in more on her two businesses, a wedding she’d done a few days earlier, and then a private porn video that lured Mitch into action to make the video. She knew a little about Cyber Solutions from talking to Alice but there wasn’t anything really significant that I needed to know. I did still have my CS email account if they really needed to reach me.

On the porch, I also met Noah and Charlotte Hall from outside Philadelphia. They were doing the Appalachian Trail in really small segments and not in any particular order. They’d hiked the previous two years and done the AT from Hot Springs, North Carolina up to the Delaware Water Gap. This year they were doing from the Gap to Northwestern Massachusetts, so they only had the rest of Connecticut and Massachusetts to hike to get to the point they’d break off for the year. I learned that many hikers did this in even smaller bites.

Noah was a serious thirty-year-old that taught about computers and science in his local high school. I resisted the urge to tell him about my science background, other than to say I had worked in the field of technology network integrity for some of my clients before I’d kind of quit to think about the rest of my life. He accepted that.

Both Noah and Char, her nickname, were in good shape as well they should be to hike the trail the distances they had. He mentioned that they both did weights and jogged regularly. I told of my martial arts activity in my friends’ dojo.

Char was the more vivacious of the two — even flirty. She also taught STEM subjects in the high school, but emphasized physics and chemistry. She seemed really sharp and was pretty enough that I expected she was a great diversion to high school boys.

Char was certainly a diversion for me. As we talked and the storm raged overhead, I watched the hot blonde babe move around in the deck chair she was in. At one point, I knew she was taunting me, because she sat in her chair with her legs spread wide and the crotch of her shorts tight against her pussy. I was sure I could see the camel toe formed. When I checked in visually with her — my eyes to hers — she was smiling, almost daring me to say something.

The Inn had a bar with a limited selection of beverages. The wine selections boiled down to red or white. Char and I got white wines; Noah had a beer.

Char went inside for a bit. Noah said to me, “You like her?”

“Of course. She’s a doll and smart to boot.”

“She’d like you, and I’d like you to be with her, too. Please consider that to be a serious offer.”

“You’re swingers?” My mind was racing and I could almost feel my ‘little head’ take over doing the thinking and decision making. I actually laughed at my perverted thinking process.

Kitty had departed a few days earlier, and I was horny again. Char was really sweet and delectable, and from her teasing I assume she wanted to be with me.

“Not really. She likes to be with other men occasionally, and I derive great arousal from the fact. I like to watch, if that puts you off let me know.”

I shrugged, “Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. Yes, I’d like to be with Charlotte if she wants to be with me. I don’t do guys.”

“Nor I; not a problem.”

Char returned and I saw Noah give her a smile and nod. She turned to me, came over, and gave me a sizzling kiss. She plopped down on my lap. We were the only three people outdoors on the porch fortunately. The next ten minutes were dedicated to Char and I kissing each other with deep and meaningful kisses. She was also grinding her butt down into my lap. I knew she could feel my hardness rising to the occasion.

She also put one of my hands atop one of her breasts. She was braless, and I was sure that hadn’t been the situation when she went inside a few minutes earlier. Noah and Char did want what would happen later.

The Inn served limited meals as well. I had the Yankee Pot Roast for dinner. We talked about teaching and, in particular, what the high school students were like.

Char laughed, “You mean the young men and women with raging hormones? Well, some decide to test themselves with high-risk behavior. Of course, some try drugs and alcohol, but others really get into sex. They have contests apparently to see where they can fuck in the school. There are janitorial closets, storage rooms, empty classrooms, labs, and so on, and I’ve found more than one couple fucking merrily away in each of them.”

I laughed, “Sex education?”

They both raised their hands. “We’re some of the faculty that have to teach that from time to time. It’s a shared responsibility, and the sad curriculum is rigidly set by the state. Of course, we can’t advocate. Mostly, we try to explain how easy is to get pregnant. That said, we have about three or four pregnancies a year in the school we teach at — that’s about one percent of the high school. Not at all unusual. Some abort and some carry through. We just try to be supportive.”

“You involved with any students?” I posed.

Both violently shook their heads. “No. Never,” Noah said blunted. “That’s the kiss of death in so many ways and every teacher knows it. The next career step after that is asking somebody whether they want a double order of fries with that, and that would only occur after you got out of prison as a registered sex offender. The penalties are severe and multi-dimensional.”

Char said, “That doesn’t stop the guys from propositioning me, or the girls from offering their hot little teenage bodies to Noah. We go out of our way to never be alone with students, but sometimes we can’t help it. It’s a hazard of the job.”

Noah said, “What we just said only applies to a small percentage of students — maybe ten percent or twenty percent of them. The rest are exploring, searching for themselves, figuring out who they are instead of who their parents want them to be, dealing with personal freedoms for the first time, and tending to their egos as they move into adulthood. Some get moody and depressed. Some color their hair orange, red, or blue, and others clam up and get all shy. Others become bullies. There’s peer pressure everywhere, and all of them are concerned with body image.”

I shook my head, “Other than that, they’re good kids?”

“Oh, absolutely. They do a lot of good in the community and they do worry about the right national and international issues in my opinion — climate change, refugee situations, the hungry, and so on. We teach that there aren’t easy solutions to any of those, but they sure know and worry about them.”

We finished dinner, and I got us all some liqueurs. I sipped some of mine, and then gave Char a liquid kiss, squirting some of my Grand Marnier into her mouth as we Frenched.

Char moaned, and pulled away from me slowly. “THAT was the sexiest and most arousing kiss that I’ve ever had in my life.” I looked to see whether Noah had been insulted or angry at her remark, but he just smiled and nodded at her. He did ask where I’d learned that ‘trick’.

I kissed her several more times, adding to her arousal and her desire to do something really sexual with me very soon.

As we finished our small glasses of liqueur, Char stood, grabbed my hand, and looked at Noah, “We’ll be in the room. I can’t wait any longer.” I went along peacefully, and Noah followed with a growing smirk about his wife’s behavior.

We went upstairs to Noah and Char’s bedroom. The stairs creaked, and there was no doubt that this was an old farmhouse from two-hundred years earlier. Fortunately, the rooms had been well sound proofed. Either that or the other guests were kind at breakfast the next morning and didn’t glare at us for the sexual noises we made.

I made love to every square inch of Char’s body before we had penetrative sex. I think my doing that drove Noah crazy. He sat in the only chair in the bedroom and eventually stroked his cock as he watched me slowly seduce his wife. Of course, Char had already made her mind up that she wanted to be seduced.

I recalled when I’d first met Molly Walters to do a ‘private porn’ video for her to use to tease her husband. I showed up to fuck, and she knew it. She was stiff as a board until we made out for bit and I did a few things to warm her up. Foreplay is good for a reason,

While Char was completely clothed in her hiking shorts and a sleeveless top, I started to make out with her, but then I started to lick and kiss all that available skin. I worked down one arm and then up the other side, and then did the other arm. I did the exposed skin on her legs, paying special attention to the back of her knees and her ankles.

I slipped off her top but didn’t lunge for her breasts, as nice as they were. I gave her a small massage as I kissed all over her back, and then her sides, and only then did I allow myself the opportunity to kiss her breasts and to suck on her ripe nipples.

I took off her shorts and her conservative panties. Again, I didn’t pounce on her pussy. I kissed the parts of her legs that had been covered with her shorts earlier. I allowed my cheek to brush against her pubic hair and along her slit. She was flowing with juices by that point.

I rolled her over on the bed and made love to her ass. Everything got licked and kissed. I went back to her breasts and she held them for me and moaned as I did exactly what she wanted to them.

Finally, I stood and stripped off my own clothes. I wasn’t wearing much, and nudity came rapidly. Char did leap to grab my cock as it pointed around the room. She got both hands and I maneuvered to where she wanted me, specifically, next to her head.

She gulped down my cock, or rather most of it. She was good, and quickly got my attention. She pulled off and said, “Fuck my mouth.”

I did as requested, and at one point went deeper and deeper each time, until her nose pressed hard into my pubes in the deep throat. I went back to just thrusting into her maw as she made wet gawking sounds.

She pulled off, “I never let Noah do this. It’s exciting when you do it.”

As she’d blown me, I’d been toying with her tits. I changed position slightly, and then grabbed both her ankles and lifted up, tossing her onto her back. I spread her legs apart, and lowered my head to her twat in one seamless move. She gave a little shriek of pleasant surprise.

My tongue jammed inside her and then my fingers. I started to ‘munch’: sucking on her swollen labia, pulling her flaps into my mouth, and then sucking on her clitoris that had become highly evident. The foreplay was working.

Char gave another howl a minute later as she came like a runaway freight train. One fist pounded the bed, and she tried to roll into a ball but I wouldn’t let her legs go. I kept my head between her legs and my tongue going like some piece of power equipment dedicated to her pleasure.

Char had once been shaved clean, but had probably stopped tending to the lawn for the hike. He pubic area was all stubble, and it felt interesting to prowl around with my tongue and hand. The area just invited more and more fondling and touching.

I refocused my efforts on her pussy again, this time searching for her G-spot. I located the patch of interior skin inside her on the backside of her clit, and then worked on both areas simultaneously.


I glanced over at Noah. He was naked in the chair and slowly stroking his cock as he watched his wife and me sexing each other.

Eventually, Char pleaded for penetration, and I sank into her. I was mindful of our positioning, so led her through the main positions, both for her to feel the differences in stimulation and to tantalize Noah. Some of the positions were highly revealing to my cock sliding in and out of Char’s cunt.

Char picked the spoon position and the missionary as her two favorite positions of the evening. I started to pound into her in the missionary position. The slapping sound of our bodies coming together must have been heard throughout the Inn; we weren’t quiet. Char came twice because I focused some of my fondling back on her clit as I pistoned into her body.

After her second orgasm with my cock inside her, I switched to the spoon position because I could hold and kiss her better. She lay back in my arms as my cock found its home inside her warm sheath. We made out as we fucked and I stroked her clit.

She came again, and I came with her, blasting load after load of my potent male sperm all over her cervix and inner warmth. Char collapsed in my arms and pulled me to her for more kisses. She whispered, “I love you. After the way you just made me feel, I am compelled to say that to you.”

“The feeling is mutual, Charlotte, and there’s more to come.”

I slithered down her body, kissing her breasts and kind of re-starting all of our foreplay. My kisses led me right to her sex — the petals of her flower that was just starting to leak the remnants of my first orgasmic blast into her body.

I licked and lapped. At first, Char reminded me that I’d cum inside her only moments earlier. Then she realized I was more than aware of that fact and that I was enticing her again with my actions.

I gathered up a mouthful of our joint juices, and then moved to kiss Char. She instantly knew what to do. She accepted my mouthful of juices and then traded them back and forth with me a couple of times before swallowing. She whispered, “I love this. You are so fucking hot.”

I accepted the accolade and went back for more. I repeated my deposit into her mouth, and I felt her mouth pulled away. She winked at me and then shifted to the edge of the bed. She stood and walked the few paces to Noah.

Noah had cum, probably when we did. His pubes were awash in his ejaculation, plus one hand was covered in his jizz. Char turned his head up to hers and French kissed him, depositing the splooge into her husband’s mouth. I expected anger, rejection, spitting, or some other negative reaction, but he took it, swallowed, and then smiled at Char. She came back and joined me.

I made love to Charlotte again. She was pleased with my powers of recovery, and was even more loving our second time around. Everyone came a second time. Noah went into the bathroom to clean up. I cuddled Char.

I asked her, “Should I leave about now?”

“God, no. I want you to cuddle me all night long. You’re the best lover that I’ve ever known. You just made me cum in a big way eight times in the past three hours. My husband can’t do that, even when I have him use a vibrator on me. Leave? Absolutely not. You stay right where you are.”

Noah came back in the room. Char said, “Dave is going to stay with me tonight. Why don’t you use your sleeping roll?”

Noah said in a confirming tone, “You’re happy?”

“Very. He’s the best lover that I’ve ever had.”

I whispered to her, “We will probably make love again in the middle of the night.”

Char repeated what I said to Noah, “Besides, we’re going to fuck again in a couple of hours. I wouldn’t want to miss it.”

Noah just shrugged, and started messing with his back pack. About five minutes later, he slipped into his sleeping bag. He did have a pillow from the bed, a comfort that campers usually don’t have.

Char and I made out for about fifteen minutes and then went to sleep. We did awaken about three hours later. The wind was howling outside and the rain was pelting the side of the Inn and the windows.

Char and I made love. Her emotions were as intense and raging as the storm outside. She was so caring and so tender, and so romantic. When we finished, I remained inside her we went back to sleep joined together. Eventually, I slipped out of her sheath, but I didn’t worry about the result.

We made love again in the morning. Noah moved back to the chair and watched, and then went and shaved and showered. Outside the large and intense storm continued to pound Western Connecticut.

We were at the Inn two more nights before a front finally pushed the storm eastward into the rest of New England off into the ocean. Char was enraptured by me. We were almost inseparable.

I expressed my concern about her marriage — to her and then to her and Noah. They both brushed the concern aside and urged me to continue to love Char in any manner I chose. We were in bed a lot — with my cock inside her. That was what made her happiest.

I told her all about my wives, fiancées, friends, our sex parties, our philosophy about love, and everything I could think of. We talked a lot.

We called Crystal in a video call one evening. I introduced the couple to my wife. She cheered when we told her what we’d been doing. She also asked Noah whether this was what he really wanted. It was.

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