Afternoon Delight


Matt wiped his brow on his T-shirt and looked down the line of soil that he had turned over. He still had a load to do and it felt like it was taking forever. If at least he could get half way by tea time he would feel like he had broken the back of his job. His friend’s mum, Judy Morris, peered out of her kitchen window and admired Matt’s six pack, which he had revealed on mopping his perspiration. As Larry was in hospital with a broken leg and Judy’s husband was in Scotland on business, Matt had volunteered to dig her garden to earn some extra cash. He would be seventeen in two weeks and wanted to be able to afford some driving lessons. “Say, Matt – why don’t you come inside for a cool beer?” Judy hollered through the window. “I was just going to finish this bit!” Matt yelled back. “Oh, you’ve done loads, come and grab a beer!” Matt drove his fork into the earth and walked back inside, rubbing his hands on his jeans. Judy prised off the top with her worktop bottle opener and it made a satisfying ‘speesp’ before she handed the bottle to her son’s best friend. “There you go, you’ve earned it,” said bahçesehir escort Judy. “Thanks.” Matt took a long draught of beer and gasped. “Wow! That’s good.” “I’ll be visiting Larry later, maybe I can take you, if you’re going?” “Actually, I have football practice. Maybe I’ll go in the morning,” said Matt. “That’s okay. The doctor said he’ll be fit to come out on Tuesday. I was going to bake him a cake.” “Yeah, he would like that, I bet.” “Yes. Is there anything you’d like?” asked Judy. “Oh, such as?” “Anything really. If there’s anything I can do, you only have to ask,” added Judy. As she spoke, the thirty-nine year old brunette fiddled with the top button of her blouse. Her breasts were amazing. They were the type of breasts that made guys of Matt’s age stop in their tracks. She had 38 FF cups and Matt had almost gotten used to them, but sometimes she wore a certain top and he would find himself gazing at them. Like today, her reddish brown blouse was just thin enough to allow her lacy white bra to show through. Judy wasn’t a slim woman, but she wasn’t fat. beylikdüzü bayan escort She had the hips and bum you would expect for a woman of her age who had kept a husband happy for eighteen years. Matt loved her knee-high boots, he loved her eye-shadow and the way her perfume was like mint and freesia rolled into one. Matt was a rakish guy, between school and college with foppish hair and a half-hearted goatee growing on his otherwise smooth young face and chin. “Do you want a cookie, Matt?” “Oh no, I’m good thank you.” “Is the beer okay, Matt?” “It’s just the job, thanks.” Judy licked her lips and twizzled her button one way and then the other. “You sure you don’t want a cookie?” “It doesn’t really go with…” “Hmmm…?” Judy had straightened her hold-ups through her skirt, completely sending Matt off guard. “… the beer.” “Is that so?” “Yeah, I’m good with the beer, but thanks anyway.” Judy popped open her top button, making sure she had Matt’s full attention. The youngster blinked and decided she had done it accidentally, but either way found himself escort beylikdüzü staring at her boobs. “Would you like to see my breasts, Matt?” “Pardon?” Even as she spoke, Matt’s cock began to unfurl in his jeans. He was at the age where the slightest thing could make him hard. “You heard correctly, Matt. I asked if you would like to see my breasts.” “I… well that is to say. You’re my…” “Your what?” “My best friend’s mum!” “I can’t argue with that, Matt. But I feel like I could give you an extra payment for all your hard work.” “What about Mr Morris?” asked Matt, draining his beer bottle. “What about him? He’s away for another five days. Anyway, I’m not being unfaithful as such. I do want to pleasure you though.” The words ‘pleasure you’ made Matt’s cock twitch until he stood in Judy’s kitchen with an obviously erect penis. “I think a nice tit-wank and a blow job would do you the world of good, Matt. You’re still a virgin, aren’t you?” Matt’s face blushed intensely. “Ummm, yes. How do you know?” “Women’s intuition. We know these things.” “Oh right. Well you’re correct.” “Your jeans are about to burst, Matt. Take them off and let me see your pipe.” “Are you sure, Mrs Morris?” Judy popped a few more buttons open on her blouse. She might have been nearing forty, but on that afternoon the naughty teenage girl inside her wanted to play and wreak havoc with the young man’s libido.

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