Alice was a Seaside Favourite Pt. 05


Retirement to a supposed sleepy Suffolk seaside village had not gone to plan. My expectations of a quiet life were totally wrong. It became apparent that the women were seeking fulfilment in any number of ways.

For the back story catch up with the first four episodes.


I awoke the next day, at 6am, unsurprisingly, with an erection.

I decided that it was best to get up and shower, and have a good breakfast.

As I was tucking into my scrambled egg and toast and marmalade, two texts came through. Both inviting me to the same thing, one text from Alice, and the other from Fiona.

Because it was a nice summers day, Fiona was inviting Jim, Lora, Alice, and now me, over for lunch, and a swim in her outdoor pool. She was doing this before Rupert got back from Hong Kong.

Bearing in mind my current dilemma about the women in my life, I thought hard before I sent a text to say I’d be there.

So at 12.45 pm I arrived, complete with swim shorts, and was taken by Giles to the outdoor pool. It was a 25m pool with a jacuzzi at one end. The whole area was enclosed by yew hedging.

The others were already there, including Lora, Jim’s sister.

Everyone was in their swimming cozzies, drinking fizzy wine, so I quickly used the changing summerhouse, and joined them beside the pool.

Alice was wearing quite a skimpy bikini, as was Lora whose body was very much curved in the right places, I hadn’t realised how sexy she actually looked.

Fiona wore a one piece suit, I was guessing to hide her bruises.

We all enjoyed several glasses of wine, and some of the snacks and savouries before Jim said, “I’m getting in, who’s joining me?”

All of us followed Jim into the pool. I swam up and down, relishing the coolness of the water.

Jim was flirting with Alice, splashing, laughing, teasing. They made their way to the jacuzzi, while Fiona, Lora, and myself hung around the shallow end, chatting, gossiping, and generally relaxing.

It was Lora who made the first comment, after she’d swum up to the jacuzzi end, and then back to join us.

Meanwhile I’d asked Fiona how she was, in the couple of minutes that Lora was gone. She had quickly reassured me that she was ok, but not looking forward to Rupert’s return.

Lora splashed up to us, with her observation.

Slightly out of breath, she said, “Do you think they’re having sex, Jim and Alice?”

Both myself and Fiona looked down the other end of the pool.

It appeared that Alice was kneeling astride Jim in the jacuzzi. They were laughing, but Lora seemed convinced she had Jim inside her.

“What do you think Fiona?”

I was giggling a bit, but still trying to read their body language.

“I’m going to go and look closer.” Fiona was smiling now, as she swam slowly up the pool.

“You can’t, you can’t,” said Lora, and this time it was she who was laughing.

We all cruised towards them, and as we got out of the pool, Alice quickly moved away to sit beside Jim.

Fiona spoke first.

“Hey everyone, I don’t believe it, they’re in the nude, look.”

Beside the jacuzzi were Jim’s shorts, and Alice’s bikini.

We all cheered, and instead of looking embarrassed, both Alice and Jim dared us to join them naked.

“Come on, get those cozzies off, take a risk, it’s lovely in these bubbles with nothing on.” Alice was willing us to be as daring as she was.

Lora looked uncertainly at Fiona, and I was wondering if Fiona dare do it. Were the marks on her body still visible?

“Go on Mike get those shorts off,” Jim smiled at me, with an encouraging expression on his face.

I decided to go for it. I slid my shorts down, and stepping out of them, rather self consciously, I stepped into the jacuzzi, sitting down opposite Jim and Alice.

My decision was enough to prompt Fiona to follow. I watched closely, as she lowered her straps, and slid her swimsuit downwards, and stepped out of it. The marks were gone, and her decision to climb in next to me prompted Lora to strip, and jump in on my other side.

“Oh wow,” I thought, this was bizarre, a naked woman on either side of me.

Now those with a knowledge of Archimedes, and hot tubs, and jacuzzis, will know that its sometimes difficult to stay anchored down to a sitting position, when the bubbles get going.

That’s exactly what was happening to me. In trying to maintain my position, I was bumping into, and inadvertently touching Fiona, and Lora with my hands and arms, and Jim, and Alice with my feet.

Whether it was just me, who was seemingly just like a cork, or was it just a case of not getting to grips with Archimedes!

“For god’s sake someone hold him down,” yelled Jim.

The women were laughing, and finally both Lora and Fiona grabbed my shoulders, and held me down in the moulded seat under the water.

It must have looked so funny to Jim and Alice opposite, but very soon it appeared they only had eyes for each other. Whatever was happening below the bubbles, Alice was getting ever Escort closer to Jim.

I guess being witness to her older brother becoming intimate, so close up, was too much for Lora.

“I’m going to do a few lengths,” she said to me and Fiona, and stood up, climbing out of the jacuzzi, to go back into the pool.

My eyes tried to follow her wet, naked body, but I was still trying to stay still, and balanced, even though Fiona had remained clutching my arm, holding me anchored down.

I ended up gripping the edge of the seating, under the surface, and gripped even harder as Alice’s feet brushed mine. She had turned herself around, straddling Jim, her breasts pressed up against his chest.

Both Fiona and I, both heard their audible moans as. presumably, Alice received Jim’s cock inside her. Their kissing intensified, with Fiona watching fascinated.

It was very arousing, and too much for Fiona to ignore. In her cultured voice she said quietly, “God, I need to fuck you Mike.”

In a flash her legs spread either side of mine. I could feel her hand grabbing my cock, and it being directed up into her pussy. Sinking down on me, her pussy seemed to envelope my cock, as she gripped my shoulders.

I had no problem staying below the surface now. Fiona began to rotate her hips, grinding down on me.

I was unable to see Jim and Alice because Fiona was between us, but I could hear Alice encouraging Jim.

“That’s it Jim, go on, yes, oh god that’s wonderful. Just there, yes, yes, again, yes, don’t stop, oh gooooodddddd!”

At that moment the program cycle on the bubbles ended, and the water pump just provided a gentle rippling sound. It coincided with Fiona making herself heard.

“Mike, Mike, wow, shit, that’s …oooh, yes.”

Goodness knows what Lora must have been hearing in the pool.

“Alice, I’m cumming,” I heard Jim growl.

“Yes, c’mon baby, fill me up.”

Fiona seemed spurred on by that because, thrusting her breasts into my face, she cried out, “Fuuucckkkkk, oh fuck.”

I could feel her pussy gripping my cock, and she sank down on my lap as she came. I didn’t cum, but felt my cock relax, as she lifted herself from me.

Both Jim and Alice were smiling as we separated, and all four of us had a very satisfied feeling.

Meanwhile Lora was in the summerhouse getting dressed, and came out saying, “You lot are just like rabbits, for fucks sake, you all need a cold shower.”

Alice said, giggling slightly, “You should have joined in Lora, we wouldn’t have minded.”

Lora snorted, and replied, “I’ll see you later Jim, don’t forget, it’s your duty tonight,” referring to the pub bar supervision. And she left, walking back to her car.

“Oh dear,” I said, “We’ve upset Lora, should we have been so brazen?”

Jim replied, “No, don’t worry, she just needs a man at the moment. Actually she was probably a bit upset, because I think she’s taken a fancy to you Mike.”

I felt Fiona tense at that remark, and I thought I’d better try to mitigate Jim’s suggestion.

“Well I’m not in the market for new ladies Jim. Fiona and I find ourselves in an awkward situation, and that’s enough for me. I’m quite happy with the status quo without complications.”

Fiona interrupted, “Look, all of you, you all know what Rupert’s like. He’ll be back tomorrow, and my life will be back to duty, duty, duty. I can’t stop you Mike, having other girlfriends, if you want to, do it.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, but everyone knew the situation, and would be sensitive to it.

We all, finally, got dressed, and Fiona saw us off in Alice’s car.

Little was said, but I hugged Fiona, and told her to contact me if Rupert was too horrible.

The day had been enjoyable, but had come to an end with just a little bit of a sour taste.

At home that evening I sat with my usual malt whisky as the sun went down, determined to rationalise my life. I seemed to have been finding myself falling into situations with women that had never happened to me before.

Next day the world looked different, and I was optimistic about my latest task, given to me by Vanessa Cradock, the vicar’s wife. I had to beg, borrow, and steal, (well maybe not steal), tombola prizes from people in the village.

I decided to try to be methodical about it. I looked at what businesses there were, and made a list. It wasn’t a long one, it was only a small village!

Apart from Jim’s pub, there was Betty’s craft shop and cafe, a small village store, an artisan bakers, a fresh fish stall, and the ice cream hut near the beach. The rest of the village was made up of holiday homes, holiday rentals, and the few residents. If I went further afield there was a small holiday campsite with log cabins run by the local farmer. Then last, but not least, there was Millport Hall, and Rupert, or Lord Carstairs.

Did I have the balls to go up there, and see if I could get him to contribute a prize?

I didn’t phone, I just drove up there. When Giles opened the door his face was Escort Bayan deadpan, he showed no sign of recognition.

“Good morning,” I began, “I’m representing the village summer fair committee. I was wondering if Lord Carstairs would be able to contribute a prize for the tombola? I know that he has done in the past.”

In the background I heard a man’s voice, “Is that about the summer fair Giles? Ask him in.”

Giles invited me into the hall. Holding out his hand was Rupert, Lord Carstairs. Beside him was a tall, shapely, oriental woman, no more than twenty five.

“Hello, I’m Rupert, this is Jia li, a work colleague, I’m afraid my wife Fiona isn’t feeling well, she’s staying in her room. I’m sorry, you are?”

“Oh I’m Mike, I’m on the summer fair committee, I’m on the cadge for tombola prizes.”

Rupert grandly said, “Of course, I’ll get Giles to deliver a case of wine to the church, is that ok?”

“Yes, thank you, that’s very generous.”

“Well if you’ll excuse me, I have some business to attend to, it’s very nice to meet you.”

And with that Rupert took Jua li’s hand, and led her into the lounge. It seemed obvious to me that she was his current mistress, brought back from Hong Kong, and sleeping with him, while Fiona had been banished to her room.

I left with a mixture of emotions.

The rest of the day was a series of visits where one contributor suggested another, and so on.

When it got to late afternoon I was ready to have a pint, so I made my way to the pub.

There were a mixture of holiday makers, one or two businessmen, and a few locals. Lora was behind the bar, she was a bit off hand, I guess because of the previous day, and, although I’d never sensed any chemistry, she was certainly very attractive. And I’d seen her naked body, and it was delicious.

After she’d served me, we managed some strained conversation, but eventually she seemed to mellow, and did finally manage to laugh at one of my corny jokes.

When there was a brief moment at the bar when no one wanted serving she managed a whispered, “Yesterday was a bit of an eye opener, Jim being there made it a bit awkward for me, but I’ve never been involved in group sex, if that’s what you call it.”

I was really cheeky and replied in a low voice, “I would have liked you to have been more involved,” and I raised my eyebrows.

Lora directed a playful punch on my arm, and as she went to serve a customer, said more loudly, “You never know,” and raised her eyebrows with a smile.

I had one more pint and made my way outside, intending to go home and have a quiet evening. As I cut my way through the outside tables, coming down the fire escape from Lora’s flat, was Rachel, together with a stunning red haired girl of about the same age. I noticed the red hair first, but could not miss the voluptuous breasts that were pushed upwards and outwards from her close fitting blouse. She was also wearing tight shorts, covering her magnificent butt.

It was one of those moments when a stunning girl made you wish you were thirty odd years younger.

“Hi Mike, how are you?” Not waiting for a reply, Rachel added, “This is Izzy, my best friend from uni, I told you about her.”

I swallowed hard, because I was remembering that this was the friend who liked older men, and had won thirty quid from Rachel, when she had sex with Jim.

Stuttering slightly I said, “Hello Izzy, nice to meet you, hope you’re enjoying the village, and the sun.”

Pathetic as it was, it was all I could manage, and I was sure that I kept glancing down at Izzy’s boobs.

Rachel could see I was feeling awkward, and interrupted, “Mike, can I ask you a massive, massive favour?”

She lowered her voice, and drew me to one side, while Izzy was looking the other way.

“Are you out tomorrow? Is your house free?” Rachel blushed.

“You see Izzy and me…well we are proper friends…if you understand…we aren’t ‘out’ yet…and we just need somewhere to go…to be alone, if you know what I mean.”

I suddenly ‘twigged.’ I sort of nervously laughed, but Rachel saw that I had woken up to the fact that they were bisexual.

“Yes Rachel, of course. I’ll be out all morning, I’ll leave the door on the latch. I won’t say anything to either Jim or Lora.”

I looked at Izzy, who was smiling broadly. She mouthed to me silently, “Thank you,” and blew me a kiss.

Rachel gave me a kiss on the cheek before I left, and wantonly said, “I’ll have you again soon.”

That got my pulse racing. I hurried on home, and all evening I kept thinking about Rachel having sex with Izzy. How did they do it? Who took the more dominant role? Was this their first all female relationship?

When I got to bed I was as horny as hell. I lay there naked with the window open, and a summer breeze wafting in. My mind was a conglomeration of sexual thoughts, both past and present. Both fantasy and real memories. When I had had sex with Carol, with Lynne, with Bev, the time at work with Pauline, but then the time I was Bayan Escort seduced by Alan, my boss, my first taste of male sex. All sorts of images made me even hornier.

Suddenly I began to ejaculate. I hadn’t realised how rapidly I’d been stroking my cock. The hot spunk landing on my abdomen, then pumping out over my fingers. I reached over to find a tissue on my bedside table, and clumsily let the semen on my hands dribble onto the bedsheets. I would definitely have to change them first thing in the morning.

I slept well and awoke to sunshine again. I got up, showered, and feeling hard once again, I wanked in the shower. I couldn’t work out why I was so horny.

I changed the bedsheets, had breakfast, and generally tidied the house. I left to drive into Southwold before 9am, and before Rachel and Izzy would arrive.

Southwold is always an interesting place, especially as it has an excellent brewery, and I was keen to stock up on beer and wine. I also spent time sipping coffee, and strolling along the small pier, observing the one or two anglers that were trying their luck.

I arrived back home about 1.45pm which I thought was a reasonable time to allow Rachel and Izzy to have either left, or be nearly ready to leave.

Rachel was in the bathroom when I got in, and Izzy was sitting out back on my garden bench, taking in the sun.

“Hi Mike,” she greeted me with a broad smile. Once again, her breasts were on full display, and I struggled once more to avert my eyes. “I really can’t thank you enough for letting me and Rachel have some privacy together. It’s just that I know she doesn’t want to upset her mum. It sounds odd these days, but some parents can get funny about sex and stuff.”

“That’s absolutely fine, Izzy. I take the view that sex is fun, sex is pleasure, and as long as it’s with consent, it’s all good.”

“Oh my god that’s so refreshing to hear. Actually Rachel did tell me about you and her, she did say how much good fun you were.”

I must have blushed because Izzy giggled, and when she said that she knew I’d been looking at her ‘tits,’ I blushed even more.

Before I could mumble an apology, Rachel appeared and Izzy blurted out, “Mike’s been perving over my tits, Rachel.”

She knew that she was embarrassing me, and she was loving it.

“Stop teasing him, Izzy, you’re awful. Mike, I apologise on my friends behalf.”

She said it in a way that I knew damned well that she was being sarcastic, but before I could get my own sarcasm in, she continued, “I’m sure you’d love to get your hands on them…well, you never know.”

Now it was Izzy’s turn to join in.

“You should know all about his hands Rachel.”

“Right, hold it there,” I said, trying to draw a line under this conversation. “You should both know better, bullying a poor old guy like that.” I chuckled, “Who wants a beer? or shall I crack open some wine?”

“Wine. wine,” both said in unison.

I opened up a bottle from the case I’d bought in Southwold. We all sat round the coffee table, Rachel and me on the sofa, and Izzy opposite. At first we made small talk, about the village, but somehow Rachel began to open up about her teen age years.

Izzy already knew, but I didn’t, that she’d been witness to her dad’s domestic violence towards Lora, her mum. It all came to a head last year when a neighbour, an older guy called Ted, stepped in. The police became involved, and while Lora was finding a solution to where she would live, Rachel, on compassionate leave of absence from uni, built up a friendship with Ted, and slept with him.

As Izzy explained this, Rachel began to sob.

Izzy came over, and sitting beside her, cuddled her, and kissed her. It was very emotional, but eventually Rachel calmed down.

I poured three glasses of brandy, and all three of us mellowed. The stronger alcohol brought a lighter note. I made a joke about older men, and their ability to listen.

Izzy said, “Men never listen, but there are exceptions, I know why Rachel likes you.”

“Take your eyes off him,” Rachel interrupted fiercely, “I know he loves your boobs, I’ve seen him ogling them.”

I wasn’t sure how to react, although when Rachel whispered to Izzy, and they both disappeared into the kitchen, I wondered what was up.

It wasn’t long before I found out.

Rachel and Izzy returned with mischievous smiles on their faces.

“No objections Mike, Izzy and I have decided to thank you for lending us your empty house,” said Rachel firmly. “Close your eyes.”

I only got as far as, “There’s no need to…” when Rachel produced a tea towel, from behind her back, and proceeded to use it as a blindfold around my head.

“Now, no questions asked, stand up.”

Immediately I felt vulnerable, but it was exciting, and I suppose I trusted both girls.

One of them took my hand and led me, while the other was behind me guiding my shoulders. I knew the layout of the furniture, but slowly we got to the stairs.

By their voices, I’d worked out that it was Rachel leading me, and as we took one step of the stairs at a time, Izzy’s hands were now on my thighs, guiding me up from behind.

The girls were giggling by this time, and when I started to speak I was promptly told to “shut up.”

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