Alison Uncovered

“Oh no, I couldn’t” said Alison to me as we were wandering from stall to stall in St. Tropez market. “Jim would never allow me out in anything as short…or even around the house.You could almost see my bum when I bent over”
I was wearing my usual ‘bum freezer’ short skirt, which did reveal my bum when I bent over. Alison, my English neighbour, who had just moved to my local village, with her husband, Jim , and had allowed me to have my wicked way with her, when Jim was working in a boatyard in St. Nazaire. She discovered that night, that she was not the boring, prim housewife that she always thought she was.
The two of us strolled in the warm sun, amongst all the different stalls trying to choose some bits and pieces for her summer wardrobe, and had already bought another 3 thongs, for the price of two, for her, this time in black, dark blue and white to go with the red one I presented her on our “seduction” evening. She had not worked up the courage to show Jim, but she loved it and was walking around in the tiny piece of fabric, cut between her bum cheeks. “It really is lovely to wear and I feel naughtily naked under my skirt” she giggled.
“OK, if not a skirt too short for Jim, what about this lovely, floaty, knee length skirt. Oh and with pretty buttons up the front. You could leave the bottom two undone, to give you added freedom ?”
“Yes, it is pretty in this floral print” she said as she held it at her waist. I would like to try it on” Alison was shown to the back of the stall into a makeshift cubicle. I was able to peer over the top as she changed skirts.
“Oh Alison, you are still wearing tights, and it spoils the feel of that very lovely thong underneath. It is warm today, why not slip them off and put those horrid things in your bag…or even the litterbin” as I admonished her.
So, on with the new skirt, and she loved it and her own skirt went into the bag with her tights. “Thank you Jenni , what now?”
“Well, we have the groceries and prawns from the market, what about a light lunch at the harbour?” Delighted, we set off down a small side street towards the restaurants and cafés when we passed a very smart lingerie shop. Well, I stopped but Alison was wandering on. “Hang on, Alison, look here.” She turned around and, as she started to walk back to join me, I noticed that when the sun was on her, the lovely new skirt was almost transparent. mmmmmm NICE, I thought, but I will not tell her, knowing that she would never wear it again, and think that it was a waste of money.
Joining me to look in the window, she told me that she had already bought her underwear.
“No, look what is up there” and pointed to a range of suspender-belts in all pretty shapes and colours. “I don’t think so Jenni, as you know I adore yours but Jim, I am sure would not like me too wear one.”
“He likes to see me in mine, whenever we have had drinks or a meal together.”
“Well, that is different, and he would not like me to go ‘parading around’ in a suspender- belt and stockings. My goodness, the thongs are going to be difficult enough to explain, and you dear Jenni, will get blamed for being a bad influence on me !” she told me.
With that, we both wandered down to the harbour, with me occasionally checking just how much of Alisons legs were on show, under the light and flimsy new skirt. Quite a lot now that I am looking, and I could almost see her red thong when the light breeze tightened the material around her bum. I loved it, but I am not sure Alison would, and certainly she would be embarrassed. Still the hint of shyness, strait-laced, and the English housewife about her. Sigh.
We sat at an outside table facing the obscenely expensive and vulgar yachts, backed onto the harbour walk, to enjoy people watching.
Alison ordered the Salade Niçoise and I the Spaghetti Carbonara, and sipped from our bottle of delicious provençal rosé.
As I lit one of my hand made roll-up cigarettes, I leant back letting the warm sun bathe me. “JENNI, do be more careful, because when you are sitting down, even with your knees together, I can see your knickers, and so can anyone else who cares to look!”
“Alison, never mind, and I am only interested in one person looking at my pussy” as I looked her directly, opened my knees a little wider, and dared her not to look down.
She did of course, and pretending not to stare, I asked her if she was enjoying the view, which is for you alone Alison. She lowered her eyes to her rolling the napkin between her fingers and quietly murmured “Yesssssssss, lovely”
“Sorry, I didn’t hear, what did you say?” Alison looked up at me a little sheepishly, and replied in a louder voice, “I said yes, lovely” and started to giggle as she returned her gaze to my thong covered pussy. Giggling with her, I widened my thighs a little more saying, “Well that is all right then”
“BUT, you are sitting there like an old spinster, with your new skirt buttoned all the way down to your calves….Go on, undo at least unbutton or two, and perhaps for Escort you, to daringly expose your knees to the Mediterranean sun…feel the warm breeze wafting up your legs…let the air breeze against you thong, and for me, flaunt your knickers.”
3oh all right, but do not expect me to expose my knickers to anyone…not even to you in such a public place”

It was at that moment the young waitress arrived with our two lunches, and almost dropped my spaghetti into my lap as she also took in the tiny fabric covering my pubes.
“Pardon” I said to her as I looked up at her, still not closing my thighs, and standing beside Alison, stared back down at my crotch, saying “Je t’en pris et……bon appetit”
As we both giggled at this, I watched the waitress return inside, and when she reached the bar, turned and looked at me, and smiled. Mmmmmmm I must make sure to return here soon.
I was brought back from my lascivious thoughts, by Alison’s voice “The waitress was staring up your skirt.” “I know” I replied, but I think she was wondering where I bought it with its blue polka-dot design?” Now giggling like youngsters let out for the day from school, we finished our meal, and the bottle of rosé. We ordered a coffee and when it arrived, the waitress placed two small glasses of liquer as well.
I looked her straight into her eyes, again opened my knees for her gaze, and beamed at her. “Merci BEAUCOUP, cherie” and she replied “Egalement” and departed with eyes sparkling. “You are very wicked Jenni, but, I have somehow become more relaxed and free-er as never before,than when I am with you.”
Before I could reply, the waitress was back with our bill. I did not catch her look but watched her bum wiggle back inside the café. I picked up the bill and there was another slip of paper underneath. It had the name Mireille, and a mobile phone number. MMMMMM
We went “dutch” for the meal, and as we were about to go, Alison asked , “I have had a bit of a think over lunch, and if it were all right with you, could we perhaps pop in to that lingerie shop that we looked in?” “LET’S GO Alison” and set off with a tiny wave, holding on to her slip of paper, to a very attractive smiling waitress.
Back to the side street shop, and I bundled Alison inside, greeted the 40s something lady inside, to find my friend here “les jaratelles”, and stockings to match.
“Shall we try everything in black as a starter ? You foind mine sexy, so why not begin there?” Alison was getting I,nto the spirit of being in this quiet back street shop, and agreed.
Madame returned with trhee or four variations, led Alison into the spacious changing room and firmly drew the curtain across in front of me. Now, Alison did not speak nor understand much French, and I could hear the soothing orders spoken to her.
A seductive voice, and pleasant pressure was being extolled. “Oh yes Madame, it is necessary to remove your skirt”, and “oh what a very nice panty you wear, did you buy it locally. Now allow me, if you just turn around and I can fasten this lovely suspender-belt.
No? Bien sûr, Madame I can kneel here and stretch around to fasten it. Almost there, Madame, and your thong is very small…admirable. Now, to tuck the suspenders under your knickers, there we are. Now, let us look in the mirror at how you like that?”
I was getting so horny at all this unseen chat, but when I tried to look in, the curtain was again firmly drawn across, excluding me from the fitting. It seemed to last all afternoon, and all I could hear was the chat of the change of design and fitting, and the constant chatter of the sales-lady UNTIL, it all went very quiet inside the cubicle, apart from, the odd sigh and gasp from Alison, and the reassuring questions from the sales-lady. ‘How does that feel? Is it comfortable when you bend down? Oh Madame, that seems a better type of ‘jaratelles’ , but let us see what it is like when you turn around. Perfect, and may I say Madame, that your red thong is beautiful and I love the way it is buried between your very nice bottom. I prefer a different style myself, look, it is of a looser panty with wider legs, and gives one more freedom….and access.”
All went quiet for a few moments, and I heard Alison cry out a breath of pure lust. I got close to the curtain, and peeked in.
Alison was standing with her back against the cubicle wall, legs wide apart and holding the sales-lady’s head firmly between her thighs. Sales-lady was kneeling with her face buried in Alison’s pussy, and with her skirt bunched up around her hips, was furiously frigging herself in time to her stabbing tongue.
I stopped myself from interrupting, but did a rotten thing and get out my cell-phone to take 3 or 4 shots of the very sexy scene.
I went back into the shop, and waited for both of them to emerge from the back changing room.

“Well, that took some time, but have you found something you liked?” said I rather huffily. “Oh yes, sorry, but Joelle, was very thorough, and we tried different things. We decided on this suspender-belt Escort Bayan and these two pairs of stockings. You like?”
Alison, was looking a little flustered but lifted her skirt to show me her new purchases. Those are gorgeous Alison, but weren’t you wearing your red thong when you came in here?”……………..”God, Jenni, yes, Oh….Joelle removed them to make the fitting easier.”
Madame Joelle, kept her appearance, and coyly smiled at me saying, ”If you are happy with these, I will retrieve Madame’s underthings whilst you prepare to pay for the items.”
On payment, the sales lady, Joelle, handed Alison, the receipt, and then, with a great show, handed out the shop’s business card telling us that, “You will see on it the shop’s telephone number, and I have written on the back my private mobile number for you both, if ever you desire another fitting? Oh I forgot the thong” I teasingly said to her,”No don’t bother; Do keep them here for Alison’ next visit!” “Mmmmm merci à vous madame” as we left her shop, smiling like a Cheshire cat. ”She will be chewing on your thong before we reach the car, licking and tasting you” Alison blushed, and changed the subject.

“Well that was a fun day, Jenni. What are we doing now?” Alison, I thought, was teasing me and when we got to my car, before she could open her passenger door, I pulled her skirt up over her hips and pressed myself against her bum, but leaving enough to expose her to whoever was near. To my surprise, she hardly flinched and even leant against the car with her elbows on the roof, and pushed her bum out towards me. Bunching her skirt in one hand I stepped back, exposing to the light breeze, and passers-by her bare bum, encased by a lovely black suspender-belt and long, snug and sheer nylons.
“Naughty, naughty Alison” as I smacked her buttocks. I then thrust my fingers between her legs, and found a very wet entrance to her cunt. My fingers pushed in and out of her sopping pussy for 5 or 6 seconds, stopping locals in their tracks, before I bundled Alison into my car.
Just before we set off, I leaned across and let Alison, suck her juices of my fingers. Her tongue rolled around my fingers and let out a sigh when I removed them, moving down to unbutton her skirt almost up to her waist. “Don’t you dare cover yourself, as this is your punishment for being so naughty.” I told her and started the car.
Pedestrians would see, as we crawled along the small streets of the town, stopping at various crossing and red lights, a passenger leaning back with eyes closed, skirt lying open, exposing her sexy stockinged thighs, and her dark triangle of pubic hair.
“Oh Jenni, I am blushing to think what I have been doing…..exposing myself to all and sundry, and not caring. I feel sort of liberated.”
“Don’t forget the little episode in the lingerie shop, and to help you remember.Lookee here.” as I handed across my cellphone with the images of the Joelle’s face pushed up into Alison’s pussy, with her leaning back against the wall, with her hands pulling Joelle’s mouth into her open snatch.
“OH, Jenni, what a rotten thing to do….but….it does look so deliciously dirty and erotic. Is that really me? Heheee.” Without another word, Alison leant farther back, and I am sure, recalling Joelle’s muff dive, let her fingers stroke her exposed pussy. At one traffic light, I leant across and stuck my tongue down Alison’s throat, exploring every inch of her open lips. “Ooooooo, I taste pussy juices Alison. Did you do the same to Joelle? I missed that? Heheee” The car behind blew its horn to get us moving on the green light, and it was just as well, as a small crowd was gathering on the pavement to watch our antics. My tongue in Alison’s mouth and her fingers stroking her open thighs and pussy clit.
Despite the distraction of watching Alison’s fingers now slipping in and out of a wet pussy, and my hand stroking her clit, we managed to get back to my driveway safely.

When I had parked, at the side of my house, I leant across again, and found a nipple to squeeze and pull on, making Alison groan and shudder in excitement. “Oh quick, can we please just quickly get indoors, Jenni. I need to “finish off” if you catch my drift?” I was way ahead of her, as she flopped down onto the sofa, hands stuck between her tightly closed thighs as she squirmed and wriggled on the cushions. Having put all our groceries and shopping in the kitchen, I returned to stand in front of Alison to look at one hand return to stroking her cunt, and the other hand inside her blouse, cupping, stroking and pinching her lovely breasts.
“Would this help?” I asked, and showed her again the photos on my cellphone. “Ahhhhh yes” as Alison’s thighs widened and her fingers slid into her very wet cunt.

“Show me” I said and an erotic whimper escaped her lips as she spread wide her stockinged thighs and parted her labia for my gaze. “Woo that is lovely, Alison, keep going” I urged her. I did think how much of a turnaround this prim and proper English housewife had Bayan Escort taken since our first social meetings. Now she was a real wonderful sexy slut, exposing her nakedness for me, and let me watch her plunging one then two fingers deep into sopping hole.
I couldn’t stand it any more, and fell to my knees to plunge my mouth into her gaping cunt. Tongue sliding up her to replace her fingers. “Oh God, fuck me with your tongue” I was surprised as I had never heard Alison say ‘fuck’ before. I bet Jim would be very angry if he knew. Mind you, he wouldn’t be too pleased to learn that his dear wife was being tongue fucked by another female heheee. Now her hands were free to tear open her blouse, free her tits from the bra, and pull on her nipples.
Grabbing her buttocks, I pulled her to the edge of the sofa to get my mouth, lips, tongue and nose hard against her pussy, and continued to lick, suck and taste this very succulent vagina. I didn’t have long enough to get my own fingers buried into my knickers as Alison began to moan and writhe about on my face.” Oh, oh, ohhhhh, I am close, Jenni” I pushed a long forefinger up her, and as she started to climax, I slipped it out and slid in into her anus. The sphincter opened up for me and I pushed in past her tight ring.
“Aieeeeeee JENNI” she shouted out, and climaxed shudderingly as her thighs closed around my head. Eyes closed, Alison slumped back onto the sofa, thighs wide apart, abandoning all decorum, and whimpering in a post-cum stupor.

I stood up, enjoying the sight of my newly-found, prim little neighbour, lying with legs akimbo, open pussy, and heaving bare boobs, with their very erect nipples., in a totally abandoned and lecherous state. “Mmmmmmm GORGEOUS” I told her, and went through to the fridge to pour out two glasses of fresh white wine.
I set down the wine glasses, and seeing Alison had hardly moved picked up my cellphone, and took another photo of her lying there, legs wide open and a slow finger sliding up and down her crack, and dipping into her gash. She caught me, and closed her thighs, but, left one hand trapped between and the other playing with her boobs.
“Not fair, taking advantage like that” she said as I replied, “But you are irresistible, and look so wonderful like that. Do something else for me.” Alison cupped one teat, and pulled her nipple into her waiting lips, biting and licking it. I urged her for more, and without removing her nipple, opened her legs again, and pushed two fingers deep into her pussy.
“God that is very erotic, just one more and something really outrageous, please?” She lay back thinking as she continued to stroke herself, and then half-turned along the cushions, lifted one leg high and exposed all of her private bits. Running one set of fingers along the length of her crack, before pushing two, then three fingers deep into her cunt. I raised my phone, and she told me to wait……her other arm stretched around her back, and grinning at me, slowly slipped a finger into her arsehole. Pushing her bottom back onto her raping finger, it disappeared up to the knuckle. “Woooo Alison, that is really quite pornographic….I ADORE it…..Beautiful, and are you enjoying that? Both holes filled up?”
“I am feeling really wonderfully dirty and the feeling is churning me up inside. But please do take that picture.” I took it and then could not resist moving the phone closer to take a close-up photo of three fingers jammed into her pussy, and her finger lodged in her anus. Alison was not quick to remove any fingers but just lay there moving them in and out of her holes.

Watching her, entranced, I quipped that all she needed now was something down her throat to fill all her holes. “A cock is what I need, but I don’t think Jim would do it, as he really thinks that I should not be so depraved as to suck his cock, AND, he would slap me away if he saw me with my finger up my bottom !” “Poor you, what have I done to you, turned you into a raving nympho?”
“Maybe, but I have not had such dirty, depraved wonderful thoughts in my life, and you have just woken me up to such beautiful sex…..ohh and a little exhibitionism as well. Allowing myself to be seen naked in your car in St.Tropez. BUT I feel so horny looking at my busy fingers in my snatch and exploring my bottom, exhibiting everything to you. I do miss a cock though.”

“As it happens, I have a cock under my pillow. It is very life-like, 10 inches long, and never goes soft, and can even ejaculate.” “Oh, a vibrator?” Alison asked. “No, although I have a few of them. It is a lovely dildo, with straps, and it is really quite obscene to have it sticking out in front of me, waving about like a well-hung guy. The added feature is a bulb at the other end, which fits snugly into me when I am fucking someone, and rubs against my clit. Delicious.”
Removing her fingers and sitting up, she seductively licked her pussy juices off her fingers and shyly looked at me asking like a young schoolgirl, “Do you think that I could see it?”

TO BE CONTINUED;;;;;;;;;;; with more adventures with Alison, and a 19 year old Norwegian girl on holiday. Please let me have some feedback. Thanks xxx JENNI

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