I looked at her. I couldn’t believe her beauty. She was average height, had a pretty face, small, but firm and perky breasts (today I could see her plain white bra outlined against her white school shirt) and an arse to die for. It was by far her best feature—it was tight, round and had not an ounce of fat on it. She always accentuated it perfectly too, with her skin-tight blue pants.

Alison had been going out with Brett for ages now—since Year seven, actually, and now that we were all in year 12, I was growing tired of waiting for the day where she would be a free agent. Then I would finally ask her the question I had been aching to ask since I had seen her for the first time.

It was sixth period Geography on a hot Friday afternoon when it happened. Alison and I had always been friends—not extremely close, but close enough—and today we arrived at the exact same time for class. Being the perfect gentleman, I let her in first, but it was really just to give me a chance to check out her gorgeous butt.

We sat down at the very back of the classroom as our 50-or so year-old teacher, Ms. Kareen, began the lesson. She was wearing a green sweater, and evidently, no bra, as I could see her large nipples clearly through the material. Though I wasn’t overly attracted to her (though I had tasted her breasts, sampled her hairy pussy and even rammed it into oblivion on a number of occasions, even including during the week before—but that’s another story, for another day), the sight of her nipples instantly aroused me, and of course, it didn’t help that I was sitting next to my dream girl.

Ms. Kareen began a video on various aspects of population geography, before turning the lights out. As she sat down at her desk, she winked at me, and pointed downwards. I looked, and saw that she wore no underwear, and she began fingering herself, while pretending to watch the video. By now, I was rock hard, and Alison turned to me, and whispered:

“Enjoying the view, Cole?” I looked at her, startled.

“What do you mean?” I whispered.

“I know you’ve fucked Ms. Kareen, and I can see what she’s doing. I’ve heard all the stories, Cole.”

“What stories? What are you talking about?”

“About how much of a stud you are. Emily and Karen told me all about the sex romp you had on the weekend, and Ann won’t shut up about how many times you made her come last week.” Jeez. I had no idea that I’d built such a reputation through my escapades. This was all true, of course—I love girls more than anything—but I’d had no idea that the one I was actually in love with knew anything about it.

“And I heard Ms. Kareen talking to Ms. Jenkins about what an expert pussy-eater you were. Anyway, I have a problem Cole. It’s Brett.”

“What’s the matter?”

“He’s awful…you know…in bed.”

“He is? Sorry…but what does that have to do with me?” I asked, Escort Çankaya though I had already begun to guess.

“I love Brett, but I am so horny for some action, and I know you can give it to me. Please. All I want is sex. I figured you could give it to me best.”

“Oh…oh. What did you have in mind?”

“Well, surely you remember Janette?” I did indeed. I had fingered her until she came while we were watching “All Quiet on the Western Front” during Modern History, the other day.

I decided that the time for conversation had passed. I subtly reached down under the table, quietly unzipped her pants, and felt the material of her lacy white panties. She let out a low moan, which attracted some stares from our classmates. She let out a loud, fake cough, which seemed to satisfy them. They turned around. I reached into her panties and felt her mass of pubic hair. Even I had not imagined it would be this glorious. I poked a finger through, into her already wet, beautifully wet hole. She bit her lip.

I then commenced finger-fucking her pussy. First I used a single finger, which was wrapped around by her tightness (imagine how that would feel on my cock), before inserting a second and then a third. I would have tried a fourth, but I was surprised by her tightness, and didn’t want to cause her any pain at all. Besides, it looked like she was happy enough with three.

I don’t actually remember just how many times I made her come that lesson (I lost count at about four, but that had happened already in the first fifteen minutes), but I do know just how wet my hand was when it finally halted. About five minutes before the end, I looked at Ms. Kareen’s desk, and she was again masturbating, and when she caught my eye, she licked her lips slowly and seductively. God I was hot.

Alison and I stopped as soon as the video was about to finish, and I managed to lick up her juices (oh, that beautifully sweet smell and taste) without anyone noticing. All the guys were looking intently at the screen, and the girls were too—and even if they weren’t, they all knew my reputation, anyway. I doubt the sight would have actually surprised any.

Before the lights came back up, I kissed Alison softly on the cheek and cupped a breast in one hand. Though I wanted this encounter to continue, to last forever, I didn’t seriously think it would. Alison had wanted me for one thing, and that had been accomplished. No fuss, no muss. Except I was wrong.

As the bell rang, Alison whispered in my ear:

“I want the rest of you. Right now. But no-one can know.” To be honest, I was thrilled. I made sure Alison and I were the last ones left in the room, softly closed the door, and approached Ms. Kareen at the video. I grabbed her bottom from behind, leaned in, licked her ear, and whispered, “Alison and I want some privacy in here. She knows Çankaya Escort about us and won’t tell anyone. We’ll lock the door after ourselves, but before you go, I have a present for you.”

I lifted her skirt from behind with my right hand, while cupping her breast with my left, before quickly entering her glistening cunt from behind. It only took me a couple of thrusts to come (it had been that hot with Alison), and Ms. Kareen went at least three times before I had completely finished convulsing. I turned her around, lifted her top and quickly sucked on her breasts, while my hand roamed from her smooth posterior to her wet mass of hair (down there). I then lifted my head, kissed her once on the lips, and said:

“See you Monday, babe, in here, lunchtime.” She nodded dumbly, gathered her things and left, saying goodbye to the both of us as she shut the door behind her. Alison smiled at me.

“You’re good. You’re really good. But is she really that good looking?”

“No way, babe. She’s just a tight fuck with a nice rack. You, on the other hand, are beautiful.” She blushed.

“Cole, I need you to fuck me.”

“No way, babe. That is, not until you strip for me. And show off that hot little butt of yours—it’s awesomely sexy.” She grinned, and began to strip. First went her shirt, as I found a chair and sat down, while she moved slowly and sexily. Then went her blue pants, which she undid to reveal that her lacy panties were g-string, which almost made me come. Then she came across, and sat on my lap.

“You are the most beautiful and the sexiest girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting,” I said, before pulling her too me, and kissing her for the first time. It was a long and passionate kiss, and we had a lot of fun exploring each other’s tongues and mouths. My hands began on her butt, caressing the perfection of both cheeks, absolutely smooth and rounded, before they moved up her back and undid her bra.

As soon as her bra was gone, I broke the kiss and began kissing her breasts. I sucked, bit and flicked her nipples, before engorging (or at least, attempting to) her whole breasts into my mouth (one at a time, left first, then right). By then, we both could hold out no longer, and I ripped away her thong, pausing only for seconds to marvel at her perfection, before laying her on the ground and entering her pussy.

“Oh, yesssssssssssss, Cole. Cole. COLE! Fuck me good and hard, Cole. You know how I like it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my Godddddddddddddd, you’re so hot, so FUCKING hot.”

“Yeah baby, let my ride you.”

“Yessss, ride me like a pony, you fucking MONSTER. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

I rode her long and hard. She definitely wanted it badly, needed it badly. I didn’t know what Brett had done to her, but it can’t have been good. I don’t know how many times I came, but each was better than the last. Çankaya Escort Bayan Alison would later tell me that she had tried to count, but after the first five, it had pretty much turned into one long orgasm for her.

When I eventually stopped, it was more than an hour after I had closed the door on Ms. Kareen. It was hard to believe. As I started to dress, I picked up Alison’s panties, and pocketed them. She protested, but I told her, I would need access to her pussy again before too long. I was right, too.

After we dressed we left the classroom, the school now long deserted by all (Fridays do have a way of clearing the place out quickly), and began to make our way to the train station. However, we didn’t even get close. I was already pumping her again before we’d gone 15 yards from our Geography room, and after maybe ten minutes if this, I decided to give her my best asset, better even than my golden fingers or nine-inch dick. I went down on her.

Her hands holding my head in place, her fingers running wildly through my hair, I licked her outer folds, tasting a combination of our juices, before hitting her clit, saturating it with my tongue. Eventually, I pulled away and said:

“We’d better stop, or I’ll keep going all night.”

“Oh, what a tragedy that would be,” Alison said, laughing.

We eventually made our way to the train, though we walked the whole way with my hand on her gorgeous posterior, while she gave me a long-lasting hand job. We found an almost empty carriage and spent the three stations before she had to get off making out and fondling each other. She almost didn’t make her station.


On Monday morning, I was desperate to see her. I planned to tell her everything—that I was in love with her, that I needed her, that sex wasn’t enough for me, even though I had fucked almost the entire grade’s girls and teachers who were worth screwing, almost always imagining them to be her. I ran into her on the way to Geography.

We ducked off to a side hallway to talk.

“Alison, I need to talk to you.”

“I need to talk to you too. I don’t know how you feel, but I’m totally and completely in love with you. I’ve been wanting to end it with Brett for ages, but I didn’t know if you wanted me. And Friday was absolutely amazing, and I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me, like full time?”

“Alison, I am so in love with you too! I can’t stop thinking about you. I don’t even want to have all those people that I do, it’s just the way that I’ve filled up the emptiness inside of me.” Amazingly, I was near tears as I made this speech, I guess, because I had finally told her the truth about how I felt.

And that’s the story I wanted to relate to you today. Alison and I are now together, and it’s going to be our senior formal in a few nights time. We fuck like rabbits, and I’ve certainly reformed my nefarious ways, never needing anyone but her these days. I’ve never been happier, and I know we’re going to end up together. I love her, she loves me, and we’ve been together almost a year, and the sex is still mind blowing. What more could you ask for?

The End

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