All Before Breakfast


I’m asleep between my wife, Elise, and our boyfriend, Tom, when I wake up feeling Tom’s cock pressed against my ass. I can see that Elise is still sleeping, so I pull away from him a little because we’re not allowed to do anything without her permission. But he grabs my hip and pull my ass against him.

He whispers in my ear, “Don’t wake her up.” Then he puts his other hand around my throat, not tight but enough to keep me still. His hand on my hip starts to move and I tense up as he pulls my panties down. My heart is racing, I don’t want to betray Elise’s trust, but I want him to use my body for his pleasure…

Again he whispers in my ear, “Trust me. You want to be my good slave, don’t you?” I nod, he knows I do. I relax as much as possible and give in to him. He presses against me harder, and I feel the tip of his cock press into my asshole. I gasp and Elise shifts her position.

He tightens his hand at my throat. I push my ass against him, letting him know I won’t make another sound. He slowly moves his hand on my hip. I’m trembling, sweating, I move to give him better access and his fingers slide inside my pussy. I hold my breath to keep from moaning. I want to beg him to fuck me, I want to beg him to stop. But it feel so good! His fingers on my clit, his cock teasing my ass… I’m getting wetter by the second.

He moves the hand on my throat to cover Suadiye Escort my mouth and at the same time I feel his cock slide into my pussy. Every muscle in my body tightens, I feel like I could cum, just from having him instead me. And then he start to slowly fuck me. I moan against his hand, forgetting about staying quiet. I’m completely absorbed in the feeling of being fucked, of having him inside me, of wanting to cum.

And suddenly I feel a tongue on my clit. I didn’t even notice that Elise was awake, much less that she had moved her face between my legs. I’m about to cum when they both stop.

Elise moves up to kiss me allowing me to taste my pussy, and she giggles, “You didn’t think Sir would fuck you without making sure it was ok with me, did you, silly Mistress?” I’m about to respond, but my boyfriend interrupt, “Shall we take our plan to completion, Little Slave?” “Oh, yes, Sir!” she squeals happily.

His hand is at my throat again, his lips are pressed against my ear, “I’m gonna fuck your ass until you cum like a good slut.” I moan again and my pussy becomes even wetter at the thought of his cock inside my ass. He slides his cock out of my pussy and against my ass again, there’s more than enough lubrication for him to easily slide inside me. And I’m more than eager to have my ass fucked.

He feels amazing. I almost don’t want Suadiye Escort Bayan to cum, I want to feel him inside me forever. And that’s when Elise’s mouth is back on my pussy, licking my clit. I start to thrust against her face, and Tom stays still, so that I’m bouncing between his cock and my wife’s face. Then he squeezes my throat and I stop moving. He starts to properly fuck my ass, nice and slow. When he pulls back I can feel the tip of his cock about to slip out of me, and when he pushes into me I can feel every centimeter of his cock as it enters me. And the whole time, Elise is alternating between licking my clit and slipping her tongue into my pussy.

Then Tom starts moving faster. I can feel my orgasm building and soon I can’t take it, “I’m gonna cum!” I moan. “Not yet,” he breathes in my ear, “Not until I tell you.” I have to hold my breath, it feels so good to have him fuck my ass while my wife licks my clit! I know that if I breath I’ll cum. I want him to cum so I can, I tighten every muscle to make my ass even tighter for him. He sighs into my ear letting me know how good it feels.

“Master, please cum in me!” I moan. His hand tightens on my throat again, he slams his cock into me. “Oh, you fucking slut, cum with me!” Elise’s tongue flicks over my clit and I grab the back of her head, grinding my pussy against her face as Tom Escort Suadiye fills my ass. I scream with pleasure as we both cum.

Elise is still licking my clit, sending electric shocks thought my body. “That’s enough, Little Slave. Come give me a kiss,” Tom instructs. She happily obliges and they kiss with me pressed between them.

I can feel his cock slipping out of my ass and I let out a small sigh of disappointment. “You’ve had enough for now,” he whispers, “It’s time for the Little Slave’s turn.” We disentangled ourselves and Elise positions herself on her back, spreading her glistening pussy open.

Tom grabs the back of my neck and gently presses my face to her pussy. “Make her cum,” he instructs. I am happy to oblige him.

I start kissing the inside of her thigh and brushing my fingers over her pussy. I kiss my way to her clit and just as my mouth touches it, I slip two fingers inside her.

She moans and I curl my fingers inside her to reach her g-spot. I kiss and nibble her clit while she writhes with pleasure. Tom whispers in her ear, “What a good slave you are,” as he pinches her nipple. Her pussy tightens around my fingers. “Master, she’s going to cum soon,” I tell him.

He moves to join me between her legs and now we’re both licking her pussy. “I’m gonna cum!” she cries after only a few moment and I feel her tighten around my fingers. We keep licking her clit until her orgasm subsides and then I slide my fingers out of her.

Tom gently kisses me. “Well done, Slave,” he says as he guides me into a position laying next to Elise. I’m in the same place I was at the start, snuggled between my two loves.

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