All In the Family


As Sam walked past his daughter’s bedroom, he couldn’t help hearing sobs. Trisha’s face was buried in her pillow weeping uncontrollably. He sat on her bed and stroked her hair. “What’s wrong dear?” he asked.

“Mom’s not coming back, is she?”

“No, Trish. I’m afraid not.”

“Why did she leave us dad?”

“It’s a long story honey.”

“Tell me. I want to know why she doesn’t love me anymore.”

“She loves you dear just like I love you.”

“I need to know why she didn’t come home at night and stayed away most weekends. Then she left us.”

“Look, I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

“I’m already eighteen. Isn’t that old enough.”

“Well, maybe you’re right. Eighteen is almost grown-up.”

“I wanna know what she was doing.”

Sam examined his hands, then the floor looking for the right words to tell her that his wife was a whore. He tried to gloss over the details. “Look, darling, Mom was helping us. You like this beautiful house, your clothes and the neat things you have, right?”

“Of course, daddy. What does that have to do with mom?”

“You remember that I lost my job a year ago. I haven’t been able to find work at my age.”

“You’re not old, dad.”

“Well, I’m forty-six and they’re not hiring forty-six-year-old men these days.”

“Okay, but how did mom help?”

“This is the tricky part, Trish,” her dad stammered. “Mom found a job at the Fitness Center. She helped in the exercise room and met a man who liked her. Apparently, she liked him too and they hooked up in a motel. Do you see where this is going?”

“Not really. I know what the kids do when they hook up. My friend Susan brags about hooking up with her boyfriend. She says they make-out and have sex.”

“That’s kind of what happened with Mom. She met other men at the Center, and they took her to a motel. She got money for being with them and it helped pay some of our bills.

“One of the men said she should quit her job and work for him. He gave her a full-time job earning money for having sex. Do you understand, honey?”

“A little. We had a class at school this year. It was mostly about safe sex since most of the kids are doing it. The thing is, I’m not one of them.”

“Anyway Trish, she was earning enough money to pay our mortgage and a lot of other things we needed. So, she had to be away a lot. Mom left when she got tired of paying our expenses from the money she earned. She said I was loafing around while she was earning a living. I don’t know where she went when she left.”

“Mom is very beautiful and sexy so I can see why men would like her but I’m not like her. I’ve never even had a boyfriend.”

“You are a lovely girl, dear. You have everything a boy could want in a girl.”

“Do you think I’m sexy, like mom?”

Sam said, “I’m sure you are, honey. Let’s see what the boys are missing, sweetheart.”

“What do you mean, daddy?”

“Slip off your top and let me look at you.”

“Oh Papa, there’s nothing special to see. I’m just like all the other girls.”

“Let me be the judge of that.”

Trisha stood in front of her dad and unbuttoned the top of her pajamas revealing young firm but mature breasts.

“You’re a beautiful girl. You underestimate yourself. Your boobs have a great full shape and you have the cutest nipples. Come closer so I can kiss them.”

He kissed each of her nipples and said, “So there, did you like that?”

“Yes, I really liked that.”

“Okay, now let me see the rest of you.”

She slipped off the bottom of her jammies to show her dad an unshaved pussy.

“Oh honey, you’re perfect. Sit on the bed and let me be your boyfriend for a while.”

He carefully moved her legs apart and kissed her virgin slit, then spread her pussy lips looking under the hood and found her tiny button. He took his time until she began to moan and whimper.

“How was that dear?”

“Oh, daddy, do that again. I like that so much.”

He went down on her for a few more minutes then said, “You see, darling, you are just like your mom. She liked that too. Now get dressed and we’ll go out for lunch.”


Two days later, Trisha arrived home to find her dad at his computer. “What are you watching daddy?”

“Something to relax me, honey.”

“Let me see!” She was surprised to see a naked woman licking an enormous cock and taking it in her mouth as her dad massaged his own hard dick. “How does that relax you, Papa?”

“Give me a moment and I’ll show you. You can watch or help if you want.”

“Help? You mean like that lady?”

“Well, come close to me and give me your hand.” Trisha’s father put her hand on his cock and helped her wrap her fingers around it.”

“Oh,” Trisha said. “That’s really hard like the man in the video.”

“Stroke it,” he told her. Sam covered her hand with his showing her how to slide her hand up and down his shaft.

“But dad, the lady here has him in her mouth.”

“Sure. Just get on your knees and take it in your mouth if you want.”

Trisha bursa eskort bayan watched how the lady in the video sucked cock. She decided there wasn’t much to learn. Dropping to her knees, she held his warm cock in her hand feeling it twitch wondering how it was going to feel in her mouth.

“Don’t be afraid, dear. Lick it like it was candy. Take your time. You want to enjoy it.

She stroked his hard shaft with her tongue, then was tentative when she wrapped her lips around the tip. She looked up at her dad and said, “Like this?”

“Yes, honey but you have to suck it like a straw.”

She sucked him asking, “Is that how you like it, daddy?”

Breathlessly he said, “Yes, yes, yes, that’s so good. Now go deeper.”

He gently pushed her head down taking in more of him. Soon she was bobbing her head fucking his dick but couldn’t take him all of the way down like the lady in the video. “Keep going dear, keep going. Ah, ooh, aah! That’s great Trish. Oh, aaaah, here it comes. I’m cumming. Ahh, ahh, ahh.”

She felt him pulsing with a rush of cum squirting into her mouth like wine from a bota bag. She was surprised that it came out in spurts rather than all at once. With her dad’s cum dripping from her lips, she looked up at him confused. “Just swallow it like you would a glass of milk. It’s good for you.”

She licked her lips and gulped it down then asked, “Papa, is that what makes you relax?”

“Oh yes. Thank you my dear.”

“Is that what makes babies?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Am I going to get pregnant now?”

“No, dear. That’s not how it works.”

“Daddy, our sex ed teacher didn’t say anything about this. Miss Perkins didn’t say it was relaxing or fun. She just said it makes babies when a man puts his penis in a woman’s vagina.”

“Apparently she left out some things.”

“What other things?”

“Look, we’ll get to that later. It’s time to fix dinner.”

“Can I make you relax again sometime?”

“Anytime you’d like.”

And “anytime” was the next day and the day after and the next two weeks when he showed her how to lick and fondle his balls while she sucked him off.”

“Can I suck your balls too, daddy. They’re so soft and cuddly.”

“Oh, that would be nice but be careful when you put them in your mouth, sweetie, they’re fragile.”

“I promise to be gentle. It gets me so excited when I have you in my mouth and make you relax. Did mom make you relax like this, daddy?”

“Yes, angel, and she was good at deep throat.”

“What’s deep throat, Papa?”

“It’s when you get my erection all the way in your mouth and down your throat.”

“I want to be like mom and do it like her the next time.”


Friday night was party night for Trisha. She and her girlfriends usually watched a movie at someone’s house and exchanged gossip.

“Did you hear about Linda Houston?” one of the girls blurted out.

“No, what about Linda?” the other girls asked.

“She’s pregnant, at least that’s what she said. Linda told me she wanted a baby as soon as she graduated but I think she got a head start.” The other girls laughed.

“Who’s the father?” Trisha asked.

“She’s not sure. Linda said it didn’t make any difference. Look, we’ve got to be careful girls, or we will be moms too. I mean, none of us wanted to be virgins before leaving high school but we don’t want to be mothers. Well, most of us have lost our virginity by now,” she said.

Everyone looked at Trish accusingly with knowing smiles.

When Trisha got home that night, she was distraught. “What wrong, Trish?” her dad asked.

“All my friends made fun of me tonight.”

“What did they say?”

“It’s not what they said. They just looked at me and knew I was still a virgin.”

“We can work on that. First, let’s see if I can do something to make you feel better. Go to your bedroom and get undressed. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Growing up, Trisha had morphed into a woman’s body making her the envy of every man’s fantasy including her dad’s. Both were naked when Sam stripped off his robe and went down on his daughter licking and fingering her pussy.”

“Ouch daddy! What did you do?”

“I’m making you a woman. I cleared the way so you can have sex.”

“Does that mean I’m not a virgin anymore?”

“Almost, dear.”

“Are we going to do it now?”

“No, honey. You need to train first. I’ll show you on Sunday after I get it ready.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t worry. You’ll see. Would you like to try deep throat again?” She nodded. She was within an inch of success when he gave her another mouthful.

The next day, Trisha was fixing her nails when Sam called to his daughter. “We’ve got company, Trish. Come say hello.”

In the living room, a man she recognized sat on the sofa with his cock sticking out of his pants. He stroked it from time to time when Sam said to Trish, “You remember Mr. Barkley. He heard how good you are at relaxing me and hoped you would do bursa merkez escort the same for him.”

Trisha looked up at her dad and asked, “Should I?”

“Sure, I know he’d like it. It would help me out and I think it would be good for you to see what it’s like with another man.”

“Help you out of what?” she asked.

“I owe him money from last week’s poker game.”

“So, you mean I’d be like mom, doing it for money.”

“Well, not exactly but it would even the score.”

So, Trisha went down on Mr. Barkley for a quick blowjob and took his whole cock in her mouth all at once. It was her first deep throat but then Barkley wasn’t nearly as long as her dad but nice and thick. He hardly made a sound when each shot burst into her mouth like exploding fireworks, creaming the back of her throat.

“I’ll give you an extra twenty if you swallow.”

“Too late, Barkley. She already did,” Sam said. “She likes cum, but she’ll take your twenty.”

“Show me,” Barkley demanded.

Trisha opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. It was spotless. As he left, Mr. Barkley turned and said to Sam, “The next time I come to collect a debt, I want to fuck that pretty little slut of yours.”

Trisha’s dad said, “That’s gonna cost a lot more than a poker debt.”

“We’ll just have to up the stakes, Sam.”

Trisha went back to her room as if nothing had happened while her father spent the next two hours on a project that he wanted ready for Trisha on Sunday.

Trisha’s blowjob with Mr. Barkley got her dad out of his poker debt until the next card game when Mr. Thomas demanded payment. He told Trisha he wanted to see her pussy. Her dad said it was up to her. She spread her legs for him before giving Mr. Thomas a blowjob that didn’t last long.

There were other poker debts and the bills were accumulating which meant that Trisha was busy helping when more men came to collect. Craig Gorman paid extra for a cell phone picture of her tonguing his shaft. Each poker buddy was a little different, but all wanted to get into her pussy. Sam said he wanted her to stay a virgin. He believed it was good salesmanship for the men to think they were getting blown by a virgin. Anyway, he told them, “I’m first in line. for that.”

Sunday Sam hugged his daughter and said, “Follow me down to the rec room. I have a surprise for you. Leave your panties in the bedroom.”

Anxiously anticipating her dad’s surprise, she asked, “Are we going to have sex now, Pop?”

“Not yet dear. Come with me downstairs.”

In the rec room was a narrow bench not more than a foot wide and four feet long. Spaced along the bench were four plastic dildos of various sizes attached to the table. The first was only about five inches tall and an inch thick. The next one was a six incher and an inch and a half thick. The third one was two inches thick and seven inches long. The last one was a seven-inch vibrator with a clit attachment.

“What’s this dad?” Trisha asked.

“It’s your training table. These are called dilators. They help women stretch their vagina so that sex is more comfortable and enjoyable. Each day you will be in training for a few weeks.

“Before you begin, put plenty of moisturizer on the one you are using. You straddle the bench and slowly lower your vagina on the dilator. Keep going down until it is all the way inside you. Stay seated for a couple of minutes getting used to how it feels, then move up and down so that it slips in and out. Sit back down on it for a while longer. Move again like before then stay seated on the dilator for the last few minutes. The whole session will only last ten minutes unless you want it to last longer.

“Tomorrow, do the same thing on this first one. Next week I’ll have you move to the next size. At the end of the month, you will use the last one that is a vibrator. I’ll tell you about the vibrator when the time comes.”

Trisha did exactly as her dad instructed. The first week was easy. In fact, by the end of the week she was so wet Trisha didn’t need the moisturizer. The second week was only a temporary struggle. The third one was a challenge but by the fourth day she could get it in all the way. Finally, her dad explained the vibrator.

“I think you’ll love this, Trish. These buttons change the speed. Start slowly and work up to the most powerful stimulation. This part on the side should make you want to go on and on and on. It is for your clit, that sensitive button you love having me suck. You’ll figure out the best way to use it. Have fun but don’t overdo it.”

She loved the vibrator and learned how to use it to make her cum. By the end of the month, she was all worked up and told her dad she wanted to make love to him before she graduated. Trish said she didn’t want to walk on stage to get a diploma as a virgin. It was only a week away and he said the timing was perfect.

Sam loved to watch her train. If he didn’t help himself, Trisha got him off with a blowjob. She continued to help pay bursa sınırsız escort bayan the bills and her dad’s IOU’s during her training period. She was a quick learner and was able to deep throat even the largest men and learned where to please the most sensitive parts of a man’s cock and balls. She loved the salty-sweet taste of their cum and would stick out her tongue so they knew that she swallowed. After they finished, Trish always had a broad smile for them as if he had done her a favor. What made these encounters different was Trisha was encouraging the men to finger her. Of course, it was when she spread her legs as an invitation to earn a little extra money. Trisha was milking them twice, once for their manly fluids and again for their money.

Trisha had been servicing two, sometimes three men a week with blowjobs and tit fucks. Some were gentle teddy bears; a few were rough tigers. She liked the tigers and loved to hear them grunt and groan and have them spurt in her mouth. Not all of them came in her mouth. Some gave her a facial, others on her tits that were worthy of the men’s admiration.

“You know Pop,” she admitted, “when I first started meeting your friends, they are all different shapes and sizes so thought of playing with them like my dolls. Now, I like playing with a man’s penis and balls better. A man’s sexy parts are warm when I hold them, and I can tell they are happy when they shoot and spray me. I like all of them whether they’re long or short, thick or skinny. The best part is when they burst out like a squirt gun. I get all wet inside and I wonder what it will be like when it happens inside me.”

A few days before the school year ended, Sam bought his daughter an early graduation gift. “What is it daddy?”

“Open it and let’s find out dear.”

He had bought her the sexiest lingerie he could find. The top was sheer and ended just before her bellybutton. The bottom was crotchless. She squealed with delight when she saw it.

“Oh daddy, I love it. Can I put it on now?”

“Sure, if you’d like.”

It took only minutes for Trisha to return and model it for him. His erection was hard and at full staff as he watched his daughter prance around in her naughty negligee.

“Oh daddy, this is so sexy. Do you think I look good in it?”

“Good enough to give you my other present.” She hoped he had in mind the same as her. “Oh darling, you’ve been so good with your training exercises. Now it’s time for you to graduate and get the reward you’ve waited for.”

He took her into his bedroom. Sam began with a few minutes of pussy licking and finger fucking until he felt her wetness. Trisha was lusting for her dad to take her virginity. His precum dribbled on the bedsheets when he moved between her wide-open legs and mounted her.

“Oh Papa, I’ve waited for this forever. Put it in. Fuck me. Oh, please fuck me, Papa.”

He gently rubbed his cock on her slippery slit and edged in slowly with no resistance, only cries of, “Oh daddy, oh daddy, put it all the way in. Fuck me harder.”

He wasn’t able to hold back when he pushed in all the way. She squirmed and let out a loud, “Ahh!,” then raised her legs over his shoulders. Each thrust became faster and harder. He was losing control until he came deep in her cunt.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed. “That was nice. It’s so much better than the dilators. Is it always this quick?”

“No dear. The next time we’ll make it last longer.”

“Oh Papa, don’t take it out. You feel so good inside me. Now I’m not a virgin and I want to make it last forever. I feel so grown up now.”

They held each other for a long time before he pulled out. “Now go take a shower and get dressed. I’m taking you for a graduation dinner.”

“Did we do the right thing, Papa? Is it alright for a daughter to love her dad this much?”

“Did it make you happy, Trisha?”

“Oh, it did Papa. It made me so happy.”

“Then I think it was alright Angel.”

Trisha spent most of the next day practicing for the commencement exercises but came home earlier than on a normal school day. She was eager to see her dad who was still in his pajamas. “I’m ready daddy to do it again,” she said. “Can we make it last longer this time?”

“Oh, I have to ask you something, Trish. When did you have your last period? I kind of lost it this morning and came inside you.”

“Last week. It was over on Friday.”

“I think it will be alright, but we need to get you on the pill. We don’t want to have an accident.”

“Okay, but daddy I’ve been waiting all day. Can’t we please do it again. I’m ready, are you?”

“Alright, come to bed and we’ll make it last longer this time.”

They started with oral playfulness. She had her first orgasm with his tongue fucking her slit then she said, “Papa, I want to taste your balls now? I love having them in my mouth and make you moan.”

Sam had his daughter hang her head over the edge of the bed so he could straddle her face and dangle his balls over her mouth. She teased him with her lips and tongue before he drilled her mouth with his hard cock.

Determined to last longer, he fucked his daughter doggie, then cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl finally ending in a missionary position. She scooped up the cum seeping out from between her legs licking it from her finger and said, “Papa, you taste so good. Your cum is the best.”

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