Almost Caught with the Neighbor


Some days never seemed to end. The work just kept coming, one project would be finished and a new one would roll in. “At least it’s keeping me busy,” Cindy thought. On the other hand, it was also keeping her away from her husband who was asleep upstairs.

One disadvantage of working from home is you can get so caught up in work that you don’t take a break. By this time, Cindy had been working since right after dinner. She glanced at the clock. “Nine fifty-eight!” It had been three hours since she sat down to start working on the new material. She hadn’t even gotten up to pee.

Cindy looked at her near empty glass of wine, pushed her chair back to get another. When she turned around, she saw the blinds were still open. That happens a lot during the summer when it’s light until almost ten. She could barely make out the trees in the yard. It had been a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, and now it was a beautiful night.

She moved to close the blinds when she saw the sliding door was open, so instead she went outside. Cindy loved staring up at the stars, especially when they were first coming out. The canopy was dotted with small pin pricks of light from the emerging stars. Pin pricks. She finished her wine.


Rather than be supportive of her work, even if it was too much, her husband had gotten mad because she wouldn’t watch a fifteenth rerun of Big Bang. They’d argued, then shouted. She ended the fight by shouting, “maybe if you’d offered me a big bang, I wouldn’t be so keen to keep working!” That was when he stormed upstairs, flipping her the bird, before he slammed the bedroom door.

“Yep, that describes my husband,” she muttered out loud.

“Excuse me?” The voice coming out of the darkness startled her enough she nearly dropped the glass. That was when she noticed the new neighbor lying on the grass staring up at the stars. New? He’d lived next door for more than a year, they’d never really spoken other than to exchange pleasantries. She thought his name was Dave, but to be honest, she really didn’t know, and wasn’t really sure she wanted to.

He was nice looking, with a great smile. That was the first thing she’d noticed, then she saw the rest of him. His body was average, although he looked strong. And then it really hit, he was a good looking older man, her sexual kryptonite. From that day forward, she had gone out of her way to avoid him, much less speak with him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you,” said Cindy.

Dave sat up. “You didn’t. I was just enjoying the stars. I love it when they first come out.”

“I do, too.”

“I’m Dave. You’re Cindy?”

“Yeah, we’ve met.” It sounded a little put off. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if that was your name.”

Dave chuckled. “I understand. I really don’t talk to my neighbors enough. Old habits die hard.” He looked back up. High above, a dot of light moved across the sky from north to south. His arm shot out as he pointed, “Look, it’s the ISS, the International Space Station.”

Cindy looked at him like he was crazy. “Really?”

“Yeah, this is peek satellite hour. There should be another couple coming over in the next few minutes. Sit down, I’ll point them out.”

Her first instinct was to say no, but instead Cindy heard herself saying, “Would you like some wine? I’m going to get another and then I’ll be out.”

Dave smiled, she could see that great smile in the fading light. “Yeah, that’d be nice.”

As she got another glass out, Cindy felt her heart race just a bit. “What am I doing?” She didn’t have any naughty intentions, but when was the last time she’d had a drink with another man? For that matter, when was the last time she’d had a drink with her own husband. But that prick always seemed to find time to have a drink with his buddies from work. Well, she deserved this. She poured herself half a glass of wine and quickly downed it.

Then she overfilled both glasses. She turned off the kitchen light. When she stepped outside, she could hardly see, but she managed to close the sliding door. After a moment her eyes adjusted and she headed toward Dave. She stumbled slightly and wondered if it was the wine, the uneven lawn, or her nerves?

As she walked over carrying the wine, Dave watched her back-lit hips sway. She was wearing a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt. Casually sexy. Barefoot. From day one, he’d noticed her and he always felt a guilty pleasure in doing so. She was quite a bit younger than his own wife. Cindy probably still had a sex drive. If he’d only known.

Dave had spread a dark blanket on the lawn. It was dark but could see him as he rolled off his back and propped up on one elbow. As she got closer Cindy noticed how his chest stretched the fabric of his shirt. She saw his bare, muscular legs. She took in his shorts, they weren’t tight, but the fabric seemed to bulge right at his crotch. It must be her imagination. “I hope you don’t think I’m being forward, but I thought you might be more comfortable like this. It’s çapa escort getting damp.”

Damp. For some reason, that word had always caused a stir in Cindy. It did now, too.

Cindy sat on the blanket next to him, as she handed him his wine she cautioned that the glass was rather full. Dave sat up, then took the glass from her using both hands. As they over lapped her hand and the glass, she felt how warm they were and she noticed how gently, but firmly he took the glass from her. It sent a tingle, well, not up her spine. She involuntarily exhaled just a little too hard.

“Are you okay?”

“Uh, I was just worried about spilling on your blanket.”

“This old thing? I’ve had it since college. More than just wine has spilled on it.” He chuckled, took a sip of his wine. Cindy smiled and took a big sip of hers.

“Oh, you want to play that game?” laughed Dave. He took a big sip of his wine. Feeling the effects of her earlier half glass, Cindy laughed and swallowed a big gulp from her glass. Dave grinned and looked like he was going to say something but didn’t. He held her gaze for a moment, then looked up.

Cindy looked up. “So, satellites?”

“Yes, it’s an interest of mine.” He checked his watch. “There should be one coming over the horizon in about one minute. It’s easiest to spot them if you’re not straining to look up.” Dave laid on his back.

Cindy quickly glanced at his shorts, that was a bulge. It definitely wasn’t a hard on, but…

She laid down beside him. “The stars are pretty.”

“Yes, they are.” Dave pointed toward the top of the trees above her, his arm extending over her body. “It will come from over there.” Just then, he moved again, pointing further across her, the back of his arm brushed her breast. “There.” He held his arm still, pointing. Under it, Cindy’s nipple stiffened.

He slowly pulled his arm back. Was he deliberately pulling across her? “Do you see it?”


Without even asking, Dave sat up and took her hand. As he did, his leg pressed against hers. Naturally, she pointed her finger. Dave placed his hand on top of hers, and extended his finger on top of hers, He guided her arm, tracing an arc from the top of the trees to almost straight up. His warmth against her was incredible.

“I still don’t see it.”

He slowly released her hand. Looking down at her, he said, “They go pretty quickly. There might be one more tonight.” He smiled that smile, picked up his glass and took a big sip of his wine. “I think I have some catching up to do.”

Cindy giggled. She sat up, took another big gulp of wine. “Catch me if you can, space cowboy.” She giggled as she fell back to the ground, “Oh God, I don’t know where that came from.” She covered her eyes with her free hand.

“I do. From right. Here.” He touched his finger to her lips.

Instantly, Cindy felt herself go from mildly damp, there’s that word again, to wet. She caught her breath then exhaled across his finger. Her breath was hot. Excited.

Then, she lightly licked his finger. He didn’t pull away. Cindy wrapped her lips around it.

Dave noticed how soft and warm they were, the feeling on his finger immediately transferred to his loins.

He moved his hand to her tummy, he brushed her breasts again; this time, she thought, more deliberately. She let out a soft, almost inaudible, moan.

Earlier, he thought he felt her nipple grow under his arm. Now he was certain. He was also fairly certain he hadn’t detected a bra.

He rested his hand on her tummy. She took her hand off her eyes.

Cindy looked up at him, her eyes telegraphing her desire. Then she reached up and touched his face.

He bent down and their lips met. Eagerly, she opened her mouth. He met her and their tongues entwined, rolling over each other. He leaned into her and she felt the weight of his body against hers. She also felt his stiffness. He pressed his hand gently against her tummy, moved it slightly lower until he felt the top of her shorts. She raised her hips to meet his pressure as her free hand pulled him closer.

They broke their kiss, his hand still on her tummy just above her shorts. The top was rolled down, far enough that he knew he should stop until he knew her intentions.


Cindy cut him short, her breath ragged, “Why did you stop?” She gently raised her hips again.

Dave bent back down, kissed her deeply. He ran his hand down her leg, her thigh was silky smooth. There was no way she didn’t feel his hard on. As he brought his hand back up, she raised her other leg, turning her body slightly toward him. His hand went to her inner thigh. He could feel the heat radiating from between her legs.

As he rubbed her thigh, gently moving higher with each stroke, he bent down and kissed her neck. He was gentle, but firm. He smelled her hair, it was clean slightly perfumed from her shampoo.

Dave moved his head lower, through her T-shirt, he nuzzled her breasts. That was when he took his fatih escort hand off Cindy’s leg. As he lifted his hand, she lifted her hips, trying to maintain the contact. It had been so long since a man caressed her like this.

But Dave’s hand was free, and now she felt it against the bare skin of her tummy as it slid up toward her breasts, carrying her shirt with it. Dave was internally thrilled when he felt the underside of her breast. It had been years since he’d had to unhook a bra with one hand, and he was secretly worried about fumbling like a teenager. Instead, he lifted Cindy’s shirt and gently kissed around and between her breasts, but never quite latching onto one of her nipples.

As Dave was pushing her shirt even higher, Cindy sat up. Had he done something wrong? Cindy turned away from him momentarily and put her wine glass to the side. Then, with both hands free, this cute young woman raised her arms, taking her shirt completely off. Dave could just make out her stiff nipples in the darkness.

He couldn’t help himself and took one into his mouth. He rolled it over his tongue and then pressed it against his teeth. He hungrily sucked on her, tugging the nipple just hard enough that it caused Cindy to moan. She tilted her head back and let her breath and pent up sexual energy escape. Her breathing ragged, she was on the verge of orgasming. Just from this, she thought? God it had been way too long.

With her free hand, Cindy reached down to his shorts. Immediately, she found his hard cock through the material. Just the thought of touching it made her even wetter than she already was. She tugged at his zipper, got nowhere. She did the next best thing. Cindy undid his belt then unbuttoned his shorts and started to push them down. Finally, with enough room, she reached in and felt him. His cock was hot, much more so than his hands. She stroked him with an open palm, the pants stopped her from doing more.

Dave released her nipple. “It’s dark enough no one will see us.”

Cindy could barely mumble, “Uh huh,” and took her hand out of his pants.

Dave sat up, he took off his shirt. Cindy ran a hand over his chest then down his stomach. It wasn’t chiseled like a 20-year old’s, but it was firm, manly. She got to his pants and said, “Take them off.”

Dave rose to his knees and pulled his shorts down. His cock sprang up. For the first time, Cindy was able to see it. She reached out and took him in her hands. It was beautiful, cut, nicely thick, but not too big. On the tip, there was a drop of precum. She used her finger to collect it, then licked it off her finger.

Out of his shorts, Dave got between Cindy’s legs. He pulled her shorts down, revealing her light bush.

“Sorry, I didn’t shave there.”

“It just means you’re a grown ass woman. Speaking of which…”

Dave lifted her legs in the air as he pulled her shorts off the rest of the way. As he lowered her legs, Cindy spread them again. She reached up and grabbed his cock, pulling her toward her pussy.

But Dave resisted. Then he bent down, kissed her on the mouth, whispered, “I have to taste you first.”

As he did that, she felt his hand lightly touch her mound, then slide lower. He ran a finger between her lips. She was slick with excitement. He brought his finger up and found her clit, gently rubbing it. Again, Dave kissed her neck, then moved lower to her breasts, all the while fingering her clit.

He rubbed it side to side, then circled her nub before sliding his finger inside her. Cindy groaned with the penetration, then sighed as he took his finger out and started the process again. As he kissed her tummy, tickling her belly button with his tongue, Cindy began to imagine his mouth on her pussy.

Then Cindy felt the light stubble of his beard over her pubic mound. His chin pressed into her, as he moved his hands to her inner thighs. She held her breath in anticipation.

But then Dave completely skipped her pussy and instead kissed and licked his way from her knee back up. Again, she held her breath, but this time she knew would have to go to the other leg. Instead, Dave surprised her. He nuzzled into her pubic hair. She felt the slight breeze as he inhaled her scent.

“You’re intoxicating.” He then kissed her on the other inner thigh before moving back to her pussy. Again, he ran a finger over her clit, then down between her now swelling lips. He kissed all around her pussy before finally, very gently, tracing her slit with his tongue.

He did it again, but with more force this time. He almost touched her clit and she gasped.

Then finally, Cindy felt his tongue swirl around her clitoris. He flicked his tongue over it, then to the left and right, before sucking on it gently, drawing it into his mouth.

Cindy felt two fingers enter her as he released her clit with a pop. This felt so good. She moaned out loud.

Just then, a light snapped on at Cindy’s house. It was from their bathroom upstairs. The soft white light bathed etiler escort to two naked people. Cindy looked down and saw Dave’s head between her legs, his mouth firmly tasting her.

Then she felt his tongue slip inside her and draw some of her wetness into his mouth.

She involuntarily moaned, this time even louder.

The bathroom window opened.

Cindy looked up and saw the silhouette of her husband as he peered out into the darkness.

With his tongue buried as far as it would go in her vagina Dave and Cindy both froze. Cindy desperately trying not to make a sound.

The toilet flushed, the window slammed shut, and a moment later, the light went out.

From between her legs, Dave chuckled. He crawled up her body and whispered, “I thought we were done for.”

“Oh babe, we’re not done.” Cindy pushed his head back between her thighs. Dave went back to enjoying the delicacy spread before him.

He lapped at her wetness, tasting the sweet saltiness of her excitement. Again, he pushed two fingers into her and gently moved his hand in and out as her rotated his wrist. All the while, he was gently teasing her clitoris.

Cindy began breathing harder, her stomach began to contract. Dave knew now was the time to grasp her thighs and not let go. He pushed his tongue hard against her clit, the sucked it into his mouth. As he held her like this, he used his tongue to circle and flick her clit.

Suddenly, Cindy raised her hips and then tried to push him away as she came, hard. When he wouldn’t let go, she slapped the ground with one hand and bit her other hand to avoid crying out. Her whole body convulsed.

Dave continued to hold her thighs but released her clit. He licked down between her swollen, sensitive lips, and sucked at her opening, drawing her sweet nectar into his mouth like a bee on a flower.

Cindy exhaled deeply. “Wow, I needed that.”

“So did I. I love doing that.”

“My turn?” Cindy sat up, leaned over to kiss Dave. She tasted herself on his lips, in his mouth. She found it interestingly erotic. Cindy placed a hand on his chest and pushed Dave to the ground.

She wrapped her hand around his stiff organ, she moved her hand slowly, erotically up and down the shaft. Cindy shifted and got to her knees. With her other hand, she hefted his balls.

“You feel full.”

“It’s been a while, I hate to admit.”

She squeezed as she brought her hand up, bringing a large amount of precum to the tip.

Cindy bent down and licked it off. Then she took the head into her mouth, swirled her tongue around it, feeling the ridge and the underside.

Cindy moved again, she climbed between Dave’s legs. With one hand she grabbed his balls and massaged them. With her other, she guided him back into her mouth. Cindy took him in until she felt him hit the back of her throat. She lightly gagged as she pulled him out.

Cindy used the extra saliva for lube as she pumped her hand up and down.

She took him back into her mouth, jacking him as she sucked on the head like it was lollypop. Cindy closed her eyes to concentrate on her desire. She moaned.

As her hand moved up and down, Dave produced even more precum. The saltiness tasted good on her tongue. Cindy opened her eyes to see Dave watching her, that smile on his face.

She released him from her mouth and licked the length of the shaft on either side, all the while looking him in the eyes.

“You feel wonderful.”

Cindy sat up, then straddled his legs. She used her slick pussy to rub the shaft of his cock, her hips grinding forward and then back as she looked down at Dave.

She teased him like this, her hands on his chest, Dave’s hands on Cindy’s ass.

Finally, Cindy slid forward off Dave’s cock. He sprung up, the head touching her entrance.

Cindy looked down at Dave, then pushed back against the head. Dave slid in, the walls of Cindy’s vagina gripping him and almost pulling him in.

As Cindy moved her hips back and forth, Dave pumped his hips. Together, they quickly found a rhythm.

Cindy’s mid was racing. She had thought about a similar scenario in her fantasies, but certainly never intended to make them real. She might have felt guilt had the pleasure not been so overwhelming. No, she wouldn’t have felt guilt, she deserved to feel pleasure on her terms again.

She noticed how full she felt. She could feel how hard Dave was as his cock slid deep inside her. Then she could feel the suction as he withdrew, her body needed this.

For his part, Dave felt her white-hot heat as she pulled him into her. On a couple of thrusts, he swore he could feel her cervix. His balls were tight against her ass, her breasts pushed against his chest. He was one with her.

His excitement built. Cindy felt him growing even harder. Dave started to pull out. “No, cum in me,” Cindy murmured. She wrapped her legs around his waist.

With the head of his cock holding her open, he thrust deeply one last time. His effort caused Cindy to orgasm, her spasms causing him to as well.

Cindy felt him throbbing inside.

Dave felt a flood of cum explode deep in Cindy’s body.

Cindy locked her legs around him, pulling him in more deeply. There just wasn’t room, and some cum was pushed out around Dave’s cock. It dribbled down Cindy’s leg over her puckered hole.

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