Always Ali


On the train between London and Brighton, you’ve got time to watch one of the world’s biggest cities give way to country side, to dream about getting away for good one day, and to read your Sunday paper from cover to cover. But if you’re the adventurous type, you might just find time to fuck with all the passion of two soul mates denied each other for too long. That’s what happened to me, or should I say us not so long ago.

We’d not been getting on, Stuart and me – and I put it down to the fact that we were working and living together. It wasn’t just the tension that was getting to me, I realised with a sense of horror that even the automatic, mindless, magnificent sex had dried up. Arguments went unsolved, anxiety gave birth to more anxiety, and I decided to do something about it.

We owed Stu’s family a visit, so on our next day off together, we decided to jump on the train down to Brighton, which had the added bonus of giving us over an hour’s worth of ‘enforced’ togetherness. Which is why I wore no knickers. Because Stu was on automatic pilot that morning, he didn’t notice my glaring omission as we got dressed, nor did he see that I had shaved myself beautifully bare, and he wasn’t to know that I was so ready to be fucked that I could feel my heart beating deep in my vagina. And I wasn’t about to tell him. Let him find out for himself.

We hadn’t arranged to be picked up from the station, because we decided that if the weather allowed it, we’d go for a leisurely nose around the Laines where you always hope you’ll make the find of a lifetime, but where you invariably just get frustrated. So, despite the thunderclouds clinging ominously to the coast, we descended into the inner maze of Brighton.

When tropical rain fell fifteen minutes later, we were thoroughly unprepared, despite the obvious warnings, and by the time we’d tried and failed to find a cab, caught a bus, and walked the ten minutes to Stu’s house, needless to say, we were soaked to the skin. Even as my clothes clung to me uncomfortably, I allowed myself an inward smile at the knowledge that my condition couldn’t be blamed entirely on the weather.

We must have been quite a sight standing there at the door of this magnificent terraced house, puddles gathering at our feet. I was acutely aware of the transparency of my favourite summer top, and the fact that the sheer bra beneath was totally incapable of preserving my modesty. At least I had the grace to blush when the paternal look Stu’s Dad gave me turned into something more primal at the discovery of my nipples peeking out from beneath two layers of virtual nothingness. But before the moment could become uncomfortable, Stu’s sister poked her head round the door and told me that she could lend me some clothes while mine dried. Thankful for the interruption, and the hospitality, I followed Lauren upstairs, trying not to focus on the intense feelings being created by my lips rubbing together with each step I took.

Lauren’s room was the sort that made you wish you could trade childhoods. High ceilings, sash windows, en-suite, walk-in wardrobe – it made me smile to think of my poster covered single room in Swansea. I must have been in one of my zones, because Lauren was waving her hand in front of my face with a look on her face that told me she clearly thought I was unhinged. With a shake of the head and a raise of the eyebrows I was back with her, and I grabbed the proffered towel and had an invigorating shower that did nothing to cool my ardour. When I got out it was then that I noticed her holding out a bra, t-shirt, knickers and track pants for me to wear. The T shirt was fine, as were the track pants – but there was simply no way in hell my breasts were going to fit into that bra, and I was surprised she hadn’t thought of this herself.

“I know you’re a little bigger than me in the boob department, Ali, but we can’t have you prancing around without a bra – the men Etimesgut Escort in the house wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.”

I laughed at her comment, and decided she was right considering the once over I had received from the head of the family just half an hour earlier. Lauren then gathered up the rest of my clothes to take them to the dryer, and looked suddenly confused.

“Um, I’ll just dry your clothes for you, but – I can’t find your knickers…”

“That’ll be because there aren’t any” I replied. At this she looked shocked, and I was secretly pleased at the prospect of being a comparative wild child.

“Right. None at all? Doesn’t that feel – odd?” She enquired.

“Do you sleep in knickers?”

“No, but no-one sees me when I’m sleeping.”

“And – unless something drastic happens, no one will see that I’m knickerless, either.”

“Cool. So you won’t be needing these, then, will you?” She smiled reaching out for the pretty knickers she’d just lent me.

“Not so fast!” I said, jerking them away from her, “as it happens, I could do with them on.” And seeing as she didn’t appear to be going anywhere in a hurry, I let the towel drape open and made to step into the knickers. At this point I heard a very audible gasp which caused me to look up, and I saw her eyes locked on my very naked vagina, and I realised without having to look that from her vantage point on the bed, she would have had a clear view of my wet, open sex.

“My God, you’re wicked!” she declared. “No wonder Stu’s always looking so smug!”

With that she clapped her hand over mouth as if she was afraid she’d say the wrong thing. For my part, I was half wishing she’d look away, and half wanting to hear her say the wrong thing.

“I take it you don’t shave down there” I said.

“No, although I do keep it pretty short, I like a well tended garden.”

Her attempt at levity was welcome, although I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that there was an opportunity about to be lost forever.

“What do you call well tended?” I offered.

“You know – nothing peeking it’s way around the edges, that sort of thing.”

“Show me.”

She looked stunned, but not frightened, or disgusted.

“I can’t – what if… it would be… I just can’t.” Clearly flustered, she looked away.

“Okay” I said. And started to get dressed, but out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Lauren lift up her skirt, and clamber awkwardly out of her knickers revealing the most gorgeous thatch of auburn hair. It was my turn to gasp.

“So, what do you think?” She asked.

“Hmmm” I said, playing the unwritten script to the letter, “Difficult to tell from here, definitely needs closer inspection.” With that I moved over to her, and knelt down in front of her. Very gently, I brushed the back of my hands over the wispy hair, delighting in the dewdrops forming where it grew most densely. I didn’t bother saying anything, instead I pushed her back on the bed before she had a chance to react and slid my index finger deep into her while dragging her tee shirt up to get at her boobs. I had a feeling that this is what it must be like for a hormone ravaged teenage boy – all urgency and need with no time for nurture. Aside from whimpering and gasping occasionally, she said nothing as I fed on her, and it didn’t take long before I was between her legs, sucking, coaxing her clit out, and bathing in her wetness. She had been coming continuously, and by her reactions, she reached unchartered territory when I introduced my little finger into the opening of her anus. Despite the fact that I had been grinding against the edge of the bed, I had a need that had to be addressed, so I took advantage of Lauren’s dazed state by standing up and parking myself over her face, and I’m pleased to say she’s a quick learner, because after a tentative start, she ate me for all she was worth. Noises on the stair Escort Etimesgut brought us back to earth, and we retired to our respective corners – both so aware of the charge that still existed in the room.

Lunch was the same as any family get together – stories about the past, gentle and not so gentle teasing and nice gestures from everyone to involve me in the conversation. Personally, I couldn’t have been happier about not joining in; because all I could think about was that I was so wet I could be staining the fabric of the chairs. Stu didn’t notice my flushed cheeks, but his Dad certainly did. There was that look of basic understanding, something almost visceral, and I was thankful for Stu’s Mum’s dedication to being the perfect hostess, because she would have spotted it immediately. It made me wonder whether she’d ever been looked at that way, I certainly hope so.

As for Lauren, she seemed to swing between being withdrawn and pensive to gushing and ebullient, and it was only me that knew why. She was experiencing the shame/excitement cycle that I went through years before, after the bra fitter in the fitting room of a major department store had deflowered me. I almost envied her for the sharpness, and the newness of it all. Knowing that she was sitting across from me sans underwear, no doubt doing her very best not to stain the fabric of the chairs formed a bond between us.

My reverie was broken by the sound of a chair being scraped back as Stu was announcing it was time for us to leave. It was obviously a signal everyone had been waiting for because the place erupted into a hive of activity in readying us for the departure.

I was in Lauren’s room again, getting back into my own clothes and thinking about the oddness of this day. I didn’t have long to ponder, though, because Lauren was through the door and kissing me deeply, and that one kiss said so much. It said thank you, it said ‘bitch’, it asked why, and it begged me to come back again. I responded by reaching beneath her skirt and sliding my middle finger along the lips of her sex, at which point she threw her head back and then buried her face in my shoulder, but not before I heard her say “I can’t believe… you’ve..got your finger.. in..my..cunt”. I shudder now at the thought of just how wet, willing, and ready she was at that moment. Funny, I thought at the time, that she was just coming as I was just going.

I left Lauren to gather her herself, and descended the stairs to find Stu’s father looking slightly awkward at the prospect of being alone with me. From the basement you could hear the sound of Stu’s Mum getting him to do a few last minute ‘tall person’ tasks.

“Thanks for lunch” I ventured.

“A pleasure as always, Ali, and I’m glad that your clothes are dry now – nasty storm, wasn’t it?” And his eyes drifted hopefully towards my breasts only to find that the peep show was over for the day.

“Oh, I don’t know, I quite like the rain, it seems to do something to me.” I knew I was being naughty, but it was just too easy, and the blush that was creeping its way up his neck and face told me that I had hit the spot. He seemed to be struggling for something to say, so I filled the gap by looking deep into his eyes and slowly lifting the hem of my skirt up inch by inch until he had a clear view of me. But to his credit, he didn’t look straight away. He held my gaze in what seemed like hopeless defiance, and just as his eyes started to water from the need to blink, he closed them for a second or two. When they opened again, he was looking straight at my vagina. Very tentatively, he held out a hand and with a touch like a feather traced my slit from the very top, all the way down to the opening, and at this point he met my eyes again. He held that stare, and sensing some sort of challenge in what he saw, he pushed a finger into me, and received a flood of moisture for his troubles. He Etimesgut Escort Bayan then withdrew his hand and stuffed it into his pocket, at the same time adjusting his trousers to disguise an impressive looking erection in his trousers.

Our timing was perfect, as Stu and his Mum came up from the basement at that moment, but neither seemed to notice anything other than the awkward silence.

“Well, that’s that” Declared Stu, and hugs were had all round. From where the others stood they didn’t notice me lick Stu’s father’s ear, or that his erection pulsated against my stomach. I was the picture of innocence when I broke from the brief hug, and just as we were about to leave, Lauren called down from the floor above us.

“I’ll be up in London next Monday, so I’ll see you two soon.”

“Okay, but I’m working Monday, so I won’t be there to look after you.” Said my businesslike boyfriend.

“Lauren” I said, “Monday’s my day off, but I need to do some gardening – there’s nothing worse than an untended garden.”

“Great, I’ll remember to bring my green thumb, I’m sure I can put it to good use somewhere.” As she said this she shifted slightly, allowing anyone who just happened to be looking the most incredible view that went all the way up to her now clean-shaven mound.

It was approaching night on the train home, the rain had cleared, and we sat in an easy silence. Finally Stu told me that I looked incredible today, and that there was just something about me. This seemed to unlock something for us because our conversation drifted along with nothing being said or read between the lines, and I was aware of our ‘getting back in touch’. Then, out of left field, he asked me to tell him something about me he didn’t know. So – I told him about my experience with his sister, except I changed the time, place, and of course – her name.

I told him it happened years ago on another rainy day. When I had finished, he looked stunned, and when he reached up to open the window it was quite obvious to me that the conversation had affected him. So, naturally, I took advantage of his position by deftly unzipping his fly and taking out his magnificent erection and immediately placing my mouth over its tip, running my tongue around the head, and delighting in the incredible intimacy of what we were sharing.

I didn’t tease him for too long, though, because I wanted more than just starters, I wanted the entire banquet sooner rather than later. I let the entire length slide into my mouth and used my lips to give him as many different sensations as I could. Stealing a glance up at his face I could see him caught between ecstasy and the fear of being caught. Which only served to heighten everything for me. Finally he pulled away from me, knelt down and lifted my dress – only to find me without knickers.

“Oh, my God, Ali – that is way, way too much for me to cope with”.

He took himself in his right hand and guided his penis right to my opening where he began to tease me by running it up and down my very ready, very open lips. I knew I deserved it, but I couldn’t take much more. He seemed to sense this, because he made as if to push his entire length into me, but all he did was introduce the tip of his incredible erection just into me, and no matter how much I rocked my hips in his direction, he stayed just far enough out to drive me crazy.

“Please Stu, I can promise you that my cunt has never, and I mean never been this ready to be fucked. So please – just do it.”

It was the train itself that came to my rescue, because all of a sudden it lurched violently, causing Stu to lose his balance, and in an effort to right himself virtually fell into me. He yelled in surprise, as I yelled because I was in the grip of a truly monstrous orgasm.

I have never been fucked as deeply, or as completely in my entire life. I loved the weight of him against me, the expanse of his shoulders above me, the indescribable feeling of him so deep inside me, and the look on the little man’s face as he walked by in the corridor outside. When Stu came, he did so for Queen and country, and as should happen in moments of such passion, I came right along with him. And I swear I saw stars.

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