Amanda , Her Father Ch. 06

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John and Amanda were watching TV when the telephone rang. They both got excited, but it was only Keesha calling to say that she and Wendy would be able to make the party tomorrow. Father and daughter settled back on the couch and continued watching TV.

“I am excited about doing this, Amanda said to her father. “Bill and I haven’t had much sex with other people; in fact we have only had it with his mother and never on the phone. This should be very erotic, being able not only to describe to each other what we would be doing at that moment, but to have it done to you by your own parent. Knowing that Katie is doing what I want to do to Bill is a definite turn on.”

John added, “I am glad they agreed to this, it should be fun for all four of us. It will be rather kinky to have someone tell you how to please the person you are with, rather than you following your instincts and desires. It should be extremely exciting.”

The phone rang again, this time it was Bill. “Hi honey, did you and Katie have a good day a work? Let me put you on speaker phone so that my Dad can hear you.” Amanda activated the speaker phone feature.

Bill’s voice came over the speaker. “Hi John, it sounds like you two are having a lot more fun than Mom and me.”

“Katie spoke, “Hi Amanda. Thank you for suggesting I go on the business trip with Bill. It is a lot of work, but we are having fun. John, you have one great daughter. I owe my new found happiness to her. Too bad I didn’t know someone like her earlier in my life. I sure would have had a helluva lot more fun fucking my brains out.”

“Mom,” Said Bill, “such language. “See what you have taught her, Amanda. I use to have a prim and proper mother.”

“Well you could call me prim and proper; I call it having no fun.” Katie said to Amanda, “Thanks again honey, Bill has been so good to me. I have never been so happy. John, I hear you are trying to keep your daughter satisfied, I pity you; she is insatiable. We would make love all day and then she and Bill would make love all night. I think Bill came on this business trip to rest up.” Everyone laughed at Katie’s remark.

“You are right Katie, she is a pistol. Thank goodness I have help; I got a prescription for Viagra.” Everyone laughed at John. “Did Amanda tell you about how her mother got when she was pregnant? If she takes after her mother, this is only the beginning.” You could hear moans and groans emitting from the speaker.

“Hey,” yelled Amanda, “I would think any husband would be happy to be in your shoes, Bill. You know your wife will always want sex and is even willing to share you with other women, lots of other woman.”

“Honey, we were only kidding,” answered Bill. “I am glad I married you and I am looking forward to screwing your brains out the rest of our lives.”

“Hopefully getting a little help from family,” added Katie.

“Speaking of screwing my brains out,” Amanda spoke up. “I am waiting and so is Dad. You can go first Bill.”

“Why thank you,” said Bill. “As I understand, your father is going to be my proxy. I will tell you what I would be doing with you if I were there and John will do it. Am I correct so far?’

“Yes,” answered John and Amanda in unison.

“I also get to tell you what I want you to do to me. That sounds like fun. One question, my love, how long before you get a turn?”

Amanda thought for a short time and then said “ten minutes or an orgasm, which ever come first. Katie, you get to be timekeeper. Bill, you are on the clock.”

“Hold it,” yelled Bill. “Where are you and what are you wearing? I need to know those things.”

“I am sitting on the sofa and I am wearing my short, white robe, the one with the red flowers on the front, and nothing else. The robe is loosely tied. Does that help?”

“Yes, it helps to give me a hard on,” Bill answered.

Katie spoke, “He is right Amanda. As soon as you said nothing else, his dick began to grow. I can hardly wait to get at it.”

“Alright, I’m coming over to you and bending down to kiss you on the lips. As our kiss continues, I slip my hand inside you robe and cup your breast.”

John followed Bill’s instructions. He was kissing his daughter and feeling her tits.

Bill came over the speaker. “Now, I’m shoving my tongue into your mouth and my fingers are playing with Escort your nipple.

John and Amanda did what they were told. This was very erotic to both of them, having someone else controlling their movements, but not knowing what will happen next. Yes, both John and Amanda were getting very excited.

“I’m undoing the belt of your robe and placing a hand on each of your breasts. I am massaging your tits, your whole tits. I am pulling on them, I am kneading them and I occasionally pinch you nipple.”

“Oh, that’s so nice, Bill,” said Amanda, “Your hands feel so wonderful on my tits.”

“Move to the edge of the sofa, with your butt half off the seat. I’m kneeling in front of you and caressing your big, pregnant, belly and kissing it all over.”

John did everything Bill said to do to Amanda. He could tell it was having a great effect upon her. She was breathing very rapidly and her face was flush. She was definitely enjoying this new type of phone sex.

“I’m throwing your legs over my shoulders and staring at your beautiful wet, bald, pussy. I’m licking your pussy, like a kid licks an ice cream cone. Starting at the bottom, my tongue is parting your lips, and I’m pushing the tip into your hot pussy. Then I move upward, ever so slowly, until I reach the top. There, the tip of my tongue plays with your clit for a second or two and then I start over again.”

There is a brief pause while Bill allows John and Amanda to enjoy his instructions. “Now my tongue goes lower and lower, it traces the outside of your puckered asshole.” Again he pauses, for about ten seconds. “Now, I’m taking the tip of my tongue and shoving it into your asshole as far as it will go.”

“Oh my God,” moaned Amanda, rather loudly.

“I’m tongue fucking your asshole and shoving it inside of you, as far as I can.”

John felt Amanda’s reaction, she sensed his rhythm and began matching it; shoving her hips forward to meet his thrusts.

“Bill that feels ….feels soooooo …goooood.” Amanda moaned.

“I’m putting my finger up to your clit and rubbing it in circles.” Again Bill paused, while John did it.

“Oh shit, I’m…..close… so …..Good……..fuck……..harder…..shit……I’m….. I’m cuminnnnnng.” Amanda shoved herself tight against her father’s face. “So….. Goooooodddd.”

John held on while Amanda’s body went through convulsions as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure controlled her movements. Finally, she fell back against the couch and relaxed.

“Damn that was good, real good,” said Amanda, talking to everyone, but especially Bill. “That was fantastic. I have never come so hard during phone sex with you. I like this added feature. It was such a powerful feeling; hearing what you were going to do to me and then having my father do it. Awesome, totally awesome, you are going to love it, honey. Are you ready?”

Katie answered, “We both are ready. He is as hard as a rock and my pussy is soaking wet. I hope we can carry out your actions without cuming immediately.”

“I hope you can last. I had fun and so did my dad, I think.” Dad, did you enjoy our phone sex?’

“I sure did. I have been in many different sexual encounters, but never that. It was very erotic, very sexy. Not knowing what I would have to do next and making love different than I would have done. Very stimulating.”

“Alright,” said Amanda, rather loudly. “Enough talking, let’s have some more fun. Katie, what ever you are wearing, take it off. You need to be nude just like me. Bill, I’m moving over to where you are sitting and kiss you. As I thank you for my orgasm. I begin kissing you and unbuttoning your shirt. As I’m taking it off I kiss your neck and chest. Now I’m licking, kissing, sucking and biting your right nipple.”

“Damn, that’s good, Amanda,” said Bill. “You always know what buttons to push on me.”

“I’m moving to the left nipple and work on it. While I am doing that, my hand is going down your tight stomach and moving over to your hard cock. I’m caressing it through your pants. Now, I’m unbuckling and unzipping them. I’m sliding your pants and underwear down. As soon as your hard erect cock emerges, I’m taking it into my mouth. Now it’s totally free and I’m taking as much of your cock in my mouth as I can.”

“Shit,” said Bill, “That feels so good. I didn’t think Mom could take all of Escort Bayan me.”

“I have been giving her lessons, Bill,” replied Amanda. “As I’m sucking your cock, I’m also reaching down and playing with your balls.”

Amanda waited a few minutes, so her husband and his mother could enjoy what was been asked of them. “I make you lie down on the bed, on your back. I get on top of you so that my cunt is on your mouth and I am sucking your cock. I’m playing with your balls, as I suck your cock. I’m moving my pussy up and down over your lips, grinding it into your face, rubbing it on your nose and cheeks” Again, Amanda pauses. She can hear noises over the phone. Most of them are groans, but every now and then she hears a slurping sound. When the moans get too loud, Amanda yells, “Hey, don’t you two cum yet. I’m not finished.” Now she hears moans of disappointment. “You won’t have to wait much longer.”

“I’m changing position again. I move and squat over your hard cock. I’m positioning your cock at the entrance to my wet, warm pussy and with one motion I’m impaling myself onto your hard cock. I’m fucking you hard and fast.”

“Hey, honey,” said Bill, “What do you think of this?”

Amanda and her father heard sloshing noises coming over the speaker phone.

“Is that what I think it is,” asked Amanda?

“Yeah, listen to my cock going in and out of Mom’s pussy. I put the phone right by her pussy. I bet that sounds great.”

“It sure does,” answered Amanda. “I’m increasing the tempo of the fuck and I grabbing your hands and putting them on my tits. Now, I’m reaching down and playing with your balls.”

That was all it took. In a matter of moments, Amanda and John heard the moans increase and then they heard Katie scream, “I’m cummmmmminnnngggggg.” Then Bill yelled, “Fuck, take that Mom and then a lot of moans, groans and inaudible sounds.

After a few minutes, Katie spoke, “Amanda honey that was wonderful. I am so pissed off at all the fun I missed being a prude for so many years. I can’t believe I listened to my mother all those years.”

“Well, dad didn’t help either,” added Bill. From what you told me, he wasn’t much of a lover. Amanda, did you have something more in mind? Your father still hasn’t gotten his rocks off.”

Amanda answered, “How about letting your mom and my dad control the action. Up until now, they have been just following orders. What do you think of that Dad, and Katie?”

John answered first, “I like that idea, but how about a little different twist. I think all four of us should be active at the same time. I tell what I am doing to you and Bill does it to his mother. Then, Katie tells us how she is responding and you do that to me. What do you think? Does it sound OK to everyone?”

John heard three yeses. “Alright how do we proceed?

Katie, ladies first,” replied John

“I’m so new at this,” answered Katie. “Let’s see, my favorite position is…. Alright, I have got it. Bill sit up in bed, against the headboard. Now I am getting on his hard penis, facing him, with my breasts in his face.”

“That sounds like fun for all of us,” answered John. “Katie, you don’t have to be so clinical, you can call it a cock or prick.”

Amanda spoke up, “Katie, you can call them boobs, tits or even twin mounds of pleasure.”

Everyone laughed.

John and Amanda got into the same position and began to fuck. Soon, they heard Katie’s voice again; I am feeding my tits to my son. Here son, you didn’t get to nurse when you were a baby, so enjoys my um…mounds of fun. Yes suck on my nipples, God you do know how to please your mother. Harder, use your teeth. Oh God, yes. ”

Amanda did the same; she brought her tits up to her father’s mouth. John wrapped his lips around her erect nipple and began to suck on it. He enjoyed sucking tits, especially his daughter’s. He couldn’t wait until she gave birth and they were filled with milk. When his wife was nursing Amanda, she always made sure there was plenty left over for him. He loved to nurse from her tits and she loved it, too. His wife told him it felt like her nipples had a direct line to her pussy, when he nursed; it sent waves of passion all over her body. John hoped Amanda would have similar feelings; she probably would, since she was behaving exactly like her mother at Bayan Escort least so far.

Katie’s voice came over the speaker phone, “Come on, Bill suck harder. Bite your mother’s nipples. Yessss, that’s better, more, bury your face in your mother’s tits. Pound you dick in my pussy, fill me up with your hot come.” Katie spoke to John and Amanda, “I’m really bouncing up and down on his cock. Oh SHIT, YESSSS. I don’t think I can last much…..give it to your mother. Fuck me hard……harder. Damn it feels so goooodddd.”

John began to talk, “Here listen to this,” he held the phone down by his daughter’s pussy. Bill and Katie could hear the squishy sound of Amanda’s wet pussy being fucked by her father’s big, hard cock. “That’s my cock ramming into my pregnant daughter’s pussy. You should see how stretched it is to take all of my cock.”

That did it for Katie, “Fuck….Oh…so gooood. ……Deep… shove it……damn…..I feel it…….I’m cuminnnnnnnngggggg.” Soon after Amanda and John heard Bill scream “I’m coming….can you feel it….shit……I’m filling your pussy with my cum…….Mom……oh ….Mom…..

That triggered Amanda and John. Amanda came first.”Daddy…..Oh….Dadddyyyyyyyyy Oh……soooo ……gooooddd” Then John, “Fuck, you feel so hot……. So moist…. Your pussy…is….oh…soooo hot….sit…..Oh…shit, and then silence.

No one talked for a few minutes, finally Bill spoke, “That was terrific, God, what a rush. Amanda, all the times we have had phone sex I have not cum this hard. You were right; having our parents help us was awesome. I can hardly wait to get together for a foursome.

Katie spoke up, “Me too, I hope we can get together real soon. I can’t wait for you to fuck me, John. I have heard how Amanda has reacted to you, I can hardly wait.”

“Mother, such language,” said Bill.

“Amanda honey,” said Bill, “we may be able to finish this trip up sooner then we expected. The way everything is falling into place, I think we will have two or three extra days. I think Mom and I will drive up and spend time with you and your father. What do you think of that?”

Amanda and John answered at the same time, “Great.”

“Bill, have you ever had a black girl,” asked John.”

“No, I haven’t,” answered Bill.

“Well then, we’ll have something new for you. I know you will like Keesha, you too, Katie,” responded John.

“Honey, you are going to love her, she is one hot fuck,” added Amanda. “I can’t wait until tomorrow, that’s when she and three other of my high school girlfriends are coming over to party. Too bad you won’t be here. Maybe we can set up something like it, when you get here next week.”

“Sounds great,” said a rather excited Bill.

“Will I fit in, honey,” asked Katie? “I have only been with you and Bill. Do you think they will want an old lady like me?”

“They’ll love you, Katie. Hopefully we can take some video of the party.” She looked at her father and saw him nod his head. “Dad says he can tape it. I’ll overnight it to your next destination. That should give you something to look at and anticipate.”

“Well, we better get going, we have a big day tomorrow,” said Bill.

“Me, too,” laughed Amanda. “Love you honey, you too Katie.”

Everyone said their goodbyes and then hung up the phone.

“That was fun,” said John. “Katie sounds wild and sexy. I can’t believe it’s the same tight-assed, frigid woman I met. You and Bill have done a remarkable job. I can’t wait to see her and.”

“Fuck her,” said Amanda interrupting. “That’s what you were going to say. She will love you. I only hope she doesn’t try and monopolize you.”

“I have a feeling you won’t let that happened.”

“Damn right Dad. I waited this long to fuck you and I don’t intend to ever stop. If I get like mom, I may need you, Bill, Katie and more.”

“You have that right, but remember; Bill is your husband and is number uno. Your mom never forgot that, that’s why I never got jealous. I treated her the same way, that’s why we never developed any problems with swapping that some couples seem to get. There would be one or two couples that would split up because they cared more about making love to someone else, rather then their own partner. You and Bill must never forget that and your relationship will be as good as your mother’s and mine.

“I hope so, Daddy. I’m beat, let’s just watch some TV.”

“What my daughter is satisfied, I don’t believe it.”

“I am,” said a smiling Amanda, “at least for now. I don’t know how I will feel in an hour or two. But if I were you, I would get prepared.”

To be continued

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