Amber’s House Ch. 01


I was visiting my friend Amber that night. Her roomate Kate was away at her boyfriend’s house and we planned on getting together for a fun night of drinking and just enjoying each others company. Amber was cute, a blonde just like me, one of the many things we had in common. We were drinking and chatting away and as we became more and more inebriated, we decided to watch a film together. I don’t really recall what it was about, but as it ended we found ourselves lounging on the sofa next too each other.

We were both drunk to the point of silliness by then and I laughed as Amber crawled unsteadily towards the DVD player in the lounge. She fumbled about the case as she went through all the DVDs, but she couldn’t find anything that interested us.

“I’m going to check Kate’s room to have a look for one,” she said with a smirk, and I poured more wine as I waited

A few minutes passed and then Amber came back in the lounge waving an unlabeled black disc.

“All I could find is this.” The black disc started to play and we both laughed as the screen showed a girl sucking a cock.

“Oh, my god,” I shrieked. “What have you put on?” I asked.

Amber laughed. “I am too pissed to move so lets just watch it.”

My eyes were drawn to the screen as I could hear a woman moaning. As I looked at the woman, she was having a huge cock slide slowly into her pussy and suddenly my own pussy started tingling as I watched.

The mood in the room changed and we sat in silence looking at the screen. Amber was engrossed in what was happening. As I looked at the screen the woman was being fucked really hard, screaming and rubbing her clit.

I could feel the heat between my legs starting to build. I thought fuck this is hot, but I can not get turned on here with my friend! I kept watching silently as the girl on the TV slowly lowered her pussy onto the huge cock. I remembered the feeling and my pussy ached for the same. The woman then wanked the guys cock as he exploded all over her hands.

Amber laughed, saying, “Oh, what a mess.”

At last Ataşehir Escort the awkward silence was broken and I laughed too.

“That was loads,” giggled Amber.

Thank god I thought. I couldn’t take much more, my body was betraying me by becoming excited in my friend’s lounge. The TV was soon filled with more moans.

As I looked at the screen two woman were kissing deeply. I watched as their tongues filled each others mouths and they pulled each others clothes off. With their naked bodies now rubbing each other, I peeked at Amber who was glued to the TV.

Amber finally spoke. “Girls are far hotter to watch.”

I did not say a word. I just looked back as the girls where using toys on each others pussies. I felt mine starting to get wet.

I looked at Amber, she was wearing a short pink top and black shorts. Her finger’s were tracing over her tummy. They kept running up and down and it was turning me on, watching every movement of her fingers.

The noise from the TV filled the room with moans as the girls got each other off. I couldn’t take it. I was now getting really wet. My pussy was throbbing and I kept sneaking glances at Amber. Her hand was still tracing her tummy, but now getting high near her nipple. My mind raced thinking how I just wanted to touch my own nipple.

My nipples where turning hard and rubbing on the material of my tight top. I was almost starting to breathe heavy. I looked back at the TV, one girl was bent over whilst the other used a toy from behind, fucking the other girl hard.

Finally it finished, Amber jumped up saying, “l will make your bed for you.”

There I was in her lounge totally drunk! I didn’t want to move as I felt so wet. I was secretly glad the film was over as I could not take watching it any more. Amber called down for me.

Amber’s double bed had a pull out sofa. Amber offered, “You have my bed; its only fair because you’re my guest.”

She gave me a cuddle and pulled me so close that I felt her body. I was scared she might feel Ataşehir Escort Bayan my wetness through my soaked shorts. Then Amber got into the sofa bed and I got into her own large double bed.

Amber turned out the light. I just lay there with the red light of the alarm clock filling the room. My mind was racing. I could not stop thinking of the dirty film. I tried to sleep but could not as my body was wanting attention. My mind wondered to the guy slamming his massive cock into the woman.

My pussy was tingling again. Without knowing it my hand had slipped inside my top and was rubbing my nipple gently. I realised what I was doing and stopped. I can’t I thought, I am inches from my friend. I am in her bed, what I am thinking? Again I tried to clear my mind and forget, but I just could not sleep. My mind now thinking of the naughty girls fingering each others wet pussies.

I looked at the clock and an hour had passed with no sleep. As I looked at the clock again I could see Amber’s bed. Her duvet was raised. I could tell her legs where open wide under the duvet and I could see the movement near her legs under the cover. I froze! Is she? She can’t be! Maybe she is sleeping, I thought.

I then heard a soft moan from Amber. My mind raced, is she alseep or is she masturbating? I lay still, trying not to let her know I was awake but my body was tingling all over. I heard quiet soft moans and it made my pussy throb.

I slipped my fingers into my shorts. My clit was huge and soaked. I ran a finger over it and I let out a moan. I froze, thinking shit! That was way to loud! I’m normally quiet but I was so horny by then.

I heard movement, Amber was getting up. She came to me and sat on the bed. “You awake then, too?”

I was caught off guard. Under the duvet my hand was still in my shorts. If I moved it she would know for sure. Amber confessed, “I can’t sleep either; I think that film got to me.”

I felt my pussy tingle. My mind was racing still. I was so so turned on. Amber was playing things Escort Ataşehir cool. I think she knew she had caught me. She sat there staring into my eyes.

“So do the girls in the porno turn you on?” Amber asked.

I nodded.

“Well, its okay hun, woman are hotter than guys. I’m no lesbian but it gets me hot.”

All I could think of was my hand was still on my pussy.

Amber continued, “I know what you where doing in my bed. It’s so hot.”

Amber lent in and kissed me. Her lips touching mine made me crazy as did her tongue diving into my mouth. Amber pulled the duvet back, exposing my hand in my shorts. As I tried to move it out she grabbed my hand. Then she pushed my it into pussy and I nearly came! “Fair is fair,” she said softly.

Amber lay next to me and I realised she had no knickers on. Amber started to stroke her bare smooth little pussy. I slipped off my shorts, doing the same. She rubbed her pussy hard. She was laying next to me with our heads next to each others. Our mouths so close.

We were breathing, moaning into each others mouths. Amber rubbed harder and as I looked down, her hand was flying over her clit. My pussy was soaked. My clit felt bigger than ever before. It felt so good and I knew I would come soon.

The room was filled with moans and with the noise of wet pussies being fingered. The noise turned me on so much. I was looking down seeing Amber thrash at her pussy and my body started to explode.

Amber moaned loudly and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I felt her body shake and it sent me over the edge. I was about to come. Then I felt her stop. Amber then touched my thigh with her soaking hand and it slipped lower down my body. It made me want to come so bad.

My body was hovering over the edge, waiting for anything to make me cum. I was rubbing my clit so hard when I felt her touch my ass. She ripped open my top and she licked my nipple. I was in heaven with her tongue flicking my rock hard nipples so fast.

Her finger rubbed my naughty hole as my fingers were flying over my clit. I let out a huge moan. My body shuddered as I exploded and my body shook hard as I squirted all over her hand.

I finally came down, feeling so dirty and naughty. She put her finger to her mouth sucking it as we fell asleep next to each other. As I drifted off I wondered whether this could happen again.

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