Ambushed – Ch. 01



By Dawn R

A story of teenage sexual discovery. All the characters are eighteen or older.

Chapter One

“Well, have you?”

“No, have you?” I replied as the taxi driver deposited my two suitcases at the front door.

I was at my cousin Veronica’s for a belated celebration of her eighteenth birthday; actually, hers and that of her twin brother Silas. We lived in different states and usually got together twice a year for a few weeks at a time, either at our place in Maine and at hers in Virginia. Our mothers were sisters. While we were your classic wasp family, Vee’s mother’s first marriage had not lasted much past ‘the seven-year itch’, before she found he was cheating on her.

After her divorce and two years as a single mom, Aunt Vi had met and subsequently married a widowed Jamaican who now operated a deep-sea fishing charter out of Virginia Beach. Ben was a single dad, and his son Jerome was only a few months older than me, less than a year older than his half-siblings. The four of us kids had grown up through our teens together.

So, based on the above exchange, it turned out Vee and I were still virgins, although somewhat reluctantly, as it was no longer cool. I had just arrived, on my own, as my Mum and Dad were celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary on the Amalfi Coast. We were lugging my suitcases upstairs when we bumped into Silas and Jerome smirking as they walked along the landing towards us.

“What are you two grinning about?” asked Vee.

“We were just up in the attic going through old stuff of my Dad’s,” answered Silas, and they both chuckled.

“So, what is it?”

“Just old magazines. I bet he doesn’t even remember they are there. I’m sure Mom doesn’t know,” said Jerome taking one suitcase while Silas took the other from his sister.

“Magazines, not old love letters; why would Mom care?”

“Well, they are old issues of Playboy and some other ones. Mom is pretty prudish about such things.”

“Can we see?” I asked, curious to see what the boys had found.

They looked at each other.

“I guess so.”

So, having dropped the suitcases in my room, we turned and went back along the landing.

“Where’s Aunt Vi?” I asked. She usually was the first one to welcome us.

“Mom’s helping Dad with a charter. Jake is sick. They won’t be back until late. We’re going to get a pizza delivery for dinner.”

While Silas was talking, Jerome pressed the button that opened the trapdoor to the attic and lowered the steps. It was kind of like a rope ladder but with retractable cables.

I had worn jeans for travelling, but Vee was wearing a frock and, as she climbed up first, I knew her brothers got a pretty good view of her thong covered crotch. I went next and the boys followed. Once up there I was surprised by the amount of the stuff in storage. The older stuff was way back in a corner.

The boys opened an old cardboard box, one of a bunch of old moving boxes, most of which were still unopened.

“How come you opened this one?”

“Just lucky, it was the closest.”

“Okay, let’s see what you got.”

Silas passed me a Playboy.

“Wow! Look at her breasts!” I thumbed through the various pages stopping to look at the photos of the models, “Interesting, Lots of boobs but they are always turned so you don’t see their crotch or there is something in the way.”

“Well, look at this one!” On the next one he handed me the cover picture was Nancy Sinatra at 50 and it was quite different. Inside they clearly showed pubic hair, even Nancy Sinatra’s and there were plenty of crotch shots of other models.

“Look at the dates,” I said, “Those first ones were in the 1960s, this one is 1995. He must have been buying them on and off for years.”

“Yeh, and that looks the last one here. But look at these Penthouse issues from the 1970s and 80s. They had no problem with showing vaginas. These girls even have their fingers on their pussy lips,” enthused Silas.

“There aren’t any of men,” I complained.

“Well, there are in this one. It’s called VIVA and looks like it’s a companion to Penthouse and has a lot of dudes’ cocks.”

“Let’s see,” said Vee, “Oh, Jen, here’s quite the one. Look!”

I looked. Most of the pictures as she flicked through showed naked men with semi-aroused penises. At least I thought they were semi-aroused, But as she returned to the one, she had first shown me, he seemed to be very aroused. It was long and thickish, still hanging down but out from his body, well short of a full erection, and to my untrained eye it seemed quite large.

There were some other magazines with even more explicit shots of girls with fully aroused vaginas, engorged labia, and moist and open entrances. I was surprised how much they affected me. One called Hustler had very explicit shots of both men and women.

“You know,” interrupted Jerome, “I don’t think these are my Dad’s. This is stuff that came from Mom’s house, when she moved here. I think these are your Grandad’s” Antalya Escort and he looked at the three of us.

“If they are, I’m sure Mom doesn’t even know they exist,” said Vee, “They must have just been packed up when his house was sold and kept moving.”

“They’re pretty tame compared to what you find on the internet now,” said Silas.

“You pervert!” said his sister, but she laughed.

“I bet you’ve looked too,” he said.

“Only by accident,” she replied.

“How about you, Jen? Ever visited a porn site.”

“No, never!” I asserted firmly, although It seemed everyone else had.

“Well, if you ever get the urge, I can show you,” laughed Silas.

“If I ever do, I’ll let you know,” I passed it off, laughing, but looking at the magazine pics had certainly stimulated me in unfamiliar ways. I felt quite horny and wondered if the others were experiencing the same reaction.

We closed up the box and left the attic.

“Who wants to play cards?” asked Silas.

“Sure, what will we play?”

“Does everyone know twenty-one?”

It seemed everyone but me did.

“I’ll explain the rules, and we’ll have a trial run.”

The rules seemed fairly easy as the objective was to get as close to 21 as possible without going over or ‘busting’. The best hands were ace and a royal face card or getting five cards without busting or the extremely unlikely three sevens. If your first two cards were the same, you could split and bet on each and have two chances to win.

“What do we bet? Do you have tokens, like chips?” I asked.

“How about clothes?” said Silas.

“Is this like ‘strip poker’?” I asked.

“Have you played?”

“No, but I’ve heard of it,” and suddenly I said, “I don’t mind giving it a try.”

Recently I had started to surprise myself. It seemed I was less risk averse and more open to new experiences. After all, I’d be starting college in the September.

Vee looked at me in shock. I’d always been the shy one.

“That’s settled then,” said Silas, even though Jerome and Vee had not said a word, “Come on, I’ve got cards in my room,” and everyone followed him.”

We played one round with no stakes, and I won.

“We’ll keep the betting simple. Your stake in each round is one article of clothing, watches and jewelry don’t count and shoes and socks come off in pairs, not individually. Everyone but the winner loses their stake. Does everyone understand?”

Everyone nodded, and Silas shuffled and handed the pack to Vee.

“You deal two cards face down to each player and then ask each player in turn what they want to do.”

I was surprised at how quickly everyone was losing clothes and if I wasn’t feeling horny before, I certainly was now, especially watching the boys. Silas was down to his undershorts and Jerome was one step away. It wasn’t hard to tell they both had boners even if Jerome’s was still in his jeans. I could feel myself getting juicy down there and could hardly wait to see them. I’d never seen a male erection except in sex/ed drawings and one photo.

“Are we really going on with this?” Vee asked, “Does the game stop when one of us is naked?”

“Time to vote on it,” said Silas, “and I say the game ends when we all get naked. Please raise your hand if you disagree. Otherwise, I suggest we stop now.” The three of us looked at each other but no hand was raised.

“Carried unanimously,” continued Silas, “Let’s play.”

Jerome won the next three rounds and I lost and found myself naked along with Silas and Vee. Suddenly I was glad the game wasn’t ending until Jerome joined us. I couldn’t stop looking at Silas’s boner. I was more or less what I had imagined, about six inches more or less. However, the tent in Jerome’s shorts promised bigger things to come. My heart was pounding, and I could feel the wetness in my vagina. I knew I was blushing as my face was burning and I knew my nipples were harder than I ever remembered.

The next deal ended it, Jerome lost, and I gasped as he revealed his thick hard seven inches. I reminded me of one of the Hustler shots.

“What do we do now?” asked Vee.

“We could play ‘truth or dare'” replied Silas.

“How about “Never have I ever,” somebody said, and I realized it was me.

“Kind of the same thing, isn’t it.”

“Not exactly,” I said, “I’ll start. Never have I ever seen a boy naked before. Until now that is. I can make that more general and say anyone of the opposite sex.”

“Well, that’s pretty tame, we all have,” said Vee. “We live together, and we’ve all seen each other naked, but never have I ever seen their boners before.”

I wanted to say something more provocative, “Never have I ever had sex with someone,” To my surprise it appeared neither of the boys had either.

“I’m surprised,” I said, “It’s so easy for boys. You get to ask someone, and you aren’t fed that ‘stay a virgin until you’re married line’, although no one believes that anymore.”

“You’re kidding,” replied Jerome, “It’s way easier for Antalya Escort Bayan girls. You just have to let a boy know you are ready and bingo!”

“Yes, and you get a reputation as a slut, unless you are in a long-term relationship…and those reputations are hard to lose. There were two girls in high scho…”

“Never have I ever seen a girl’s vagina,” interrupted Silas, “but I’d sure like to.”

He looked at Vee and me.

“In your dreams,” she said.

“Shouldn’t we be keeping score if we’re playing this?”

“No, this is silly, let’s just play dares,” said Jerome.

I looked around and everyone nodded.

“Since we’re all already naked I dare you to touch Jen’s nipples,” said Vee, looking at Silas.

He stood up, came over and began to gently stroke them. My eyes wouldn’t leave his boner. Then he gave my left nipple a little tweak.

“Ouch, That hurt,” I said, although it also gave me a rush.

“Jeez, they’re hard!” Silas said, and Jerome came over and my eyes now changed their focus. I longed to reach out and touch it…him.

“No, Jerome,” said Vee, “the dare is only for a specific person. That one was for Silas. You have to wait for yours.”

“Okay, I dare you to suck on Vee’s nipples,” I said to Jerome wishing I could ask him to suck on mine. She smiled as he approached and soon her nipples were red and as hard as mine. I was jealous as I imagined what his lips on mine would feel like.

“All right, Jen. Then I dare you to show me your vagina,” said Jerome.

Minutes earlier Vee and I thought that was a boundary we would not cross but now I was into the game I was very aroused, and I had always found Jerome cool and sexy.

“Okay,” I said. Did I really say that? I stood up and walked in front of him. I stood close and used my fingers to part my lips to give him a better look. As he leaned in, I could feel his breath on me. I was aching for him to touch me, but he didn’t.

“Me too,” said Silas.

“No,” I said, but I dare you to touch Jen’s clitoris.”

They both hesitated as Vee looked at me but then she guided his fingers to her sweet spot.

“Here,” she said, and I wondered if he had not been sure of the geography. He took a moment and gently and caressed its head, then ran his finger up and down inside her inner lips. I could see the opening to her vagina, I think it’s called the vestibule, if I remember the drawing in sex/ed. Vee drew a deep breath as he lifted his damp finger and sniffed it. As she moved his hand away and stepped aside, his erection looked so hard it must hurt.

Then Vee said, “I dare Jen to touch Jerome’s cock.” The very thing I had been waiting for.

He and I were now both standing, and I reached out and wrapped my fingers around it. It felt rock hard and silky smooth. I could not stop myself from very slowly moving my right hand up and down and I felt him shudder.

“Hey, that’s more than touching,” complained Silas, although Jerome said nothing and moved closer. I ran the fingers of my left hand up around the foreskin and pulled it down to reveal its crimson head. As I placed both my hands around the shaft and moved them up and down its length, I saw Silas begin to masturbate. Jerome’s erection was slightly more than the width of my two hands. Vee was just watching intently, and her hand was now where earlier Silas’s had been on her clit.

I moved my left hand to cup his testicles as I began to stroke him a little faster. He was breathing audibly, and I stopped stroking, but Jerome closed his hand over mine and started me stroking again. Now both Silas and Vee were masturbating too. After another minute he rose up on his toes and whispered, “faster, please.”

No sooner had I complied than I felt his pelvis jerk and a great ribbon of white cum landed on my thigh. It was followed by another, and I realised I was still pumping him. I removed my hand from Jerome’s cock, but he instantly replaced it with his and gave his penis three more vigorous strokes catching his remaining cum in his other hand as he dropped from tiptoe back to his feet.

Everyone looked in silence and then Vee clapped.

“Perfect!” she said, “Jen, let me get you some tissues.”

I wiped some of the goop from my thigh with my forefinger and licked it.

“What does it taste like?” asked Vee as she approached with the tissues. She was still lightly stroking herself with her other hand.

“Here, try some,” and scooping some more from my thigh I held my finger out to her and she sucked it.

“Mm, different, but okay, I guess,” she said, as I used some tissue to clean my thigh.

At that moment we heard a clap of thunder and minutes later the phone rang.

Vee jumped up and grabbed it. I looked over and saw Silas was still pumping his own erection.

“Would you like some help?” I said, feeling he had been a bit left out, and I stepped over. He nodded as I grabbed it and began pumping. His hands reached down to explore my pussy, which was easy as he was three inches Escort Antalya shorter than me. As he shot his load into a handful of tissues, Vee put down the phone.

“That was Mom. They’re almost back at the dock they’ve cut the charter short because of the storm. They should be back here in forty-five minutes.”

“Shit! We better get dressed and start watching a movie or something.”


Later that night I left my bed and climbed in beside Vee so we could talk without being heard.

“Jerome’s cock is something else.”

“Have you seen ones on porn?” she asked.

“No, I don’t watch porn,”

“Neither do I, often, but let me get my iPad.”

She went to the dresser and unplugged her iPad and brought it over and climbed back under the covers. As soon as it fired up, she did a few brisk keystrokes and some pictures of large penises, some fully erect filled the screen.

“You’ve looked at these before,” I said.

“Only when I masturbate,” and I sensed she was starting to do just that.

“Those guys are freaks,” I said, “They’d never be able to get that in a vagina.”

With a couple more deft clicks she entered something called ‘xvideos’. Seconds later we were watching a smiling woman parting her pussy lips as an obscenely thick black penis, more than eight, maybe as much as nine inches, slowly pushed its way into her. Amazingly her vagina seemed to open to accommodate it.

“That’s unbelievable,” I said, as he started to thrust. Once again, I was getting that funny feeling in my private places.

“So, Jerome’s not so big, really,” whispered Vee, and suddenly I felt her fingers rubbing against my wet pussy. We continued to watch, and I started to rub her too.

“Oh, God! Don’t stop,” I put the side of my hand in my mouth to stop from crying out as the orgasm washed over me and in less than two minutes, I felt her climax too just as the screen showed the woman’s face covered in dripping white cum. I think we had both been primed by all the afternoon activity.

Vee closed the iPad and we kissed for a moment and then I went back to my own bed.


I woke in the night. I looked at my phone; it was almost four fifteen. Vee was snoring. Well, not really snoring but breathing noisily. The house was quiet. I got up and pulled a robe over my nude body. I went along the landing to the bathroom and locked the door. After I peed and washed my hands, I unlocked the door and started to return. Because my parents had not come the boys still each had their own room. We had been in Silas’s in the afternoon, and I knew the one I was standing outside was Jerome’s.

Without knowing quite why I tried the handle. The door opened soundlessly, and I stepped inside and shut it. I stood there for a moment as my eyes worked out the layout of the room. I don’t think I had ever been in it before. I made out the bed and Jerome’s form. He was lying on his side facing away from me. He was fast asleep and breathing softly. The loudest thing in the room was my beating heart and yet I felt calm and confident.

Crossing the room, I lifted the sheet and dropping my robe I slipped under it. He didn’t wake. I lay there on my back for a moment and then I turned on my side and shimmied closer to him. I continued to shimmy until my nipples were against his back. I moved my crotch forward against his bum and he wiggled against me. Like me he was naked. For a moment I thought he was waking, but not really. I gently reached over and found his cock. It was soft but still a size I could hold.

He rolled on to his back still not awake. I raised myself, leaned over and kissed him, then as it began to harden, I gently peeled back his foreskin to see that amazing head. I kept my mouth firmly over his as he gave a small high-pitched cry, more of a squeak. My hand still held his cock, it was already a little bigger and I began to stroke him. Now he was awake, possibly full of questions, but he said nothing. As we continued to kiss, I let go of his growing cock and took his left hand and lifted it across his body to my breast. It rested there, He seemed quite uncertain. I rubbed his fingers against the nipple that was already rigid.

As I began to stroke his cock again, he stroked my nipple. Slowly he turned his body towards me as we stopped kissing. He moved his mouth to my nipple and began to gently suck on it. The feeling was amazing.

“Jen,” he said.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Do you want this?”

I could have laughed at the ridiculousness of the question, but I just said, “Yes, I do,” and I started rubbing his cock again. Now it was rock hard, and my hand could barely close around it. I moved my mouth down to it and rolled my tongue around it as I continued to stroke. He moved his hand that had gone back to my nipple down between my legs and felt my wetness. For my part I felt we were both more than ready, and I rolled over onto my back pulling his cock with me. He lifted his body and settled between my spread legs.


I nodded.

Now he took hold of his cock and placed it against my wetness. He rubbed it up and down and then pushed the tip against my opening. I could feel my inner lips being parted as he pushed forward. The he came to a stop.

“It’s not going in,” he whispered anxiously.

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