Amor Prohibetur Ch. 10


Payback’s A Bitch, Mom

Dear Lit. Forums,

So I’m writing a post here on Literotica, right. You know I have some dirty secrets to tell. I don’t even care if you know my name, or where I live, or anything. I’m Cindy, and my dad’s name is Carl, and my mom’s name is Martha. If you ask me, Martha is a really ugly name. It fits my mom to a T because she’s a very ugly person.

We live in this backwater town named Hemet, which is about an hour north of Temecula, in Southern California. Hey, if you want to come and pay me a house call, I live on 2171 West Florida, Hemet, Ca, 92543. I don’t know why anyone would want to waste their time and drive out here, but whatever.

Hemet is the kind of place where you can’t even sneeze and everybody in town is talking about it. About all there is to do out here is get drunk, get laid, and go lose money at the local casino, which is called Soboba, because you really want to know that. That’s where I work, as a cocktail waitress who gets to wear a stupid gold and black uniform with black stockings.

I’m 18. I have sandy blonde and not dirty blonde hair. I have a decent enough figure, compared to how most of the women out here just let themselves go and pig out all the time. That’s what my mom did. She let herself go for years and years. She’s all bloated now and mad at me because I still have a waistline and she doesn’t.

This is what happened that set me off, okay. One day about a month ago, I was at home with my dad Carl. He called me into the living room and said he wanted to talk to me. He gave me my cell phone, which I had been looking for all over the place and thought I’d lost. As it turns out, my mom had taken it the night before. While I was at work, she’d gone through it and seen some of my pictures.

Okay, now let me explain something to you. Hemet is surrounded by hills and mountains. Most of the year it’s fucking hot as hell out here, and when it isn’t hot it’s freezing ass. On top of that, half of town smells like cow shit because of all the ranches. When the breeze is blowing the right way, the entire valley smells like cow shit.

What makes it worse is that people from Hemet don’t like to do anything. They’ll sit at home and fester, in a house that’s also sitting and festering, in a town that’s sitting and festering. People in Hemet just like to fester.

My friends and I, we like to go out and do stuff, just to get out of town. We’ll hit up Temecula, or go to a casino that lets young people like me in, or if there’s a concert going on in Coachella, we’ll drive way out there.

What happened is that one day we drove out to this place in Palm Springs to have a good time. I went into the bathroom with a couple of my girlfriends. Since we were all screwing around and laughing anyway, we thought it would be fun to start taking selfies. These were PG rated selfies, okay. We posed and made faces at the mirror. We showed off our butts, with our pants still on, and we grabbed each other like lesbos and pretended we were making out. The worst that was in those pictures was that the three of us pulled up our blouses and showed off our bras, but that was it.

My mom stole my phone and went through my pictures, when she had no right to do that to me. She must have hit the roof, because she had to go and recruit my dad and tell him to confront me about it. Is it my fault that my mom got herself fat, and that she doesn’t have any fun in her life like I am?

Well, my dad isn’t the asshole that my mom is. All he really said was that I should be careful to not leave my phone where my mom can get it. I ended up blowing up at him anyway, because my mom had no right to go into my things and I needed to vent.

I went into my room and cooled off, and I started thinking about how I was going to get back at my mom. I’d already been thinking about moving out, but the rents are really expensive out here. I didn’t trust that my friends would pay their share if we got a place together. I could have moved in with a guy, but that would have been even worse because the guys around here have like zero ambition. They sit around all day and smoke weed, and the ones that do work play video games all day when they’re home. Some of these guys live in trailers, and I’m sorry, but trailers and me don’t go together. I don’t think so! It was going to take me months to save up for my own apartment. That meant that for the time being, I would have to stay home and suffer under my mom’s roof and my mom’s stupid rules. Why couldn’t she just let me be myself?

I went over and apologized to my dad later, because it hadn’t been his fault and I wasn’t really mad at him. He said he understood the situation. I know he was having his own problems with my mom, because I heard them fighting more and more often.

When my mom came home, I stayed in my room. That wasn’t enough for her, because she came in and started a big fight with me anyway. Once she was done venting, I knew I had to find a way to get back at escort bayan bursa her, a way that would sting her just like she was doing to me. I didn’t come up with anything by the time I went to sleep.

My dad didn’t have to work the next day. While we were having breakfast in the kitchen, which he made for us and not for my mother, I had a good talk with him. I asked him if he was fed up with my mother and he said he was. I asked him if he’d cheated on my mother, and I guess he felt like being honest when he answered. He said he’d never had sex with another woman while he’d been married, but that he had taken a coworker out to lunch and had ended up messing around with her once or twice.

I pushed him for more details, but at first he didn’t want to tell me. When he gave up, he said all he’d really done was taken this woman out and talked to her. I guess she had three or four kids. Her husband stayed home in a trailer and did nothing all day, while she went out and worked to pay their bills. My dad said it was more that he felt sorry for this woman, and how she must have felt sorry for him. Neither of them was in love with their spouses, but they were stuck with them and had no real way out. My dad said that when he messed around with that woman, he only held her and kissed her. He said it was 100% about their emotions and not about sex.

I felt really bad when I heard that, but Hemet does that to people. It just kills their dreams and causes people to stagnate. All they do for the rest of their lives is sit there and fester away.

I asked my dad more about this woman, and why didn’t he just leave my mom and go live with her. He shocked me when he told me how old she was. She was only 25, compared to his 39, and he said it would probably be the talk of the town if word got out that they were having an affair.

He was right. People would be saying all sorts of nasty things about both of them, and not only because they were both married to other people. My dad would be called a pervert and a cradle-robber, and this woman would have been called a slut and a gold-digger. Not only would that woman’s husband have gotten to hear vicious rumors like that, but so would her kids at school. On my end, people would be saying things to me too, about my dad. That’s how it is in Hemet; people here suck like that.

I kept thinking that day, how my mom represented everything that was wrong with Hemet, and how I really needed to get out of there before some asshole got me pregnant and turned me into the typical Hemet loser. My mom deserved Hemet, but not my dad. He deserved a lot better than her, and a lot better than that town.

I could hear my parents fighting later when my mom got home. My dad kept trying to avoid the argument, but my mom kept badgering him until he finally fought back. I only heard part of it because I left for work. This time I made sure I took my phone with me.

While I was out of the house, I wondered if it would be a good idea if I tried to get my dad and this other woman together. That would really burn my mom’s ass, I thought, if my dad ran away with another woman. Especially if that woman was so much younger than my mother. I was so fed up with my mom by then that I would be willing to expose the affair, if only to make them break up and get divorced. Still, my dad’s little scam was a woman with a lot of kids to drag around…

There were other younger women in town, I thought, that might help me break my parents up. Heck, I worked with a lot of younger women at my job. During my breaks, I went around and showed some of the girls a picture of my dad, and I asked them if they thought he was good looking. Half of them said he was so-so, and the other half said they’d do him. This was really funny, because I had no idea that some of these girls, in their late teens and early twenties, would even give my dad a second glance.

One of these women was Robin, who is 19 years old like me. She asked me what it was all about. I told her how my mom and dad weren’t getting along, and how I thought my dad would be happier without my mom. Robin told me to wait for her after work. I did and we had a talk. Robin said that when she wanted to get a man’s attention, she’d send them nude selfies of her. If the guy thought she was hot, he’d send her a picture back. If they ended up sleeping together, Robin would end up taking pictures of them nude, or at his place, or in some way that there was no doubt that they’d messed around. Later, if the ex, current, or future girlfriend of that guy wanted to start some shit up with Robin, she’d tell them to fuck off and send them pictures of her and the guy.

I had a good think about that. If my mom got pictures of my dad and another woman, she’d not only hit the roof but she’d kick him out of the house. The biggest worry I had was over what woman I could get to do this. Robin would do it, but she’d brag about it to the entire casino. Besides, she was way too aggressive for my dad’s taste.

The bursa sinirsiz eskort next day, my dad was at work while my mom was at home. Since my mom needed somebody to fight with she picked me. We were at each other’s throats up until I left for work. I’m sure she turned on my dad when he got home, too. At work I found Robin and told her I wanted her to do it; I wanted Robin to seduce my dad and get a lot of pictures of them together. I wanted to fling them into my mom’s face so she could feel some of the anger she was making me feel.

Robin told me to wait for her after work, and we’d go to her apartment to get things started. Now, Robin shared an apartment with Renee. Let me tell you something about Renee. She is a divorced woman in her thirties. Many, many times I’d heard of both of these crazy women, Robin and Renee, inviting security guards or other guys to their place. Both of these women would take turns screwing the same guy until he was worn out and left in a hurry. I couldn’t imagine my dad ever ending up with a pair of loose women like that. If he figured out what I was up to, he’d never go through with it.

Renee had a car, so she drove Robin home while I followed in my car. I know Robin filled her roomie in on what I had in mind, but I did not know these two hoes also had plans for me once I got to their place. I don’t want to get into all the details, but I’d never been with a woman before in my life. After I left their apartment, I’d been with two of them. They had a strap-on dildo and they took a lot of pictures of what we did together. These pictures are going to become very important later on.

Well, I drove home after having made this agreement, where Renee and Robin would be sending out their naked pictures to my dad’s phone. They’d totally flirt with him and try to get him to come out to their place. If they got him in bed they were going to take all sorts of pictures that I could use against my mom. That was the plan.

Whenever I was at work, these two conspirators kept me up to date on what was going on. They told me when they made contact with my dad. They would say that Renee had sent out a picture of her boobs or that Robin had sent him a picture of her ass, or something like that. They said they were playing it very mysteriously, because they weren’t sending pictures of their faces until the very last moment. That would be when my dad had already made the commitment to fuck one of them or both of them. I thought it was all going well.

When my two days off came up, Robin told me that her and her girlfriend were going to spring their identities on my dad. He had agreed to sleep with one of them, they said, and all they had to do was to set up a place and time. I was to act like I had no idea of knowing what was going on, if my dad started acting funny or weird in any way. I said sure, no problem. I was pretty smug when I drove home that night, because my mom was about to get her come-uppance and then some.

Well, the next morning I got up and had breakfast with my dad. Sure enough he was acting nervous and hardly even wanted to look me in the eye. He asked me how things were going at work and all kinds of other things. My dad wondered if I was going out that day. I told him I had no plans, other than maybe to go out later and look at some sandals at the mall. I went into my room and thought nothing of it.

It was only about an hour later that my phone buzzed. I checked for a message and saw that I’d gotten a new picture. When I clicked on it, I saw that it had come from my father’s phone. I thought of how unusual it was for me to get a message from him, since he was right there in the house with me. I don’t know if you can imagine my shock when I saw the actual picture. My dad’s cock was right there. He was holding it with his hand and it was hard and everything. At least, I was pretty sure it was my dad’s cock, because the picture had come from his phone. Why would my dad send me a picture of his cock?

I got a message from him a couple of minutes later.


I heard him walking over, and I was looking at the door when he walked in. My dad was naked and his cock was still hard. He went over and set his open phone on my desk, where I was sitting. He went over and lay down on my bed. I was this close to freaking out because I had no idea of what he was doing in there.

He didn’t say anything and neither did I, but I figured he must have set his phone down for a reason. I went and picked it up and saw the message he had on it.


I didn’t send that! I never sent that!

I refused to look at my father lying naked on my bed. I went into his phone to see if I could get more clues as to what was going on. I saw Robin’s number there, and I read the messages she’d been sending to my dad. I looked up the pictures she’d sent, too.

They weren’t pictures of Robin or Renee escort bayan like they should have been. Instead, they were pictures of me, from that time when they’d gotten me into their little threesome with the strap-on. Those pictures were all cropped out so they wouldn’t show my face but only naked parts of me, like my tits or my ass or my pussy. The last couple of pictures actually showed my face, so there would be no doubt that it was me.

The messages Robin had sent were pretty misleading. Robin was pretending to be me, and anonymously she’d told my dad that I had a big crush on him. I was too shy to tell him directly, according to the messages, and so I was doing it through someone else’s phone. What I wanted, according to Robin, was for my dad to keep his mouth shut about all those pictures, and to jerk off while thinking of me and looking at them. According to my dad’s messages back, he’d already done this. It was only at the end that Robin revealed my identity. The last message from Robin, from the night before, told my dad that the next day he was to send me a picture of his cock. He was supposed to go and lie down on my bed. It was up to me to decide what I wanted to do next.

From all the previous fake messages, it was pretty clear that I wanted to have sex with my dad. After some coaxing over the phone, thanks to Robin he admitted that he wanted the same thing. I don’t know if you can imagine everything that was going through my head at that moment, with my naked dad only a few feet away from me. I couldn’t even deny anything, because all those naked pictures of me were right there on his phone for him to look at.

I turned around in my chair, and I saw my dad looking fidgety. His hard-on had gone down by then, which I was very grateful for. Can you even imagine that? I picked up my phone and told my dad I would come back in a few minutes. Then I went all the way into the backyard before I called Robin up.

Well, you might be guessing that this bitch was laughing her head off when she answered. She even put me on speaker so the other bitch could hear us talking. They were both curious about what I was going to do next. I said, what the hell am I supposed to do?

Robin explained that while they had deviated from the original plan, the plan was still working. I had my dad naked on my bed and all I had to do was take a couple of pictures of him like that and show them to my mom. Or, Robin said, I could get my dad to jerk off for me and take pictures of that. If I was really a slut, she said, I could fuck my dad and throw that into my mother’s face. It was guaranteed that my mom and dad would split up, unless my mom was some sort of closet sex freak. Robin reminded me that the compromising position I had my dad in was what I’d wanted all along.

What I answered was that I wanted Robin to confess to my dad about how she’d set this whole thing up. I told her how I was going back into my bedroom to hand the phone over to my dad so she could do this right away. Robin said she would, if I was sure that’s what I wanted. She asked should she confess first, before I took pictures of my dad or after. It was up to me.

Everything was up to me and it was driving me crazy. I mean who really wants to go and fuck their own dad? I wanted to break him and my mother up, of course, but fucking him was an extreme I was not willing to go to. On the other hand, I had no doubt that I hated my mom for everything she’d done to me, and how she’d been putting me down ever since I was little.

My strongest impulse was to clear things up between my dad and me, so that’s exactly what I did. I went back inside, told Robin to go ahead, and I gave the phone to my dad. She confessed everything. After my dad hung up, the only thing he could think of doing was to sit there on my bed and look completely in shock. He started apologizing over and over to me. I could only take so much groveling before I got mad and left the house.

I drove over to Robin’s apartment, where both her and Renee were laughing their heads off and making fun of how they’d set me up. I figured I could do two things. First off, I could stay mad at them. If I did that, they would probably brag about what they’d done to me to all of the people they knew at the casino. They would embarrass me to the point where I would probably end up quitting my job. Or I could play along with the game Robin and Renee had started and try to convince them to keep their big mouths shut. If you can’t understand why I chose the latter of the two, then obviously you don’t know anything about Hemet.

I sat there and had a beer with them; while they teased me over the messages they’d sent my dad. They showed me all the naked pictures of me they’d sent him. I showed them the picture of my dad’s cock on my phone. They started laughing all over again when I told them how I felt when I saw my naked dad walk into my room and lie down on my bed with a full hard-on. I was starting to realize that Robin and Renee hadn’t done that to me to be mean or malicious, but because they were bored out of their minds and were looking for some new way to entertain themselves. I understood this even further when they both kept urging me to call my dad. They wanted him to come over so they could fuck him, but I was in too much of a mental state and I refused.

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