An Auntie I’d Like To Fuck Ch. 02

Big Dicks

This true story continues, taking up from an exciting hour at a rest stop where my aunt Suzanne performed admirably and brought me out of my naive ways, from fantasy to reality. We’ve arrived at our destination, my university campus and my aunt is about to teach me some fine lessons. Enjoy.

Suzanne and I arrived at our destination in Victoria, BC and drove to the campus where I had reserved two rooms for us in the dorms (they’re available at great rates for existing students during the summer). We checked in and were given keys to the two rooms, both on the same floor, but in a ‘single students’ building.

I let Suzanne into her room, giving her the key and telling her I would be back in a few minutes. I went off to my room three doors down, across from the bathrooms.

While the rooms were a bit Spartan, they did have large single beds, linens and some personal space. The showers were communal, accessed from the hall: one side for the girls, the other for the boys. Though technically coed, there was a divider keeping the two areas apart, but these were fabric and had been washed enough times to be almost see-through.

After unpacking — in record time — I went down the hall to Suzanne’s room, wondering what she had in mind. (And wishing the obvious, of course.) Trust Suzanne to be way more advanced than 20-year-old me.

She had unpacked as well but was now wearing one of the bath towels supplied to residents. Thick and plush, but a bit on the small side. She was all wrapped up in it but it covered only enough to be polite. Her amazing legs were visible to just a few inches shy of her pussy; the top left little to the imagination when it came to her breasts. (“Thank you residence association,” I almost said aloud.)

“I desperately need a shower, Paul, before we go anywhere.”

“Okay. Sure.” But what about sex or something fun? That part stayed in my brain.

“Don’t look so disappointed, young man. I have a plan for you, too.”

“Oh!” I think she could see my heart pound as she said that. “What did you have in mind?” I was able to mutter.

“I’m going to the shower right now but I want you to come in and pretend you’re sneaking a look at me while I am in there. Let yourself in quietly and pretend I don’t know you are there.”


“You got it, stud! But there is one more rule.”

“Oh?” I was so well spoken… usually. This was not the usual, though.

” Not only are you to pretend to be stealing a look at your aunt, you also may not speak or whisper a word — if you do, I kick you out and the show’s over. And I want you to stay dressed while you’re watching, too. Can you live with that?”

“Of course, auntie. I promise.” My cock was already at half-mast — as if I wouldn’t agree. But stay dressed? She had to be kidding.

“Good, then off I go. Give me about 10 minutes.”

And off she went traipsing down the hall in her towel and flip flops. I swear she was wiggling her ass extra just to tease me. Good!

I locked up her room and went into mine to wait. I was committed to waiting the full 10 minutes. It was like torture. Just thinking about what was waiting for me had me rock hard, so hard I even considered jacking off so I wouldn’t come the second I saw Suzanne, or better yet, touched me. I left it alone, blood pounding both in my cock and in Escort my heart. Could this even be happening?

There was only one way to confirm it was all true — time to go into the women’s shower room.

I did feel pretty sneaky walking through the boys’ area and past the curtain to the girls’. Then it occurred to me: what if there was someone else in the girls’ section?

Turns out there was only the one shower occupied (I still wondered what would happen if she’d been playing a trick on me and someone else was showering. Too late to back out; I was going in… but very quietly, as requested.

I pulled back the curtain ever so slightly, peaking in to see that it was indeed Suzanne. It was, but I could see so little as the room had steamed up and the shower stall was turned away slightly from the entry. But it was Suzanne. I would recognize those legs anywhere.

I quietly slid into the area and took up a seat on the cedar bench along one wall from which I had a complete, unabridged view of my aunt. My heart had never stopped pounding, only now it had a real reason to do so.

And my shorts were now so constricting that I was in pain from the erection pressing up against the fabric. I slipped my hand in for a second to adjust the angle of my hardon; the pain eased slightly, though not the erection.

Suzanne had been standing still under the hot shower as I entered, rinsing all over and letting the water pour over her hair and down her body.

She was spectacular. No question. This was the hottest woman I had ever been privileged to see. By far.

Her legs were strong and athletic, showing off the swimming and yoga she practiced regularly. (What? I knew that because we had talked about other things, too, while driving down.) They were lightly tanned, but very evenly. I let my gaze slide slowly from her feet and their perfect pedicure, along the calf (what a calf!) to her knees and easing into her thighs.

Her colour was even all the way up, that is, until about half an inch from her hips. I watched as she stood facing away. What a glorious tan line. It followed what had to be a bikini no larger than a pocket square. Wearing that tiny piece of cloth, she would have showed off about half of her cheeks and almost her clam.

As I imagined the bikini bottoms across her tight ass, Suzanne slowly turned towards me. She was playing the role so well I almost believed she could not see me. But I could see her perfectly. The bikini line was but a string over the hips and the tanned skin extended well into her pubic area. There was only about an inch on either side of her labia that was not tanned. If the backside had been tiny, the front was microscopic.

I adjusted my cock again.

Suzanne began to soap up one of her legs now, slowly, leisurely, and more erotically than I could have imagined. She would take the soap into one hand and slide it up and down her thigh. This was followed by both her hands working together on the thigh to work up a lather. She turned away from me again to lather and soap her lower leg — you bet she knew I was there. This was the greatest show on earth!

Bent at the waist, knees locked, Suzanne demonstrated one of her best yoga poses. Her legs and thighs were tightly together and as amazing as they looked, I could not tear my eyes away from her pussy, Escort Bayan clam actually, as it peaked out between her upper thighs.

I adjusted my cock once more.

The show was killing me, but I had promised to watch and stay dressed. I could only image the prize for following her orders. (Turns out I had not even been close after all, but more on that later.)

Suzanne straightened up slowly, almost like a cat stretching in the sun. She raised her arms above her head, letting the froth of the soap glide down her taut arms and over her chest. I had already seen some of her tits, but nothing like this. A deep cleavage and part of an aureole was great and would usually have marked a high water point in sexy views. This was better.

As the lather slid across her, I have to say, perfect in my opinion, breasts, she brought her hands down to work the soap into her chest. Using both hands she first lathered up her right breast, taking great care to make sure it was completely massaged and cupped. Then she moved to the other one, following the same routine, always concentrating her eyes on the job at hand.

Suzanne’s boobs were even more spectacular than her thighs. I know these things because I am, above all, a tit man; thighs of this quality were a close second however. They were beautifully shaped, resembling an overfilled water balloon with only a slight sag of age… or was that because of size. “Who cares?” I thought.

I repositioned the cock again — this was getting ridiculous!

Looking back up to the show I caught Suzanne glancing towards me. She’d watched me with the shorts. I think I blushed, though I don’t know why.

As perfect as my aunt’s breasts were, her nipples were just as worthy. They had long been as rigid as my cock, I think. They were a good size, proportional to the boobs and surrounded by about an inch of areole that was tightly puckered. (She knew how to enjoy the show, too, I think.)

Her tan was not marked by lines as her ass and mound had been. They were tanned all over but for a couple of square inches around her nipples. Was there even a bikini that small? And where would she wear it? (She explained later that they had a large private pool at her home.)

And she kept soaping and rubbing her big tits. That’s when I realized she was turning herself on at the same time as she was teasing me. Then it got better. Suzanne rinsed off the soap under the full force of the shower… and took first one, then the other nipple into her mouth. She worked the whole nipple and surrounding pucker between her lips. And she was sucking on them hard. Then she showed her teeth as they bit down on a nipple. I almost came in my shorts. I would not be adjusting any more hardon — it would probably set me off and I did not want that happening… quite yet. Still, the fabric had tented clearly and obviously. (I saw her glance out of the side of her eye again. Good. Let her suffer a bit.)

That was when Suzanne got to work soaping up. Both hands worked down her tight tummy and slid over her pussy mound. She soaped up, both hands together, one on top of the other — she was applying pressure against her cunt, that was obvious.

Suzanne repeated the soaping a few more times until she started to shake and make those little sounds I had learned about in the car. She was starting Bayan Escort to come. I almost did, too.

As she was getting closer to her real climax, she took one hand away, pointed to me and hoarsely said “show me your big cock.”

Not to be outdone, I acceded to her request, but at my speed. I slid the zipper down so slowly that I could have used a watch to time it. Having done that I went to take off my shorts but Suzanne stopped me, making it clear she wanted them to stay on. I think she had a thing for sneaking peeks at exposed cocks.

I understood completely and carefully worked the meat through the zip in the shorts — I was not wearing underwear just in case this happened. It took almost a full minute for me to let my hardon show completely outside my shorts. But finally, I was FREE!

My cock throbbed, bobbed and demanded attention.

Suzanne, meanwhile, had gone back to two hands at her pussy, and they were at full speed now. Her breath was getting very short, her mouth gaped open and her tongue seemed to reach for her tits. She signalled that I should approach now.

“I want you to come on my ass, Paul. Rub your cock and jack it off onto my body. Now!”

“No problem.”

“Give it to me, nephew!”

That’s all it took for me to come. And come I did. I shot a load of thick cum across one cheek right to the other one. The second shot was much shorter, but just as thick and motivated. By the third shot it was only shooting a couple of inches, landing on her thigh.

As I was coming onto her awesome ass, Suzanne was coming all on her own. Her body was shuddering, shaking, almost throbbing with the orgasm. As she started to calm down she told what to do “rub that cum into my ass, Paul. Get it all and slide your hand down to my clam. I need your hands on me.”

With both hands I spread out my jism over her perfect cheeks. As one hand continued to rub that little bit of heaven, I slipped the other down between her clenched thighs to come into contact with her beaver. I had barely slipped one finger between her lips when she came, even more wildly that she’d done just a few minutes before.

What I did not expect was for her to reach back to grab my still half-hard cock. She pulled me into place in front of her and crushed me against her chest. I was dressed, but now completely wet and with my cock hanging out rather obscenely.

Suzanne held my face between her hands and kissed me deeply. Her tongue pushed between my lips and danced around my mouth. I did not disappoint as kissing has always been one of my best things! (I may not have had much sex, handjobs or fellatio, but I had kissed my way through much of our first year class in residence.

Suzanne leaned her head back, away from me. Looking right into my eyes, she smiled and whispered an ever-so-genuine “Thank you, Paul. You are so much fun.”

Then she pulled my head down between her slick, rounded and very firm tits, gripping me close. She had really enjoyed things, and me? I was in heaven.

I finished showering, new boner proudly standing out from my short-cropped pubic hair, just bobbing in the air looking for Suzanne, or even my hand. It was not to be, though I did spend an inordinate amount of time making sure it and my balls were very clean. She liked that I could see. But all she did was watch, a small smile on her lips.

We each went back to our individual rooms and got ready for our dinner date. Suzanne had made it clear that it was ‘my’ town so I had better show her a good time, starting with a terrific dinner.

To be continued…

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