An Enjoyable Vacation

Big Dick

I had known Fox for several years online, we were great friends in the online discussion group we both belonged to, and now I finally had the chance to meet him. I’d flown in to his town in Canada, and he was meeting me upon my arrival. His car had broken down though, so he had to take the bus to meet me, and we’d be taking it back to town again.

We clicked the moment we met; there was just an instant chemistry between us, no awkwardness or feeling of shyness! Unlike others that I’ve known online and then met in real life, I didn’t feel as if I had to get to know him all over again, he was the same Foxy that I’d known all along…

After loading my luggage onto the bus, we get in, and try to locate a seat. There is just one available in the back, and we make our way towards it. He is behind me, a hand on my hip to guide me through the mass of people, and suddenly I feel it moving up and down, as if searching for something. He leans in and whispers “Were you in a hurry this morning?” He has noticed that I’m not wearing any knickers under my dress! I blush a little, but smile back at him nonetheless. He shouldn’t be too surprised, knowing me…

We get to the back of the bus, to the one available seat. He sits down on it and pats his lap, telling me that there’s no reason why we both shouldn’t be able to sit. I smile at him, and as I sit down I feel him pulling up my dress in the back so that it falls in prim and proper folds in the front, but my bare ass is situated right over him, with just his jeans separating us. His arms sneak around my waist, and I can feel him smiling into my hair as he starts to kiss my ear and neck. I’m a little surprised at his initiative, but not at all unpleased, so I lean back to enjoy it.

The bus starts to move, and the people around us are busy with their own lives. Some are tired after a long journey and are fast asleep; others are preoccupied with their books or newspapers. Only I feel the hand sneaking under my skirt, caressing my skin, teasing me by approaching my clit but never quite touching it… I feel his lips and tongue on my earlobe, his breath brushing gently against my skin, his kisses making me forget my surroundings completely…

I have to sit very still, I have to keep very quiet, but as his hand moves behind me to open his pants and free himself, this becomes increasingly difficult! Afraid that my skirt is not enough to shield us, I pull my jacket over my lap, just as the tip of his head enters me from behind. I have to bite my lip to prevent from moaning out loud, especially since he makes no further moves. He holds me firmly in place, his lips never leaving my neck and throat, I’m desperate to get him closer, but he… won’t… move…

He whispers into my ear “Soon… soon…” and all of a sudden I learn what he has been waiting for. A sign by the road signals roadwork ahead, and suddenly the bus starts to vibrate, humping up and down, tossing and shaking the people inside awake, looking about them to see what is going on. Not me though. His fingers on me, the feel of him deep inside me, the bus doing all the work as I’m thrown harder and harder towards him… He bites my shoulder, hard, and I’m lost. I come with such strength that I completely forget where we are. A moan escapes my lips, echoed in the sounds coming from deep within his throat as he shivers against my back…

I slowly return to reality, petrified at the thought that people have noticed. I still feel the afterglow and quakes from the amazing experience, his fingers are still stroking me, prolonging the pleasure… the bus has calmed down too, the shaking is not as violent anymore, and amazingly enough, no shocked stares and accusing glances meet me as I look about the bus. Fox holds me close, tilts my head back and kisses me, his lips firm but gentle, his tongue exploring my mouth and caressing my inside as another part of him did just moments earlier. I breathe deeply, noticing that some people look at us and smile at the young couple so obviously in love. I snuggle closer, relishing his closeness Escort Ankara and settle down to enjoy the rest of the trip.

Back at his place, we talk and talk for hours, there’s so much to say to each other. Both had thought that we would be shy when we finally met, so this chemistry and comfort that we find in each others presence is unexpected. We sit on a sofa, with a distance between us at first, but I soon can’t resist the temptation to cuddle, and considering our behaviour on the bus being shy seems a waste of time now. I’m also feeling a little drowsy after the long flight so I lean closer to him, cuddling up to his body. He puts his arm around me, and start to caress my hair. I get more tired, and sink my head down to his lap, where I get comfortable as he strokes my back with long, firm strokes…

I fall asleep for a while, and when I wake up, my top and bra is missing, and he is still caressing me, almost massaging. His hand wanders lower, pushing my pants down, and then he quickly pulls them off so that I’m lying on his lap, naked. I want to turn around to take this to the next level, but he won’t let me. He bends down, and his lips start to caress and nibble at my neck while his hand is playing with my ass and thighs… His hand gently slip between my legs, feeling the moisture, teases me mercilessly while he whispers softly into my ear what he wants to do with me. I’m so turned on at this point that I’m practically sobbing and begging him for more. He finally takes pity on me, and lets me turn around so that I face him. Suddenly he has full access to my body, but he just stares at me for a while. The air is cool, and nipping at my skin, and I would cover up if it wasn’t for the expression of tenderness and warmth in his eyes.

He reaches out, and with the gentlest of touches he begins to let his fingertips travel over my breasts, my shoulders, my arms, teasing my palms, then back up my arms, down between my breasts to my stomach, and then further down still… I’m writhing on his lap and reaches up to kiss him, and as our tongues meet, he slips two fingers into me! I cry out, on the verge of coming, but he withdraws his hand, bringing it around my back and uses it to hold me closer to him. He soothes my disappointed sigh with his lips, stroking them gently over my own before letting his tongue follow the same route. His hand once again caresses my back with long, even strokes as his tongue does the same to mine.

He finally takes pity on me, and without breaking the kiss he helps me sit up on his lap so that I’m straddling him. He has still clothes on, but his shirt is unbuttoned and his pants are open. My hands grasp his shoulders, travel down his chest and stomach, further down still until I can feel him, hard and smooth against my fingertips. I grab him gently, caressing him for a second or two, until I’m unable to hold back any longer, so I guide him into me. I sit down on him, grinding myself towards him, desperate to get him as close as humanly possible. I hold on to his shoulders, throwing my head back, and he leans in to kiss, nibble and bite my throat, his hands on my ass supporting my movements. There is no way I can control myself very long, and so I come, tears running down my face because the feeling is so intense. He starts to shake as my muscles contract around him, and a loud groan escapes his throat as he cradles me in his arms and holds me close, so close. We sit there, rocking gently back and forth for what seems like an eternity, just savouring each other.

I almost fall asleep in his arms again, so eventually he gets up, despite my drowsy protests, and leads me to the bed where he lays me down and makes sure that I’m comfortable. He lies down next to me, and again I cuddle up to his now naked body, breathing in the scent of his skin and feeling his warmth against my own. I fall asleep almost immediately, my last thoughts focused on his beautiful hands…

It’s the morning after our first encounter. We’ve been sleeping late, having a lazy morning with pillow talk and slow caresses, Ankara Escort holding each other close and getting to know each others bodies intimately. I decide it’s time for breakfast, and in order to be allowed free reins I tell him that I can learn a lot about a man from his kitchen. So he follows me in, curious about what sort of conclusions I will draw from his. Truth be told, he’s done such a good job of preparing for my arrival, that there isn’t much obviously personal about it. It’s clean and tidy, and I start to look around, trying to find ingredients for a proper breakfast. He leans on one hip against the counter, and watches me as I move around in his space, his kitchen.

It’s quite small and cramped, so it is only natural that every time I pass him I brush against him, savouring the feel of his body against mine. I start to heat milk to make hot cocoa, and I find some cream which I decide to whip and have with it. The breakfast will be an omelette with friend tomatoes I decide, and I ask him if he’s hungry. “Starving” he answers, and comes up behind me, and puts his arms around me.

His finger scoops up some of the whipped cream I’ve just finished preparing, and brings it up to my lips, where I lick it off carefully, sucking his finger into my mouth, tasting the slightly salty taste of his skin. He scoops up some more, and rubs it into my lips. He then turns me around, bends down and gently licks it off with tiny butterfly-licks that send shivers down my spine. I am desperate to return the kiss, but he pulls away, smiling a teasing smile as he does so. He helps me sit up on the counter, and then carefully opens up my robe, kissing my skin as he pushes the cloth aside. A little more cream is placed on each nipple, and he looks me deep in the eyes and the tip of his finger ever so gently massages it into my skin.

Then, like the cat who got the cream, he smiles, and bends down towards my breasts. First he blows gently on the nipples, making them stand out straight as the cool breath hits the wet spot left by the cream. He then laps it up, warming my skin with his tongue, before retracting and blowing once again. Warming, then cooling down, warming then cooling down, never touching me in any other way. My whole body is aching to be touched, and finally he takes pity on me. He places a hand on each of my thighs, and asks me what I want him to do next. I can barely think, let alone form a sentence, so I try to wriggle closer to his hands, but to no use. Finally I manage to stutter “Please, touch me!”

The words seem to hit a deep, dark spot in him, because a growl escapes his throat as he pulls me roughly towards him. My head is roughly pulled back as his tongue enters my mouth, and he kisses me savagely. At the same time he opens his own robe with the other hand, pries my legs open, places himself in position between them and enters me in a swift stroke! The feeling is amazing!

One hand holding my head back, exposing my throat to him, the other on my ass, pressing me against him, grinding me towards him with each stroke, as he hammers away deep, deep inside me. My legs grasp his waist tightly, clinging to him as if by their own will, my body writhing and squirming as wave after wave crashes in over me. The orgasm just keeps on coming, doesn’t seem to want to stop, and I cry out in pure ecstasy as he thrusts himself home over and over! He roars out as I bite his shoulder, clawing at his back, trying to get him closer, always closer, wanting to consume him completely!

Afterwards he wants to pull away, but I tighten my hold around him, unwilling to lose the feeling of him filling me up, being a part of me. My head leans against his shoulder, occasionally kissing his salty skin, and my hands travel across his chest, feeling his tight muscles under the soft skin. He tilts my head back, and kisses me gently, while slowly rocking towards me, making small aftershocks wash through my body. With each one I contract around him, and I can feel him hardening again inside me as our kiss becomes more intense. Ankara Escort Bayan Ignoring my protests he pulls himself out of my swollen flesh, and steps back with a wicked grin. He pulls me off the counter, but my legs buckle, they still won’t support me, so I end up lying on the floor. He laughs down at me, and reaches out to help me up and take me back to bed, but instead I pull him down to me and we lay there for a while, laughing in each others arms. Then the laughter dies down as we again start kissing. Foxy pulls my arms over my head, telling me to grab hold of the table leg that’s there. I do so, and he looks me deep into my eyes, smiles, and whispers “Don’t let go!”

His whole weight presses down on my body as his hands gently stroke my arms, down to my shoulders and down my sides. All the time his mouth is busy kissing me, his teeth gently biting my lips, his tongue exploring my mouth, massaging my tongue, sucking it into his mouth then gently releasing it, again and again, mimicking the movement that I’m silently urging him to begin lower down. I spread my legs, pressing my hips up towards him, trying to guide him into me. Instead he pulls away, places his legs outside mine, forcing my legs together again, lifts his body off me while resting his weight on his hands and knees. He starts to kiss my throat, his mouth travelling down my body, paying ample attention to my nipples, my bellybutton, the soft skin between my hips and thighs… I want to spread my legs, but he won’t let me, instead he continues down my thighs, to my knees, and all the way to the soles of my feet. For what seems like an age he kisses them, bites the fleshy parts, lets his tongue flick teasingly over the sensitive skin…

Then suddenly he grabs one foot in each hand, and pries my legs apart in a swift and unexpected movement! Before I’m quite aware of what has happened, his head dives in between my legs, two long fingers ramming into me hard, and his tongue flicking over my clit at a crazed speed! Unable to restrain myself, I let go of the table leg, and bring my hands down to his head. He immediately pulls away, and I cry out in protest, but he looks down at me sternly and says “I told you not to let go!” Again he grabs my hands and brings them up, telling me to take hold. I’m literally aching for him, so I promise not to let go again, and as a reward he places his body between my widely spread legs.

His tip is hovering just above my wet and smooth opening, his hands holding my hips steady, preventing me from pressing against him. Then, while staring deep into my eyes, he starts to glide in, slowly, ever so slowly, he fills me up, inch by inch, as I gasp and moan from pleasure and frustration. A thin film of sweat is forming on my brow. He leans in to lick up the tiny droplets, and the movement finally brings him all the way in, and makes him brush against my clit, the frictions making me cry out! Instead of giving me what I so desperately want, he starts to pull out again! I’m begging him to take me hard, but he ignores my pleas and continues to pull out, slowly, all the way. And the torture continues. He sinks back in, filling me completely but oh so slowly, and every time I beg him to go faster he slows down even more. Whenever my hips buckle against him, he pulls out all the way, only to start all over again. I’m crying, sighing, moaning and sobbing, I’ve lost all control, the table leg has become my sanity and I’m clinging to it for dear life!

Then suddenly he can’t hold back anymore! He grabs my right leg, pulls it up and places it on his shoulder, and with a loud moan sinks into me hard! He starts to hammer away, filling me up so completely, each thrust sinking deeper then the previous, his hips grinding against my own, throwing me into a frenzy! Letting go of my sanity as well as the table leg, my hands comes down, grabbing his backside, pressing him closer still as my body convulses and my world explodes in the strongest orgasm of my life! My mad contractions massages him, sucks him deep in, and he comes with a loud moan, his body shaking uncontrollably before he collapses on top of me, completely drained.

I never got to see the sites and tourist attractions of Canada, in fact my view mostly consisted of ceilings, yet all in all I must say it was the most enjoyable vacation I’ve ever had…

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