An Evening Chat with Jennifer


Laurie decided to relax in a nice hot bath, before heading to bed. Her bra fell to the bathroom floor as she removed her last piece of clothing. “Yeah she replied as she stepped into the tub, her breasts were large and nicely shaped, with a gentle breeze in the air, she could feel her nipples getting hard. She grabbed the bar of soap and started at her breasts, “Ahhhh’ this feels good, as she passed the bar over her nipples. This made them get even bigger. She started making her way down to her stomach, then to her shaved pussy. Her long legs opened wider, making it easier for her hands. Playing with her self was something she was very familiar with. The water was getting cold; she reached for the towel and hopped out of the tub. Making sure she dried very inch of her body, Laurie began applying lotion to very part of her, and always making sure she smelled good enough to eat. “Hmmm, 11:20pm as she looked up at the clock. Being tomorrow was her day off from work, Laurie decided to add to her story she has been writing

It all started when Laurie discussed her fantasies with her husband.” I’ve been having thoughts of other women, especially my best friend” she replied, But why? I’ve been happily married for eleven years and have a great sex life.” There’s Ümraniye Escort nothing wrong with that “he reassured her, everyone has fantasies.

She began writing Erotic Stories, which really turned her on, to the point where she wanted sex very night; Richard thought this was wonderful. And encourage her to write whatever she fantasized about. Within a few months Laurie’s stories were displayed on an Erotic Website, “What a thrill” to have people around the world reading my dirty thoughts.

Richard was always trying to convince Laurie to go into chat rooms. “Why don’t you talk to other women, he said you might enjoy it. You could ask for their opinions on women, since you never actually been with one. “What the hell” Laurie laughed. What could happen anyway?

One night Richard fell asleep on the couch, So Laurie decided to go online to check her email. “Nothing she said, Feeling curious; she looked over to the couch to see Richard was still sleeping, by this time he was snoring. “Ok. I’ll try this. She thought, as she typed the words CHAT ROOMS, within seconds there were thousands of rooms to choose from.

Laurie signed in using the name DivineL, a name she used when writing her erotic stories. “Hi Ümraniye Escort Bayan DivineL, The people in the chat rooms were all saying hi to her. “Hello, she typed back, she was chatting with four different people at the same time. “This is fun; she thought and began chatting, telling people about her stories; and where they could read them “HELLO DIVINEL, DO YOU WANT ME TO PM YOU? It was an invitation to talk to someone privately. Laurie sat there in her brown leather chair looking at the keyboard. “What should I say? With a sneaky look on her face; she glanced over to the couch another time, still snoring Laurie typed YES.

Hello! What’s your name? My name is Jennifer, and yours? Laurie, but I use the name DivineL when I write Erotic stories. Tell me about yourself Jennifer.’ I have a nice firm body, long brown hair, and love the outdoors. “Very nice Laurie replied. What about you? Let me think, I have medium brown hair, a great smile, nice big breasts, nipples very hard right know.”

“Yummy Jennifer replied. “What did I just type? Laurie thought. I don’t even know her. But Jennifer’s voice (well not her voice) but her words she typed were so sweet. So what are your stories about? “Fantasies with my best Escort Ümraniye friend, Laurie replied. Have you ever been with a woman before?” It’s a wonderful feeling! Jennifer replied. “No not yet Laurie replied. But all this talk was making her very wet.

“I wish I could lick your nice breasts, Jennifer replied” Laurie undid the knot from her robe; slowly she began playing with her nipples. “Are you touching yourself? Jennifer replied.” Leaning further back in the chair Laurie opened her legs. “Do you want me to lick your clit? Laurie typed.”

“Oh yes! “I can hear you breathing heavy Jennifer. Laurie replied”. As she began fucking herself with her fingers. Laurie couldn’t believe she was receiving so much pleasure from another woman. Are you fucking your pussy with your fingers DivineL? ” I wish it was your tongue fucking me, deep inside my hot wet pussy. Laurie replied”

“Do you want me to cum now? Jennifer began rubbing her clit very fast. Making it grow to a size of a grape. ” I’m cumming now all over your face Jennifer replied”. Fucking you with my tongue,” Let me taste your juice in my mouth replied Jennifer.” The leather chair was soaked with pussy juice. ‘Oh yes! I’m cumming! This was the first time Laurie had never masturbated with another woman. “Thank You Jennifer for making my first time with a woman so wonderful”

“Your very welcome DivineL.

“I will never forget my first night with Jennifer, she was amazing.” If you have never tried it, it’s never too late. With a smile on her face, Laurie closed her journal and headed for bed

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