An Extreme Fun with an Unknown Lady


Hi friends, hope you remember me. For those who don’t know me, I am nithin from Kerala but currently in Chennai and I am 26 years of age and I am having an average cock that can satisfy a woman because I think size is not the matter but the technique is the matter for ladies.

So coming to my experience this happened in one of the supermarkets of Chennai. I was shopping for something and accidentally hit a lady’s shopping cart. She was very angry on that and she shouted at me for that. I really felt insulted about this and gave an angry stare at her and left the place. So I finished my shopping and left the supermarket and was waiting outside for an auto as I didn’t have a vehicle and my apartment was near from there so I thought of catching an auto from here. But my bad luck or good luck I didn’t get one.

As I was a bit late there were no many autos available at that time. As I was standing there that lady came out of the supermarket and asked me to move to a side as I was standing near to her car. I again got angry and moved aside mumbling something. After she got inside the car she watched me for some time and then asked me where I was going even though I didn’t like her asking me that I answered her bit arrogantly. Then she said she was also going that side she wouldn’t mind dropping me there. Since it was late and there were no autos I accepted her lift.

Speaking of her, her name was Malini. She was a tall lady with a height of about 5’7 and she was having a nice body and that’s how I noticed her. I don’t know her stats but she was having the right amount of flesh in right areas and a flat tummy.

So we introduced ourselves. She was a manager in some company and also was a divorcee. I was Ankara escort sad to hear that and I asked sorry for my rude behavior to her. But instead, she said sorry to me as it was her who behaved rudely to me as she had a very bad day at her office. So then I convinced her by saying that no sorry among friends. She was surprised to hear that even after her insulting me I considered her as a friend and she was happy for that.

Then we reached my apartment, then we exchanged our numbers and we departed. Soon I forgot about her and after two weeks I again met her at the same supermarket but this time when I smiled at her she didn’t respond and she was little angry. So I after finishing my shopping I waited for her to apologize. But she avoided me. So I immediately ran behind her and apologized to her for not contacting. She looked at me in anger and asked me to get inside the car and she stopped the car only at her apartment and asked me to get down.

She pulled my ear and dragged me to her house. I was scared a bit of her behavior but she laughed loudly when she saw my scared face. She said don’t worry I am not going to kill you it was a small punishment for not contacting her all these days. Then she brought two glasses of mango juice for us and sat next to me. Now she was staring at me from the side while I was drinking the juice. Then she came near to my ears and asked in a low voice that, “can you fuck me really hard!” I was surprised by her question and before I can answer anything she lifted me by my shirts color and pulled me to her room where she tore my shirt and pushed me to her bed and tied my hands with my shirt to her big bed and then removed my pants and thrown it away. Then she tied my legs to her Ankara escort bayan bed with her shawl and tore my boxers with scissors. I was like what the fuck was happening.

Then she did a striptease to me and I was really aroused and hard by the show she has given and by her sexy body. Then she came and sat on my lap and then she took my hard cock in her hand and she slapped it. It was really paining and I shouted in pain. She warned me to keep quiet and she again slapped my cock and I again shouted in pain. She looked at me angrily and filled my mouth with her panty. The panty was very tasty as it had her sweat and juices mixed together. After that, she again slapped me now on my face. As I am little fair my face became red. She was enjoying all this. Then she removed her panty from my mouth and she sat on the face with her pussy on my mouth and she held my hair and pushed my face into her pussy very hard. This made me choke as I couldn’t breathe. Then she made me lick her for a while and then she spit into my mouth and she lip kissed me and played with my mouth and she even bit my lips.

Then she slowly moved down and started to lick my nipples. She played with one and bit another likewise she played for a while. Then she again moved down and played with my navel. Then she slowly played with my cock and started a very rough blowjob that too very deep ones making her to gag.

She then inserted my cock into her hot pussy and started to hump on it very fast. Her big boobs were jumping due to this and that was lovely seen. I was having pain on my cock as she very rough and as it was my first-time intercourse. But I was enjoying the pain really well as it was one of my dreams to be a slave to a great Escort Ankara woman. I said I was about cum but she ordered me to control my urge, but I couldn’t and I released a huge load into her pussy the first one short was filled in her pussy but the following shots were spread on her boob’s tummy and my stomach. She was very angry for disobeying her and releasing my cum that too in her pussy. So as a punishment she made to lick my own cum on her boobs and stomach.

She then released my hands and legs and ordered me to be all fours on the floor like a dog. I immediately got on all fours and she brought a whipping stick and thrashed my ass nicely. I was crying in pain but she didn’t leave me. Then she dragged me by the hair to the bathroom and made me lie on the bathroom floor and asked me to open my mouth. She then pissed into my mouth and then all over my body and asked me to clean her pussy. She then asked me to wash my body and come back. I cleaned my body and I checked on the bruises she has caused on my body and that was really hurting me.

I was really scared to go back to her in the room but as I was scared of getting whipped on my ass again. I went back to her inside the room. There she was sitting on a chair with a glass of wine in her hand. On seeing me she asked me to go near to her and sit on the floor nearby the chair. Then she surprisingly came and kissed me on my face and smooched me, this time with love and passion. I was relieved and asked her what was this all about. Then she said that this was a fantasy and she wished it to be fulfilled through me and didn’t want it to be planed as she felt that she might not get the full satisfaction she got now. And after that night we had our real love making with passion and true lust and enjoyed the weekend.


That’s all my friends this was my little experience which I wished to share with you. Please give your valuable comments through my profile.

Thank you…

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