An Incest Birthday Chapter 9


As usual, comments and honest opinions are greatly appreciated.If you didn’t read the first parts you should, it will make more sense if you do.After everything that happened yesterday it’s no wonder I was having sex dreams all night. In the first one mom was riding my face and Rita sucked me off until I came, in the second Aunt Lisa was eating mom out while I was fucking her doggy, the third I was on top of mom pounding the hell out of her, and in the one I’m having now I’m having my world rocked as Rita rides me slowly, then picks up speed, and slows down again. It feels so good, so satisfying, so real, in fact, it feels a little too real. I can actually feel hands pushing down on my naked chest, smell the familiar smell of sex in the air, hear the pleasurable sound of a woman moaning, and that oh so wonderful suction feeling that happens when a woman goes into orgasm. This was definitely happening for real, and when I finally opened my eyes, the sight of Rita sitting on top of me confirmed it. “Ugh, I’m sorry baby, ugh, but I couldn’t wait for you to get up, ugh,” she moaned.“Oh my god Rita it’s ok, you feel so good, just don’t stop riding me.”She took my hands and put them on her breasts and squeezed, which caused her to shake a little, and in turn made her ride me a little harder, action reaction at its finest, thanks physics class. She looked me dead in the eyes as she moaned and rode me, and it’s a sight that will be etched in my mind forever. I was getting more and more aroused by the second, I had to pull her down into a kiss, and what a kiss it was. I swear we were made for each other, every move we made complimented the other, I opened my mouth and her tongue slid in, she sat back up and my hands went back to her tits, she moaned and my hips took on a mind of their own, fucking her relentlessly. We had gotten so caught up in each other we forgot one major important detail…“Where are the parents,” I yelled as I sat up.“I don’t know, and I don’t care, lay back down baby.”“We can’t let dad catch us, these doors have no locks, we have to make sure they’re not up.”“Uuhhh, ok fine, but hurry up, I need you back in me right fucking now!”We got up and put on robes and looked around for them in every room but found no one, but when we got to the kitchen we found a note on the table.Your mom, aunt and I went on a little walk, we should be back around ten or so, try not to destroy the cabin while were gone- dad.Once we finished reading the note we dropped our robes to the floor and kicked them to the side only to notice my cock had regained full hardness, and Rita was equally as horny dripping on the floor. It was only 8:27 so we had plenty of time to fuck each other silly. Since we were already in the kitchen I figured we might as well use it, so I swept everything on the table to the floor (I always wanted to do that) and picked Rita up and sat her on it. We kissed a while before she lay back and spread her legs wide open for me, and I wasted no time and plunged myself back into her.“Uhh oh god, now fuck me, fuck me hard, you owe me for taking it out in the first place!”“Ok, but remember, you asked for it!”I leaned forward so my face was directly over hers and placed my hands on the table, and with just the lower half of my body, I drove in and out of her. Each thrust made her body bounce in place as she squeezed the ends of the table to try and steady herself.“Randy! Randy! I love you! Oh god I love you so much! Keep fucking me!”With that kind of talk I was bound to blow my load early, so I slowed pace a little and leaned down to kiss her. As our tongues danced around, I massaged one of her breasts and twisted the nipple between istanbul travesti my fingers, and then she pulled me down her body to suck on her other nipple. As I continue to fuck her she sits up and puts her arms around my neck to pull herself up, I take the hint and lift her off the table so she’s now riding me standing up. I grab hold of her meaty cheeks and help her bounce up and down on me. We fucked like this for a good ten minutes before she hopped down and bent over the table and shook her ass at me.“I think you know what to do, get over here and fuck your sister’s brains out.”That was all it took, I walked up behind her and pushed right back into her pussy. She let out a loud yelp and started meeting me thrust for thrust. I grabbed a lock of her hair and pulled her head back enough so I cold kiss her. When she broke the kiss she let her arms buckle under her and fell onto the table, which to me says “fuck me harder,” so I did. I took her hips and railed her as hard as I could constantly without letting up, and she was very appreciative.“That’s it, fuck me! I’m your slut Randy, only yours! Oh you make me feel so fucking good!”“If you like that, then you’ll love this,” I said as I stuck my thumb in her ass.“Oooh, see what I’m talking about, you make me feel so good! Please don’t stop!”And I didn’t, in fact I picked up speed fucking and fingering her. I could see her tits smashed to the table as she rocked back and forth, her pussy squeezing me on each inward thrust. I kept this up for a while before I pulled my finger out of her ass and gripped her hips again, and began my final assault on her pussy. I could see as she rose up on her toes and clenched her fists on the table and screamed for me to make her cum. The combination of the smell of our sex filling my nostrils along with the clapping of her ass cheeks on me sent me into a rage as I sped up effectively fucking the living daylights out of her. The pressure of feeling so much pleasure while trying to hold it in finally overtook her as she broke out into a violent shaking orgasm.“Fuck! I’m cumming so hard! Oh my god! Oh my god! Fuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!”I continued fucking her through her orgasm as she fidgeted in front of me and flooded my lower half with her cum. I had held on as long as I could but could do so no more as I screamed to her I was cumming and released every ounce of semen in my body into her pussy. My cumming in her must have given her another orgasm because she tightened up on me and shook around again before we both finally fell forward on the table exhausted.No words were said, there was only heavy breathing, smiles, and kisses exchanged between us. It was when we realized we were hungry that we got up, grabbed our robes and went to get cleaned up in the bathroom. When we came out we decided that we would make breakfast for everyone, so we put on some sensible clothes and headed back to the kitchen.We decided to make eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes, I made the eggs and pancakes, and she made the bacon and sausage. The whole time we were cooking we were kissing and touching each other and grabbing through clothes. Its like were not even brother and sister, but to keep it official we did mess around. I threw a pancake at her that landed directly on her face, and burst out laughing. My laughter was short lived though as she in return threw a hot sausage at me that burned my skin a little, but not too much. After we had our fun we went back to cooking and kissing like two people who were deeply in love with each other. Once breakfast was finished we washed up the dishes that were dirty so it would be less to do later, istanbul travestileri and as we were setting the table, everyone walked in through the cabin door.“Something smells good,” mom said, and the others agreed. “We figured we’d take care of it this time, but don’t get used to it,” Rita joked.We all took our places at the table and sat down to eat, we really didn’t talk about much since everyone was so hungry they didn’t concentrate on anything but the food. The only conversation I could remember coming up was what we were gonna do the last day here, and no one had any suggestions. Once we had finished eating Aunt Lisa asked if we wanted to go for a swim in the pool since we had all not been in at the same time, we agreed and all the adults flew from the table running and laughing like little kids in a candy store leaving us to clean up, I guess its only fair since we do it to them all the time. Not even waiting the full 45 minutes after they ate we could hear them laughing and heading towards the pool. When we finished cleaning up we went and changed and headed out to the pool where they were already splashing around, and we figured we’d better make a grand entrance.We both yelled “cannonball” as we jumped in splashing water everywhere.“You guys! Now my hairs all wet,” Aunt Lisa pouted.Mom just looked at us, then at Aunt Lisa and laughed. “Don’t worry about it, after a while you get used to it, they’re always doing something.”We messed around in the water for a good while, jumping in and out, splashing each other, throwing someone, just good fun. It was here that we discovered that everyone had a different talent in the water. We found out that dad can hold his breath underwater for 4 minutes, mom is an amazing diver, Rita’s entire body can float above water, I can swim for a long time and not get tired, and Aunt Lisa is the fastest swimmer. That last one came as a shock to Rita because she thought she was the fastest. There was little to no flirting as we were only focused on having a good time, but its not to say to few hints didn’t go unnoticed, like when Aunt Lisa rubbed her tits on my back, or when mom backed into my crotch, or when Rita flat out shoved her hand in my shorts. For some reason, sex wasn’t even considered at the moment, we were content with just having fun, and enjoying each others company. We were all leaning up against the wall swaying our feet back and forth in the water when mom did a girly shriek and started tapping dad on the arm. “Ooh, ooh, ooh! Why don’t we have a barbeque! We haven’t had one in ages!” Dad looked a little surprised. “That would be great, but there’s no charcoal here.”“Yea there is, I saw some in the cabinet yesterday, and some lighter fluid.”He thought for a minute, and then smiled. “It’s ok with me, we could cook up some of that extra food.”Mom clapped her hands in excitement. “Yay! Lets get started on it now, this is gonna be great!”It was settled, we were having a barbeque. All the adults got out so they could rinse off in the shower but we stayed in for a little while longer. We didn’t do anything, just swam around holding each other and kissing each other and what not. Things were going great, I had the girl of my dreams, a great family, my health, life was good. I could look at her and tell she was thinking the same thing, and we sealed the moment with a passion-filled kiss.“I love you so much, I don’t know what I’d do without you,” she said.“I love you too. Trust me, you’ll never have to find out.”We got out of the pool and rinsed off in the showers, got changed and headed outside, where the adults had gathered all the food they were going travesti istanbul to cook. They were making hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers, ribs, and a few steaks. This was sounding like a great idea. We helped mom and Aunt Lisa set up everything and dad got the fire started. He and mom would take turns grilling since they both wanted to make something, and Aunt Lisa would make the cole slaw and macaroni and cheese, so we had nothing to do. We didn’t complain as we took off into the woods, not really knowing where we were going, but leaving before they changed their minds and had us do something. Before we knew it we were back at the lake we were at last night, and there were two rowboats sitting at the bank.“Where the hell did those boats come from?”“I don’t know, but since they’re there, let me take my favorite girl for a ride.”“Oh, so romantic! I hope were only going in one boat because I don’t wanna paddle.”“Yes one boat, now get over there before I change my mind.”She skipped down to the boat and I followed behind her. I picked her up so she wouldn’t get her feet wet and she responded by kissing my neck, which almost made me drop her. I sat her down, pushed the boat into the water and climbed in. As I was rowing she was locked dead on me, giving me that sexy stare that seems to only happen in the movies, and I couldn’t help but stare back, she truly is a beautiful girl. “I love you,” she said never looking away from me.“I love you too.”“I love you more.”I don’t know who loved each other more, but I decided to test her theory. “Prove it.”Without hesitation she leaned forward and took my cock out of my shorts and started sucking me. I cannot tell you how good it felt. She was deepthroating me every time she sucked me and was playing with my balls with one of her free hands. “Oh my god Rita that feels so good, please don’t stop!”She mumbled something but never stopped sucking me. I was barely able to keep paddling I was feeling so good. She pulled out so her lips were at the head and sucked and slurped her tongue around it, which was making me very sensitive, and then she took me back into her mouth with one movement. I was trying to hold out while rowing to who knows where but something had to give.“Fuck Rita I’m about to cum! If you don’t want it down your throat you better move!”She didn’t move, she instead sucked faster and squeezed my balls slightly, but enough. I stopped rowing as I thrusted forward and she pushed my cock past her tongue and into her throat just as I released shot after shot of jizz into her. I could see her throat moving as she worked it down never missing a beat. When I came all I could she let my cock slide from her mouth and kissed the tip looking up at me.“I told you I love you more.”“Rita that was fanfuckingtastic! I came down your throat!”“I don’t think I would ever to that for another guy, let alone enjoy it.”“I have no doubt now, you love me a little more, but not much, don’t forget my oral skills!”She shuddered and closed her eyes for a minute. “If only you didn’t have to row this boat.”A few seconds after she said that be hit the bank on the other side of the lake. I picked her up again and carried her to the grass to avoid getting wet. We walked up the little hill and saw flowers everywhere. There were tulips, sunflowers, roses, orchids, just flowers. Rita grabbed my hand and we took off picking flower after flower until we had a bushel of every flower that was out there, which turned out to be 12 bushels. We left the flowers there and went exploring to see what else was around, which was only more flowers. We came to this huge tree that had a bunch of hearts with people’s names inside them, and there was a chisel stuck inside the tree. Rita sighed at me and I took the hint and carved our names and the word “forever” inside a heart. She walked up to me and hugged and kissed me and told me she loved me again, and then she would kiss me and tell me again, then again, and again.“You just can’t stop…

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