An Unexpected View


I was late but had promised to drop off the package on the way home. It was already dark when I parked on the street and walked up to the house, glancing at the picture window with the drapes partly open, and placed the box at the door. I could see clearly through the window and movement caught my attention. They were supposed to be out for the evening.I crept on to the lawn and peered inside, seeing them kiss in a close embrace, his big hands cupping her yoga pant covered ass. I stopped breathing for a moment and made the decision to stay still. I quickly realized they couldn’t see me in the unlit darkness and bursa escort had no idea I was there.Craig is a tall, handsome man, nearing sixty, with a light beard and full head of hair. Still virile, healthy, and fit, most women found him charming and appealing. His wife of many years still did, and obviously Lori did, too.Lori is in her late thirties, an attractive brunette with two kids, a pudgy mom bod, and a husband, Ken. I wondered where they were while Craig was in their living room.The kissing stopped and Lori dropped to her knees while he undid his shirt and tossed it aside. He grinned down at her, bursa escort bayan his trim and lightly-muscled torso covered in light hair, while her fingers undid his belt and zipper. His pants fell to his ankles and he stepped out of them quickly while she pulled off her sweatshirt.Her tits hung freely, big and jiggly, and she shook her head to get her long hair away from her face. She took his long, thick cock in her hands and stroked it a few times before taking it into her mouth.I watched as she sucked vigorously, drool and spit dripping from her mouth as she deep throated him. He stood steady above escort bursa her, watching her with intense interest, and put his hand on her head.He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, holding her head as he slowly fucked her mouth, his hips slowly moving back and forth. She took him fully, her nose in his neatly-trimmed pubes on each full thrust.His head fell forward and his other hand joined the first on her head, holding her steady as he began pumping his hips faster. His cock slid in and out of her throat while he looked down at her, his face showing signs of impending orgasm.He took his hands away and said something. Lori gasped for air, then wrapped both hands around his thick cock and began pumping them up and down. She took the swollen tip into her mouth for a moment, then leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide.

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