Anal Pet


Anal PetShe can’t do it the normal way.Author’s note: back to the old fashioned ‘stroke story.’ Enjoy.Steve was so fucking horny. His cousin Alan was getting married in a week and his bachelor party had been an extravaganza of booze, blue movies and ‘exotic dancers’. Unfortunately all of the strippers were too struck up to accept his offers to make a little extra money by going home with him. He just didn’t know what the fuck he was going to do.He pulled up to his apartment and he recognized two of his neighbors sitting on the porch smoking and visiting. One was this nosy bitch that was always complaining about noise or something. But the other one was the girl who lived straight across the hall from him who always had a friendly smile and a kind word. She gave him a broad grin and wave.He waved back and noticed that it was still quite warm outside even though it was the middle of the night. Heather wore a thin sundress with spaghetti straps that just seemed to skim and flatter her every curve. He sighed thinking that with her shoulder length blond hair and wide blue eyes she was the epitome of the ‘girl next door.’ Fresh, beautiful and sweet: she inspired so many nasty thoughts he was almost ashamed to look at her.She didn’t seem to mind, though. “Are you ok?” she asked thoughtfully as he walked by. “You seem a little out of sorts.””Yeah, I’m ok,” he said, wanting to talk to her, but wishing that other bitch wasn’t around. He didn’t dare say anything or his business would be all over the neighborhood. Instead of elaborating, he walked past her to his apartment.************I had just changed into his my plaid lounge-pants when I heard a knock on the door. There was Heather, looking like an angel with the hall light forming a soft halo around her golden hair. “Can I come in?” she asked almost in a whisper.”Of course, come right in,” I said ushering her into my home and shutting the door behind her. “What’s up?””Well, I really just wanted to make sure you where ok. You seemed a little distant out there like you didn’t want to say anything in front of Clare, so when she went in, I figured I’d come over here and check on you. Is everything all right?””Yeah, everything’s fine. I’m just a little…” I searched for an appropriate word, “lonely. See my buddy’s getting married soon, and he had this great bachelor party, but then I come home to an empty house, and well, I guess it’s kinda like the day after Christmas, kind of a letdown.”Ohhhh,” she said with a smile. “So you mean you’re horny from watching strippers and porno so your all alone and sexually frustrated.””Uh- yea,” I stuttered. “To put it bluntly.””But you’re not alone,” she said, sliding close to me and touching my shoulder. It couldn’t have been more clear, and yet she still managed to seem so innocent that I was confused.”Um, I… um, I’m not?” I fumbled, not knowing where to rest my hands, feeling suddenly self-conscious.”No-oo-oo,” she said, shaking her head back and forth. “I’m here.”I cleared my throat and coughed. “Well, uh- yes you are.””You know what Steve?” “Uh-uh,” I managed shaking my head dumbly.”I’m horny too.” She kissed me then, and it managed to dissolve the unease that I had been feeling. My hands türbanlı kilis escort roamed her body freely now, pulling her against me, exploring her full luscious breasts and her round bootyliscious backside. I touched her face and her hair, searched her eyes to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming and kissed her with the fullness of my passion.I had her clothes on the floor and was admiring her sheer green matching bra and panty set when she said, “There’s only one thing.”Uh-oh. “What?” I ask fingering the clasp of her bra.”Well, I’m kind of a virgin.”I nearly drop dead in front of her from the shock of this revelation. “What do you mean ‘kind of’?” I demand confused.”Well, I’ve never had normal intercourse. See, my hymen is really thick, and I have to have an operation to get it removed because it’s just too painful to try to break it the normal way.”My hopes were going south. What was this girl doing to me, some kind of medieval torture? Was she some evil cock-tease just out to bust my balls or what? Why was she even here?”You see, I found a way around it, and it sounds kind of strange, but- well, I can only engage in anal sex.”What!!!! This beautiful, sweet, innocent nineteen year-old girl was telling me that she wanted me to fuck her beautiful ass!!!!! Did I win some kind of cosmic lottery????”What’s the problem?” I ask, stroking her hair and searching her eyes which were filled with concern, apprehension of some kind. “I adore anal sex.””Well, the last guy I was seeing, he wouldn’t do it. Said it was unnatural, wrong and dirty. Of course we didn’t last very long, but he made me feel kind of ashamed. He kind of acted like I was wrong and dirty because I did it that way before I met him.””He is a fool,” I assured her, stroking her cheek. “I would consider it an honor to fuck that beautiful ass of yours. And I’ll only make you feel ashamed if you like that sort of thing.”She furrowed her brow. “What do you mean?”I laughed. “Some women get off on being humiliated and degraded in bed. It’s a taboo thing, I guess. Some of them like being called nasty, dirty, slut whore, stuff like that.””Oh,” she said uncertainly. “I don’t think I’d be one of them. But I do like dirty talk!” she said brightly.”You mean like, ‘do it, harder, faster, yes, yes, oh yes’?”She giggled, “Well, yeah, and other stuff too.”I smiled approvingly. “I can hardly wait,” I told her dropping her bra to the floor and sliding my hand inside the front of her panties. She squealed and grabbed at my back with her sharp nails. The pain felt like heaven, pure ecstasy.***************Steve fingered my pussy, making me wish that I could let him fuck me there, the normal way but I knew that it was impossible. Soon I was breathing hard and I just couldn’t control myself. “Fuck me Steve; I want to feel your hard cock stretch my ass!” I knew that would make him hot. He had me pegged as the innocent neighbor-girl turned wildcat just for him. I played it well, and it always got me what I wanted- a good hot ass fucking. He dropped to his knees in front of me, his curly brown hair in my grasp. As he slid my panties down and started licking, I grabbed two handfuls of his hair türbanlı kilis escort bayan and guided his face over my juicy horny pussy. “Oh, yes, Steve! Put your tongue up inside me! Oh god, yes. That feels soooooo good!”I was enjoying the warm cunt bath, but I craved more. I reached for Steve’s hand and put his finger in my mouth, sucking hungrily. I felt the amazing tingling as he moaned with his lips around my clit. “Stick your finger in my ass,” I told him and screamed in delight when he did.Steve fingered my ass and licked my pussy while I told him how hot he made me. “Oh baby, stretch my ass, put two fingers in. That’s right baby, oh yeah. Oh, oh, oh god, yea. I can’t wait to have your cock up my tight hot ass. Are you excited about that?””Mm-mm,” he hummed again over my throbbing moist cunt. I nearly ripped his hair out from my pleasure.”Lick it baby. I want to feel your tongue on my ass.” I spread my legs and he worked his way under me, reaching my ass and licking expertly. “That’s it baby, oh that feels good. Stick your tongue up my ass. I wanna feel your tongue stretching my ass. Tongue-fuck my ass baby. Oh yeah, that feels good.” He worked around behind me while orally pleasuring me. I sank to my hands and knees and he buried his face in my cheeks. I could feel his smooth wet tongue sliding in and out of me. “That’s it, get it good and lubed up.” I could hear him sucking and slobbering, doing his best to get me good and wet to prepare for the main event. Pretty soon I was ready.”It’s time,” I told him. “I want it in me.”Up until this time, he had been totally focused on my pleasure, so he still had his clothes on. He quickly undressed and held his cock in his hand as he crouched behind me. “Just press it against my leg; I wanna feel your hard dick on my skin.” He pressed against my leg, and then against my opening but without force or pressure. My ass was so wet, the tip slid partly in easily and the next thing I knew he was gently rocking against me to enter me the rest of the way.”Take it slow,” I told him feeling the rush of fear and pleasure. Until it’s in you have to be extremely careful as one wrong move, one over eager thrust can mean pain that spoils the whole deal. Slowly my ass welcomed him in, but too quickly it could rebel without care.When he had worked his way in and the snug fit was comfortable, I was free to act with total lusty abandon. “Oh God, Fuck my ass hard!” I yelled and he began to pound into me. “Faster! Harder! Make it hurt!”Steve spread my ass cheeks and pounded into me relentlessly. My insides felt squishy. I could barely hold my body up, and my face lay on the carpet getting continually rubbed and burned. Behind me I could here Steve, “Oh yeah, I’m going to fuck your ass raw. I’m going to shoot my load straight up your shoot. Your ass looks so good getting filled with my cock. I love fucking your beautiful ass, pounding my cock into your tight little hole. Oh yeah baby, I’m going to cum.””Not yet, baby. I want you to give me a good long ass fucking. Hurt me all night long!”*************Steve grimaced; he felt himself getting close, but he wanted to hold off until Heather türbanlı escort kilis was ready. “OK, baby, but I’m going to need to slow down a little.” He grabbed her hair and drove into her with long slow strokes. Heather opened her mouth to moan with unearthly pleasure. “Oh God, yeah!”Steve was so close, and her voice was nearly pushing him over the edge. He picked up her green panties from the floor and shoved them into her mouth. “Trust me baby, it’s really hot this way,” he assured her. He grabbed her tits and continued to thrust slowly and purposefully, pausing after each to enjoy the sensation.How long could he hold out? He had to do something. He concentrated on his breathing, keeping it slow and even. Reaching down between her legs, he began to work her clit, hoping to move her closer to orgasm.Steve looked down at Heather’s beautiful ass, his cock pounding into it. He looked at her sundress lying on the floor and her bra next to it. He looked at her long blond hair curling down her curved back and took a handful of it in his hands again. He thought of her now as a pet, her hair was a leash. She was his little pet, and his job was to care for her, provide her with all of her needs. He tried to focus on the tender aspects of her care, brushing her, walking her, talking softly to calm her.Steve noticed that her breathing had quickened. She was nearing now, but not close enough. He had calmed himself down enough now, and an idea came to him. “I want to make you my little pet,” he whispered in her ear. She squealed in what he was fairly certain was pleasure. Just to be sure he took the panties out of her mouth. “You like that idea?””Oh God, yes. I want to be your anal pet, just like in those nine-hundred ads. Fuck my ass Steven; make me your little anal pet. Give me your long hard cock deep in my ass. Oh god yes, shoot your cum inside me. I want to feel your jizz run down my thighs, fuck me hard. I’m so close. Fuck me like a wild a****l. I need you deep inside me.””Oh god,” Steve whispered. He could feel his balls drawing up, getting ready to empty.”Oh God! Yes!” Heather yelled. Her panting was coming so heavily now, intermittent with screaming and moaning.”You like that my little pet? You like my cock stretching your ass wide open.””Ohhh! God,” she moaned. “Fuck me Steven, fuck my ass. I want to feel your hot cum splashing against the inside of my rectum.”Pulling her hair, he abandoned the slow thrusts and fucked her hard and fast. Their breathing was frantic now. *************Steve was yanking my hair and fucking my ass hard and then the room began to spin. The colors blurred together as I felt my climax build. Then it was as if the room totally froze along with time. My orgasm seemed to go on forever, and as I felt him spurt inside of me, I worried that he might stop thrusting but he kept going and going. I kept calling his name, feeling as though I were falling and needed him to catch me. Finally he stopped. I could feel his spent member softening and I collapsed on the living room floor aware of every cell of my body, completely satisfied from one of the greatest ass-fucks of my life. I would definitely have to get to know this neighbor better.******************I looked down at Heather sprawled out on my carpet, my semen running out from her used up crevice. I smiled to myself at the idea of this beautiful creature lying thoroughly fucked in my living room and the irony of my little virgin slut. My little anal pet. I cupped her breast and hoped to god she would come over for another visit soon.***************

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