And the Livin is Easy


I stamped on the brakes and skewed across the road leaving black rubber scorch marks on the tar. She was my pride and joy and I was alarmed I was going to hit the ditch and career into it. But luck was on my side. We screeched to a standstill over the grass verge and onto the brink of the empty ditch.It was mid-summer and, after a blistering month, the ground was bone dry and the grass yellow brown. I guess if it was raining or just wet then I’d have gone that extra couple of feet and ended up looking for a tow truck and some expensive repairs.Damn it girl!” I shouted out of the window. She just looked back and smiled, her bright white teeth flashing through. “Thanks for stopping mister” she said, as she stood there, hands on hips and appraising the car. “You were so lucky. Good job you weren’t driving faster”.“Good job I wasn’t driving faster!” I exclaimed. “Speed wasn’t a factor. If you hadn’t swung your case across in front of me I’d have been fine” I shouted at her. “What sort of kamikaze game were you playing? You got a death wish or something?” I was feeling pretty angry with the situation. But should I have been . . .Here I was in my open top BMW zipping along an open road on a hot summer day with no cares and an attractive woman of about 23 years flagging me down. Things could be worse. A lot worse.But let’s get back on track. My name is Jim and I’m 47 years old. Divorced. No kids. Great Job. Money in the bank and back pocket. Don’t know if I’m good looking. I certainly look after myself and date plenty of girls: they seem to think I’m ok. And I don’t think it’s just the money. Today I’m off the coast. Seen a nice little cruiser that I might buy. Always liked the sea and a small cabin cruiser that I could live on overnight and weekends would be great. Across the France? I needed something big enough to take my motor-bike too.I had come off the main road. I was having fun on this relatively quiet straight road away from urbanisation. Then this girl had just pushed her case out and here we were.My thoughts turned to the girl. Good looker. Legs that seemed to go on forever. First thing I noticed as I got out of the car. Probably the last thing I saw as I braked. Slim shapely tanned legs. Her omg so short denim shorts were traditionally ripped and held up with a brown leather belt matching her open toes sandals. They looked expensive in direct contrast to her brown ancient, well-worn and tatty suitcase. It looked incongruous against her general appearance. She was fit.Chunky jewellery hung of one wrist and a chunky watch encased the other. I ran an appraising eye up past her obviously perky breasts, her long, oh so long, tawny blonde hair; please kiss me lips, to her huge sunglasses through which I made our laughing eyes. Laughing. Laughing after I nearly wrecked my car through her stupidity.Then I thought a bit. Long lonely road, most attractive girl trying to hitch a lift in the middle of nowhere. What was that all about? “What are you doing here, anyway? Long way from anywhere”She hesitated. Obviously she was reluctant to tell me or was thinking of a good tale to tell, probably to cover the truth.“Sorry” ankara travesti she smiled at me. “Didn’t know what else to do. Been walking for ages and its far too hot. Just got to get away. It’s a long story and you’d probably get bored”“OK. Try me. I could imagine your desperation almost throwing that case in front of me. Why are you here, in the middle of nowhere? I’m sure I’ll not be bored” I asked in a quieter tone than I had felt just a few minutes earlier. “jump in. That was what you wanted, wasn’t it, a lift somewhere. You can tell me as we drive.”I took her case and put it in the boot. It was pretty heavy, but then it was a large case. The girl was trendy; in contrast the case was ancient, battered and covered in travel labels. It had obviously had a varied and cosmopolitan life.We jumped in and settled down. “Oh. I’m James but my friends call me Jim” she smiled and told me her name was Helen. “And I’ll call you James. It’s got a sexy sound to it!” She soon launched into her story. She’d been living at a small hotel. She’d turned up there one day looking for work and stayed for over 2 years. She’d moved in with the owner who had treated her well and she ran the place. He was a painter and that’s what he wanted to do, so he’d left her in charge. It was only small and there were a couple of part-timers who cleaned and cooked and did all the menial work. Helen had found it easy and the guests liked her. One day the guy came home with a young girl to help, within a few days the guy moved her in with him and Helen was moved to a box room. She packed two days later and walked out. She liked nice clothes and had the expensive watch. She told me she had a designer bag but that was in the suitcase. She’d never been paid wages, just had drawn what she needed for them to live. It had been a simple life and she’d never given a thought to the future. She left with a couple of hundred pounds in the bank!She hadn’t thought about catching a train or bus but was just going to hitch a lift to the coast. She was really good looking but had no luck with a lift and had walked for about an hour. She told me just how pissed off she had felt, and that getting me to stop was a desperate move. She didn’t choose my car because it was smart; she just tried the first car.I told her what I was doing and where I was going. The next hour went very quickly. “I really appreciate the lift James” she purred at me.“It’s a pleasure, you are good company” I replied. “I can’t tell you have pleased I am that you stopped. Not only that but you are a good looking guy in a stylish car. What more could a girl want” Then I felt it and glanced down. Her hand had strayed over to my thigh and her fingers were crawling towards my crotch. I tried to concentrate on the driving but it was difficult. “Why don’t you pull off the road? Look there’s a layby. So I stopped. It was a long layby and there were a couple of cars parked. I parked centrally to them and quite far away.“This isn’t very private” “No. I like a bit of danger” she purred, her fingers pulling my zipper open, whilst her other arm encircled my neck as she pulled travesti ankara me to her.Boy, am I in luck, I thought!! She held her head up to me, pulled me closer and I kissed her. Her lips were soft and moist. Her mouth slightly open. Her breathing fast. Her tongue was playing a tune against my teeth and inside my mouth.“Rub my pussy, baby” So I did. Her shorts were nothing and as I rubbed outside I rubbed her thighs too. She was breathing heavily. Her hand stopped rubbing my cock and I felt her playing with her shorts. Soon she’d undone the belt and zipped open her shorts.“Quick. Rub my clitoris . . . hard” her voice was a rasp and her breath quick and shallow. She was so wet. She wriggled and her shorts were down past her ass. I could feel soft silky panties, a mere scrap of material, and they were wet. So wet, was like they’d just been washed. Rubbing my itchy fingers over the material I could feel her mound and the lips protruding. Itchy fingers because they were desperate to touch. Yes she was ready and waiting. Slipping my fingers inside the soft silk I felt the smoothest skin imaginable, bringing back memories of college days and 18 year old pussies.She was breathing real heavy now as I rubbed her lips and pushed a finger inside. She was nuzzled up to my neck and right then gave my ear a bite. Her hand was rubbing my hard erection slowly up and down. Nice. Then she pulled away and dived her head down encasing my cock with those lips, pushing down as I entered her mouth, not stopping as her tongue rubbed against me, down, down so deep she almost took my balls.My other hand brushed her breasts through her silky top. She was wearing a skimpy bra, low cut and just a platform and her nipples were protruding and hard. I pushed up her top up and saw her tits which were perfect mouth sized and firm. She was bronzed and had no bikini line, obviously sunbathed topless. My thoughts raced. This was unbelievable; she was giving the best head I’d ever had.She was amazing. Her hand was fondling my balls and a finger scratched them gently sending a tingle down my spine as she rubbed her lips up and down by cock. Mmmmmm. I expect there was some pre-cum for her to taste and enjoy. Her tongue kept licking my hard erection and she kept pushing her tongue out of her mouth under my cock to reach out for my balls to lick. My god was I deep, must be in her throat. I could feel myself coming and she could tell too as my balls hardened and cock jerked. She hung on in but withdrew slightly so my head was in her mouth, not down her throat and, with a sudden big spasm I flooded her mouth. She looked up and smiled, still relishing my erection and cum, which was spilling out of the corners of her mouth. She sat up and opened her mouth, full of cum, and swallowed hard. I saw she had taken my whole load. She was loving it . . . and so was I.I’d stopped fingering her after she shuddered in time to me cumming. Then she sat up and she kissed me hard. I tasted my salty cum and she wrapped her arms around my neck. Hell. A Trucky or two must have seen what was happening as they sped past but luckily we hadn’t been disturbed ankara travestiler by other vehicles pulling in.”You like?” Helen asked pulling her panties up and her shorts back on. “That was a little thank you for the lift.” If this is what you get when you pick up a hitch-hiker then I’ll do it again, I thought.Soon we were back on the road and I felt good, real good, but tired. Not exhausted but tired in a satisfied relaxing way. I didn’t want to go to sleep. We talked more and she told me more about her life, growing up with an alcoholic mother and a father who had walked out when she was three years.Her mother had a series of guys moving in, sometimes just overnight, sometimes for a few weeks. Never for long. Some treated her well, mostly with indifference. It had been tough and she’d walked away when she was sixteen and been walking ever since.To cut to the chase she stayed with me.. I looked at the boat and was very tempted but agreed to sleep on it and come back next day. The owner agreed to hold it and call me if he had an offer. I’d brought a grand with me so I could pay a cash deposit whilst we sorted out the balance. It was stashed away in my wallet in fifties together with extra. I use a card but prefer cash where I can. It’s anonymous and keeps my business private as much as possible.There was a bar next to the boat yard and we had a couple of drinks and bar meals. Seafood of course. It was really relaxing and we were getting on well.“Where are you going now?” I asked Helen. “I don’t know yet. You know I have no plans” “Sounds good to me” she said “And anyway I’ve no plans, nowhere to stay tonight, no commitments and you might even persuade me to drive with you to London tomorrow. It’ll save me a fare anyway. Anyway I just love a hotel breakfast after an exciting night” I looked at her and realised it was going to be some night.“I’m having a good time so why don’t we find a hotel, book in and have a few more drinks. Once I’ve parked I’m not too worried.” She agreed and the bar owner directed us to a hotel just down the road. “You’ll enjoy. The owner is a friend. He runs a good place”We parked up and I carried her ancient case inside. I had a small case with some overnight stuff and change of clothes which I’d packed on the off-chance of staying over. . By myself of course.“What have you got in here?” I asked. It was heavy. She must have some gold bars in here.“I just threw everything I owned in and ran” she said. “So everything I own” Yes! I could see how she might have all her possessions inside, it was really heavy.The hotel was one of those small boutique hotels with a pirate themed bar and intimate restaurant. We booked in and went up to the second floor. We had a good sized room, very plush and just the place for an intimate experience, I thought, as I looked across at Helen.She said “Why don’t you go down to the bar. I want to freshen up and unpack a few things.” So I did and just over 40 minutes later she came down looking like she’d just been made, pristine in every sense. If the bar had been full, every head would have turned, every eye stared.I wouldn’t say we drank hard that afternoon but continuously. We just relaxed and chatted. She was very interested in me, my business and life. It was quite nice to have such a beautiful girl being interested in me like that.Eventually we moved to the dining room.We sat side by side against the wall.

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