Angela’s Service Ch. 02


*This picks up immediately following the first story. You can come along for the ride but I suggest reading Part 1.

Angela sat in the rocker by the roadside the following afternoon. She quickly and quietly opened her own savings account this morning, depositing several hundred dollars. She would also add a small portion of her paycheck. She was young and shouldn’t have to help support her family.

An older couple from Pennsylvania was sifting through homemade crafts. The woman picked up an item from a box marked $5.00.

“Can I get this for 3 bucks?” she asked.

Angela rolled her eyes. This wasn’t a garage sale and her family wasn’t trying to dump crap they didn’t need.

“No, ma’am. That’s a five dollar item and the price is non-negotiable.”

The woman put it back and looked at her husband. He caught her eye and they piled back into their RV. Dust kicked up as it rolled off towards the forest of masts. Everyone went to sail here. No one bought their stuff.

She dozed in the summer heat. Her mind kept wandering back to yesterday. She managed to avoid most of the clients, but their looks and conspiratorial grins told her that word had gotten around. She was torn between embarrassment and acceptance. Sure, she let a 70 year old bring her to orgasm. Sure, she made a few hundred bucks off it but that made her a hooker. The thing that got to her was that it felt so good. He was gentle, soft, and all those years of experience showed up. She laughed to herself thinking about how much better an older man would be compared to a 21 year old frat boy.

The next day at work, she smiled at waved to Mr. Lemosh. He waved back from across the pool yard. She wandered back into the coolness of the building and ran into Mr. Deerly and Mr. Warren. They were the two that caught her hands in Mr. Lemosh’s money the other day. She was sure Mr. Lemosh told no one and it was these two that spread word about her.

“Ah, Nurse Vernon! Oops, I mean, Ms. Angela. How are you today?” Mr. Warren asked. Mr. Deerly shuffled his feet and looked at the ground.

“I’m well. How are you two gentlemen?” she asked.

“We’re swell. We might need your presence later today if you were so inclined. There’s something we can use your help with.”

Angela smiled politely and nodded. This would become very interesting very quickly. She felt she should control who and what happened and everyone could understand that. But if anyone felt slighted or angry, they could easily get her fired or make enough noise that she would get into serious trouble. Her job might be at stake, she realized with sudden panic.

Mr. Warren swiftly walkered Escort away. Mr. Deerly waited a second, then cleared his throat. Angela realized he was nervous and hid her smile.

“Ummm… I’ve never done anything like this ever and it’s been a long time since Margaret passed. I don’t know how to ask you for something.” His eyes were locked on her shoes.

“What would you like, Mr. Deerly?” Angela quietly asked.

“I want you to shower me,” he responded.

“Like, you want me to lean in and scrub you, so I don’t get my hair wet? Wet hair doesn’t look good in this heat.”

He smiled at her joke and shook his head.

“No, I want you to be in there with me.” And then quickly, “I’d give you 200 dollars to do it.”

Angela smiled and nodded. “Tonight?” she asked.

“Yes, that would be good. Thank you.”

Evening came quickly. Around 7:00, after everyone was fed and the large dining room cleaned, Angela went to punch out. She walked to the parking lot with the other maids and said her good-byes. She fumbled with her keys while they drove away. Walking quickly back towards a side door, Angela let herself in and headed towards Room 24. She had never done things half-assed and this was a chance to make a lot of money even if it were the sex trade. She would consider it acting, perhaps, and go all out, making these guys happy. With any luck, she’d be so impressive she could raise rates.

She knocked on the door.

The door swung open and Mr. Deerly peered out. He smiled at her. She smiled back while fighting off a laugh. He had only a towel wrapped around his waist. He was old and his body showed abuse from too much sitting and McDonald’s. His skin was the pale color of dead fish and it sagged. He had random splotches of hair on his chest and he was significantly overweight. Angela stepped inside the apartment and pulled the towel off him. He stood naked in front of her. Under a mess of gray pubes, she could make out his small cock.

“Get the water running,” Angela said, “I’ll be in a moment.”

Mr. Deerly walked into the bathroom. The shower kicked on seconds later and steam curled up from the doorframe. Angela pulled her uniform over her head and reached behind to unsnap her bra. She pulled it off, kicked off her shoes, and pulled her panties off her hips and down her legs. She was naked in Mr. Deerly’s room. She was about to shower with him. She saw the 200 dollars sitting on the dresser and stuffed it into her purse. Sighing, she walked into the bathroom.

Mr. Deerly was under the spray of water, humming a tuneless song. Angela discreetly coughed to alert him to her presence.

“C’mon in, the water’s Escort Bayan warm.”

She pulled the curtain back and stepped in. The differences in their bodies shocked her. She was 20 years old, tanned with smooth, soft skin. She was physically fit and had long, lean legs and perky breasts. He was even more pasty and doughy in the lights of the bathroom. Skin sagged and hung and liver spots and other marks were rampant.

Angela had showered with a guy or two before and she quickly took charge. Mr. Deerly was bald so he needed no shampooing. She put the bar of soap in his hand and held her arms over her head.

“First,” she directed, “you soap up my front.”

His hands came up with the bar. He worked up a lather on her breasts, squeezing and running his palms on her skin. She let him touch, caress, and rub her tits. His hands slid down and ran along her abs. Angela loved doing core work when she exercised and she had tight abs, molded and visible when she showed her midriff. Mr. Deerly’s breathing labored as he moved his hands lower between her legs. He lightly touched her pussy lips and pushed down with his fingertips. She moaned for his benefit and he laughed, pleased with himself. She let him grope her a few more seconds.

“Okay, turn around and I’ll get you.”

Mr. Deerly turned, facing the stream of water from the showerhead and handed the soap back to Angela. She plucked it out of his hand and put it on the soap dish. He started to ask what she was doing when she stepped right up behind him. She pressed her soap-covered tits against his back. Pushing into him, her soapy stomach touched his wrinkled lower back. She slid up and down along his back. She lowered her body so her nipples were running down to his back and straightened up, pressing her crotch into his sagging ass. She glided up and down his back, scrubbing him with her tits. Her hands curled around to the front of his body and she skimmed his chest and round stomach with her palms.

“Let me get your legs,” she said, kneeled behind him.

She reached up for the soap and ran her hands along his vein-ridden calves.

“Spread your feet a little,” she asked.

Mr. Deerly widened his stance, feet touching the edges of the tub. Angela ran the bar of soap up and down his calves and the backs of his legs. Then, putting the bar down, she ran her hand up the inside of his leg, slowly reaching his inner thighs. His whole body stiffened as her hand went between his legs and stroked his balls. Still kneeling behind him, she reached around with her other arm and grasped his dick. She gave it a few soft pulls and let go.

“Okay, rinse off the back,” Bayan Escort Angela said, standing up.

Mr. Deerly turned and put his back in the water. His dick was fairly hard at 4 inches. Her hands went to his crotch as she looked him in the eyes. She lightly tugged on his balls and started pumping his cock with her hand.

“You like that, Grandpa?” she cooed, “You like me jerking you off? I bet you want me to suck it.”

She eased down his body, sleek and slippery from unrinsed bubbles, and knelt between his legs. She pushed her tits into his crotched and slid up and down on his cock. His breathing was ragged and he held onto the shower curtain for dear life. Angela decided to give the old man a thrill. Her lips parted and she took his cock in her mouth. She was lying to herself saying she wasn’t having fun as her head started bobbing up and down into the old man’s crotch. He was not big and she easily took him down to his pubes. She sucked his cock, massaging it with her mouth. Mr. Deerly grabbed her head to hold on as he got closer and closer to orgasm. Angela wasn’t ready yet to swallow her client’s cum and she pulled off him. His dick popped out of her mouth with a wet sound.

“I want your cum on my tits,” she said, stroking his cock. She pumped it furiously, her wet handing flying up and down his four inches. She ran her nails on the underside of his stomach, scratching him lightly. He reached down and held her tit.

“Ahhhh!” he cried out. His hips shot forward and a gob of cum shot out and landed on her chest. She kept working, slowing down her pace as Mr. Deerly’s knees buckled. He dropped to his knees, joining her in the tub, and leaned heavily on her. Angela held him, cooing in his ear.

After a minute, she untangled herself from the grinning Mr. Deerly. He gave her a thumbs up and continued to lay in the bathtub. She dried off and walked out to his main room. She dried and pulled her clothes on.

“Ms. Angela?” he called out.

“Yes?” she responded.

“Take more from the dresser. You earned whatever you want.”

Angela pulled open a drawer. Looking at all the money, she wondered why these old guys had so much cash lying around. First the other day and now she was looking at 600 bucks, minimum. She wasn’t greedy, though, so she added another 100 and got dressed.

“Thanks,” she called out.

“No. Thank you,” he said.

Walking to her car, Angela wondered how far she could take this. Three hundred dollars in 20 minutes. She could do this twice a day and make three grand in a week. A few months of this and she’d be paid up for a four-year college. She would start looking online to submit applications to schools. Maybe USF or Miami. She had the grades in high school. Now, with this opportunity, she would get to college.

She laughed to herself. She even had fun with the old guy.

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