Anniversary Visitation


It had been a rough day. It was June 20th and for me, June 20th was never a good day. Normally I would be working, but this year the date fell on a Saturday and I didn’t have to work. So I hung around the house for the most part and felt sorry for myself.You see, June 20th was the day my sweet Jenny had stood beside me in front of the preacher and our friends and became my wife. It was the happiest day of my life and I planned on having many wonderful years with her by my side, having a family, watching them grow and growing old beside her.But life had another design for me and only four short years later, I found myself alone again thanks to a drunk driver who after being busted for the same thing several times before, ran from the police this time because he was afraid he’d lose his driver’s license. Instead, he lost control of his car and plowed into my wife’s car as she was coming home from a trip to the mall. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye – the police said she died on impact and didn’t even make it to the hospital.That was ten years ago today. As I sat in my chair, I looked up at her picture on the fireplace mantle. Still just as beautiful as ever, I still fall in love with her every time I see the picture.I had been up to the cemetery earlier that day and spent a little time at her gravesite, taking her some roses, her favorite flower, and taking care of her site. I looked next to her at the spot that waited for me when I would be joined with her again. I longed for that day. The day that we could be together once more and this time nothing would ever separate us again.As I sat there in my chair next to the fireplace I could feel my eyelids getting heavy. I didn’t want to go to bed, though. In fact, I hated going to bed… all I would do is lie there alone and miss Jenny more, finally falling asleep and dreaming about her and remembering how good it felt to be with her. The next morning I would always wake up to more heartbreak when my dreams came to an end. I hated that damn alarm clock.”Hi Honey, what do you think of my new dress?” a woman’s voice said. I opened my eyes and I saw my Jenny standing there in front of me. She was wearing the dress she had bought the day of the accident. She had shown it to me before she bought it – she was worried it was too expensive. But I saw the look in her eye when she looked at it and I told her to get it. I would give that girl anything her heart desired. But she never got the chance to wear it. So in her memory, Ankara bayan escort I had the funeral director put her in it before we buried her. Now she stood in front of me wanting to know how she looked in it!”W-what?” I said, because basically, I couldn’t think of any sensible reply at that moment!”What do you think of my new dress? Do you like it? I bought it today… I hope you like it,” she said again. “I know it is a little expensive but it looks so pretty. Isn’t it pretty?” she said, turning around to show me.I was dumbstruck. My wife, dead and buried these past ten years, was standing in front of me asking if the dress she bought today looked pretty on her!I was actually glad that she thought she had just come from the boutique. Merciful as it was, she was not aware that she had died, so the fact I was so shocked to see her again puzzled her.”It looks beautiful, Jenny. You always look beautiful to me,” I said, trying to cover my surprise.”Aww, you are so sweet!” she said. Jenny came closer and leaned over to kiss me. I smelled her favorite perfume, Avon’s Flor Violeta. I felt her hand as she placed it over mine. And I felt her soft, warm kiss on my lips. God, I had missed that kiss so much!I reached up, almost afraid to touch her for fear that the dream would disappear. But then I realized I was already touching her with my kiss. I felt her soft brown hair and I pulled her closer into my kiss. I devoured her, kissing her like I hadn’t kissed her in years and was afraid I’d never kiss those lips again – both of which were true.Jenny pulled away from me gasping. “Wow, Tommy! That was some kiss, sweetheart! You were always a great kisser, but what was that all about?” she asked, panting.”I just really missed you, baby,” I said.”I guess so!” she said. Then she looked down at the bulge in my sweatpants. I always wear sweats around the house – they are comfortable and keep the chill away. And if I have to go out to the car or something, I’m not wearing pajamas out in public!”Mmm, I guess you HAVE missed me sweetheart!” she said, looking at my lap and smiling her bright cheerful smile. “Is that for me?””Always, baby,” I said. “Let’s get you out of those old sweatpants then, and let’s see what you have under there for me!” she said with a giggle.Jenny reached up to pull my sweatpants down. I raised up slightly in my chair to help her.”Oh my, Tommy! You know I have always loved your cock baby. You feel so good inside me!” she said.Jenny Escort bayan Ankara knelt down between my legs. “But before that, I want a taste of that big ole’ cock of yours!” she said with her trademark smile. She took hold of my cock by the base and gave the head a long slow lick. God, she felt good! She licked from base to tip all the way around my shaft making sure I was completely coated with her saliva. Then she spent a moment or two licking across the head and using the very tip of her tongue in my peehole. She ran it under the rim next. These were her special moves – moves I had come to expect and love when she and I had sex.Then she looked up at me, her sparkling green eyes watching me for my reaction. She took me into her mouth and began sliding down my hard, eager shaft.”Ohhh God, Jennyyy,” I moaned as I felt her warm mouth hug my neglected cock. Jenny had always been very good at pleasing and pleasuring me with her mouth – I used to tell her she was a natural born cocksucker, which she took as quite a compliment. And she had never failed to bring me off whenever she wanted to. Although she didn’t always finish me off with her mouth – sometimes she had other plans for the hard cock she had created in me! This was one of those times, too. Once she had licked and sucked me to the stiffness of a railroad spike, she stood up and with a deftness I had forgotten she had, she slipped her panties off and showed them to me with a naughty little grin. She dropped them on the floor then stood there for a moment, hands behind her back and twisting a bit back and forth like a little girl. She knew I liked when she acted “little girlish” – she was sooo sexy like that! I reached out to grab her and pulled her into my lap and she sat down straddling my legs. She leaned forward to kiss me and ground her bare pussy against my hard cock moaning into my mouth. “Mmm, your cock wants to play sweetheart,” she whispered. She rose up on her knees and reached under her to grasp my cock and aim it at her eager pussy. She held her new dress out of the way and eased herself down onto my shaft.”Ohhhh…” she moaned as she felt me go inside her.Now I know this must all sound pretty bizarre and I’m not entirely sure I believe it all happened myself, but I was there, I was at least semi-awake, and I could feel everything. I felt her touch, her kiss, and the incredible warmth and tightness of my Jenny’s sweet pussy. Jenny sank slowly down on my cock, both Bayan escort Ankara of us enjoying every inch of the trip. She always loved the initial opening part of sex and liked to make it last as long as she could. As for me, I enjoyed everything about it, especially making her feel good. Her moans and whimpers, her groans and gasps all made it that much better for me. Pleasing my Jenny pleased me. Jenny sank slowly down onto me until she was finally sitting squarely on my thighs, my hard aching cock nestled deeply inside her to the hilt. “Ohhh fuck Jenny…. your pussy feels so good wrapped around me!” I moaned. She looked at me and smiled, then began a slow, teasing grind, rolling her hips and squirming on my lap so my cock hit each of her special places just as she needed it to.I reached up and grabbed her wonderful 36D tits, wanting to play with them and distract myself from what she was doing to my cock. I had missed this woman more than I could put into words here, and I was not in any hurry for this visit to end.Jenny smiled at me and took my hands from her tits, moving them up to her shoulders. “Undo my top, love, and you can play with them better,” she whispered lustily. I unclipped the halter top of her dress and the two front panels fell away, revealing the luscious tits with their firm hard nipples. I couldn’t resist the temptation to taste her once again. I pulled her forward just enough to put my mouth around one tasty nipple while still being able to move in and out of her wet wanting pussy with my cock. The combination was incredible for both of us. I pumped in and out of her down below, while I feasted on a meal I had long given up on enjoying again as I nibbled and chewed on her tender tits.Jenny moaned and tossed her head back, letting her waist-length brown hair tickle and tease my thighs as she bounced up and down on my lap. I pinched her hard nipples gently using my thumbs to rub over the little buds. Jenny’s tits and nipples had always been especially sensitive and she had confessed that more than once she had cum simply by having her nipples toyed with. I never had the patience to see if it was true – always wanting to move forward with other fun activities before I could find out. But knowing how much nipple play turned her on, I never doubted it.”Oh God, Tommy! Ohhh, baby, you feel so good inside me. I always loved your big, fat cock inside me. Fuck me, Tommy! Fuck me, hard baby! Make me cum, please! I want to cum for you!” she moaned desperately.Jenny wasn’t the only one enjoying this ghostly reunion. Somehow, in some bizarre twist of fate or whatever, I was now fucking my long-dead wife’s ghostly apparition – yet it was as real and genuine as if she had just come home from the dress shop ten minutes ago!I didn’t care what or how at this point.

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