Another AirBNB Booking Part 3

For Women

Another AirBNB Booking Part 3I laid in bed with Lisa and thanked her for her participation, she hugged me and smiled telling me she really enjoyed it, we all had fun and we both thought that Mel was hot. I woke early as I wasn’t sure what time Mel had to leave as we didn’t discuss it, I pulled on my boxers and headed down to put the coffee on, I left Lisa to sleep for now.I took a gamble on black with no sugar and poured a mug for Mel and climbed the stairs heading for the guest room, the door was ajar and I popped my head around to see Mel laying on top of her bed on her stomach still in just her red thong, bless! She did look sweet.I placed the mug on the night stand and sat on the edge of the bed looking down her back to her perfectly shaped bubble butt and I was beginning to feel a stir.Suddenly she stirred and twisted her body and ended up on her side with her head on my lap, well the stir I felt earlier was quickly turning into a full arousal as I felt her face press against my cock.I looked down on her and ran my fingers through her hair, her eyes opened and she smiled,“Good Morning Mel, I made some coffee” I said softly, “Mmm” she said, “I could wake up to this every morning” she continued, “what?, coffee?” I asked with a grin“No silly, your cock in my face” she replied giving the bulge a quick kiss.I laughed but felt my cock getting harder, “It’s 7am” I said as I reached to get her coffee for her, she accepted it and took a sip, “Mmm, just how I like it” she said taking another bigger sip.“How did you sleep?” I asked wanting to make sure she had a comfortable night, she looked up taking another sip of coffee,“Perfect” she said, “Absolutely Perfect!”I continued to run my fingers through her hair and then ran gently down her back, she shivered at my gentle touch, I stopped at her bubble butt and gently rubbed and squeezed her cheeks, she looked up..“Do you like my arse Frank?” she asked and I had my answer ready, “Perfect” I said, “Absolutely Perfect!”.Her face was still in my lap and my boner was still pressed against her face and I could feel her licking the shaft through the fabric as we welcomed in the new day, I stood up and pulled my shorts down allowing my cock to spring out, she just looked at it and smiled and then rolled onto her back inviting me on to the bed.I got on top of her with my knees either side of her head and lowered myself down and immediately felt her warm lips around my swollen head, her legs were wide and I put my hands under her arse as I went down sniffing and licking her day old panties, Mmm it was heaven as I felt her tongue busy on me.I pulled her little thong off and buried my head back into her wet pussy probing, licking and sucking on her swelling clit, with my hands under her I was able to pull her cheeks wide and probe her arsehole.My tongue was busy running between her two holes both getting wetter and wetter while I felt the tightness of her throat as I face fucked her. She was breathing heavy and her moans were muffled as she sucked on my cock and balls, at one point she had her tongue right up my arse rimming me as I did the same to her, I knew from the frenzied tempo that we were both close and as her mouth enveloped my throbbing cock again I started to thrust as my finger entered her arsehole and my tongue sucked on her swollen button.She started to shake and her muffled moans got Escort louder so I prepared myself and as she dug her nails into the cheeks of my arse I could feel my cock start to pulsate and her grip got tighter as I felt my hot cum shoot down her throat just at the point that her warm juices filled my face, OMG I swallowed quickly as the stream filled my mouth.It was scary how we seemed to both be in sync with each other as that is the second time we have cum together and we hadn’t finished as I licked all around Mel’s dripping holes, the taste and the aroma was pleasant as she returned the favour sucking every last drop from my softening cock while gently squeezing my balls.I climbed off and noticed the big wet spot on the sheets, I didn’t have much experience of squirters but this girl was something different, she looked divine even first thing in the morning. She looked up at me licking her lips and smiled,“Frank” she said softly, “I really meant what I said earlier that I could wake up to that every morning” she continued as she looked directly as my limp organ.I was touched and didn’t really know how to answer so I just leant forward and gave her a kiss on the lips, it was meant to be just a quick friendly peck but Mel obviously had other ideas as her tongue pushed between my lips and it soon turned in to a passionate exchange with both out tongues exploring each other. I’ve kissed many women in my life so I knew passion and sincerity and I found that with Mel.I stood back up and slipped my boxers back on, Mel finished off her coffee.“Come down when you are ready” I said as I kissed her on the forehead and I headed off down to the kitchen thinking that Mel was probably the best guest in every way that I have had to date.I poured myself a coffee and reflected on how well we had all got on, she and Lisa were like sisters with only 6 years between them and I was amazed at the bond that had already developed between them.I sat pondering over my coffee when Lisa appeared, “Morning daddy” she said softly as she entered the kitchen giving me a peck on the cheek and as she reached up to get a cup her shirt rode up and I was pleasantly surprised to see her bare arse, she poured a coffee and sat on the stool next to me, she looked down at my crotch and noticed the wet spot from earlier, she smiled and winked at me as she drunk her caffeine firing up her brain for the day ahead.“Any more coffee?” came a soft voice from behind me as Mel entered the kitchen with her empty mug, she looked straight at Lisa as she walked in seeing her sitting on the stool in just her nightshirt with legs apart and her hairy muff in full view, “Snap” she said with a giggle as she lifted up her shirt showing that she too had nothing on underneath, that made us all chuckle but showed the relaxed atmosphere that surrounded us.I stood up and poured more coffee and let Mel have my stool. I stood by the counter looking at the girls sitting on the stools, their legs apart and touching, damn I could feel the electricity between them.While Lisa had a fuller bush Mel’s was more trimmed with a landing strip, both displayed a glimpse of folded labia lips and was an arousing sight, both girls looked sleepy as we chatted about life in general. “Eggs and bacon OK for breakfast?” I asked and Mel was the first to respond, “No sausage?” She asked looking down at Escort Bayan my bulging boxers, damn I thought, this girl is a 14/7nympho which made me chuckle, she had cock less than an hour ago not that I was complaining, just the fact that she wanted more got me aroused.I finished my coffee while both girls looked at my increasing bulge size and Mel beckoned me towards her with her finger, I stood in front of both girls as Mel put her finger inside the waistband at the front and pulled it outwards seeing my erect throbbing come into view, “Mmm, now that’s what I call a sausage” she said with a smile, “What do you think Lisa?” she asked looking at Lisa who was staring at my exposed cock, Mel pulled at my shorts which subsequently fell to the floor, I was naked again!Both girls got off the stools and kneeled down in front of me, my cock standing loud and proud in front of their pretty little faces, Mel reached forward and gently grabbed my balls and gave a little squeeze as Lisa nervously wrapped her hand around the shaft pulling the skin right back exposing the big purple head, both girls then leant forward and I found two warm tongues exploring my shaft, running up and down and all around and when the both got to the tip they both licked around the helmet before their tongues met engaging in a very sensual kiss.“Wank for us Frank” Mel said looking up so I took hold of my cock and slowly started to rub while both girls knelt and watched wide eyed and mouths open like they were waiting to be fed.I can’t say I wasn’t turned on as I increased the pace and at one time each girl put the head in their mouths sucking and flicking their tongues around the tip, I was close, very close.My breathing increased as both girls prepared themselves for the inevitable, I felt a hand gently squeeze my balls as I felt them tighten, my cock started to pulsate and I aimed the first squirt into Mel’s mouth and most of it hit the target, I quickly turned to Lisa as the second but less forceful squirt hit with some hitting her chin, she took my cock in her mouth sucking the last drops as Mel looked on swallowing her share and licking her lips, “Wow! Frank” she said as Lisa then swallowed hers and looked up at me smiling, “Thank you daddy” she said softly as my worn-out cock started to soften.Mel excused herself to go shower while I put on some fresh coffee and Lisa got the pan out. Lisa smiled, “Damn daddy” she said softly, “Mel is such a sweetie, she loves your cock” and I had to reassure her that it made no difference to our relationship.Lisa and I made breakfast without sausage as they had that for starters and with perfect timing Mel reappeared looking stunning, she entered the kitchen and both Lisa and I stood there open mouthed, she had on a tight white summer mini dress which buttoned at the front, it fitted her 34b’s like a glove with just a hint of nipple as her thin bra was just visible, the bottom flared out from the waist and as she did a twirl for us I could make out the outline of her white panties underneath.“Wow!, you look stunning” I said with a smile as I pulled out a chair for her to sit. She had her clip board with her which she put face down on the table. We all enjoyed a good portion of bacon and eggs.“So, how did you enjoy your stay?” I asked, “Any feedback you would like to share?” I asked her as some do and some Bayan Escort prefer to just email in. Mel looked up and smiled.“Glad you asked that Frank, I had the most wonderful time but I do have a confession to make” she said softly as I poured more coffee, “Oh really” I replied, “Do tell”, we were all smiling as Mel continued..“Well, I am not a medical student however the exams we all did were fun, I am actually an AirBNB inspector and I work for Anika” she said and paused waiting for a reaction, I didn’t give one apart from a warm smile beckoning her to continue.“OK, good so far , my job is to mystery shop posing as a member of the public to ensure the client is getting value and I have to say Frank that you and Lisa have been stars, from the moment I arrived until now you have both gone out of your way to make me welcome and fully deserve your 5 star rating, I have reported back to Anika and we would like to offer you VIP status”, well me and Lisa sat there open mouthed at what Mel had said and boy did I envy her job . “You would still keep your normal status and rate but there would be a link to a ‘Premium’ service where the more discerning reviews can be shown plus an updated ‘adult’ bio along with more ‘risqué’ picture can be seen, the client would have to pay for premium before this was unlocked so is perfectly safe and discreet”, well I nearly fell off my chair with all this information, the premium rate was double so was worth considering.“Wow!” I said not knowing what to say, I was all for it and if the clients were like Mel it would be a lot of fun, Mel did go on to say that I had offered a premium service at the standard rate and laughed when she told me that some host’s just want a quick fuck, those host’s will be weeded out and gone, it was all part of the brief that she and her colleague Nikki were set. That triggered an immediate reaction as Mike’s guest was a Nikki too and as I don’t believe in coincidences I had to ask the question,“Is this the same Nikki that is with Mike?” I asked and Mel was very forthcoming with her answer, I could not fault this girl for her professionalism and Anika was lucky to have her,“Yes, but her visit with Mike will be his first guest so was a different kind of test” she said calmly.Mel was full of compliments telling me that I ticked all the boxes for VIP status and if I am honest she ticked all the boxes with me, I told her I was happy to give it a try. “Great” she said and everybody smiled.“We need to get your profile updated, I am meeting Nikki for lunch and then I have to hit the road but if you are free I can get her to pop round this afternoon and sort it out for you” she said with a smile. “She will look after you”, oh I am sure she will and if she is half as good I will be happy I told Mel that I hoped this wasn’t the last we saw of her and we exchanged numbers, she told me that she would love to come stay again as she looked down at my lap and saw the bulge in my boxers, she smiled, “And I want that cock again”, she reached across and gave it a squeeze which didn’t help with my pending erection. We both stood up from the table and reached out for a parting hug, she could definitely feel my cock prodding her stomach and gave a faint ‘Mmm’.She turned to give Lisa a hug too and whispered in her ear ‘take care of your dad’ which I heard and thought was sweet, there was nothing about this girl I didn’t like.Mel left in a very chirpy mood so Lisa and I quickly sorted out her room and changed the bed, we decided to shower and get ready for Nikki’s visit this afternoon, we were excited.

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