Another Day at the Office

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Another day at the office.

It was Friday afternoon. My eyes were tired of staring at numbers on my computer all morning. As my fingers typed the last digits, I called it a day. I sat back on my chair, and felt a knock on my cubicle wall.

“Hey Mark, we’re going for some drinks…”

“Wanna come with?” — Anthony, my co-worker had popped his head in.

“Sure, let me grab my stuff.” — I replied with a smile.

It had been a while since we went for some after work drinks with my colleagues. Working in an office was exhausting, but I had a nice group of friends. There was Lisa, the girl that knew all the tea about the people in the office, Paul the married guy, and Anthony who was the extrovert of the group. Finally, there was me the gay guy. We were all in our early thirties, I was the youngest of the group as I turned thirty just a few months ago.

Most of my colleagues knew I liked guys, so it was cool. I didn’t know of anyone else that was gay in the office though. At times it felt a bit lonely, I must admit. Anthony would often tease me and joke around about how lucky I was that I didn’t date girls. He would always mention his ex, Rebecca. Even though they had broken up a year ago, he obviously wasn’t over her.

I wasn’t particularly interested in Anthony, because I knew he was really into girls. But I couldn’t deny he was a stunning guy. He had a great smile that formed some wrinkles on the sides of his green eyes. His dark brown hair was always styled nicely, and he always got angry when someone touched his head.

But what really made him attractive was the way his body filled that suit. Whenever I had the chance, I would stare at fabric of his blue suit stretch around his arms and his round ass. He also had some dark hairs in his forearms that I could see when he rolled his sleeves, so I could only imagine the rest of his body was just as furry.

Anyway, I took my jacket and we headed out. On the elevator, there was me, Lisa, and Anthony. Paul had a family dinner that evening, so he couldn’t make it. We were discussing what place to go for drinks. There was a new pub near our building so Lisa suggested we go to that place. I thought it was a good idea, and looked at Anthony for his response.

“Sure, I just want to get drunk and maybe take a girl home” He said cockily.

“Yeah, right…” Me and Lisa laughed at him.

“You’ll see…” He said stepping out of the elevator.

We arrived to the place, it was an open terrace on a second floor. The music was loud, and it was packed. Luckily, we found a table. We ordered a round of beers and began to unwind about the week. Lisa was showing me pictures of this guy she was chatting with. I looked at Anthony and he grinned. She was looking for the one, and that guy on her phone didn’t look like husband material. We laughed and loosen our ties after spending all week in those stuffy suits.

Once the alcohol got in my system, I felt my body relax and I started to enjoy myself. Soon after, I had to pee. The toilets were near the stairs. I entered a narrow hall and entered the men’s room. I just went there and did my business. I couldn’t help to feel my cock get a bit hard in my hands. Man, I needed to have sex that night. I washed my bare pale face with cold water and fixed my blond hair before going out.

As I was leaving, I bumped into a cute dark skinned guy that was coming in. Our eyes met and we chuckled awkwardly. I quickly noticed he had a neck tattoo that seemed familiar. I apologized and went back to our table, to see that my friends had ordered another round of beers. I got worried about Anthony, because he usually drank more than he could handle.

I sat down and my fingers tapped on the app. There he was: Tom, 24 years old, top. He had a feather tattoo on his neck and small earrings on each one of his ears. That was the guy, I spotted outside the bathroom. My radar was right.

I continued drinking my beer and enjoyed the conversation with my friends with a sly smile on my face. Anthony was being especially loud and was trying to hit on a girl from the table next to us, but she let him down. We were having a good time.

Suddenly, I saw the guy I bumped into walk towards a table near us. My blue eyes spotted him and he grinned. I knew what that meant. Soon my cell phone buzzed. topkapı escort A messaged popped up.

“Hey, how’s it going?”

We chatted for some minutes and then he asked if I wanted to go to his place later. He was a hot guy and definitely my type. Still, I didn’t want to be a crappy friend but I wanted to have sex that night so bad.

Lisa saw me texting and immediately figure it out. I showed her the picture and she said he was cute. Anthony was looking at us and didn’t understand what was going on. He looked pretty drunk. His face was all red and he had unbuttoned the top of his shirt, revealing some of his hairy chest.

We continued drinking for some time, it was already late. We asked for the check and then Lisa told me she was going, she was visiting her parents early tomorrow. She was calling an Uber. She pointed to our friend that was sleeping on the table.

“Mike, can you please take care of him?” Lisa said in a pleading voice.

“Come on! You know I wanna meet this guy. He’s really hot…” I said pointing to my phone.

She gave me the look.

“Anthony is our friend and I had to look after him last time.”

“You can drop him off and then get your ass fucked.” She said bluntly. She was

really bitchy sometimes.

I gasped. But I had to admit she was right. His place was just a few blocks away, it wouldn’t take me that long.

“Fine. You’re right.” I mumbled.

“You’re the best” She smiled and kissed me on the cheek as she left.

I sent him a message to the tattoo guy, saying I would be back in twenty minutes.

Anthony was basically dead weight. I picked him up and we got out. His heavy body was a bit hard to move since he was a bit taller than me. The Uber I called was waiting for us, so in no time we got to his apartment. I remembered his address because I had been there one time before. We got out of the car, into his building and headed towards the elevator.

“I love you man…” He slurred his words while he hugged me in the elevator. Anthony was the type that got emotional when he drank.

“Me too, buddy…”

He smelled like alcohol and cigarettes. For some reason, I didn’t mind his smell. Carrying his big body, was making me horny. I really need to get laid after that. I wondered.

Suddenly, my phone buzzed. The tattoo guy told me he was leaving and he wasn’t waiting for me.

“Shit…” I whispered as we got out of the elevator.

He sent a picture of his fat cock in some white briefs, saying that he would find some other guy to suck him off. What an arrogant guy, I thought. He was hot though and unfortunately I was probably going to have to relief myself with my hands that night.

We quickly arrived to his apartment door.

“…You okay buddy? ” I asked my friend.

“…Yeah… “

“I need your keys.”

“….’re in my pocket.” He rummaged clumsily and took out his keys. He was like a college kid, he couldn’t handle his liquor.

We opened the door to his small apartment and he quickly went to the bathroom. A few minutes later, he got out looking a bit more sober. He had taken off his jacket and tie, and he washed his face. I helped him to his room. There was a big king size bed with a gray comforter on top, and some minimal wooden furniture. For a straight guy, Anthony had great taste. We didn’t turn on his night lamp, so the only light came from the hall into the room.

Briskly, he took his shoes off and dropped his big body on the bed. I was sitting on the bed looking at him. His dark hair was all messed up, and for a moment I felt the need to fix it. I had to refrain from touching him. Maybe it was all the beers I drank, but he was looking so hot.

“Uhm…thanks for taking me home, Mark.” He mumbled looking a bit embarrassed.

“No problem, buddy…” I said smiling.

“I’m sorry, I ruined your date…”

“It wasn’t even a ‘date’ so don’t worry…” I replied rolling my eyes. I was surprised he overheard my conversation with Lisa.

“He wasn’t that cute anyway…” I added.

“So now you’re stuck with me… haha…” He teased winking an eye.

I slapped his leg in response. Anthony was still drunk I guess, so he was making those stupid jokes. But two could play that game.

“Wanna see his picture?” I said jumping on the other side of the bed next to him.

I showed him a picture of his face and he immediately scrolled down, seeing the one of his etiler escort bulge.

“I mean…It’s not that big…” he commented with a grin and I quickly took my phone away from his hand.

“Shit… You were not supposed to see that…” I apologized.

“Mine’s bigger though…” He teased grabbing his semi-hard cock with his right hand over the fabric of his navy blue pants.

“Yeah, right…that’s why you’re such a ladies man.”

“Don’t believe me…I’ll show you man…” Anthony was stubborn and was willing to do anything to prove he was right. Before I could say anything he unbuttoned his pants, whipped out his cock and looked at me.

I didn’t say anything. My eyes were fixated on that beautiful piece of cut meat. It was huge. The head was nice and round and there were some veins going down to his big balls. His dark hairs looked nice and trimmed around his dick. His hand was touching his cock slowly.

“Well?” He asked biting his lower lip.

My face was speechless. I say anything for a minute, but I knew that Anthony was one hundred percent straight. Although, at that point I wasn’t so sure… The whole situation had turned me on and I didn’t realise I had a raging hard on.

“Go ahead, touch it Mark.”

His lewd green eyes were staring at me.

“You’re wasted… I’m going home…” I said getting up trying to control myself. It was late and the situation was getting out of hand.

“…Mark…Wait…” He grabbed me and hugged from behind before I could leave the room. His hand found his way to my stiff cock. I couldn’t reject him anymore. My body was in heat. I needed to have release. We both did.

So I turned around and pushed him on the bed. If he wanted to play, it was going to be by my rules then. I was tired of him teasing me. I straddled him and began stroking his massive cock.

He looked surprised at first but then closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head. I spit on his cut cock and began caressing the tip with my fingers. It was totally hard and glistening in my hands. One hand was not enough to hold that big thing. I was stroking him firmly and the friction was making him moan. He was shaking in pleasure..

“…Fuck…Mark…” He blurted making me smile with satisfaction.

“You like that?

“..Yeah…shit.. keep going..”

With my finger, I picked up some of his precum and tasted it. It was so sweet, I needed more of it. I didn’t care anymore if this guy was Anthony. I just wanted to make him cum.

His moaning was something I never expected but it was turning me on so bad. To see such a manly guy make those sounds. Besides he was looking extra hot in his crisp white shirt, some of his hairy chest was peaking on the top. With one hand, I was stroking him and with the other I began to grab his pecs timidly. I could tell he worked out and I couldn’t wait for him to take that shirt off. I was contemplating him when we made eye contact.

All of a sudden, he pulled me by my tie towards his face. We were so close I could feel his hot breath. There was a faint smell of alcohol and cigarettes but it only added to my arousal. He waited a second and grabbed me tight by my shirt’s collar almost choking me. I couldn’t tell if he was angry or horny. For all I knew, he was straight and could tell me to back off any minute. He was staring intensely at me with his green eyes.

In a second, he began kissing me passionately. My mind couldn’t process the fact that it was him. I could feel his two day beard on my bare pale face and his hot tongue reaching for mine. My mouth welcomed him and I continued licking and biting his lip. God, we were so horny. His rough hands moved quickly towards my ass pulling me closer to him as we kissed. I still couldn’t believe this guy, who I could swear was only into girls, was kissing me like that; and damn was he a good kisser.

While we were making out I removed my shirt but kept my tie on. I was kind of into him chocking me now apparently. He then took his shirt off and tossed it on the floor. My hands caressed his hard and hot chest. As I imagined, he had some dark hairs all over his pecs and a trail of hairs down to his cock. My mouth wanted to explore all of his body. I pushed him back on the bed and began licking his hard nipples, slowly going down to his belly. My nose sniffed his manly body all the way down to his cock.

I pulled his pants down and took them off. He was in nothing but his socks ataköy escort and his briefs. With my hands I caressed all of his masculine body. He had some thick thighs that I parted to have access to his cock. I took his undies off to have access to his meat.

I opened my mouth and took his cock in like a hungry bottom. Man, I didn’t think I needed it that bad. At first, I was kissing and licking from his musky balls all the way to the tip. My blue eyes were staring at this excited expression. He was looking gorgeous naked on the bed with his hair all messed up.

Although I was used to sucking dick, my mouth could only take half of his monster cock. My head went up and down making it all shiny. While he caressed my short blond hair. After a few tries I managed to put everything inside my throat. My nose touched his hairs and I tried not to choke, my head felt hot and full. Then I took it out so I could catch my breath.

“Fuck!… You’re amazing Mark…” He mustered.

I continued tasting his beautiful meat for a while before he stopped me.

“…How could you do that…no one has ever taken the whole thing…”

“Well… it takes practice…” I admitted with a grin.

Then he grabbed me by my ass and pushed me on the side of the bed. He took my pants off and got on top of me. My ass cheeks were his to do whatever he wanted. I still had my boxers and socks on but he was naked. He began grinding his cock against my ass, I could feel his big body pushing me into the bed.

I felt scared that he wanted to put that monster in my ass, but at the same time I was curious about how it would feel to have him inside me.

“You got any lube?” I asked looking back at him and saw his face light up. I guessed it was his first time with a guy or maybe doing anal.

“Yeah, wait.” He said as he rummaged through his nightstand drawer and took some lube and condoms.

I looked at him with lewd eyes in all fours and lowered my boxers. He was jerking off slowly and staring at my hole. I put some lube on my fingers and began touching my tight ass, trying to relax. My fingers soon entered and I was panting with my face on the pillow.

“Mark, you’re so hot. I can’t wait to fuck that hole”. –He whispered.

Once I felt ready, he put a condom on and grabbed my ass with his rough hands. His cock felt hot between my pale ass cheeks and my hole was twitching with excitement. He teased me for some minutes and then he pushed the head in. Right away, I yelled in pain. It was probably one of the biggest cocks I had taken.

“You okay?…” Anthony asked rubbing my shoulders.

“Yeah, just go slow and use more lube…”

I felt my ass a lot more slippery and it felt a lot better. His massive cock was steadily going in. My hands were grabbing my ass trying to spread it as it went in. After a few minutes of pain, my body completely adjusted. A feeling of fullness and pleasure invaded me.

His body hugged me as his cock began going in and out pounding my ass. My eyes were rolling back and I felt his hot breathing in my ear. We were both panting like animals on his bed.

“God.. you’re tight… it feels so good…” He blurted.

“Fuck… Fuck me hard…” I said as my mouth reached for his and we kissed.

His pounding grew harder and he began jackhammering my ass. He grabbed my tie and pulled from it while fucking me on all fours. It was so intense. My hand reached for my own cock and began jerking fast. I could feel my orgasm building up.

Suddenly, he stopped and flipped me over. He lifted my legs up and spat on my ass. He began slamming his cock in and out. His body was making loud slapping noises against my pale ass. I grabbed his face towards me and we kissed while he continued fucking me relentlessly.

“Oh god… I’m coming…Don’t stop…” I mustered while holding onto his muscular back.

While shaking, cum was coming out of me and covering my abs. I was surprised by the amount of it, he caressed all my chest with it. He pounded me for some minutes and then he took it out, I knew he was about to cum. So, I put my face under it so he could cum on me.

“Shoot on my face…”

“…Oh fuck…damn…” He said in between his panting. Soon, he shot his load all over my face and mouth.

Quickly, I licked his cock as he took cleaned his cum with his fingers and fed it to me. It was hot and a bit sweet, definitely what I needed.

He then dropped on the bed exhausted and smiled. I laughed too, I couldn’t believe that night I hooked up with Anthony of all people. I spent the night and went to sleep on his manly hairy chest. We were both tired but satisfied. I was glad I took him to his apartment, otherwise we would have never had this opportunity.

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