Another Fishing trip


Another Fishing tripThe ringing of the alarm dragged me up out of a drunken sleep at four thirty in the morning. I lay there staring at the clock and wondering why it was ringing at this time. It was nearly one when I had fallen into bed after closing the bar. That rang a small bell in my hazy mind. I had promised someone I would take them fishing but for the life of me I couldn’t remember who. I slapped the clock to kill the alarm that wasn’t helping my head a bit and swung my feet to the floor. Coffee would be the first order of business then a shower. Maybe that would clear the cobwebs enough for me to remember who or at least where. I hated it when I let my alligator mouth over load my hummingbird ass. I step from the shower to hear someone beating on my back door. Well at least it was a friend because they all know to come around back. Only the cops, bill collectors, preachers, and salesmen knock on the front door. I yelled for them to come in as I hastily dried off and wrapped a towel around my hips. I couldn’t remember if the door was locked or not so I hurry out of the bathroom into the dark bedroom and run head on into someone. They hit the floor and I lost my grip on the towel. Not thinking I reach over and flip on a light. Bobby, the day bartender at my favorite watering hole is laying on the floor staring up at me in all my radiant glory. “Damn!” She said as I jumped back and grabbed for the towel, beating a hasty retreat back into the bathroom. As I shut the door I could hear several women giggling and laughing. Bobby chuckles, “Bill, I’ve never seen you from that point of view before. It puts you in a whole new light.” There was laughter again. “Ha, Ha.” I yelled through the door. “Just like a woman to barge into a man’s home, scare the hell out of him then laugh because he dropped a small thing like a towel.” The last I said in a more normal tone of voice. Bobby’s voice comes to me through the door. “That didn’t look like no small thing from my vantage point.” This time there was no laugh but I could just feel the big grin on her face. By now I had on a pair of nylon shorts and a tee shirt. I opened the door and sure enough there was that grin. Just for the hell of it, I put my arms around her and kissed the shit out of her. This is something we had never even come close to doing before but once the initial shock wore off she warmed to the idea and returned the kiss. I could feel the steam building in my ears until I heard someone say. “Hey, you guys cut it out or we’ll never go fishing.” I reluctantly released Bobby. We stood and looked into each other’s eyes for a moment before she turned and walked into the living room. At least I had wiped that grin off her face. Now I was worried about that light in her eyes, if there had not been someone else here at that moment we would be fucking our brains out in my bed right now and Bobby is not the one night stand type. I’m a confirmed bachelor and I like it that way. I took a couple of deep breaths and headed into the living room. One look around and I knew I was in a world of trouble. I headed on through to the kitchen and poured myself a cup of strong black coffee. “If anyone wants coffee, it in here and you can serve yourselves.” I sat down at the breakfast table and watched them file in. Bobby is a flirt and a tease with a good sense of humor and is at the present between boyfriends. Popi was married until a few months ago and is now divorced. What she’s doing here I don’t know as she has something against me and for the life of me I have no idea what it is. Carol is the last through the door but not the least. She goes out with a lot of different guys all of the time but as far as I know she lives and has lived alone for quite some time. How did I let myself get talked into taking this bunch fishing? I must have been real drunk, real early. If I was smart I would tell them all to go home, that I was too hung over to run a boat and the lake was going to be to rough for fishing. I gave it a try but Bobby laughed and told me, “Drink your coffee like a good boy and the hangover will go away. As for the wind it won’t be a problem as you said you were going to take us up the river to your famous hidden lake. You know the place no one else knows about but you.” When I groaned, she laughed. I looked at her sharply and said. “We do have one small problem. The big party barge won’t fit through the cut into hidden lake and my bass boat is to small for all of us to bass fish out of it.” She laughed again and replied. “We figured that out last night remember, that’s why we’re taking my small pontoon boat and we’re not bass fishing. We want to catch some big bream and blue gill.” I sat there thinking hard for a few minutes then shrugged, it could be worse I guess. “Ok, since you guys are set on doing this I guess we better get the show on the road. What kind and how much tackle and bait do you have on your boat?” We discussed this as I finished my coffee and made another pot. By five fifteen we were on the road west. Launching the small pontoon boat was no problem and we were soon motoring up the river at a fair clip. The sun was not quite up but there was plenty of light for me to navigate by. We had launched at the last bridge on the West end of the lake and had a four mile run up the river. At that point there is a small narrow creek that branches to the south. We move along this creek at not much more than an idle for about a mile until we come to several fallen trees. To the right is a small cove that looks shallow and appears to dead end. Shutting down the outboard engine I drop the trolling motor over the bow and ease into the cove and turn hard left to squeeze between and under two large bushes. With much lifting, pulling, and pushing we got the big boat through the narrow opening and into a long narrow channel. I started the outboard and idled along until we reach a large open water area studded with large s**ttered cypress trees. I made a forty five to the right and eased along until I crossed a deep channel. I maneuvered the boat in close to a large stump and asked Bobby to tie off the front line but to pay out slack as I backed up to another stump and tied the rear line to it. Letting out line on my end I moved the boat back forward until it was centered over the channel. We tied off both lines and I returned to my seat at the steering console, killed the engine and propped my feet up. The girls had been quiet for most of the trip but now they were chattering about the beauty of this spot as they retrieved their rods from under the rear seat. Bobby also got out a large tackle box then stood looking at me. “What? We’re here all you need to do is fish.” I said. Bobby asked. “Where do we fish?” I smiled and pointed straight down. Her eyes followed the direction of my finger and ended up in my lap. “That may be well and good but we have worms in the ice chest and it would hurt yours for me to stick a hook in it.” She said with a grin. I moved my finger over and said. “Fish in the channel about a foot off bottom and only use a small pinch of worm. Do you know how to rig a bottom bouncing rig?” “I don’t think so. You’re supposed to be the guide.” She said with a smile. “Ok, it’s very simple, hand me your rod.” Taking her rod I ran the line through the eye of a long shank bream hook and tied an over hand knot in it next to the hook eye. Keeping the line doubled I tied another over hand knot about eight inches out from the hook eye then tied a quarter ounce ball lead to the free end of the line about a foot farther down. I reached into the ice chest and got the box of night crawlers. I pinched about a quarter of an inch of the worm off and threaded it onto the hook. “Now drop it over the side and let it fall to bottom then reel up the slack until the weight is just off bottom.” Bobby was doing what I said, as I said it. When I said bottom her rod gave a sharp downward jerk and she reeled up a nice fat blue gill nearly the size of my hand. This got everyone excited. I rigged the other two rods as Bobby tossed the fish in the live well and dropped her line back in the water. She had caught two more fish by the time I got Popi’s rod finished. They had five more in the live well by the time Carol got her line wet. They caught twenty five fish rather quickly before the bite slowed and that’s not counting the dozen or so little one they threw back. One by one they placed their rods in the holds around the rail. As they did I tied a small jingle bell to the tip of each one. The ride up the river had been very cool at daylight. Now that the sun was getting up, so was the temperature. I had already removed my sweatshirt jacket and had raised the half top over the rear of the barge. Bobby had discarded her wool plaid shirt and now worn jeans and a sports bra. Which I might add were well filled out. Carol was down to a small pair of silk shorts and a bikini top. Until now I had never realized how good a figure she had. Popi, not to ever be out done was bent over taking off her Levies. Her well rounded ass was pointed straight at me and at first I thought she was nude until I saw the thin white band around her waist and the sting of a thong across her tail bone and disappeared between those lovely cheeks. Bobby saw me looking at Popi’s ass and frowned. I had to chuckle and shake my head. A jingle bell ringing attracted everyone attention, luckily. By noon the girls had placed nearly a hundred large bream and three good catfish in the live well. I was having a good time watching the three women running around mostly naked. Bobby had taken off her jeans making sure her ass was pointed straight at me and it is a very nice ass I must tell you even when covered by a conventional bikini bottom. She had straightened up and rolled the waist band down until the bottom of her tail bone was visible in the back. This was well below her normal tan line. Bobby and Carol broke out the lunch they had fixed and we sat around in the shade of the cypress trees and ate. After we had finished eating I asked the girls if they were ready to head back. Nobody was ready to leave. Popi asked if this was the best spot to fish? I told her it was the best one I knew of in the shade but there were several better but they were out in the open sun. “I could use a little sun tanning time, how about the rest of you?” Popi asked. “That sounds like a good idea.” Bobby answered as Carol nodded. I chuckled, “Ok by me, but I’m staying in the shade. I’m as dark as I want to be. Bobby if you’ll grab that anchor and go forward I’ll let you know when to drop it. Popi if you’ll get the other one and come back here, I’d appreciate it.” With the boat untied I maneuvered out into a large open area and spent a few minutes getting into position over a large deep bend in the creek channel. I had Popi drop her anchor and let out slack in the rope as I moved forward. Bobby dropped her anchor and I backed up the boat and told both girls to tie the ropes off. They caught another three dozen very large bream and one catfish that was almost eight pounds. The bite slowed so the girls spread a blanket on the open deck and laid down to sun. I kicked back in the shade and sipped on a beer as I looked them over. Life was good. After a few minutes Popi got up, got her tanning oil, and started to applying it liberally all over her body. As she did she asked carol why she was wearing the shorts and not her bikini bottoms. Carol answered. “I put it on this morning but it was all stretched türbanlı kocaeli escort out. It looked terrible and wouldn’t stay on very well. I can’t figure out what happened to it but I have an idea that Alice borrowed it when she stayed at my place.” Bobby laughed. “Alice would sure stretch out a bikini bottom with her fat ass if she wore it long. I wonder where she wore it and for whom? That would be a scary sight.” Carol was applying oil to Popi’s back as she replied. “I think she and Rex went out to the island for an afternoon swim or at least that’s what I heard. They must have had fun because she moved in with him shortly after that. All I know is that I was happy to get her out of my house.” Popi had her top untied and rolled partly over giving me a great view of her breast. “Rex has Alice living with him? I find that hard to believe. He’s a pretty good-looking guy and she’s such a dog. What would they have in common?” I laughed and Popi turned farther around and gave me a frown, also a better look at her excellent breasts. “What do you find so funny?” She asked. “First of all, yes Alice is over weight but she is not ugly. She has a fairly pretty face, a good sense of humor, a good disposition; she keeps a clean neat house and is a great cook. She has a good job and saves her money and last but not least she loves sex, any time, and any place. She can fuck a guys brains out, make him like it, and beg for more. Rex would rather fuck than eat or drink. So what do they have in common? That’s kind of a no brainer.” Popi stared at me with her mouth open until Bobby laughed. She glanced at Bobby then looked back at me. “Are you calling me dumb?” She asked hotly as she sat up. I grinned and stared straight at her bare breasts. She glanced down and quickly covered them with her arms as we all laughed. “No I’m not calling you dumb just uninformed. You know of Alice but you don’t know her as a person because you don’t want to or have to. I’ve known Alice for a long time, way before she put on so much weight. At one time she was a very beautiful and sexy woman, she still is on the inside.” Carol asked. “You dated Alice?” “Yes and I almost married her, but luckily I came to my senses and remained the most eligible bachelor that you see before you now.” I answered with a laugh. Bobby said softly. “Eligible bachelor my ass, you’re just a dirty old man and everyone knows it.” I grinned at her, “Yes, and your point is?” Before she could answer I continued. “I’m an old man only in years my dear. As for being dirty that is probably true but I’ve had very few complaints from the women I’ve dated over the years and that’s all I care about. I make them happy and they make me happy and that’s all that matters.” “Yeah, right.” Popi said sarcastically. I smiled, “Don’t scoff at what you don’t know anything about. Given the chance I could do some things to you that would blow your socks off and melt you down to a small puddle.” Bobby as always, being an instigator said. “That sounds like a challenge to me.” I grinned at Bobby, “You hush, the same thing applies to you, you know. At least you’ve had a kiss as a sample.” “Oh, yeah. It surprised the hell out of me that you could kiss that well. Was it a good teacher or lots of practice?” “Both.” I answered still grinning. Carol laughed and said, “You should have seen the look on her face when she walked out of the bedroom. You know, kind of glassy eyed and dazed.” “Carol, shut up.” Bobby said quickly. Which made Carol laugh again. “He’s older than the hills and caught me off guard.” She said in way of an explanation. Then she grinned and finished. “The view I’d had from the floor was to say the least interesting. He’s got the right equipment and a nice tight butt; I’ll give him that. A nice tan and no tan lines, I’ve been meaning to ask you about that.” She said as an after thought. “Why do you think there is an eight foot solid fence around my back yard? I start my tan early and keep it most of the year, if I don’t, I burn up out here on the lake guiding people fishing. Three or four times a year I take a little time off and go down to a beach I know of that is clothing optional and get some more sun, among other things.” Carol said. “I wondered where you disappeared to every so often. A nude beach? I didn’t know there was such a thing in this state? The next time you go, you’ll have to call me and I might go down there with you. Just to check things out, you understand. I think everyone has a fantasy about being nude on a beach, I know I do.” Bobby looked at Carol and chuckled. “You brazen little heifer, you’ve dated nearly everything male in this county and now you’re after Bill? Have you run out of men or are you just expanding your horizons?” Before carol could answer I asked. “Running out of men? What the hell am I, chopped liver?” “Oh, I’m sorry Bill. I didn’t mean it that way, I meant men her own age.” Bobby said hastily. “I wasn’t trying to make a date with Bill, I just want to visit the nude beach and if he was going, I wanted to tag along.” Carol said in answer to Bobby’s earlier remark. “Anyway what would be wrong with a date with him, he’s a fun guy and always a gentleman. He and I have talked a lot from time to time and I’ve always enjoyed myself. He’s a hell of a lot more of a man than a lot of these local little boys that always seem to be hanging around. They’re only out for one thing then its bye, bye baby and they are so boring. Most of them can’t carry on a conversation for more than five minutes without running out of something to say that’s worth listening to.” She paused a moment and looked around at the three of us. “Damn, I think I just talked myself into dating you, Bill.” She finished with a laugh. “I would be honored but I hate to tell you, I probably would have the same thing on my mind that those k**s had, only I’d be more subtle about it.” I said and then chuckled. “That’s our Bill, lets a lady talk herself into going out with him then shoots himself in the foot by telling the truth.” Bobby said shaking her head. One of the jingle bells rang and the girls jumped to check their rods. It was Popi’s and she landed a nice three-pound catfish topless. As I helped take it off the hook I pointed this fact out to everyone. Popi just shrugged and said. “What the hell, if I’m going to get some sun I might as well get it all over. Anyway I figure you’ve seen a lot of boobs in your day and one more pair ain’t going to kill you or me. Hell if I knew no one but us would be around I’d just get naked and get an all over tan.” As I dropped the fish in the live well I said. “I’ve been coming here to fish for over ten years and I’ve never seen anyone else here. The old man who showed me how to get back in here was the only other person that I know of who knew about it and he’s dead. So if you want to get naked don’t let me stop you, just remember I’m going to look. If I ever quit looking at pretty naked women somebody better start shoveling dirt because I’m dead.” The girls laughed and Popi peeled off the bottoms of her thong bikini to stand completely nude on the front deck. As Popi lay back down on the blanket Bobby finally found her voice. “Popi? I can’t believe you’re doing this.” Popi grinned up at her and answered. “I can’t believe you still have your clothes on. You’re always the one who talks the big talk about sexual freedom. I just declared this boat to be clothing optional for as long as it’s in this pond.” I laughed and pulled my tee shirt off over my head and put my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts. “Bill, what the hell do you think you are doing?” Bobby asked. I paused, cocked my head to the side, and looked at her for a moment. “I’m a nudist from a long time back. If I don’t have to wear clothes, I’m a happy camper. If it wasn’t for the law, I’d never wear any as long as the weather is warm.” Carol laughed and untied the string holding her top on. As she removed it she said. “If I’m going to a nude beach one day I guess I better find out if I can do this.” Then she turned around and wiggled out of her shorts. Damn, she had a nice ass and I said so. She grinned and thanked me. “I’ve always loved the part that went over the fence last, best.” I said to no one in particular. She spread a towel on the bench seat near the front of the deck and sat down propping her feet up on the rail. I slipped my shorts off, fully aware of the partial hard on that I was displaying. Popi laughed and said. “You’re not dead, Bill and Carols ass has had an effect on you that is very noticeable.” I grinned down at her as I tossed my shorts onto the bench seat behind me. “It’s not just Carols ass that is effecting me. That smoothly shaved little kitty you are showing me so openly has a lot to do with it also.” I flexed my ass cheeks causing my manhood to bob up and down. Carol and Popi laughed and Bobby just stared with her mouth slightly open. Popi said. “Bobby it’s put up or shut up time. You’d think she never saw a dick before.” Bobby had still been staring at my shaft which was fully hard by now so I made it jump again several times. Bobby licked her lips which made Popi and Carol laugh. She looked over at them and said. “I’ve never seen one jump and jerk like that. You’re doing that on purpose aren’t you?” “It’s just muscle control, it’s done with the same muscles that a woman uses to do a Kigali. You know the exercise to tighten and strengthen the inner muscles of the vagina?” I said. All the girls looked at me and Popi asked. “Where does a man learn about exercises for a woman’s twat?” “Ladies I was married for almost twenty five years to the same woman and I would still be married to her if she hadn’t passed away. We have two k**s and I went to c***dbirth classes and through labor with her when both were born. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about a lot of things in my lifetime. If a man is going to chase pussy he better know all there is to know before he catches it or he won’t ever be allowed to catch the same one again, I guarantee you.” I said then laughed. “He’s right about that.” Bobby said as she walked over to the blanket removing her top as she went. Her breasts were by far the largest of the three women and had long thick nipples stick out from the centers of the large dark circles that nearly covered the front of each breast. Bobby was more full figured than the other two, not fat just more rounded, and soft. She removed her bottoms to reveal a neatly trimmed thick dark bush covering her sex. She walked over to the blanket and sat down next to Popi then rolled over onto her stomach. I had sat back down at the steering console and had my feet propped up on the table across from it. I sat and watched the girls while sipping a beer. I also played bar tender from time to time as they needed something to drink. They sunned on first one side then the other, continually reapplying the tanning oil to their bodies. I was enjoying myself; even the fish had quit biting. A little later Carol said. “Damn it’s hot, can we swim here and maybe cool off?” “Sure the water is plenty deep and there aren’t any alligators around here that I know of. I’ll put the boarding ladder over the side.” I opened the side gate in the rail and bent down to hang the ladder in its mount. As I got it set in the slots I felt someone push me from behind and I tumbled into the lake. I came up spitting and sputtering just in time for three bodies to hit the water around me in quick succession. türbanlı kocaeli escort bayan I got another face full of water. Before I could clear my eyes I was attacked by three warm wet wiggling bodies and dunked again only this time I took one of them with me. Opening my eyes I could tell it was Bobby. Her boobs with their long stiff nipples were right in front of my face so I sucked one into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. Her hands went to the sides of my head but I couldn’t tell if she was pushing me away or just holding me where I was. We slowly rose back to the surface where I released my lip lock and grabbed a big lung full of air. The other two were on me and took me back under. One of them had an unfair advantage as she had a hold of my member with both hands. Then I felt a warm mouth engulf the head and a tongue fluttering away. The other girl had me around the shoulders from behind, so I reached down and back, to grab a thigh in each hand and pull up. Her grip slipped and she shot upward as we went down. I looked down to see a dark head attached to my manhood. It was Popi and she was doing magical things with her tongue. I finally had to get back to the surface for air and she was right behind me with a big grin on her face. She winked and swam over to hang on the edge of the deck with the other two girls. I swam over to the side of the pontoon and suddenly dove under and came up under the boat between the floats. The girls legs were floating up under the pontoon as they held on to the deck. The vees of their sexes were visible in the clear water and on my side of the float. Popi was slowly scissoring her legs open and closed as I sunk under the water and stuck my head between her thighs to lick at her open sex. She jerked and yelled. I bobbed back to the surface still under the barge to hear Popi saying. “Damn you Bill, you liked to have scared me to death. I thought an alligator had got me.” Carol laughed. “If I would have known alligators ate pussy, I would have spent a lot more time in this lake.” the other two girls laughed. “Popi, what are you laughing at? I saw you trying to swallow that water moccasin a few minutes ago.” Bobby said. “Popi!” “What can I say?” Popi said. “I’m just a horny bitch.” Carols feet had rode way up on this side of the pontoon, so I took one in each hand and spread them wide apart as I slowly sunk. I kissed my way along the inside of first one calf then the other until I reached her knees. I popped up for a gulp of air then resumed the kisses on up the insides of each thigh almost to her pussy. I blew a long string of small bubbles up along the opening slit of her sex before returning to the surface on my side of the float. I heard Bobby ask. “Carol if you have to fart, please move somewhere else.” Carol just giggled. “Bill, you behave yourself.” Bobby said to me then laughed. “Why am I wasting my breath?” I dove under grabbed her feet and jerked her under with me and brought her up to the surface under the boat. I grabbed an overhead strut with one hand to hold us up as she caught her breath. I kissed her for the second time and this time she was not shy about returning it. Her legs wrapped around my hips and she pressed her hot womanhood against my hard shaft. I held her with my free arm and her arms were wrapped around my neck as her hips moved slowly and sensuously up and down, rubbing our sexes together. First Carol’s then Popi’s heads appeared under the boat with us. Carol said with a shake of her head. “I don’t believe you two. Every time you get alone you’re kissing.” Popi added. “That’s not all they were going to be doing if we hadn’t have showed up.” They both laughed as we broke our kiss. I looked over at them and asked. “What makes you think you’re going to stop us if we don’t want to stop?” They looked at each other and Carol said. “He has a point you know. Other than the fear of drowning nothing would stop me. How about you?” Popi sighed and said. “Jealousy is good, isn’t it? Just how do you split one man three ways? I’ve never tried it before have you?” Carol giggled and answered. “I’ve tried two girls and one guy and it worked out rather well but never three. One girl would always be waiting unless one of the other girls was bi.” Popi laughed and said. “Then there are no problems at all unless Bobby doesn’t like her pussy licked by another woman, right Carol?” “None I can see.” Carol said with a laugh. “Well there is one small problem. If we get too involved under here someone might drown. I suggest we move this party to the blanket topside as soon as we can find a pry bar to separate these two.” Even Bobby laughed at that but she didn’t let go of me or stop flexing her hips. I released my grip on her and grabbed another strut and played monkey bars to the nose of the boat and then hand walked around to the ladder. By the time I made it Bobby was laughing so hard she couldn’t move her hips against me. Carol was already on deck and Popi was climbing up as Bobby finally released her grips on me and moved to the ladder. Looking up she said. “You two sure know how to fuck up a good orgasm.” She started up the ladder and I got my foot on the bottom rung and stood up just as she stopped. My nose hit her square in the crack of the ass. She laughed and bent over pressing her ass to my face my tongue shot out of my mouth almost of it’s own accord and took a long sweeping lick from her twat to her tailbone. “Oh yes.” She said as she wiggled her ass. Popi and Carol grabbed her and pulled her the rest of the way on board, while muttering about what a greedy bitch she was. I was laughing my ass off as I climbed onto the deck. I opened the cooler and passed out beers to everyone and sat down on the forward deck seat. Carol sat on one side of me and Popi on the other. Bobby looked at them, grinned, and then sat on the blanket at my feet. She d****d her arm over my thigh and leaned against my leg. Carol hooked her knee over my other leg. I was surrounded by naked women, my dick twitched in anticipation, happy now I am, I am. Popi switched hands with her cold beer and wrapped her icy fingers around my shaft. Carol laughed at my sharp intake of breath and did the same thing. There was still an inch of shaft and the mushroom shaped head still exposed. Bobby moved in between my legs and sucked the exposed part into her mouth and ran her tongue around and round the flanged head. A low moan escaped my lips. Carol leaned over and flicked her tongue against my hard nipple as Popi leaned in to kiss me, pressing her firm pointy breast against my arm. This was new to me and I was almost overwhelmed. I hadn’t felt like this since I was a very young man on one of my first dates. Popi was a very good kisser but I was constantly distracted by Carols tongue and lips on my nipples and Bobby’s hot mouth on my dick. Carol removed her hand from my shaft allowing Bobby access to more of it which she greedily took advantage of. Popi moved her hand down to cup then gently squeeze my balls before removing it from my lap. This gave Bobby free rein and she used it to see if she could swallow me whole. She couldn’t quite get there but she was fixing to get a fountain drink if she was not careful. I tried to break the kiss with Popi to tell her as much but by the time I did it was too late. She never missed a beat as she continued to suck and bob her head up and down. My long drawn out groan of pleasure was muffled by Popi’s lips. I was cumming longer and harder than I ever had in my life. The intensity of it made my head spin, like a drunk on a waterbed. I hadn’t intended to cum first as I wanted to spend quite some time pleasing these wonderful ladies. At my age it usually took a little time to recharge the system shall we say. I felt myself start to go limp but Bobby wasn’t having any of that as she kept sucking and using her tongue to tickle me back into shape which was long and hard. When I was where she wanted me, she removed her mouth and used her hand to keep me there. “You girls need to move because I’m going to lay him down on this blanket and get me a Pogo stick ride. What you do with the other end is your business. I was almost there when I got interrupted under this boat and now I’m definitely going to finish it up here.” Bobby said with a lust in her voice. Popi broke our kiss with a laugh and Carol scooted over, leaned into my lap and wrapped her lips around the head of my shaft, fluttering her tongue over the whole thing as fast as it would go. “Shoo.” Bobby said as she lightly swatted Carol on the top of her head. Carol sat up saying. “Spoil sport.” Bobby gently pulled on my manhood and I followed her over to and down onto the blanket. When I was flat on my back she knee walked up over my hips and rubbed the spongy head of my shaft along and through the slippery wet trench leading to her sex. As it rubbed against and around her clit she made a noise very close to a purr. With a sigh she raised her hips and centered me in the hot wet opening of her vagina. Slowly she lowered her hips impaling herself half way on my rigid manhood. At this point she stopped with a shudder and a soft moan. My eyes were glued to the sight of my shaft slowly disappearing between the puffy outer folds of her sex. “Damn.” She whispered as she raised her hips back up until just the head was still inside. Lowering herself faster this time, she engulfed three quarters of me before she paused with a groan and rolled her hips around in a tight circle. Releasing my manhood with her fingers she leaned forward and placed her hands on my chest. I looked at her face, she had her eyes closed, and her lips were slightly parted as she licked them. Bobby’s slowly rotating hips were slowly, ever so slowly settling farther and farther down my shaft. Carol, who had moved over to kneel to the right of us chuckled and said to Popi. “I think she’s going to swallow the whole thing or die trying.” Bobby’s hips were still circling but now she was also moving up and down with little short strokes and jerks. Popi laughed softly and answered. “Yeah, if you can cum to death.” I could feel Bobby’s cervices rubbing on the head of my dick and knew she would never get it all in. The muscles inside her vagina were clasping and rolling around my shaft. Now I was glad I had cum earlier because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have lasted very long at all. Popi was right; Bobby was having small orgasms at almost ever movement she made. A small pool of wetness was forming at the base of my shaft as she continued to try to get it all inside. I heard Carol say to Popi. “I’ll flip you for this end.” Popi laughed and answered. “Go ahead, I’ve got something else in mind. Anyway I’m having too much fun watching Bobby play hide the salami.” Bobby’s movement had ceased except for an almost continuous twitch and jerk of her hips. Her back was arched and her head thrown back with her eyes closed as she chewed her lower lip. A lady totally lost in the moment was the last thing I saw before Carol’s sex settled over my face. Carol was facing Bobby as she slowly lowered herself down within reach of my tongue. I teasingly ran the tip of it over her outer lips for a moment before taking a long lick up the moist slit. As my tongue passed over her swollen clit her hips jerked and settled lower, pressing her clit to my mouth. I rolled the hard nub around with the tip of my tongue for a second before flicking it rapidly back and forth. Carol groaned loudly türbanlı escort kocaeli and pressed down harder. Bobby drew my attention back to her as she started to move up and down with long slow movements. Carol was cumming like mad and very vocally to boot, as I rolled her clit around and round. She started to raise her hips but I grabbed her ass and pulled her back down stabbing my tongue deeply into her streaming steaming opening. As I worked my tongue in and out, her hips took a hunching motion in counterpoint. I will say Carol had one of the sweetest tasting pussies; I had ever had the pleasure to lunch on. Bobby had picked up the pace and was now slamming herself down onto my hips as another orgasm built up. When it hit it was a beauty. Bobby froze with a wail and ground her clit against my pelvic bone. Carol started to shiver and hump against my mouth, her clit rubbing against my chin. She was just a vocal when she came as she was the first time. As her orgasm subsided, Carol tried to pull away. I held her long enough to make two long licks from her ass hole to her clit before I let her go. She moved out from over my face, sat down on the blanket, and then laid back to stretch out flat on her back. Bobby was still astraddle my hips but she wasn’t moving at all, just sitting there leaning forward, her head hanging down, hidden by her hair. I glanced over to see Popi sitting near my right foot where she had an excellent view of the connection between Bobby and I. She grinned at me and said softly, “I think Bobby has met her match.” Bobby lifted her head and made eye contact with me as a grin slowly spread over her face. She nodded every so slightly and then tried to get up off me. I felt my shaft move ever so slightly inside her tightly clamped pussy, as her body gave a little shutter and froze again. The grin was now a little on the slack side, her eyes once again shut. She opened her eyes and looked at me as she asked, “Is that thing going to go down or not?” I gave her a wide grin of my own for an answer, to which she replied, “That’s what I was afraid of.” She took a deep breath and then lifted her hips sharply, as a gasp escaped her lips and another shudder ran up and down her body. With a groan she moved over to sit on the blanket, and then to sprawl out on her back. “Damn, what a ride.” She whispered to no one in particular. Popi looked from Bobby to Carol and then asked with a chuckle, “Is there life after a ten minute orgasm?” Bobby glanced over at Carol, who grinned at her, she grinned back a moment before looking up at Popi. “Oh yeah, there’s life, just not a whole lot of energy.” Popi laughed and looked over at my semi hard member, as she asked Bobby, “Do you mind if I try out that pogo stick? Although it looks more like it tried you out.” Bobby took a deep breath and replied, “Go for it; just watch out for the landing at the bottom.” Popi stood up and moved over to straddle my hips. She grinned down at me for a moment before she squatted down and then gently sat down, with her sex pressed against my shaft. She wiggled around a little until it slipped into her slit. She moved her hips back and forth slowly, rubbing along my length. After a moment she sighed and said, “Hmmm, it feels good just doing this. Of course it’s been a long time since I’ve done this. My ex had a problem getting it into the state this ones in and his was no where near this size.” Bobby laughed and said, “Not to hear him tell it. According to him, you are a fridged bitch that only likes sex with women.” Popi rocked her hips a little fast as she placed her hands on my chest for support. “The fact that I had an affair with a women was just an accident. I was unhappy and not getting any and she was in the same shape. We got wasted up at the bar and ended up at her place in bed together. Things happen in the grown up world.” She paused, arched her back, and moaned softly. “If the ex had spent as much time with me as he did with his dope head buddies, I wouldn’t have been at the bar in the first place. If he hadn’t done some much d**gs he probably could have gotten it up.” She paused, as she let out a long drawn out groan as she came. A warm wet feeling covered my lower shaft and trickled down onto my balls. Carol giggled and said, “Damn, girlfriend, are you trying to drowned the guy? There’s a flood going on, on this end.” Bobby lifted her head and looked over to where Carol was staring. After a moment she said, “She must have peed on him or something. I’ve never seen anyone that wet before.” Popi sat up and wiggled her ass around; I could hear the wet squishy sounds from the movement. She sighed and said, “It’s been about six months since I got off.” Carol said sharply, “No way. I know you’ve been out with a couple of stud muffins, since then.” Popi arched her back and sat up straighter on me. “Yeah, I went out with them but I didn’t take them to bed. We had a good time when we were out and about but there was no spark to light a good fire. What can I say, I’m being picky in my new found freedom.” She grinned at me as she raised her hips and rubbed the head of my shaft around her sopping wet opening and along her slit. “Right now I’m picking you.” She said as she centered the head up on the hot opening and slowly sat down, forcing the thick shaft up into the tight sleeve of her sex. Her breath hissed out slowly as she sat down farther. The deeper I went, the hotter it felt like she was. I had thought Bobby was pretty tight but Popi was like a velvet glove wrapped tightly around me. She was wet alright; wet enough to slide all the way down my pole in one long slow movement. When she was sitting full on my hips, she sighed and opened her eyes. “Now this is how a hard dick should feel inside.” She flexed her inner muscles and lifted up an inch or two before sitting back down with a little bouncing movement. “Oh, yes.” She said as she wiggled from side to side. After a moment she opened her eyes and looked down at me with a grin. “Could I ask a favor?” She said. “Anything Darlin’. Right now you have my complete and undivided attention.” I answered. She grinned again and wiggled from side to side slowly as she asked; “If I got on my hands and knees would you do me with long slow strokes from behind?” I arched my hips up tighter against her and replied with my best manners, “It would be my pleasure.” I wasn’t joking in the least. She slowly raised up off of me and stood up. She stepped away from me and looked first at Carol and then at Bobby. “Would either of you ladies like to get your sweet pussies ate while I get fuck?” Carol giggled and Bobby had a slight frown on her face. Carol said, “Normally, I’d love to, but right now my clit is so sensitive that it hurts at the slightest touch.” Popi looked over at Bobby expectantly. Bobby looked up at her for a long moment then shrugged and said, “What the hell, I’ve wondered all my life if it would be any different with a woman. I guess it’s time to find out. Where do you want me?” Popi grinned and said, “Right where you are is fine.” She turned to me, “I’m yours. I’m going to make love to Bobby while you do me the same way.” With that said, she knelt down between Bobby’s legs and leaned forward to gently kiss Bobby unexpectedly on the lips. Bobby jerked and for a moment, I thought she would turn her head and break the soft kiss. Instead she returned it shyly at first and then more passionately. I stood and watched as Popi broke the kiss and moved on to lick and kiss along Bobby’s neck and down across her shoulder. Popi’s sharp pointy breasts were softly rubbing against Bobby’s hard thick nipples and then they trailed lower across her stomach as Popi kissed her way down to suck first one nipple and then the other. Bobby moaned softly and pressed her breast tighter to Popi’s mouth. I grinned at Bobby’s reaction before I knelt down to lick first one raised ass cheek and then the other. Popi wiggled her ass back and forth slowly as she shifted her knees to a wider stance and dropped her back, which tilted her ass more. I moved back and used the tip of my tongue to probe at her very wet opening. She had a very spicy flavor, almost peppery. I took a long firm lick from her clit to her tailbone. Again her ass wiggled invitingly. I sat back on my heels and watched as Popi worked on down across Bobby’s stomach to lick around the edge of the hair covering her mound. Bobby drew up her knees and spread them wide as Popi licked at first on soft inner thigh and then the other. Bobby gave a little shiver. I backed up slightly and gave Popi a couple more long slow licks before I settled in to tease her clit. I would lick around it, without quite touching it, just brushing my tongue lightly against the edge. It wasn’t long before her hips started to move, trying to get my tongue to make full contact with the sensitive bud of her clit. I let my stiffened tongue brush across it a couple of times which made her hips jerk. I got up to my knees and moved closer to her until the head of my shaft brushed along the valley between her ass cheeks. Popi had her head down between Bobby’s thighs. From the look on Bobby’s face, she was doing something right. Carol had scooted over and was sucking and nibbling at Bobby’s right breast. Bobby had one hand on Carol’s head and toyed with her left nipple with the other. Using my hand, I rubbed the head of my dick up and down along the slippery wet trench of Popi’s sex, from her ass hole to her clit. I slapped it gently against the hard nub which brought a muffled groan from Popi. I lined it up and worked the head inside her opening and held it there for a long moment as I got a firm grip on her hips. With one long steady motion, I sank myself to the hilt in Popi’s vagina. This brought a longer muffled groan from between Bobby’s thighs. As my hips touched the firm globes of her ass, I reversed direction and pulled almost all the way out. I set a steady but slow pace which felt great to me. Popi must have liked it also because her ass started to make slow lazy circles. I had made a dozen or so strokes when Bobby arched her back and let out a humming yell as she came and came hard. I pulled back and slammed into Popi hard and fast for several strokes. Each time my hips slapped against her ass, her nose and mouth bumped hard into Bobby’s sex. Bobby would give another little yell and arch up higher. About the fifth or sixth stroke Popi started to tremble and press back hard against me. Two more strokes and I felt her insides get wetter and warmer as she came. I pulled her ass tight against me and flexed my hips, moving in little short jerks as deep inside her as I could. I hadn’t realized how close I was to cumming until the first spurt of hot semen blasted out into Popi. Popi arched her back as her head came up and a cry broke from her lips. Her ass pressed back tighter against me as she tried to force me even deeper. Each time a jet left my member, Popi would yell and wiggle her ass, she also continued to cum, her insides working and gripping me tightly. The third squirt was the last. Popi slowly relaxed and her head eased forward, her back coming up to a more normal position. She laid her head on Bobby’s thigh and let out a long sigh. “God, it’s been so long since I’ve felt a man cum inside me. I had almost forgotten what it felt like.” Carol had her head resting on Bobby’s breast. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Popi just nodded as did Bobby. That was early last summer. Bobby spends a night or two a week at my house, as does Popi. Carol got her trip to the nude beach and met a really nice guy there. They make a cute couple and I think they have a future together. As for me, I’m still a dirty old man and a confirmed bachelor. I’m much more satisfied and happier than I’ve been in a long time, I don’t drink nearly as much as I did. It seems like I have a lot of other things to occupy my time.

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