Teri sat on the shoreline near her cottage, taking in the mist from the water. She was shivering, but not with the cold. Indeed, it was a lovely, balmy day. Teri was shivering from fear at the move she had just made, which promised to change her life forever.

Hugh had warned her about it, time and time again. “It’s a dumb move Sis!” he told her. Tact was NOT Hugh’s strong point. “This could ruin your life, people are gonna talk!”

No matter. As she sat there thinking, the beautiful brunette knew it was a risk she had been willing to take. Any risk for love was a risk worth taking. Teri had fallen deeply, madly, in love with her brother’s best friend.

Who just happened to be a girl. Not just any girl, a girl she had known for years and years.

It hadn’t happened over night. Victoria had grown up across the street from the Hudson family. Her parents were from Sweden, Victoria was the drop-dead gorgeous Swedish blonde that men dream of. She was beautiful, tall, voluptuous and leggy. She had blue, cornflower eyes and a soft, sweet voice, it was almost musical in tone.

Victoria and Hugh had dated, but quickly realized that they were better friends. They had similar taste in movies and music, so they still hung out together. The pretty 20-year old was over at Teri’s home all the time. She and Teri had shared many animated, fun conversations. Victoria brought in the best in Teri, she made her laugh and smile, even when the weight of the world seemed to be on Teri’s shoulders.

It was during one of those conversations that Teri’s heart began pounding. She looked into Victoria’s blue eyes and couldn’t think of anything to say. She knew Victoria was saying something to her, but she had no idea of what the conversational thread was, it sounded like gibberish to her ears. She simply nodded and tried to follow along. It was a doomed effort, it was if her brain had shut down.

The weather had recently turned beautiful and Teri’s family owned a lovely beach-front property. Teri had always loved the water, so she drove down there most weekends. She frolicked in the water and tried to forget the woman she was in love with, the woman she knew she could never have. Her poor heart was breaking, so she made sure she kept herself busy. Anything was better than feeling the anguish over her – she was certain – unrequited love.

It was a futile attempt from the start. She’d be in bed, late at night, and Victoria’s body would appear in her mind. Sometimes she was dressed sexy, sometimes she was nude, which made Teri hornier than ever. She had to do something about this or she was going to go insane! Victoria was becoming Teri’s obsession, she was going mad with frustration over the love she couldn’t possess.

She confessed to Hugh how she felt about Victoria. Her poor brother, he was so freaked out! “You’re gay?” he asked her, wide-eyed. She shook her head, then thought about it again.


Hugh just shook his head. “Whadda you mean, `maybe’?” He made that “I-don’t-have-a-clue” face that usually made her laugh when they were younger.

Teri tried to explain. “I’ve dated guys, you know that, little brother. I’ve had sex with guys. I’ve enjoyed it — but I can take it or leave it. But every time I see Victoria, I get hot, my brain gets fuzzy, I imagine us –“

“Okay, TMI!” Hugh said. “I don’t think you should tell her though. What about the folks? Do you think the folks will be cool with it? Or her folks? Jeezus Ter, this could upset a whole helluva lotta people, ya know?”

Teri thought about everything her brother had said, but disregarded it. She had to tell Victoria, she couldn’t walk around feeling dopey around the girl every time she saw her. Teri thought of a plan, a way to tell Victoria privately.

She went across the street to Victoria’s home, rang the bell. Victoria answered her, giving Teri a hug which made her heart pound. “What’s up?” she asked Teri, smiling with those perfect, white teeth of hers.

“Would Anadolu Yakası Escort you like to go with me to the beach for the weekend, grab some sun? I don’t have to work for a few days, Hugh’s just hanging around drinking beer and watching sports, I need to get away!”

“What a great idea!” Victoria said enthusiastically. “Let me pack a bag and we can go. When do you want to leave?”

“Will an hour give you enough time to pack?” Teri wanted to know, her heart threatening to burst through her chest.

“Sure, plenty of time!” Victoria said brightly.

Teri raced home and began packing. She packed a bag that would ensure she’d have a great weekend, no matter what happened. She thought her heart was going to explode from inside of her chest, she was so excited, so giddy with anticipation.

She and Victoria piled into her sports car and off they went. Teri was careful not to speed, she wanted to get there so badly, to see Victoria in a bikini and just enjoy their time together.

The girls chatted animatedly for the hour-long trip. Teri enjoyed every second of it. Not only was the girl sexy and warm, she was smart. She knew what was going on in the world and Teri was impressed by that. She thought that she fell in love with Victoria a bit more with every minute they spent together. She was sure how much she adored Victoria as the two girls moved from the car and into the cottage.

The girls had a quick lunch and decided to go for a swim. Teri went to change into her bikini and Victoria followed. “We’re both girls, right?” Victoria said. Teri just nodded, not trusting herself to speak. She was going to see Victoria nude. “Okay, don’t turn into a drooling idiot!” she told herself in an internal dialog.

Victoria moved over to the bed, sat down and pulled off her shorts, top and shoes. She was gorgeous naked. Teri was practically drooling, despite her earlier admonitions to herself, she ached to reach out and fondle the blonde’s beautiful big tits. They were so beautiful, big and soft and round, nary a blemish marked the Swedish girl’s body.

Victoria smiled as she caught her friend looking at her. “What are you thinking?” she asked Teri.

“How beautiful you are!” sighed Teri. “I’d kill to have a body like yours!”

The naked blonde smiled, with a bit of a giggle. “Really? I think you’re beautiful too. I’ve always envied you, you’re so slim and delicate.” That was true. Teri was a sexy brunette with long legs and tiny – yet pert – tits that were firm, with sexy round nipples. Her stomach was flat and lean, from lots of exercise. Teri’d had her fair share of suitors, but none of them mattered as much as Victoria’s approval. It made her glow, she almost flushed with pride.

Teri leaned forward, and boldly, planted a soft kiss on Victoria’s full lips. The blonde didn’t back away, but Teri caught herself, bolted from the room and ran off down the beach.

She was still there, shivering, when Victoria found her and sat down on the beach beside her. She knew she had to tell her, she just couldn’t find the words.

“Why did you run?” Victoria asked her gently.

Teri turned to her, eyes misty. “Because I kissed you. Because I’m in love with you. Because I brought you here to the beach to seduce you, get you into my bed, eat your pussy and fuck you all weekend long. Because of that.”

Victoria smiled at her. “Sounds like a plan to me.”

Teri turned to her friend, the look of surprise on her face must have been evident. Victoria leaned in and kissed Teri, full on the lips, then hugged her close. “Silly girl,” she giggled. “Don’t you know how I feel about you?”

Teri felt lost in a fog, not sure of what she was hearing. “You mean to say …?”

Victoria leaned in and kissed Teri again. “I have a thing for you. I always have. It is one of the reasons I broke it off with Hugh. I wanted to make love with his sister. I wanted her to be the first to taste my pussy. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan I wanted to feel her gentle hands on my tits. I wanted her to lick me until I came and screamed out her name!”

Teri wanted to know “Does Hugh know any of this?”

Victoria held her hand and smiled. “I think he might suspect, but I think he wants me to be happy, I am his friend. So he’s kept quiet. I’ve been in love with you a long time, Teri. I haven’t been with anyone, really – I wanted you to be my first. Will you, please?” Teri was overjoyed, nodding her head rapidly, face streaming with tears.

Victoria kissed her again and Teri leaned into the kiss, their tongues intertwined. She felt her heart race as the sexy blonde cupped her tits in the tiny green bikini. “You know where this would look nice?” Victoria cooed.

Teri shook her head.

“On the chair beside that big bed in your bedroom. Let’s go back.”

The girls walked, arm-in-arm, back to the cottage. They didn’t care if they were seen, Teri was so hot to taste her first female lover, she couldn’t stand it. It was like someone had waved a magic wand and all of her hopes and dreams were now coming true.

Victoria walked into the cottage before her, giving her hips an exaggerated wiggle. Teri was sure her bikini bottoms were soaked, but Victoria was going to have to clean her up, she determined! Imagine, keeping me waiting all this time!

She walked into the bedroom and Victoria pulled her close. She was naked again and there wasn’t a mark on her flesh, nor were there any tan lines. Teri cupped one large breast and looked up into Victoria’s beautiful eyes. “May I?” she giggled.

Victoria pushed Teri down onto the bed and straddled her. “No one has ever eaten my pussy. No one has ever caressed me the way you’re going to. I want you to be my fuck-toy Teri. Will you be my fuck-toy? Oh please baby, say you’ll be Victoria’s sexy little fuck-toy!”

“God, yes!” Teri said as the blonde pussy descended onto her face. She began eating Victoria with relish, tasting the sweet, trimmed blonde pussy. She swabbed at it with her tongue and knew she was hot for cunt. Pussy was her thing, no doubt in her mind, Victoria’s pussy. It was sweet, the juices flowing onto her tongue were tart and slightly thick. She swirled her tongue around Victoria’s clit and was rewarded by hearing her lover cry out her name.

“Oh, fuck Teri, yes! That is so what I wanted, all this time. You must let me taste you! You sweet bitch, I just have to taste you!”

Teri and Victoria moved easily into a `69′, it was like they had been doing this for years. The pretty blonde and the slender brunette began eating each other with precision and amazing skill. Neither girl had been with a woman, it was their passion and hunger for each other’s flesh that made it so good.

Teri’s tongue was whirling, licking, caressing the seductive blonde’s pussy and clit. The scent, like a subtle must, wafted gently from the pretty Swede’s beautiful cunt. Victoria ate Teri with a predatory hunger, despite never having been sexual, she was a natural. Teri’s pussy was spasming with mini-climaxes as her lesbian lover ate her mound with relish. Teri’s pussy was a delight to Victoria, this was the culmination of all her illicit fantasies, and she’d thought up some new ones in the last few minutes, too.

Victoria’s pussy was pushed savagely into Teri’s face and her “fuck toy” ate the blonde with pleasure. Her face was glistening with Victoria’s juices, she was drenched in sweat and pussy juice, and she’d never been happier. When Victoria arched up and screamed, she knew she’d made Victoria cum for the very first time. The emotion thrilled her beyond belief.

“And you’ve never –?” Teri asked.

Victoria shook her head. “No. No one ever has. I wanted you to be the first. You HAD to be my first. I wanted to come to you a virgin.” She kissed Teri softly once more.

Teri was thrilled, Escort Anadolu Yakası and ran out of the bedroom and grabbed her suitcase. She returned to find Victoria lounging on the bed, on one elbow. Teri didn’t think she’d ever seen anything as sexy. Teri placed the suitcase on the floor and unzipped it. When Teri removed what she’d been seeking, Victoria’s eyes widened.

Teri drew out a large, veiny, flesh-colored dildo and held it up to her new playmate. “Can I take your virginity? Would you honor me by letting me be the first to fuck you?” Teri knew what Victoria’s answer would be, but she wanted to hear the girl say it anyway.

Victoria giggled and reached under the bed. She held out a dark, thick black dildo. “Kinky minds think alike, I guess. Yes, I want you to fuck my cherry away!” Teri joined her on the bed. “Which one do you want to use?” Teri asked her.

“Yours, darling,” Victoria said, running a delicate fingernail over Teri’s soft skin. “Fuck me with it, put that big cock in my pussy and make me yours!”

Teri put herself in between Victoria’s legs and licked her cunt until her lover was soaking wet. Then, with force, she slid the big rubber cock deep inside the girl and began fucking her with it. She moved it in and out of Victoria, watching the blue eyes close in pleasure. She moved the dildo in and out of her, seesawing it out of the blonde’s stunning body. The voluptuous blonde quaked and shook as Teri fucked her with the toy, forcefully, the way she had fantasized about for so long.

“Oh, fuck Teri, that’s so fucking good! Fuck me with it darling, make me yours!” Teri did as she was told, and then she hit the barrier of Victoria’s hymen. She hesitated for a brief moment, looking into Victoria’s trusting, blue eyes. “Do you want me to …?”

“Fuck, YES, FUCK ME, take me, fuck my pussy bitch, take me!” Victoria screamed, as Teri plunged the dildo in and broke her cherry. Her body arched in orgasm as Teri fucked her with the toy. Her pussy clenched around the dildo and Victoria saw the satisfied smile on Teri’s face.

Teri ran from the room, returning with a damp washcloth. She cleaned her lover’s body, tickling her on occasion, loving the intimacy. “I hope I didn’t hurt you,” she said meekly.

Victoria giggled and hugged her close. “You can hurt me like that a LOT from now on. My turn!”

Teri smiled and crawled up to the top of the bed. She spread her long legs wide apart as she watched Victoria put her dildo on with a strap. “Prepare to get fucked, bitch!” Victoria said. The change in her lover’s persona made Teri hotter than hell, the wild streak was quite appealing.

The black rubber cock slid easily into Teri and she hunched her pussy back as Victoria fucked her with the artificial phallus. In and out she moved, loud squeals of pleasure coming from Teri’s lips as the fake cock fucked her, over and over again, deeper and deeper.

“Yes, oh my God, yes, yes, yes!” she squealed as she saw the intense look on Victoria’s face and the glint in her blue eyes. “Fuck me, fuck me, oh baby, I AM your fuck toy!”

A sensual, almost-evil look crossed Victoria’s face. “Forever?”

“God, yes! That’s all I want darling. Just don’t stop fucking me!”

For a pair of novice lesbians, the girls were remarkably in-tune with each other’s needs. Victoria slammed the dildo into Teri’s cunt, using all of the the cock until her girlfriend couldn’t take anymore. Shuddering hard with orgasms that literally shook the bed, Teri was crying and Victoria hugged her, wiping her tears away.

They cuddled together for a while, talking plans for the future. They knew they wanted to live together, to be together all the time. Still, Teri couldn’t help but worry. “How are we going to tell our families?” she wanted to know. Teri simply couldn’t help it, a little bit of fear had crept into her voice as she remembered what Hugh had said to her earlier on.

Victoria pinched one of Teri’s pink nipples. ” I don’t know about your folks sweetie, but I told my Mom and Dad how I felt about you a long time ago.”

Teri sat up and her eyes met Victoria’s. “Really? What did they say?”

Victoria kissed Teri and said “My Mom said `You have excellent taste, dear’.” Victoria’s laughter filled the bedroom as she embraced the woman she adored with all her heart.

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