At the Villa Ch. 08 Pt. 03


Ch. 08

Lydia Again Pt. 3

(This story is a continuation from the previous episode. The last episode will follow soon to close the narration of Sam’s illicit adventures with the beautiful and hot not only Xenia but also her roommate Iona.)

Lydia and myself were still cuddling at the Gardner’s Lodge.

Lydia looked into my eyes. We were still sexually united. Our bodies were still joined together in the act of love. My little monster, as Xenia had called it, was still deep inside Lydia’s pussy. Her relaxed body was still lying top of mine every now and then she lifted her ass upwards to feel the hardness of my dick deep inside her. I was becoming very tired as she had been too long on top of my body sucking, licking and even fucking herself, using my hard dick. She was very much focused, hearing my teenage dirty performances. She felt very relaxed cuddling and teasing my hard dick while she was enjoying those profound feelings of being filled to the brim. I gave her a sweet look and moved my lips towards hers as I pulled her head down, slowly. We started to kiss, first rather slowly, then a little more aggressive. Her body started to heat up again, rather instantly. I held her tight and together we turned first on her side and then, on her back, while at the same time trying not to lose our bodily connection.

I did not manage to accomplish what I had in mind. My hard dick broke away from her vagina. As she was on her back I opened her legs as wide as I could and in no time my mouth moved down and pushed my lips against her swollen pussy lips. I started slowly licking those soft shaved lips before I started to suck some of those aromatic smelly juices which were flowing out.

Woww; the tasty cocktail was exceptional as it had been brewing for some time. As my mouth touched her pussy, Lydia started to moan. Slowly the temperature started to escalate as her body exploded again into one of those mind blowing orgasms. I continued moving my lips and tongue, licking and sucking more and more of her love juice before I was going put the purple head back between her swollen lips. As the next orgasm felt coming I changed position, grabbed my hard cock and swiftly inserted it, deep again inside her vaginal cavity. Immediately Lydia cried, her body trembled as she continued to continue those ecstatic orgasmic pleasures. She moaned and cried as her hot blood was flowing through her veins as much as the sexual energy was moving fast from one chakra to another. Those rapturous pleasures invaded her body before she closed her eyes, to intimately enjoy those feeling of that last fresh insertion.

‘Aaaahhhh dad, it fits so well… inside me; I don’t know what I’m going to do, when I go back home, to mamma?’ Lydia moaned her new problem in my ear.

‘You must find a loving boy friend and teach him how to make love to you and not to fuck you.’ I whispered back.

‘It’s a perfect fit, dad!’ Lydia exclaimed teasingly.

‘I know sweetie, I couldn’t believe it the first time I made love to you; after I took your cherry. But for every story there is mostly… always an end.’ I answered.

‘That is true. Make love to me dad and fill me with your hot cream; again?’ Lydia asked.

‘Where do you like to have it?’ I asked.

‘Where else do you think… in my pussy, of course!’ She exclaimed before she continued. ‘I became fascinated for that particular moment, when I feel your dick start to expand, getting bigger, bigger and harder and then; the contractions before it shoots out into the depths of my body.’ Lydia described the feelings indicating her feelings and pleasures every time my little boy prepared to explode in the depths of her hot chakra, sending explosive sexual energy throughout her entire body.

I started to kiss her, lick her neck and suck her nipples one after the other as I slowly started to trust my raging phallus in and out of her vaginal tube. She started moaning slowly, holding my head down and with my mouth sucking and pinching her nipple between my teeth. The thrusts were slow, long and deep. This was another great moment in my life, spending a couple of hours or more with Lydia; roaming through the garden while the others were enjoying whatever they desired. There were swimming, sunbathing, enjoying body to body massages and, maybe other sexual pleasurable activities. Padme was always hot and a very good instigator. But, I was still looking forward for that special day when I can enjoy the pleasures of Olympia and Victoria separately for a whole day not to mention Lydia


Lydia hugged me and kissed me as I was thrusting my phallus in and out of her vagina. Her body had already started to shudder. I increased the tempo and changed the movements of my thrusts. The short thrusts, in and out through the entrance of her vagina sent her crazy with the odd one slammed all the way into her burning fire within the depth of her quim straight into her red hot chakra.

Lydia lifted one of her legs and rested it around my lower back so every time I gave Gaziantep Grup Escort her a short trust, she controls how deep I penetrate. She would be ready so with her leg she pushes my hard steel truncheon all the way into the depths of her scorching sex tube. Her body was erupting and burning. When the opportunity presented itself she was always ready to ask for more. Lydia was moaning again as another orgasm was again taking her into the wonderlands and the heavens. The way she was moaning was enough witness why her body was shaking. She became wild again and the way she griped my body was incredible. Her orgasms were all the time increasing in their intensity. What was she going to do when she was going back home? I asked myself.

She became wilder and wilder as her body was on fire. The more we became entangled together, sucking, licking and fucking the more her starvation for sexual pleasures had intensified. She cried and moaned as I continued trusting my steel hard wand of pleasure in and out of her pussy; many times just short thrusts deep within her inner depths. Other times I tried to hit all the sides and when she was on the edge of a climax I attacked her G.spot. With the way she was holding me with her hands around my neck, her leg around my ass I could not make any drastic moves, except for my body to move with her own movements.

The more Lydia became a bundle of sexual fire the more her vaginal muscles tightened around my dick. The more they tightened the more my magic wand increased in its hardness and on occasions I had to take some drastic action not to explode so quickly and loose on the pleasures I so much enjoyed while I was fucking Lydia; my own flesh and blood.

As Lydia was lost in her own wonderland, I stopped fucking her. Her moaning and her grip on my body were enough to increase the sexual energy and the fire within my body. We were one body, totally connected. The energy was flowing from one to another like the blood in our arteries. The feelings she was enjoying were passing through mine and back into her, especially when we also had our lips jammed together. We were also kissing and so, we were connected from two ends.

I moaned into her mouth with every jolt of pleasure her body created. Her muscles tensed and gripped not only around my phallus inside her quim, but also through the rest of my body. My desire to explode inside her body and fill her as I had filled her on previous times, had created more pleasure as the tension multiplied; and it wasn’t long before she felt the head swelling and the contractions increasing.

‘Aaaahhh… please Samm, fill me with your cream like you filled my mother’s womb. Aaaahhh. It’s feels sooo good dad so good… I don’t think I could take more. Please fill me up before I pass out. I want to feel it dad. I want to feel your big dick, again shooting inside me. Pleassee fill me up… cum inside me… oooohhhh I’m cummiiingg… cummiiingg.’ She moaned and shouted. She was so lost in her own world that she didn’t know what was, she saying.

I gave her a few more, short thrusts before I felt my hard dick swelling, growing inside her. ‘Ooohhhh Dad it’s growing, growing, getting bigger and harder… yes I’m feeling it dad, I’m feeling it.’ She moaned.

It did not take me long before I felt my sperm starting to flow through my tubes. I cried a huge cry as the first shot hit straight against her cervix, maybe even straight into her womb. It could not be otherwise as she was holding me so tight that our bodies were very uncomfortable, both holding each other, jammed together as if we were one body. In actual fact we were more one body.

The last shot of sperm or better the last few drops, I felt them slowly leaving the oval hole at the end of my dick. After that last workout my dick really needed a very good rest. Lydia was still moaning from the last mind blowing orgasm she had passed through. It was a very special moment for both of us especially for Lydia, whose time staying at the villa was running out. Since the first time we found out who we are, there wasn’t a moment when I did not think of her. I was not sure I was right in desiring Lydia so much. The more we found ourselves together or better we tried to be together, as much as we both yearned for; and the more we craved for each other, the hotter we became. She is my own flesh and blood!

I had already run away from my family after my sister was after my body, seduced me and introduced me to an incest affair, which I never wanted. And what about taking my sperm against my will and produce such a beautiful creature, who came back to haunt me. No, she did not come to haunt me; such a beautiful creature will not. She wanted to find out who her lost uncle really was; the one her mamma missed and yearned for so much. She did not know that I was per paternal dad.

I must say that when Lydia and I found ourselves together, for me, it was an unforgettable event, which I had never thought about or expected. We managed to keep the relationship secret from the others as what Olympia who knew, had also done. Things were great. I enjoyed the best of both worlds. I had benefited from every moment that Lydia had already spent with me as also in the next few days. This I knew, it must be a short lived experience. She was young, healthy and beautiful, not to mention the sexual hunger she possessed, nothing less than her mother; when she was her age.

Her grip on my body and the tremors, started to recede. I moved as much as I could and lifted myself enough that I could enjoy the beauty of her angelic face. Her eyes were still closed and that slight smile of satisfaction on her lips left me with remarkable feelings, which sure I was going to treasure, after she leaves.

My pelvis was still jammed against hers as was my degraded and tired phallus which although wilted was still inside her. I was tired, too, and sure that Lydia also was. Her eyes haven’t opened yet; maybe she was still enjoying the aftermath. I was drained but totally satisfied. I loved every moment being not only with Lydia, but also with the other ladies. They were hot, burning with sexual desires, hungry and yearning to learn and understand more, the best sexual techniques provided not only by me but especially by Padme.

They wanted to learn as much as was available on how they can satisfy and be satisfied; while naturally engrossed in the pleasures of the flesh. They wanted to feel and understand what making love really was or meant. None of the girls refused anything. Everything seemed possible without any one of them complained or not felt at ease. Padme had thought the girls a lot of things, ideas and practices which they never thought they were relevant to making love. She was a female like them. She made them expert masseurs, great lesbians and thought them all the tricks of good lovemaking, especially where a male is also involved. I could not complain. She changed my life and she also changed the life of these young hot sexy ladies.

Lydia started to flow back to earth. She gave me a very remarkable smile as she had slightly opened her eyes. She pulled me to her and kissed me on my lips, just a quick kiss, nothing more.

‘Dad, what we had been through was really another great experience that sure I will never forget. I know it was wonderful, but I remember nothing more than, that it was astounding and mind-blowing. My body feels fully pleasured and now I think; I feel fully sated. Thanks again dad.’ And immediately gave me another kiss, this time on my lips

‘So now you are very happy, being fully satisfied?’ I asked.

‘For now; maybe yes, I’m very happy, relaxed and sated. But… maybe not for long! You are a wonderful dad and a good lover. Thanks again.’ Lydia couldn’t find words enough to thank me than jamming her lips against mine and started to suck my tongue like crazy.

‘What shall be do now, go back and have a shower?’ I asked.

‘Why don’t we have a shower here, Sam? Then after the shower, and before we go back I want to know what happened between Xenia and yourself?’ Lydia asked.

‘Ohh! So you are still not yet satisfied?’ I asked.

‘Women are curious dad. By now I think, you should have learned.’ Lydia answered.

‘It was another long experience.’ I said. ‘I was young, still immature but I believed that I had done well’.

‘There were still another two days left before you had to leave for the north. Remember Dad; that time was your initiation period, like it is mine at this very moment. I think; that I surely could learn something, from your teenage dirty hot sexy activities.’ She continued pushing, curious to hear more. Curiosity is the mother of invention, and of course, learning.

‘I know why you want to hear more? Is it so you can get hotter and hotter, and again ask for more; just like Oliver Twist.’ I stated with a little smile.

She smiled back and moved her tongue sexily between her lips. ‘No dad, it’s not that.’

‘Then what is it; there must be some kind of reason, and I need a very good reason?’ I asked teasingly.

‘Yes there is dad; and a very good reason. You get very hot when you start narrating those intimate details and I, when I have your little boy in my hand, you know… When it becomes hard and big it sends me crazy and dad; I would want nothing more except being totally filled with it and connected to your pleasing body. That’s what I like most; but, sure I’m very curious to know your first encounters. Please Dad, at least let’s finish Xenia’s story, but next time, when we will be ‘home alone’ all day; I want to hear about those sweetie hot virgin teens.’

‘You are getting naughtier and naughtier.’ I answered.

‘I’m a good girl dad and I will always be a good girl, even when I leave here, I promise.’ Lydia promised.

‘Shall we stay here or start walking back?’ I asked Lydia.

‘Here is cool and fresh, dad. It is better than going over to the Servants Quarters. I think I could feel more comfortable and relaxed here, especially if we make love, again.’ Lydia pleaded.

‘I agree with you, I immediately fell in love with the Gardner’s Lodge which I only just finished furnishing, a few months ago.’ I answered with a smile.

‘Just ready for us Dad! Shall we continue?’ She implored.

‘You’re so hot you little naughty girl. You are still searching for more.’ I answered back.

‘By the time you finish I will be burning again, with desires and yearnings for that beautiful little baby you have hanging there.’ She answered me back; an answer for an answer. So I continued without commenting back.


We had a very good lunch. Xenia loved what my mother had prepared, followed by some juices and coffee. We spent some time relaxing, especially after that marathon love making session which left both of us, restless. We talked about our childhood and teens of which I must say it was very enjoyable to recount and learn from each other’s younger years. Naturally there were no sex and thoughts and dreams of making it with a boy or a girl, were always there, hidden in our brains. Priority, was always school, study and obtain better and better results. That was my motto.

Xenia was always sporty; she took part in athletics, tennis and settled for basketball, which she said had suited her perfectly. She was proud she was doing well, together with her secretarial job. She liked to play professional but she had not yet reached that level.

We talked about her boyfriend. She really wanted to unwind and say it all to somebody. Take it off, from her stomach! She wanted somebody, an outsider, who was not close like her friend, with whom she lived.

‘He came into my life co-incidentally.’ Xenia started. ‘We sort of liked each other from the very first moment we met. We started going out together, meet in the evenings and after about two weeks I gave him my most intimate part of my body; my virginity. I wasn’t really bad about it. I enjoyed every time we made love, but nothing as wild as what happened today. That relationship fitted me well. Reason was that on the weekends I was usually away playing basketball and he went back to his mother. He used to leave on Friday evening and return Sunday night. He lived on the island of Evia in a small village. That was what he had always told me. Therefore we never missed much of each other.

‘Cutting the story short, after being about four months together; I started to notice that a young woman was following me; sometimes just along one street and disappear. The next day maybe I see her half way between the university and home until the last time when we were sitting together enjoying a coffee in an outside cafe. She did not make any moves. She was sitting at another table close by, behind were my boyfriend was, so he could not see her. She had a coffee and disappeared. Therefore I did not think anymore of her.’ Xenia was telling me the story regarding the only relationship she had ever been involved in.

She then continued. ‘About a week later, I remember it was a Wednesday. We met at our usual cafe and then we walked to my place, where we usually make out. At first I saw nothing, but then I saw her. She was inside a small store which sells foodstuffs. As she saw me, she moved backwards from the doorway, and disappeared inside. I started to wonder who she was. I became troubled and lost all moods of making love. The feeling was that she was either his girlfriend or his wife. I stopped, took a deep breath and relaxed.’

‘So what happened?’ I asked.

‘It was precisely what I was thinking. That evening I told him that I’m not feeling well and something had happened. I explained I saw blood down inside my vagina. It wasn’t true of course, but I wanted to avoid having sex with him at least until I knew why this young woman was appearing, wherever I been. He was not happy and asked if I was pregnant. I told him that I was on the pill but anything was possible. He started shouting and after a few minutes he left. As soon as he left I looked from my window which was overlooking the street, with the store opposite. The woman was still there. I saw her. As he walked out in the street she walked out of the store and made herself known to him. I think she was his wife. After that, I never saw him again.’

‘You never asked where he lives?’ I asked.

‘Yes I asked; and the answer was that he was living with some friends in a house, which happened to be on the other side of Omonia square. Really, in a way I never cared. I liked him. We communicated very well together and the way he was treating me, was great. We met about two or three times a week, depending on when I had to attend training. For me it was a very good arrangement, so I never asked too many questions. I just trusted him a little bit too much.’ She closed the episode.

‘What about me, Xenia. Do you trust me?’

‘With you I knew what I wanted and got much more than I thought was possible. Up to this moment I’m more than satisfied. I learned a lot of things and experienced things I never thought they are ever practised except in the mind. So thanks very much Sam. May I ask you a question, really two?’ Xenia asked.

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