Aunt Flo #2


Aunt Flo

            Flo and Sam moved into a bigger house, closer to the truck terminal. It was also close to the Community College I was now attending. One Sunday when they were visiting us for a barbeque, Flo asked out loud for everyone to hear, “Allie-boy, why don’t you come to our new house one day next week. Come over and let me make you lunch. I’m not much of a cook, but it will be better then the school cafeteria.” We all laughed at her joke. Mom said, “Yeah, go. It will be good for you to be with family.” Sam chimed in, “It will be good for Flo too. She’ll be alone all week and could use some company.”             I was afraid if I spoke everyone would know how much I wanted to be alone with her. I just nodded my head up and down. When it was down, I was looking to see if the bulge in my pants was obvious. About then the burgers were ready. Everyone seemed to move at once, getting food and finding istanbul travesti seats. I glanced down again and found a wet spot on the low end of my fly. When aroused I drool a lot of pre cum.             On the way out, Flo was touching my cheek and saying, “Come over Tuesday. Tell me what you want and I’ll get for you Monday.” OMG, I thought, the same fingers she had in her pussy were caressing my face and she was making plans for me to come to her house and Sam would be away. I mumbled something about a salami sandwich on a roll and a Pepsi. I was afraid to look ‘cause I imagined the wet stain was down to my knees by now.              When I arrived at Flo’s house, first thing I noticed was a touch of lipstick. She also made her hair look good. I complimented her appearance and I could tell she liked the fact that I noticed. She said I was a special boy and she wanted to look good istanbul travestileri for me. She always wore knee high stockings, giving access to her thighs for the injections. Today she wore a low heel shoe, with slacks and a sweater. For Flo, she was actually, “dressed up.” She sat opposite me at her kitchen table and watched me eat the sandwich. I was watching her big breasts trying to bust thru the sweater. I wasn’t too keen on the subject, but I was guessing Aunt Flo was a C cup, and never having borne a child, I imagined her nipples were still pink. I caught myself grinning and realized I was starring at her chest. Yes, I think I had it figured. I was guessing Aunt Flo was about 42 years old and her nipples looked brand new like a 17 year old girl. She saw me examining her chest. She smiled at me and I felt as though she were reading my mind.   I was sure my pants were drenched. I travesti istanbul said, “Why are you starring at me?” She said, “I’m sorry, was I starring at you? I thought you were starring at me.” We both laughed. Her eyes locked onto mine. “You’ve grown into such a handsome young man, I just like to look at you.” Then she asked me a question in a serious tone of voice. “Why are you starring at my chest?”   I swallowed hard. She smiled. I couldn’t find the words to answer her question. I figured, by now the wet stain is approaching my socks. Warmly she smiled and said, “I’m glad you’re here today. I need a big favor from you.” My immediate thoughts were that she needed something fixed around the house.  Flo moved from behind the table. She sat adjacent to me and put her hand on top of mine. “Can you keep a secret?” she asked me. “If anyone ever knew what I want from you, they wouldn’t understand. I would look like a fool.” “You’re not a fool Aunt Flo, what do you want me to do?” She said, “First promise me that you will never even tell anybody what I’m asking. Will you promise? I promised. She continued, “I want you to give me my injection. Can you do it?” “Sure I can do it.

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