Aunt Gave Me A New Life


Aunt Gave Me A New LifeMy Aunt Gave Me A New LifeI am not sure how I ended up wearing her dress or becomingher bridesmaid, but I did. I am eighteen and I was visiting myAunt Nancy in Florida. I had gone down for her wedding and tohouse sit while she was on her honeymoon. My parents were onlycoming for the wedding. I arrived a week early and made myselfright at home. My Aunt is only a few years older than myselfand quite attractive. She is a successful businesswoman, avice-president in a retail store chain. I have often fantasizedwhat it would be like to make love to her. I also have anothersecret fantasy which I have never mentioned to anyone. I haveoften seen how popular she is with the guys and her girlfriendsand I have wondered what it would be like to be her. To make along story short, the second day at her house she caught melooking through her drawers and accused me of being pervertedwhen I confessed my secret desire to wear her clothes andpretend to be her. I had thought she had gone out for the dayand never heard her return. I was indulging my curiosity andexploring her wardrobe when she caught me. She had forgottenher tennis racket and had returned for it. She was angry with me and said she was going to have topunish me. I begged her to forgive me and promised her that Iwould never do it again. She said that I had violated herprivacy and that a simple apology was not enough. She said apunishment was the only proper recourse for my actions. I askedwhat she had in mind? I nearly fell on the floor when she toldme!She told me she was going to show me what it was really liketo be a girl. With that she showed me how physically fit shewas. She easily overpowered me and dragged me into thebathroom. She forced me to remove all my clothes and applied adepilatory to my entire body. The smell was horrible and itbegan to itch like crazy. She finally let me shower and wash itoff. I cried as I saw my body hair go down the drain. Her nextmove was to take me back to her room and force me into amatching black lace bra and panty set. She then said I looked alittle out of place without any breasts to fill my bra cups. Iwas then introduced to a product I never knew existed. She toldme it was something she had purchased when she thought she hadbreast cancer and was preparing to have a mastectomy. It was apair of life-like breast forms. They were filled with a specialgel to give them weight and bounce. There was also some specialelectronics built into them to give the wearer distinct shockswhich would make them feel the sensations of touch. If theywere aroused the circuitry would sense it and the nipples wouldget hard. “I didn’t want to miss the enjoyment of the realthings so I spent the extra money to get the best fake titsavailable. I also have this special adhesive which will attachthem to your body permanently. It can only be removed by achemical solution which I will not tell you about nor supplyyou with until I return from my honeymoon. Hold still while Igive you size 40DD breasts.”I was immediately aware of their weight, movement, andsensitivity. After putting them on me she took great delight inpinching the nipples and sending pain and shivers through mybody. Tears actually welled up in my eyes. The worst part ofthe embarrassment was that it caused an immediate erection in mypenis. My Aunt laughed at my predicament. She said that myerection needed to be eliminated and surprised me by dropping toher knees and giving me the best blow job I had ever had. Thencame the real surprise! She kissed me and in the processtransferred my cum from her mouth into mine. “You want to be agirl, then you are going to have to learn to swallow cum ratherthan produce it. Girls are always on the receiving end of apenis. I think you will enjoy that and I’ll enjoy seeing youget it.”She refused to explain what she meant by that, but said Iwould find out soon enough. She then informed me that she hadalready formulated her plan for my punishment quite thoroughly. “You said you wondered what it was like to be a girl like me andI’m going to see that your curiosity is fulfilled, but on myterms not yours. There is a lot we have to do to finish yourtransformation. We’ll begin by hiding your penis. Bring me theroll of pink satin ribbon from the box in the closet. We aregoing to make a penis sheath if we can. If it works, you’llnot only have a womanly appearance in front, but it will forceyou to sit like a woman if you have to pee. I am going to wrapthis ribbon around the shaft of your penis but leave the head ofit exposed so you can urinate. Then I’ll pull the ribbonthrough the crack of your ass and secure it around your waist,leaving your penis pulled securely back toward your asshole. While I do this we need to think up a feminine name for you. David Allen Reynolds just doesn’t fit someone with large titsthat wears dresses. I think I’ll call you Melissa LouiseReynolds after Grandma and your mother. I’ve almost got thissheath finished and it seems it is going to work just as I hopedit would. There appears to be a side benefit from this deviceas well. The cords going through your ass have spread yourcheeks a bit and made them seem fuller and more feminine also. There will be no need to remove the ribbon to go to the bathroombut you will need to sit for every function unless you want toclean up the mess each time and look kind of funny in a ladies’room. Pull up your panties and look at yourself in my fulllength mirror over here. We haven’t even added clothes ormakeup and I ‘d swear you could pass for a girl already. Youare going to look like a super model when we are done and theguys are going to drool all over you.”I was at a loss for words as I stared at the reflectionbefore me. I was indeed beautiful. The hairless body withcurves in all the right places and an empty v where my penis hadbeen. It seems that in pulling my penis back between my legsthat it forced my balls up into my body cavity and the empty sacacted like the folds of the labia giving me the appearance of avagina. I could not help but stare in utter amazement of thefeminine beauty before me and I couldn’t wait to see thefinished product. She then insisted on painting my toenails andfingernails a bright red. Once the polish dried, it was time tofinish getting dressed. Since I appeared to be far morefeminine then she expected that I would be, she placed thepantyhose back in her drawer and got out a garter belt and someblack seamed hose. She showed me how to roll the hose gently upmy leg and straighten the seams attaching them to the garterstraps. I felt sensual in such sexy lingerie. Next came ablack satin slip, followed by a short black dress and black highheeled pumps. She pulled my shoulder length hair back into aponytail tying it off with a large red bow. She sat me at hervanity and began applying a full array of makeup and adding somejewelry. She said I needed some earrings to complete my outfit,but she only had earrings for pierced ears. “Well, allpunishments should have some pain and suffering involved.” She left me sitting there wondering what in the world she wastalking about and walked out of the room. She returned a fewminutes later carrying a large sewing needle some ice cubes anda bottle of alcohol. I was praying that she was not going to doit, but I knew she was. I quickly found myself with a hole ineach ear. She inserted large dangling gold loops into each one.”Now Melissa it is time for you to see yourself and to beginyour lessons on being a woman. Later on we’ll go shopping andget you fitted for your gown. I have decided to have you as oneof my bridesmaids. I’ve already called and made the appointmentfor your fitting and I’ve also made an appointment with myhairdresser to get your hair done. You are going to look socute as a blonde!”I was in tears as I realized how far this punishment wasgoing. She also informed me that my suitcase and all my maleclothing was going to get mixed up with theirs and follow themon their honeymoon meaning I would only have her clothes to wearthe entire time they were gone. I was a girl for at least fourweeks and I needed to face it and make the best of it. I wasconcerned how far she would go in this masquerade. I alreadyknew we were going to venture out into public and I had a notionshe was serious about me being a bridesmaid and exposing me toour entire family as well as leaving me to live as a girl whileshe was on her honeymoon. I could think of no way of escapingher well designed punishment. I had to first learn to act like agirl and walk in heels as well as sit in a skirt.She finished my makeup and then asked me to stand and walk tothe mirror. I almost fell over as I tried to stand in the hellsshe had placed on my feet. As I sat down again, she called me alittle sissy and told me that the heels I was wearing were onlythree inch heels. She became angry when I complained of theirawkwardness. She took them off my feet and said she would teachme a real lesson. She replaced them with shoes that had a fiveinch spiked heel and said now I could suffer some real pain andchallenge. She then lifted me to my feet and made me standstill for several minutes to get used to balancing in them. Itold her she was crazy when she asked me to walk in them. “Takevery short feminine steps walking on your toes as much as youcan, but get your ass over here to where I am standing.”I stumbled quite a bit but I made it over to her and themirror. I was even more shocked at my reflection than I wasbefore being dressed and made up. She told me I did not havethe time to stand admiring myself in the mirror all day as I hada lot to learn and not much time to do it in. She had me walkaround the house until I could walk in the heels with some graceand poise. Next it was time to learn how to sit in a shortskirt without exposing my panties or stocking tops. She made mepractice crossing and uncrossing my legs, sitting and rising, aswell as knowing how to flash a glance if I were flirting with aman. She also taught me basic feminine mannerisms, such astossing my head lightly to clear the hair from my eyes, ormoving my wrists in an alluring way. My voice has always beenin a fairly high pitched range, I have often been addressed onthe phone as madam or miss, so all she had to do was teach me touse more feminine phrases and words. The time flew by. It wassoon time to go to our appointments.Our first stop was the bridal shop. I found out that theyalready had a dress made that just needed to be fit to me. Itseems that one of her original bridesmaids had become quite illand could not make the wedding. My need for punishment providedher with an easy choice for a replacement. I was very close insize and I was available. The saleslady said she was surprisedthat no alterations were necessary. She also asked if she couldtake a picture of me to use for her advertising. She offered toreturn the purchase price of all the gowns including the bridalgown if I agreed to model for their photographer. My sistermade me agree to return the next day and be the model for theirtelevision commercial and newspaper ads. I was also told thatposters would be put up around the store of my pictures. I wastold that I would receive copies of all photos and videos takenand that my Aunt would receive everything for free. I actuallyfelt flattered that she thought I looked pretty enough to wantme as a model. “The next thing you know, Melissa, we’ll beseeing you on the cover of Vogue.”Our next stop was at the hair salon. She had a long talkwith her hairdresser before they both came back to where I wassitting. Aunt Nancy introduced me to Diane and said she knewexactly what she wanted for me and that I needed to listen toeverything she had to say and do all she told me to. She saidshe would run some more errands and return for me in a couplehours. I watched her walk out the door as I followed Diane tothe shampoo area. She washed my hair and then covered it with afoul smelling goop and wrapped it in plastic. I sat under thedryer for a long period of time, then she removed the plasticand shampooed it once again. This time she trimmed some of myhair, rolled it up in curlers and applied another foul smellinggoop to it. I spent more time under the dryer before returningto her styling area to have the curlers removed and the haircombed out into a very feminine style. She had taken mystraight dark brown hair and turned it into a golden blondefilled with curls. I was given instructions on how to care formy new perm and told not to use any shampoo on it for threedays. My Aunt was delighted with their work and thanked themfor doing such a good job on me.”You look absolutely gorgeous as a blonde. How do you likeit? Michael and his brother are going to love it when they seeyou. I told him about you and what I was doing to you. Hethought it was the right thing to do, but agreed that only heand I needed to know the truth about who you were. Since noneof his family know you anyway, they are not going to be aproblem. The only others coming to the wedding that would knowyou are your mother, grandmother and grandfather.”She said she called them and they also agreed to go alongwith calling me Melissa and treating me as a girl. They toldher that under the circumstances that this was a very fittingpunishment for me and my mother said that she would arrange forme to remain a girl when I returned home for the rest of thesummer and make me work as a waitress at our restaurant. Shethen informed me that I would be the bridesmaid oppositeMichael’s younger brother Philip at the wedding and that thedinner tonight was an introductory date for us. Philip was twoyears older than me. He was a body builder and worked inconstruction with his family. I almost died when I saw him. Ihave never been interested in guys, but he was a handsome man. He had muscles everywhere. His jet black hair framed his ruggedface perfectly. The tight jeans he wore emphasized the bulge inhis pants. I could see that he was two or three times largerthan me in that area. I was actually getting the hots for him,and I think my Aunt knew it. “He’s a real hunk isn’t he,Melissa. Look at that cock of his, isn’t it gorgeous? Michael’s is about the same size and I love every inch of it. Don’t believe what you have heard, size does make a difference! Your puny little three incher is disgusting and would donothing for me. These guys have real cocks and they do know howto use them! After seeing you undressed, it was easy to see whyyou would rather dress as a girl. That cock of yours is no morethan the size of a large clitoris. Later on if you would like agood look at a real man’s cock I’m sure it could be arranged. I’d like to see you suck on it. Let’s see how the evening goesfirst.”The introductions were made and we sat down to have somedinner. Philip kept trying to find out about me. He wasshowing more than casual signs of interest. It was clear thathe found me very attractive as a girl. I was a little set backby that and did not know how to respond to his advances. I wasthankful for the fact that we were in a restaurant and he couldnot gain access to touch me so easily. I knew he wanted to ashe tried holding my hand a couple times during the meal. Healso joked about getting me in his arms later that evening. Ibegan to wonder what he had been told and how far they weregoing to make me go with him. Following dinner it was decidedthat we would go to a local night club for some dancing. I wasbeing forced into his arms. I was not allowed to refuse todance with him, but I was scared to death as he held me close tohim for a slow dance. I could even feel that cock of hisgetting larger by the minute. It was rubbing into my abdomen ashe continued to pull me closer to him. Though I didn’t want toadmit it, I was getting excited also. My breasts were feelingthe passion of our closeness. The electronic circuitry wasworking well. My nipples were as hard as his cock. I did notwant the dance to end. I felt strangely comfortable in hisarms. Was I becoming the girl my Aunt had dressed me as? CouldI ever be a man again? These and many other questions were running through my mindand I was near panic, as the dance did finally end. I needed torelieve myself which also added to my dilemma. Which bathroomdo I use. I managed to get my Aunt’s attention and she justlaughed and said, “Look at how you are dressed! You are goingto have to use the ladies’ room, of course, now aren’t you? what a silly girl you are! Blonde is definitely your color! Now remember to sit like a proper young lady.”I did sit. I sat pondering all that had taken place. Ithought about my secret fantasies that got me into this mess inthe first place. I also thought about Philip. He was handsomewith a huge cock. He was every girl’s dream. I thought aboutwhat it would be like to suck his cock or have it stuffed in myass. What was I thinking?! I did not want that huge thing upmy ass or in my mouth! But I was not a boy any longer, I was agirl for the next four weeks. A girl would want a chance atthat cock. I was convinced from the statements that my Aunt hadmade earlier that the choice would not be up to me. She wasprobably going to make me do it anyway. Should I beat her tothe punch? Should I just play along? Did I really like beingthe girl in a relationship? I certainly was enjoying being thecenter of attention for a change and I liked having doorsopened for me and not paying for everything. Being a girlcertainly has its advantages. I was in the bathroom so longthat my Aunt came looking for me. I told her all that was goingthrough my mind. It seemed natural, now that we weregirlfriends. She laughed and told me that all girls have manyof the same questions when they are out on a date. She alsoinformed me that she was thinking of making me suck his cock atsome point but wasn’t planning on tonight being the night, butsince I brought it up as something I was thinking about, shemight change her mind and give me the opportunity. With thetalking out of the way, she helped me touch up my makeup andthen we returned to the guys at the table.We continued to dance and talk which only made me like Philipeven more as I got to know more about him. My nipples stayedhard and I could feel the moistness of precum on my cock and inmy panties. I was drifting into the female role completely thatI could not remember my real identity any longer. I was MelissaLouise all the way now. Perhaps it was the night, the company,or just the drinks we had. I don’t know what it was but I likedit. I liked being a girl more and more with each passingmoment. When the time came for us to leave, my arms were aroundPhilip’s waist as we walked to the car. Aunt Nancy invited theguys back to the house and they both said yes. I rode withPhilip in his truck while Michael rode with Aunt Nancy in hercar. This is the first time I was actually alone with Philipand I was nervous as hell. He was not overly aggressive, but hedid give me a kiss as he opened the door for me and helped meinto the cab of his pickup. I found myself responding to hisaffections and kissing him back. His tongue found its way intomy mouth and though it caught me off guard I did not back awayfrom it. I sucked it in deeper. His hand rested on my knee allthe way to the house. I received another kiss as he helped meout of the truck. I did not resist it, but kissed back andwanted more.In the house, Aunt Nancy had me make some coffee and serve itin the living room. I returned to the living room with thecoffee to find her and Michael fondling one another on the sofa.His hands were busy with her breasts while her hands hadunzipped his pants and were wrapped around his cock. Philip wasnot in the room. I set the tray down and excused myself. Theystopped me from leaving the room. They told me that Philip hadgone to the all night convenience store to get a soda and someother snacks. “This gives us a chance to talk to you, Melissa. I’ve told Michael everything you told me this morning andearlier in the ladies’ room. I do not keep secrets from him. He likes the punishment I’m giving you. We have both decidedthat it is in all our best interests to keep your true identitya secret, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add a littlehumiliation to it or have some fun with your new genderassignment. We think it would be fun to see you suck Philip’scock. We want you to attack him as soon as he returns and dojust what you saw me and Michael doing when you walked into theroom with the coffee. Cuddle up to him and let him play withyour breasts while you unzip his pants and release his cock. Play with it in your hands for a bit and then as you kiss himslide off the sofa and onto your knees, like a good little slutand let your mouth go to work kissing and sucking his cock. Heis as big as Michael and it will be difficult to take all of itinto your mouth and throat. In fact, Michael was just sayingthat I was the only girl that ever took all of his cock in. Ifyou can manage to deep throat him like I do for Michael, thenafter you get Philip to cum in your mouth I will put on a showfor you by sucking Michael’s cock in front of you and I’ll letyou video tape it as well as taping us fucking in bed and I willmodel nude for you. That should feed your male fantasies aboutwhat it would be like to make love to me. If you can’t take allof him into your mouth then I get to watch as he climaxes inyour mouth anyway and you have to go out with him on a dateevery night until the wedding and suck him off each night infront of us. While we are on our honeymoon you must video tapefor us at least three more blow jobs with Philip and one withsomeone else of your choosing. Are you up to the challenge?””Do I have a choice?””No, I guess you really don’t, Melissa. My brother is goingto enjoy your services. He has already told us how much helikes you and how horny he is being with you on a date. I’mglad he doesn’t know your true identity, he’d be devastated. Heis not gay, but I think he would turn gay with you in the girl’srole. We may tell him when we get back from the honeymoon andsee what happens then. I would hope we could see him fuck youup that cute ass of yours. After all you won’t be a real womanuntil you’ve been fucked like one.””What if I decide to tell him tonight who I really am?””Then we will see that you get fucked tonight and that youhave many more humiliating experiences as a girl. I have afriend that would be glad to meet a girl like you and keep youbarefoot and pregnant in his kitchen. My brother might alsohave some things he would want to do to you, or maybe he’ll keepyou as his whore for a while himself. Don’t cross us, your Auntand I will win easily. She has already turned you into a modelat the bridal shop, arranged for your mother to keep you as agirl for the rest of the summer and can easily do something elseto you. How do you think you will like being a waitress? Ihear some of those truckers that come into the restaurant reallylike to get it on with the waitresses. Perhaps you would liketo spend your summer here with us. What do you think Nancy,wouldn’t she make a good sales clerk at one of your stores, ormaybe she would better suited to working as a secretary at mycompany? Wait! I’ve got an even better idea! She could be acocktail waitress at the Pink Bikini! Can you picture herwalking around in one of their pink bikinis and heels takingorders for drinks from guys watching other girls strip on thestage?””Michael, you are getting too carried away with all this. Ifshe wants to tell Philip all about herself then let it bebetween them. Philip should decide on the consequences. Sheshould not be punished for telling the truth on their firstdate, but she should have to suffer through whatever comes ofit. Who knows there may be two weddings on Saturday. Philipmay want to keep her as a wife for the next four weeks. Look ather, Michael, you have to admit that she is pretty and desirableas a female. Philip is a horny male and if he is at all likeyou he needs someone to fuck everyday. She is easy andavailable. He just may want to take advantage of it. Melissa,I’m not sure what will happen if you tell Philip the truth. Itis the right thing to do, but if you tell him then you have totell everyone you meet and since you are going to have to liveas a girl while we are gone, how many people do you want knowingabout you?””What if Philip wants to fuck me? I can’t run away from him.He won’t keep taking a no. I know because I have a hard timewhen I go out with a girl more than once and get horny each timethat I have a hard time accepting a no from her. I know thepain that having blue balls brings. Once he takes my pantiesoff he is going to find out the truth. Wouldn’t it be better ifI told him before it ever got that far?””You are right. It would be better for all of us if he wastold. What are you going to do if he rejects you? I can tellfrom your argument that you want to be fucked by him. How muchof a girl have you become?””I don’t know. It is all so new that I have not had time tofigure out my feelings. Yes, on one hand, I do want to see whatit is like to be fucked by him. On the other hand, I feeldisgusted by even the thought of it. I am so confused. I’mglad you are in charge of what happens. I wouldn’t be able tomake up my mind.””Michael, what do you think?””I don’t like deceiving my brother, but we can’t have thewhole world know that we are punishing your nephew this way. Iguess we should tell Philip the truth about his date and seewhat he wants to do, but it should be after the blow job so hecan evaluate her performance as the female in theirrelationship. Besides, I’m a bit selfish. I’d like to see howshe does in that contest you have devised for her. It turns meon to think of getting to see her try to stuff a cock deep intoher throat. Time to decide what to do, I see Philip’s truckcoming down the road.””Okay, Melissa, here is the deal. You go through with theblow job scenario that we described earlier. After he has cum,then Michael and I will be the ones to tell him about you. Hewill be given the opportunity to spend the night with you orreject you, though I honestly do not think he will. He willalso be asked to help us in your punishment and given theopportunity to suggest ideas which will be decided on byMichael, myself and Philip if he chooses to participate. Youtake the chance that humiliation will be wide spread. Are theterms acceptable to you?”I answered in the affirmative just as Philip came through thedoor. I greeted him at the door with a kiss and took hispackages from him. He sat on the sofa and I sat down besidehim. He did not wait for any signals but pulled me into hisarms and began kissing me full on the lips. I did everythingthe way my aunt had told me to do it. As we continued to kiss,he began to play with my breasts and I undid his belt and zipperreleasing his cock from its confines. I worked it with my handand tickled his balls with my fingers. I felt it grow evenlarger than it had been. I worked up the courage to sink to myknees before him. I stared at it for a few minutes. I studiedall the bulging veins in the shaft and the soft curve of itspurple head with its small slit in the very tip of it. I wasnow even more amazed by its size as I saw it up close. I felt adesire to kiss it out of awe. I swallowed hard and then loweredmy mouth toward it. I kissed it softly and ;et the bulbous headpass between my lips and into my mouth. I had expected thetaste to be quite foul. It wasn’t. It was very salty, but atthe same time had a sweetness to it. I licked its head with mytongue and discovered I liked the taste and took more of thecock into my mouth. I was determined to show my aunt how good acock sucker I could be. I would be able to get this huge cockinto my throat or die trying. As soon as it hit the back of mymouth I had to gag on it. I felt sick from it, but I wasn’tgiving up yet. I tilted my head a bit and took it in again. This time it went further in. I paused as I approached the gagpoint. I waited until I was breathing freely with my nose andthen let a bit more of his sweet tender cock into my mouth. AsI continued to take it deeper and deeper into my throat, I foundthat if I paused once in a while I could control my gag reflex. In only a few minutes I was kissing his balls. I had done it. I had swallowed all of it. Now the concentration was on makinghim cum. I used my tongue as much as I could but it was prettymuch held in one position by the enormous size of his cockfilling my mouth and throat to capacity. I knew I would have totreat my mouth as a cunt and have it go in and out using thefriction to bring about his ejaculation. I started very slowly, but as I relaxed, I began to increasethe pace of motions. My head was going up and down on that longthick shaft. As I got my lips to the head I was able to see mysaliva mixed with his precum. This sight only increased mydesire for it and I began attacking him with a greater vigor. It seemed like an eternity, but it was only a few minutes beforeI felt his whole body tense up and he exploded into my mouth. Spurt after spurt of his warm seminal fluid filled my mouth andthroat. I gagged at first but found a swallowing rhythm thatprevented it. It tasted wonderful, and I felt positivelysatisfied that I had succeeded in emptying him so well. Ideserved the reward I was receiving of his warm salty-sweetmilk. I had worked hard for it and I knew the pleasure it wasbringing him to have such a release. I also felt a deep inneryearning to have him fuck me and spend the night holding me inhis arms. A woman has her needs as much as a man, and at thismoment I was all woman and enjoying it. Once the spasms ceasedI cleaned off his shaft with my tongue trying to find as much ofhis cum as I could even sucking it out of his pubic hairs. Hesimply fell back against the sofa in exhaustion and ecstasy.”That was quite a display, Melissa. You have won the bet,but first we have that other matter to get out of the way. Philip are you still with us?””Yes, why?””Because, dear brother, we have something to tell you andneed you alert enough to hear it. We have been deceiving youall night. Melissa is not Nancy’s niece. She is really hernephew. I know it is kind of hard to believe considering howpretty she is and how wonderfully she can suck a cock. But, itis true. She is a he. Let me tell you what happened from thebeginning.”Philip listened intently as Michael retold the story he hadgotten from Aunt Nancy. He still had a hard time believing thatI was really a boy. He even emphasized that they were tellinghim now at my insistence on telling him the truth. Michael didnot leave out a single detail and included the fact that I hadsaid that I would like him to fuck me. He insisted that I was agirl, so they made me raise my skirt and pull my panties down sohe could see my penis tucked up between my legs. Nancy added,”Philip, you are right about one thing she is not a man, but sheis male. Look at the size of that puny little thing between herlegs. It’s useless and degrading. I know some girls that haveclits bigger than that. So what do you think? Do we keep thesecret in the family and have some fun with her or what?””I can go along with that. I just want one ground rule setdown from the beginning, however. She remains as a girl in ourrelationship. I will have nothing to do with that thing shecalls a cock. She gets fucked as a woman and sucks me off, buthers stays hidden. Is that okay with everyone?” I had no say in the matter, but it was agreeable with me. Aunt Nancy and Michael both agreed also. Philip said that Icould be his steady girl all the time I was in Florida. I wouldhave to date him and he would use me sexually. As they werediscussing my fate, they decided that it would be fun to have melive as Philip’s wife for the next four weeks. I would have tocook for him and have sex with him at his command. They decidedit would be fitting to have a mock wedding to commemorate theoccasion. Since my mother and grandparents were due in Floridathe next day, they decided to wait until then to have theceremony and said it would be fitting if we did not consummateour marriage until after the ceremony. Aunt Nancy said that shewould talk to the bridal shop owners about getting me a bridalgown for tomorrow night during my modeling session for them. Philip was asked to wear a tux and Michael would be the best manand Aunt Nancy would be my maid of honor. My grandfather wasgoing to be asked to give me away. I was not sure how my motherand grandparents were going to react to this situation. I knewwhat Aunt Nancy had told me when they were told about medressing as a girl, but how would they react to me taking on therole of a man’s wife which would include having sex with him. Ihad to wait to find out that Aunt Nancy had already discussedthe possibility with them. They thought it was going a bit toofar, but felt it was her decision to make and they would notinterfere with it and would gladly help out with my humiliationany way they could. At this point I was already facing aproblem. I was feeling a strong desire to be Philip’s sexpartner. The thought repulsed me and yet inwardly I wanted tohave him fuck me. The discussion came to an end as Aunt Nancyannounced that it was time for her to pay off on the bet we hadmade. She dropped to her knees and told me to get her videocamera out and start taping her. She wrapped her lips aroundMichael’s cock and in mere minutes she was receiving his creamdown her throat. I then followed them into the bedroom with thecamera and taped them as they fucked for the next hour. Beforeclimbing into bed Aunt Nancy did a strip tease for the camera. She continued dancing in the nude for several minutes beforejumping on top of Michael and going at it with him. They werelike two a****ls in heat as they grabbed at one another andbegan their sexual activities. Michael wasted no time onforeplay as he took aim with his cock and shoved it into her wetcunt. He pumped her hard and furious with it, as she screamedfor him to, “Fuck me harder! Shove that cock in me as hard asyou can! I want to feel you coming out of my mouth. Oh, Yes! Give it to me, Michael!”I took pictures of them from every angle and I could feel myinsides longing to be in her position having a large juicy cockfilling me to the depths of my bowels. I longed to have lipspressed to mine and have hands squeezing my breasts. Most ofall I wanted that cock pumping in and out of me bringing me theecstasy that I could see on Aunt Nancy’s face and hear in herwords as she continued to beg for more. I wanted to be a woman,and I even started to hold the camera in only one hand and reachout toward Philip’s cock. He had become rock hard himself. Iundid his zipper once again and let his pants fall to the floor.I wrapped my hand around his thick shaft and began strokinghim. I didn’t care how steady the picture was I was going toget as much cock as I could. After filming Michael’s climax andthe way Aunt Nancy used her tongue to clean him off, I set thecamera down and began deep throating Philip in earnest. If Icouldn’t have his cock inside my ass then I wanted it in mymouth. I attacked him as voraciously as I could. I wasdetermined to drain him of all the creamy white cum he couldproduce. He did not disappoint me. He poured gallon upongallon down my throat and he collapsed from the exhaustion of myattack and how much I had drained him. After licking him clean,I looked up to see that my efforts were now a part of the videotape as I saw my aunt standing there with the camera in hand andrunning. “You will have to let me video tape your marriageceremony and your wedding night deflowering as well to completethis tape.”It was at this time that Aunt Nancy had me dress in a nightgown and removed my makeup. she gave me a silk robe to wearover it and then we said goodnight to Michael and Philip. Weeach got kissed as they said goodnight and walked out the door. Aunt Nancy made me pack all my male clothing into my suitcaseand deliver it to her room. “I don’t want you to be allowed todress as anything but a female and if I have your clothes, youwill have no choice since there is nothing of Michael’s hereyet. I’ll see you in the morning when we will have some morelessons in being a woman. I’ll teach you how to do your ownmakeup, and how to style your own hair. Have a good night’ssleep, Melissa.”It was hard to sleep thinking about all that happened to methat day. I tossed and turned as I began to think about the dayto come and the next four weeks as Philip’s wife. I thoughtabout my return home and how my mother had told my aunt that Iwould have to work as a waitress at our restaurant. Most of mythoughts focused on the fact that I liked being a girl, but thatI knew I shouldn’t want to be one. I asked myself if this iswhat I really wanted in my life and whether or not I would evergo back to being a boy. My mind raced about all the differentthings that could happen. I wondered what my mother was goingto say when she stepped off the plane and greeted her daughterrather than her son. I also wondered what my grandfather wasgoing to say about me becoming a girl, after all the time hespent taking me fishing and to ball games. I thought aboutlosing my anal virginity to Philip. I wanted it and yet I wasfrightened of it. What was going to be expected of me over thenext four weeks as his wife? Was I just there for sex or wouldwe be going places and doing things together? I wouldn’t findout until it happened.In the morning, Aunt Nancy brought me into her room to selectan outfit for me to wear for the day. Our first activity was togo to the bridal shop for my modeling session. They had hired aprofessional photographer and a beautician for the job. I wasdressed and made-up in many different ways. They had me as abride, a bridesmaid, a prom queen, and as an formal dinnerguest. I had forgot to mention that they had also hired aprofessional male model to be the groom, the usher, my prom dateand my dinner escort. Photographs were taken of me separatelyas well as in his company. It took almost seven hours tocomplete the session. I was very tired when we were done. AuntNancy told the people about me going through a pretend weddingand asked if I could get a bridal gown to use and keep for myfuture. They were happy to oblige. The photographer liked mywork as a model so well, he insisted on helping me build aportfolio and putting me in touch with a modeling agency. Hemade an appointment for the following week to take someportraits of me and to introduce me to an agent. From thebridal shop we had to go to the airport to pick up my mother andgrandparents. They were shocked at how pretty I was as a girlmore so than seeing me dressed as one. Aunt Nancy told themabout the modeling job and the offer from the photographer. They were impressed and said they could see where I mightqualify for that type of career. I died of embarrassment. AuntNancy then told them about the wedding that was going to be heldthat night and they all had a good laugh and said they hoped Iwould be happy with him. I was then told that I would be keptas a girl when I returned home as well and that my mother hadalready thrown out all my male clothing after Aunt Nancy hadcalled her and told her about my desires and her punishment. She even told me that if I decided to go to college I would goas a girl and that she had contacted a friend of hers who couldhave all my id’s and records changed to show me as a girl. Iwas fighting a losing battle as I realized they were doingeverything to me except removing my penis. I could do nothingto prevent it. Mother even handed me three bottles of pills. Iwas informed that one was a prescription for birth controlpills, the second was female hormones, and the third was a d**gI had never heard of but I was told that it was to reduce mytestosterone level. I was to be transformed into a girl as muchas they could without surgery. All of the prescriptions wereissued to Melissa Louise Reynolds.”You look so beautiful as a girl. When Nancy told me aboutdressing you as a girl, I tried to picture what you would looklike and I knew you could probably pass as a girl, but Iexpected you to be a bit more plain in appearance. Thosebreasts that Nancy gave you make all the difference in the worldand the fact that you have soft features only makes me wonder ifI ever really had a son. I think you have always been a girl indisguise. I am glad that the real you has finally emerged. Iam sorry i only have a few hours right now to get to know mydaughter more. But you will be getting married and going offwith your husband like a good wife should. I hope we can dosome things together before I return home Sunday. I think itwill be fun to do some shopping together.”My grandfather also said he liked the way I looked as a girland said he had always thought of me more as a sissy than a boyby the way I was never really happy when we went fishing and Inever played any sports. “The truth always has a way of comingout, Melissa. It may take some years, but it always comes out. The truth is you are more suited to being a girl than you are aman. I’m happy with you no matter what you decide about yourlife and your grandmother and I will always love you dearly.”Aunt Nancy got the car while I helped them get their luggageand listened to them talk about how I made such a pretty girland that they hoped I would be a good wife for Philip. Mothertold me what she thought I should do for him on my wedding nightand talked to Aunt Nancy about doing a little shopping for asexy see through negligee for me to wear in the bedroom withPhilip. She also bought me several bra and panty sets withmatching garter belts and teddies. She wanted me to alwaysappear my sexiest for him from the skin out. This had becomemore than a game. It had gone far beyond the form of apunishment. It may have started out as one but it had become anew life style. David Allen Reynolds had ceased to exist fromthis day. Melissa Louise Reynolds was now living in my body andshe was one of the sexiest and luckiest girls alive. She had afamily who loved her and a boyfriend that wanted her in his sexlife and a new career in modeling to pursue. She was lookingforward to every new day and every new event. Not knowing whatwas going to happen next was part of the fun in her life. Shedrew each breath with a renewed vigor as she thought about herwedding night to come. Could she fulfill all of her belovedPhilip’s needs? The conversation on the way back to AuntNancy’s house consisted mainly of plans for my wedding thatnight. We discussed where I would spend my wedding night andwhether or not I would go on a honeymoon. My grandparentsdecided that there wedding gift for me would be to pay for threenights at a Walt Disney World Hotel. Philip and I would notreturn until the night before Aunt Nancy’s wedding for therehearsal. We brought in all of the luggage and packages. I was made tocarry all of them to the appropriate rooms. My male clothingwas then thrown into a trash bag and my suitcase filled withseveral female outfits for me to wear on my honeymoon. The nextcouple of hours were spent getting me ready in my bridal gown. Philip arrived right on time and looked quite handsome in histux. A make shift altar was erected in the living room. Ialso discovered that somehow they had talked the minister oftheir church into performing the ceremony. They had evenmanaged to get us a real marriage license from the town clerk. This marriage was going to be legal and binding upon Melissa andPhilip. As long as I remained Melissa, which everyone wasinsisting upon, I was going to be Philip’s wife unless we wentthrough a divorce. I cannot possibly explain my feelings as Iwalked with my grandfather down the aisle as the wedding marchplayed on the stereo. I was holding onto his arm for support asI almost fainted when I realized just how far this punishmenthad brought us. I was trapped and there was no escape possible.We reached the altar where Philip and Michael were standing onone side and Aunt Nancy was on the other having walked down justin front of us. My grandfather took my hand and placed it inPhilip’s then turned to sit down. “Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here this evening to join inholy matrimony the two hearts of Melissa Louise Reynolds andPhilip James Morrison. If there is anyone present that objectsto this union, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. Do you Philip James Morrison tale Melissa Louise Reynolds to beyour lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold in sickness andin health? For richer or poorer? To love and honor until deathdo you part?””I do.””Do you Melissa Louise Reynolds take Philip James Morrison tobe your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, insickness and in health, for richer or poorer, to love, honor andobey until death do you part?””I do.””Having made these vows, are there symbols of them to bepresented? Philip, place the ring on her finger and repeat afterme. With this ring, I thee wed. This ring is the symbol of mylove for you and shall serve as a bond between us forever. NowMelissa, place the ring on his finger and repeat after me. Withthis ring, I thee wed. This ring is the symbol of my love foryou and shall be a bond between us forever. Having heard yourvows before these witnesses with the power vested in me by Godand the State of Florida, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. And now it is my pleasure to present toall Mr. and Mrs. Morrison.”We had a small reception but with all the formalities of afirst dance, a champagne toast, the cutting of the cake, thebouquet toss and the garter toss. They even threw rice as weleft to go on our honeymoon. Philip and I ran to his car whichhad been decorated for the occasion, tin cans and all. We droveto Walt Disney World in Orlando. It was only a few towns away. The desk clerk checked us in and congratulated us on ourmarriage. He had a bellhop escort us to our room. Philipscooped me into his arms and carried me over the threshold as asmiling bellhop looked on. I was in shock as I was notexpecting it. Philip dropped me on the bed and tipped thebellhop. The moment of truth was now here. Philip approachedme and threw his arms around my waist, drawing me close to him. His lips came pressing hard and moist onto mine. His tonguecame through my lips seeking the depths of my mouth. He wastelling me in no uncertain terms that he wanted to make love tome. The passion of the moment was getting to each of us. Hehelped me unzip my dress and it fell to the floor. I helped himremove his tuxedo and his underwear. I dropped to my knees andsucked his cock into my mouth and worked it until I could kisshis balls with my lips. His juices tasted even better than theday before. He seemed harder and more determined to fill mewith his love meat. He was on the verge of ejaculating when hepushed me onto my back and raised my legs into the air. Hequickly removed my panties and then put his saliva covered cockinto my ass. It was very painful when he first forced his wayin, but as he took his time and began to work his way in andthen back out again the pain surrendered to pleasure. He shovedhis huge cock deep into my bowels. I wanted it to come out ofmy mouth so I could taste it as well as feel it. The pleasurethat evolved as he worked that monster of his was indescribable.I got to the point that I did not want him to stop. I wasscreaming for him to “FUCK ME HARDER” He was happy to oblige.His rhythm became faster and faster. His sense of urgencyand desire were at its peak. Then with one last thrust heburied himself deep inside of me and released his seed. Thatdelicious white cream filling my insides sent shivers down myspine. My insides were filled with a warm satisfaction. Icould feel every spurt, every spasm of his cock. I was a truewoman now, and I loved the feeling. Philip collapsed on top ofme as his ejaculation came to an end. He kissed me and said hehad never felt so completely drained in all his life. He saidhe was glad that I was his wife and that he was looking forwardto many nights of wonderful sex with me for years to come. Hetold me that he had spoken to my mother and that it was agreedthat it would be my choice to live back in Massachusetts or herein Florida. He had just finished getting his bachelor’s degreein business administration and he could settle anywhere with me.I chose to return to Massachusetts. I knew that I could workat the restaurant until he found a job and that jobs were moreavailable for him in Massachusetts. We both decided to try tomake the marriage work and to have me become a woman fully withthe surgery. There was no turning back. The road ahead wouldbe filled with many bumps and embarrassing moments, but we werenow determined to make it work. family caused the mostdifficulty. Sex, however, was never a disappointment for eitherof us and there was always something new to try.THE END (for now!)Melissa Louise MorrisonServant of Servantsby [email protected] (Francis R.)I nervously climbed the stairs and searched in dirty corridors smellingof refuse before I found the apartment. For my heartbeat to steady, Ipaused briefly before knocking, and noticed the television set playinginside. Some seconds later the door was opened by Sabrina, to whom I hadcome to offer myself as a slave.She was carelessly dressed in cheap worn-out clothes, a knitted plaidcovering her shoulders; she was eating a sandwich and, chewing, lookedat me for a few seconds, then asked me what I wanted, expressing disgustand boredom.I candidly answered that I had been told she might accept me as herslave. She swallowed, took another bite and, again chewing, grunted andindicated that I could follow her inside. She opened the toilet door andpushed me in, telling me to take off all my clothes and wait.She locked me in and I took off my clothes and squatted on the cold,tiled floor. I considered masturbating while kissing the toilet seat, tohave some anticipated, indirect contact with my future mistress, but Iunderstood how I would be punished if caught in such an act on the veryfirst evening of my bondage, and so I only experienced the psychologicalsatisfaction of feeling my penis hard with excitement between my legs.I spent quite some time waiting idly for my new mistress: she watchedthe television show I had so boldly interrupted. Then she came to thetoilet, opened it and walked a few steps towards the living room, where,slapping her thigh as if calling a dog, she told me to follow her, and Iobeyed, crawling on all fours behind her, into her tiny living room,which was decorated with damp wallpaper and furniture fit for therubbish heap.She sat down in a chair, crossed her legs and ordered me to kneelbefore her; she excelled at commanding, stating her wishes with suchenergy that she could make mere words be as effective as a sharp blow ofher clenched fist on a servant’s genitals – which is no gratuitousmetaphor: during my brief subsequent servitude I had the opportunity tocompare both and verify its literal truth.I was ordered to look up into her eyes, which expressed superiority,while my head remained at a few inches from the sole of her sandal; Iadmired her heavy breasts and her strong arms, which she held crossedunder them, naked to the elbow; her muscles clearly betrayed that sheperformed manual labour regularly.Looking down on me, she asked me for my name, address, job, earningsetc. in minute detail; my answers had to be polite, complete, conciseand clear, lest her shod foot would strike out over the few inchesseparating it from my head, and throw me down on the dirty carpet, onlyfor me to resume my position until the next kick.Satisfied with my answers, she asked me whether I was sure of what Iwas doing and I bent down before her while answering “yes”, very closeto the insteps of her feet; she repeated her question and, looking ather strong feet and painted toe-nails, I confirmed; she placed her rightfoot on my neck, the heel of its sandal touching my head. Thusannihilated under her foot, I felt delicious sexual excitement andpressed my erect penis to the floor.Sentence by sentence, she dictated the oath I had to swear, in which Ipledged my total obedience and submission to my mistress, whoever shemight be in the future, and gave her unconditionally all rights: to useme, to sell me and to wound, maim or kill me, or to let someone else dothese to me; I would accept that my Owners use me as an object.When I had sworn this by Almighty God, she pulled away her foot and,seeing me remain prostrate before her, she said I was now allowed tokiss her foot once, so I pressed my lips to the tip of her right foot,the one which had crushed me, and kissed it along with the leather ofher sandal, picking up a trace of cheap perfumed soap.She pulled back her foot and explained that to kiss her feet was agreat reward I would have to deserve, since she personally quitedisliked the feeling; this prohibition extended to the soles of her feetand, more surprisingly, to the inner and outer soles of her sandals andshoes.Then she told me that her evening job was to clean offices in acertain building, and fixed our next appointment there, just before herworking hours. In the toilet, she picked up my clothes and threw themout, and I followed them; while I dressed silently in the corridor, sheforbade me to climax until the next meeting, and told me she would haveme castrated if I disobeyed.* * *Although I intended to obey her, I climaxed repeatedly in my sleep (orat least that’s my story), so, on the day of the appointment, I feltquite worried in the lift as I went up to the floor where Sabrina wouldmeet me.The door opened and she was standing there, waiting for me, nowwearing a green apron and holding a black leather whip. Taking the whipin her right hand, she pointed it towards her feet, and I obeyed her inkneeling down just before her, but dared not press a kiss to the tips ofher sandals.She asked why I was still dressed and, when I wanted to answer, threwthe whip on my back and told me to keep quiet; the blow did not hurt me,for I was still protected by my clothes. She then ordered me to takethem all off and I obeyed, rapidly taking off my jacket, tie, shirt,shoes, socks etc.When I was almost naked another woman came in, Rita, a buxom brunette,also dressed in the regulation green apron, but I noticed she wore brownstockings and green sneakers. I hesitated, looking at Rita, but mymistress, turning back, saw her friend and told me I would serve her asa second mistress.I took off my slip and tried to hide my nakedness a little, butSabrina said there would be no impropriety for me to be naked andreceive punishment in the presence of Rita; she then threw the lashrepeatedly on my back – the strokes were very painful now, but Ireceived them silently, prostrate at her feet.She told me that my normal greeting of her at the beginning of my workwould henceforth be to kiss her knees (under no circumstance her feet!),and I had to do so at once, pressing my lips to her kneecaps, withsilent delight, touching her thighs with the tips of my fingers when myhands slid up under her apron.After a few kisses she stopped me, making the word sound as a strokeof the whip. I lay naked and vulnerable before her when she asked mewhether I had obeyed her and abstained from climaxing? She added to thisthat my punishment would be castration if I had disobeyed, but that italso certainly would be castration were I to lie.Bending before her and apprehensively squeezing my penis between mylegs, I admitted guilt. She walked around me, to see me from behind, andordered me to open my legs: I knew that she was about to punish me, butnevertheless obeyed. She then kicked my testicles half a dozen times,hitting them with the tip of her right sandal, ignoring my cries ofpain; then she announced that my actual punishment would be postponed,but that I really should obey her totally, even in her absence.I was then set to work, performing the ladies’ cleaning task on thewhole floor assigned to them. This was to become the core element of mybondage to Sabrina and Rita: they simply had me to all their work, and Iwas very happy to comply.During the work, they ignored me most of the time, but every now andthen Rita would approach silently to inspect, and if I displeased hershe would suddenly throw the whip on my back to punish my shortcomings.The women ordinarily chatted and gossiped together, so that I had tolisten carefully during work to notice if my Mistress Sabrina clappedher hands once, thereby calling me to perform some menial task for herand Rita, like pouring out coffee or clearing the table.Small mistakes in their personal service were punished by loud slapsto my face, whereas mistakes in the cleaning were punished using thewhip: I then had to kneel at the feet of the lady who wanted to see mepunished and I could look at them while the other lady would whip me. Atthe end of these punishments, Rita always allowed me to kiss the tips ofher shoes.When I have completed the chores, the women come to inspect my work;they take me along with them and look at the different rooms I had toclean, at the toilets and the cleaning tools. They carry out thisinspection barefoot, carrying their sandals so as not to leave any markson the clean floor. I must lick clean all neglected, dirty spots theyfind, before being whipped on site for my carelessness.Back at the lift, I kneel at the ladies’ feet to wash them beforehelping them put back on their shoes; I must use what is available: coldwater and detergent soap. With Rita, I must take great care to dry herstockings too; the pleasure I feel when holding my ladies’ feet andmaking myself useful to them far exceeds the pain of the corrections andthe discomfort of the work. When my ladies’ feet are clean, they put ontheir coats and leave. I can then also dress and take the next liftdown.* * *At the end of the week, when the evening work was done, my Mistressesbriefly discussed what to do with me during the week-end; while I washedher feet, Rita recalled the ancient truth that a man alone is in badcompany, so the ladies decided to toss a coin in order to determine whoof them would take me along to her place until next Monday evening. Ritawon (or maybe lost, from her viewpoint): I would stay with her.Next, I crawled to Sabrina to wash her feet, too, regretting that shenever let me kiss them; with marked irony, she told Rita: “Since you’llhave the privilege of his presence, I’ll just take this in compensation”and picked my credit card from my jacket.”Boy!” she called me to attention, heavily pressing the sole of herfoot on my neck, increasing my erection even further – “How muchimmediate credit does it have?””$6000, Mistress.””That’ll do.” I could hear her smile through her voice. “What’s thecode?” She increased the weight on my neck to ensure a speedy answer.”Thirty-five twenty, Mistress.””You IDIOT!” – and she slapped the lash over the pink traces she hadinflicted earlier, when Rita had found a stray cigarette end in asupposedly cleaned corridor – “Couldn’t you have changed that tosomething easier to remember?” I remained silent: there was no reasoningagainst the charge.”Thirty-five twenty” Sabrina repeated to herself, while Rita had mestand up before her, still naked, untied her belt and slipped it aroundmy neck, to use it as a rudimentary lead.”Thirty-five twenty” Sabrina repeated, leaving, and Rita had me takemy clothes along with me; we took the following lift down to theunderground parking and, while I was afraid that someone might stop thelift on its way down and see us, Rita just carelessly took hold of mytesticles and squeezed them a little.In the parking, she took me to her car and had me put my clothes inthe boot, then told me to get in there too, and I had to curl up as wellas possible, wedging myself between my clothes and sundry old rags andmechanic tools and the spare tyre before she could close the boot.She was in no hurry, knowing that I was safely locked up; I heard herswitch on the radio and she probably smoked a cigarette before evenstarting the car. Then she drove away, quite slowly, maybe because shethought I might be hurt by the disparate rubbish I shared the boot with;in the meantime, I recalled how my Mistresses had bossed me around and Islowly masturbated thinking of them, especially of Rita, who wascertainly the most attractive in her unsophisticated bounciness; then Iwiped off the semen with one of the rags.Finally, we arrived at our destination, and she got out of the car tolet me out of the boot; we were in another underground parking lot, andshe had me follow her up to her apartment, which, I found out later, wassituated in a council estate building neighbouring Sabrina’s.Still being pulled by the improvised lead, still naked and holding myrolled-up clothes, I was led into her apartment, where she untied myneck and resolutely grabbed my penis to pull me behind her into herbedroom.There, she turned to me, pushing her large breasts against me, andlooked me in the eyes; she placed her hands on my shoulders, as shorterwomen do when they want to be kissed, but pressed them down a little,indicating that I should kneel down. When my head was at the height ofher navel, she placed her hands on me and again slightly pushed me, so Iwent further down, all the way to her knees and her ankles, and then sheplaced her shod right foot on my head and pushed it completely to thefloor: “That’s your place, boy, never forget it!”Then she let me untie her shoe-laces and take off her shoes; Idelighted in handling her elegant little stockinged feet, andspontaneously pressed my lips to their insteps while supporting theirsoles, but she soon kicked me away and added two firm kicks to mygenitals in order to calm me down, which worked.Then she directed me to her wardrobe where I had to fetch some partyclothes for her: stiletto-heeled patent leather mules and an assortedmicro-skirt and skimpy top. Next, I helped her in taking off herstockings and working clothes and putting on the new items; she sat downbefore a mirror and had me brush her hair while she selected cheap,plastic jewels that might gain splendour under erratic lighting, and puton excessive make-up.Before leaving on her clicking stiletto heels, she guided me into theliving-room and, holding my testicles, instructed me to clean her smallapartment; as a reward, I would be allowed to polish her collection ofboots afterwards – “But not before EVERYTHING’s clean!” she added,tugging at my scrotum.Those were easy orders to obey – one need not be a quantum physicistto vacuum carpets properly – and two hours later I could sit down on thebedroom floor, naked, and start a minute polishing of my Mistress’ bootcollection, none of which was actually in need of treatment, but Ienjoyed imagining Rita wearing them, and myself imploring her, prostrateat her feet.THE ULTIMATE REVENGE (mm, nc, magic, tg, femdom) By: RealmanThis story is intended for adults above the age of 18. If you are not18 years or older, please do not read any further.Jack woke up nude and strapped on a bed in some kind of clinic and wasasking himself why he was there and who brought him here. The door openedand a very good looking woman came by the bed.”Who are you and why I am naked and strapped on that bed?” asked Jack.”My name is Brenda and I run an agency that specializes in receivingcomplaints of women sexually harassed by men.””That doesn’t explain why I am here!””Oh yes, it does. We received over ten complaints about your behavior.You harassed eight of them and ****d the two others. We have proof ofthese acts.””These hysterical women all enjoyed being crushed by me. Sometimes theydeserved a little male authority just to remind them who’s the boss!””Obviously, they didn’t share your opinion and they told me you must payfor the hell you made them live.””But, you know, I am a young man and I love women. Sometime, I can’tcontrol myself. I need to have them for me… please don’t hurt me.””Our agency never hurt anybody…at least not physically. You’re atough case and we decided that you deserve strong punishment. We willchange your behavior with a special serum specially designed for pigs likeyou. Your problem is about power and control so we chose a serum that isdesign to make you loose these features.”She took out a vial and a syringe from a drawer and fill up the syringe.Then she look at Jack and told him: “I will now inject you with theultimate revenge serum. Please stand still and show me your cock. Youwill feel this serum in your cock as if it was on fire, but you will takeit as a man.””What is it and what it will do?” asked Jack.”You’re a little bit too curious and you will know soon enough. Withthat d**g, you will never bother any girls again and you might feel a lotless in control of yourself.””Please don’t do that to me. I promise to be nice to you and the othersfor as long as I live.”Jack was now feeling his cock as if it was burning.”It’s too late, Jack. The d**g is now flowing inside your cock, fillingit with a very nasty substance that will soon spread throughout your entirebody.I’m just sure everything that will happen to you, you deserve. Let menow explain you some of the things that will happen to you because of thisd**g. I’m sure you will enjoy this.” She threw the empty syringe in thebasket.”After the absorption of the d**g I just injected you, you’ll bestrongly attracted only by men. You’ll be turned on by them and want tohave sex with them. You won’t be able to see a man without thinking abouthis cock, his balls, his sperm. You will dream about them days andnights.””You can’t make me gay. I will always love women” Jack said.”Who is talking about love? Your body will urge you to have sex withall men but you will still be free of loving who you want. Each timeyou’ll see a man, your body will scream “sex” and you won’t be able tofight this attraction.””You will also be strongly addicted to sperm. You will crave for it allthe time and enjoy the taste of it so much. As you are a man, you willsoon supply yourself.””What! You expect me to swallow my cum! You’re crazy or what!!””You can’t imagine yet how strong this addiction will be. Be sure youwill be more than willing making your cock spurt in your mouth. Incomparison to what you’re about to experiment, addiction to heroin isnothing!”You will find yourself very sexy and the sight of your man’s body willarouse you to extreme limit.You will feel unbearable urge jacking off allthe time. Your balls will grow rapidly in order to adjust to your bodyneeds.You’ll have so heavy balls that it will hang just above knee level.Itwill be impossible to put them inside your underwear and it will be verydifficult for you to walk as these balls will always be in your way.Thiswill be very bothersome. These big balls will urge to empty themselves, soyou will experiment continuous cum leaking without erection orstimulation.This leaking will last as long as you will live and the amountof cum you will ejaculate will be about two ounce an hour. Don’t worry,your big fat balls will have the special ability to constantly stimulatecum production from your body.They will also command your penis to increasein length and diameter in order to reach 18 inches flacid,matching the sizeof your balls. They will take total control over your brain, producingsome substances that will screw up your brain chemistry.As your brain isnow under the control of your balls, it’s easy to know what will be yourmain activity.””Are you telling me I will become some kind of sex monster and willenjoy it?””The serum is not design to make you enjoy these changes, deep insideyourself, you’ll be upset and frustrated at all time.”You will soon crave to have all this hot sperm in your ass, so you willinsert that special tube in your pee hole and the dildo end in your ass andwhile you fill yourself with your own cum..You will be so strongly addictedto it,that you will fight not to unplug your butt from your sperm supply,although you will have to in order to empty you bowel once in a while. During that time , you will experiment withdrawal syndrome,screaming andcrying all the time, craving for your cum. So you will plug you back assoon as possible.”O.K., I’ve listen to you enough! Just untie me and we’ll forget aboutall this pervert discussion. Anyway, I don’t believe you’re able to makeme turn out as you say.””We anticipated this reaction and in order to make you believe me, yourabout to feel very strange tickling and squezzing in your balls, then yourcock will start slowly leaking some cum. You won’t feel any pleasure fromthat but it will upset you as it will never stop and the flow of sperm willslowly increase, making you feel really weird.””Ah! ah!, you think you’re funny! What a stupid bitch you are.Youdeserve…” Jack suddenly stop speaking. He looked at Brenda withinterrogation marks in his eyes.”Oupps! You start feeling something, don’t you?” said Brenda with asmile. Jack was trying to look down at his cock as he soon realised thatthe tip of his cock was shining wet. He was also feeling as if his ballswere slowly and powerfully contacting repeatedly as if they wanted to expelall their content.”I’m sure it’s only anxiety that makes a little humidity down my cock.This is weird!””Maybe you should look at your cock again, it seems like nice hot spermto me! Before long, you’ll be covered with your cum.”Jack looked at his cock again and start to panic. “What the hell haveyou done to me! Stop that now or you will regret it.””How can I regret it? I’m kind of enjoying myself seeing you piginvoluntarily loosing all that sperm and not having any more control onyour cock and balls! Anyway, this is so funny looking at your wild ballsand at your leaking cock!””How can I loose so much cum!!! Make it stop, stop! STOP!!!!!!!”Jack felt his hot sperm slowly leaking from his flacid cock on hisabdomen as the tickling and squeezing in his balls were intensifying. Hewas furious and violently tried to untie himself.”Please let me go!””But my little story isn’t over yet. Maybe you should listen carefullyto me because it is concerning your future.Where was I?Oh yes, Iremember…You will be horny forever, sucking furiously every man that youwill see.If you unplug yourself for more than 5 minutes, your body willreact producing huge amount of female hormones, thus making you a”she-male” 24 hours after you cut off your cum supply. Female hormoneproduction will stop immediatly if you plug yourself back but the effectsare cummulative and irreversible.”You bitch is saying that I could turn out a woman. What a hell!””By the way, I forgot to tell you cum craving will soon start, so Ibetter untie you. Anyway you can’t leave because your leg are paralysed.”She began to untie Jack.”It’s not to soon! So you think I can’t leave? Look at me!” He triedto get out of the bed but felt heavily on the floor.”I told you…better listen to me or you might hurt yourself. Don’t youbegin experiencing a funny craving in your mouth? Isn’t the smell of freshsperm turning you on? Why don’t you please yourself Jack? Maybe I shouldhelp you.””You dirty bitch think I can’t control myself and that I will act as afag! You make a big mistake and I’ll make you suck my dick and I’ll fuckyou.””That’s a bad attitude for such a weak man. I bet you’ll never be ableto fuck a woman again. This serum is about to make you loose all controlover your sex life and you’re still insulting me!” She put her finger inJack’s cum on his abdomen then bring it slowly to his mouth.”Mmmm! It look so good for such a hungry mouth as yours.””You think you can make me do anything, I’m not a slave!”” When the crave will kick in, it will strike you as lightning!”After a few moment, Jack suddenly seemed overwhelmed with panic.”Oh my god, what is happening to me! I can’t believe it! I must resistthis urge.” He was staring at the finger, then hungrily suck it, moaning inecstasy.”There you are. You know where you can have some more, don’t you?” Jackfelt humiliated and angry as he stared with lust at his leaking cock andhis shining abdomen covered with hot sperm. He shyly began wetting afinger with cum, then suck it but the urge to have cum in his mouth seemsrapidly to increase. He soon swept his whole hand on his abdomen, gettinglarge amount of cum to his hungry mouth.”I have to stop acting like a fag but this is so good, I can’t helpmyself””You’ll be surprised how much you’ll swallow. You’ll never have enoughto satisfy your crave. Mmmm… enjoying the taste? Never tought you wouldhave been loving your cum so much, dear Jack.””Please make me stop, its so humiliating! Tell me I am about to stopswallowing my cum.””Oh but Jack, this is just the beginning of this. Better get used to itbecause this serum is so powerfull your urge will increase to extremelever.””You’re such a bitch” said Jack unable to stop licking his own cumwildly.”There are some interesting side effects of the d**g: All the sperm youdrink will attack your teeths and you will loose them all very soon. Itwill make you a better cock sucker for all men to enjoy.There will also bea special substance in your saliva that will make the men you suck feelvery intense and addicting orgasms. This substance will also make themejaculate like crazy, draining them dry as you need sperm so much.So, theywill be very regular clients and I will recruits new ones.Before long, youwill always have a hard dick feeding your hungry mouth.”?She looked back at him only to realise his balls already startedgrowing. They were now about twice their original size.”Look at these marvelous balls! It seems it will be a little tough todrain them dry. Hope you like them big, Jack, because they’re growing atan amazing speed!” Breda laughed. Jack has just begun masturbating in orderto have more cum. He was screaming with desire, sweating and shaking,desperatly in need for sperm.”After a year of great all men sex, I will make sure at least a manunplug you in order to buttfuck you. At this time,your sperm will containa subtance that is rapidly absorbed through the intact skin and the manthat is buttfucking you will experiment very strong addiction to your ass.This substance will also have very bothering side effects for you. It willdelay ejaculation by one minute each time,making you being buttfuck forlonger time and it will also increase the diameter of his cock, thusstretching your ass always more and more. He will enjoy getting his cockinside your ass as often as he can.Foreign sperm in your ass will make youfeel very intense orgasm that will last about an hour. You’ll be screamingin ecstasy, sweating and convulsing all the time.During these orgasms, yourarms will be paralysed making you impossible to plug yourself back,so youwill feminized yourself at the same time. You will hate the feminizingeffects and try to avoid buttfuck, but as you don’t have any free will, allmen will have absolute control over you making you impossible to fightagainst them.When the foreign sperm will be absorbed by your body, theorgasm and paralysis will subside but it will strongly stimulate your asscum craving. You will be able to supply yourself as cum production willincrease each time a man ejaculate in your ass. Foreign sperm will alsomake your anal muscles relax at all time, so cum will always leak from itand the tube will fall out very often as your anus will not contractanymore.It will also strongly intensify your crave for sucking cocks. Soon, you will be so much in heat that you will not be in control ofyourself, attacking every men in sight and filling yourself with tremendousamount of sperm.Jack was now fingering his ass at the same time he was stroking hiscock. He lubrificate his ass with cum and tried to introduce some insideit.”Poor little Jack! Your ass needs sperm as much as your mouth now! Howcan you fill yourself both ways! I will soon make you meet some very nicegentlemen who will be more than willing letting you suck their big hardcocks.””Help me somebody!! I can’t stand it, I feel so wild!” Jack screamed,getting another load of cum to his mouth.”You’re quite a sight! I never tought your balls would have become sobig” said Brenda now playing with the special tube intended to make Jackable to fill his ass.”At this stage, even if you don’t stroke your meat, your cock willcontinue dripping cum. Your balls are now large enough to supplycontinuous flow of sperm. Anyway, your cock is about to go soft.”Jack now realized how big were his balls and scrotum. They were as bigas g****fruit! His cock was now getting soft and constantly dripping cum,as she said.”These balls are not mine! This is monstruous. I can’t live like that.That stupid cock is always loosing sperm. That’s crazy! How can I stopthat?!””Your balls are just making sure you have enough sperm to satisfyyourself. You like your sperm so much! A pig like you deserve these heavyballs and a big fat lazy dick so everybody will now see on what your lifeis centered. There’s no way you can hide these marvelous macho jewels now.You’ll soon regret being born a man!””Fuck you, sick bitch!” said Jack crying.Brenda was staring at him, almost laughing: “I love the way your penisis turning out with the special stimulation of your balls. It’s gettingabsolutely enormous but unresponsive to sexual stimulation. What apathetic cock: huge , always soft, without any signs of arousal andcontinuously and weakly creaming incredible amount of rich, hot spermwithout any sexual pleasure! That’s the cock every bastard like you shouldhave.”He was trying to suck every little drop of cum leaking from his cockwith passion but a large quantity was leaking on his balls and ass as hewasn’t able to get il all. There was absolute terror in his eyes as herealised his body was now mostly dick and balls totally out of control.”Your hands will now always urge to play with your big lazy cock andballs, reminding you constantly how huge and unresponsive to stimulationthey are. You will also involontarily want to display your lovely malejewels to make sure everybody have a full view over them, includingyourself.You will be very soon be unable to speak, as your balls areproducing a substance that rapidly destroy the speech center. You willonly be able to moan and shout, so nobody will be able to understand whatis happening to you. Maybe you should try speaking to me””mmmhhhnnnnooooooaaaa” Jack tried desperatly to get a word out of hismouth but he was able to produce only a low passionate moan.”That’s quite sexy Jack. You’ll always seem it heat from now on everysingle time you’ll open your mouth. The harder you’ll try, the hornier itwill sound. That’s a lot nicer than insults! Anyway, the d**g will makesure you are constantly producing horny sounds as if you were a wild maleb**st in heat no matter how aroused you are. There is no way you can fightthis and it will make you ashamed of yourself. You’ll be screaming yoursex urge to your heart content despite of yourself.””aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooommmmmmmm” screamed Jack terror in his eyes.”Very nice! You have some hidden talents” said Brenda enjoying herself.”oooooommmmmmmaaahhhhhhhhhhh” screamed Jack as if he was climaxing.No matter how hard he tried to remains silent, he was alwaysinvolontarily making powerfull climax sounds. He could not believe he wasmaking these erotic sounds.”I almost forgot to tell you that your body will also act as if it wasit was in constant heat, thus matching with the wild sexy sounds you make.You’ll be caressing your body,sweating, breathing heavily and fast, havingmuscle spasms all over you. This will make you a permanent advertisementfor sex. This will persist even during your sleep and even without anykind of sexual arousement.”Jack was now experiencing a faked climax. Although he wasn’texperiencing any sexual pleasure, he was acting as if he was having a verypowerfull orgasm. He was trapped in a body on which he doesn’t have anycontrol and he was upset to look at himself: He was acting like a wilda****l, caressing himself with erotic passion and producing heavy climaxsound.”Hope you’re enjoying your man’s body. You look so hot, you’re almostarousing me! Sorry your balls are now denying you any true sexualsatisfaction as this part of your brain is now strongly inhibited. “The faked climax was varying in intensity but was never completelysubsiding. Jack was still hungrily eating all his cum dripping from hishuge soft cock.The door bell rang.”It should be the guys. You’ll soon be amazed how savagely you willsexually agress them. There, play with that tube during the time I amanswering the door.”Jack rapidly introduce the tube inside his huge shaft that was stillgrowing. As the tube filled itself with cum, he introduced the dildo endin his ass. He heard some men talking and they were approaching. As soonas they were in the room, Jack began to salivate in anticipation moaningwith desire. The first one approched Jack and as soon as he was closeenough of him, Jack ripped his pants and start sucking furiously the man.The man soon was screaming with pleasure as he was beeing vaccumed by Jack.He was soon dropping his huge load inside Jack’s mouth. He felt anincredible, long lasting orgasm. After that, he said, trying to catch hisbreath.” Boy, this man is wild! I’ve never been suck like that in my holelife! “Brenda was now looking at the scene: The second man was approching Jack.”You are already quite pathetic, Jack but when you will have complete the”she-male process”, you’ll look like a cheap hore with huge breast, bigbutt, big lips. Your balls will gradually stop producing cum, thus makingyou crave for all men to buttfuck you because your ass will need hugeamount of sperm. Your big cock and balls will gradually shrink back tonormal size after complete transformation. As a “she-male”, you will becompletely insatiable with desire of cum in ass and mouth and you will havea very special feature that you will soon experiment! You’ll have a veryfunctional uterus and ovaries. During your transformation, your balls willalso connect themselves directly with your new uterus, thus making youejaculate only inside yourself. When you will ovulate, the proper hormonalstimulation will make your cock rock hard and you will feel an unbearableurge to masturbate. At the same time, you will involontarily start rockingyour pelvis, caressing your balls and tits and moan loudly untill eggsfertilization process is over. As you will bring yourself to climax, youwill ejaculate sperm repeatedly on the emerging eggs untill multiplepregnancy occurs. All this process will make your very frustrated and angryas you’ll never want to be pregnant but you will be unable to fight it .Asthe cycle will repeat itself every 10 months till menauposis, you’ll hatethe way your body controls your life. If you try to fight the urge ofmasturbating when you ovulate, knowing what will happen, your body willhave the ability to slowly bring itself to climax again and again,producing repeated involontary ejaculation, making sure you spread youreggs with large amount of hot, thick sperm. As your uterus will not haveany external connection, you won’t be able to interrupt your pregnancy andyou will deliver your c***dren by cesarian. I will hire a gynecologist whowill perfom the interventions. I will sell all your c***dren as you willbe only concerned servicing men and having their cum inside your body atall time. After menoposis, you will be all male again, with cum leaking,big balls and cum craving the very same way you were before your she-maletranformation. During all your life, you will be permanently frustrated nothaving any control of what is happening to you. Your body and other menwill have absolute control over yourself and even if you don’t want allthis to happen, you will be totally helpless.You will be sad and angrydespite your body will overwhelm with lust and ecstasy. Your brain willforbid you to mutilate or kill yourself at any time during your life makingit a permanent hell.”As she finished telling him the effects of the d**g, the second man wasejaculating his big load inside Jack’s mouth, almost convulsing inpleasure. Jack was too much concentrated on his sucking to listen to Brendaanymore. He felt the paralysis in his legs subside but he didn’t want toleave anymore as there were such attractive young men in the room, ready togive him their load. He felt his teeth loosen, then a few ones felt,making his mouth look weird. he was going from man to man, making themaddicted to his mouth as much that he was addicted to their cocks. Themagic power of the d**g was working exactly as Brenda had told him. Jackwas now slaved to cocks, swallowing as much cum as he could. The men keptcoming back as they experienced pure ecstasy as they were sucked by Jack.After about a year, a new man came to the clinic. He looked at Jack’sbutt and unplug the tube that was filling him with sperm. The reaction wasimmediate. Jack was furious and kicked the man with his legs. Jack wasmad trying to replug himself but the man forbid him to do so keeping thetube end in his hand. With his other end, he grab some kind of small enemaand introduced the nozzle into Jack’s ass. Jack thought he was beingreplugged but the man said.”The substance I just put in your ass will soon be activated by yoursperm. The combination will make you very submissive as well as craving tobe buttfuck by me. Your nice little ass will rapidly loosen as the d**gwill reach it’s full potency and all the sperm you’ve got inside your gutwill flow out, thus making your crave for me to replace your supply. Thed**g will also rapidly stop cum leaking from your cock, so you’ll be unableto plug you back.”Jack felt suddenly very relax, lying on his back, he gently rub his assthat soon began to leak some of his precious cum. It seems that his anuswas now unable to contract and he was loosing all his cum. He tried toreplug himself but the tube wasn’t dripping anymore. He was now helplessas his ass urged him to fill himself. The man came back and push his cockinside Jack’s ass. He vigorously buttfuck Jack who was crying in need ofsperm. Finally, the man spurted his load in Jack’s ass. Jack was nowfeeling a tremendous orgasm though his body as the man left the room. Jackwas now unable to supply himself with cum, even when he tried masturbating,his cock wasn’t responding. He began experiencing some signs offeminisation. His breast was growing huge, his hips were enlarging, hisvoice changed, his beard disappeared, his mouth and lips were sexier. Hefelt his balls and cock slowly shrinking to their normal size. After 2 or3 days, Jack was a complete she-male craving for cum in ass and mouth. Theyoung men came back now filling him both ways for his greatestsatisfaction.After a few weeks of that treatment, he began feeling weird during hissleep. He was now caressing his balls and tits and rocking his pelvis allthe time. His cock grew hard to full attention. He was asking himselfwhat was going on. He felt a sudden urge to stroke his cock. As he did so,he felt wave of intense pleasure crossing all his body. When he reachedclimax, he didn’t see any sperm spurting out of his cock although he feltall signs of ejaculation. His cock didn’t go soft and he continue to feelthe urge to mastubate over and over, reaching climax each time, but hiscock always stay dry. After hours of ecstasy, his dick go soft and theurge of masturbating rapidly subsided. He was exhausted and felt asleep.He continued to experience craving for cum and sucked and was buttfucked bylot of men, but after a few weeks, he realised he was pregnant. He coulddo nothing than bear the c***d. After 37 weeks of pregnancy, his belly wasso big, he tought he will bust. Brenda came and injected him with asubstance that make him loose consciousness. He regain consciousness inthe recovery room and Brenda told him:”You’ve got twins baby boys. you won’t feel any cum craving for thenext 3 days in order to make you recover from the cesarian, then you’ll beback in your room, feeling the craving increasing rapidly. It will be lifeas usual.”After 3 days, he was back in his room and he had regular men “visiting”him. Less than 4 weeks after delivery, he was again caressing his balls,tits and rocking his pelvis. He now knew that if he masturbate, he willbe pregnant again. As he didn’t want to, he fought the urge to masturbatealtough it was very tough. His mind seemed to always focus on his hardcock and his hands were caressing all his body parts making him overwhelmwith pleasure. It seems that the pleasure was doing something to hisballs. The scrotum was contracting itself as if the ejaculation will soonoccur and he was feeling as if he will have an orgasm, despite he didn’ttouch his cock. He suddenly felt himself reach orgasm as he screamed inecstasy, feeling contractions in his cock and balls, but again his cockstay dry. He knew he was making himself pregnant but there was no way hecan stop the cycle. His cock stayed hard very long and he felt continuousintense orgasms . He was involontarily spurting all his hot sperm insidehimself and that was making him frustrated and sad. As his cock got soft,he started crying knowing he was again c***dbearing.A few days later, Brenda was back in Jack’s room. She was looking atJack.”I just saw the videotape of your ovulation day. So, you tried to fightthe urge of masturbating while it was time to do so! I will make sure thiswill never happen again.”She took a filled syringe and empty it inside Jack’s butt.”That serum will make sure you will involontarily masturbate each timeyou need to. It will be absolutely impossible not to comply to your bodyneeds. Your hand will automaticaly reach your cock every time it is erect.As you deserve a little punishment for you behavior, this d**g will alsomake you experiment very strong repulsion to all man’s cock you will see.As your cum craving will intensify, you will have to suck cocks and getthem in your ass even if it is disgusting to you. Even your own cock willbe a source of profond disgust for you. Anyway, you didn’t seem to enjoyplaying with it. You will try to avoid looking to cocks but the d**g alsomake you stare at them as often as possible. These effects are permanentand you will now have a small sample of the effects of this new d**g. Yourcock is about to get hard and I think I will enjoy myself looking at you.”Jack was feeling he was getting hard and he felt his hand grabbedinvolontarily his dick and began masturbating despite of himself. At thesame time he looked at his cock and found it was the most repulsive thinghe ever saw. He can barely stand it but he was not able to look anywhereelse. His eyes kept staring at himself masturbating furiously. Hescreamed in horror to this unbearable view and could not believe he had tolive with it for the rest of his life. He soon ejaculate inside himselfand his cock got soft again.”Well my dear, see you in a couple of weeks. In the mean time I willinstall lot of mirror in this room just to make sure you have a full viewof yourself and the other men. Of course mirror installator will be naked.Try to enjoy you snack! Remember that the d**g forbid you to mutilate orkill yourself, so you’re stuck with that marvelous dick forever.”While she left Jack was still staring at his cock, crying, almostthrowing up with disgust. The men kept comming to Jack’s room and Jack hadto overcome his repulsion in order to get their sperm. His life was now aconstant fight against cock disgust in order to try to stop the cumcraving. The cum craving was so intense, it didn’t matter how repulsivetheir cock were.A few months later, it was time again for delivery. This time, he gotfour boys. This cycle got on and on for years making his life absolutelymiserable. When he finally reach menopausis at the age of 51, he haddelivered over 75 c***dren (all boys) and was still very disgusted by men’scocks. Brenda came back to Jack:”O.K. my dear, this woman’s body is useless as you stopped ovulating. Iwill now transform you back to your man self. You know I love giving youinjections that contains little “surprises” and this one will not makeexception to the rule.” She injected Jack into his butt. “You’re gettingold my poor Jack and the last few years have been tough on you, so Idecided that you deserve a break. A very special break in fact. You won’tfeel any cum craving,you won’t have to suck men or being buttfuck by themfrom now on. While you become a man again, your balls and cock will growback but not as huge as they were before your transformation. Your bigballs will be able to make you ejaculate at all time and you’ll enjoyplaying with your cock . You won’t feel anymore repulsion to cocks, cockswill now turn you on indeed. You’ll stare at them as much as you canhumanly do and they will make you rock hard. Your sperm will now contain asubstance which can induce very strong cum craving but specifically to yourcum only. Other man’s cum won’t bring any satisfaction and will notdiminish the craving. This addiction is permanent and nothing can stop it.Your sperm will also make the man that absorb it an addict of buttfucking.He will want to have a big cock ejaculating in his ass at all time. Thiseffect is not specific to your cum and any man’s cum will do for thebuttfuck urge he will experiment. As you will not have any urge, or cumcraving, you’re probably asking yourself why I make you produce theseaddicting substances and mix them with your cum. The answer is easy: Iwill make you meet your boys. You know some of them are grown up now andwould be very anxious to meet you. They are very normal heterosexual boyswith a promising future. They are your exact copy but younger of course. Iwill organise a little family reunion that they will remember. All yourc***dren that are over 14 will be brought here. I think there are 32 ofthem at the moment. Scroll Very FastCHAPTER 1TOMMYTommy was an only c***d and grew up in a small town inthe Mid-West. When he was young and was home alone, he wouldoften play ‘dress-up’ in his mother’s clothing, thrilling tothe feel of the soft silky material against his body. He wassmaller than the other boys and had facial features more likea girl’s than a boy’s. This was often made comment on by hisAunt who visited his family with some regularity. “Such apretty girl you would make,” she would comment as she huggedthe boy and offered kisses to her nephew. Tommy liked hisAunt Beth and always tried to please her whenever she visitedand was always rewarded with hugs and kisses from the beauti-ful woman.One day when he was about 11, he was playing ‘dress-up’in the hours between when he got home from school and when hisparents arrived home from work. Dressed in his mother’sfrilly nylon panties, a bra, slip, and a pair of her highheels, he was admiring himself in the full length mirror inhis parent’s room. He was turned sideways to the mirror andwas slowly stroking the silky material of the slip against hissides, feeling the wonderful tingle it always provided hisbody. His small cock was hard and rubbing delightfullyagainst the panties,when suddenly he heard footsteps in thehallway.”Tommy? Are you here Tommy?” It was Aunt Beth! “Oh myGod,” He thought, “What if she catches me in Mom’s clothes?”Before he could formulate an answer to his own question, hisAunt entered the room. “Oh there you are,” his Aunt started,then seeing how her nephew was attired, “My aren’t we prettytoday.” Tommy turned beet red and tried to hide behind themirror.Aunt Beth was the younger sister of his mother and only25 years old. Tall to his eyes, she had long flowing blondehair which came down to her breasts and had that ‘willowy’look Tommy had observed in the fashion magazines his motherreceived in the mail. Her deep blue eyes surveyed her nephewand she arrived at the conclusion that she had scared the boybadly with her entry. “Tommy, don’t be afraid, come over hereand give Aunt Beth a hug,” she said to him.Tommy still flushed in embarrassment and now trembling,came out from behind the free standing mirror and approachedhis Aunt. Seeing the boy shake, elicited a response ofsympathy from the woman who extended her arms and quickly drewthe boy to her, then hugged him tightly to her. “There,there,” she murmured as she held the boy to her, “It’s OKTommy, Aunt Beth loves you and would never hurt her favoritenephew.” She stroked his small head as she held it to herample breasts and soon felt his trembling stop. She releasedher hug and moved him out from her enough to grasp his smallchin in her hand and gently tilted his head upwards so thatshe could look at his face. Tears were streaming down bothcheeks when his face came into view, so she gently wiped themwith her fingertips and then kissed the boy on the cheek andforehead.Holding the boy by the shoulders, she sat down on theedge of the bed so that they were now at eye level with eachother. Then gently stroked his long-ish light brown hair backfrom his face with her right hand, which finally rested on hisleft shoulder at the base of his neck. His eyes were the samedeep blue as her own, but now red from crying and his palewhite cheeks trembled as he tried to speak. “Please don’ttell my Mother,” he managed to get out, “She’ll be mad at mefor messing with her things.” Tears immediately startedflowing down the lovely boy’s cheeks again, which Beth strokedwith her thumbs, then pulled him forward between her legs andhugged him again with his head resting on her shoulder.She rocked the small boy and gently caressed his back asshe held him then said, “I won’t tell on you…I love you toomuch to ever hurt you, little one.” “Thank you Aunt Beth,”came a soft reply, “I love you too.” She continued to rockand stroke him until she felt his body relax, then moved himback out to a point between her knees, and held him by hisforearms. “Now then, why don’t you tell me about it?” andagain moved her right hand up, brushing his hair from hisface.In between occasional shudders and sniffles, Tommyexplained to his aunt that he dressed in his mother’s clothingtwo or three times per week and how he enjoyed the feel ofthem on his body. She asked if he had ever used his mother’smakeup or dresses in addition to the underclothes and Tommyreplied “only a couple of times.” “It’s too hard to get thatstuff off my face,” he explained and this received a smile anda chuckle from Aunt Beth.When he was done, she stroked his hair again and gentlytalked to him. “It’s OK Tommy, there is nothing wrong withboys wanting to play dress-up…But if you are going to do it,you should dress your own age.” “But how?” Tommy inquired.”Let me think on that for a while,” she responded, then con-tinued, “I don’t know right now, but I’ll work on it; for nowhowever, you better change before your Mom gets home and findsyou.” Tommy, leaned in and hugged his Aunt then gave her akiss before letting go, “Thank you Aunt Beth,” he whispered ashe released his hold on the woman.His parents arrived home about 45 minutes later and trueto her word, his Aunt did not mention the incident to them.Tommy thought she had forgotten all about it when severalmonths passed and nothing had happened.It was the beginning of summer, Beth was visiting andover dinner she made an offer to his parents. “You two worktoo hard, you should take a vacation,” she proposed, “I’lltell you what, I’ll take care of Tommy, and you two take asecond honeymoon!” An offer like this was too good to refuse.Tommy’s parents HAD been working very hard in the past fiveyears, in order to buy the house they lived in. They hadtaken little time off and other than a weekend once or twice,had never had a vacation away from their son since he had beenborn. “Would you really be willing to do that s*s,” Tommy’smother asked. “Janet, you know I’m a teacher and have thewhole summer off. Tommy and I get along great, and you twoNEED a vacation.” “It wouldn’t be too much trouble?” hisfather inquired. “No trouble at all, Tommy and I will havelot’s of fun, while you two lovebirds get some time to your-selves,” Beth replied. “Then it’s a deal,” his mother said,”I hope you won’t be sorry,” she added. “No chance!” Bethresponded.Things moved quickly, Tommy’s parents made arrangementsto take a month off from work and booked reservations atseveral hotels along their intended route. Beth would takethem to the airport, then she and Tommy would return to herapartment for the duration of the trip. Beth would pick themup when they returned; all was set for the trip to begin inthree weeks.Tommy was excited about the whole idea, he had not playeddress-up since the day he had been caught by his Aunt Beth.He had been afraid that it might be his mother who caught himthe next time and had refrained from such activities. He hadhowever, stolen a pair of her frilly panties and a slip, andslept in them whenever he could do so safely. Maybe his Auntwould let him play dress-up at her apartment, while he stayedthere.The day finally came and after seeing his parents off atthe airport, they walked back to Aunt Beth’s car in the par-king lot. “I have a surprise for you Tommy,” she said as theywalked. “For the next month, your name will be spelled ‘TOMI’and you will be my niece rather than my nephew!” “Really,”Tommy squealed with glee, “Yes,” she replied “and it willstart as soon as we get to your house.” Tommy was besidehimself and stopping his Aunt, gave her the biggest hug hislittle body could provide. “I though you might like it,” shesaid, after giving him a kiss on the forehead and stroking herlong fingers through his hair.CHAPTER 2FROM TOMMY TO ‘TOMI’When they arrived back at Tommy’s house, he was escortedinto his bedroom by his Aunt who was carrying a small bag shehad retrieved from the trunk of her car. “Take off all of youclothes,” she said, much to Tommy’s shock. Seeing the boyhesitate, “You’re not going to get SHY on your Aunt are you?I’ve seen your little butt naked most of your life and can’tremember how many times I changed your diapers.” Knowing herstatement was true, he immediately started undressing whileshe removed items of clothing from the bag.Now standing completely naked before his Aunt, Tommytried to hide his groin with his hands. “Come over here,” shecommanded in a still gentle voice; Tommy moved to where shewas seated on the chair at the end of his bed. “Oh, put yourhands down,” she said as if frustrated, “You don’t haveANYTHING to hide from me.” Tommy complied and after lookinghim over from head to toe, she then produced a seamstress’stape measure and took the various measurements of his body.”Your a little bigger than I thought, but these will still fityou,” she observed and handed him a pile of clothing from thebed. Tommy accepted the clothing and while he looked it over,his Aunt picked up his tennis shoes and removed the laces.In the clothing he had been handed was: a pair of whiteankle socks, a white denim purse with a long thin strap, apair of white nylon panties, a pink tube top with a frillyedge at the top seam and a pair of white shorts with no zipperor pockets like his had. Tommy picked up the panties andpulled them slowly up his legs, once again thrilling to thefeel of the smooth material on his body. He then put on thetube top and shorts, then sat down to put on the ankle socks;which he noted had pink and white lace at the top. In themean time, his Aunt had replaced the white laces in his shoeswith pink ones and seeing him looking her way offered anexplanation. “I didn’t know what size shoes you wore, sothese will do until we can get you some girl’s shoes.”Aunt Beth then had Tommy sit in the chair and got somecosmetics from her bag. Tilting his face up to her, she heldit in her palm and studied him for a couple of minutes. “Youhave such lovely skin and bone structure,” she offered, “Ijust wish I’d looked that good at your age,” as if talking toherself. She then took a pair of tweezers and plucked a fewhairs from his eyebrows and applied some blusher to hischeeks. A light pink lipstick and gloss were then put on hislips and after blotting, applied again. Aunt Beth then tooka comb and parted his hair down the middle and then drew itinto two pony tails, one on either side of his head, whichwere secured with pink ribbons to match his outfit. “Alldone, Tomi, let’s go into your parent’s room, where you cansee yourself in the mirror.”Aunt Beth lead him by the hand into the next room andstood behind him with her hands on his bare shoulders as hegazed at the mirror. Looking back at him was one of theprettiest young girls he had ever seen, with pale white skin,light brown hair, big blue eyes, and a cute little playoutfit. Tommy was thrilled at the results and turned to hisAunt and hugged her for all he was worth, then planted a halfa dozen kisses all over her face as he thanked her. “Let’s gohome then Tomi,” she said, “We’ll stop and get you some moreclothes along the way.” Smiling all the while, he skipped tothe car as his Aunt locked up the house.On the other side of town, his Aunt stopped at a K-Martstore, and Tommy was taken inside, where he was allowed to tryon a number of dresses and outfits. He was having a ball andloved modeling the clothing for his beautiful smiling Aunt andno one suspected that he was a boy. When they left, his armswere full of packages including: 3 dresses, 3 sun-suits, anassortment of tops and blouses, 3 more pair of shorts, a dozenpair of panties, 4 training bras, a couple of slips, a set ofpetticoats and 3 pair of shoes. Tommy didn’t see the amountof the final bill, but knew all of this stuff must have costhis Aunt a FORTUNE. He therefore, thanked, hugged and kissedher at every possible opportunity. She just smiled and toldhim he was welcome.For the next couple of hours they drove and Tommy gotvery tired. All the excitement at the store had drained himand soon he fell asleep on the front seat of the car. Heawoke with his head on his Aunt’s lap, looking towards herfeet. Her skirt had ridden up from his head moving about onher lap, and Tommy’s face was resting on a stocking coveredbut otherwise bare thigh. He moved his cheek against thesheer material and sighed at the thrilling feel it gave him.”Awake little girl?” he heard, and a hand gently caressed hischeek and rolled his head back and up. He flipped onto hisback and smiled up at his pretty Aunt, who continued to driveas she smiled down at him and caressed his left shoulder.His Aunt told him they would be stopping in a few minutesto get some dinner. They were only 30 minutes from home butshe was tired and did not feel like cooking when she got home.Tommy sat upright, but stayed in the center of the seat,pressed up against his Aunt Beth, who continued to stroke hisshoulders as she drove. True to her word, she shortly pulledinto a ‘Denney’s’ restaurant and they went inside to eat. Thetwo sat at their table and ate a hardy meal as they talkedabout what she had planned for their upcoming month together.To everyone in the restaurant they were just a lovely womantreating her pretty niece to a dinner.At one point Tommy had to go to the bathroom and when hearose, his Aunt pulled him to her before he left the table andwhispered in his ear, “Don’t forget to use the GIRL’s room,NOT the boy’s.” Tommy blushed, because he had become socomfortable with the way he was dressed, he had forgotten hewas dressed as a girl. Had she not reminded him, he probablyWOULD have gone into the wrong restroom. He gave his Aunt akiss for saving him, and proceeded to the restroom without in-cident. Inside, he almost stood before the toilet to pee,when he realized that someone was in the next stall, anddecided he better sit like girl’s do, so they wouldn’t thinkanything wrong.Back in the car, they proceeded to the apartment buildingand with arms loaded by packages went up the elevator to herfloor. As the elevator door opened, they were greeted by twoyoung girls about Tommy’s age. “Hi, Miss Henderson,” thegirls beamed. “Hi, girls…Oh, I’d like you to meet my nieceTomi, who will be staying with me for the next month while herparents are on vacation. Tomi, this is Jenny and this isSuzie, two of my students.” “Hi girls,” said Tommy and gavethem his best smile. “Hi Tomi,” they responded also smiling,”We have to run, Miss Henderson or we’ll be late for the mov-ie, but we’ll stop by tomorrow, if that’s OK,” said Jenny.”That’ll be fine, Jenny, I think Tomi is a little tired fromthe trip anyway, Bye, Have Fun!” Almost as quick as his eyescould follow, they jumped into the elevator and were gone.”Cute girls,” said his Aunt, “You’ll probably be playing withthem a lot.”Inside the apartment, Tommy was shown to the guest room,which was to be his for the next month. His aunt helped himput his new clothes away in the closet and dresser, thensuggested that it was late and he would probably want to takea bath before going to bed. Before he could answer, sheturned and went into the bathroom and started the bath waterrunning into the tub.When, she returned, he was standing nude in the bedroom,trying to find his robe in the dresser. “Where’s my robe?” hesaid “Oh, guess I forgot to buy you one,” she replied somewhatexasperated. “We’ll get you one tomorrow as well as anythingelse I forgot,” then giving him a pat on the ass, “In to thebath with you.” With a squeal and a giggle, he ran for thebathroom and dove into the warm foamy bathtub. He laid backin the water and soaked for a while, relaxing and enjoying thefeel of the bath.After about 10 minutes, his Aunt came into the bathroom,wearing a long flowing silk robe. When she knelt beside thetub, Tommy could see her bare legs and thighs almost halfwayup. She then picked up a washcloth and soaped it, and startedwashing the makeup from his face. After rinsing his face, shestarted working on the rest of his body and as she worked, herrobe fell open and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head whenhe saw her large breasts bobbing about as she moved. He couldalso see her public hair which was darker than the hair on herhead, but not very thick, so her pussy lips were also visible.Seeing where the boy was looking, his Aunt said, “Oh MY!,and immediately closed her robe. Then thinking for a coupleof seconds released her robe and said, “Well it was bound tohappen sooner or later anyway…Now it’s over with.” “Did youlike what you saw?” Aunt Beth asked. Tommy stammered andstuttered since the only woman he had ever seen nude was hismother and only quick glimpses of her. “Ya…Yes,” he finallymanaged to say, “Ver…Very much.” “Good,” said his Aunt,”But it is generally considered good manners for a man tocomplement a woman on her breasts.” “The…They are VERYnice,” he replied, “May…May I touch them?” “Well now, THAT,was certainly a GIANT leap into manhood; Certainly dear, youmay touch them if you want.”Aunt Beth stopped washing him for a minute and removedher robe, hanging it on the door the returned and kneeledbeside the tub once more. With his hand shaking, Tommyreached out and gently stroked his Aunt’s left breast, thenturning his body to face her lifted her right breast in hisleft and hand feeling the weight. His small hand probed andstroked the soft flesh and he noticed that her nipples in-creased in size as he caressed the lovely woman. She contin-ued washing him, but he noticed that her breathing was heavierand she gulped air like she was having trouble breathing.”Are you OK Aunt Beth, I’m not hurting you am I?” She pulledhis face against her breasts and stroking his head replied,”No dear boy, you’re not hurting me, it’s just…well, noone’s touched them for quite a while.”Tommy rubbed his face against her soft chest as she heldhim, then when his mouth was within reach, sucked her nippleinto his mouth and nursed on it like he used to do on hismother’s. Beth moved into the tub with the boy and soon hadhim laying across her lap with his head cradled in her arm andhis mouth still firmly attached to her nipple. He continuedto suckle and with his hand stroked the breast above thenipple and his Aunt just laid back and let his little mouthwork on her while she gently stroked his entire body. Aftera while, she transferred him to her other breast and he wasnow laying full length on top of her with his body between herlegs. She held him as he sucked and nibbled on her nipple andmoaned with pleasure at the contact.After about ten minutes, Beth’s body raised out of thewater, and went rigid for a couple of seconds then relaxedback down into the warm liquid. “Are you OK, Aunt Beth?””Yes, Yes, dear one, Aunt Beth is very happy,” she sighed andcontinued to stroke the small body laying on top of her. Shecould feel his hard little cock pressing against her belly,and reached down and gently stroked it until his body shookwith an orgasm, the held him to her as they both relaxed.After a while, she sat up and then got out of the bathtub andhelped Tommy dry and dried herself before leading him into hisbedroom, and tucking him nude into the big bed. She strokedhis forehead and kissed him on the cheek then the mouth as shesaid good night. “Good Night, Aunt Beth, I love you,” Tommysaid softly and closed his eyes to sleep.During the night, Tommy awoke and went to the bathroom,in the hallway, he heard a moan and a cry come from his Aunt’sbedroom. Thinking she was hurt, he stuck his head through thedoorway and looked inside. Aunt Beth was laying naked on thebed, with one hand holding her breast while the other wasfeverishly rubbing between he widely spread legs. She wascovered with sweat and as he watched she arched her backraising her body up from the bed and gave another deep moan,then collapsed back onto the bed and rested. Tommy wasn’tsure what had happened, but she didn’t look hurt, so hereturned to bed.The next morning he was awakened by his Aunt’s fingersstroking his cheek and when she saw his eyes meet her’s, shekissed him and said, “Good Morning, Tomi; how do you feel.””OK, Aunt Beth, are you OK?” he replied. “What do you mean?”she said, looking at his now apparently concerned face. “Oh,I had to go to the bathroom last night, and heard sounds fromyour bedroom,…Like you were hurt.” “I’m fine, Tomi, but Iguess I’m going to have to explain something to you thatapparently your parents haven’t yet…about sex.”His Aunt then got up from the bed and removed her robe.Standing beside the bed and before her wide eyed nephew, shethen proceeded to explain about the differences between menand women’s bodies. She ended the lesson by opening her legsand parting the lips of her vagina, showed him the parts ofher womanhood and explained how sensitive various parts were,especially her clitoris. She then allowed the boy to feel herbreasts again, and explore her vaginal area with his smallhands until she was satisfied that he understood about women’sbodies and how they differed from his own. She then gatheredhis naked body to hers and sitting him on her lap, gave himmany hugs and kisses as she explained her plan for the day.When she was done, she took him to the kitchen, where theyboth ate breakfast au naturel, then returned to his bedroom toget him dressed for the day.Tommy was given a pair of white cotton girl’s pantieswith high cut legs, a pair of white ankle socks and a pair ofwhite girl’s style ‘Keds’ were placed on his feet. His auntthe put a half-slip on him and had him step into a pretty babyblue sundress, which she then pulled up and after placing the1” shoulder straps over his shoulders, buttoned the single “H”connecting strap, which ran horizontal just below his shoulderblades. Tomi was then seated and his Aunt showed him how todo his own hair into the same twin pony tail style he had wornthe day before. This time however, the ribbons securing thepony tails were tied with blue ribbon to match his dress. HisAunt then applied light makeup to his face and he was againlead to a mirror to see the results.For a minute or two, Tommy couldn’t believe that thepretty girl looking back at him from the mirror was himself.He turned this way and that, looking at how the dress was cutshowing almost all of his back clear down to the waist, exceptfor the shoulder and “H” straps. In front, his chest wasbare, to just above his breasts and the dress was cut to flareat the waist outward to where it ended about 6″ above hisknees. “Hi ‘TOMI’,” he said to the smiling girl in themirror, then turned and hugged his Aunt Beth’s still nakedbody and kissed her as thanks.Aunt Beth got dressed quickly and they proceeded down theelevator and out into the parking lot to her car. As theywere getting in, Jenny and Suzie approached and invited Tomito go swimming with them that afternoon in the complex’s pool.Aunt Beth and Tomi agreed and they would stop by around two topick Tomi up and show her the way to the pool. “I guess we’dbetter get you a swim suit too,” observed his Aunt as shepulled the car into traffic.The rest of the morning was spent at the mall, going fromstore to store, with Tomi trying on outfits at every one andended with them returning to the apartment, again loaded downwith boxes and bags of clothing. After lunch Aunt Beth toldTomi to try on the swimming suit to make sure it ‘hid hislittle problem’. It was a black and white bikini with a ban-deau top. The bottom was black knit Lycra spandex with awhite waist band. When Tommy was pulling the bottom up hislegs, his Aunt gently reached out and pushed his balls back upinto the internal tubes of his groin, then folded his penisback between his legs. The tight suit held everything inplace and to all appearances he now had the normal crotch ofa girl. “That will do nicely, Tomi, but make sure you neverundress in front of the girls or they will know you’re a boy;you could get into a lot of trouble if that happened.”The girls arrived in a little while still dressed andcarrying their bathing suits. Jenny explained their problem,”Miss Henderson, Mom is having a card party and doesn’t wantus in the apartment; could we change here before going down tothe pool?” “Sure girls, Tomi why don’t you show them to yourroom, so they can change,” Beth replied. Tommy lead the wayand ushered them into his room, as he was turning to leave,Suzie said, “Don’t leave, Tomi, we can talk while we’re chan-ging.”Tommy didn’t know what to do, here he was in his bedroomwith two pretty girls who were about to undress in front ofhim and his Aunt was just down the hall. Before he couldmentally decide, he looked over towards Suzie and found shewas already standing nude before him, with a broad smile onher face. Jenny had removed her top and was in the process oftaking off her panties and shorts in a single movement, withher back to him and bent forward so he could see her firm lit-tle ass and her pussy between her legs as she removed thegarments.The girls talked as they undressed and then put on theirbathing suits and told him that Jenny was 12 and Suzie 11years old. They were sisters and lived three doors down thehall on the left with their mother who was divorced. Jennyhad been in Miss Henderson’s class the previous year and Suziewould be this year. They both liked the teacher and thoughtshe was very beautiful.Suzie was a blue eyed little blonde haired girl, with astraight-as-an-arrow body. Her breasts were just little bumpswhich looked more like a boy’s except for the nipples whichwere larger and stood out just a little. Her hair was mediumlength, extending down to the tops of her shoulders andgenerally straight, except for the little flip at the ends.Her pussy was completely hairless, and Tommy’s little dick wasstraining just at the sight of it.Jenny was a little bigger than Tommy, probably about aninch taller and her body was starting to show signs ofdevelopment into a woman. Her breasts were forming and stoodout about an inch from her chest, the nipples were twice aslarge as Suzie’s and her pussy had a sparse covering of darkbrown hair. Jenny’s eyes were green and her skin milk whitein the areas covered by her tank type swim suit. Her hair wasvery long, reaching almost to her waist as it cascaded downover her back.The girls were now attired and taking Tommy by the hand,lead him back through the apartment and down to the pool.They played, and swam, and laid in the sun and had a greattime, all afternoon. Tommy only had one scare all afternoon,they were playing ‘Tag’ in the pool. Suzie had grabbed thewaist band of his suit bottom, and as he tried to escape, theywere pulled halfway down his ass, exposing his tender whitecheeks to the boys at the pool who hooted and hollered theirapproval.Fortunately, they did not come down far enough for hislittle pecker to be seen, and he quickly pulled them back upas he turned beet red in response to the boy’s cat calls.Suzie apologized for having pulled them down gave him a hug toease his embarrassment. Tommy loved the feel of her bodypressing against his bare flesh and stroked her back as theystood side-by-side following the hug, against the wall of thepool. “I’m so sorry,” Suzie said with tears in her eyes,”It’s OK,” replied Tomi, “they didn’t get to see much anyway.”and patted the girl on the hip.The next month Tommy would remember as one of the bestand most exciting times of his life. He, Jenny and Suziebecame almost inseparable, spending all of their time to-gether, playing or going to movies, or going to the mall. Hegot to see the girls naked many times, but they never sawanything below his waist. One of the boys, named Bobby, evenhad a crush on Tomi and attempted gaziantep escort to put his hands on herevery time he was close enough to do so. They had danced ata party at the apartment building one evening, but Tomi neverlet him get beyond kissing her and stroking whatever skin wasleft bare by her clothing. Tomi, knew that Bobby had a per-petual hard-on, but was not about to take any chances.Tommy and his Aunt took baths together every night, andhe soon learned how to make her climax with his hands andlater his mouth. She always stroked his little cock and ballsuntil he came, but would never let him enter her vagina withhis cock. She explained to him that this would be calledi****t and was a crime as well as one of the worst sins aperson could commit.The night before his parents were to return, Tommy cried,he didn’t want to go back to being a boy and having to wearthose terrible rough boy’s clothes. Aunt Beth tried tocomfort him but every time she released him, he would startcrying again and his body would tremble and shudder. His Auntheld him most of the night and they slept together in her bed.In the morning, she told him she would try to arrange the sametype of vacation for next year, but that was all she could do.Tommy returned home, happy with the vacation, but sad atreturning to being a boy.CHAPTER 3DEPRESSION AND BEYONDFor the next year, Tommy was continually depressed andeven though he still got “A’s” and “B’s” in school, hisparents could not understand what was wrong. The only timeshe got excited was when he was told his Aunt Beth was going tovisit, then returned to his previous state when she left.Tommy couldn’t tell his parents that he hated being a boy, norabout the wonderful vacation he had the summer before. Hismother, noted that her sister seemed to be a positive influ-ence on his mental state and approached Beth with her con-cerns. They discussed Tommy at length, and Beth explainedthat as an only c***d and being very small for a boy his age,that he didn’t get along with the other boys who constantlypicked on him. He was therefore lonely and was at that stageof life where his body was feeling the effects of puberty butwould probably “grow out of it.””Beth, I am very concerned about Tommy, and I am going toask a very BIG favor of you and will perfectly understand ifyou say no. Tommy seems to perk-up around you and gets backto a normal mental state. Is there any chance, Tommy couldspend the summer with you….We will pay all expenses, Icouldn’t ask you to support our son, but we must do something,or I’m afraid we’ll have to start taking him to a psycholo-gist.” Both women were crying, and Beth took her oldersister’s face in her hands and replied as she stroked thetears from her face. “Janet, I love your son almost as muchas you do. It’s no imposition on me to try and help him. Ifit’s what YOU want, I’ll pick him up as soon as school’s outand keep him as long as it takes to bring him around;….Ionly hope I can help.”As soon as Tommy was informed of the decision by hismother, he almost immediately snapped out of the continualdepression and started acting his normal self. His motherknew she had made the right choice from his reaction and feltconfident that her sister could help her son.When the day finally arrived for his Aunt to pick him up,Tommy was excited about what lay ahead during the summer. Bythe time Beth finally got there he was shaking from just thethought of what was to come and his cock had been hard allday. When Beth arrived she hugged the boy and he smelled hersweet perfume, then after greeting his parents and spending anhour getting caught up on family gossip, they loaded hissuitcases into the trunk and headed back to her apartment.Along the way, Beth pulled into a gas station and afterchecking the women’s restroom to make sure it was empty, ush-ered her trembling nephew inside. Locking the door, she toldhim to strip, and produced an outfit similar to the one he hadworn for the trip the previous summer. When he was naked, shemeasured him, and found that other than for the fact that hehad grown an inch, now standing 5’2″ he could still wear mostof the clothes she had purchased the previous year, the skirtswould just be a little shorter. Beth took note, that otherportions of his body had also grown, his erect cock was nowalmost 6″ long, but still only about an inch in diameter andwas surrounded by a light covering of light brown hair. Otherthan his now larger cock, he still looked more like a girlthan a boy, his skin being smooth and almost hairless. Takinghold of his stiff member, she looked Tommy in the eye and said”We’ve got to get rid of this or it will bulge in yourshorts.” She then started gently stroking him, with himstanding before her until she felt the little jerking convul-sions in his cock which indicated that a climax was on it’sway. Without saying a word she leaned forward and sucked himfull length into her mouth and proceeded to give the boy hisfirst ever blowjob.Tommy couldn’t believe that his beautiful Aunt wassucking on his cock, and loved the feel of her tongue as itswirled around his cock head inside her mouth. His entirebody shook as he came, and he almost fell with the release buthis aunt caught him and then held him in her arms until hisbreathing returned to normal. He had come in Aunt Beth’smouth and rather than her being mad as he expected, she justsmiled and licked her lips, then kissed him on the cheek andtold him to get dressed. After fixing his hair and applyinga light coat of makeup, they left the gas station and returnedto her apartment.On arriving at the apartment, Aunt Beth took him to hisroom and had him strip off his clothing again. She then satdown on the bed and had him stand before her as she slowlyinspected every part of his body. “We have a problem, Tomi,”she said, then continued, “you are growing hair on your legs;girls don’t allow that to happen so we’ll have to remove it.”Tommy just said, “OK Aunt Beth, whatever you say.” Withoutfurther comment, she led him to the bathroom, then covered hisentire body below the neck with ‘Nair’ and told him to standstill while the lotion worked it’s ‘Magic’ on him. Shechecked small patches on him periodically, then decided it wastime to remove the lotion. She scrubbed him with a sponge andas she showered him with a hand held shower attachment andTommy saw that every place the sponge had been, was now hair-less and smooth. This included his crotch, which now lookedas it had when he was younger, except that his cock and ballslooked bigger.When she was done, Aunt Beth turned off the shower andran a full bath into the tub, adding a bubble bath to the wa-ter. Tommy was then told to soak in the tub for a while andhis Aunt left the room. When she returned she was unclothedand Tommy again marveled at her big breasts and wonderfulfemale body. She got into the tub with him and gently washedhis hair as well as every other part of his body. All thiscontact had brought his young cock back to life and shegiggled when she washed him there.After the bath, she dried him off then dusted his bodywith a sweet smelling powder. This made his skin tingle andmade it feel even smoother than it had before. After dryingherself she lead him back to the bedroom and cradled him inher lap as he suckled her nipples. She then gently strokedhis body and talked to him about what a sweet boy he was.That night they slept together and Tommy was treated toanother mind-blowing climax when his Aunt sucked him off. Hethen licked and sucked on her tasty pussy until she finallytold him to stop, so they could get some sleep.The next month was a repeat of the previous summer.Jenny and Suzie were still there, and other than the fact thatJenny now sported large breasts for her age and, Suzie wasshowing signs of developing to about an “A” cup, everythingwent as before. His Aunt added two foam pads to his bras andswim suits so that he also appeared to be growing smallbreasts, which made Tomi very happy.Aunt Beth was seeing a man named Frank about threeevenings per week, but she never brought him to the apartmentand he never saw her boy/girl nephew. Tommy could tell fromthe glow about his Aunt when she came home that she and Frankwere fucking on these nights which was confirmed in his mindby the fact that she would always immediately take a bath be-fore holding or touching him after one of her dates.Both Jenny and Suzie now had boyfriends and they alongwith Bobby hung around the girls like vultures. As he had theprevious summer, Bobby was constantly touching Tomi, whichshe/he both enjoyed and hated. She/he disliked it only inthat she had to be on constant guard that Bobby’s hands alwaysstayed above the waist, due to what might happen if he dis-covered him to be a boy. At one of the parties, the girlsthrew, Tomi ended up kissing Bobby for the better part of anhour, to keep him occupied so that he didn’t try anythingmore.By late July, Tomi was giving the boy hand-jobs to keephim satisfied and the first week of August gave her firstblowjob. Bobby was satisfied with this arrangement as long asshe continued to give him relief, honoring her statement thatshe wanted to remain a virgin until she got married. Tomididn’t mind giving the boy head until he started gettinginsistent, wanting her to do it two or three times per day.At that point, she told him to ‘Go fuck himself’ and refusedto see him or be anywhere he was at. She had actually likedthe taste of his cock in her mouth and his cum was salty butgood. It was just that he got so pushy about the whole thing.Ever since his Aunt had started dating Frank, she nolonger took baths with him, never allowed him to sleep in herbed, never stroked his cock to climax, would not allow him toeven touch her pussy, and only occasionally would allow him tofeel or suck her breasts. Tommy a healthy 13 year old, had analmost constant hard-on and was having to relieve himself twoor three times per day to keep the bulges out of his clothing.He was sitting nude in his room one afternoon performing thistask, when like a cannon shot, Suzie charged through the door.”Let’s go swimming!” she squealed then seeing Tommy’s hardcock between his legs, stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyesgot big and her jaw dropped open, but she was unable to speak.She reached behind her and closed the door, then managed tochoke out the words, “You’re a BOY.”Tommy was so startled he had stopped in mid-stroke on hishard cock, and had made no attempt to cover himself. Thenduring the pause following her statement, finally managed tospeak. “Suzie, come over here,” he said softly and releasedhis grip on his still raging cock.The girl moved stiffly as if in a trance, but endedkneeling before his seated body. Suzie listened while he ex-plained that, yes, he was a boy, but he liked the feel ofgirl’s clothing better and how he liked to be around girlsmore than boys. That his Aunt let him dress as a girl when hevisited, but that he could not do it at home for fear ofdiscovery. Suzie nodded her head several times during hisexplanation and noted that by the end, her friend was trem-bling and shaking throughout his entire body. She put herhand on his knee and leaned forward and gave him a kiss on hislips and whispered, “It’s OK Tomi, I won’t tell anyone aboutyou.”With tears streaming down his cheeks, he gathered thesmaller girl to him and hugged her for all he was worth. Theyremained in this cinch for quite some time, as she stroked hisbody and kissed him on the mouth, neck and shoulders; thenrubbed her head against his chest. Suzie then took his cockin her hand and gently fondled it and probed his balls as ifto convince herself that they were real, then released him andstood between his outstretched legs. In a flash, Suzie wasstanding nude in the same spot where before she was wearingher two piece swim suit. Her budding breasts were topped bytwo rose colored nipples which were erect and standing outproudly. Her breathing was rapid and she then took Tommy’shand and placed it on her belly, then moved it downward toher young cunt.Tommy’s fingers glided over her still almost hairlesspussy lips and became wet from the juice oozing from betweenthem. He opened his fingers and allowed the lips to passbetween them on either side of his middle finger, which hegently inserted into her hole. Suzie reached out with herhands and placed them on his shoulders to steady herself as heslowly stroked his finger in and out of her, and her bodytrembled from the pleasure he was providing to it.After about 5 minutes of this and when her fluids weretrickling down the insides of her thighs, she backed up a stepand moving his legs together moved back forward and sat on histhighs, with her legs around them to the sides. His hard cockwas now pressed up against her smooth belly and after placinghis hands on her breasts, she wrapped her arms around his neckand gave him a deep kiss into which it felt she put all of herenergy and strength. His hands massaged her tender breastsand stroked her back, shoulders and ass. Suzie then raisedherself up and using her left hand guided his cock to theopening of her tight little pussy. Suzie then lowered herselfonto the stiff meat, until she sat with her pussy lips firmlyagainst his pubic area.They sat like that for several minutes just enjoying thefeel of each others warm bodies pressed together and his hardcock encased in her tight cunt. Tommy then lifted Suzie’s assas if to signal and she soon was thrusting up and down on hiscock like she was riding a horse. It didn’t take the excitedgirl long before her body shook with an orgasm, and Tommy heldher as the waves passed through her, then she started movingagain. After another 10 minutes, the young boy could holdback no longer and came hard into her cunt which triggered heragain. They collapsed interlocked back onto the chair andheld each other for what seemed a long, long time.When they recovered they got up and walked holding eachother, then sat on the bed. Suzie promised that his secretwas safe, but only on the condition that his cock belonged toher and made it clear that she intended to use it often. Thiswas fine with Tommy and after a leisurely kiss, they bothdressed and went to the kitchen for a snack. For some reason,they were both very hungry.For the balance of his stay, this young sex pot wouldmanage to get them alone at least three times per day, some-times more, and either suck him, fuck him or if her pussy wasfeeling tender, have him fuck her ass. The latter being some-thing Tommy really enjoyed, since her ass was even tighterthan her VERY tight pussy.On the Sunday of his last week with her, Aunt Beth brokedevastating news to Tommy. Frank had ask her to marry him,and they would be married that winter. This was the last timehe would ever be able to dress as Tomi and visit her. Tommybroke down crying and his Aunt gathered him to her and cuddledhim. She then further explained why his parents had let himstay the summer; that the alternative was seeing a psycholo-gist. He must return to being a boy; but even more important,he must act normal when he did so. If he returned to thedepression, his parents would send him to a doctor andeventually would find out about his cross-dressing. Thiswould get them both in serious trouble and he would probablynever be allowed to see his Aunt Beth again.This psychology stuff was a real shocker to Tommy, he hadno idea that his parents were considering any thing like that.He promised his Aunt, that no matter what, he would make surethat his parents thought he was a normal happy k**.The night before he was to return home, his Aunt againhad a date with Frank. Suzie and Jenny came to the apartmentand as soon as they found out his Aunt was gone and would notreturn until late, they both undressed right there in theliving room. “I told Jenny about you this morning, Suzie ex-plained, and she wants you to fuck her too.” Looking at thetwo girls side by side, Jenny’s tits were almost twice aslarge as Suzie’s and before he could make any further compari-son, both leapt on top of him. Suzie had her pussy pinninghis head to the carpet as Jenny was sucking his cock. He losttrack of who was where when, but he knew he had eaten bothgirls and fucked each in all of their holes before they helpedhis exhausted body into bed. Both girls kissed both his mouthand cock before leaving him to go to sleep. He never saw themagain.CHAPTER 4HOME AGAINTommy returned home and although it took considerableacting on his part at times, managed to convince his parentsthat he was again a normal boy. They thanked Beth for savingtheir son and were delighted at the news of her upcoming mar-riage.For the next couple of years, the only cross-dressingTommy could manage was wearing girl’s panties under his normalclothing at school. His mother however, complained that hemust be wearing underwear for 3 or 4 days because there wasnot enough of it in the laundry. He therefore made sure thatwhether he wore it or not, at least 7 pair of underpants madeit into the weekly wash.Tommy had joined the Audio/Visual Club at school sinceextra-curricular activities were pushed by school officialsand he did not want to play on the sports teams. One sidebenefit of this was that he worked on the stage crew in eithersound or lighting for the theater productions the school dramaclub put on.He was given a full set of keys for the stage and theaterarea since the sound and lighting wiring ran all throughoutthe area. To his delight one of the keys opened the costumestorage rooms and makeup rooms of the school. Unknown to him,several of the girls on the costume committee had seen him inthe costume rooms fingering the many dresses and lingerielocated there. They never said anything to him, but told eachother and giggled at the prospect of what this might mean.In High School, Tommy had not had much luck getting dateswith girls. He still wore his hair longer than most of theboys and was physically smaller (only 5’3″, 100 lbs.) thanmost also. Whenever he would ask one of the girls out, theywould say with an incredulous look, “Go out in public with asissy like you? I’d rather die.” But during his Junior yearall of that changed.Stephanie, easily the cutest girl in his class (and amember of the costume committee), called him one Saturdayafternoon inviting him to a party that evening at her house.Her parents were away for the weekend and it would be fun. Ofcourse he accepted.Tommy arrived around 7 p.m., surprised to find himselfthe first to arrive. Stephanie was ravishing in a black mini-dress and black suede baby-doll sandals with a four inch heel.The preliminaries were brief, but unnerving.”Take of those silly boy’s clothes,” she ordered.”There’s no use pretending with me.” He stammered somethingabout the other k**s, but she had already started to undo hisjeans, slipping them down his trembling thighs. “My, my,” shesaid when she stripped off his briefs, “Such marvelous curves,too pretty to hide.” She was looking with envy at his body.Tommy blushed and his cock stiffened under all the attention,and she used it as a handle, leading him up the carpetedstairs. “Tonight,” she whispered, “our little sissy is comingout.”In her bedroom, soft and scented and piled deep withplush and lace, Stephanie left him standing naked before thelong mirror to go to the dresser. In a moment, she returnedwith a pair of silky panties. “You were made to be dressedlike a doll,” she purred. “Ken in Barbie’s prettiest pant-ies.” Tommy gasped as she slipped the pink panties past histhighs, and tucked away his swollen genitals. Before he hada chance to protest, Stephanie had wrestled him into a pinkwaist-cinch trimmed with ribbons. He could hardly breathe.The next thing he knew, she was hooking him into a pink nylonfoam padded bra with push-up design. After stuffing the cupswith scads of her scented panties, she stepped back andlaughed. “A pretty padded bra is a sissy’s best friend. Andwe won’t tell a soul what’s in the cups.” He could only hopenot, because next she found a pair of sheer pink tap pantswith garters sewn into the lacy spandex waist. “I wish theylooked half as sweet on me.” She was the most beautiful girlhe had ever seen and started to protest, but she shushed him.”here,” she said, pushing him back on the bed, “Let me putyour stockings on.” They were sexy shiny stockings of pinknylon and, as she hooked them to his garters, he marveled athis reflection in the mirror.”You must be the cutest sissy in the world,” she braggedand he was beginning to agree. But before he could speak, shehad taken a pair of pink leather high heel pumps from hercloset and, pushing him back on the bed once again, slippedthem on his feet. He stood before the mirror seeing his lastvestige of manhood disappear. But he really didn’t care. Hewas remembering how he felt way back during those summers athis Aunt Beth’s and enjoyed the feel of the garments on hisbody. He wanted Stephanie to tell him again how cute helooked, and began to move shamelessly. Stephanie squealedwith delight and rushed to the closet taking down the mostbeautiful pink lace dress. “How do you like it?” It wasstunning…lacy soft puffed sleeves with a gathered crepebodice and three tiers of lace for the generous skirt sashedat the waist. In Stephanie’s dress, he felt just like aprincess.Stephanie sat him down at her dressing table and starteddoing his makeup, applying a liquid foundation to his face,she followed this with eyeshadow, liner and mascara to hisalready almond-shaped eyes. She then rouged his cheeks andpainted his lips a very hot pink. His jewelry consisted ofpearl earrings, (She applied one to his already pierced ear,then pierced the other herself). A strand of pearls aroundhis neck, a little teasing of his long hair for half an hour,followed by a spray net and his transformation was complete.”Beautiful,” she said patting his shoulder. “C’mon, you canmix us a drink downstairs and we can waste time with gigglesand girl-talk.”Tommy had taken two sips from his screwdriver when thedoorbell rang. “Answer it,” Stephanie ordered. Tommy waspetrified but, under his skirt it didn’t show. “Dressed likethis?” he questioned. “Why not?” she wanted to know. “Ifanyone asks, you’re my cousin from out of town.” He melted inthe warmth of her smile. Cautiously, he approached the frontdoor, feeling dreadfully exposed beneath his lacy skirt.When he finally opened the door, in came the entirecostume committee, five girls all his classmates (Debbie,Heather, Denise, Kim and Carol) they were all crowded into thefoyer. “Hi sissy,” called Heather, laughing. “What a prettypink dress, Sissy,” said Carol. They were all taking turnssqueezing his corseted waist and kissing his painted lips.For the first time in his life, other than when with Suzie andJenny, he felt like he really belonged.Of course the party turned out to be a pajama party thatStephanie had invited him to, and since he had left hispajamas at home, the girls marched him right back up toStephanie’s bedroom to select for him the prettiest nightclothes they could find. It was Debbie a beautiful littleblonde who finally picked out a naughty little satin and lacepinafore in baby blue with little matching ruffled backpanties that tied on the side.The night ended as the sun came up on a new day, after’Tomi’ had eaten all six girls and he thought fucked them allalso (at least once), as he fell off to sleep, surrounded bybeautiful female bodies sprawled in all directions. He knewthat his pretty new friends would never be far from his sideand that he would never want to be a man again.CHAPTER 5A NEW MISTRESSThe following day, Tomi was kept nude all day as thegirls explored the extent of their control over him. Heserved as a nude waiter for both their breakfast and lunch andwhenever he was within one of them’s reach, they fondled hiscock and balls almost casually. By 1:00 in the afternoon,Stephanie realized that Tomi had seemed depressed all day andthought she knew the reason why. The other girls had gone tothe store and they were alone in the house, so now was a goodtime to find out if she was right.”Tomi, come over here,” she called, and as always, theboy complied without comment. “Tomi, you don’t seem happylike you were last night,” she offered. Tomi was standingnude before this beautiful red head with his head down andtears welled to the corners of his eyes, but he said nothing.”Tell me what the problem is, Tomi,” Stephanie said as softlyas possible yet still somewhat stern.In almost a whisper, Tommy replied, “I…I like beingwith you girls, but, I don’t like being undressed all thetime.” The tears started flowing down his cheeks and Stepha-nie stood up and hugged the smaller boy to her. “You want towear MY clothes, don’t you Tomi,” she whispered in his ear, asshe gently stroked his back and sides. “Please, yes,” was allthe boy was able to choke out. “Oh, my poor sweet sissy, Ishould have known,” Stephanie cooed to him.Stephanie was wearing a peasant type blouse and Tomi’shead pressed against her breasts had worked the top downward.His mouth rested just above her nipples and the smell of herclean flesh and light perfume along with her tender strokinghad him very excited.Tommy kissed her between the breasts and Stephaniepressed herself harder against his mouth. She was hugging histrembling body to her as hard as she could and it was all hecould manage to get his hands up to the frilly collar of herblouse and pull it down enough to free her breasts. When theywere clear, he dove on her right nipple with everything hehad, sucking and lightly biting it, in between licks andflicks with his tongue. Stephanie’s pale white skin hadlittle freckles s**ttered across her breasts her nipples werevery dark and stood out like little cones under the ministra-tions of his eager mouth. Stephanie could not believe howthis boy’s talented mouth was working over her tits and knewthat even though he had few dates at school, SOMEONE hadtaught him how to make a woman happy.Stephanie, sat down in the chair behind her and pulledhim onto her lap, cradling his head in her arm so that hiswonderful mouth never lost contact with her breast. As hesuckled her breast, she continued stroking his body andenjoyed the feel of his smooth skin. After a while, shedisconnected him and had him kneel between her legs, thenlifted her skirt and removed her panties. “Put them on,” shedirected as she handed over her silky panties and with a broadsmile on his face, Tommy eagerly complied. “Now, eat my pussylittle Sissy, eat it good and I may let you do it again.”Stephanie’s mound had a light covering of bright redhair, the same color as on her head. Her lips were swollenand partially open from his sucking of her breasts. When heparted the lips, Tommy found the inner flesh to be bright pinkand her little clitoris stood up erect as a cock. Her juiceswere flowing freely from her excitement, and Tommy lapped ather slit trying to get every drop. His tongue flicked herclit and worked deep into her opening then returned to herclit in a continuous and frantic ballet. Stephanie couldn’ttake much of this, the best treatment her young pussy had everexperienced. Over the next 25 minutes she came 9 times andeach time drenched his face with her flow. Finally, shepulled him upright, unable to take any more for a while andkissed him on the mouth, tasting her own sweet juice on hislips. “Oh, you darling little Sissy,…You will be spendinga LOT of time doing THAT!”Stephanie then marched him to the bathroom and handed hima razor and told him not to come out until he was hairlessbelow the neck. Tomi smiled and gave Stephanie a kiss on thecheek then went into the bathroom and whistled as he removedthe awful hair from his body. When he emerged he was almostas hairless as the day he was born and after surveying theresults, Stephanie gave her approval.Back in the bedroom, Stephanie handed him a pair of pinkbikini panties, matching bra (including two foam pads) andgarter belt with pale off-white stockings. She watched as hequickly donned the garments and noted that he knew EXACTLY howto put them on and wear them properly. Last night was not thefirst time this boy had dressed as a girl. A full length slipfollowed, and was topped by a cute floral-print chiffon dress.It had big ruffles around the cleavage, collar and hem. Foraccessories she chose a pink belt and a pink hat and a pair ofblack patent leather shoes. Stephanie lead him to thedressing table and was going to do his makeup and hair, whento her amazement he did it himself and as competently as anygirl she had ever seen. When he was done, he was one of theprettiest girls she had ever seen and she knew he could goanywhere without detection.When the other girls returned, Tomi met them at the doorall smiles and giggly. “You did a great job on him,” Debbiesaid to Stephanie, “No, he did it himself,” she replied. Allof the girls inspected him and complemented him on how prettyhe looked and what a good job he had done on his makeup andhair. Tomi, blushed and gave each a kiss and a hug for theircomplements. They spent the rest of they day like 7 girls,talking, joking, playing games, listening to records andhaving a good time. It was as if they had forgotten that onewas really a boy. From that day on, Tomi/Tommy had anentirely new life. Each day he would go to the stage area ofthe school whenever he was scheduled for a study hall. One ofthe girls would meet him there and invariably he would bedressed in one of the many costumes the school maintained fortheir plays. After one of the other girls caught him eatingStephanie’s pussy in one of the dressing rooms, he soon wasdirected to eat all of them. By then he was most times whiledressed, ordered to provide one or more girls with sex in someform. Usually he had to eat their tight little snatches, andsometimes they wanted to fuck either vaginally or anally.After school he would be told which girl’s house toreport to, and once there, either served them as a waitresswith no panties, or would be dressed in frilly clothing toserve them. The girls would always stroke his cock and ballswhenever he was within reach, because they had decided that ifhe was hard and no one needed his cock for sex, then he mustput on a jerk-off show for the girls present.The first time he was told to put on a show for thegirls, he had refused. Stephanie, the most dominant of thegroup, put her knee in his crotch and busted his balls prettybad. He had doubled over on the floor, and she and Debbie hadremoved his clothing, then Stephanie again demanded that hejerk-off for them. When he groaned that he couldn’t, Stepha-nie pulled his scrotum and smacked his balls hard! Then lead-ing him by his balls, which she squeezed in her hand, she ledhim to the TV and told him to sit on it.She told him to jerk-off or she would twist his ballsoff! He didn’t respond, he was exasperated and helpless,Stephanie twisted, and Tommy winced, groaned, bent forward,shrieked, THEN he took his cock in hand and he beat it off forthem. He half filled a drinking cup, cumming four times.Then was forced to drink his own cum while the girls cheeredhim on.Their Senior year, Stephanie got into bondage anddiscipline, having been given some books on the subject, byother girls she knew. One day she called Tommy to her in theback stage area and showed him a cock strap and told him shewanted him to wear it at all times unless she gave himpermission to remove it. He didn’t want to do it but knewStephanie would bust his balls again if he didn’t. So he lether put it on him, under his balls and over his cock; makingboth stick straight out. That evening all the girls saw thenew strap as he served refreshments to the girls and as soonas they had stroked him to hardness, he was ordered to dancefor them. His balls were shaking and jiggling as he dancedand all of the girls watched and teased him. When Stephanietired of watching him shake his genitals, she said, “OK, nowshow us how you jerk-off!” Which he did although red from theembarrassment not the sex.Tommy had become their sex slave, and tried to keep allsix mistresses happy. This was almost too much for one boy toaccomplish as they sometimes would make conflicting demandsupon him. Stephanie, however, established herself as theprimary Mistress and none of the others, ever tried tocontradict her.Stephanie, would often have him come to her house, forone-on-one training. She would strip him and tie his handsbehind his back, then take a shower and have him dry her pussyand anus with his tongue. She would take him for walks nakedat night, with a leash tied to his balls and threaten to takehim to friends houses, if he did not immediately obey herevery command.She celebrated her good luck by ordering him to bend overa footstool and with his legs spread very wide, whipped hisbuttocks and inner thighs with a belt, making him count theswats. He remained in this position while she sat behind himand squeezed his testicles awhile. At other times, she wouldtie him in her dad’s workshop, with his wrists bound overheadto a hook on a beam, and would twist a piece of plasticcovered wire tightly around his cock to keep him erect. Thenattach alligator clips snapped onto the tips of his nipples,the teeth biting hard into his flesh. She made him stand ontip toes for hours, the clips chewing into his nipples andamused herself by brushing his penis with a stiff brush.Occasionally, Stephanie would fuck his ass with a dildo,her older sister had given her. When she told the other girlsshe had done this, they all wanted to see it, so that eveningshe did it in front of all the girls. Tommy climaxed from theass fucking with the dildo, and it became a daily part of theshow thereafter. It was only a question of which girl, withwhich dildo his backside was being plowed.The night of their graduation party, Stephanie took himto the party fully dressed as a girl, with his hands boundbehind his back. He was dressed in a bra, panties, garterbelt, stockings, sheer blouse and short denim skirt. He hadon full makeup and Stephanie had plucked his eyebrows so thatthey were definitely female in appearance and had sprayed himwith perfume. She wore her older brothers clothing and whenthey arrived at the party, told the other k**s that they hadchallenged one another to dress up in each other’s clothing.Tomi had taken the switch to heart, she added pointing out hisplucked eyebrows, shaved legs, and lifting his skirt to revealhis panties, garter belt and stockings. Tommy’s friendsstared as he reddened. Stephanie told them that he had balkedat going to the party and that she had been forced to tie himup before they left.For the rest of the party he was teased unmercifully byhis friends and their dates. He was totally humiliated, andbegged Stephanie to take him home, but they stayed the entireparty. Some of the boys sat beside him and asked him what itwas like to wear girls clothing and one named Dennis evenstroked his thigh when he thought no one was looking.Stephanie, however, observed it and whispered in the boy’sear, that Tomi would give him a blowjob if he wanted and ifshe could watch. “Why Not!” he replied, and Tomi was lead toanother room, the door closed and locked behind them.Tomi was placed on his knees and Stephanie unbuckled theother boy’s pants and lowered them. “Isn’t she pretty,”Stephanie said as she stroked the boy to hardness. “Damn nearas good looking as you,” he replied. Stephanie then leadDennis to Tomi and placed the hard 7″ cock to his lips. Tomiknew he had no choice so he gave Dennis the best blowjob hecould with his hands bound behind him. Stephanie watched withinterest as Tomi ‘deep throated’ the boy and thought toherself that “this is not his first blowjob either.” Denniscame hard, but Tomi managed to swallow almost all of his cum;then Stephanie, who had been fingering herself throughout theshow, ripped off her panties and forced her pussy into hismouth.Dennis watched as Tomi worked over Stephanie’s fine cuntand while watching grew hard again. Seeing this, Stephanielooked at him and said, “Fuck his ass, do it real good too.”Dennis needed no further encouragement and soon was buried tothe hilt in Tommy’s tight ass, and stroked hard, pushingTommy’s face even deeper in to Stephanie’s pussy. Stephaniewas now coming almost continuously and when Dennis shot hisload in Tommy’s ass, Tommy also came without anyone evertouching his dick. They collapsed in a heap on the floor andwhen they emerged the party was over. Both ‘girls’ kissedDennis goodnight and he thanked them for the good time, whis-pering in Tommy’s ear that he would never tell anyone aboutit. Stephanie, however, made no such promise.On the way home, Stephanie looked over at her still boundpassenger and said, “You had to do it sometime, if your goingto live as a girl, AND YOU WILL BE LIVING AS A GIRL FROM HEREON OUT!”CHAPTER 6COLLEGEStephanie took him with her to college when she leftafter graduation, where he assumed the full-time identity andlife of a woman. He served as her housemaid and body servant.The other girls attended the same college and on weekends theyhad parties at Stephanie’s apartment. The feature attractionat the parties was a little brown haired slave girl named Tomiwho had been put on hormone treatments and now had breastswhich measured “34A” but almost filled a “B” cup bra. Tomiwas still smaller than the girls standing only 5’4″ and 110lbs. and when dressed in his ‘Roman slave’ costume with it’sshort white skirt, tunic and sandals looked the part of ayoung girl. His hair now reached almost to his waist in backand was worn straight, parted down the center of his head.The girls liked to assume the role of ‘gladiators’ andwould tie him face down on the bed with his knees spread aparton the floor and then slam 7-10″ strap-on dildos in and out ofhis poor young ass until he came on his own. Occasionally,one of them would allow him to fuck her, but they seemed toprefer making love to a small thin girl rather than his manmeat. Stephanie, however, allowed him to fuck her almostevery night, AFTER she tired of his talented mouth.At the beginning of her Sophomore year, Stephanie wantedto pledge a Sorority, called ‘Beta Delta Omega’ which thegirls in confidence said meant “B & D Forever” and consistedof girls into Female Domination of men. In order to gainadmission, Stephanie had to present her slave to the Sororityat a party to be held and demonstrate her control over him.Tommy was not told what was going to happen only that Stepha-nie was taking him out for the night and that they would begoing to a Sorority party.When they arrived at the house, Tomi was lead inside byStephanie and found the room filled to capacity with over 100beautiful women. He was lead into a large living room off thecenter entrance hall and was told to stand in the middle ofthe room. When the door was closed behind him, the room wasin total darkness until a powerful desk lamp was turned on,spotlighting him in the center of the room. It took a fewseconds for his eyes to adjust to the dim light and it wasthen that he realized that all of the women he had seen whenhe entered the house, now surrounded him. The room was silentexcept for a few whispers, until one of the girls spoke fromthe darkness.Tomi was asked his name and told that his mistress,Stephanie had applied for membership in this sorority, andthat in order for her to be accepted, HE would have to undergosome initiation rites. He was asked if he wanted hisMistress to be accepted and if he were willing to do what wasnecessary to help her. He responded that he was willing to doanything for Stephanie. “VERY GOOD,” said the voice from thedark, “Start by Undressing.”Tomi suddenly became afraid, he had been nude in front ofthe six girls many times, but there were over 100 here and hewas reluctant to show them his feminized body. He looked atthe girls closest to him and noted they were all holding largepaddles and they way they were gripping them indicated to himthat they were just looking to use them. He quickly strippeddown to his panties and bra and his softly rounded form andswelling breasts brought whispers of appreciation from some ofthe girls in the room. When he hesitated for a second, thenext instruction was both verbal and physical. With what hewas sure wall all of the power the girl could muster, one ofthe girls hit him square on the ass with her paddle, whileanother reminded him that he had been told to take off hisclothing and that meant ALL of his clothing!Tomi quickly removed his bra and again heard manywhispers of appreciation at his well formed breasts. When hehesitated again, he received another hard whack on the rearend. He now knew that whatever else was going to happen tohim, he was going to have to stand naked before a room full ofover 200 female eyes. When his clean shaven crotch came intoview he once again heard many whispers of admiration at thework Stephanie had done. He was then told to bend over andspread the cheeks of his ass and turn slowly around the room,red from head to toe he slowly complied, just missing anotherwhack with the paddle.The voice then told him to circle the room, facing eachgirl in the front row and presenting his genitals to her. Hewas given a small saucer that he had to place under histesticles before stepping in front of each girl, allowing themto pull, squeeze, and probe him as they pleased. Many of thegirls also worked on his breasts in addition to his cock andballs and it was during this part of the initiation that hestarted to develop an erection.After each girl in the front row was finished with him,he was told to go back to the middle of the room and jerk offin time with a record that began playing on the record player.By now his penis was fully erect and frankly he was lookingfor some relief. Having jerked off for the girls many times,this was nothing new, so he grabbed himself and to the cheersand clapping of the girls brought himself off in a tremendousclimax which shook his entire body.At this point several more slaves were brought into theroom and Tomi was made to suck each to a climax, swallowingall of their cum. He was told that if he lost any, he wouldreceive a whack for each drop lost. Again he received cheersas he performed above apparent expectations. One of the otherslaves was then told to fuck Tomi’s ass, and soon Tomi feltwhat had to be a 10” long and very thick cock working it’s wayup his ass. He relaxed his ass and without any trouble theboy was buried to the hilt. As his ass was being fucked, hereached out and drew the other slave back to him and suckedthe boy’s cock; this brought a resounding cheer and applausefrom the girls who had not expected such a show.Needless to say, Stephanie was accepted into the sororityand Tomi became the ‘Property of the House’ and had to serviceany girl at any time. Only Stephanie, however was permittedto discipline him. He lived for the next 6 years in thathouse, while Stephanie got her BA, MA, and PHD degrees. Upongraduation with her doctor’s degree in psychology, Stephanieset up practice in a town nearby and she and her housemaidlived together for many years.*****************The End?From [email protected] Sat Apr 05 08:31:26 1997Path: news1.infoave.net!news-dc-10.sprintlink.net!news-pull.sprintlink.net!news-peer.sprintlink.net!howland.erols.net!feed1.news.erols.com!newsFrom: “Impala” Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tgSubject: REPOST MICHELLEDate: 5 Apr 1997 13:31:26 GMTOrganization: Erol’s Internet ServicesLines: 1237Message-ID: <[email protected]>NNTP-Posting-Host: lxp-as1s29.erols.comMime-Version: 1.0Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=”—-=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60″Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bitX-Received-On: 5 Apr 1997 13:31:26 GMTX-Newsreader: Microsoft Internet News 4.70.1155This is a multi-part message in MIME format.——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”mstorys.txt”Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bitContent-Description: mstorys.txt (Text Document)Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”mstorys.txt”Subject: michelle’s story #2Date: Mon, 04 Nov 1996 08:29:18 -0800From: michelle Organization: Microserve Information Systems (800)-380-INETNewsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tgMy Aunt Gave Me A New LifeAs i already wrote, my Mistress has threated to turn me into a gayshemale slut — and i’m terrified. Last night i began thinking about howthis whole thing began.We’ve lived next door to one another for years, and i’ve always admiredHer from a distance. She is beautiful! She has a small frame, 5’2″,dark hair, beautiful eyes, a dynamite little body with good size breasts,beautiful legs. i guess You can say that She was my fantasy. A numberof years ago, when they first moved in next door, She came over with herdaughter to introduce Herself to my wife and i. She wore yellow tightshort shorts with a halter type of top and my mouth just dropped anddrooled. my Wife noticed and made a joke about it later, asking if ournext door neighbor would be my new Mistress.Well, since that time my “Mistress” has gotten a divorce, Her daughterhas grown up to be a beauty herself, and i’ve grown to have just too muchtime on my hands.i work at home, so i have plenty of time to play my lingerie games whenmy Wife goes to work. She knows about my fetish for panties and femaleitems, and She tolerates it, but doesn’t encourage it. So for most ofour married years we have satisfied one another (more and moreinfrequently) in the usual borely quick missionary style and then off tosleep. At least She let me wear some panties when we made love!That’s what got me in trouble, i guess. i was wearing a pair of thosepanties the day my neighbor stopped by for some “male help.” A limb of atree had broken — not completely off — but enough to threated to breakone of Her windows. She wanted me to use a ladder, climb up and saw thelimb. i was only too happy to give Her a hand.I got everything i needed and was up the ladder doing my “duty”. i hadon a rather short pair of shorts myself, which, because of the years, hadbecome a little tight. i got the limb cut, put the ladder away, and Sheinvited me in for a cup of coffee.While we were sitting down on the couch in Her living room, She looked mestraight in the eyes and asked what color my panties were. i died! Shehad seen the clear panty line beneath my shorts and while i was comingdown the ladder She caught a glimpse of the waist band peeking above thetop of my shorts. “you’re a panty boy”, She said as She stared me down.Without saying more than another word, She kneeled in front of me andbegan opening the catch of my shorts. i was unable to move. She smiledand gave a sly laugh when She revealed a pink satin panty under myshorts. “These will have to come off,” She said as She tugged my shortsdown my legs. I was as hard as a rock and She was having a good time ofmy embarrassment.my shirt came off, too. my nipples were hard as Her delicate fingersplayed with the tips. “i think i’ve found a new play toy”, She said.She kissed me full on the lips as Her hand carressed my hard cock throughmy panties.She got up, and told me to stay there while She got Herself ready. ithought She was going to slip into something really sexy. i was gettinghot and sweaty just thinking about getting into Her pants — my fantasygirl! Suddenly, there was a click of a camera — then two — then three.She had taken a quick half a dozen pictures of me before i could coverup. “I don’t think You want to DO that,” She said. i dropped my shirtwhich i had grabbed and She told me to start playing with my cock throughmy panties.click! click! As i masturbated through my panties She began to tell mehow my life would change. “i am not interested in males,” She said. “igot rid of My last one and haven’t had a need for one since. Do you wantto know what happened to My husband?”, she asked me.”Well, SHE’S living with a pimp and earning her money off the streets. Idecided that he was a slut of a man to live with, so I used my wiles andmy charms — and a few other little surprises — and I feminized him. Infact, I’ve completely turned him into a shemale. Do you want to see apicture?” She went to a shelf and showed me some pictures of a manprogressively being changed from a male to a female. The last pictureshowed him with huge breasts, a female face stuffed with cock, and a hugecock of his own.i came in my panties as i looked at the pictures. She just laughed awicked little laugh and told me to tuck myself away and go back home.”Oh, by the way”, She added, “I’ve also got YOU on tape.” She pointedout a video camera that i hadn’t noticed pointing right me. “Go home,little boy, until I call you”, She said.She kept my shorts and my shirt and i had to slither back home hoping noone would notice me. No one did.The next day i did get a call. i was sweating things out hoping that mynew Mistress wouldn’t tell my Wife what i had done. She didn’t. “Behere in five minutes”, She told me. “Be wearing your jockey shorts andcarry over in your hand a pair of your frilliest panties.” She hung upas soon as She gave Her command.When i arrived, She chided me for not carrying the panties soanyone could them. She commanded me to strip down to my jockey shortsand stand before Her naked. She took the yellow panties i had broughtalong and played with my nipples with the material.”I want you to take off those male shorts — because you don’t deserve towear male clothing, you pussy,” She said. “What kind of male would wearpanties? you are a pitiful excuse as male and I’m going to change allthat for you.” She commanded me to strip my jockeys off and handed me ascissors. “Cut through the crotch,” She demanded. i didn’t know whatHer game was, but She was dressed so sexy in a see-through blouse –braless — short mini skirt. i did as She commanded. “Throw them awayand put your panties on, slut,” She ordered. Then as happened the daybefore i was told to mastrubate in the panties while She watched and senton my way back home.i had to repeat this process every day for the next ten days until ifinally ran out of jockeys. “you will NEVER wear male underwear again,”She told me. “Today, your training begins. We will meet for an houreach morning. I will take command of your mind and soul. your life, asyou have known it, is over. By the time I’m finished with you, you willbecome a gay shemale slave like my former husband.”i didn’t — couldn’t — believe what i was hearing. During the past tendays i have been photographed in the most compromising positions, but ihave never had sex with my Mistress. i cannot just leave because of Herproof that i had done unspeakable things. For more than ten days She hasrepeated to me over and over again that i am not a male, but a sissy,slutty shemale. She makes me repeat over and over again that i love cockand want to obey my Mistress. i am mind-numbed at what has happened.She says that by years end i will be well on my way to being like Herhusband — i will be gay, on my way to becoming a shemale — and i willbe looking for a new home.help!michelle——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”mstorys2.txt”Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bitContent-Description: mstorys2.txt (Text Document)Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”mstorys2.txt”Subject: Can She Make Me Gay?Date: Sun, 03 Nov 1996 21:22:41 -0800From: michelle Organization: Microserve Information Systems (800)-380-INETNewsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tgi’m a little concerned. i have never been interested in anything but aheterosexual life-style. i’ve enjoyed reading stories about how men wereforced into Gay experiences and then trapped into that life-stylepermenantly. Whenever i’ve read such stories i’ve always found myselfhard and horny — especially when the woman first feminized the male orchanged him into a shemale. That is REALLY a turn on.my Mistress has taken notice that i gravitate toward this kind offantasy. She said that She has personally transformed straight malesinto full time gay sissies and that She has determined that i am to jointhat sorority. i’m terrified.First, i don’t believe you can make someone gay — can you? She saysit’s a matter of mind-control; Her mind over mine. She has beenrepeating over and over again Her threat to make me a Gay sissy — oreven worse, a Gay shemale sissy. i’ve heard the threat enough so that ican’t stop thinking about it. Day and night the thought She has plantedin my mind is becoming an obsession. Is this what mind-control is allabout?Like the moth to the flame i can’t seem to turn away. Each time Shefeminizes me She makes me think of sucking cock and being used by a maleas a slut. Now, when i see a man i look at his bulge and wonder how fullmy mouth would be with his meat. i’ve never had thoughts like thisbefore, and now i can’t stop thinking this way.She says i’m getting closer and that i will eventually beg to be Her Gayshemale slut. i don’t want it to be this way, but i wonder what it wouldbe like. Can She really control me and change me? Will it be apermenant change like She said?i’m thinking of running away from Her, but She laughed and asked me totry. i did — but i couldn’t leave Her. She told me that She knew iwouldn’t be able to, and that my Gay days would be here before the end ofthe year.i’ve never believed that the stories were anything more than stories, buti feel trapped — seduced by my Mistress’s desires to reshape my sexualorientation.Can i get out of this, or is it too late. Help please!michelle——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”michelle3.txt”Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bitContent-Description: michelle3.txt (Text Document)Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”michelle3.txt”Subject: michelle’s Story #3Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 13:44:34 -0800From: michelle Organization: Microserve Information Systems (800)-380-INETNewsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tgShe asked me what i had done with all my male underwear, i told Her.Mistress Sandysmiled at me and asked, what did you tell her?i told her that i liked wearing silky things and that i got rid ofthem.What did she say about that?, asked Mistress.She told me that if that’s the way i wanted it, it would be a cold dayin hell before i gotany male underwear to put back into my drawer. Then she reminded meabout mydoctor’s appointment coming up next week. ‘You’ve got an appointmentwith Dr.Smith!’, she quipped.Who’s Dr. Smith?, asked Mistress.She’s our family doctor and i’ve got a physical coming up next week. myWife told methat since i had changed my wardrobe so dramatically, it would stay thatway. She said iwould have to go to the appointment wearing one of my daintier panties.And so you shall, stated Mistress.* * * *i had spent the first two hour of the morning, after my wife had left forwork, in MistressSandy’s house next door. As it had been for the past 12 days or so, ihave stripped downto my underwear. i only have panties now since Mistress Sandy had me cutup, one eachday until they were gone, my male jockey shorts. i didn’t have enoughpanties to replaceall the male underwear i had destroyed, so She made sure that i went toJ.C. Penny’severyday to purchase one new pair of panties in my size.i’ve purchased panties — many of them — before. This was different,however. Before iwould go once or twice a year, and i was certain that any store clerk whohad helped mewould never remember who i was. Everyday Mistress made me go back to thesamestore, seek out the same young clerk to help me select my panties for theday, go to thesame cashier, and then go home. By the second day the young lady who washelping meknew fully that i was buying the panties for myself. By day four, Shewas greeting me byname before i even entered the rows that had the panties. Day six, Sheheld a pair ofpanties to my waist to make certain they would fit. my embarrassmentdeepened by theday.i finally told Her that my Mistress was making me buy panties for Her.She looked me inthe eye and said, sure! And isn’t it nice that you are both the samesize? Red is just thecolor i naturally turn now when i see my lady clerk.After i had shaved my legs — a daily routine in Mistress Sandy’sbathroom — i came outfor my daily inspection. There were no more pictures taken of meanymore. Mistresssaid She had all the pictures She needed to assure my silence. Butstill, i have the urge toget out of this twisted nightmare before i’m sucked in for good.i’ve thought about just telling my wife everything — especially sincei’ve never had sex ofany kind with Mistress Sandy. It would be far preferrable to take theembarrassment andpunishment and run before She makes me Gay. i have to repeat mysubmissive mantraan hour in Her presence — and She has me repeating it at least threemore hours duringthe day. i am not a man — i am a sissy fag — i am not a man — i am acocksucking slut –i am not a man — my pussy belongs to my Mistress — i am not a man — ilove wearingpanties. On and on it goes until all i can think about is myfeminization and slavery.Each day before i leave She chuckles and tells me that soon i will besucking cockdressed like a slutty whore. She says i will beg for it.Now you can see why i have to get out of this mess. What would happen ifHer daughterever came home and found me with Her mother? Then i would be in troublewith thepolice since Her daughter’s only 17 (at least i think She is!)my assignment today: buy a bra from my saleslady. A bra from a storei’ve NEVERdone. i’ve purchased one from mailorder, but never from the store. i amto ask for helpbeing sized and for my saleslady’s opinion as to how large the cupsshould be. i’ll do thisone last thing and then i’ll tell my wife and get out of this mess. Whata mess i’m in!michelle——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”michelle4.txt”Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bitContent-Description: michelle4.txt (Text Document)Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”michelle4.txt”Subject: michelle’s story #4Date: Thu, 07 Nov 1996 08:27:40 -0800From: michelle Organization: Microserve Information Systems (800)-380-INETNewsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tgi now have a new bra — “My Satin Fantasy”, it’s called. i decided theother day to get this humiliation over with since Mistress Sandy orderedme back to my saleslady to ask help to buy a bra. For two weeks now ihad to go to Penny’s to buy one pair of panties each day to replace thejockey shorts my Mistress was destroying. i had to use the same youngsaleslady each day — and by the end of the first week i couldn’t hidethe fact anymore that i was buying the panties for myself. But a bra?i saw the saleslady, a beautiful young woman in her early 20’s with agorgeous figure, and She immediately smiled and came up to me. “Well,what kind of panties do you want today, my good fairy.”my head was bowed and i told Her that i was not interested in pantiestoday, but a bra. “i need help finding out what size i wear,” i told Her– “and i need to ask You to help me determine what size cups i should bewearing.” She laughed outloud causing some other customers to look ourway.”Come right this way, sweetie, i’ve got just the bra for you,” She said.She held up a satin bra with a flower pattern on it to my chest. “Doyou want big tits or small ones?”, She asked me. i told Her i didn’tknow, that it was up to Her. “I think you’re a big tit person, aren’tyou?”, She asked. With that She gave me a DD size up. “you can takethis up to the cashier — or, do you want to wear it home?,” She quipped.i nearly died.i was sure that this was the last straw and that i would do anything toget myself out of this mess. i was going to tell me wife abouteverything. She’d be mad as hell, but at least i wouldn’t be beingblackmailed like i was now.When i got home i had a message on my phone machine. It was fromMistress Sandy instructing me to come over wearing my new bra and a pairof panties that matched the closest. She instructed me to shave my legsand “make myself pretty for Her.” What if my Wife had gotten thatmessage instead of me?, i thought. i knew i had to go over to myneighbor and straighten this fiasco out.i went over there with my new package still in my hands and no intentionof wearing it for Her. When i rang the bell, She didn’t answer directly,but i heard someone yell for me to come in. i walked in the door andlooked in the front room and no one was there. The television was on andthere on the screen was ME! She was playing the video of me masturbatinginto my panties and saying all sorts o leud things. my eyes were rivotedon the TV and i didn’t notice that someone had come into the room behindme.”Nice pictures”, She said. i swung around to see Mistress Sandy’sdaughter, Becky, standing there with very little on. She was in blackpanties, a tiny black bra which barely held Her soft breasts, blackgarter and stockings finished her ensemble. She walked straight up tome, put Her arms around me neck and began kissing me deeply. Her smallhand began to rub the bulge growing in my panties. i was in a stew –horny as hell but scared at the new twist this nightmare was taking. itried to push Her away, but She just hung on — and then without awarning She lifted Her knee briskly into my crotch. i doubled over andgrabbed my balls with a most surprised look on my face.”you asshole! Why aren’t you wearing your bra? I’d suggest you getyourself properly dressed so we can have some fun!”, She ordered.i don’t know why i did it, but i began taking off my shirt and pants, andsoon i was standing there with my new bra and white panties. Becky wasquite pleased at my behavior, and again came toward me. She began toplay with my nipples through the bra while rubbing Herself closelyagainst my body. She was intentionally turning me on to the point that icould not think straight. She was kissing me again — carressing me –pushing down on my shoulders — thrusting her panties crotch to my lips.Over the next half hour i did all sorts of delicious things to that youngbody — and then She began to do some delicious thing to mine. Sherubbed my panties until they were wet with my precum — and then Sheslipped my little dick out and began to put it into Her mouth. Sheplayed with me, bringing me to the point of climax over and over again,only to stop before i could cum.Suddenly the front door swung open — and there was Mistress Sandy.”Well, my little queer,” She said — “i see you also enjoy lesbian lust!”As hard as i was, i grew limp in only seconds. “What do you think youare doing with my daughter?”, She demanded in an angry tone.”Your daughter came on to ME!”, i countered.She walked through the room toward a door that i had not payed attentionto before — and stood by the video camera that was on.”I think you had better do what we ask, my little whore,” She said.I knew that i had been trapped for good.*****The next hour was spent repeating my mantra, blue balls and all.Mistress Sandy and Mistress Becky were talking about how their littleplan worked and how they intented to continue my feminization.my next assignment? Go back to my saleslady. Only this time i am to bewearing my yellow stretch lace panties, my new bra with two pantiesstuffed into each cup, shorts, and a thin white shirt. It’s too cold tobe wearing shorts this time of year, so i know that everyone will notice,especially since my legs are shaved smooth. And the bra! Those flowersshow through anything — especially when they are stuffed! i am to buytwo more bras, a garter belt and black nylons, some nail polish andmatching lipstick (my saleslady’s choice of colors). i am to wear putthe lipstick on and wear it home — and i am to give Mistess’s phonenumber to the saleslady so She can verify that i followed myinstructions.NOTE OF HELP FROM MY READERS: Mistress has complained that my legs arenot smooth enough. i am shaving everyday, but by the end of the day ihave a rough little stubble which She does not like. She wants me girlsmooth all the time. Any suggestions?——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”michelle5.txt”Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printableContent-Description: michelle5.txt (Text Document)Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”michelle5.txt”[Previous] [Next] [Hitlist] [Get Thread] [Author Profile][Post] [Post] [Reply]————————————————————————-=–Article 46 of 967Subject: REPOST: michelle’s story #5From: michelle Date: 1996/11/11Message-Id: <[email protected]>Distribution: worldContent-Type: text/plain; charset=3Diso-8859-1Organization: Microserve Information Systems (800)-380-INETMime-Version: 1.0Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tgX-Mailer: Mozilla 2.0 (Win95; I; 16bit)Article Segment 1 of 2(Get All 2 Segments)michelle=92s story #5i showed HER, i did!. She had ordered me to go back to Penny=92s to buysomemorefeminine attire — only this time She wanted me dressed in a mosthumiliating manner. iwas to be wearing my yellow stretch lace panties, a tiny pair of shorts(it was snowingtoday!), my flowery bra with each cup stuffed with two pair of panties,and a sheer whiteshirt which would clearly show off my new bra.i have to stand up for my rights!, so i didn=92t do what Mistress Sandy =andMiss Becky toldme to do. i went home, and promised to put this whole thing behind me.i didn=92t thinkthat either of my new Mistresses would have the courage to do anthingabout it. Boy, wasi wrong!*******my Wife initiated a conversation with me about my new hobby. She isworried that i nowwear nothing but panties under my clothes and that my legs are shaved(not that Sheobjects to how smooth they feel! — She told me last night that She =likedthe way our legsfeel when we intertwine in bed!)She found my bra and asked me just how far i was going to take this newlife-style. iturned a bit red and stumbled out some sort of answer that i didn=92t =know.She ended theconversation by saying that my new found hobby better not includeanything permenant,like hormones. i just laughed that one off and hoped that the subjectwould go away. ihad never THOUGHT of hormone treatments before — and then i thoughtabout thepictures that Mistress Sandy had shown me of Her feminized husband.********Yesterday was Friday and after my bath and shave i meandered next doordressed in mypink panties, my flowery bra, and my male outerwear. i was met at thedoor by MissBecky who greeted me by grabbing at my crotch to make sure there werepanties undermy slacks. But more than grab, She kissed me full on the mouth, forcingmy lips openwhile She gave my mouth a tongue-bath.Mistress Sandy came in to see us carressing and asked, =93how did yourshopping trip goyesterday?=94i stumbled a bit and mumbled that =93i didn=92t know=94 when She =interrupted meand orderedme to strip down to my female attire. i slipped out of my male clothingand stood there inmy panties and bra and She asked me to =93go on with my story!=94i immediately began making some sort of lame excuse when She confrontedme with thefact that She had been to Penny=92s and had talked with my saleslady =onlyto find i had notbeen there. =93Why?=94, She demanded to know. i told Her that =93i =just can=92tDO that kind ofthing — and what=92s more, i WON=92T do that kind of thing!=94 =That=92s whenmatters becamea little roudy.She had a riding crop in Her hand and began beating the hell out of me.i was told not tomove, but to bend over with my ass high in the air so that She couldproperly punish me.i don=92t know why i did it, but i received well over 50 smacks with Herriding crop. i wasin a lot of pain and was begging for mercy when Miss Becky came to myaid.She begged Her mother to give Her a try at convincing me to do things =Herway.Mistress Sandy looked at me with a cruel sneer and hit me in the face.=93You had betterlisten to my daughter. I expect you to do only what i demand — even ifthat means goingto the store bare-ass nakekd.=94 She went on and on, and finally left =mein the room alonewith Miss Becky.Miss Becky came close and began to gently carress my pantied rear whichwas quite asight with welts and bruises. =93My mother only wants you to have =fun!=94,She told me.Why don=92t you just do what She asks you to?=94=93i just CAN=92T,=94 i told Her. She said She understood and began to =getintimate with meagain. Her fingers began to toy with my nipples as Her mouth closed inon mine. Herfree hand massaged my now hard cock through my panties and soon She hadme hotterthan a bonfire.(Get Next Article Segment)————————————————————————-=–[Previous] [Next] [Hitlist] [Get Thread] [Author Profile][Post] [Post] [Reply]————————————————————————-=–Home Power Search Post to Usenet Ask DN Wizard HelpWhy use DN? | Advertising Info | New Features! | PolicyStuffCopyright =A9 1996 Deja News, Inc. All rights reserved.——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”michelle5a.txt”Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printableContent-Description: michelle5a.txt (Text Document)Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”michelle5a.txt”[Previous] [Next] [Hitlist] [Get Thread] [Author Profile][Post] [Post] [Reply]————————————————————————-=–Article 46 of 967Subject: REPOST: michelle’s story #5From: michelle Date: 1996/11/11Message-Id: <[email protected]>Article Segment 2 of 2(Get Previous Segment)(Get All 2 Segments)She asked me in between kisses if Her friend could come in and join inthe fun. i was soturned on and hot that i would have agreed to anything. Miss Becky wascertainly thebest part of this whole twisted arrangement — and was She ever sexy. idon=92t know howShe disrobed, but all i know is that She was now wearing only the =laciestpair of pantiesi=92ve ever seen. Her pussy was shaved clean and Her perky nipples wereaching to bekissed and suckled. i was in heaven.i noticed that suddenly there was another set of hands playing with me.my panties werelowered and a head with a lovely mane of hair lowered itself to my cock.She took myhard cock deep into Her mouth while Miss Becky continued to tease everyerotic part ofmy body. Every time i was near to cumming, the lovely woman on my cockwould easeup. i was begging for relief, promising to do anything if only She =wouldlet me cum.=93Anything?=94, asked Miss Becky coyly. i begged Her to bring me off =andagain promisedthat i would do anything She or Her mother would make me do. The newlady let go ofmy cock and began to disrobe. Her tits were large, but her figure wasnothing to comparewith Miss Becky=92s. She did have curves, but not like most sexy women.Soon this newlady was down to nothing but her panties. She turned her back to me andslowly slitheredout of her panties wiggling her smooth ass. Miss Becky began to nibblemy cock andpushed me on my back while the new lady came close. i looked up and sawa large cock,hard and shiny coming toward my face. =93It=92s time you met my =daddy!=94,said Miss Becky.Her dad straddled my chest, pinning me down while Miss Becky continued =tofondle mynow half-limp cock.Mistress Sandy=92s voice all of a sudden stole my attention. =93It=92s =time totake the next step,michelle. you KNOW you want to do it. Just look at that cock — feel =itagainst your lips– feel how smooth it feels on your cheeks — you KNOW you want it,michelle. you=92remy little cocksucker, aren=92t you? =93 Her voice combined with Miss =Becky=92sarousingattention was hypnotic in its affect. i had to do as She commanded. iopened my lips,and began to take my first taste of cock.=93Suck it — that=92s right! lick the end, my dear. you=92re a =cocksuckernow, michelle. MYcocksucker. i=92ve turned you into a fag — and now you=92re on your =way tobecoming mynew shemale slut! Go on, cocksucker, make my husband cum!=94 i was madwith desireand was trying anything to make him cum deep inside my mouth. He did.**********Mistress Sandy allowed me to fuck Her daughter. Everything has beentaped, includingmy cocksucking session with Her former sissy husband. On Monday, i willbe going on ashopping trip WITH Mistress Sandy and Miss Becky. And, oh yeah! Theygave me myfirst vitamins!michelle————————————————————————-=–[Previous] [Next] [Hitlist] [Get Thread] [Author Profile][Post] [Post] [Reply]————————————————————————-=–Home Power Search Post to Usenet Ask DN Wizard HelpWhy use DN? | Advertising Info | New Features! | PolicyStuffCopyright =A9 1996 Deja News, Inc. All rights reserved.——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”michelle6.txt”Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printableContent-Description: michelle6.txt (Text Document)Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”michelle6.txt”[Previous] [Next] [Hitlist] [Get Thread] [Author Profile][Post] [Post] [Reply]————————————————————————-=–Article 32 of 967Subject: michelle’s story #6From: michelle Date: 1996/11/11Message-Id: <[email protected]>Article Segment 2 of 2(Get Previous Segment)(Get All 2 Segments)daddy forced her tongue into my mouth and began grinding her cock into =mystomach. It grew — and while he played with my nipples my resistancesimply melted away. Mistress Sandy began telling us what to do.”michelle, take your panties down so daddy can get a better look at yourpussy!”, She said. i foundf myself lowering my panties and soon we werein a 69 position each satisfying the other.”daddy, it’s time to show michelle what every girl needs to learn,” saidMistress. With that, i was led to the bed, my wrists were tied to thecorners with me laying on my stomach. daddy placed a pillow under me =andi felt my ass being lubricated. i knew what was happening, and i knewalso that i was powerless to stop it.daddy was gentle, but the first entry hurt like hell. Soon he waspounding away at my new pussy, while Mistress continued Her chant of =whata little cocksucking slut i had become. he came in my ass while i criedin pain. “you’ll never be a man again,” said Mistress.With the several hours over, Mistress Sandy gave me some pills to takethat night, reminded me to be at Her house at 8:00 sharp in the morning,and sent me back to my Wife — all made up and this time “skirted”. Shekept my pants, filled out my bra with water filled condoms, put a sheerblouse on me with a matching mini-skirt. i was still wearing my maleshoes so i made quite the sight.As soon as i walked out the door, Mistress called my Wife and told Her ineeded help at the door. As soon as i was about to open the door,(hoping my wife would be somewhere else in the house), it opened and myWife just stared at me opened mouthed. “Get the hell OUT of here”, Sheyelled at me, slamming the door. i pleaded with Her through the door tolet me in. She didn’t. So i went back to Mistress’s house — but Shetoo would not open up for me. “Tomorrow morning at 8:00, dear”, Sheyelled.i was in a mess with no place to sleep, no keys for any car since mypants were still in my Mistress’s house, and it was cold. “you can comehome with me,” a voice said behind me. i turned to see daddy standingthere smiling at me. i had no choice. As i sat down in his car, myskirt climbed up revealing a peek of my panties. “We’re going to havesuch fun,” he said — i’ve got so much to teach you.”michelle————————————————————————-=–[Previous] [Next] [Hitlist] [Get Thread] [Author Profile][Post] [Post] [Reply]————————————————————————-=–Home Power Search Post to Usenet Ask DN Wizard HelpWhy use DN? | Advertising Info | New Features! | PolicyStuffCopyright =A9 1996 Deja News, Inc. All rights reserved.——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”michelle6a.txt”Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printableContent-Description: michelle6a.txt (Text Document)Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”michelle6a.txt”[Previous] [Next] [Hitlist] [Get Thread] [Author Profile][Post] [Post] [Reply]————————————————————————-=–Article 131 of 967Subject: michelle’s story #6From: michelle Date: 1996/11/11Message-Id: <[email protected]>Distribution: worldContent-Type: text/plain; charset=3Dus-AsciiOrganization: Microserve Information Systems (800)-380-INETMime-Version: 1.0Newsgroups: alt.sex.femdomX-Mailer: Mozilla 2.0 (Win95; I; 16bit)Article Segment 1 of 2(Get All 2 Segments)my Wife asked me what was wrong. i guess i had been moping most of theday because of what Miss Becky made me do with “daddy”. Mistress Sandyhad forcefully feminized Her husband some time ago after he had steppedout on their marriage. Through chemicals and psychological training Shehad succcessful turned him into a shemale slut and then She threw him =outof the house. As a final gesture of humiliation, She had him retain thename, “daddy”. i met daddy last Friday — intimately so. i got to =tastehis cock and cum and he had a ball with mine. The only good thing aboutour last meeting was that Mistress Sandy allowed me to fuck Her =daughter.While i was still in a dizzy state of mind, they fed me my firstvitamins and sent me on my way back to my wife next doof.No wonder my Wife wonders if something’s wrong. “i’m just preoccupied,dear,” i told Her. She tells me that She’s worried and that it’s a goodthing i’ve got my doctor appointment this week. O my God! i forgot!How can i go to our lady doctor with my legs and body shaved, wearingpanties (since that is all i now owned), and my toenails painted. Nowi’ve got THAT to worry about.********Mistress Sandy called my house and asked my Wife if She could borrow mefor a few hours this afternoon (it’s Sunday). my Wife was only too =happyto comply, thinking it would take whatever was bothering me off my mind.”Sandy told me to make sure you wear the proper clothes, whatever thatmeans!”, She yelled at me from across the house.i meekly showed up at my Mistress’s House in my dainties. “Open wide”,She said as i received my daily dosage of vitamins.”Please, Mistress, You can’t do this to me,” i begged. “my Wife willLEAVE me if i begin taking these pills. She’s warned me about hormones.This is going too far.”Mistress Sandy sneered at me. “you no longer HAVE a wife,” She said.”you belong only to Me now — to me and my daughter. Besides, what =woulda shemale slut like you want with a wife? you’re going to have a bodythat needs to belong to a real MAN! I hate to tell you this, michelle,but until i divorce you, you belong to ME now.”i was trapped! If i told my wife what was happening now, She would =leaveme. If i DIDN’T tell Her, i would still lose Her. i was being slowlytransformed by my next door neighbor and Her vixon of a daughter — i =hadalready become a cocksucker, like they had promised — and there was noway to turn back the clock.For the next hour Mistress Sandy worked in earnest to get me ready forMonday’s shopping trip. She spent a lot of time on my hair and face,thinning my eyebrows to a most feminine line. my hair was cut and setinto a very unisex style — and then She put some makeup on my face.”You will have a hard time removing that”, She said. “It’s a permenanttype of makeup — try to explain THAT to your former wife!”i jumped up and got a towel to try and wipe it off, but it stayed put.Some smeared a bit and, after i recovered from the several slaps She =gaveme, She repaired the damage. “Let’s see if my little sissy can put Hernew lips to good use,” She said. “O daddy! Would you come in here?”daddy came in, wearing only a sheer babydoll nightie with no panties.her huge breasts, must have been 40 DD, bounced playfully as she cameinto the room. her legs were lovely and so smooth. her face, while itwasn’t the most feminine, was not bad looking. “Do i get to play withmichelle somemore?”, daddy asked.daddy came to me and straddled my lap, while beginning to play with mynipples. i don’t know why they have to be the most sensitive part of =me.”Pretty soon you’ll have big titties just like me,” said daddy. “Andjust like me, pretty soon you’ll just love playing all the games thatyour new Mistress will have you playing.”(Get Next Article Segment)————————————————————————-=–[Previous] [Next] [Hitlist] [Get Thread] [Author Profile][Post] [Post] [Reply]————————————————————————-=–Home Power Search Post to Usenet Ask DN Wizard HelpWhy use DN? | Advertising Info | New Features! | PolicyStuffCopyright =A9 1996 Deja News, Inc. All rights reserved.——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”michelle7.txt”Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bitContent-Description: michelle7.txt (Text Document)Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”michelle7.txt”Subject: michelle #7Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 07:57:03 -0800From: michelle Organization: Microserve Information Systems (800)-380-INETNewsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tgmichelle’s story #7i spent the night with daddy, Mistress Sandy’s ex-husband whom She turnedinto ashemale who must now live off the street. After femininzing me andhumiliating meMistress Sandy finally sent me home, but only after calling my wife tomake sure Shewould be meeting me at the door. When my wife saw me fully made upwearing a sheerblouse and mini skirt, She threw me out. i begged Mistress to let meback in, but Sherefused. daddy, who had fucked my ass just a little while before wasonly too happy totake me to his house.his apartment is in the seedy side of town where daddy gets his work. heworks the littledirty bars and 25 cent peek shows to make a living. On good days he maypull in $100,but most of the time it’s less than $25.Making sure that i took my vitamins before i went to bed, daddy told methat i couldshack up with him for awhile and that he would be happy to show me theropes. Maybe ifthe two of us worked together we our eek out a better living. Clothingand lingerie, afterall, cost money. i cried myself to sleep on a smelly mattress sleepingnext to daddy. helet me wear one of his prettier nighties.**********i called my wife to see if She would listen to some reasoning and let meback home. Shetold me that Mistress Sandy had brought Her some tapes to view — tapesof memasturbating into my panties, of me screwing Miss Becky, and of me givinga blow job todaddy and then being fucked in the ass by daddy. She demanded a divorceand hung upthe phone.**********Miss Becky knocked on daddy’s door and gave him a big hug. She came upto me and,giving me a big kiss, told me that i should look better than i did if iwanted to goshopping with Her and Mother. So She took me back to daddy’s closet andselected alittle sundress for me to put on over my panties and bra. i wore agarter and stockings,and my feet were cramped into a pair of daddy’s high heels. Miss Beckymade up myface in a real slutty fashion with bright red lipstick, dark mascara andeye makeup. Shetook my hand helping me to balance in my new shoes and shooed me out thedoor.We met Mistress at the mall where the first stop was to the beauty shopto get a workover.i had my legs waxed (did that hurt!), my hair colored and permed, newnails put on, andmy face done up professionally (to look like a whore!). i next went toget my ears triplepierced — and then we were off to get me my first female wardrobe. ihad to tryeverything on at the store, including a bathing suit and exerciseleotards. Mistress spentwell over $500 on me, telling me that this was a gift for all the troubleShe got me into.“I told you that i was going to turn you into my newest shemale slut,”Mistress told me,“and I have. Look at you! you look more female than male — you’re on astrict scheduleof female hormones — you’ve become a cocksucker and you’ve taken it upyour ass –you’ve been kicked out of your house by your wife who’s running todivorce you — andyou’re living with a shemale who pimps herself off the streets for aliving.”“You MADE me that way,” i told Mistress. “If it wasn’t for Your daughterseducing meinto making love with Her — being u******e and all — i wouldn’t be inthis mess.”“u******e?”, piped Miss Becky. “You thought i was u******e? Mommy,should weinvite the fag to my 20th birthday party next week? Maybe we could dresshim up niceand pretty and make him be the maid for our party!”i couldn’t believe what i had heard. i had been lurred and trapped bytwo cunning andbeautiful women. “Why me?”, i asked them?“Because you were so vulnerable,” Mistress Sandy replied. “When i foundout you worewomen’s clothing — O yes!, I’ve seen you through the window of your homeas youstared out wearing your wife’s lingerie! I decided that you would be oneof my finestvictims!”“But what am i to do? What’s going to become of me?”, i asked.“I told you that you would become a shemale, and that you will. Hormonesare only thebeginning. By year’s end you will have breast implants and augmentationsurgery tomake you unmistakeably female — other than your cock, mind you. youwill live withdaddy for the next six months and he will teach you how to be a properslut. You willlearn to suck cock and worship cock until it becomes second nature toyou. i will makeyou the perfect shemale whore — and then when you are properly trained,i will see you.”“Sell me?”“Yes, my dear! Unless you want to walk away from us right now!”Where could i go? i had no place to live — i was dressed like a sluttywhore with no otherclothing to wear. i had no money, and my self-confidence had beencompletely shattered.i looked in a mirror on the wall — my tears were making my mascara run.Miss Beckycame over, kissed my cheek and took my hand, and i followed Her to my newlife.Why didn’t someone help me when i asked? It only took two weeks to turna man into awhore.michelle——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”michelle7.txt”Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bitContent-Description: michelle7.txt (Text Document)Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”michelle7.txt”Subject: michelle #7Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 07:57:03 -0800From: michelle Organization: Microserve Information Systems (800)-380-INETNewsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tgmichelle’s story #7i spent the night with daddy, Mistress Sandy’s ex-husband whom She turnedinto ashemale who must now live off the street. After femininzing me andhumiliating meMistress Sandy finally sent me home, but only after calling my wife tomake sure Shewould be meeting me at the door. When my wife saw me fully made upwearing a sheerblouse and mini skirt, She threw me out. i begged Mistress to let meback in, but Sherefused. daddy, who had fucked my ass just a little while before wasonly too happy totake me to his house.his apartment is in the seedy side of town where daddy gets his work. heworks the littledirty bars and 25 cent peek shows to make a living. On good days he maypull in $100,but most of the time it’s less than $25.Making sure that i took my vitamins before i went to bed, daddy told methat i couldshack up with him for awhile and that he would be happy to show me theropes. Maybe ifthe two of us worked together we our eek out a better living. Clothingand lingerie, afterall, cost money. i cried myself to sleep on a smelly mattress sleepingnext to daddy. helet me wear one of his prettier nighties.**********i called my wife to see if She would listen to some reasoning and let meback home. Shetold me that Mistress Sandy had brought Her some tapes to view — tapesof memasturbating into my panties, of me screwing Miss Becky, and of me givinga blow job todaddy and then being fucked in the ass by daddy. She demanded a divorceand hung upthe phone.**********Miss Becky knocked on daddy’s door and gave him a big hug. She came upto me and,giving me a big kiss, told me that i should look better than i did if iwanted to goshopping with Her and Mother. So She took me back to daddy’s closet andselected alittle sundress for me to put on over my panties and bra. i wore agarter and stockings,and my feet were cramped into a pair of daddy’s high heels. Miss Beckymade up myface in a real slutty fashion with bright red lipstick, dark mascara andeye makeup. Shetook my hand helping me to balance in my new shoes and shooed me out thedoor.We met Mistress at the mall where the first stop was to the beauty shopto get a workover.i had my legs waxed (did that hurt!), my hair colored and permed, newnails put on, andmy face done up professionally (to look like a whore!). i next went toget my ears triplepierced — and then we were off to get me my first female wardrobe. ihad to tryeverything on at the store, including a bathing suit and exerciseleotards. Mistress spentwell over $500 on me, telling me that this was a gift for all the troubleShe got me into.“I told you that i was going to turn you into my newest shemale slut,”Mistress told me,“and I have. Look at you! you look more female than male — you’re on astrict scheduleof female hormones — you’ve become a cocksucker and you’ve taken it upyour ass –you’ve been kicked out of your house by your wife who’s running todivorce you — andyou’re living with a shemale who pimps herself off the streets for aliving.”“You MADE me that way,” i told Mistress. “If it wasn’t for Your daughterseducing meinto making love with Her — being u******e and all — i wouldn’t be inthis mess.”“u******e?”, piped Miss Becky. “You thought i was u******e? Mommy,should weinvite the fag to my 20th birthday party next week? Maybe we could dresshim up niceand pretty and make him be the maid for our party!”i couldn’t believe what i had heard. i had been lurred and trapped bytwo cunning andbeautiful women. “Why me?”, i asked them?“Because you were so vulnerable,” Mistress Sandy replied. “When i foundout you worewomen’s clothing — O yes!, I’ve seen you through the window of your homeas youstared out wearing your wife’s lingerie! I decided that you would be oneof my finestvictims!”“But what am i to do? What’s going to become of me?”, i asked.“I told you that you would become a shemale, and that you will. Hormonesare only thebeginning. By year’s end you will have breast implants and augmentationsurgery tomake you unmistakeably female — other than your cock, mind you. youwill live withdaddy for the next six months and he will teach you how to be a properslut. You willlearn to suck cock and worship cock until it becomes second nature toyou. i will makeyou the perfect shemale whore — and then when you are properly trained,i will see you.”“Sell me?”“Yes, my dear! Unless you want to walk away from us right now!”Where could i go? i had no place to live — i was dressed like a sluttywhore with no otherclothing to wear. i had no money, and my self-confidence had beencompletely shattered.i looked in a mirror on the wall — my tears were making my mascara run.Miss Beckycame over, kissed my cheek and took my hand, and i followed Her to my newlife.Why didn’t someone help me when i asked? It only took two weeks to turna man into awhore.michelle——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.5ACB2E60–http://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/Old_Joe%27s_Collection/TG/Femdom/Michelle%20-%20Can%20She%20Make%20Me%20Gay.txtFrom [email protected] Sat Apr 05 08:36:08 1997Path: news1.infoave.net!news-dc-10.sprintlink.net!news-pull.sprintlink.net!news-peer.sprintlink.net!howland.erols.net!feed1.news.erols.com!newsFrom: “Impala” Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tgSubject: REPOST MOANDate: 5 Apr 1997 13:36:08 GMTOrganization: Erol’s Internet ServicesLines: 3129Message-ID: <[email protected]>NNTP-Posting-Host: lxp-as1s29.erols.comMime-Version: 1.0Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=”—-=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.F9F7C700″Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bitX-Received-On: 5 Apr 1997 13:36:08 GMTX-Newsreader: Microsoft Internet News 4.70.1155This is a multi-part message in MIME format.——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.F9F7C700Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable——=_NextPart_000_01BC419C.F9F7C700Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”moam.txt”Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bitContent-Description: moam.txt (Text Document)Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”moam.txt”Making of a MistressWARNINGThis story contains sex among consenting people not generallyconsidered to be legal age. See “About Making of a Mistress” forthe reasons why. If this offends you, stop reading now. Theauthor suggest that you view this totally as a fantasy, and useit only in consensual adult role playing.This article also contains a strong female domination theme. Ifthis offends you, you are reading the wrong newsgroup.-= Mule =-Making of a MistressPrefaceIs a dominatrix born or made? Read on and decide.ContentsChapter 1 – Susan – Susan and Judy’s early sexual experiencesChapter 2 – Karen – Ken’s early sexual experienceChapter 3 – Susan Again – Susan and Ken’s first sessionChapter 4 – Susan Gains Control – Susan gains sexual dominanceChapter 5 – A Girl and her Toys – Susan learns how to use toysChapter 6 – A Girl’s Best Friend – Susan learns more toysChapter 7 – Judy – Judy returnsChapter 8 – Two Girls and a Boy – Susan/Judy/Ken’s 1st sessionChapter 9 – Four Girls and a Boy – Helen and her k** sister joinChapter 10 – Kathy – Girls finally get their sexual satisfactionChapter 11 – The Girl’s Club – high-school girl-dom clubChapter 12 – The Women’s Club – Adult woman-dom clubChapter 13 – Marital Assistance – Happy ending-=o=-I am writing this series of stories for the enjoyment of Helen,my wife/mistress. I suppose I ought to tell you the historybefore I get into the fiction.It all started when I was 8 years old. It was raining and I wasat the house of my mother’s friend across town while my motherwas at a doctor’s appointment. I never had much to do with Susan,the 6-year-old girl who lived there. I saw her on the rareoccasions of my mother’s visits, but these visits were usuallyshort, and I never played much with her. On this occasion, Susanwas visited by her 13-year old cousin, Judy.Susan’s mom got called away to rescue her husband whose car hadbroken down. As soon as she left, Judy suggested that we playsome games. Eventually, it evolved into “show me yours and I’llshow you mine” between Susan and I. Somehow, Susan kept herclothes on, and so did Judy. I was only one who wound up naked.Judy suggested playing “dress up” with me using some of her oldclothes, and we played a few games when I didn’t have my clotheson, including one where we bounced a rubber ball around. Thegirls rubbed the ball against my penis in the course of play, andit felt good.I got dressed, and eventually, the day ended. Susan’s mom camehome, I went home. Judy went home, and I hardly ever saw Susanagain.All of this would have been just another c***dhood memory, onethat is not all that uncommon. Except … the experience grewwithin me. I started to have special feelings every time I thoughabout it. I liked being told what to do by a girl, enjoyedplaying with myself using the rubber ball, and enjoyed beingdressed like a girl.As I reached puberty, I learned how to masturbate myself with arubber ball, and built up a whole fantasy world around theincident. I recorded these fantasies in writing.I should have destroyed these stories when I got married, but Ididn’t, and my wife found them. She made me explain them to her,and started to exploit my submissive side. She made me get rid ofall the stories that didn’t feature the girls being in charge andhad me fill in the remaining stories.I am now ready for publication. My mistress has me sit down atthe computer several times a week for an hour to work on thestories. If I have writer’s block, she has the cure. She makes meread the stories and pieces I already have and she denies merelief.I can go a day or two without relief before I start having luridand vivid sexual dreams. About once a month, mistress kicks meout of bed at 3 AM to start recording them.The stories are fiction, but they are based on some elements oftruth. Any similarities between the girls in the story and girlsin my life, and the boy in the story and myself is quiteintentional. Mistress Helen, sees herself in several of thecharacters and has made some suggestions on how these charactersshould act.I knew how to do some of the things described in the story beforemeeting my mistress, and with her help and experimentation, Ilearned how to do more. We tested almost all of the techniquesdescribed in the stories and use many of them to this day.So, without further ado:-=o=-Making of a MistressPornography is usually produced by men for men. Quite often booksthat are sexually explicit are derogatory to females. This is notone of those stories. This is a series of stories in which thefemales are on top. It features female domination as seen throughthe eyes of a young woman. We follow her story as it progressesfrom an essentially innocent game of “show me yours and I’ll showyou mine” to her becoming a quite accomplished dominatrix.Girls usually have the upper hand earlier in life until societystarts conditioning them for more traditional roles. They developbetter physical skills (not to mention physical size andstrength) at an earlier age than boys. They reach a level ofmental maturity faster, than their male counterparts and havemore highly developed social skills at a much earlier age. Theyquickly learn to cooperate with other members of their sex, andmore readily form alliances against boys.The earlier school grades reinforce these feminine values:teachers value social skills, being quiet and obedient in class,playing nice with others, cooperation instead of competition, andusing small motor skill on projects instead of large musclegroups on the ball field. It isn’t until external factors putemphasis on sports and technology — two fields where females arediscouraged from participating — that they lose the edge. Atthis point, they are still to young to defend themselves againstit.However, during her middle c***dhood years (between about six andtwelve), a girl is, in most measures, superior to her male peers.Parents are quick to jump to the conclusion that the c***d’sworld is as male dominated as the adult world, and therefore,adults conclude that it must be the boy who is the instigator ofsex games among c***dren. This is not always the case.Girls are more clannish than boys and their alliances spreadacross a wider age group. It is not unlikely to find an oldergirl mentoring her younger sister in a number of the femininearts including sex.Whether she discovers it as a result of peer play, or as a resultof being shown by an older girl, nearly every girl knows what apenis looks like by the time she starts grade school. For mostgirls, looking isn’t enough; they also experiment with handlingand playing with a penis as well.Boys, on the other hand, find out about the “mysteries” of sex ata later age. Almost all find out on a “hit or miss” basis, or getgarbled information through their peer group. By the time a boyreaches junior high he is left to masturbate over pictures inmagazines. Meanwhile, his “sisters” had handled the real thingabout half a decade before.This is a story of Susan and her friends, and how they useordinary, every day rubber items to masturbate and dominate boys.However, the story has something for people of all walks of life.This story is for men who like women since it provides techniquesthat any male can appreciate and enjoy. Even if the man doesn’thave a rubber fetish, he’ll find the variety of sexualstimulations exciting. If the man is a rubber lover, then he willreally enjoy the attention given to his cock. The women in theirlives will find these games non-threatening and possibly pleasingas well.This story is for men without partners. Most of the techniquesdescribed can be performed by one’s self on one’s self althoughsome may require modification. It is generally more fun to havesomebody else perform the actual masturbation, but the solitaryman can have hours of fun by himself.This story is for boys. Young men don’t have access to a frequentsexual partner. Their sex drive is high, and they need a safe andpleasurable way for them to explore their own bodies. Asmentioned above, boys can learn how to perform these acts onthemselves. Any boy lucky enough to have an older (or younger)sister, or other female relative, or maybe even a trusting girlneighbor, can teach her the techniques easily. Younger girls aregenerally more willing to experiment, and accept such an offer.This story is for men who prefer men. Although the story depictsa young girl and her girlfriends in charge, there is no reasonthat the controlling end of the rubber must be female.This story is for women who like men. It provides them with ameans for providing sexual gratification to their mates whenconventional methods are not appealing or desired. It describesto them alternate means to induce sexual excitement (and in somecases, sexual control) in their partners.But mostly, it is for girls. Young girls have the interest andthe enthusiasm for play. For some reason, an 8-year-old female ismore willing to take control over sexual experimentation than agirl twice her age. A young girl quickly learns that boys havesomething she doesn’t, and this gives rise to “penis envy.”Providing her with a doll that is anatomically correct merelyincreases the anxiety. This story provides her with a means toreduce her penis envy by learning penis control.As she gets older, a girl is still caught up with therealization, that the external society favors males. She needs away to feel that she can compete, and have control over somethings in her life. Penis control provides some of this relief.It is safe, spontaneous, and it can be done quickly and privatelyor as a planned activity in a group. It requires no specialequipment. Every girl owns a pair of sneakers, and it is not atall unreasonable for her to have a rubber ball or two, along witha bathing cap.This story depicts scenes of group sex play (many girls to aboy). Studies indicate that this is often the case, and that itis more common for two (or more) girls to play with a boy than asingle girl alone. Such play does not always diminish as thegirls get older, as many a sorority stunt will prove. The girlwho is lucky enough to have a boy will invariably share him withher girlfriends. As the “owner” of the boy, she earns a certainamount of esteem. Other girls will revere her as a teacher. Shewill teach them how not to fear men.Mistress Helen and I hope you enjoy the stories. Use them in goodhealth in your role playing.Making of a MistressChapter 2KARENSusan’s luck changed for the better about 3 months prior to her12th birthday. That was when her cousin, Ken, moved in with herand her mother. Ken was 15, good looking, and from the way hisjeans fit, she could see that he was well hung. Just having amale in the house was exciting enough, and getting a view of hiscock was a challenge she had to accept.She figured that since Ken and she shared the basement, (he inhis bedroom, Susan right next door), that the best place to dothis was in the downstairs bathroom. She arranged the blinds soshe could look in without being noticed. The bushes whichprovided her the security for most of her previous sexualconquests kept her from being seen from the street, and kept hershadow from showing up against the window. Every time Ken went tothe bathroom, She would get to her windowside seat as fast as hersneakers would take her.The unfortunate part of the arrangement was that the toilet wason the far wall, and most of the time, she only got a view of hisback as he stood there urinating. The few frontal views she didget did little to relax her. Even from the partial views she got,she could see that it was the largest, most beautiful male sexorgan she had ever seen. She had to get my hands on it somehow.Things became worse (or better) once summer vacation began. Kenwould come home from baseball practice and take a shower in theafternoon when she had a chance to watch. She couldn’t see him inthe shower, but when he got out, she saw the whole show. As hedried himself, she could see his partially erected cock stickingout from her first view of male pubic hair. Not only was thepenis in great shape, but so was the rest of the body, especiallyhis rear end.Every time she watched him, her excitement and eagerness grew.Her hand would find itself under her shorts and in her wetpanties stroking herself. She was so frustrated by this point,that she began a rather intensive program of playing with littleboys again. (If she couldn’t have quality, she figured she’d gofor quantity).It was while she was examining one of the little boys from downthe street in the garage that Ken caught her. He told the boy tozip up, go home, and forget about the incident. He told Susanthat he wanted to see her in the kitchen.When she got into the kitchen, Ken was already seated at thetable and he motioned her to sit opposite him. He immediatelycalmed her greatest fears when, instead of the lecture sheexpected, he told her that he wouldn’t tell the boy’s parents orher mother. In fact, he seemed to be most understanding and saidthat he thought it was very natural for girls to have an interestin penises. As far as he was concerned, there was nothing wrongwith a girl wanting to do something about it. He also said thatlittle girls might be able to get away with it as a matter ofinnocent curiosity, but girls Susan’s age couldn’t use thatexcuse.He realized that almost every girl knew what a penis looked likeby the time she was Susan’s age, and asked her when she firststarted playing with them. To Susan’s surprise, she told him thatshe was already a six year veteran! Susan left out the partsabout Judy and didn’t tell him about her most recent voyeurisminvolving him. She didn’t have to, he knew! He explained that heknew she was spying on him, which is why he gave her as muchopportunity to see his cock as he could arrange.Before she could ask why, he explained. He was raised in a verystrict home where sex was never discussed, and he was taught tothink of his penis as a secret. His parents went through the mostelaborate arrangements to maintain modesty, and even his father(when he still lived with him) didn’t allow Ken to see his penis.One summer, when he was 9 years old, his mother went overseas asa personal secretary for her employer. Ken was to stay in theemployer’s luxurious house to be taken care of by the house-keeper, Mrs. Renford, who also lived there with her 6-year-olddaughter, Karen.On the very first night, Ken found out that Mrs. Renford didn’tshare his mother’s view about nudity, at least male nudity. As hewas preparing for his bath, she came in to the bathroom alongwith her daughter apparently to get a hair brush. He could tellby the look on Karen’s face that she had never seen a boyundressed before. He remembered being quite embarrassed at themoment, but later, as he lay in bed, the recollection of theexperience excited him enough to have an erection.He decided to check out Karen’s real interest, to see if shereally saw his penis by accident, or if it were a planned event.The next morning, he worked up enough courage to offer to play agame of “show me yours I’ll show you mine” with her. Karen wasn’twilling to show herself to Ken, but she had no objection to Kenexposing himself to her. The two of them went into the closet tolook at Ken’s penis. The lighting was rather poor, so Karen hadto feel it rather than look at it. She seemed to be delighted andgiggled as she rolled it around in her fingers. Ken was gettingvery excited at having his organ touched by someone else. Forsome reason, the fact that the someone else didn’t have a penisof her own to play with excited him even more. Apparently, MrsRenford also heard the giggling and she caught them “red handed”.Mrs Renford’s only comment was that they shouldn’t be playing inthe closet, and they should come out where there was more lightand air.Ken wasn’t sure what to make of Mrs Renford’s remarks. Perhapsshe was willing to let the c***dren play their game out in hopesthat it would bore them, and that they would eventually go ontosome other activity. However, she didn’t offer any other activityfor them to do. In fact, she left them alone in Karen’s room andclosed the door when she left. Karen found more and more thingsto do with Ken’s penis, and by lunch time, they had graduated toplaying “catch”. Karen and Ken would sit on the floor facing eachother with legs spread out. Karen would roll a rubber ballbetween Ken’s legs. Ken discovered that if he rocked forward, hecould trap the ball under his erected penis. Sometimes, he wouldrock early, and poke the ball back to Karen with the tip of hiscock, or rock far enough forward so the ball would roll up thetop of it and back down.If Ken had doubts about Mrs Renford’s intentions, they were soonerased later that day when they went swimming in the indoor pool.Mrs Renford and Karen were adequately dressed complete with swimsuits and bathing caps while Ken was required to go “skinnydipping”. After supper, Mrs Renford even took a hand (literally)in Karen’s experimenting. Karen was curious about erections, andher mother was willing to demonstrate a few pointers using Ken.She showed her daughter how to jerk him off. Ken was surprised athow skillful she was, and wondered how she knew to keep on goinguntil he felt good although she had given him a hard on some timeago. He didn’t even know how to jerk off himself until she showedhim how to do it. His masturbation techniques were limited torubbing his penis against the mattress. He wasn’t old enough atthe time to ejaculate, but that didn’t stop him from jerking offevery chance he got. Although Karen didn’t understand why he didthis act, she enjoyed watching him do it nonetheless.Mrs Renford provided much more than tutoring for her daughter’ssex education benefit. She had uses for Ken, himself. Each night,after she put Karen to bed, she would bring Ken into her room.There, she would make him strip (if he weren’t already naked, sheencouraged him to remain nude for the amusement of her daughter).Ken didn’t know what to do when he first felt her tongue in hismouth, but he soon learned how to reciprocate. This, and herrubbing his penis with her hand, got him going really fast. Mrs.Renford would then take off her blouse and instructed him on howshe wanted him to kiss and suck her breasts. Finally, she wouldslip off her skirt and panties leaving her clad only in a pair ofsneakers. She taught him how to eat her out, and kept him at itfor as long as she could stand it. Ken’s reward came later whenshe let him mount her. He had no trouble maintaining the rhythmshe wanted as she wrapped her legs around his body and used theheels of her sneakers as spurs on his young butt to get himgoing.Ken enjoyed his activities with Mrs. Renford, but his real desirerested with Karen. She had a real girlish enthusiasm for playinggames. Ken remarked that he found himself wishing he had thenerve to ask other girls to play these games with him. Girls hisage would laugh at him (or so he thought), and the little girlshe might talk into it could get him in trouble. He spent most ofthe last 6 years dreaming about it, or locked in his room peekingthrough the blinds at the girls skipping rope or playing othergames.Making of a MistressChapter 3SUSAN AGAINKen said that he was glad he caught Susan in an embarrassingsexual situation. It confirmed her real orientation towards boys.She was a “doer” rather than just a “looker”. She wasn’tsatisfied unless she could actually play with the real thing. Hecommented that she needed a “safe” boy to play with. Susan didn’tneed to be told that! She lamented that some girls were lucky,they had younger brothers to experiment with. She had nobody. Hewas quick to correct her. He said that she now had an older”brother” to play with. He wanted to play with himself with Susanwatching since he started living in the house, but didn’t knowhow to bring up the subject. Now, he said, they had the perfectarrangement.Susan asked him when they could start, and he answered bystanding up and revealing his half erect cock sticking out of hisfly. Susan took him by the hand, and lead him downstairs whereshe had him quickly erected to his full 7 inches. She made acomment about how wise he was to take his penis out when he wastalking to her since there plainly wasn’t enough room in hispants for it. She suggested that he would probably be morecomfortable if he took them off.Ken complied by getting completely undressed. This was a raretreat for Susan since she usually didn’t make her boys getundressed due to the danger of having to do a quick coverup. Atmost, she would have them pull down their pants and underwear,although she usually worked through the boy’s fly.Susan enjoyed her close up view of Ken’s body even more thanthose she caught of him coming out of the shower. In addition toa simply gorgeous cock, Ken’s muscular frame accentuated hismaleness. His large chest tapered into a narrow waist pointing toa triangle of pubic hair which nicely outlined his sexual organs.>From the back, Susan noticed he had strong legs ending in verycute buns.Due to the late hour, and Susan’s mother coming home from work,they didn’t have as much time to play as they desired. Susanwould have loved to have continued fingering him. She groped forthe words to ask him to do what she wanted to see most. Somehowasking him, “Play with yourself,” didn’t seem to be the rightwording. Ken put her out of her embarrassment by asking her ifshe wanted to see him “jerk off.” She gulped a simple “yes,” andsat on the couch while Ken knelt in front of her and masturbated.Susan felt so honored. She saw herself as a queen with her humbleslave kneeling before her offering her his greatest gift. Susanwatched as he approached orgasm. His already enlarged cock seemedto grow even bigger and harder. It certainly got fatter andredder. His breaths began to come in gasps, and his entireessence seemed to be wrapped up in his one hand. She knew thatgetting a boy to this point would make him extremely vulnerable,and she wished she knew how to get that power. She had a toughtime deciding whether to watch the reaction on his face or whatwas going on with his penis. Finally, with a groan, Ken let offwith numerous jets of creamy white come right at Susan’s feet. Itwas the most exciting moment of her young life.She thought of Ken’s masturbation, and the depositing his come ather feet like a cat who brings his mistress a mouse as a present — perversely pleasant, and the ultimate in flattery. As she satthere looking at the pools of semen between her sneakers, Susanknew that this was something every girl should see, and shewanted more of it.-=o=-When Susan saw Ken (all of him) again on the following Monday,she had a new proposal. She told him that since she wassatisfying his fantasy, he should consider satisfying hers. (Asif she weren’t getting enough already). She told him that she hadan imaginary playmate, a younger sister, in fact. She would teachher sister all the things a girl should know. (She didn’t tellKen that she considered one of the jobs of a big sister is toshow her little sisters what boys looked like). She proposed thatif Ken would switch his role from big brother to little sister,she would give his penis all the attention it deserved.Ken agreed to this, and his training (or a Susan put it, his”feminization program”) began immediately. She decided to starthim off at the beginning. She treated him as her new-born babysister.Getting some of the supplies she needed wasn’t all thatdifficult. A trip to the supermarket had her well stocked withbaby powder, baby oil, bottles, bibs, and just about everythingelse she needed except diapers. Her mother had some old diapersfrom when she was a baby, but they were way too small.At first she used towels, but then decided to make her owndiapers on the sewing machine. The “pattern” was unbelievablysimple. She had a pink bonnet that fit well enough. (Homo sapiensare born with disproportionately big heads, their bodies sort ofgrow out under it as they mature). She also had a night shirtleft over from a couple of years ago on Ken, it made a nicedressing gown.After she diapered him, she fed him his bottle. Ken was always agood milk drinker as any athelete should be. He sucked his bottle(or “bot bot” as he later came to call it) hungrily. Ken actuallyenjoyed the way she hugged him as she rubbed her hand on his backand patted it to burp him.As he usually did in the afternoon after he ate, Ken had somevery normal biological needs. Susan waited for him to wet anddirty his diapers. Ken, of course, obliged.The two of them would break out of role play enough for Ken towalk to the bathroom for his cleanup and bath.Susan gave him his bath, making sure that everything was clean.Ken palyed his part well enough, splashing around, and gettingSusan wet. Finally, she had him lay down as she applied the babyoil. She divided her time equally front and back gently workingone of her fingers into his anus as she rubbed the oil into hiscute buns. She wondered how much the average mom spent rubbingoil on her son’s penis. She was sure it wasn’t the 15 or sominutes she spent.In the following weeks, Susan engaged Ken in all kinds of littlegirl’s games. He was taught how to play house, was the nakedguest of honor at a tea party, and soon learned the names of allof Susan’s dolls. Of course, Susan took time out often during theplay to have Ken jerk off for her. Susan had no problemcommanding him to do so after the first day.One of the most memorable points during Ken’s training was theday she and Ken played “dress up”. They found a large selectionof women’s clothes in the garage, and it provided Susan withhours of fun. She was thoroughly amused watching Ken strugglinginto a girdle and bra. Most of the clothes simply weren’t builtfor his physique. There was quite a noticeable bulge in front.Susan learned quickly that bikini panties were out of thequestion. Even the large, full-sized panties could barely containKen’s erected cock. Short shorts were totally inadequate as weremini skirts. No matter how he tried to adjust them, his penisstuck out somewhere.Susan did find one outfit for him that fit rather well. She wouldhave preferred extremely feminine underwear, but had to settlefor plain while nylon panties (she found a pair of extra large tohold his penis), and panty hose. She selected a grey and redplaid, calf length skirt (on Ken it was just below the knee), anda silk blouse with plenty of lace. She did up the wig they foundinto a hair style that went along with Ken’s features nicely. Shegave up on trying to teach him how to use makeup, so she wound upapplying it herself. She was extremely satisfied with theresults. Ken looked very pretty. She was disappointed that shecouldn’t find any shoes to fit him. It would have been a screamto see him tottering around in high heels.Susan decided that classic fashion was not what she wanted in alook for Ken. If he were to be a little girl, then he should looklike one. The wig was redone in pig tails, the frilly blouse wasturned in for a plain light blue sleeveless one, and the skirtreplaced with a denim mini skirt matching the blouse. She addedsome frilly tennis panties that did nothing to hide his sexorgans. They barely kept in his testicles, and helped keep hispenis standing straight up. They did accent his rear end nicely.The skirt was so short that it merely d****d down either side ofhis penis.Susan later supplemented the outfit with pom-pom socklettes andlight blue sneakers bought from a large women’s shop. It wasexactly what she wanted; quite sporty yet very feminine. It gaveher a good view of his ass and penis (she loved to watch the wayit bounced up and down when he danced for her or played hopscotch or jumprope), and he didn’t even have to drop a stitch forher when he masturbated so they could keep that activityspontaneous.While he was wearing his female apparel, Ken was the perfectlittle girl. His every movement was in accordance with the sex hewas trying to portray. Even out of drag, in his regular clothes,Susan noticed a subtle feminine gracefulness in his movements.She was quite happy that he was starting to think like a girl.- Making of a MistressChapter 4Susan Gains ControlNow that Susan had Ken looking and acting like a girl, she couldcontinue his training. She decided to teach him the “alphabet”game. With minor changes, this game is played by little girlseverywhere under a variety of names. The version Susan played wasplayed by bouncing a rubber ball under her leg while reciting; “Amy name is Alice, and my husband’s name is Al. We come fromAlabama to sell you Apples. B my name is Barbara …”, all to thecadence of the bouncing ball.Susan thought this to be a particularly escort bayan good game to teach Kensince it was a perfect “little girl’s game”. Aside from the wordswhich are uniquely from a female’s point of view, she had neverseen a boy play a game anything like it. Susan also thought itwould also get his penis bouncing along with the ball. In spiteof Ken’s athletic abilities, it was obvious that he, at least,had never played anything like it. He spent a good deal of timeamusing Susan by chasing the ball around the room.It was while playing this game that Ken had a very fortunate”accident” along the way. On one of his attempts, the ballbounced up and hit his penis. This gave Susan an idea for a newgame. She had him stand with his back up against the support polein the room with his feet spread slightly apart and bounced herball off the floor in an attempt to have it gently nick the headof his penis.Susan had played the alphabet game enough as a little girl to beable hit it almost every time. She called the game “P-ball”(short for “Penis ball”), and was surprised that she didn’t thinkof this game sooner since it was only a bigger girl’s version ofthe game that Karen had played with him. It was so much fun forSusan to be able to combine her toys.Susan found the game to have many benefits. It was fun to play,and she had a direct hand in doing something to Ken’s penis. Infact, Ken was totally passive (she later played a bondage versionof the game). She also enjoyed the control she had. She had takena boy’s greatest and most valued possession, the very essence ofhis maleness, his penis, and made it a girl’s toy for a girl toplay with in a girl’s game.The game also had an interesting side effect — the foreplay itprovided caused Ken to have very powerful ejaculations.Although P-ball remained one of Susan’s favorite games, she soonfound a better game to play using a rubber ball and a penis. Shediscovered it about a week later as she was “fingering up” Kenfor a P-ball game.Susan had the ball in her right hand, and as she was working thehead of his penis with her fingers, she accidentally rubbed theball against it. Ken’s organ jerked at the touch of the rubbersphere. Susan couldn’t help but notice, and she tried a few moretentative strokes with the ball alone to determine the reactionshe’d get.Susan soon found herself rubbing the ball in various ways againstKen’s penis. She rapidly found a technique that got it respondingto her satisfaction. After another minute or two, Ken providedSusan with a drop of his precome to work with. This extralubrication induced her to rub more vigorously. Before long, sheheard the familiar panting, and Ken exploded with an ejaculationlike she had never seen before.Ken’s jerk offs for her were mild by comparison. Ken experiencedan orgasm that was paralyzing. He nearly doubled over with crampsand was so dizzy that he found it difficult to keep standing.Susan felt like she had a runaway fire hose in her hands. Theejaculate virtually erupted in violent spurts that she thoughtwould never stop. She had what seemed like gallons of his semenall over the ball, her hand, her shorts, and her sneakers. Sheknew that she would have to learn how to aim that thing.In the following weeks, Susan worked to perfect her technique ofputting Ken “on the ball”. Holding Ken’s cock at the base withher left hand, and making a loop with her thumb and middlefinger, she would squeeze the cock gently to trap some extrablood, causing a firmer erection, and increasing the sensitivityof the organ. She placed her index finger just behind the scrotumso she could feel whenever he tensed his muscles in anticipationof an orgasm. Taking the ball in her right hand, she moved itback and forth lengthwise under the shaft of his cock gentlynipping the “cheeks” (the 5 and 7 o’clock positions of the headas viewed from the front).When she felt him tensing up, she concentrated on the shaft only,while tightening her grip on the base of his cock and applyinggentle pressure with her index finger. This built up morepressure in his penis yet kept him from ejaculating. The seriesof actions produced very heavy hard-ons. Ken said that his penisfelt like it weighed ten pounds, and both he and Susan noticedhow hard it had gotten. The head would swell up. blood so filledthe organ that it was noticeably red, and every vein waspulsating with the pressure.At this point, Susan ceased all action for just a second, andthen gradually released the pressure of her left hand. Normally,this procedure produced a drop of semen which she used tolubricate the ball. First, she placed the ball up against the peehole, then gave it a few twists before making little circulardesigns on the head with the ball. She then went back to workunderneath.Susan alternately brought Ken to a point where he would almostcome and bring him back from the brink until she was ready to lethim ejaculate. When Susan was ready, she shifted rapidly from”tease” gear to “high” gear doubling the speed of her rubbing andslightly increasing the rubber to penis pressure. She increasedthe pressure around the base of the penis, but eased up with herindex finger.Her skill was so finely polished at “putting him on the ball”,that after the first couple of weeks, she could get Ken’s penisdrooling at the very edge of orgasm in a matter of a minute, andkeep him there for as long as she wished. When she finally didallow him to come, he let loose with such volume and force, thatshe would see how far she could “shoot” him.Susan found that she got her best shots when she had worked thepenis for at least 15 minutes, but usually not longer than 30.(By this time, Ken was sweating, and out of his mind anyway).Anything over 30 minutes, and she figured that she had “milked”him too much.Susan also discovered the differences in rubber balls. Herprimary toy was a ball with a “textured” rubber surface. Usingthis type of ball she could get him going in a very short periodof time, and at the precise moment she desired, cause him to havea very forceful ejaculation. It was excellent for shooting himgood distances.The other type of ball available to her had a smooth rubbersurface. It took her longer to get him going on smooth rubber,and she couldn’t shoot him as far, but she found that she couldbring him closer to the edge of orgasm and keep him there longer.This was so useful in teasing and bondage games.Susan not only gained control over Ken’s penis. She gainedcontrol over Ken himself. If she ever had any doubts that a boywas controlled by his penis they were over now. She was nowconvinced that there was a direct connection between a boy’sprick and his brain. The more control a girl had over a boy’scock, the greater control she had over the boy’s mind.Susan thought what a great toy a boy has between his legs. All agirl has to do is get it to squirt white stuff, and he’ll doanything for her. And getting a boy to squirt was so easy! Boyswant it. Girls can do it. Boys love it when girls do it to them.Why then, don’t women rule the world?Susan had gained the ultimate in control. She found that Kencould no longer satisfy his own sexual needs without some sort ofhelp from her. Ken actually begged to have Susan “do it” to him.He depended upon her attention to his penis for sexualgratification as much as he depended upon air itself for life. Hewas willing to do anything for her just to get the sexual releasethat only she could provide for him. Susan was aware that she washis sole source of sexual pleasure, and she loved being in thatposition.She used her new power to impose her will on him, and make surethat her needs came first, and that he wouldn’t get satisfactionuntil she felt that he earned it. She was beginning to get highon being a dominatrix. She remembered those earlier passages shefound in a book on female domination, and now she had the chanceto use them.Her first interests were bondage and discipline. She found someoversized rubber bands with hooks on them that are designed forcarrying books. Two of these were all it took to immobilize himsufficiently for her to play with. She hooked one around his legsjust above the knees and the other around his arms behind hisback. Using these simple tools, she could pose him in almost anyposition. She could have him free standing, kneeling, or “lashed”to the support pole. he could even hobble around withoutattaining full mobility.She even kept his hands and legs bound for spankings. She justloved the way his cock got hard between her legs as he lay acrossher lap. (Even though she really couldn’t bring herself to doreal damage to those cute buns). Usually, these spankings wereadministered for Ken’s non-perfect performance in acting out somefantasy she described to him.The one time she really did give Ken a good spanking was when shecaught him trying to masturbate without her permission. Both sheand Ken were fully aware that Ken could barely get it up, muchless get it off by simply jerking off unless she was watching. Soit came as little surprise when she caught him with one of herrubber balls. As additional punishment, she decided to make himtry to complete the act all by himself as she watched him.In spite of her close supervision and instruction, (mostly in theform of jeering remarks about “the little boy playing with his’pee pee'”), the effort was a failure. Ken simply didn’t have thediscipline to masturbate himself as well as Susan did. He rushedhimself to ejaculation. There was relatively little come, he didnot squirt it very far, and he felt very embarrassed andunsatisfied doing it.Susan gave him a stern lecture about how males didn’t have theself control necessary for satisfying sex. She got Ken to admitthat girls knew what was good for boys better than boysthemselves. Her point was that sex would be better for a boy onlyif he put total control of his sexual activities under thedirection of a female. Susan made him promise her that hewouldn’t attempt to masturbate without her consent again.Making of a MistressChapter 5A Girl and her ToysSusan didn’t know about the male fascination with fetish objectswhen she started experimenting with rubber balls on Ken’s penis.What she did notice was that there was something special in theway this particular rubber object affected Ken, and this lead herto try other objects made of rubber on his cock. Fortunatelyrubber items are common, relatively inexpensive, and easy to hide(some of them were small, but most of them were everyday items,and she could store them “in the open” in her room with noquestions asked). Best of all, they were either disposable, orcleaned up easily. She tried rubbers (both the kind designed forthe penis, and the foot), dolls, raincoats, boots, rubber gloves(disappointing), and even bicycle inner tubes. All of them workedto some degree, but what Susan found worked best were her bathingcaps and sneakers.Susan never thought much of bathing caps. They looked ugly,smelled funny, and since the invention of the hair drier, wereobsolete. She rarely saw any women using them at the beach orpool and, she wondered, with such a limited market, why anyoneeven made them anymore. Yet once she found out what marvelous sextoys they made, and she needed to buy them, she found out thatpeople did make them, stores did stock them, and the stock levelsdid get depleted. She noticed that the sales were too high to besupported by the limited market of women she saw wearing them,and she wondered if many bathing caps were bought by women andmen for more private use.The obvious thing to do with a bathing cap, (if you’re a girlplaying with a penis), is to place the cap over the penis, andrub it. Although Susan expected this to be a boring procedure(from her point of view), she was pleasantly surprised by howwell she could feel Ken’s penis through the rubber. Stretching itover his hard cock or feeling it “nub” against the dry rubber wasa lot of fun for Susan. However, she really loved the way it slidaround in the cap once he started to lubricate. Best of all,masturbating Ken like this gave her the total sensation and noneof the mess when he ejaculated. She could easily feel everycontraction and squirt.Susan liked masturbating Ken this way because she had goodcontrol over his penis, it was neat, and she could easily measurehow much Ken put out. Ken liked it because his penis was totallysurrounded by rubber, his cock was kept well lubricated by histrapped semen and his mess was easier to clean up.Being able to measure Ken’s semen output was important to Susan.It was one way she could check if Ken were cheating on her bymasturbating on his own without her permission.The layout of the basement apartment was such that the closets toher room and Ken’s room were back-to-back. In fact, they werebuilt on either side of a door originally connecting the rooms.The door was still there in the back of each of the closets, butlatched shut with the door knob missing. The hole where thedoorknob used to be was exactly at the height of Ken’s penis.On Saturday and Sunday nights, Susan required that Ken put abathing cap over his penis, stand at attention in the closet withhis face up against the door, stick his member through the hole,and patiently wait for her. She sternly warned him that he betterbe on time and ready at any time she wanted to play with him. Sheusually got to him within a half hour of the time she told him toreport, but sometimes she would make him stand there for over anhour waiting for her to come to him. He was usually welllubricated by the time she got to him, so she could quicklymasturbate him and measure the amount of semen he produced. Sheknew exactly how much come his average ejaculation produced.If Ken failed to meet his production quota, Susan had theappropriate punishment ready the next weekday. She would take thecaps Ken did fill over the weekend, plus whatever she could getout of him on the spot, and make him clean them out by licking uphis own juices.Susan found the very plain bathing caps worked well for directfinger masturbation. In fact, the latex type like those worn bythe girls’ swimming team gave her an excellent feel for Ken’spenis. She usually reserved the “heavy duty” rubber caps forKen’s weekend duty (due to his limited mobility, and the limitedamount of his penis exposed, she couldn’t really feel him as wellwith her fingers anyway, and the extra texture of the rubber onthe interior of the cap helped her masturbate him). Besides, itwould keep Ken from feeling exactly what she was doing. Susanwould sometimes treat herself by removing her panties and rubbingher crotch against the cap as it stretched over Ken’s penis. Bystanding on a couple of books, she could manage to match herheight with Ken’s and make contact with her clitoris. Ken neverhad an idea of what was going on.Susan found that fancy and frilly caps were not as good assimpler ones for finger masturbation because there was to toomuch rubber in the way. She used these bathing caps as erectionholders. She would turn the caps inside out, and place them overhis cock and balls holding the cap in place with a rubber band”chain” around Ken’s waist and attached to the cap at the chinstrap points. His penis nestled in the flowers and leaves of thecap, and whenever he got excited, his penis twitched, causing itto be licked and massaged in the rubbery flaps. This excited himeven more, and started a stimulus-response chain reaction. Therewas never sufficient enough stimulation to make him come, but theprocess did keep him tickled into a constant state of arousal.Even after a long time “in the bag”, he had a beautifully red,rock-solid hard-on for her to play with.Susan considered giving Ken an erection and having him hold it asan important part of his training. Not only did she want tocontrol his orgasms, she wanted to control every step of theprocess leading up to them. Prior to Ken’s training with Susan,he did not have control over his penis. Erections would come andgo randomly. When he got an erection, he would tend to play withit until he ejaculated. By training him with her rubber ball andbathing cap, Susan taught him how to have an erection any time ather command. In the very initial phases of training, Susan’sstimulation of Ken’s organ was all physical. Step by step, shewould interrupt the procedure at strategic stages until shedidn’t have to touch his penis at all for him to attain a hard-onto her satisfaction.After each training session, she sent Ken to his room withspecific instructions on how to practice. She could tell from hislack of performance if he didn’t practice enough, and from hislack of semen if he got carried away and jerked off. Ken statedthat he really appreciated her coaching him. It was a lot easierfor him to get an erection in her presence, and he was aware ofthe constant threat of discipline should he even think ofsatisfying his urges without her permission.With the proper concentration on his penis, Ken could bring itfrom a totally “rested” state to a full hard-on in about 30seconds. Using the male equivalent technique of a Kegel exercisewhich he learned from Susan, he could “bounce” his penis up anddown and make the head pulsate by contracting the muscles at thebase of his scrotum. After several minutes of this exercise, hispenis would be excited enough to produce a drop of precome.Ken was expected to continue this procedure for as long as Susandemanded. In some cases, she had his penis drooling a nearlysteady stream of precome until she gave the “stop” signal. Atthis point, Ken was still expected to maintain a hard-on, but wasallowed to give his cramped muscles a break.”Stiffening up” was expected of Ken prior to any activity withSusan. She said that it was his responsibility to have a hard-onfor her when she was ready to play with him, and that sheshouldn’t have to work to give him one. She carefully explainedthat if she were going to work out his penis, then he should makesure he did the proper “warm up” exercises. Once Ken was”primed”, he was ready to do (or have done to him) anything shedesired.The purpose of the stiffen up exercises was to teach Kendiscipline. Having an erection did not mean that he got toejaculate. Bringing himself to a point of self arousal underSusan’s supervision was difficult. Without her intervention, hewouldn’t have be able to resist masturbating long before he wasready to ejaculate properly. To further enforce his training,Susan would occasionally intervene using the rubber ball to bringhim beyond the sexual arousal caused by stiffening up to the verythreshold of orgasm before bringing him back.One of the things a dominant girl has to teach a boy is to makehim masturbate to the pre-come level. How to make him do sowithout cheating was difficult. Certainly, the girl can’t dependupon the boy’s own judgment.Susan found the answer in her bathing cap. She made Ken place thecap over his penis and gently massage himself. Once he got hisfirst drop of precome, he was expected to spread it over theinside of the cap using his penis. She demanded that he keepdoing it until he totally coated the inside of the cap with hisprecome without ejaculating.>From Ken’s point of view, he had to slow masturbate himself overand over again so he could become excited enough to produceenough precome to meet Susan’s demand, yet he had to hold backjust enough on each occasion to keep from ejaculating. He knewthat he had to learn how to discipline his own erections.Susan could demand that Ken stiffen up at any time, and she did.She didn’t limit her control only to their private play sessions.She invented a subtle “stiffen up” signal that she could issuewhich Ken was required to recognize and obey whenever he saw it,even in public. It was a totally safe way for her to order himaround when a verbal command from her would be embarrassing forher. The embarrassment was all Ken’s as he had to produce thebulge in his pants.She usually did this when Ken was with her on a trip to the mallto spend his money on clothes for her. She’d generally arrangethe time so she would run into her girlfriends there. Ken stoodsilently by as she would talk with her friends while totallyignoring him, except for the secret signal. She, herself, wouldnever say anything about Ken’s condition, but the giggling,whispered conversation among her girlfriends as soon as themeeting broke up left no doubt that the girls had noticed. Asoften as not, Ken stained the front of his pants. To make surethis was noticeable, Susan made sure he wore tight, light coloredpants whenever she did this.Repeated practice of this basic discipline exercise furtherimpressed the role Ken was to serve. Susan was Ken’s superior,and his penis a toy with which she could play. His erections werefor her pleasure, and his ejaculations given only at her commandwhen she thought he deserved them.Making of a MistressChapter 6A Girl’s Best Friend.However, when it came to masturbating Ken, Susan soon found thather sneakers were her most versatile toys.Sneakers are sort of a fashion statement for girls. On one end ofthe spectrum, there are the the “big” brand names like Nike,Rebook, or Adidas. On the other end are simple Keds-style tennisshoes. There’s something about the simple canvas oxford that, nomatter what kind of other athletic footwear a girl has, shealways has at least several pairs of them. It seems like justevery generation of girls grew up in them. There’s somethingspecial about them. Susan noticed that every female in her familyfrom her todler cousins to her grandmother wore them!Susan soon discovered that not just the rubber, but every part ofthe sneaker was significant to the masturbation effort. Theoverall shape was suggestive (she found Ken to respond to pointedtoes better than rounded toes). She found the outsole (that’s thestrip of rubber holding the uppers to the soles) to be useful inteasing games. Of particular use was the part of the outsole thatwas normally between her legs as she was wearing the sneakers.Even the color played a role. (Ken seemed partial to light blue — the color sneakers she had made him wear, and pink — thecolor she usually wore). However, Ken had no problem splatteringher well autographed and decorated plain white Keds with hiscome.The most important part of the sneaker, of course, was the sole,particularly the “working rubber” (the part that corresponds tothe ball of the girl’s foot). This, ultimately, was where allmasturbation took place. Although Susan’s first masturbationsneakers were Keds, it didn’t take her long to discover the greatvariety awaiting her in shoe stores. She noticed that eachmanufacturer had its own special features. Some of them sported alow-relief “crepe” rubber sole, some had molded rubber soles,while others still were “hand wrapped.” The rubber itself waseither “gummy,” or smooth, or “silky,” or textured. There were somany combinations to choose from!She also discovered that Ken often responded differently to thesame sneakers each time she used them. As she wore her sneakers,Susan would expose fresh rubber, and slightly change the contoursof the sole design. Ken told to her that sneakers whose soleswere scuffed on concrete caused different sensations in his penisthan sneakers she wore to dance on a wood floor, or sneakersscrubbed clean by her wearing them while walking on the sand onthe beach. All of these factors made sneakering an unpredictableaffair which both Susan and Ken found to be very exciting.The very first method of sneakering was called by Susan, “thelazy girl” method. It evolved from her “humping” experiments onother rubber objects with Ken. Ken would lay on his stomach withhis penis off to one side. One pair of sneakers was placed, solesup parallel to his body. These were the “spacers” used to hold athird sneaker in the proper position for the working rubber to bein contact with his organ. Ken held another sneaker between hisleg with the sole against his penis. This sneaker provided someelevation so Susan could see what was going on. Ken then simplyhumped himself while viewing the scrapbook.The scrapbook was a book of Polaroid shots Susan had taken of Kenin his various outfits, in all kinds of masturbational poses. Theacquisition of a self timer allowed Susan to get into the pictureand provide a pictorial “how to” masturbate a boy. Her onlyregret was that she could never time it just right to get him inthe act of actually ejaculating. (The only pictures she had ofthis was some she staged where he jerked off for the camera). Thelazy girl method worked, but both Susan and Ken enjoyed it whenshe had more control over his orgasm.Susan knew she needed a “hand held” method of getting Ken offwith her sneakers. Although she wasn’t immediately successful,she did discover a means of getting him erected which she called”tickling him up”. She took her sneakers and held themsole-to-sole with the inner outsole up, the toes pointed towardsKen, and the heels towards herself. She then put the heels underthe head of his penis and slowly pulled the sneakers towardsherself allowing Ken’s cock to bump and rub its way along thedesigns in the outsole. With only several strokes of hersneakers, she could excite him into a perfect hard-on for her toplay with.This teasing method soon led Susan to discover what she reallywanted: how to masturbate Ken directly with her sneakers. Susanfound that if she held her sneakers as if she were tickling himup, but separated her thumbs as if she were opening a book, hispenis would fall into the slot formed by the soles of thesneakers. She then moved the sneakers back and forth in a girl toboy motion keeping the head of his cock in contact with theworking rubber. She soon discovered she could vary the pressureby how much she opened her “sneaker book”, and by how she tiltedthe sneakers into his body. Using these techniques, Susan wasable to provide a light, tickling “push” and a strong, rubbing”pull” on his penis with the rubber.Susan found this to be a particularly entertaining way toejaculate Ken since his penis was in complete view, yet under hercontrol. Watching him come this way was like watching a peniscome on its own. She often took Ken on trips to the Mall andspent his money on sneakers. Within several months of discoveringhow to have fun with sneakers, she had sneakers of almost everystyle and color from every shoe store to go with every outfit shecould possibly put together. More importantly, she had a varietyof rubbers to keep Ken pumping vigorously.Susan found that having a number of sneakers was another way forher to enforce erection control in Ken. In addition to causingone by tickling up, she could require him to rub his penis withthe soles of her sneakers.Susan knew that it would take many minutes of intense stimulationwith the rubber parts for Ken to get excited enough to produceenough precome to cover the whole sole. She knew that if shewanted him to be in the precome state of anticipation for a fullhalf an hour, all she had to do was have Ken coat several pairsof her sneaker soles with his precome. On several specialoccasions, she had him do her entire collection!If that weren’t enough, she would also use her mom’s sneakerswhen she could get them. Ken liked doing it on “auntie’ssneakers” since she wore them mostly around the house, and theyhad a special texture to them.Both Susan and Ken found sneakers to be an integral part of theirsex activities. Susan couldn’t put on a pair without thinking ofmasturbating Ken, and she always wore a pair when she was aroundhim. Ken, for his part, found it difficult not to get an erectionwhen seeing nearly any girl wearing a pair of sneakers.-=o=-Making of a MistressChapter 7JudyHaving a cock as nice as Ken’s to play with was a dream anytwelve-year-old girl would consider mere fantasy. Yet Susan knewthat this news was too good to keep to herself. She yearned toshare the fun with other members of her sex. Every time she saw agirl playing with a rubber ball, or wearing sneakers she wantedto tell her how much power she had at her hands and feet! Susanknew, however, that only a special kind of girl could reallyappreciate this power. She wanted to find a girl who had morethan mere curiosity. She knew that almost every girl knew whatboys looked like, and most have at least handled a cock.What she really wanted to find was a girl with the samedominatrix tendencies she had. She needed a girl who feltsuperior to her male counterparts, and could get a thrill fromhumiliating a boy. However, she didn’t know which girls thesewere. When she was six to eight years old, she might have beenmore daring. Girls at that age seem to have the advantage.Somehow, as they approach the teen years, they lose it and becomemore fawning and less threatening to the boys. Even among herclosest friends, this was not a topic for casual conversation.She found her answer on her first day of Junior High.Susan was surprised to meet Judy in her Biology Class. Judy hadjust moved back into the neighborhood from out of state, and thetwo girls had a lot of catching up to do. They quickly dispensedwith the “girl talk”, and got down to discussing their respectiveconquests with boys. Judy, as usual took the lead, and wheneverthey were able to talk privately, told Susan of her experiences.Judy had spent the summer at her uncle’s farm. There she hadcaught her eleven-year-old cousin, Paul, drinking. She knew heruncle didn’t believe in drinking at all, and she used thisdiscovery to blackmail him into showing her his penis. She alsomade him accompany her across the field where she had him boosther up a tree and used his binoculars to watch some boys skinnydipping in another field.Her greatest conquest, however, was in the last town where shelived. She was aided in this victory by her baby sitter, Jill.The arrangement was that Jill would watch her and the neighborc***dren, Jeremy and Christine, at the neighbor’s house. This wasthe setup for the three years she lived there. The first year wasnormal. It was in the beginning of the second year when Judy wasten, Christine was eight, Jeremy was eleven, and Jill was 17 thatpenis play became really big in her life again.It was a night as normal as any other Friday night, and the girlswere watching TV downstairs. Neither of the girls paid anyattention to the fact that Jill and Jeremy were missing untilJill called for them to come upstairs to the bathroom.When they got there, the girls found a partially clad Jeremy witha girlie magazine. Jill said that she found Jeremy playing withhimself while looking at the magazine. She then made somemysterious remark about men being dominated by their own bodies;”Like father like son”. From this, and other remarks, Judygathered that there was something going on between Jill, andJeremy’s father.However, the immediate problem (or pleasure) was Jeremy. Jillasked the two younger girls for suggestions on how they couldtake advantage of this situation, although she already knew howshe wished to disciple Jeremy. Christine said that her father hadcaught Jeremy doing something like this before, and gave him agood spanking. Jeremy confirmed this as he was almost in tearspleading with Jill not to tell his father.It was obvious that Jeremy’s case was desperate. When Jill askedthe two younger girls how she should punish Jeremy, they wastedno time coming up with suggestions. Judy, playing dumb, askedJill what she meant when she said Jeremy was ‘playing withhimself’. Jill made Jeremy give a detailed verbal description ofhis acts to Judy and his sister.Jeremy said he’d be willing to do whatever the girls asked him todo as long as they didn’t tell his father what they caught himdoing. He promised never to play with himself again. Jillsuggested exactly the opposite. If he liked playing with himself,then he’d be forced to do so. Since he liked to look at womenwhile he jerked off, she would grant his wish. Only this time,the women would remain clothed while he would be the one naked.It took some time for Jill and Judy to convince Christine to goalong with the idea, but she finally gave in.Jill made Jeremy get undressed and as he was doing so, Jill askedthe girls if they had ever seen a boy in the nude before. Judyanswered a simple yes trying to hide her excitement. Christinesaid that she and her brother had taken baths together untilseveral years ago, but she was surprised how big he had gotten.Jill had Jeremy stand in front of them, and ordered him to jerkoff. One more “I’ll tell your dad” from her was all theintimidation he needed. He fumbled with his penis, and somehowreached climax. He was still so young that he could barelyproduce any come and this plainly disappointed Jill who then wenton to explain to the other girls about the male ejaculation.After Jeremy performed his penis pumping act for his femaleaudience, Jill took him into the master bedroom for some “privatepunishment” Judy couldn’t resist peeking under the door. What shesaw was Jill’s skirt and panties d****d down around her sneakers.Jill’s legs were set apart, and the naked Jeremy apparentlykneeling in front of her. Jill was obviously sitting on the bedwith Jeremy’s head in her lap (lapping it up Judy supposed).Every now and then, Jill would hit Jeremy with a belt across hisback or buttocks.>From then on, Jill made sure that the girls remained in charge ofJeremy and his cock. She told Jeremy that if he gave her or thetwo younger girls the slightest problem, she would tell hisfather about catching him playing with himself. She also laiddown the ground rules. Every Friday, Jeremy was to take off allhis clothes as soon as his parents left, and keep them off untilbedtime. Furthermore, he was ordered to show his penis toChristine and Judy and any other girl they invited whenever theyasked. It took a while for Christine to take advantage of thissituation on other than Friday night, but after a while, withsome urging from Judy, she got to like the idea of femaledomination and being “on top” of her older brother.Eventually, the two girls brought another ten-year-old, Patricia,into the group several months later. Patricia was able to offerher seven-year-old brother, Jimmy, as another playmate. Patriciawas a product of a broken family and an alcoholic mother.Patricia practically raised her brother on her own. Patricia sawthe abuse her mother took from her the men who would come andvisit. She, herself, was m*****ed by some of these men. Somewhatout of defense, she started dressing Jimmy in her clothes hopingto divert some of the attention away from her. After a while, itjust became something to do.She was determined not to let Jimmy grow up like the men whoabused her mother and her. Her mother had no interest in raisingeither of them, so Patricia was forced to take over the totalcare of her brother for as long as she could remember. Whileother little girls were diapering dolls, she was diapering the”real thing”. Although she loved her brother, she also resentedhim because of the responsibilities and demands he placed on her.Her only control in life was to dominate him since he was a baby.She wanted revenge against some male because of her abuse, andshe wanted Jimmy to respect females.The result was that Jimmy not only respected, but actually fearedgirls and held them in awe. Patricia frequently played with herbrother, and shared him with her girlfriends. Jimmy was convincedthat he existed only to serve females, and that his penis was aplaything for them, To Jimmy, girls dominating over boys was thenatural order of things.The three girls played with Jimmy’s and Jeremy’s private partsalmost daily. Not only were they interested in girl touching boytype play, but they also enjoyed watching the boys touch eachother. Recalling Jill’s instructions, they made sure that Jeremyjerked off for them frequently, his semen came in rapidly overthe following months. Judy still corresponded with Christineabout her adventures with her brother. Christine and Patricia hadnow “graduated” to using their brothers to bring other boysaround to showing them their penises and letting them play withthem.Susan didn’t get to tell Judy about Ken. The clearest message shecould arrange was to have Judy come over the next afternoon andstay for dinner. She did manage to add that Judy should wear hersneakers.-=o=-It was fortunate for the girls that the Junior High School hadhalf day sessions for the first week. This give them ample timeto prepare for Ken before he came home from school. Susan gaveJudy as much detail as she could during the short walk from thebus stop to her house. Judy was excited, but she contained itwell until they got to Susan’s room. Susan went into her closetand started to pull out numerous pairs of sneakers from a box.Judy asked if Susan really wore all those sneakers. Susan simplyreplied that she did as she reached the object she was seeking –the scrapbook.Judy pored over the pages with ever widening eyes as she took inthe pictures of Ken’s beautiful organ, and Susan’s manipulationsof it. She became agitated, and attempted to masturbate herselfsurreptitiously by rubbing her thighs together. Susan caught ontothis immediately, and she pulled her own panties off and stickher fingers up her skirt. She told Judy that she couldn’t getthrough the book herself without doing this.Judy told her to wait, and she reached into her purse and pulledout an object she “liberated” from her older sister. Susan knewimmediately what it was and complied with Judy’s request to liedown on the bed. Judy used the vibrating dildo with great skill(she admitted to having a lot of practice) and soon had Susanwell into the first of many orgasms. Susan was in such a swoonthat she was only dimly aware of Judy removing her blouse andskirt. Once Judy started to nibble on her young firm breasts,Susan went into complete ecstasy. When Susan came around again,she saw that Judy had also stripped down to a mere pair ofsneakers. She reached up and drew Judy to her, and they embracedwith a passionate kiss. Susan got hold of the dildo, and returnedthe favor. By the time they were done, they barely had enoughtime to get dressed, and prepare for Ken.–=o=-Making of a MistressChapter 8Two Girls and a BoySusan had Judy hide in the bathroom. As soon as Ken got in thedoor, she ordered him to get into his outfit, bring the rubbersex toys into the playroom, and stand there while she blindfoldedand bound him. Susan explained that they were going to play aversion of “blind man’s bluff”. She then turned on the radiowhich gave Judy her clue that it was safe to come out. It was agood thing since the music hid any small noise Judy might havemade. As it was, Judy had to bite her lip to keep from gigglingas she saw Ken standing there with his stiff prick sticking outfrom under his skirt.The game started easily enough as Ken could home in on Susan’svoice as she held her sneakers out for him to dock his “loveboat” on the rubber soles. To add a little more spice to thegame, Susan gave his cock a few strokes with the sneakers to seeif he could identify which pair she was using by the feel of therubber soles against his penis. She was surprised by how well Kencould distinguish between them. Not only could he tell thedifference between brand names, but he could identify specificsneakers.To make the game more challenging, Susan arranged the next set oftoys to have Ken on his knees pushing his cock into bathing capson chairs and finally crawling in the floor poking at rubberballs.After Ken had touched his cock to every rubber object in Susan’scollection, he was thoroughly aroused and dripping semen almoststeadily. Susan figured he was ready to be introduced to Judy.She once again allowed him to track in on her voice as she gaveher commands over Judy’s shoulder. Judy took his member in herhand and gave it a few rubs with a ball just as Susan got behindhim and removed the blindfold. There he stood face to face, andpenis to rubber with a strange, but attractive twelve-year-oldgirl.Susan had him greet “Miss Judy” with a tongue lashing. He wasrequired to debase himself by licking her legs from the thighsdown. As he worked his way down, Susan suggested that Judy removeher sneakers. She said that she’d have better uses for themlater. As Ken licked his way towards her feet, Susan noticed thatJudy became tense. Once his tongue reached her feet, Judy askedSusan if Ken could be blindfolded again, and Susan told her to gofor it. Susan explained, that in her house, girls were supreme,and any order given to a boy had best be carried out swiftly. Kenwas hers, and she could order him to do anything.Once the blindfold was in place, Judy sat in a chair with herfeet on a stool with Ken kneeling before them. Judy slipped offher panties and started to masturbate as Ken administered oralfoot care. She instructed him in the fine art of licking afemale’s feet.She made him do each one of what she considered the “basicfunctions” over and over again. There was the circular tonguemovements around her ankle, the gentle side to side flick alongher arch, running the back of his tongue down her instep, andmost importantly, how to suck and nibble on her toes whilerunning his tongue between them. She was going into orbit, andKen was getting one of the biggest and hardest erections of hislife. Susan couldn’t let such a beautiful hard-on go to waste, soshe put him in the bag.Time was running out on the girls, so after Judy had severalsatisfying orgasms, Susan regrettably had to stop the affair.Although she really enjoyed watching Judy getting it on shewanted to see her “do” Ken. She quickly demonstrated to Judy howto use the rubber balls, bathing caps and sneakers and asked Judyto shoot him off. Judy selected her own sneakers as her weaponand went to work immediately. She learned quickly. Her techniquewas slightly different than Susan’s but equally effective, andshe soon had Ken’s creamy white come on the working rubber of hersneakers.Judy was a “natural” in the way she ordered Ken around. Susannever got to see female domination “from the outside”, and shereally got a kick out of watching another girl give her boy thetreatment. Susan knew she had gotten the right girl for the jobas Judy ordered Ken to remove his ejaculate from her sneakers bylicking them clean. She told him to suck at the rubber and usehis tongue and teeth to gently sc**** it clean. Both girlsconsidered domination of a male a social thing for girls to do,and fed off each other’s enthusiasm.-=o=-Making of a MistressChapter 9Four Girls and a BoyThings went well between Judy and Susan. They each enjoyedplaying with Ken’s penis, and shared him nicely. Susan wasfinally able to get the pictures she wanted of Ken coming on arubber ball or on a pair of her sneakers. One girl would work thecamera, the other girl worked the penis.Each girl enjoyed watching as well as doing. Making Ken ejaculatewas a spectator sport for the girls as well as a participatorysport. Because of this, the girls figured that there was morethan enough of Ken’s penis to go around. They decided that theycould take other girls into the group.Their attempt to do so was based upon putting an “ad” in thegirls’ bathroom at school. The ad stated that any girl interestedin playing with a boy’s private parts should meet at the flagpolein the playground at a specified time and wear a specific set ofclothing so she could be identified.On the appointed day at the appointed time, Judy went to the flagpole dressed as a respondent to the ad. The only other respondentwas Helen, the girl every other girl in school envied. Helen wasintelligent, good looking, popular, talented, good at sports,etc. She had it all.Judy was a little leery to talk to her at first, but eventuallyworked up the courage to ask her if she was there in response tothe ad. Helen, for her part, was also cautious, but the two girlseventually agreed that they were there for the same purpose. AsSusan and Judy planned, nothing happened that day. The followingday, Helen got a message in her locker indicating that she wasseen at the proper place, and where she should go to meet thegirl who had the boy to play with.Once Susan and Judy were sure that Helen was not a plant from theschool authorities, they took her into their complete confidence.Helen, did indeed, meet all their requirements. She gave goodproof that she had experience playing with penises, and had theright attitude towards boys.This attitude was based on the way she was treated at school. Shesaid that she would have done a lot better if she were a boy. Sheclaimed that most of the emphasis went in to boy’s programs atschool while the lesser activities and lesser funding were leftto the girls. She swore that she was “done out of” an honorsscience course simply because she was a girl. As a member of thegirls swim team and tennis team, she had to pay for all of herequipment and transportation to most of the matches, while theboys basketball and football teams were school funded and gotmuch better coverage in the school paper even though theyfinished in lower positions in their respective leagues Even thecheerleaders for the boys teams got better “press” than the girlsteams themselves. Having some “dumb jock” tell her “that’s theway it is, sweetie” didn’t help. She wanted to get even, and sheenvied Judy’s and Susan’s opportunity to do so.On the following Monday, Susan made Ken take her and Judy to thepizza shop, where they “accidentally” ran into Helen. Susan madeKen stand by her side facing Helen as the girls sat down and thengave him the “stiffen up” signal. Ken was beginning to get usedto having hard-ons for Susan in front of her girlfriends. Thistime, however, his erection was not ignored in the conversation.Almost immediately, Helen remarked that it looked quiteimpressive even though he was still dressed. This was invitationenough for the girls to start talking openly about it. Thewaitress came by, overhead a little of the conversation, took aquick glance down at Ken’s crotch, smiled, gave the girls a winkand a “thumbs up” and walked on to the kitchen door where she hada conversation with two other waitresses, pointing over towardsthe girls and Ken.During the next hour, the three waitresses seemed to find excusesto drift by. Although none of the tables immediately next to thegirls had been used, they got wiped clean several times. Chairsgot re-adjusted. Salt shakers got filled, removed, empty onesbrought in and re-filled. Their own waitress came by severaltimes with water. On each of these occasions, the waitress wouldstop and listen in on the conversation and witness Ken’sembarrassment.Finally, the girls decided to leave. After making Ken pay thebill they got up, and walked towards the door. Their waitressfollowed them and gave Susan back the tip saying, “Keep it honey,with what I see guys trying to do to us girls in here all thetime, it was worth it. If I had a penny for every time some guywould try to hit on me, it would make a far better tip than youcould ever give me. It’s nice the see us girls win one every nowand then to even the score just a little. Come back again”. “Makesure you bring your friend. The girls and I found him amusing”,she added, looking down at Ken’s crotch one more time.”Then maybe you’d like this instead of a tip”, said Susan as shefished into her purse and presented a picture to the waitress. Itshowed Ken dressed in his little girl’s outfit caught in mid-ejaculation as Susan pumped his penis with her sneakers. Thewaitress reddened, but instinctively looked down at her ownsneakers, and smiled impishly. She asked Susan what she was doingto make Ken come this way and Susan gave her a brief description.The waitress said that she could use that technique on her hornyboyfriend. Susan told her, that she could do a lot of things toher boyfriend that will make him beg for her attention. As theyleft, they could see the three waitresses huddled together in thecorner looking at the picture.The girls adjourned to Susan’s house where Helen immediately puther skills to work, improving on the masturbation / discipline /training techniques developed by Susan and Judy. In fact, the twoother girls had to restrain her enthusiasm.-=o=-The problem with Helen, is that she was frequently left in chargeof her nine-year-old sister, Julia. This meant that Helencouldn’t always participate, or that Susan or Judy would have toentertain Julia while the other girls were involved with Ken.This situation was unsatisfactory, so the three older girlselected to bring Julia into the group.They weren’t sure how a young girl like Julia would react tojoining such a group. Helen advised caution and developed a planto bring her sister in gradually. Helen already suspected thather sister had experience with boys before, and this wasconfirmed during the first week of Julia’s “initiation”.The girls gave Ken the week off (with plenty of bathing caps tofill at the doorknob at night), as they worked with Julia. Theystarted off innocuously enough with “girl talk”, and Julia wasdelighted to be included in the conversation with older girls.Eventually, the talk was guided around to boys, and the girl’searlier experiences with penis play. The older females,naturally, downplayed their experience. Julia readily admittedthat she had a playmate who frequently showed her his penis.>From there, the girls had a contest to see who could draw thebest penis. The pretext was so they could confirm what they allsaw. Susan and Judy drew sketches which got the point across wellenough, while Helen’s artistic talent allowed her to produce adrawing suitable for an illustration in a medical textbook. Tothe delight of the three older girls, Julia drew her penis in anerected condition.Helen’s artistic talents were legendary. She won several awardsin school, but she actually did her best work on canvas thatwasn’t in a frame. Helen supplemented her income by decoratingthe sneakers of her girlfriends. They would bring her a new pairof white sneakers, and Helen would paint on a custom design.Usually she specialized in floral designs with the girl’s nameworked in, or in women’s faces with flowing hair.Helen did a special job for Susan. She decorated a pair of hersneakers with a flesh colored penis portraits. On the top of thesneakers, she painter a top view of the penis and “played” thecurvature of the sneaker to get a 3-D effect. On the side panelsshe painted right and left views of the organ ending up with arear view of the testicles at the heel.Helen also painted c***dren’s faces at parties and school fairs,so she was also familiar with painting skin. On occasions shewould decorate Ken’s penis. She usually used one of her floraldesigns and painted the leaves stems and vines along the shaft,while placing a flower at the head. There was a special challengepainting the head. As the paint brush licked the ridges, Ken’spenis would twitch and pulsate. She had never worked on such adifficult surface.Sometimes, she would paint for a humorous or cute effect. Herflowers often had patterns suggestive of a face, and she made useof the natural contours of the penis and the pee hole to completethe design.Not all of her designs were flowers. She did a red, white andblue balloon design with “Happy Birthday Susan” in honor of theoccasion. As with her sneaker designs, she often worked thegirl’s name into her design. Normally she used paint that washedoff, but on a few occasions, she would use ink that took severaldays to fade. Ken had to be careful in the locker room so hewouldn’t have to explain why he had a girl’s name painted on hisprick.Eventually, the girls demonstrated all of this to Julia, butright now, they were interested in getting her set up in theclub.Once it was confirmed that Julia had seen a penis and wascomfortable about it, the older girls admitted to her that theyhad set her up. She was asked if she would like to see a pictureof a real penis. Since she had no objection, the girls producedsome pictures of Ken taken especially for the occasion. In spiteof the hundreds of pictures in the scrapbook, Susan had none ofKen where he wasn’t masturbating, being masturbated, crosseddressed or put in some humiliating position. Susan needed someplain pictures of his penis in various states of arousal fromtotally flaccid to slightly erected.Julia enjoyed the pictures so much that the girls decided to askher if they wanted to meet the boy who let them take the picturesand see his cock for real. Julia realized that she had alreadyseen all that there was to see, and from the nature of thepictures, she could see that they were taken “locally”. There wasonly one “local” boy, Susan’s cousin, so she had a good idea whoit was she would meet. She knew Ken, and was comfortable withhim, so she agreed.The first step was to prepare Ken for the meeting. They pumpedhim totally dry using every masturbation technique they knew.Then they checked all rubber balls, sneakers, and bathing caps atthe door. Julia was brought in, and introduced to a totallydressed Ken. Susan asked Ken to show them his penis, and they allwent to the bathroom where Ken unzipped his fly and urinatedwhile the four girls watched.>From there, they went back into the family room where Susan, Judyand Helen played “trading post” with Ken. The game was quitesimple, in order to get a piece of clothing back from the girls,Ken had to trade them a piece of clothing he was wearing. Thegirls continued play until he was totally naked.The following Monday was the big day. Ken was given the entireweekend off (with the strictest orders that he would engage inabsolutely no sexual activity). That afternoon, after school, thefour girls assembled in Susan’s basement to witness Ken’s “peeand strip act”. Helen was pleased that he was able to do so withonly the slightest sign of an erection. Once the girls soonsettled down to other activities and Julia became comfortablewith Ken’s nudity, Helen decided it was time to get her sistermore involved. She produced a rubber ball from hiding, andsuggested that Julia and Ken bounce it back and forth to oneanother.The mere sight of the ball would normally be enough to get Kenaroused. In his condition of not having been masturbated fornearly 72 hours after such strenuous “training”, he was “up” in amatter of seconds. Having to actually handle anything made ofrubber in a game with a girl gave him quite an impressivehard-on. Julia had no choice but to notice it, and the girlsconvinced her to learn how to play P-ball. At first she wasextremely excited, and giggled a lot every time she touched Ken’spenis. However, by the end of the day, she had picked up onplaying P-ball, and became very matter of fact about playing withKen’s penis.The finale of the afternoon came when the girls had Kenmasturbate for them. He knelt down facing them as they crowded onthe couch to watch him jerk off. Although he was performingwithout direct intervention of a girl, and was not using a rubbertoy, he did a very good job. Having him abstain for several days,and playing P-ball, as well as performing for a rather large andextremely attentive female audience all combined to give him avery passable ejaculation.-=o=-During the rest of the week, Helen and the other girls wasted notime demonstrating to Julia how they masturbated Ken themselves.Julia picked up on what they had to teach her rather well, butshe didn’t quite have the skills that the older girls possessed.Although she could masturbate Ken with a rubber ball, she didn’thave the feel for getting him close to the edge, and usually lethim come too soon. She had no problem making him ejaculate intoher bathing cap, but bathing cap masturbation was more of agirl’s private pleasure. It was not as much as a spectator sportas other masturbation methods.Therefore, Julia was encouraged to concentrate on her sneakeringtechniques. To provide her with more variety, Helen invented twonew ways to make Ken come on rubber. The first method was calledthe total control method since the girl had total control overthe penis. The girl takes one of her sneakers in her right handand places it sole up with the working rubber under the head ofthe penis. She takes her other sneaker and places it sole down ontop of the penis so that the outsole is just behind the head. Shethen takes her “penis sandwich” and moves the lower sneaker backand forth in a girl to boy motion while moving the top sneakerfrom side to side. The net result is a circular rubbing motionwhich no penis can resist. The girl can cause an ejaculationwithin two minutes at the exact moment she desires. This methodis so easy and so much fun for the girls to use that when theytalked about “sneakering a boy off” this is the method they referto.Helen also found another amusing way to masturbate Ken withsneakers. She got the idea from watching Judy masturbate Ken withher feet. Judy had Ken and she sit on chairs facing one another.Ken’s legs would be spread apart, and Judy would place the ballsof her feet on his penis and pump it from foot to foot. Sheenjoyed the feel of his warm ejaculate on her feet, and loved towiggle her toes in it. The rest of the girls preferred to stayclean, and did the same thing wearing sneakers.The nice thing about masturbating a boy this way is that the girldidn’t have to concentrate on the penis as much as with othermethods. She could sit back and enjoy watching the boy’s reactionas she manipulated his organ with her feet. It was just likedoing it and watching it at the same time. Although this methodwasn’t as fast and efficient as the total control method, it hadits own pleasures. The boy was still under the total dominationof a girl, literally coming at her feet.-=o=-Making of a MistressChapter 10KathyJulia eventually went off to start her own “girls club” using theboy she had been playing with all along. Meanwhile, Susan, Judy,and Helen kept Ken’s penis pumping well into their teen years.During this period, there were several other girls which joinedthe group temporarily. Each one of them brought her experiencewith her, and taught the other girls new things. One of the mostmemorable of these was Kathy.Kathy lived with her parents and, up to a couple of years ago,her 18-year-old uncle, Jim. Since both of her parents worked, andJim, likeable as he was, seemed to have no intention of doing so,she spent a lot of time with him. He had been her playmate sinceshe was a little girl, and always watched out for her. He tookher for ice cream, to the movies, helped her with homework andentertained her at home. He was a friendly person, and easygoing. She always felt comfortable with him, and got along withhim just fine. She enjoyed playing games with him, even when itgot physical involving wrestling and tickling.Kathy couldn’t tell when these games turned from fun to petting.It all happened so gradually. She was accustomed to Jim touchingher anywhere, and as long as she was dressed, she didn’t mind. Asa matter of fact, some of the places he was touching her made herfeel good. She really liked the way he gave her massages.Naturally, Kathy wanted to reciprocate, and she noticed thebulging at his crotch whenever she started to play with him. Shefelt no shame rubbing his cock through his clothing, and wonderedwhy there would be “wet” spots when she was finished.Kathy definitely remembers her first view of his penis. She hadimpishly woke him up one morning, which was a signal for them tostart playing. At this point, he was wearing his pajamas, and hispenis slipped out. She got back and stared at it for a while, andwhen he didn’t make an effort to put it back in, continuedplaying. Somehow in the course of the game, his pajama tops cameoff, so he wrestled hers off. The bottoms came off shortlythereafter, and they engaged in a game of slapping at eachother’s behinds.Kathy actually enjoyed the game, and would visit Jim’s bedroomevery weekday morning. It wasn’t long before Jim found himself ontop of Kathy and rubbing his penis against the opening of hervagina. Initially, there was no penetration, and Jim would kneelstraddling her body and jerk off aiming his come at her box. WhenJim finally decided to have intercourse with Kathy, he was verygentle, and penetrated slowly. One the first attempt, he didn’teven stroke. He just eased it in all the way gradually, left itthere for a couple of minutes, slowly pulled it out, andmasturbated. He then went down on her, and she really liked that.He finished off by masturbating again.Regular intercourse soon became a ritual with them, and Kathyinsisted on being satisfied orally before she would let Jim inher. She became hungry for sex, and would tease him when hecouldn’t respond by wearing revealing blouses and short skirts.Her eleven-year-old body wasn’t fully developed, but she knew howto make the seductive looks and gestures to make his cock swell.She and Jim had regular sex until she was thirteen. That’s whenher parents caught on. Uncle Jim was evicted immediately, and herparents were too embarrassed to talk to her about it. It wouldhave been very hard for her to explain that she was theinstigator demanding Jim to have sex with her. After Jim, shetried to make it with other boys, but she found f******n- tosixteen-year-old boys too immature for her likes. They came toofast, and they didn’t want to go down on her.It wasn’t until she joined the group, that Ken got to see any ofthe girls even partially undressed. It all started out with Kathyteaching the girls how much fun cunnilingus is. Each of the girlsalso got to experience intercourse with Ken, and Kathy taught thegirls a variety of positions.Although most of the girls sexual activities with Ken were”public” affairs (that is, many girls to one boy), theintercourse sessions were private. Each girl had Ken all toherself for the whole day.Susan used her days to feel him come, so she tickled him up, andput him in the bag while she straddled his face. After Kenbrought her to several orgasms by his tongue, she would removethe bathing cap, and start him on the ball. She would wait untilshe was a lick or two away from another orgasm, and he was astroke or two away from erupting to turn and ride him for a shortbut intense bout of fucking. He came with the same vigor insideher body as he did when she masturbated him with the ball. Shecould feel every hot, pulsating gush inside her body.Judy, on the other hand, took a more playful approach keeping inline with her love of foot care. She took a pair of her sneakerswhich needed washing anyway and gave them to Ken to hump theinsides. After Ken filled the first sneaker, she’d give him ashort rest and put him to work pumping his prick in the otherone.As soon as he recovered, she put him on the ball for two moreejaculations aiming his come into her sneakers. It took her allmorning to get him to come twice in each of her tennis shoes, butby the time he was done, she had pools of his steamy white liquidall over the insides. This is exactly what she wanted as shewould slip them on and lace them tightly on her feet. She enjoyedthe feel his come squishing around her toes and all over her feetfor the rest of the day.By this time, Ken was pumped totally dry and she was sure that hewas incapable of having another orgasm. Now she was ready to ridehim long and hard. She would have him mount her and fuck the restof the afternoon away. Finally, before dismissing him, she wouldtake off her sneakers and make Ken lick her feet clean, and suckout as much of his come from her sneakers as he could beforeallowing him to wash them in the sink.Helen remained a virgin for all practical purposes. She did tryintercourse several times, but mostly she enjoyed the feel of histongue on her clitoris. She would straddle his face in the”female superior” position which would give her the access sheneeded to make him come in every imaginable way as he servicedher. She considered that sex should be a discipline for Ken, andalthough she caused him to have a number of involuntary orgasms,she made sure that he was tired and drained after the ordeal.The most satisfying part of the ritual for her was to pee in hisface and force him to continue lapping. She even resorted todrinking plenty of fluids prior to force feeding Ken her cunt.Helen urged the other girls piss on Ken’s face whenever theyplayed with him.This was the one activity added to the girl’s “public” shows. Itwas quick and easy for the girls to do, usually didn’t interruptthe flow of play, and Helen liked watching the girls give Ken agolden shower as well as giving him one.Kathy simply wanted to fuck, fuck, fuck continuously. Shecouldn’t see wasting a good erection on a rubber ball, a pair ofsneakers or a bathing cap.-=o=-Making of a MistressChapter 11The Girl’s ClubWord got around to the boys at school that there was a group ofgirls that “did it”. This rumor was supported by hints and nodsof the girls themselves since they knew that they needed moreboys to go around.Each girl was trained in discipline, and taught to support hersisters. Each girl was taught the significance of being a femaleand not being dominated by a specific part of her body. Each girlwas taught not only how to control a boy’s penis, but that thiscontrol meant that she controlled the boy himself. The girlsagreed that none of them would go off on her own, and that anyboy who wanted membership in the group would be shared by all ofthe girls. They even agreed on the procedures for inducting a boyinto the group.The boy had to be sponsored by a girl, and he had to pass severaltests to gain membership. He was first presented to a board ofmistresses by his sponsor. The boy could not speak to the boarddirectly and would stand silently by as his sponsor would speakon his behalf. The boy was only allowed to speak if asked adirect question and then he could only answer through his sponsorwho would act as mediator between the board and the boy.First of all, the board explained that any boy joining the clubwould have to accept the authority of the girls. The sponsorexplained to her candidate that the club was established for thebenefit of the girls, and that their pleasure was to be satisfiedbefore any consideration of the male members was to be given.It was made quite clear that any boy must be willing to submit tothe rules given him by the board of mistresses. Boys were subjectto the girls’ rules even when not engaged in club activity. Inshort, any boy was required to obey any girl at any time and inany place. The girls knew that although most boys were desperateenough to agree to these terms in hopes of having some sexualfun, few were really willing to commit to them, so they devised aseries of entrance tests.The girls told their candidates that they only wanted boys whowere “man enough” to pass their tests. The first of these testswas to get a sperm sample. This was usually done at the same timeas when the boy was introduced to the mistresses. The sponsorwould be given a bathing cap with instructions to milk hercandidate. This first step was allowed to be done in private, sothe girl could take her boy into the bathroom where she couldcollect the sample. Almost every boy was willing to undress for aspecific girl. Some girls would play with their boys Frenchkissing them, and allowing them to rub up against their bodies,others got right down to business and simply masturbated theirboys. It didn’t really matter since the mistresses really didn’tcare how much the boy pumped out. They measured it as a matter ofinterest, but they were more interested in the boy placinghimself at the control of at least one girl.The next test, given a day or two later, was to see how fast theboy could come. This step had to be witnessed, so the sponsor,and one of the mistresses would go into the bathroom with theboy. There, the sponsor would sneaker him off while the othergirl timed the event. The girls lost quite a few boys at thispoint and a few more had difficulty getting it off before theirgirl with another female looking on. Again, performance was asecondary factor. The boy’s willingness to submit to more thanone female, and the introduction of female dominated group sexplay was being tested here.The third test was reported as being a shooting distance test.The real test was whether the boy was totally submissive to thegirls. In the previous two tests, there was an air of privacy:the boy exposed himself in the bathroom in the presence ofselected girls. The third test took place in front of the generalassembly. During this test, the boy was put on the ball by hissponsor. She was required to play him for at least 15 minutesbefore allowing him to come. Again, some girls took real pride intheir handiwork, and wouldn’t be satisfied with anything lessthan having the boy beg to be allowed to come. Boys willing toperform for such a large female audience were passed onto theinitiation ceremony.At the initiation, the boy was again presented to the board ofmistresses. He was ordered to strip completely naked, and hisclothes were taken from him. He was to stand at attention whilethe girls played with him and took pictures of him. Finally theboy was told to “get it up”. Eventually all of the boys weretaught how to “stiffen up” on command, but at this stage of thegame some boys simply couldn’t get an erection so one would beinduced with a pair of sneakers. Other boys had a hard-on as soonas a female set of eyes viewed their cocks. It was at theinitiation that the vital measurements were made.The boy was told that the first test measured “how much”, thesecond test measured “how fast”, and the third test measured “howfar”. His next test would measure “how often”.First, the boy was then put on the ball by the group’s bestteaser. For a long time, the girls had the services of aheavy-set, f******n-year-old black girl named Louise. Louise wasan masturbation artist. She did an excellent job teasing cockwith a rubber ball. The girls didn’t have to see the boy’sswollen, red cock to know she was doing her job. She had everyone of her boys breaking out in cold sweats within a couple ofminutes. Within five minutes, she had him moaning and pleadingfor relief. Some boys actually started crying. The girls reallyenjoyed how with gentle finger and wrist motion with the ball,she could bring a boy under her total domination in such a shorttime.Louise didn’t let them come, however. She knew her job was doneonce the hormones kicked in. She knew that once a boy starteddown the road towards an ejaculation he was hopelessly enslavedby his penis and would be willing to do anything for relief. Itwas a condition of this relief that he was required to bring eachof the mistresses to orgasm with his tongue. The girls had him”in the bag” so as to maintain his heightened arousal, and wouldoccasionally finger the bathing cap to keep him as close toorgasm as possible. After satisfying each of the girls, the girlswould engage in a marathon sneakering session.A boy almost always thanked the first girl to masturbate him torelief. He became increasingly less grateful as each girl tookher turn making him come on her sneakers. It was when he failedto say “thank you” to a girl for the privilege of beingmasturbated by her that one of the girls would grab his balls andtwist them hard. After that, the boy learned to thank the girlfor any masturbation she performed on him or for the pleasure ofeating her out.As part of the final ceremony, the boy was issued his first pairof panties. He was required to get, on his own, different colorpanties for each day of the week, and wear one at all times. Thismeant that the boys were subject to inspection by the girlsanywhere at any time. For example, a girl could have a boy pullout his shirt tail in the school hallway so she could check tosee if he were wearing the proper color panties. More often, theboy was told to report some place private and “drop ’em” forseveral girls.It was also at the final ceremony that the boy was introduced tothe rules he really had to live by. From that moment on, he wasrequired to memorize the 10 commandments of the sorority andrecite them on command:1. I am male. I am inferior to female. 2. I am a slave to my penis. My penis belongs to my mistress. Mymistress controls my penis. She controls me.3. I renounce the sexual bondage imposed by my malehood. Myhighest aspiration is to be female. I put total faith in mymistress to teach me to be feminine.4. My mistress is my sole source of sexual pleasure. I must serveher and all those females she asks me to serve.5. I lack the discipline attain orgasm by myself. Only under thediscipline of my mistress will I know true pleasure.6. I exist to provide pleasure for my mistress. I can expect nowants of my own to be fulfilled except at her desire.7. My mistress’ body is sacred, only with my tongue and at herbidding will I touch it. My body is hers to do with as shepleases.8. I have no secrets. As I stand naked before my mistress inbody, I must also stand naked before her in mind. I must confessto her my deepest fantasies.9. There is no thought I can think unless it be to honor mymistress. There is no word I can speak unless it be to praiseher. There is no action I can take unless it be to please her.10. I am not female. Until I have the courage to become one, Imust serve all those who are.As further proof of his commitment to rule #10, if the boy had asister, he was required to bring her along to one of the meetingsso she could see the type of activities her brother was in to,and support it at home. Boys also got special consideration ifthey brought in new members (male or female).Although the group had many different girls and boys “passthrough” it, it’s highest participation was ten mistresses andsix male slaves.The group had an interesting composition. Most of the boys wereconfident in their “public” life. They didn’t seem to be whimps.True whimps would not have made it through the initiationceremonies.The girls represented a thorough cross section of femalepopulation of the school. Helen represented the “most likely tosucceed” image while most of the other girls were average, and afew could be considered timid, shy or “mousy”. The girls all hadone thing in common, however. They were frustrated by the factthe external world favored boys, and they were willing to dosomething about it, some more forcefully than others.Each boy was at the disposal of any girl in the group. The grouphad sessions with all of the girls assembled sitting on a circleof chairs with their panties off. The boys knelt in front ofthem, eating them out. At the appointed interval, the boys wouldshift to the next girl, and eat her out. There were some dayswhen they would spend hours doing this. The girls rewarded goodperformance with masturbation, and in exceptional cases,intercourse.Having just two boys was more than twice the fun of one boy. Thegirls set up contests. The most primitive of these contests weresimple jerk off sessions among the boys to see which one couldbring himself to orgasm first. From there it was easy to progressto contests in which the girls did the masturbating, and the boysdid the coming. The girls used just about every one of themasturbation techniques during these games . There was a certainsocial prominence to being “top sneaker”, or shooting a boy thefarthest by putting him on the ball.The girls also devised tests to see which brand of sneakersworked best for a particular masturbation style, or which rubberballs produced the best shooting distance.In keeping with the spirit that male masturbation was a femalespectator sport as well as a participatory sport, the girls alsodevised contests in which the boys masturbated each other.At first, they merely had the boys mimic the girls by having themuse rubber balls, bathing caps and sneakers on one another.Sometimes, they would even dress the boys up in girl’s clothingand have them role play a skit for them.Another favorite game of the girls had the boys play for them wasa cock sucking contest. The two boys would be bound into a 69position. The object of this game was to make your opponent comebefore you. Therefore, boys engaged in this activity would lick,swirl their tongues around, and suck and nibble with great gusto.After coming, the winner swaps his load (mouth to mouth) with theloser, and the loser is required to swallow. The loser then getsto be the recipient of anal intercourse by the winner.The best of the “Penis Performances” involved a type ofmasturbation that took both girls and boys to accomplish.To prepare for the “cock fight” each boy had a “pit crew” ofgirls in attendance to prepare him for the event. To assure thatall boys competing in the event started in an equal state ofsexual excitement, the girls would tickle each contestant up, puthim on the ball for several minutes, and then put him in the bagfor about five minutes.The boys would be brought together face to face. Each”contestant” was under the control of two girls: a “spitter”, anda “rubber”. The “spitter” provided saliva to the contest to keepher cock lubricated as the “rubber” rubbed her boy’s penisagainst the other girls’ penis. At the word, “Go!”, the girlswould whip off the rubber bathing cap, and start stroking thehead of their opponent’s cock with their own. The object of thegame is to make the other girls’ boy come first. The losing boyhad to kneel down and lick his own ejaculate off his opponent’spenis. The winner was usually rewarded by being allowed the honorto pick the girl and the method for his next masturbation.The girls also timed these events. Most of the time, a cock fightwould only last 5 to 10 minutes, in some cases, however, the boyswould go on for an hour requiring a “crew change” among thegirls.When a boy was drummed out for unsatisfactory performance, itinvolved a ritual designed to be totally demeaning. He had tosubmit to an endless succession of girls straddling his facewhile another girl teased his cock. He was not allowed to comeeven though they made sure his penis was raw for several days.–=o=-Making of a MistressChapter 12THE WOMEN’S CLUBThroughout all of the Girls experiences, Judy kept touch with hersister, Lisa, concerning her relationship with boys. When theGirls turned 17, Lisa provided them with false ID, and invitedthem out to a male strip club. She was pleased with theirreaction. Lisa then questioned the Girls at length concerningtheir activities and asked some very detailed questions. Sheasked if she could be included in on some of their masturbationsessions with Ken to learn what her “k** sister” had to show her.Susan and Judy were glad to have her participate, and made theappointment for the following week. Lisa seemed proud of hersister’s accomplishments, and learned very quickly all that shewas shown. The younger Girls noticed the confidence and firmnessin which she ordered Ken around. They could tell that she was farmore advanced then they at this game.Lisa said that she would like to return the favor, and invitedthe Girls to spend a week at her house the following month duringtheir spring break from school. She said nothing except that shehad a surprise for them, and to make sure that they bring theirgear.Lisa picked up the Girls at the bus station, and drove them toher house. The Girls noticed, as they approached the house, thatit was neatly kept, and they wondered how such a busybusinesswoman could keep it so orderly. Their answer came as soonas they opened the door and met Laura.Laura appeared to be a very attractive young lady dressed in amaid’s uniform. If it weren’t for the penis sticking out of theskirt, she would have looked completely feminine. Before theGirls could ask, Lisa introduced them.In the course of subsequent conversation it came out that Larry(Laura’s real name, though that was seldom remembered) was abusiness executive in Lisa’s office. Laura couldn’t take thepressure of being in charge of a large section and having to makedecisions all the time. Larry once considered himself a “ladiesman,” but that soon gave way when stress induced impotence setin.That’s when Lisa came into his life. Larry confessed to her hisproblem and she was very understanding. He felt secure taking herinto his confidence, and knew that normal sex between them wasout of the question. When Lisa asked him if he had everexperimented with bondage and discipline, he indicated that hewas horrified at the idea of giving up control. Lisa convincedhim that he didn’t have to give up control, he simply had to giveup mistrusting others.Lisa impressed upon him that he needed the responsibilities ofhis life removed from his shoulders and placed in the hands ofsomeone he could trust. She started with some very simple therapytechniques such allowing him to trust her to catch him as he fellback into her arms, or blindfolding him and leading him aroundobstacles. Eventually, this led to bondage where he had to dependupon her for basic needs. At first, it was a matter of Larrytrusting his friend Lisa, eventually it escalated to a sexualsituation.After six months under Lisa’s “care”, Larry was willing to takethe big leap of faith and relinquish the control of his sex lifeto her. He felt relieved not to have to be in charge ofeverything all of the time. It felt so good, that he acceptedLisa’s suggestion to go “all the way”. Lisa was willing to takecontrol of his life and relieve him of the pressures of having tolive up to the masculine expectations of virility. Larry felt socomfortable with this arrangement, that he expressed his deepestand most secret fantasies to Lisa as she suggested he do. Withthat burden removed, his sexual potency returned. Larry quit the”day job”, moved in with Lisa, transferred all his worldlypossessions to her, gave up his masculine clothing, and becameLaura.Lisa instructed the Girls to address Laura as a female, and tocontinue that train of thought as long as they were there. TheGirls had no problem with this, yet it still took some timebefore they stopped giggling when referring to “her” penis or”her” testicles.Lisa had Laura prepare the three “Women” drinks. (Laura wassimply addressed as “Girl”) and relaxed as Laura took herposition behind her mistress rubbing her shoulders. Lisaapologized for being such a poor hostess and had Laura performcunnilingus on Susan. She told Judy to slip off her sneakers andthat Laura would be at her command as soon as she finished withSusan.Susan was amazed at the delicate, yet stimulating treatment herclitoris was getting from Laura’s tongue. She had never beeneaten out so skillfully! After giving Susan several orgasms, Lisadirected Laura to service Judy. Judy had to admit that even withall the experience Ken had, he had never been able to “make love”to her feet as well as Laura. Laura had just the rightcombination of licking, sucking, nibbling, and flicking to sendticklish shivers from Judy’s feet, up her legs, into her spine,and cause her mind to drift peacefully. This condition caused her”love juices” to flow almost as freely as if she weremasturbating.When the Girls talked to Lisa about Laura’s special talents, Lisaadmitted that Laura was “trained by the best”.As Laura was servicing her two guests, Lisa explained that thereason she wanted to know so much about how they played with boyswas for Laura’s sake. She said that Laura was a faithful andloyal servant, and a good Girl. She wanted to provide a means ofrewarding her. Allowing her to jerk off while being humiliatedwasn’t enough. Yet, Lisa wanted something easy. She said thatthere was no sense to being a dominatrix if you had to work atit.-=o=-Lisa also told them about “the club”. She knew a Woman, Miriam,who ran a health club. During the day, it was a normal aerobics,racquetball, and swim club. On the third Wednesday night of eachmonth, there would be an “executive board meeting” whichconsisted of dominant Women and their submissive males. The Womenwould meet to exchange ideas, and to humiliate their males infront of a large female audience. Lisa said that what Judy andSusan had to show would be of great interest to the club. TheWomen were always interested in looking at new methods to imposedisciple and humiliation upon the penis bearers. Therefore, ifthe play involved actual penis play — so much the better.Lisa had Judy and Susan work with Laura. Laura had to be taughtwhat to expect, and the Girls had to experiment with putting heron the ball. Putting a boy on the ball isn’t all that difficultif the objective is merely to get him to come. The Girls learnedthat each boy is different, and if a Girl wanted to bring him tothe edge of pleasurable pain, and get a good ejaculation fromhim, she had to know how to “read him”. It took the Girls severalattempts until they had Laura’s “flash point” figured out.On the day of the big event, the Girls kept Laura well teasedthroughout the day. They frequently brought her to the edge oforgasm and kept her in the bag most of the day. She even arrivedat the club in the bag even though it made her pants bulge morethan usual. (Going to the club gave her a hard on anyway — malesat the club were expected to have a hard on at all times unlessordered not to have one by a mistress).When they arrived, there were already several naked males on theaerobics floor as Women dressed in their outfits looked themover. Susan and Judy took Laura to the men’s locker room wherethey shaved off her day’s growth of pubic hair, and excited heronce more before taking her out on the floor. Susan used the ballto excite Laura to precome level and to spread the liquid overher penis. It gave her penis that wet sheen which made it lookbetter on display. A dry penis isn’t as appealing.The club ran an auction to raise funds. Women would put theirmale’s services for the night up for bids, and the club would getpart of the take. The auction provided extra money for the clubwhich it used to run special affairs and buy special equipment.In addition to the extra money, the Women got to experiencedominating a variety of males as well as getting the opportunityto watch their males be dominated by other Women.On the block, when they walked in, was a very fine specimen ofmalehood. He was an instructor at the club and had a large, hardbody and penis to match. He was taken by a pair of younger Women(a secretary and a teacher’s aid) and was led off by his newmistresses for the evening to some other part of the club.Several other males were sold in the same fashion.The next event was a presentation of a short program. At eachmeeting, a different Woman was designated to provide the programfor the next meeting. Typical program agendas usually consistedof a demonstration of some new discipline technique, or a new sextoy product. In rare instances, several Women would “pool” theirmales to provide a skit where the males humiliated one another.Tonight, it was Lisa’s turn. The event was well covered in thegroup’s bulletin. Miriam had informed the group well ahead oftime of Lisa’s sister and her “cousin” from out of town, and theact was well played up before the evening’s events. The Womenwere looking forward to a good presentation since Lisa was notedfor her ingenuity, and Laura always gave a crowd-pleasingperformance.Lisa had arranged to have other males participate since sherealized that there was a lot of ejaculating to do, and thatLaura couldn’t do it all. Their first “volunteer” was an18-year-old boy, donated by his mother who had raised him toserve her and her two teenaged daughters since he was a littleboy. The Girls were glad to have him since a young stud was goodfor multiple ejaculations.Susan and Judy led off with a demonstration using bathing caps.Most of the Women knew of a bathing cap’s use as a masturbationdevice, but they didn’t realize how effective putting a male inthe bag could be. They never considered the use for differentstyles of caps made from different types of rubber. The Girlsreawakened their interest in this old girl’s toy. Miriam had toopen up the pro shop to sell some new bathing caps on the spot.One of the Women went around collecting semen samples in her capso her male could taste it all.The girls followed up with the various sneakering techniques.They borrowed three more males from the audience and soon, Lisa,Susan and Judy had a three ring circus going demonstrating eachof the sneaker masturbations simultaneously. The audienceapplauded their approval and a barrage of questions opened up.Susan and Judy had to stop the demonstration and give somepointers. They pulled out several pairs of extra sneakers fromtheir gym bags to show the Women what they were looking for in asneaker.The Women were quite envious of Susan, Judy and Lisa for beingprepared with Keds style sneakers as they demonstrated thevarious methods of using them. In the following weeks, more Womenshowed up wearing Keds instead of their normal aerobics orrunning shoes. Both Susan and Judy lent their spare sneakers toWomen who wanted to try out the new techniques that very night.The demonstration using the rubber ball was the grand finale. TheWomen in the audience could plainly see the sexual tension inevery muscle in Laura’s body. With all of the foreplay throughoutthe day, it took nearly no time at all for Judy to have Laura ather absolute limit of sanity, and she was drooling precome in asteady stream. When Judy let the dam break, the gush of come drew”ahs” from the crowd. Off went some of the Women for theirlockers or the pro shop, and they came back with racquetballs.Judy, Susan, and Lisa were kept quite busy for a while as Womenbrought their males by to learn the technique “first hand”.-=o=-As the program was in progress, the Girls noticed a Woman using avideo camera to record all that was going on. When they finallygot free, Laura took them to meet her. She was introduced simplyas Mary.Mary said she was a professor of sociology at the localuniversity. She was also the leader of a feminist group at theuniversity, and taught several sanctioned courses on feminism. Inaddition to the sanctioned courses, she was also allowed toconduct no-credit classes. One of these classes was entitled”Pornography and Feminism”, and the catalog warned thatpornographic films would be shown and discussed. Mary convincedthe authorities that, due to the sensitive nature of the topic,and Women’s reluctance to speak freely about it, that the classesbe restricted to females only.The classes concentrated on the effects of pornography and how itdegrades Women. Mary presented many facts concerning the maledominated pornography industry, and how young Women are attractedto participate through exploitation. She started by showing somerather mild erotica, and worked her way towards “harder”pornography. At each point, she played on the growing anti-malesentiment of her female audience.When the course was over, she picked some of her most promisingstudents, and asked them if they would like to see “reversepornography”. That is, pornography produced by Women degradingmen. She usually got a good response. When she showed the filmsshe, herself, took, there were cheers in the crowd. Her studentsenjoyed the films, and almost every one came back for the weeklyshowings. She encouraged her proteges to discuss what they viewedwith their boyfriends and solicited reaction.Some of her students were surprised when they didn’t get adisgusted response from their boyfriends. Mary worked closelywith these young Women. She had the most responsive girls bringtheir boyfriends to a private showing. This was one class wherethe males were uncomfortable, and the females were outspoken. Shetold the couples to go home and discuss what they had seen. Shetold the Girls to come back and report the results of thediscussion.There were always one or two students who admitted that they notonly discussed the film, but tried some of the things presentedin the films. Mary was usually persuasive enough to have themales come back to the next group showing to demonstrate. She wasnot only interested in the Women’s reaction to “live”entertainment, but she was also interested in watching thedynamics of males viewing other males being dominated by Women.The university also had a fertility clinic associated with it.There, Mary ran into Hal. Hal was a closet homosexual who had aprivate camera setup to observe males donating sperm forresearch. Mary threatened to expose him if he didn’t give her acopy of his tapes. In exchange, she also gave him some of theclub’s surplus “toys”. Mary had hours of tape showing hundreds ofmales demonstrating their favorite masturbation techniques.Mary found it interesting that almost all of the males used”jerking off” (or some closely related technique) to masturbate.Yet when she asked a limited sample of males how they learned howto do this, most of them claimed to have learned itspontaneously. A few learned by watching other boys or by havingother boys perform it on them, and one confessed that his sistertaught him how to do it. Almost every male on the tape did a”solo act” usually while looking at or reading some eroticmaterial. A couple of males, however, were assisted byrubber-gloved Women. One of these performed while licking hisfemale partner’s feet.Most of the males in the film were healthy young men, who wereinstructed to abstain from sex for at least 72 hours beforereporting. Therefore, Mary got many shots of great ejaculations.She also found that Women enjoyed watching these tapes almost asmuch as those featuring female domination.Although Mary’s classes had a high attrition rate, she usuallyhad one or two Women with the courage to be open dominatrixes.For each one of these, she estimated she had five to ten “closetdominatrixes”. Mary was also the club’s leading recruiter andsupplier of penises.-=o=-Finally, Susan and Judy were left alone long enough for Lisa toshow the Girls around a little. In the free weight room, theycame across the stud bought at the auction. He was on his back ona bench with his arms and legs tied under the seat as he wasbeing ridden by the teacher while the secretary was giving himdictation with her pussy straddling his face.Out on the nautilus floor, one of the Women was in a leg exercisemachine which held her legs apart as her male plaything for theevening knelt before her pushing his tongue through the speciallyinstalled seam in her crotch.In one of the racquetball courts, two Women were practicing theirserves as their male knelt against the wall with his buttockstowards them. His rear end already had several red circles fromwhere his mistress or her partner had driven her ball on serve.In the tournament court (the one with the big glass wall andspectator section set up behind it), several Women watched twomales being choreographed by their dominatrix du jour through anumber of homosexual acts.Everywhere Susan and Judy went, they saw Women in total controlof males. They never realized how widespread the practice was,and they could plainly see how well some of the Women havepracticed the art. One of the older Women they talked to claimedto have decades of experience. She said that as long as she hadbeen a dominatrix, she never got tired of doing it. She neverlacked for males since the number of men needing to be dominatedgreatly exceeds the number of females willing to dominate them.The challenge was to convert those that needed to be dominatedinto those who wanted to be dominated. Even with these odds,there wasn’t any reason any Woman shouldn’t have an entourage ofmale slaves. She was amazed at the number of males who arewilling to submit to hours of humiliating servitude to a Woman inexchange for seconds of ejaculatory pleasure. She said that itkept her mind sharp thinking of new ways to humiliate males andhave them provide her pleasure.-=o=-Making of a MistressChapter 13MARITAL ASSISTANCEIt is not surprising at all that Susan married a man who she knewwould accept her past life. Although Don never knew Susan whenshe was the “rubber queen” in her town, he knew of her exploitsbefore marrying her. Susan didn’t dominate Don although heappreciated her aggressiveness, and although he didn’t have aninborn rubber fetish, he readily accept Susan’s masturbation ofhim using rubber.Don and Susan became friendly with a slightly younger couple,Sandy and her husband, Chuck. Don and Chuck worked for the samecompany which had an overseas contract. This meant that theyoften went on long business trips together. When the men weregone, the women got together to play bridge with other womenwhose husbands also traveled a lot.As often happens in these sessions, the talk included sex. Thewomen were different than the men in this regard. Although theytalked about sex, they usually refrained from graphicdescriptions. However, they normally gave enough information toknow who was doing what.The other difference was that they usually talked about theirspouses’ performances rather than their own, and didn’texaggerate.>From these sessions, Susan learned that Chuck had a sexualproblem. Although he could get an erection and keep it almostindefinitely, he had a very difficult time ejaculating. Most ofthe women jokingly remarked that they wish their husbands hadthat problem, but they were really sympathetic. They knew thatSandy loved Chuck very much and wanted to please him sexually.Sandy explained that she tried to hang in there duringintercourse, and used to have an orgasm or two, but most of thetime she became sore waiting for Chuck to have his. She lovedfeeling him ejaculate inside her, but that didn’t happen toooften. Eventually she stopped having orgasms. She felt inadequateas a woman.Some of the other women suggested fellatio, but Sandy’s strictCatholic upbringing made that a non-choice. She couldn’t overcomethe twelve years of nuns, and even if she could, she found thethought of oral sex by either partner disgusting despite thereassurances of some of the other women. Likewise, she couldn’tfind an advocate for anal sex in that room even if she couldconsider the idea herself.She confessed that she knew that Chuck jerked off. In fact, sheconvinced him to let her watch. She wanted to be a part of hissexual pleasure even if it was a small part. Although she foundwatching him play with himself exciting, she wanted a more activerole. She wanted to make him come herself.She said she tried to jerk him off herself, but she could neverget it just right. Not that Chuck ever complained, but shenoticed that she didn’t get him off as fast as he did, and didn’tget as much semen out of him. Even there she was a failure. Morethan once, she caught him masturbating in the bathroom an hourafter jerking him off herself.None of the other women (except Susan) had experience with givingtheir men hand jobs, so they couldn’t offer advice. Susan hadsomething better in mind.Susan always had to be careful of what she said. She never made afull disclosure of her previous or current sexual activities toanyone in her bridge group. Some of them, like Betty, Chuck’sboss’ wife, were too old and wouldn’t understand. Others, likeSandy, were young and naive and would be shocked. Yet, the groupknew that there was something special going on between her andDon.So she approached the subject carefully, dropped some hints, andsuggested that she had a technique that she used on Don to makehim come when he was hot and she wasn’t willing. A lot of earspicked up at this. There wasn’t a woman in the room who didn’thave her period at least once when her husband came home from amonth-long trip.Susan told them about sneakering. When she first suggested it,some of the women giggled. Some of them thought it was a joke atfirst. Others thought it was kinky. But none of them found itdisgusting. They paid attention as Susan pulled up a chair, askedthem to imagine their man sitting in it, and put her feet on theedge of the seat. She pumped her sneakers back and forth rubbingthe soles against an imaginary penis.Susan had the undivided attention of her audience. By the timeshe had finished, she had converted the whole group. She wasbarraged with questions. She had to explain what part of the soleto make contact with, how to catch the head of the penis justright, and what kind of sneakers worked best.This was a major breakthrough for the group. They were never soovertly sexual before. They usually talked about the relationshipaspect of their sex lives rather than techniques.Susan never found out if the other women took her advice and putit to use. However, as they were carpooling home, Sandy had somemore questions. Susan invited her in for coffee. Sandy wasexcited about the prospect and really wanted to learn how to doit, but her sexual confidence was so low she didn’t think shecould risk one more failure with Chuck.Susan suggested that Sandy watch her practice it first on Don.Sandy was shocked. She told Susan that she wasn’t into adultery,and certainly wasn’t into group sex.Susan did her best to calm her fears. She asked Sandy if she hadever played with a penis as a little girl. Sandy admitted thatshe did. Susan asked her if she had ever done it with anothergirl present. Again the answer was yes.Sandy wanted to know where Susan was going with this line ofquestioning, so Susan pointed out that this wasn’t really anydifferent. As a little girl, she was curious about sex. She andher girlfriend did something about it. It was perfectly naturaland wasn’t so much a sexual experience as it was a part of normaldevelopment.In neither case would there be intercourse, in fact the womenwould remain fully clothed. Sneakering is something little girlscould do, and would do if they knew about it, and neither sexwould feel the worse for it.Besides, the ends justified the means. Sneakering would lead to abetter sex life with Chuck.Sandy reluctantly agreed.-=o=-Susan discussed the situation with Don who agreed to help. Headmitted that he had a thing for Sandy and enjoyed her companyvery much. Besides, he and Chuck were good friends, and heconfided to Susan that Chuck had complained about sex with Sandy.Susan called Sandy and set up an appointment for the followingSaturday.Sandy arrived at 10 AM. Susan figured that a mid-morningappointment would take something out of the sexual tension.Nobody does sex at 10 AM on a Saturday. Maybe they mow the lawn,or go to the grocery store, but they don’t have sex.Susan poured Sandy a cup of coffee and started some small talk.Don came down dressed in a sweatshirt and running pants. Hegrabbed a cup of coffee and sat down and joined the conversation.After about 15 minutes of this, Susan suggested that they getdown to business.Sandy had a small overnight bag with her in which she packedevery pair of sneakers she owned. She wanted to be sure she hadthe right kind. Susan looked at them critically and told Sandywhich ones would work and why. Susan passed each pair to Don whorubbed his fingers over the soles and nodded his approval. Susannoticed his conditioned reflex — a bulge in the running pants atthe appropriate place. They selected a pair and went upstairs.Sandy felt uneasy as she entered Don and Susan’s bedroom. Susancalmed her again by explaining that they were all consentingadults, and that this was going to help her sex life.Nonetheless, Sandy was shaking as Don pulled down his runningpants for the two women. He had nothing on underneath. Hissemi-erected cock bobbed out.Sandy blushed and said it was good that she and Susan couldremain clothed. Susan directed Sandy to a chair where she couldwatch the entire procedure.Susan and Don sat facing each other with Don’s legs spread apart,and Susan with her feet between them. Susan explained to Sandyhow important it was to make sure the sneakers made contact withthe penis properly as she demonstrated the pumping action to getDon going. She kept this up for several minutes until Don wasexcited enough to produce a lot of precome, and then she invitedSandy to try.Sandy was reluctant, and tried to back out. She said thatwatching was bad enough. She said that she was happily marriedand didn’t want to cheat on her husband. Susan argued that it was”purely mechanical”. She wasn’t doing anything more than aphysical act with her feet. It was no different than donning apair of sneakers to go jogging. She didn’t even have to getundressed. She could wear the same clothes she’d wear to keephouse or go to the store. Susan was quick to point out theadvantage of this — the activity could be spontaneous — notpreparations were required.Sandy nervously sat in the seat. She looked at Don who wasleaning on his elbows on the bed. His legs were d****d over theend with his knees spread wide apart. His penis stood tallawaiting attention. Sandy took a deep breath, and put her feet upagainst it.With Susan’s tutoring, Sandy was able to masturbate Don. She wasextremely slow and timid at the start, but she eventually pickedup the rhythm. She actually squealed with delight as she watchedDon’s jets of come splatter against his stomach.Sandy called Susan the next day and was able to report successwith Chuck. She couldn’t tell him where she learned how to do it,so she tricked him. She and Chuck went for a walk and shesuggested they shower together.As soon as Chuck got undressed, she faked a cramp in her leg andasked Chuck to rub it for her. Chuck didn’t question why,although she had removed most of her other clothes, she still hadher sneakers on. He didn’t question it as she swung her feet upinto his lap. He didn’t question her playfulness at all, hesimply enjoyed it.Sandy was surprised at how quickly he erected and she was able toejaculate him within a couple of minutes. Sandy told Susan thatit was great. She never had sex twice in one day, and here shemade two men come within hours of each other, and she could do itall over again and again. She could be a sex machine without anyeffort at all on her part.Chuck now asked for this treatment frequently. Sneakers became apart of their love making, and in the interest of saving time,and maintaining spontaneity, Sandy made sure she wore a pair asthey made love.Sneakering was only part of the answer to Sandy’s problem. Sheand Chuck had agreed to have a baby. This meant, Chuck had tocome inside her body. Susan suggested that if Chuck could getexcited enough just before intercourse, he might be able to comeduring intercourse.Susan explained how to put a man on the ball, but cautioned Sandythat it took a lot of practice to get the technique just right.Sandy was never too skillful with her hands, and wasn’t sure shecould do it. Susan suggested that she get Don to the ejaculationpoint, and then let Sandy take over with intercourse.This plan would require the cooperation of all of them. Sandywould have to tell Chuck and Don would probably have to convincehim to go along. Surprisingly, Chuck agreed once the initialshock wore off. They waited until Sandy’s appropriate time of themonth, and set up a session.The two men had a drink as they watched some X-rated films on theVCR. They both knew they would have to get naked, so they slippedoff their clothes early. Meanwhile, their wives were gettingready in an adjacent room. Sandy had told Susan about a fantasyChuck had to do it with little girls, so they both dressed inlittle girl’s outfits and did their hair in pig tails.By the time the girls made their entrance, Chuck and Don werepartially erected. Susan went over to Chuck and asked him if shecould play with his penis. Sandy and Don sat down to watch. Susantook out a rubber ball and went to work. Don knew what she wasdoing and could emphathise with what his friend was goingthrough. His penis shot up as he watched Susan perform on anotherman. Sandy noticed his erection, and volunteered to take care ofit. She faced him, and pumped him dry on her sneakers.Meanwhile, Chuck was being whipped into a sexual frenzy by Susan.He was just about to come when Susan told Sandy to get on him.Sandy nearly attacked him on the couch and Don and Susan leftthem to it. Susan told Don she still had a vision of Sandymasturbating him and wanted him more than ever.Susan, Sandy and their husbands went through this same ritualseveral times until Sandy eventually got pregnant.-=o=-Susan woke slowly in the embrace of her husband’s arms. Both ofthem slept in late after an all-night session of fantastic sex.She listened to his slow breathing and smiled to herself. She washappy that she could please him so much.She slowly disengaged herself from him so as not to disturb him.She put on her robe and padded out to the kitchen to makebreakfast. As she stood at the sink to fill the coffee pot, shelooked out the window. It was late morning and the young springsun was already high in the sky. c***dren were already playing inthe street. Across the way, she could see her neighbor’sfirst-grader playing with another girl from down the block. Theywere bouncing a rubber ball back and forth to each other.JournalCHAPTER I – THE DEVELOPING TEENHi. I’m Chrissy Parsomes. Many boys like myself got theirstart wearing girl’s clothes by stumbling into cross dressing byaccident. Many tried on their sister’s clothes when the familywas away from the house, or dressed as a girl for a Halloweenmasquerade party. My introduction to dressing came in a moreinsidious fashion. To make a long story short, my step-motherdecided that she preferred to have a daughter instead of a son,and in one year, she and her sister converted me from a boy to a12 year-old girl. Here’s how it happened.For most of my school career, I attended a small, privateschool in NYC. My mother was a noted archaeologist, and didn’tspend much time with the family. Most of the time, she spentmonths on end, digging in Africa for artifacts. My father was amild mannered secretary, and didn’t have a lot of parentingskills. As a result, mom enrolled me in this residential privateschool beginning in third grade. I usually saw my parents twice ayear during Christmas and summer vacations.During the fall of my eighth grade year, my father shockedthe family by announcing that he decided to divorce my mother tomarry Mrs. Locke, his boss at the company. I had met Ms. Locke afew times when I had to get report cards signed, and knew her tobe a dominant woman whose sickeningly sweet persona seemed toenvelope everyone who came into contact with her. Strange to say,it almost seemed like she treated everyone like a ten year oldgirl. “Sweetie this”, and “honey that”, she always commented howbeautiful my eyelashes were, or how attractive my school uniformlooked. Although I didn’t relish the thought of having this womanas a step-mother, I was sort-of excited about the prospect ofbeing treated in a feminine manner.Ever since I was eight years old, I had harbored secretdesires to live life as a girl. I spent October break of thatyear at my paternal grandmother’s apartment, since my parents hadbeen called out of town to a big anthropology convention. Shelived in a big high rise in central Manhattan. Since Halloweenhappened to fall on that particular weekend, my grandmother hadaccepted an invitation on my behalf to attend a costume party atone of her neighbor’s apartments. When my grandmother indicatedthat she didn’t have time to get me a costume, her lady friendtold my grandmother that her daughter had some pretty partydresses that would probably fit me, and that I could come dressedas a little girl. My grandmother thought this was a great idea,and borrowed everything that I would need to make thetransformation complete, Pink nylon panties, white lace trimmedanklets, Mary Jane shoes, rhumba over-panties with ruffles, afluffy bouffant slip with a form-fitting elastic top, and apretty pink satin party dress with long sheer sleeves and a pinkribbon sash that tied in the back. Although I was a bitapprehensive about dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex,my grandmother convinced me how wonderful it would be. We spentthe whole afternoon before the party playing dress up, completewith makeup, hair curlers, and fingernail polish. As soon as Idonned the first pair of nylon panties, I knew that I wanted tobe a girl. As a result, I had a great time at the party. I made aperfect specimen of a little girl, and no one figured out on thetrip over that I was a boy dressed in little girl’s clothing. Since this dress up session was our little secret, I never toldmy mom or dad about it, though the experience remained in theforefront of my dreams for years after. Soon after, mygrandmother passed away, thus putting an end to any possibilityof wearing girl’s clothes in the foreseeable future. When everpossible, I tried on my mother’s panties and slips, but theexperience wasn’t the same. My mother was an avowed feminist, andwore utilitarian cotton underwear. She never wore a bra orstockings, so I had to make do with what was available. As aresult, I didn’t have much of a chance to do anything about mywishes to learn to be a girl.Weird things started to happen as soon as I arrived home forthe Christmas break. Mrs. Locke (she refused to give up hermaiden name) refused to allow me to get my usual haircut. Shesaid that my hair was much too beautiful to cut, and that Ishould start to wear it long. She required that I wash andcondition it every day, and keep it neatly styled. Every morning,she brushed my hair into what to me looked like a girl’s style,and gave it a light coating with hair spray to keep it in place.Occasionally, she even placed a few curlers in my hair at nightto “help keep the hair out of my eyes.” I wanted to object,because my feminine desires had been a secret between mygrandmother and I, but I had a feeling that her sweet feminineexterior masked a dislike for males that could make my lifedifficult during the coming summer. Wanting to start myrelationship with my step-mom off on the right foot, I acquiescedto her demands.Due to my stressful academic life, I had always been a nailbiter. As soon as she noticed me nibbling on my fingers, shedemanded that I stop biting my nails, To help with this new rule,she began to manicure my nails, and kept them coated with clearpolish “to keep them from chipping.” Soon my nails resembledthose of many of the girls in my class. Even my evening attirechanged. Pajamas were out. In their place, I found Lanz flannelnightgowns to wear (she called them sleep shirts). Former vacations were spent hanging around with the guysfrom the old neighborhood. This vacation however, it seemed likeevery minute of the day was spent shopping for girl’s clothes forMrs. Locke’s many nieces, and I often had to hold the pendingpurchases while she looked for other items. This was great.Before, the closest I ever got to girl’s clothing was passingthrough the department on the way to the boy’s section. Now I wasable to closely examine the beginner bras, slips and dresses.Although I was excited to be able to touch such items again, Iwould have died if this had become public knowledge. Therefore itwas very embarrassing to be asked to hold dresses up against mybody, or to choose which color leotard my cousin Nancy wouldlike. Soon though, it happened so many times that I wasn’t evenembarrassed to carry nylon, ruffled panties, tights or slips tothe register for payment.The worst part of the whole deal came about when shesuddenly took me out of my old boarding school, and registered meat a place that I had never heard of called the Petite FilleAcademy. Not only did I have to spend my last week of vacationfilling out reams of paperwork, but I also had to go for aphysical exam with the school physician.After the usual array of questions, followed by the typicaltests that one expects during such an exam, the doctor told mystep-mother that I was suffering from a serious vitamindeficiency, and that starting immediately, she would have to putme on a year long, vitamin treatment program. The doctor gave mean injection right there in the office, and handed my mother aprescription for vitamins to be filled at the school pharmacy.The vitamins were unlike anything I had ever seen. They lookedlike big purple footballs.I entered my new school at the end of January, and settledinto a routine not completely different from my old school. ThePetite Fille Academy was a former girls finishing school, thatdecided to admit boys. Although a coed school now, most of thestudents were girls. The few boys, if you could call them that,looked like hippies, with long hair, and fair features. Most woreclothes that looked more like girl’s slacks and blouses than boyspants. No football players, or jocks here. All seemed effeminateto varying degrees. School uniforms were gray slacks and whiteshirts for the boys, and navy blue pleated skirts, white tights,white shiny blouses and black mary janes for the girls. If itwasn’t for the girl’s skirts, I wouldn’t be able to tell thedifference between the girls and many of the boys.Despite my adoption of a routine, the change of sceneryseemed to prompt a similar change in my personality. Despitetaking the vitamins every day, I felt sort of weak, and quite abit laid back. I originally missed the fact that PF Academylacked soccer, baseball and track, but after three weeks at theschool, I rarely thought about these male activities any more. Iactually began to enjoy the home ec, dance and baton twirlingclasses. I was spending a lot of time hanging around with thegirls on my hall, and soon fit in with the group as one of thegirls. Talking about boyfriends, makeup and fashions was muchmore interesting than sports, or cars.Before I knew it, summertime rolled around, and I wasexcited about the prospect of seeing all of my old friends backin New York. Unfortunately, my step mother had other ideas. Assoon as I arrived home, she told me that I was going to spend thesummer at her sister’s house in San Francisco, and that I wouldbe flying out of JFK the next morning. The next morning, I discovered that Mrs. Locke had alreadypacked my suitcase, and while she had packed toiletries, a Lanznightshirt, and a few other items, she neglected to include allof my clothes. For some reason, I had gained a lot of weight inthe hips that semester, and nothing seemed to fit. I told my stepmom before I arrived home about this weight gain, and she told menot to worry. She promised to take me shopping as soon as I gothome. When I asked about the missing clothes, she told me thatsince nothing fit, there was no point in carrying clothes on theplane. My aunt would take me shopping when I arrived inCalifornia.CHAPTER II – CALIFORNIA CHANGESWhen I arrived in California, Ms. Locke’s sister picked meup at the airport. Aunt Clara was the same age and had the samebuild as my step mother, but was considerably more domineering. Iquickly learned that she didn’t like boys very much, and was onlyletting me stay with her to give her sister a break from c***dcare chores. She informed me that she didn’t want me hangingaround all summer, so she had already arranged for me to get asummer job working for a friend of hers. She had alreadyscheduled an interview during the next afternoon, and warned menot to blow it. She told me that if I gave her any aggravation, Imight find myself in summer school instead of on vacation.Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled, but went along with herdemands. I figured a job was a lot better than summer school. Iasked her when we could go shopping for clothes for me to wear,but she indicated that the shopping trip could wait. Her friendwould provide me with a uniform for work time, and she had a fewthings that would fit me in the interim.The next morning, Aunt Clara took me downtown for myinterview, which happened to be at a Doctor’s office. Dr JenniferNelson was a friend of Aunt Clara’s and needed someone to dobasic office work, and filing. Although Dr. Nelson kept asking mea lot of questions about my skills, and experience, I got thesense that the interview was just a formality. At the end of ourmeeting, she offered me the job, and told me to show up tomorrow,at 9:00 AM sharp. While I was putting on my jacket, Dr. Nelsontold my aunt that she could pick up my uniforms at the Angels ofMercy uniform shop down the street. Her secretary would take careof phoning in the style and size information so that the orderwould be ready that afternoon.CHAPTER III – MY NEW UNIFORMThe next morning, my aunt woke me up at 5:00 AM to get me readyfor my first day at work. My aunt told me that she wanted me tolook very attractive for my new boss, and that she had picked upeverything I needed when she paid for the uniforms during theprior afternoon. After climbing out of my nightshirt, my aunt ledme to a bubbly, lilac scented bath of steaming water. After agood soak, my aunt washed and conditioned my hair, and thenpicked up a pink girl’s razor. She told me that the new uniformswere very expensive and made of a very delicate fabric that wouldpull if I didn’t have smooth skin. Despite my fantasies of beinga girl, I had never had any part of my body shaved. When I pulledmy legs away from her, she grabbed them and told me that shedidn’t spend all that money on clothes to have me ruin them thefirst week. Within five minutes, my legs and underarms weresmooth and shiny, and I was out of the tub drying myself with afluffy pink towel. When I was dried off, my aunt wrapped my hairin a towel so she could make it ‘look nice’ after I got dressed,hung the wet bath towel over the rod, and stood me on the bathmat. I began to protest when she grabbed the scented, women’sbody powder, but she began dusting me with the sweet smellingpowder anyway. In a tone that indicated that she rapidly losingpatience with me, she said that perspiration would also ruin theuniform, and that the powder and extra strong deodorant wouldhelp to keep me dry. When I told her that I would prefer straightbaby powder and men’s deodorant, she snapped that she wouldn’twaste the money to buy me special toiletries when I was leavingin three months. Her things would have to do.She coated my underarms with her deodorant, and told me tokeep my arms up while the feminine lotion dried. She went intothe adjoining bedroom to get what I thought was my only pair ofboy’s underpants.When she returned, I couldn’t believe what she held in herhand. Panties! She walked over to the padded dressing benchacross from the tub in the bathroom, and proceeded to lay out abrand new pair of nylon girl’s panties, a package of shimmerywhite tights, a satin girl’s vest, and a boxed control brief forteenagers. I backed up toward the wall, and proceeded to tell herthat there was no way I was going to wear girl’s underwear. Itold her that women’s toiletries were one thing, but girl’sundies were another.”I wouldn’t be caught dead in clothes like those” I said.”Well you don’t have a choice deary! Dr. Nelson’s choice ofuniform material necessitates underthings that are slippery andshiny to avoid pulls and wrinkles. If you try to wear the uniformwith boy’s things, it’ll ruin the expensive material. Besides,you have to interface with the public in your new job, and willhave to look your best. You can’t look your best with a wrinkly,poorly fitting uniform.””Why couldn’t we take it back?” I asked “and exchange it formore durable material?””Because” she glared with her hands on her hips, “Dr. Nelsonpicked out the uniform herself, and that is what she wants you towear. Besides, it’s too late to do anything about it right now. You have to get to work.”She picked up the white panties, and began removing thetags. The panties were cut very high on the leg opening, and hada small, triangular shaped, lace panel on the front. The materialwas almost satin-like in quality, and as my Aunt guided my feetinto the openings and slid them up my smooth legs, the softmaterial caused my penis to begin to get bigger. “See, that’s whyyou need to wear a girdle dear” she giggled. “We can’t have thatbulging out of your pants.” She tucked my penis down between mylegs and finished pulling the panties up to my waist. I thoughtthat my weight gain would make me difficult to fit, but Idiscovered that the panties fit perfectly. Although I was veryembarrassed standing in front of my Aunt in a pair of prettypanties, I suddenly realized how nice they looked and feltagainst the hips, made chubby by the starchy school food. Thehigh cut leg opening showed a lot of my leg, and the stretchysatin really made my bottom look….well….pretty. A smile creptover my face as I surveyed myself in the mirror.”Enough admiration dear. We have a lot to do.”She led me away from the mirror and over to the bench. Isuddenly noticed something interesting. The stern, domineeringdemeanor that initially characterized her attitude that morninghad melted into a doting, mother hen-type personality, thatseemed to increase with every garment that I put on. Instructingme to put my hands over my head, she picked up the white, satinvest and lowered it over my clean shaven body. The edges of thevest were lined with a small, frilly lace, and a shiny bowadorned the bodice at the neckline. She tucked the end of thevest into my panties, and sat me down on the bench. She nextpicked up the white tights and began removing them from thepackage.Aunt Clara said that shimmery tights were a lot shinier thanplain stockings, which would help keep my uniform nice and new.She took the white garment from the package, rolled up a leg andplaced the toe over my arched extended foot. She helped me to myfeet, and soon the stretchy top covered my pretty white panties.”Don’t you love the way pretty stockings make your legs lookso shapely? That’s why girls wear them dear. You’re going to lookfantastic in your uniform.””Yes Aunty” I replied like some zombie from a late nighthorror film. The material did indeed glisten in the light fromthe vanity mirror. I felt like I was in a dream world. The sweetaroma of the bath powder coupled with the soft caresses of my newunderthings took away all of the misgivings I had about dressingup in front of my aunt. I suddenly looked forward to trying on mynew uniform and joining the ranks of the working world as a youngwoman.”I know you do dear. You just wait to see how much fun weare going to have in the next couple of months. I know you’ll behappy that you decided to stay with Aunty Clara. Now then, letstry on your first girdle.”She looked at me with a wry look on her face. “I rememberwhen my mother bought me my first girdle. Normally girls your agedon’t start wearing girdles until they are teenagers. Your onlyeleven right?”I nodded, transfixed by her voice.”I am sure that your mother wouldn’t mind you starting earlythough. This is so pretty and will give you such a nice smoothoutline under your uniform. See, it’s designed especially foryoung teenagers just like you!” She took out the garment, andhanded me the now empty box.I blushed when I looked at the picture of the teenaged girlmodeling the girdle. She too was wearing stockings, but she alsowas wearing lots of makeup and a girl’s bra over her young,developing figure.The box read:”The perfect first panty girdle for today’s modern teen.”It was written as if the advertising women were talking to ateen’s mother or aunt.”Helps her stay smooth under all of her fashions. Satinfront panel gives firm support to the just developing figure.Lycra spandex blend provides cool, comfortable support in school,at home or out on the town. Ideal for p*****ns just starting toshow.”I giggled nervously.”Maybe I need to start wearing a bra too?” I looked sweetlyinto her eyes as she removed the tags from the girl’s girdle.”Tsk Tsk Tsk. I really don’t think you’re quite ready for abra yet dear. After all, boys don’t have much to put into one!”I suddenly awakened from my dreamy state, and rememberedthat I was a boy dressed in panties and tights. I felt veryembarrassed with the comment and tears started coming to my eyes.”It’s ok dear. Don’t cry honey.” She put her arms around meand buried my face in the nylon of her lacy blouse.”All boys would love to do what you are doing, but they justdon’t get the chance. I promise that I’ll take you shopping for abra when you’re ready.”Her smile made me relax, even though I couldn’t tell if shewas k**ding or being serious. On one hand, I wanted to fantasizewhat it would feel like to be the girl on the box, wearing asatiny training bra. On the other hand, I was a boy, and wasgoing along with this uniform to stay out of summer school. Sheturned to me with the girdle in her hand and lifted my chin.”Would you someday like to play dress up with Aunty, and wear adress like a real girl? Maybe then Aunty can teach you aboutmakeup, hair styling, slips, and dresses. Would you like thatdear?” Her gaze melted into my heart. I nodded, wiping the tearsfrom my eyes.”I’ll bet you’d look beautiful in a pretty petticoat andheels.” She dropped my chin and held up the new girdle, andsquatted down next to me. “Anyway, we have to get moving if we’renot going to be late. Step into the legs dear.”I did what I was told, and soon, the tight, elastic garmentwas in place covering my male appendage. With the girdle, therewas no bump or bulge to give away the fact that I was a boy ingirl’s clothes. Despite the fact that many of the girls in theupper grades of my school always complained about the girdlesthat were mandatory attire for female students over the age of13, I enjoyed the feeling of security that the garment provided.My cute buns that suddenly chubbed out during the last year atschool, looked firm and toned under the white elastic. I secretlyhoped that I would be able to wear my new girdle all summer, evenunder my boy’s clothes. It was almost as if she read my mind. “Now then. There’senough underthings in your dresser to carry you for the week.There’s no point in buying any boy’s underwear since you will nothave a need for it five days out of seven. You’ll have to wearyour panties and vest on weekends. You don’t mind do you?”I was back under her spell. “No ma’am. Can I wear my girdletoo?”She responded “Of course dear. I didn’t buy socks for you soyou’ll have to wear tights. Tights stay up so much better with agirdle. Next summer, you’ll be old enough to wear a girdle withgarters and stockings just like Aunty. Besides you have to keepworking on that figure!” She laughed as she led me out into thebed room. She sat me down on the bed, picked up the dry cleaningbag, and unzipped the plastic covering. That’s when I got myfirst look at my uniform.Dr. Nelson choice was obviously designed for a girl. Theslacks were white polyester like those worn by most nurses. Theyzipped and buttoned in the back, and had been tailored to mywaist measurement since there was no elastic in the waistband.The top was a plain, white polyester blouse, with buttons in theback. The material was very similar to the nylon on the front ofmy panty girdle, all shiny and slippery. My aunt unbuttoned theblouse, and after helping me into the sleeves, buttoned up theback. Unfortunately, there was a problem.”Hmm. This won’t do at all. I can see your vest rightthrough the thin fabric of the blouse, and it looks terrible. Thevest is too clingy. You look like a little girl. I guess you’llhave to borrow one of my camisoles. She left the room, and soon,returned with a plain nylon camisole with spaghetti straps. Offcame the blouse and vest, and on went the camisole.”Much better dear” as she buttoned up the blouse again. “Fornow you can borrow mine, but this afternoon, I will pick you up afew at the store.”Next came the slacks, which she helped me pull up over myhips. When zipped and buttoned, the slacks fit over my chubbyhips like a glove.”These slacks fit you much better than your boy’s jeans. Youhave hips just like a teenage girl.” She picked up the whitenurses shoes and began lacing them up onto my feet. She noticedmy blushing embarrassed look and took my hand.”Don’t be embarrassed dear. All members of this family havebig hips. There’s no real difference between boys jeans andjunior jeans, except in the hip area. You really should wearwhat’s comfortable. Don’t you agree that you do fit better inthese slacks?”I nodded my head. She stepped behind me and put her hands onmy hips.”See, they hug your hips smoothly, but also fit your smallerwaist. Boy’s jeans are the same width from the hips up. Your ownpants are tight in the hips and baggy in the waist. You even toldme yourself.”She took me by the hand and led me over to her dressingtable. After a bit of hair spray, some work with a curling iron,and some powder and blush for my cheeks (to absorb oil andprevent acne she said), she pronounced me ready for work. Weclimbed into the car, and drove me to the office promising topick me up by 5:00 PM.CHAPTER IV – FINALLY WORKINGWhen Dr. Nelson arrived, she immediately complemented me onmy uniform and overall dress. She told me that my aunt had done agreat job with me, and that I looked very professional for myfirst day of work. I commented that I thought I looked toofeminine, but she reassured me that all medical office helpdressed this way. She said that it calmed the patients. She evencomplemented me on my camisole indicating that it looked morestylish than girlish.Soon I was busy at work, greeting patients, sorting files,and stuffing envelopes with bills. By the end of the day, I hadalready become a functional part of the office staff. All of thesecretaries and other nurses agreed that I was a perfect additionto the office. The good news was that by the end of the day, Iwas on a first name basis with everyone. The bad news was thatthe chief secretary had introduced me as Chrissy to a patient,and the name stuck. After trying to straighten out the mistake, Ifinally gave in, and started introducing myself as Chrissy.My regime of vitamin taking continued. By this time, Dr.Nelson had taken over my therapy, and along with administeringthe shots, advised continuation with the pills.Things were also changing at Aunt Clara’s house. When I gothome from work, I would change out of my uniform, and help Auntycook dinner. Then after washing the dishes, my aunt wouldmanicure my nails (to make sure they were presentable to thepublic).”Dirty chipped nails are not sanitary in a doctor’s office”she said, and would spend 1/2 hour per night removing cuticles,filing nails, and applying two coats of clear nail polish as aprotector. I kept my nails long on account of my step mother’sattempts to stop my nail biting, so by the end of the week, mynails were as long any woman’s.When I asked Aunt Clara to cut them, she forbid me to touchmy nails because I would surely mess them up, and told me shewould cut them in time. “Besides” she said, “office girls needlong nails to work with all that paper. You do want them toconsider you to be one of the girls don’t you?” As a result, mylong nails stayed.CHAPTER V – FROM BOY TO GIRLThat Sunday night offered the first inkling that my aunt wastrying to change me into a girl. All week, I had been wearing myLanz night shirt to bed, and lately had noticed that the flannelfelt weird against my shaved skin. The cotton really itched, andI couldn’t get to sleep. I complained to my aunt about it, and onWednesday, she bought me some pink cotton panties, hoping thatthe soft cotton would reduce the irritation. It didn’t work. Theyfelt too much like my boy’s underpants.By Sunday night, my aunt had lost all patience with me. Mytossing and turning all week had kept my aunt from getting a goodnight sleep, and my her domineering attitude had returned inspades. After a thorough bath, leg shaving, and powdering, shesat me down in my panties and nightgown and began to work on mynails. That’s when the problems started.”Did you get the clear polish that I asked you to pick upwhen you went to the d**g store?.” She stopped filing and lookedup at me.I looked at her blankly and responded “What polish? You onlytold me to get Kleenex and Shampoo.” After last night’s dinner,my aunt had sent me to the local d**g store.”I told you to get clear polish for your nails. I used thelast of it yesterday, and told you to pick up some more. How didyou forget?” I sensed that she was getting angry.”I’m sorry aunty. I didn’t mean to forget. I’ll walk overtomorrow after work to pick some up.””So what am I suppose to put on your nails tonight, dearie?Unreal! Sometimes boys can be so stupid!” She looked up at mewith disgust.”Well, nothing I guess. Tonight we can skip the polish andI’ll be extra careful not to break a nail.” I sensed that I hadbetter find a way to quickly end this argument.”And ruin a week’s worth of my work? You really are stupid.I’m not going to let you out of this chair until you have a coaton those nails.”A sinister smirk crossed her face. “I guess I’ll have to usePink.” She reached for a bottle of Marvelous Mauve polish andgrabbed my hand.”Please aunty, I’ll be the laughingstock of the office. Ican’t wear pink. Please!””Pink will match your beautiful new pink blouse I bought youthis afternoon. A femme boy like you will love it. It has lacearound the collar and is very see through. All the women will beable to see your new camisole!. You’ll be so pretty when you goto work on Monday! Now hold still or I’ll send you to work in adress.”She locked my hand to the table, and soon, all tenfingernails and toe nails were painted a beautiful shade of pink.When they were dry, she sent me up to my room to get ready forbed.Then things got worse. That evening, my cotton nightgownreally felt uncomfortable. For some reason, my breasts were verysensitive. Perhaps it was due to the extra-close shaving that myaunt performed on my body, or perhaps I was upset over thefeminine manicure. I kept tossing and turning and couldn’t fallasleep.After yelling at me three times to quiet down, Aunt Clarafinally lost her temper. Turning on the lights, she stormed intothe room.”Well sissy boy. Don’t like your night shirt hmm? Wellperhaps nightshirts are too masculine for sissies like you!”She jerked me out of bed onto the floor. Off came the Lanz,and cotton panties. Leaving me naked, she stormed back to herroom with my night clothes. Soon she returned.”If you’re going to whine like a girl, then I’m going totreat you just like a little girl. Put this on for aunty,precious.”She held out a mound of pink satin. When I held it up, Irealized it was a pink baby doll nighty with matching ruffledrhumba panties just like little girls would wear.”Put these on first.” She threw a pair of plain, pink satingirl’s panties, and a pair of pink, shimmery tights into my face.”Please aunty, I promise I’ll be good. Just bring back mynight shirt” I begged her to give me another chance.”You’re giving me so much trouble that I think I’ll send youto work tomorrow in a dress. Just like a little sissy.” Shesmiled at the tears running down my face.”Ok. Ok. Please not that. I’ll do as you say.” I ran over tothe bed, and quickly donned the panties and tights.”Now, pull the lacy panties up over the tights. Aren’t theyprecious honey? So feminine for such a pretty little girl.” Shepicked up the rhumba panties from the bed and handed them to me.I immediately pulled them over my tights. Next, she picked up thenighty and dropped it over my head. As usual, she had picked mysize, and the puffed sleeves hung perfectly over my body.”Such a pretty little princess. You look just like a fairy.From now on, this is how you will dress after dinner to get yournails done. Tomorrow, I am even going to buy you new baby dolls,so you never have to wear those awful night shirts again. Now goto bed little one. Give aunty a kissy.” She walked out of theroom, and turned out the lights.The next morning, Aunty allowed me to dress myself in theusual panties, white tights, and girdle. As promised, I kept mypink nails, which did indeed match my new blouse and matchingpink camisole. Aunty said that she bought me a pink camisolebecause she didn’t want my lingerie to show under the blouse. Thematerial was so sheer however, that I knew everyone could easilysee the lace trim and satin bow on the front. Luckily the dayproceeded uneventfully. All of my fellow secretaries commentedhow nice my nails looked, and how impressed they were that Iwanted my nail color to match my new blouse. I figured that theywould object to having a boy dress in such a feminine manner, butthey told me that they appreciated my aunt’s efforts to make mefit in with the rest of the staff.CHAPTER VI – FAIRY FOR A WEEKThe rest of the week flew by. Every day, my aunt would dropme off at the doctor’s office, and would pick me up after work. On Friday, my feminization really shifted into first gear. WhenI was cleaning up my desk at the end of the day, Dr. Nelson toldme that Aunt Clara had called, and had asked her to drive mehome. Aunty told Dr. Nelson that she was entertaining a friendand couldn’t come to pick me up. I grabbed my new purse that myaunt had bought for me to hold my powder and climbed into Dr.Nelson’s car.On the ride home, I really felt grown up. Dr. Nelson told mehow much the other secretaries liked having me as an officeassistant. She told me that initially, she wasn’t sure how well Iwas going to fit in with the all-girl office, but after seeing mework, she was happy to see how much effort I expended to getalong with everyone. She told me that “the girls” especiallyliked the new additions to my wardrobe, and they all hoped that Iwould continue to wear such pretty clothes with my uniformslacks.”The girls are very conscientious about their appearance”Dr. Nelson said, “and were concerned that you might clash withtheir clothes.” From these comments, I could only assume that Iwas really becoming one of the girls. Instead of feelingembarrassed about my pink nails and see through blouse like lastnight, I now felt proud about how well I was getting along withmy co-workers. Not proud enough though, to meet my Aunt’s frienddressed in such a feminine manner.When Dr. Nelson dropped me at the end of the driveway, Iquietly entered the house through the back door, and creptupstairs. I changed into the single pair of ill-fitting boy’sjeans, and my old gray sweatshirt, and proceeded to wash off themakeup, that made me look so much like a girl. I headeddownstairs for supper.When I rounded the corner into the dining room, I couldn’tbelieve what I saw. There, on the dining room table, amidst thecoffee cups and raspberry danish crumbs lay my rhumba panties,tights and baby doll nighty.”Well look who’s home from work. Our own fairy princess.Chrissy dear, say hello to Mrs. Morgan. I was just showing heryour pretty panties, tights and nighty, and telling her how muchyou love dressing up like a cute little girl. Isn’t that right?”I couldn’t respond. I was shocked that my Aunt would betraymy confidence to the outside world.”Mrs. Morgan is putting on a play at the girl’s club, andher head fairy is sick. I’ll bet you’d love to take her place!” All I could do was shake my head. My mouth was frozen shut. Howcould this be happening? Mrs. Morgan got a doubtful look on her face. “Gee Clara,Chrissy does appear to be the right size, but I honestly don’tthink he would look anything like a girl.”My aunt smiled and quickly responded. “Well, why don’t yousee for yourself. I am sure Chrissy would love to model herpretty new things. She always did want to go to modeling school.””Aunty, please no.” My eyes pleaded for leniency from myAunt’s strange sense of humor. Unfortunately, Mrs. Morgan seemedto warm to the idea of seeing a boy dressed up as a girl.”Clara, what a great idea. I would love to see Chrissydressed in her baby doll and panties. Can I give you a hand?”My aunt grabbed my hand and started to lead me up the stairsto the bedroom. “Grab Chrissy’s undies, and lets get started.”Mrs. Morgan picked up the panties, tights, and nighty, and thetwo women herded me upstairs.I tried to fight them as they dragged me toward the bedroom,but the two women were much stronger than I. By the time I got tomy Aunt’s bedroom, I had no strength left in my body. Mrs. Morganpulled the sweatshirt over my head, while Aunt Clara, unbuttonedmy jeans, and pulled my underpants down to my ankles. By thistime the sweatshirt was over my head, holding my arms frommoving. Someone pushed me down onto my back, and in one fellswoop, I was naked on the bed.”I’m going to throw these boy’s clothes in the trashcompactor. Since I dressed him last night, I’ll let you have thehonors tonight.” My aunt headed down the stairs carrying the lasttie to my masculine life. Considering the circumstances, Idecided to plead for clemency.”Please Mrs. Morgan. I’m so embarrassed. Just tell Auntythat I am the wrong size, and let me go. Please? Can’t youunderstand how humiliating it is to wear these things?” I pointedto the pile of satin in her hands. Suddenly, this hateful lookcrossed her face.”Of course. That’s why I want to take part in making youAunty’s pretty little princess. I already know that you’ll fitinto Melissa’s costume, but I’ve always wanted to dress a boy asa girl. Now I have the perfect opportunity to do as I wish withmy own little boy! And let me tell you sister, if you think thatthis is bad, you just wait. You think you’ll just be able to wearyour costume over your jeans? Guess again. I am going to doeverything I can to make you into a proper little girl. Just wait’till dress rehearsal. You do know why they call it dressrehearsal don’t you?!”I shook my head.Well you’ll find out soon enough. Now then, unless you wantme to tell your aunt to send you to work in a dress, I wouldsuggest we get started.” She picked up the plain panties, kneltin front of me, and held open the waist. “Let’s see how Chrissyputs on her satiny panties.”Resigned to my fate, I lifted my shaved leg, and pointed mytoe toward the floor. Mrs. Morgan put the opening, first under myright foot and then under my left, slid the panties up my legs,and covered my private parts.”See dear. Don’t these feel so pretty? Much better thanthose nasty briefs. Now, lets get your tights.” She picked up thepink Danskins.”Oooh, shimmery tights. Aunty really knows how to make herlittle boy pretty.” She rolled the toe of the stockings over myfeet, and carefully pulled them up over my bottom.As the tights reached my waist, my aunt reentered thebedroom.”Doesn’t he make an adorable niece?” my aunt gushed as shesurveyed her nephew, once again clad in panties and pink tights.”Absolutely. You know you were right. This IS much betterthan having a daughter.” She picked up the lacy, rhumba panties,and held them up to my aunt.”Where on earth did you get these? They are so adorable? Ididn’t think that anyone sold these anymore.” Not waiting for ananswer, she pulled them over my tights before my aunt couldrespond.”The Proper Princess in Santa Clara of course. Theproprietors are a couple of elderly women who remember just howprettily girls dressed back in the sixties. They have factoriesin the Orient that make old fashioned petticoats, rhumba panties,bouffant slips, girdles, garter belts and sweater bras, all forgirls from 5 – teen. Of course, they also stock things forspecial boys like Chrissy. You should see some of the Nylon partydresses that they have in the shop. Chrissy would look great in aparty dress. I even saw some satin, sanitary napkin belts forteenagers there. Talk about sugar and spice and everything nice!”Without looking up from the task of adjusting the fit of mylacy overpanty, Mrs. Morgan continued with the conversation.”Wow. You don’t see those things around much any more. Ialways thought belted napkins were much more feminine than thosestick in kind. Did you buy Chrissy one? She might be having herperiod soon!” Both women burst out laughing.”No not yet. I think it is still too early for Chrissy tomake the transition from c***dhood to young womanhood. All in duetime thought. I did tell them about Chrissy, and they thoughtthat having a nephew who really wanted to be a niece was divine.They told me to bring our Chrissy in anytime to start building awardrobe suitable for an eleven year old.”By this time, Mrs. Morgan had lowered the baby doll over myhead, and was fluffing my hair.”Well, are you going to take her shopping?” I looked up inhorror, waiting for the answer that might determine my futurefate.”Well, maybe. It depends on whether or not Chrissy behaveshimself.” Aunty looked at her friend. “See, didn’t I tell youthat Chrissy would make a perfect pixie.”Mrs. Morgan looked at me and spun me around to get a goodlook at my new clothes. “Chrissy. I never would have believed it,but you look absolutely exquisite. Just like a ten year oldgirl.” She reinforced my humiliation by patting my panty cladbottom. I felt sick to my stomach, and slumped onto the bed.Mrs. Morgan went on.”Let me tell you about the production dear.” She sat downnext to me on the bed. “I am the director of a play being stagedby the Carlisle Academy Girls Theater Company. It’s called “TheFairy Princess in Pixieland”, and it’s all about this little girlwho dreams that she travels to the land of Pixies, and is changedinto a fairy princess. The play opens in one week, and one of ourhead pixies has come down with a dreadful case of stomach flu.The problem is that we have already ordered all of the costumes,and none of the stand ins are the right size. I happened tomention our little problem to your aunt, and she mentioned howmuch you enjoyed your school theater group, and how much you’dlove to join our little production. And guess what? You reallyARE the perfect size for the costume. Now I know that we have anall girls theater company, but you shouldn’t have any trouble.After all, in your nighty, you really do look just like one ofthe girls.”She continued. “Now the part is real easy. There are nolines to memorize or anything. All you have to do is sit there,and smile pretty. You’ll even get to wear stage makeup like agrownup!” She seemed to enjoy the fact that I couldn’t blush moreif I tried.On one hand, I really wanted to say yes, but would bemortified to go out in front of people dressed like that.Besides, I was so angry over this intentional humiliation at thehands of my aunt, I had no intention on cooperating. I took twodeep breaths, and responded.”Thank you Mrs. Morgan, but I don’t think so. I have to wearthese pajamas because I am allergic to the cotton nightshirtsthat my mom bought for me. I don’t really want to be one of thegirls.” Things were proceeding so fast, that I was terrified thatthis “one of the girls” thing was getting too far out of hand.Suddenly my aunt dropped a bombshell. “Well dear, if youaren’t one of the girls, then why are you wearing pink nailpolish? Perhaps you’d also like to show Mrs. Morgan your newpanty girdle.” She turned to Mrs. Morgan. “How many boys do youknow who wear teen panty girdles? He even asked if we could goshopping for a training bra.”Aunt Clara surveyed my satin-clad body. “Perhaps we should.Do you think he is ready for his first bra? He’s only eleven youknow!”Mrs. Morgan looked at my aunt and smiled. “Clara, you reallyare still living in the sixties. A training bra is veryappropriate for an eleven year old. Some girls in our theatertroupe who wear them are only ten years old. Now then how aboutit Chrissy? Do you really want to go shopping for your first bra,and be in our production?” Darn! I forgot that my nails were still pink from lastnight’s session. It was obvious that this was a set up and that Icouldn’t get out of this mess. Sensing victory, my aunt didn’twait for me to respond.”Of course Chrissy would love to be in your play. When doesrehearsal start?” She shot a triumphant look in my direction.Mrs. Morgan turned to me and held my hands. “Marvelous.Final rehearsals start on Monday at 6:00 PM. I’ll bring over thecostume tomorrow afternoon to see if any alterations arenecessary. Otherwise, have her there at 6:00 on Monday.” Mrs.Morgan’s face was beaming.”As far as a bra goes, we’ll have to see how developedChrissy is when I bring the costume over for her to try.” Mrs.Morgan winked at my aunt, and began gathering up her things.I tried to muster as much masculine determination aspossible. “I am not a her, and I don’t need a bra!” I stood upand crossed my hands in front of me in an attempt to hide myfeminine fingernails.”Let us be the judge of that young lady.” Both womengiggled. “We can’t have your boobies bouncing around under yourpixie costume, now can we?” The giggles turned to laughter asboth women headed for the door.As Aunt Clara bid Mrs. Morgan good-bye, I sat back in thechair, too weary to contemplate my latest humiliation.”I’m not doing it. I am not a girl, and I don’t like beingcalled one. Who do you think I am? Your niece? Get real!” Iturned away with disgust.”Enough of that impertinence young lady. Let’s get somethingstraight.” She grabbed my chin tightly in her hand, and looked mestraight in the eyes. “If I tell you that you are a girl, thenyou will be a girl!. I can easily send photos of you in yournighty to your mother, or your friends at school. I can dress youin skirts, and send you out for a quart of milk. What I say goes,and you’d better do EXACTLY as I say. Otherwise, I’m going tomake this 1000 times worse for you!”She released my chin, and sat down on the bed. “I told Janethat you would help her out, and you are going to follow throughon that promise.What choice did I have? I already knew how much she enjoyedhumiliating me. If I refused the part, she would make sure thateveryone knew that I was a sissy boy, a femme, or a fairy. If Idid go along, I might be able to keep this humiliating summerunder wraps. Besides, despite what Mrs. Morgan threatened,costumes did go over your original clothes, and I probably couldwear my boy’s underpants and socks to cement my status in frontof these other girls. Aunty would HAVE to go along with that.And the bra stories? Probably just designed to scare me intogoing along with the deal. What did I have to put in a braanyway?”all right, I agree. But as long as you promise to cool thegirl stuff from now on!””Of course dearest, your the sweetest!” She kissed me on theforehead. “I’ll even let you wear your nightshirt tonight,instead of your baby doll. See, I know that you want to beAunty’s little man.” She strode over to the closet, opened thedoor, and lifted my nightshirt out of the laundry basket.”Oh, I’m sorry Chrissy. I didn’t wash your nightshirt. Youdon’t mind wearing your baby doll to bed do you? I promise towash it tomorrow.” She kissed me again and hugged me to her body.Mrs. Morgan ‘the bitch’ was gone, and the sweet, loving motherfigure had returned. She was being so sweet and all, that Itotally believed her words.”No aunty. I don’t mind.” Besides, the nylon did feel muchbetter than the cotton.”Perfect. Now go brush your teeth, and I’ll see you in themorning. You’ll have to find something to keep you busy tomorrow.I have a long report to write for work on Monday, and I can’t bedisturbed. Now I suggest that you hit the sack. It’s reallygetting late.”After I brushed my teeth, she led me over to my bed, andtucked in the covers around me. “Isn’t Mrs. Morgan nice?” sheexclaimed as she turned out the lights.As I closed my eyes, I said to myself “Yeah. Mrs. Morgan isperfect….as a witch.” Secretly, I was enjoying the opportunityto fulfill many c***dhood fantasies about becoming a girl, but mytransformation was proceeding along much too fast. I hoped thatsoon, things would get better, and this girlish stuff would slowdown. I didn’t know how wrong I was.CHAPTER 7 – THE COSTUMEDue to all the stress of the previous evening’s activities,I hoped to sleep past my usual weekend wake up time of 9:00 AM.Unfortunately, I didn’t count on my aunt’s plans. At 7:00, myaunt breezed into my room, pulled up the shades, leaving meblinking in the strong sun.”Wake up dearest. Today’s costume fitting day! Mrs. Morganjust called and came up with a great idea. She suggested that youattend this weekend’s afternoon rehearsals to get a feel for yourpart. Since I have work to do, Mrs. Morgan suggested that youcould stay with her for the weekend, and she would take you tothe theater. Isn’t that sweet of her?””Indubitably.” I tried to muster as much sarcasm aspossible. Somehow I knew that this would not be as simple as alift to rehearsal, but I didn’t see that I had much choice in thematter. She pulled off my covers and headed for the bathroom. “I’llrun your bath, and while your in the tub, I’ll lay out yourclothes. Mrs. Morgan lent you some boyish slacks and shirts thatbelonged to her daughter. I told her about your chubby hips, andshe thought that these would fit you instead of buying brand newclothes. I’ll leave your undies on the chair.”Resigned to my fate, I took off the baby doll, panties, andtights, and after putting them in the laundry basket, I grabbed afresh towel and headed for the bathroom. As I hung up the towelnext to the hot, steaming tub, I noticed the usual pink nylonpanties, and one of my girdles. Instead of tights and a camisole,I found the girl’s satin vest that I tried on during my first dayat work, and a pair of white, opaque, shiny knee high stockings.I turned toward the door, and yelled down the hall”Aunty, where are my tights and camisole, and how come Ihave to wear these other things?”My aunt poked her head into the bathroom. “Because silly. InDr. Nelson’s office, you have to fit in with a group that is mucholder than yourself. At Sunday’s rehearsal, you be with girls whoare younger just like you. Besides, Mrs. Morgan sent them alongwith the slacks and shirts. Now hurry up. Mrs. Morgan isexpecting you in 3/4 of an hour. Make sure you shave your legstoo. They are getting stubbly. Don’t bother with your hair. Youdon’t have time this morning.”I didn’t see any stubble, but did as I was told anyway. Infifteen minutes, I quickly completed my bath, took care of mylegs and underarms, and quickly rinsed off the suds from thebubble bath. I hopped out of the tub, dried my smooth body,dusted myself with bath powder, applied deodorant, and slid onthe undergarments laying on the dressing bench. I hurried into myaunt’s bedroom.There on the bed, lay a pair of pale blue stirrup pants, asoft pullover sweater and a lavender blouse with buttons on thefront. I pulled on the pants, pulled the stirrup under my feet,buttoned up my blouse, and pulled on my sweater. My aunt combedmy hair with a part in the middle, and after a few dabs of facialpowder, we were ready to go. We hopped in the car, and droveacross town to Mrs. Morgan’s neighborhood. With a kiss on theface, she dropped me off in front of the house, and drove away asI rang the bell. Almost as soon as I pushed the doorbell, thedoor opened.”Good morning Chrissy. How did you sleep in your prettynighty last night? Do you like the clothes that I dropped offlast night? They fit you marvelously.”I blushed at her comments, and offered a reserved thank you.If someone else was listening in to this incredible conversation!I would have melted into the ground.”Well don’t just stand there, come inside. As soon as I getrid of this coffee, we can get started with the costume. I knowyou’ll like it since it’s much prettier than your baby dolls!”She closed the door behind me, and led me through the living roomand into the kitchen where she rinsed out her cup.”You know, your aunt told me all about your wanting to be agirl. She said that your step-mother found pictures in the familyphoto album of you dressed as a girl for a Halloween party whenyou were 5. She said that your grandmother use to love making youpretty. Was that true?”I couldn’t believe that my grandmother had betrayed ourlittle secret. I also was kind of disappointed that someone elsein my family who had seen the pictures didn’t pick up wheregrandma left off. In spite of these feelings, I was terrified ofhaving anything to do with dressing up around an obviousstranger. I shook my head, and started mumbling about Halloween.Mrs. Morgan quickly cut in. “Well, I hope that you can learnto like being a pretty girl because it will be a lot easier onyou if you do. If you choose to fight me on this, it will be 1000times more humiliating than if you cooperate. Do you want me totell all the neighbors the newest pixie is really a fairy littleboy? Hmm? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if everyone thought thatyou were just another girl?”She had a point. I didn’t relish the thought of wearing atutu, tights and makeup while looking like a boy. I wanted toavoid attention to get the whole mess over with. The humiliationof being crossdressed in public was a lot worse than getting thechance to fulfill my dreams again. Mrs. Morgan’s voiceinterrupted my train of thought.”Besides, if you enjoy being made a girl as much as everyonesays, we can have so much fun together this weekend. I’ve alwayswanted to dress a pretty boy as a girl, and you’d make aperfectly darling new daughter. I promise I won’t tell anyone aslong as you tell me not to. It will be our little secret.” Shesmiled and waited for my answer.Well, the syrupy sound of her voice worked its magic, andthe soft touch of her hand erased all fear of public exposure. It brought back all of the fantastic memories of my last visit tograndma’s house six years ago.”Are you sure that no one else will find out?” I whispered.”As long as you do exactly as I say, no one will ever findout. I’ll bet you’d love to wear all kinds of makeup wouldn’tyou? Did your grandmother put makeup on you?” She picked up myhand, and looked into my face.I nodded sheepishly, while a broad smile crept across mylips.”Well, if you want, I can put makeup on you too! Well, whydon’t we get started making my new daughter pretty.” She pickedup my hand and led me upstairs into the master bedroom of thehouse.There were clothes laid out all over the queen sized bed,and I started to shake when I began to suspect that my new auntybought all of these pretty things for me.”Mrs. Morgan, I thought I was just going to try on a pixiecostume.” I pointed to all of the clothes on the bed. “Who arethese pretty things for?””Why you dearest.” She started unbuttoning my blouse. “Firstoff, you need the proper underfashions for the pixie costume tolook right. Second, you’re going to need something to wear to getyou over to the school for rehearsal. These clothes are much tooboyish for you. You don’t want to look boyish do you dear?”She took my shoes off, and began working on my blouse.”And since you’re my new daughter, you can quit with theMrs. Morgan stuff, and call me aunty!”It was almost like falling down the rabbit hole into afantasy world. My new aunty was going to make me pretty, and noone would know our little secret. She finished with the lastbutton on the blouse, took it off my shoulders, and pulled downmy stirrup pants.The tights, panties and vest followed, until I was naked.Her sweet attitude had totally removed any fear or concern on mypart about what lay ahead for the weekend. I actually loved thefact that I was standing with no clothes on in front of thisstrange woman, awaiting my transition from young man to youngwoman.”Now for this costume, you need special panties. You reallyneed to wear a girdle to keep you from bulging under the clingyfabric, but a girdle would show under the short puffy skirt.That’s why I got you something that should keep you all snug downthere.”She picked up a bag, tore open the plastic, and removed awhite, elastic garment from the bag.”This is called a dance belt.” she explained as she held upthe garment in front of my face. The belt looked like a pair ofvery-high cut panties without backs. The front was a plain,heavy, satin-like material, triangular in shape, with light lacetrim around the edge, and a bow at the waist. In the crotch area,the heavy material narrowed down into a very strong elasticstrap, that went all the way up the back to the waist. The waistband itself was a similar kind of white elastic strap that satlow on the hips, but was only 3/4 of an inch in diameter.She picked up a powder puff, and dusted my private parts tokeep them dry and comfortable. Next, she had me place my legsthrough the loops, and pulled the belt up to my thighs. Shereached over to the bed, and picked up what looked like asanitary napkin that was much thinner than the ones that I saw inmy mother’s bathroom.”Now I know how excited young boys can get when they get towear frills and lace, and we can’t have you messing up yourcostume now can we? So let aunty put this panty liner into yourbelt to keep you nice and clean. Ok?”Mesmerized, I nodded agreement. She unpeeled the stickyback, and stuck the liner into the front of the belt. She stoodup, stepped behind me, and worked the belt over my hips whiletucking me into the front of the garment. As she pulled the beltinto place, the back elastic strap disappeared between my cheeks.”There. Perfect. Next we need tights.” She picked up thepackage, and removed the stockings. The tights were the standardshimmery kind, except this time they were powder blue in color.Since I had been putting on tights for the last two weeks, I tookthem from my new aunty, and pulled them up over the dance belt.”My aren’t you an expert! Have you been dressing up insecret?”I shook my head. Turning me around, she surveyed theabbreviated panty line under the tights.”You know, if I took a picture of you from the waist down,you’d look just like a girl. I can’t even tell you have a peepee.”As I looked into the mirror, I could tell that she wasright. My tights and dance belt made my penis totally disappear.”Now dear, the skirt on the costume is very short, so theaudience will probably be able to see underneath, so we are goingto wear these lacy panties to give them something pretty to lookat! See, these are just like your pink ones that you wear underyour nighty.” These rhumba panties were even more frilly than the ones myaunt picked out. They were made of what my aunt called taffeta,and had an inch of soft, net-type ruffles around the leg opening.Rows of lace were sewed every inch or so across the rear. Thewaist band was hidden in the taffeta, while two white bows gracedthe hips of the garment.”What’s a petticoat?” I asked as I pulled up the fancypanties.”Have you ever worn a half slip dear?”I shook my head. I knew what a slip was, but I wanted her totell me herself. The way she talked to me made me feel just likeher daughter.”Well, a half slip is just like a nylon skirt with anelastic waist. It gives you modesty under a sheer skirt to keepthe boys from seeing your legs. It also protects your stockingsand panties from the rough wool or cotton material. A petticoatis a fluffy slip that helps to hold your skirt out nice and wideso that you look like a ballerina.”She held up a white skirt of sorts that looked like it wasmade of layers and layers of material.”See? we ordered one with each costume.”The outside layer was a thin, see through, lightweighttulle, which lay over four alternating layers of taffeta andnylon net. The outside layer of taffeta had been embroidered withlace rose flowers which were faintly visible under the tulle. Alarge nylon bow accented the front. The edges were all linedwith lace trim.Mrs. Morgan motioned me to put my arms over my head, andlowered the petticoat over my head until it hung over my chubbyhips. I looked into the mirror and discovered that she was right.The edge of my panties did indeed peek out from underneath theshort slip.Mrs. Morgan walked over to the door, and picked up a garmentbag that had been hanging over the edge. She unzipped the bag,and removed the most beautiful pixie costume I had ever seen. Itwas prettier than anything I ever dreamed about. So pretty infact, that I felt woozy just thinking that I would soon bewearing such a dance dress. The skirt was made of the same lightblue sheer tulle as the outer layer of the petticoat I was nowwearing. It was obvious that my pretty petticoat would showthrough the skirt. The bodice of the dress looked like a clingy,very shiny lycra leotard with sheer sleeves.Mrs. Morgan unzipped the back of the dress, and took it offthe hanger. Without any prompting, I put my hands over my head.She guided my hands into the sleeves, and lowered the skirt overmy petticoat. I could barely stop shaking as she zipped up theback, and adjusted the dress covering my body.”Oh aunty! It’s beautiful. It feels incredible to be wearingsuch pretty things! I want to be your daughter forever!”I pirouetted in front of the three sided mirror and felt thesatiny undergarments sliding over my nylon encased legs. This wasbetter than anything I had ever imagined.”You look just like an angel! Your aunt was right that youwould make a perfect pixie! With the right hair style, andmakeup, you’ll be the prettiest pixie in the show! Let me look atyou.” She sat down on the bed, and made me walk in front of her.I felt like a fashion model on a runway as I tried to emulate thesteps of a typical female model.”Do I really look good?” I wanted to hear how pretty I wasover and over again.”I knew you’d be the right size honey. The costume fitsperfectly. Just think, you will be wearing this costume for dressrehearsal on Wednesday and Thursday, and for performances onFriday night, Saturday Afternoon, and evening, and SundayAfternoon. Aren’t you a lucky duck!”I stood mesmerized as I stared at my feminine form in thefull length mirror. Here I was, dressed like a pixie, in acostume that I would have to wear for six whole performances. Mywearing a dress again convinced me that I didn’t want to be a boyanymore, and I was glad that I would be spending a lot of timeover the next week with Mrs. Morgan. Suddenly, I felt her handpulling down my back zipper.”I know you don’t want to take off your pretty costume, butwe have to get you dressed and make it to the theater forrehearsal by three. Take off your things, and hang them up neatlyon the hanger. Leave your dance belt on, and put on these suntantights. I’ll help you with your leotard.Mrs. Morgan was right. My costume was so pretty that Ididn’t want to take it off, but not wanting to be late, Icarefully removed the dress, petticoat, overpanties and tights,and hung them on the special hanger. Mrs. Morgan had bought medance clothes just for rehearsals, so I shimmied into the suntantights, and picked up the black, lycra leotard. Mrs. Morganshowed me how to roll up the top, step into the panty, and pullthe stretchy material over my hips, and then over my shoulders.”Here. Put these on.” She handed me my navy blue stirruppants, and my matching flats. I pulled on the clingy pants overmy tights and looped the stirrup under my foot.”Let me brush your hair, and we’ll be ready to go.” Shemotioned me over to her dressing table. She brushed and teased myhair to add fullness to the androgenous style my hair had growninto, and added the usual blush, powder and lip gloss to my face.In the mirror, I looked more like a young teenaged girl than theteenaged boy that I started out as. A couple of sprays of hairspray, and she pronounced me ready for class.”I don’t know about this. Why can’t I just wear my pants andblouse? I really look like a boy dressed in girl’s clothes.Everyone is going to make fun of me.” I really had major concernsabout being seen wearing a leotard by the other girls in theproduction. I knew that teenaged girls in the 8th grade stillconsidered boys to be yucky, and might take offense at my obviousintrusion into their domain.”Nonsense. You are just fitting in by dressing like theother members of the troupe. You know, just like at Dr. Nelson’soffice. There is a class dress code of solid color leotards andsuntan tights. If you wear pants, you will really stick out. Mrs.Cataldo, the teacher, will watch out for you. I promise.”I looked up as she put on her shoes and grabbed her purse.”Why? Won’t you be there?””I have to run errands, so I’m going to leave you atthe theater. Just do what Mrs. Cataldo says.”She got up off the bed, and grabbed my purse that washanging from the doorknob.”Here. Take your purse, and let’s get going.”We locked up the house, and climbed into the car. Lookingthrough my purse, I discovered that she had added tissues, lipgloss, a spare panty liner, and breath mints. I took out abreath mint, and being careful not to smudge my lip gloss, poppedit into my mouth.CHAPTER 8 – REHEARSAL WITH THE GIRLS All kinds of thoughts ran through my head on the drive overto Carlisle Academy. “What if the girls think I’m weird? What ifI can’t play the part? What if someone makes fun of my tights andleotard?” I had no explanation for being in an all-girl’s play oreven wearing girls clothes for that matter. Maybe I could blameit on my aunt, and elicit some sympathy for my plight. Nosolutions came to mind as we pulled into the Carlisle Academycampus, and parked next to the theater.”Posture dear” Mrs. Morgan reminded as we entered thebuilding. “Head up, chin tucked, and hands by your side.”I felt like a girl, walking with my chest and wrists out, andthis only added to the feminine aura that I saw fifteen minutesbefore in the mirror.We walked down the corridor in the front of the building andentered a small office with Mrs. Cataldo’s name on the door. Awoman, who I guessed was the theater teacher, motioned us to sitdown as she finished up her conversation on the telephone. Iperused the walls, and noted the many pictures of girls invarious dance costumes. Some wore plain leotards with see-throughskirts. Others wore ornately decorated leotards with sequins andlace trim. I started to see if I could find pictures of boydancers, but didn’t get a chance to look, as Mrs. Cataldoabruptly finished her phone call.”This must be Chrissy.” Mrs. Cataldo beamed as she looked meover from head to toe.Mrs. Morgan responded. “Chrissy, this is Mrs. Cataldo.”Turning to the teacher, she added “Chrissy is so excited aboutbeing a pixie in the play. We tried on the costume this morningand Chrissy didn’t want to take it off. He really looksadorable.”I was blushing like crazy, and knew that the makeup job onlymade the situation more noticeable.”Well it’s great to have him in the show.” She turned herattention to my appearance again. “I am happy to see that you areobserving our class dress code. I’m sure you’ll be accepted asone of the girls in no time.”I liked the whole idea of being a girl, but having neverdone it in so public a fashion, I was quite nervous andembarrassed, and didn’t respond to the complement.Mrs. Cataldo continued. “Well Jane, you can be on your way.Rehearsal should be done in two hours. We’ll see you then.”She turned to me and continued. “Come on Chrissy, lets getstarted shall we?” She ushered us out of the office, locking thedoor behind her. Waving goodbye to my new mom, I followed Mrs.Cataldo through a set of double doors into the theater.The double doors led directly backstage, and I could seethat there were about sixty girls, ranging in age from about tento their upper teens. Some had the bodies of pre-pubescentteenagers, while others were already developing into attractiveyoung ladies. It was easy to guess ages, since the leotards leftlittle to the imagination. Most complied with the dress code, buta few were wearing leotards with bright designs on them, orshorts and t-shirts over their leotards and tights.My hopes of blending in with the group were dashed however,as every eye in the room moved my way. Somehow, I felt naked, andcrossed my arms in front of my chest to cover myself up.”Just like a girl!” I thought to myself.Mrs. Carlisle hopped up on a chair, and clapped her hands toquiet the group. Most eyes were still glancing my way, but nowmany of the girls were giggling at the same time. I wanted todisappear into the floor.”Attention please girls. Quiet down please. I want tointroduce you to a new member of our troupe, Chrissy Parsomes.Chrissy will be taking Melinda’s place as one of the pixies inthe show. I hope you will make her, I mean him feel welcome.”The whole room burst out into laughter at her use ofpronouns.”Let’s try the dance routine in act three, scene two. Takeyour places everyone.Turning in my direction, she continued to address the castmembers. “Chrissy, you can take off your jeans, and have a seaton the side to get a feel as to what is going on. Tomorrow, Iwant you to try some of the dance steps to get a feel for theproduction.”Still blushing like crazy, I walked over to the side andbegan removing my jeans. That’s when the comments started.”I guess Mrs. Cataldo is right. I can’t tell if he is a boyor a girl.” One of the f******n year olds stared while I took offmy blouse.Her friend responded “I think he’s a girl. He is wearingmakeup. How many boys do you know that wear blusher?”They all laughed out loud. I don’t know if it was possible,but my ears seemed to be ready to burst into flames. I ignoredthe comments, and concentrated on folding up my jeans, andpulling down my leotard to cover my bottom.”Look. He doesn’t even have a weener. Maybe he had theoperation.” I glanced over where the comment came from. Thisgroup of girls all looked around sixteen years old, and all ofthem wore bras over well developed figures. Ignoring my glare,they continued to giggle amongst themselves. I took the nearestchair, and concentrated on the dance group lining up on stage. Ihoped that Mrs. Cataldo would shield me from any sort ofembarrassing situations, but so far, she had totally ignored myhumiliation.As the rehearsal progressed, the comments continued, makingfun of my undeveloped figure, my pink nail polish, my girlishhaircut, and shimmery tights. One girl seemed to take exceptionaldelight at making fun of me in front of her group.Sandy looked to be the oldest member of the group. She heldthe lead in the play, and had obviously been dancing for manyyears. She had a fantastic figure, and sported a femininehairstyle and makeup job. She looked just like a model. For somereason, she seemed to take an instant dislike to me. Every timeshe passed my chair, which was often, she let loose with a nastycomment. She seemed to relish in my humiliation.”My such a sweet little girl…..What’s your name littlegirl…..What a pretty leotard Chrissy. Did you pick it outyourself…..I bet your wearing pretty pink panties under yourtights. Maybe you’ll show them to us in the dressing room afterrehearsal.” Every comment seemed to be worse than the prior one.Finally, rehearsal ended, and the girls pranced off thestage to mop their brows with towels after the strenuous workout,Sandy decided to get in what I thought was her last jab beforeeveryone headed home.”Chrissy dear. Don’t you know we have a dress code here?”She looked at me with a derisive look on her face. Her clique hadgathered around to witness her attack on the new little femme inthe class.I had already figured out that hiding didn’t keep them frommaking fun of me, so I decided to stick up for myself. I liftedmy chin, and summoned up the courage to respond.”Of course. What do you think I am, stupid? What do youthink these are?” I pointed to my tights.The group laughed. My new found courage didn’t seem to beworking. Sandy ignored my response and continued.”It says on the sign up sheet that all girls who aredeveloping a figure, are required to wear bras. Where’s your brasissypants?”I couldn’t believe my ears, as the group burst into loudlaughter. I didn’t know what to say. My response was pitiful.”Boys don’t have figures stupid.””That’s why they make training bras dear. For girls withsmall boobies like you.” I felt like I was at a comedy routine. The group loved theshow that Sandy was putting on for them. Lost for any reply totheir comments, I was relieved to hear Mrs. Cataldo call for thegroup’s attention.”OK girls. Remember, rehearsal starts at 9:00 AM sharptomorrow. Make sure your here ready to go. Let’s see.” She lookeddown at a list attached to her clipboard.”Those of you who haven’t paid your costume fees yet, getthem in tomorrow. I have to pay the order bill by Friday. Stopbeing cheapskates and cough up.” Laughs s**ttered around theroom.”One more thing. I shouldn’t have to remind you about this,but we do have a dress code here. Shorts, t-shirts and patternedleotards are not acceptable. I want to see everyone in solidleotard, and suntan tights girls.”A voice came out of the crowd that sent a shiver up myspine.”What about bras Mrs. Cataldo?” I looked across the stage.There stood Sandy, looking in my direction, with a sick smile onher face.”Of course Sandy. Thanks for reminding me. Anyone with afigure should be wearing a bra under their leotard. Sinceeveryone here is aged ten and over, you all have figures, andshould all be wearing bras. All good dancers want to look theirbest on stage, and you can’t look your best if you’re jigglingall over the place. I’ll be checking tomorrow, so I want to seebra straps over everyone’s shoulders.” A groan sent off acrossthe stage from the feminists in the group.”Here it comes I thought” as Sandy inched forward towardsMrs. Cataldo.”Well, Chrissy told me that she…I mean he was eleven, andI think he is pretty developed if you ask me. Why doesn’t he haveto wear a bra?”I’m sure everyone noticed that I immediately covered mychest with my arms, because everyone, including Mrs. Cataldo wasstaring in my direction.Other girls began to pipe up their support. “Yeah. How comewe have to and he doesn’t.”One girl pushed her way forward. “He wanted to join anall-girls production. I say he has to live by our rules.”By this time, Sandy had walked over to my side of the stage,and was standing directly in front of me. She poked her fingerinto my chest and drove the final nail into my coffin.”If you want to be a girl so much that you asked for themost feminine part in our show, then you have to wear a bra!” Sheturned and walked back toward Mrs. Cataldo.Obviously, I was beet-faced, having been totally embarrassedin front of sixty girls. Even so, I figured that the joke had runits course. Mrs. Cataldo would laugh, smile, and end the wholeaffair by exempting me from that part of the dress code. Afterall, I was a guy, and had complied with the leotard, tights andballet slippers part. What did I have to put into a bra? Ismiled in her direction.Mrs. Cataldo laughed, smiled and then dropped the bomb. “Ofcourse Sandy. You’re absolutely right. Chrissy dear, I want tosee you wearing a bra tomorrow.” The whole group erupted intoapplause. It’s almost as if everyone wanted to feminize me.Despite being scared to death over the impendingdevelopments, I found the necessary voice to respond to theridiculous order.”That’s not fair! I don’t have a figure! I’m a boy!”Immediately, comments sprang up from the group along the lines of”You sure don’t look like a boy!””Well dear, that’s why they make training bras!” Thelaughter was impossible to ignore and I was mortified. It’salmost as if Sandy had been talking to Mrs. Cataldo about me.She stepped down off the chair thus signalling the end ofrehearsal. As the rest of the girls headed for the exits, Mrs.Cataldo walked over in my direction.”Please ask your mother to take you shopping tonight to getyou properly fitted. OK?” She picked up her tote bag sittingbeside me and headed out for her office. “I’d suggest choosingsomething made of nylon with lace trim to help you feel like atrue pixie!” I gathered my things and ran outside.CHAPTER 9 – CHRISSY’S FIRST BRA”What a mess” I thought to myself as I climbed into bed withthe script for the play. I had three hours before lights out toget familiar with my part before tomorrow’s rehearsal. I hadoften dreamed about getting fitted for my first brassiere, butnow that the event threatened to become a reality, I was tooembarrassed to go through with it. As a result, I didn’t tellMrs. Morgan about my need for a bra, and luckily, she didn’t findout about Mrs. Cataldo’s order. I figured that no one wouldexpect me to go through with what had to be a joke, and thatafter a few rehearsals, everyone would forget about the wholeincident.Even so, despite my keeping “the bra thing” a secret fromMrs. Morgan, I couldn’t stop thinking about going to get fittedfor a bra. Most of the sex ed books that I read in school suggestedthat a girl’s first bra marked the beginning of her journey fromc***dhood to adult womanhood. A bra was the one garment thatshouted “Young woman” for the whole world to see. I rememberedspending hours following the outline of the bras worn by thegirls in my class. While the white regulation blouses were prettyopaque in the front, the sheer backs allowed me a perfect view ofthe satiny straps and back hooks. Many a day, I daydreamed aboutwhat it would be like to have my mother take me shopping for myfirst bra, and having to hook one on every morning beforetravelling off to school. Now the opportunity lay open for it tohappen for real, and I was too scared to follow through! I triedto concentrate on the script that lay in the lap of my baby dollnighty, but the wetness showing through the panties kept bringingme back to my old fantasies. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anylonger. I put the script on the night table, and headeddownstairs to grab the mail order Catalog. After my aunt hadretired for the night, I sneaked the catalog from under my bedand turned to the index.”Let’s see…..Bras…..Here it is…..growing girls, page237…..Juniors, page 239-240…..teens, page 237-238.”I quietly turned to page 237, and consulting the header atthe top of the page.”Junior Bras and Foundation Garments.”The text continued.”Be sure to measure sizes carefully, as developing figureschange rapidly. To determine size, measure girl in normalunderwear. Place measuring tape under developing bust. This isthe bra size. Round up to nearest even number.To determine cup size, place tape over fullest part of thebust. If the measurement is the same or less than the brameasurement, she takes a AAA cup. 1/2 to 1 inch larger takes a AAcup. 1 inch or larger takes an A cup. 2 inches larger takes a Bcup. For proper sizing information, bring your daughter into theJunior Department for an expert fitting.”I continued down the page to the section marked p*****n /Growing Girl Bras.”Designed for the just developing p*****n whose figure israpidly changing. Nylon spandex cups adjust to the growing bustline. Adjustable stretch straps and three hook back closure allowfor perfect fit. Feminine design makes every young girl feel moregrown up!”I looked down at the pictures. The first looked like one of mysatin vests that had been cut off below the bust. The captionread”Bra Look Vest. Soft nylon/cotton blend provides modestprotection and support. Lace edging with satin bow trim. Backhook closure. Made in Costa Rica. Available in white, pink, andbeige, sizes S M L. #PTBLV. Package of two, $3.95I continued down the page.”Nylon Stretch beginner bra. Ideal starter bra for girlsjust starting to show. Nylon spandex cups stretch to fit cupsizes from AAA to A. Lace knit cups, and floral trim let everyoneknow that your little girl is growing up! Only available inwhite, sizes 28 – 36 AAA – A cup. #PTNSB. Package of 2, $4.95The next one looked similar to the beginner bra, but had morematerial. The caption read”Support Beginner bra. Perfect for size up girls. Widershoulder straps and bottom bands help keep bra in place overchubby figures. Shirring and cross your heart styling betweencups helps accommodate added bust size. Nylon tricot and spandex.White only, sizes 34-40 AA. #PTCSBB. Package of 2, $5.50″The next section described bras for teens.”Bras for the girl who isn’t ready for a full sized bra, butwants to graduate to grown up styling. Feminine features make herlook just like a modern co-ed!”These bras looked a lot more like what the girl’s in my gradewere wearing. One was a very light weight bra with a single 1/2inch strap around the back. The bra had natural cups which Idiscovered were made of a single thickness of nylon instead ofbeing padded with fiberfill. It had an inch of floral lace andthe usual bow between the cups. The lace was there to make thebra fit figure sizes ranging from AA to B. A lot of the liberatedgirls at school wore this kind of bra, because it didn’t showmuch under their clothes. Thus they could meet the dress coderequirement of wearing a bra, while minimizing their acceptanceof this regulation.The next one was slightly more substantial. It had a widerband around the bottom that decreased in width from two inchesnear the cups to 1/2 an inch near the back hooks. The catalogcalled this one a contour cup since it had a layer of fiberfilllining the cups. The front was cut pretty low, so the brawouldn’t show under a blouse with an open button, and a smallwhite lace flower decorated the front. The shoulder strapsadjusted in the back. I guessed that girls would have to have thesales lady adjust it for them since the ring and slide was out ofreach. It came in sizes from 32 to 36, AA to B.The third bra seemed to be made for chubby girls. It lookeda lot like my mother’s utilitarian underwear, with plain whitenylon contour cups, wide stretch straps that adjusted in front,and a wide stretchy bottom band that was two inches thick in theback. I didn’t like this one, since it reminded me of crabbyLinda Crawford, the noisiest and biggest breasted girl in myschool. Sure enough, this bra came in sizes from 32 to 42, AA – Ccups.The last two teen bras that I saw were the prettiest. Thefirst one looked a lot like the bra mentioned before, except thatit had a normal tapering back to it. It looked like it was madeof a satiny nylon, and was available in very pretty colors; pink,beige, powder blue, champagne and white. It seemed to be the kindof bra that an older teenager would wear, right before shegraduated to full sized women’s bras. It even had matchingpanties with the same kind of lace trim.The other bra was one of Sears Best. It was very low cut,and had very thin shoulder straps that adjusted in the front. Theback band had a normal taper to it, but started off at an inch atthe cup, slimming down to less than a half an inch at the hooks.The cups were very shiny, and were trimmed with narrow scallopinglace. The styling was very grown up, but the cut was suited to ayoung teenager. Suddenly, I wanted to tell Mrs. Morgan about myneeding a bra. I wanted to wear one like all the other girls inthe group. I began to love the idea of developing a bust, andhoped that someday, Aunty would have me fitted for that verystyle. I tucked the catalog under the bed, turned off the light,and fell asleep with sweet dreams of young girlhood in my head.CHAPTER 10 – CHRISSY’S PUNISHMENTThe next morning, I woke up at my usual time, and after myusual bath, dressed quickly in my panties, tights and leotard.Looking at myself in the mirror, I figured that I might be ableto hide the fact that I wasn’t wearing a bra. Looking in Mrs.Morgan’s daughter’s closet, I found a loose, cotton blouse that Iput on over my leotard. Luckily it matched with the stirruppants, and did a pretty good job of hiding my chest. Since Iwanted to minimize the possibility for hassle at class, Isucceeded in killing time around Mrs. Morgan’s house, so that wearrived at the theater exactly at 9:00 AM. After kissing Mrs.Morgan goodbye, I hurried into the theater.Mrs. Cataldo was already there, atop the chair that servedas her speaking platform. I put down my hobo bag, and sat down toput on my ballet slippers. I removed the stirrup pants, but lefton the blouse, which I knotted at the waist like I had seen girlsin school do.No sooner had I finished knotting the blouse, when Mrs.Cataldo caught sight of my i*****l attire.”Now Chrissy. You know better than that. We don’t allowblouses. Take it off, and come show us your new bra!”I slowly unbuttoned the blouse and tried to figure out a wayto break the news that I didn’t have a bra yet.”Well, Mrs. Cataldo, my mother didn’t have time to t.k. m..sh.p.ing…” By now I was mumbling, hoping that she would fill inthe blanks for me.”What’s that Chrissy? We can’t hear you!” The class crowdedaround me as I finished unbuttoning the blouse.”My mother didn’t have time to take me shopping yesterday” Iblurted out while carefully examining my pink ballet slippers toavoid looking anyone in the eye. “I don’t have a bra yet” ‘Well Chrissy, we don’t really want to hear any excuses. Youcan’t be in rehearsal without a proper bra. I guess you’ll haveto sit out rehearsal. How do you think your going to learn yourpart for the play if you can’t practice!” She shook her headwith disgust.I felt like a six year old c***d being chewed out by hisfirst grade teacher.”I promise I’ll work like crazy for the rest of the week. I’ll be sure to get one tomorrow.”At least I’d be able to get through another rehearsalwithout such an obviously feminine undergarment.Suddenly, a girl in a green leotard, with a p*****n figureand a broad smirk on her face stepped forward.”I have an extra bra that would probably fit Chrissy!”Mrs. Cataldo’s face lit up like an airport runway. “Howthoughtful of you Sharon. I’m sure Chrissy would love to borrowit! I know that you do wear the same size.”All I could do was to furiously shake my head.Suddenly, five other girls volunteered that they too hadextra bras that would probably fit me. Mrs. Cataldo sent themscurrying off to their hobo bags, and each one returned with awispy, nylon undergarment.Mrs. Cataldo took each of the five bras, and approached myquivering body.”Well Chrissy, which one do you like best.” I didn’trespond. I was paralyzed.”I think this one should fit perfectly. Let’s go try it onOK?” She held out one of the growing girl’s stretch bras that Irecognized from the Sears Catalog.”A perfect growing girl’s bra for a growing girl’s figure” The class giggled as she turned her attention back to the group.”Sandy, please take over the class while I attend to Chrissyhere. We’ll be right back.”With that, she grabbed me by the hand, ushered me off stageand down to her office. Once inside, she turned on the lights,and locked the door.”Be a good girl and take down your leotard top Chrissy.” Shepushed me down onto the stool next to her desk, and shook out thebra which had been neatly folded into a ball.The time had come to make a choice. I had been dreaming ofmy first bra ever since I first dressed as a girl, and here wasthe perfect opportunity to start wearing one. Granted, it wasgoing to be darn embarrassing to be seen by sixty odd girlswearing a training bra, but as I gazed at the feminine garmentthat dangled in front of my eyes, I began to get more excitedabout the idea.I could say that Mrs. Cataldo forced me into it. It wasn’tmy idea. I had to meet the dress code tied to the theater group.Putting caution to the wind, I nodded to Mrs. Cataldo, whostepped behind me, and helped me slide my arms out of the shinylong sleeves of the leotard. Soon, I was naked from the waist up,while my leotard was gathered around my hips.”Why didn’t you ask Mrs. Morgan to get you a bra? You areold enough for one dear, and Mrs. Morgan did tell me how much youwanted her to take you shopping for one.” Mrs. Cataldo softlymassaged my shoulders. Almost as if she was teasing me, sheallowed the satin bra which was hanging from her wrist, to brushacross my back. Every caress sent shivers up my spine, remindingme that soon I would be wearing a training bra full time justlike all the other girls my age.I shrugged as she continued her massage. “I guess I feltreally embarrassed about asking.”Mrs. Cataldo continued. “That’s OK Chrissy. Most girls areembarrassed when they start developing, and have to start wearingone. Deep inside though, every girl that I know longs to goshopping with her mother for her first. I’ll bet that you’reexcited too?”How did she know how much I dreamed of this day? I nodded myhead.”Well I’ll tell you what. You can wear this one home whenMrs. Morgan picks you up. I guarantee that she will notice yournew figure, and will offer to take you shopping. How’s thatsound?” She leaned over and looked me in the eye.”Great!” I said as I tried to stifle the urge to ask to lookat what soon would be covering my boobies. I couldn’t believe howMrs. Cataldo seemed to be doing everything that she could to helpme through this awkward time in my life.”I help a lot of my girls pop the bra question to theirmommies this way. That’s why we have the dress code that we do.”She slid the bra off of her wrist and pulled out theshoulder straps to their longest length. With two fingers, shedaintily held it out in front of me by the lengthened straps, andinstructed me to put my arms through both loops. With a deepbreath, I leaned forward and put my hands into the bra.The feeling was incredible! The straps were made of thisshiny, stretchy, satin material, and they glided over my smootharms like an skate blade across ice. Soon, the straps were lyingover my shoulders. Mrs. Cataldo reached in front of me, pulledthe cups down over my breasts, and slid her hands along thebottom band to the back set of hooks. As she pulled the backtogether, I could see and feel the stretch satin cups, edged withlace, lift and surround my small sized breasts causing them toactually get bigger. I couldn’t believe it. I actually had afigure like the other 11 year old girls in the class. It was theneatest thing, and the feeling was better than anything in theworld. I swore to myself that I would wear a bra every day fromnow on.”A perfect fit Mrs. Cataldo gushed. “Of course these stretchtypes do fit young girls with a variety of figures. A lotdifferent than when I was a young girl.” She began adjusting theshoulder straps’ ring and slide.I looked down at my new figure that was perfectly encased innylon, and noticed that it looked just like the chests of thegirl’s in the Sears Catalogs. I especially liked the pretty bowthat was sewed on between the cups.”Do you remember when you got your first bra Mrs. Cataldo” Iasked as I stared at my likeness in the mirror?She continued to adjust the straps. “Every girl remembersgetting her first bra. Of course I didn’t have a fairy god motherto broach the subject with my mom.”She winked at me as she tugged at the bra.”I remember telling my mom that my blouses were irritatingmy nipples, and asking her what to do about it. She told me thatI was turning into a young woman, and that I should starttraining my figure. She took me down to the girl’s department atone of the women’s shops downtown, and had me fitted for my firstbra. Back in those days, young women were expected to weargirdles, garter belts and stockings, so mom bought me everythingthat she thought an all-American girl should wear. The sales ladywas so embarrassing, telling me that she was going to make me sopretty. After picking out an appropriately feminine bra, girdleand garter belt, she showed me how to put everything on, and howto attach my new nylons to the belt. To make a long story shortChrissy, I also ended up getting my first permanent, my firstmakeup kit and first sanitary napkin belt all in the same day. Iwas so proud when we arrived home that I modelled my new thingsfor everyone. Mom and I spent all evening trying on my newthings, and playing with my makeup kit. That’s how I learned howmuch boys wanted bras too!””What do you mean” I asked as I looked at her with aquizzical expression on my face?She continued adjusting the straps. “Well, when I got home,my brother who was one year younger than me was really interestedin my new things. He kept asking us lots of questions about whygirls needed bras and girdles, what it felt like to wearstockings, and if he could have curly hair like mine. My dad wasaway on business for the week, so my mom suggested that mybrother let us dress him up to show him what it was like. Momcalled Aunt Jane who lived across town, and they both helped usinto the new bras, girdles, garter belts, stockings and slipsthat mom and I had purchased. Aunt Jane did my brother’s hairand taught us both how to put on makeup. After the makeup, mybrother and I looked like two twins. It was a really greatweekend. It did take a couple of weeks to learn how to hook thebra and garters though. I kept having to ask my mom to hook me upin the morning. She was as excited as I was about helping herdaughter to become a young woman. All mothers live for thatstuff.” She finished with the shoulder straps, gave a quicklook-see, and pronounced me finished.”How does it feel?” she asked as she helped me back into myleotard.”Wow!” I exclaimed as I looked at the new curves that peakedout under the clingy leotard. The outline of my new bra was veryobvious under the black, lycra fabric, and I felt very grown upas I traced the straps over the shoulders to the top of the cups.”Did your brother ever play dress up again?” I asked as shemade sure that my bra straps were hidden under the leotard.”When mom found out how much Bryan liked dressing up, sheencouraged me to lend him the clothes that I grew out of. Ofcourse he had to wait a year to wear a bra, but when he turnedthirteen, mom and I took him shopping for his very own bra,girdle, garter belt, and stockings. After that, we became justlike sisters. We’d come home from school for the weekend, andafter dressing in our bras and girdles, we’d do each other’s hairand makeup. One summer vacation, mom and I even took him downfor a permanent.””Did he like that?” I asked as we rose for the door.”I’ll say!” Mrs. Cataldo responded as he opened her officedoor, and turned out the lights. “Probably as much as you would!”To top off a fantastic day, rehearsal went better than itever had before. After checking to make sure that I was indeedwearing the bra, all the girls seemed to be satisfied that I hadpassed their initiation for joining the group. As a result, theharassment ceased, and I concentrated on learning my part for theplay.CHAPTER 10 – BUYING MY FIRST BRAWhen rehearsal ended, I put on my pants, and following Mrs.Cataldo’s advice, left off the blouse that I wore that morning. Ipacked up my hobo bag, and walked out to the parking lot with theother girls. Mrs. Morgan was waiting in her car, and when I gotinto the car, she immediately noticed that something wasdifferent from this morning.”Chrissy dear, did you forget something?””No why do you ask?” I asked nonchalantly.”There’s something different about you.””I was so hot, I didn’t put my blouse on after rehearsal.”It was tough not to blurt out that of course I was differentsince I wasn’t a little girl any more.”No, it’s something else. You look…..older. More mature. Ican’t quite figure it out.”I looked at her with a stumped expression. How could shemiss the outline? Maybe I was going to have to ask her to take meshopping anyway. I pulled back my shoulders to make the bra standout, but she failed to see any change in my physicalcharacteristics.Arriving home, I entered the house before her, and shefinally noticed the back of my bra silhouetted under the leotard.”Hang on. Come here for a minute.”I quickly turned around with a grin on my face.”What’s wrong?”I walked over to where she was standing in the hallway. Shelaid down her bag and brushed her hand down my back. A broadsmile ran across her face, and she reached out and touched mybreasts with her finger. A very pleasurable sensation ran down myspine.”Your wearing a bra!” she exclaimed, as I smiled in responseto her complement.”Uh huh” I smiled. “Mrs. Cataldo told me that it was part ofthe dress code. I was suppose to tell you yesterday, but Iforgot. This morning, Mrs. Cataldo insisted on me being properlydressed, so she borrowed one from this girl in my class. How do Ilook?”I tried to turn to show her my new figure from all angles.Mrs. Morgan stepped back and surveyed my new self. “Youlook marvelous! You really have developed into a young lady. Youactually have a bust! Come here and look in the mirror.”She pulled me in front of the mirror that hung behind thehall closet door and pulled down the top of my leotard.I couldn’t believe it. She was right. Originally, I thoughtthat my figure came from the bra that I was wearing. Looking now,I could see that I had begun to develop curves like a teenagedgirl. Small, yet distinctive nipples could be seen through theclingy fabric of the training bra.”How can I have a bust. That’s only for girls!?”Mrs. Morgan looked at me and shook her head. “Well dear,some boys actually have more girl in them than boy. When theyreach puberty, these boys begin to look, act and feel like girls.The doctor at your new school told your step mother that you wereone of these kind of boys, and that she should have you spend thesummer with your aunt to see how things work out.”She traced the strap with her finger from the top of the cupover my shoulder and continued her explanation.”Your aunt told me how much you wanted to be a girl. Soon,you’ll get your wish. You’re going to look just like a girl, soobviously you can’t go running around like a boy. People willtalk. So, your aunt and I are going to help you learn to be agirl until you decide if you want to get medical help to try tobecome a boy again. We felt that this would be the easiest wayfor you. Don’t you agree?”I was so excited that I hugged Mrs. Morgan as hard as Icould.Mrs. Morgan seemed to share my enthusiasm. “First thingsfirst. This bra is a bit small for your figure. You really haveto be properly fitted. Otherwise, your bra will beuncomfortable, and you won’t wear it. You obviously need a bradear. You can’t go walking around sticking out like you werethis morning. It isn’t ladylike. She walked over to the telephone and picked up the receiver. “Let’s call your aunt, and see what she thinks!” Mrs. Morgandialed my aunt’s number.”Hello Clara. This is Jane calling. Yes the costume fitsperfectly. She looks like an absolute angel. Blue is mostcertainly her color.”I loved the way my new mother was calling me by a femininepronoun.”No, no alterations will be needed. One thing though, haveyou noticed that your niece is quite developed?”I couldn’t make out my aunt’s responses, so I just listenedwith my hands folded in my lap.She continued. “Uhhuh…..Yes, quite a lot for her age. Iwould say a double A……Oh yes…..The clingy fabric doesemphasize her bust. You can really see her nipples…..Of course.I agree…..I’ll take her down to get fitted this afternoonbefore we go to Monica’s…..Where?…..Well, I haven’t shoppedfor training bras since I was twelve…..Mmhmm. I’ll call AlisonSchmidtt’s mother. Yes, she works in the clothing business….Alison…..One of the other pixies in the show…..Ok I’msure we’ll manage…..Bye bye.”Mrs. Morgan hung up the phone, and immediately dialedanother call. I didn’t pay any attention to the number, since Iwas too busy trying to think what kind of bra Mrs. Morgan wouldbuy for me.My aunt’s voice woke me up from my day dream.”Alison? Hi. This is Mrs. Morgan. Is your mother in dear?”Mrs. Morgan didn’t look at me, but softly rubbed my nylon encasedthighs with her hands.”Nancy. Hi. This is Jane Morgan. How are things?…..Great…..Oh really? That’s very special…..Yes Alison isdoing a perfect job in the play. We’re very happy with herperformance.””Nancy, the reason I’m calling is that my niece Christine isvisiting from New York, and has decided to join our production.Well we just tried on her pixie costume, and it’s obvious thatthis girl needs a bra…..Yes, quite developed for an eleven yearold…..Anyway, I figured that you might know where we can gether properly fitted…..Umhmm…..Sears and Penneys?…..Whatabout a lingerie shop?…..Too small?….. Hmm…..Really?…..Iwould have sworn the girl’s shop in the strip mall would have agreat selection…..No dice hmm?…..Well fine…..What’sthat?….. That would be wonderful!…..Great. we’ll see you inabout fifteen minutes….Yes, she certainly is veryexcited…..What? Who should I call?…..OK…..No problem.” Myaunt blew a kiss in my direction.”Great. Thanks again for your help. Bye bye.” She hung upthe phone, and turning towards me, she pulled down the shouldersof my leotard exposing my borrowed training bra. “Guess what?” she exclaimed.To excited to talk, I waited for her response.”Mrs. Schmidtt has an appointment to get Alison fitted for abra too this afternoon, and she offered to take us along. Isn’tthat great””Wow” I thought to myself. “I’ll be able to see what’sgoing to happen to me before it happens.” Besides, I thoughtAlison was one of the cuter members of the theater troupe, andthe opportunity to see her in a bra, overcame any embarrassmentabout being seen in one myself.”She continued. “The only thing to do is to get dressed, andWhy don’t you go upstairs and take off your dance clothes. Put onyour panties and white stockings, and I’ll be up to help you getdressed. I have to call the store.” She winked in my direction. “Call me when you are ready.” She handed me my vest, my pair ofwhite knee highs, and a pair of girl’s flats and I headed intoher bedroom.I carefully removed my leotard, bra and tights, and put onmy vest and kneehighs. My feet fit perfectly into the blueleather shoes. They felt weird, almost like I was wearingsandals. I grabbed her bathrobe from behind the door, and headedback to the kitchen to ask her what to wear.When I reached the top of the stairs, I could overhear Mrs.Morgan talking on the phone, and I couldn’t believe what she wassaying.”Sandy, this is Jane Morgan calling. I’m a friend of NancySchmidtts, and I hope you can help me….I have a special littlemiss named Chrissy staying with me for the weekend. Chrissy is mybest friend’s son. My friend caught him dressing up in hissister’s clothes, and she decided to have him dress as a girl aspunishment. You know, pinafore punishment? Anyway, my sisterasked me to really reinforce the experience, and what better waythan to have him fitted for a bra. Nancy said that you would befitting Alison this afternoon and might able to accommodate ourlittle priss at the same time.”I noticed that Mrs. Morgan was smiling something fierce.”Great…..Yes…..Yes that would be perfect. Just make surethat you treat him just like an eleven year old girl…..Great.I’ll see you in a half hour.” She hung up the phone, and headedback upstairs.Without a sound, I tip-toed back into the bedroom, and putmy dance stuff away in my bureau. Although I was excited about myfirst bra fitting, turning into a girl, and seeing Alison in abra and slip, I knew that I wasn’t being punished for dressing upin girl’s clothes. This whole thing wasn’t my fault, right? Ishould probably speak up, and question her grasp of the facts.Thinking better of this route, I decided to make believethat I didn’t overhear the conversation, and play along with theroutine.”All right now. We have to get you dressed.” Aunty enteredthe room and walked over to the bed.”Take off my robe, and put this on.” She handed me a girl’sfull slip.”Yes mom.” I could tell it was a girl’s slip because itdidn’t have much room for a bra in the top. Although I had neverworn a full slip before, I figured it was just like putting on mynightgown. I put my arms through the satin ribbon straps, andlowered it over my body. My aunt adjusted the shoulder straps sothat the slip hung evenly just above my knees.”Now you have to get your hair trimmed in a styleappropriate for a pixie. You and Alison both have an appointmentto get your hair done at 4:00. First though, we have to get youfitted for your bra. Now I can’t bring a boy into the girl’sfitting room, so you’ll have to dress as a girl for theafternoon. You’re going to have to make the change soon, so youmight as well start today. You shouldn’t have any trouble.”She picked up a pink girl’s polyester blouse and afterpulling my arms through the sleeves, began buttoning up thefront.”But mom. I’ve never gone out in public as a girl before.Everyone will find out that I’m a boy dressed like a girl.” Myaunt finished buttoning the blouse, and lowered a blue, pleatedjumper over my head.”Don’t worry your silly little head. You make a perfectgirl, if you only do what I tell you. No one will know thedifference.” She zipped and buttoned the back of the jumper, andsecured the shoulder sashes to the buttons on the front of theskirt. She sat me down at her dressing table, dabbed my cheekswith a bit of blush and powder, and applied a coating of lipgloss to my lips “to make them wet and kissable” like all theother girls my age. A few pumps of hair spray, and a bit ofteasing, turned my femme boy face into the perfect depiction of ap*****n girl.”So far, how does it feel to be starting on the journey tobecoming a young lady?” “Great!” I beamed. With that, she handed me a purse, and weheaded into town.CHAPTER 11 – CHRISSY GETS A BUSTAs the car hurdled down the highway, a zillion things weregoing through my mind. First off, I hadn’t worn a skirt since theHalloween party at my grandmother’s house, and the feeling ofwearing this short jumper was very different from the girl’sslacks that I was use to. The blouse, slip and panties were shinyand very slippery, so every movement caused the clothes to ticklemy skin. In addition, girl’s blouses were kind of thin, so thetop of my slip showed through the fabric. Looking in the mirror,I looked like a little girl, but after my trip to the beautysalon, and a new bra, I hoped that I would look like any otherteenager.Second, I had no idea what to expect at the hairdresser.Back when I was five, I had asked my grandmother about her weeklytrip to Melissa’s Beauty Salon. I had already had my hair cut ata men’s barbershop, and knew that her hair looked a lot differentthan mine. Hers smelled like perfume, had lots of curls, andstayed in place no matter what she did. Mine was straight, gotall mussed up in the wind, and smelled like my dad’s aftershave.She told me that Melissa’s salon made people pretty, and didspecial things to girls my age who wanted to be pretty. I toldher that I wanted to be pretty just like at Halloween, and askedher if I could have my hair done like hers. She and my motherboth laughed, and told me if I was good, that someday they mightmake an appointment for me.Alas, my grandmother died soon after, and my mother wasnever home long enough to take me. I had asked my dad about it,and he told me that boys weren’t suppose to be pretty, and thatmother would never take me to such a place. Now here I was,sitting in a car, and all my wishes were coming true.=======From: [email protected] (Nostrumo)Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories,alt.sex.stories.tgSubject: Repost TG: The Surprise Vacation by an unknown author andTristmegistus (1/6)The Surprise Vacationby an unknown author and Tristmegistus1. Chapter – Innocent Beginnings”Did you take your vitamin, dear?” Ellen called from the bathroom.I rubbed sleep from my eyes and picked up the pill bottle, rolling a bigtablet into my palm. “My horse pill? I’m doing it now.””Have you noticed any difference yet?””Nah. Vitamins are pretty much all alike.” She’d gone on a minor healthkick a month before, insisting that I needed to lose a little weight andtake better care of myself. I hadn’t actually made it to the gym to workout like she was though.”Where’s my underwear honey?” I asked my wife, poking through my almostempty drawer. It was Saturday morning. I had noticed that my underwearhad been disappearing from my drawer over the last couple of weeks. Ithought nothing of it, figuring that she’d simply been too busy to dolaundry.”Something went wrong with the washing machine and it ruined everythingin the last load,” she said.”Well, what am I going to wear?”She emerged from the bathroom, dipped into her side of the dresser. “Here, put these on,” she smiled, handing me a pair of her pink satinpanties. “Now don’t give me any fake macho bullshit. I know you lovewearing my panties. In fact, I know you’ve secretly worn this very pairbefore.”I looked at her dumfounded. I thought that I’d successfully hidden myfetish from her. I’d been so careful.”C’mon, let’s put these on you,”she teased. I was beet red as I numblystepped into them and let her pull them up to my hips. She stroked my cockthrough the fabric, a lot like I often did. “Mmmm, I see that someonefinds this exiting. We may have to keep it like that.” I wasn’t sure whatshe meant by that remark, but was too embarrassed to ask. I hurriedly putthe rest of my clothes on, jeans and a T-shirt. She gave me a slightlydisapproving look and said, “Well, I need take you shopping and get somenew underwear for you, among other things.”I said, “Can’t you just pick up some for me? I want to look at thatwashing machine and watch the football game.”Since she absolutely despises football, this would normally have set heroff on a tirade, but surprisingly, she just smiled sweetly and said, “Don’tworry about the washer. I fixed it myself. Go ahead and enjoy yourfootball honey. I’ll get everything you need.”So while she was shopping, I lay on the couch stroking myself throughthe panties, embarrassed that my wife knew of my fetish, but relieved thatshe seemed so low key about it. The game turned out to be pretty boringand I thought about raiding her closet for something else to wear, but nowthat she knew, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead, I ended uptaking a nap. I woke up when she came home, loaded with bags from variousstores. I started to get up to help.”Just stay there, I’ll put everything away. What do you say that we goout for dinner?””That sounds like a good idea.””Great. But first, I have a surprise for you. Stand up and close youreyes.” I remembered that teasing look, that flirtatious tone. We hadn’tplayed sex games in a long time. In fact, we hadn’t done anything sexualin a long time. With a smile, I stood and did as she asked. The nextthing I knew, she pulled my hands behind my back and locked them with apair of handcuffs!”What’s this all about?””No comments from the peanut gallery,” she said as she put some sort ofgag in my mouth.Whatever it was filled up my whole mouth, all the way to the top of mythroat! As I explored it with my tongue, I realized that it was a penisgag. What was going on?”Now come along peacefully, or I’ll have to take further steps.” Withthat I followed her into the bathroom. She took my hands and tied a strapto them and pulled it up to the shower curtain, forcing me to bend over atthe waist. She then took a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut myclothes off, ruining jeans I could have just stepped out of. It was allpretty kinky, even for Ellen’s sometimes bizarre moods, but except for theembarrassment of having something shaped like a penis in my mouth, itseemed harmless.”You won’t be needing those anymore,” she said, tossing the rags thathad been my jeans and tee-shirt down the laundry chute.She then took some shaving cream and a razor and proceeded to shaveevery bit of hair below my eyebrows. I definitely didn’t like the turnthings were taking, but fighting her while she stroked my most privateparts didn’t seem like a good idea – and there wasn’t a whole lot Icould do about it, anyway.”I think that since you like wearing panties so much, you should havethe experience of everything else that goes along with it,” she explainedas she worked over my underarms. “You’ll find that all of your old clotheshave been replaced with something more suitable for your new station. Ithink that about does it. Step in the shower and let’s rinse you off.”There was nothing I could do except slide the strap down the bar andstep under the water. I was bewildered. Surely she hadn’t really thrownout all my clothes! As she rinsed all of the hairy soap off of my body, myskin felt strange, tingly and oddly alive. She spent more time on myweirdly naked penis, making it swell again. She patted me dry all overwith a big, soft towel and spread skin conditioner all over me, dwelling onmy semi-hard penis.”Well that looks much better, but we’ll have to do something about yourfigure. That waistline will never do. You haven’t been losing enoughweight, darling. Follow me and we’ll take care of it.”As we walked into the bedroom, I saw some clothes laid out on the bed.There was a corset, panties, stockings, and a short dress. She began toput the corset on me, and said, “Your arms are in the way.” With that, shereached into one of the bags and pulled out a leather collar. She then putsome leather cuffs on my wrists, unlocked the metal ones, and quicklyhooked my hands behind my head to the collar.This was starting to get too weird. Our sex games had died out a yearor so before. I’d known she was curious about bondage and stuff, but hadlaid down the law and said no. I tried to talk around the thing in mymouth, but she ignored me. I was able to offer only tokenresistance as my arms were asleep and numb from being pulled up and backfor so long. Next, she started hooking up the corset and pulling the lacesin behind me. Soon I couldn’t breathe and still she was tightening thelaces.”Is that uncomfortable? Too bad. It’ll give you incentive to lose thatextra weight you’ve been ignoring, won’t it?” With a final savage jerk, shefinished adjusting the laces with a full knot. “I think you’ll have aninteresting time trying to untie that by yourself.”I silently agreed. It was more like being in a straight jacket thanlingerie. But there was an illicit thrill to it, despite my deepeningworry that she was going way too far with her fun.”Now let’s put some panties on you. Which pair would you like? Youdon’t care? That’s no way for a lady to show interest in her appearance. Iguess we’ll try this new pair of pink satin ones I bought you. Now youdon’t have to steal mine, love. Oh, my! You really look cute in them.”Next came a set of latex breast forms which she teasingly placed in thecorset’s half cups to fill out my chest. After that she rolled somestockings up each leg, hooked them to the garters on the corset, andsmoothed them out. She quickly admired her work while I tried not to, tooembarrassed for words, even if the gag hadn’t been in my mouth.”Let’s see how this dress I picked out for you fits.” With that shepicked up a shimmery peach colored dress and worked it over the tangle ofmy head and arms. As it fell over my breasts and hips it came down to onlymid-thigh.She looked at me with a grin on her face and said, “Don’t you lookadorable! You’ll have to be very careful and ladylike when you sit or bendover or the world will see your garters and panties. Only a slut would actlike that. If you act like a slut, I’ll have to treat you like one.”What did she mean by ‘the world will see you?’ I didn’t like theimplications in that statement.”Step into these shoes,” she said with the air of command, as she placeda pair of matching peach shoes with about a 3-1/2 in heel on the floor.I’d rarely dared to play with her high heels. They were a little tootight, but the real reason I usually avoided them was because they awoke inme a shame powerful enough to counterbalance the excitement of crossdressing. I found it was tremendously difficult to keep my balance with myhands fastened behind my neck.”Now it’s time for your makeup. I’m going to remove the gag, but Idon’t want to hear a single word or I’ll put it back in and leave it therefor a whole day.” Ellen gave me a look that indicated she clearly meant it.Well, I figured, we’ve gone this far, so why fight it. Besides,cosmetics were another thing I’d never had the guts to try, and I’d oftenfantasized about how I’d look. She spent the next thirty minutescompleting my makeup, going through foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, andmascara, adding a light blush, and finishing with a bright, deep roselipstick. She topped it off with a light brown shoulder length wig.”Now you can look at yourself,” she said as she led me to a mirror.I couldn’t believe it! A beautiful girl looked back at me. If she wasalone in a bar, every guy in there would hit on her. The dress had ascooped front almost to my breast forms, which were ample. It also showeda very flattering figure. No wonder I couldn’t breathe. Looking at thereflection in the mirror, the hemline seemed even shorter, at least sixinches above my knees.I heard a soft “click.” I turned around, and my wife was taking picturesof me!”You can’t admire yourself all day, sweetie. We’ve got a busy afternoonand evening ahead of us.”My heart sank. She was really going to force me to go out dressed likethis! I started to speak, wanting to talk her out of it, but she picked upthe cock-shaped gag and moved ominously toward me. I shut up. With that,my wife changed into a plain dress and fluffed her hair, not even botheringto use any makeup on herself, which was unusual. She noted my confusionand said, “I don’t want to steal any of the attention you deserve, honey.”She clipped a leash to my collar and led me to the garage. As sheopened the passenger door, I began to fight her. “Honey what are youtrying to -“She pushed me off balance, which wasn’t hard, and stuffed the gag backin my mouth, immediately strapped it behind my head. “I warned you! Nowyou’ll have to pay the price for disobedience!” She pushed me again and Ifell into the passenger seat. She buckled the seat belt.Bound as I was, with my hands behind my head, there was no way I coulddo anything but go along.As she drove us away, she said, “I know you’re dying of curiosity,sweetie, wondering what this is all about. It’s simple really. I noticedabout six months ago that my clothes and lingerie had been rearrangedalmost every time you’re home and I’m not. I started carefully marking myhangers and drawers to confirm my suspicions, and I can name every time yousnuck into something sexy and even tell you what you wore. Really, I don’tmind, honey. In fact, it really turns me on. So I’m going to make surethat you live your fantasy to the fullest. It’s really perfect, because MYfantasy is to dominate my husband completely and I’m going to act that out,too.”I couldn’t believe it! She must have caught on almost the very firsttime I gave in to the impulse to see if silky feminine clothes felt aswonderful as they looked. Well, the first time since I was a k**, anyway.”I’ve arranged for you to take a two week surprise vacation startingMonday. Your boss thinks that we’re going on a cruise.” She giggled. “Ina way, we are, aren’t we? For the next two weeks, you’re going to liveentirely as a female and follow my every command. If you give meany shit at all, I’ll send those pictures of you admiring yourself toyour boss and secretary. I think they’d get a good laugh from them, don’tyou? To get you ready for our little adventure, we’re going to the mall todo some shopping for your vacation.”I kept hoping it was all a joke. That any moment she’d turn the cararound, laughing at how she’d scared me, and we’d play for a while in bed,then it’d be over. But my guts were cold. I couldn’t talk myself intobelieving it’d happen that way. I knew she was dead serious. As we pulledinto the mall parking lot she said, “In case you’re having any thoughtsabout running away, remember that you don’t have any car keys, wallet ormoney. If you don’t do exactly as I say, I’ll leave you here to get backon your own.”She was right! Trying to get home without her, dressed like this,wasn’t an option. I couldn’t even think of hitchhiking. Cold sweat poppedout on my brow as I realized that I was stuck. I had to do what she said.I didn’t even want to think of what her plans were.2. Chapter – The MallI was terrified. There I was, tied into my car seat, dressed as a womanfrom high heels to wig, with my wrists handcuffed to a leather collararound my neck, for all the world to see. And my wife had driven me to theshopping mall to shop for clothes to complete my wardrobe. I wanted to cryout in frustration and terror, but there was a penis-shaped gag buried inmy throat. The excitement I’d felt at home was long gone.After she stopped the car in the parking lot, she turned to me andunlocked the collar, cuffs, and removed the gag from my mouth. “Now, can Itrust you to behave in here, or will I have to really embarrass you? Andby behave I mean do everything I say without question.”With a numb feeling in my stomach I said, “Yes honey, I’ll be good.””Wonderful! I know we’re going to have a marvelous time.”With that, she made me fix the lipstick the gag had smeared, and showedme how to powder my sweaty forehead. We got out of the car and walked intothe mall. The heels caused my hips to sway noticeably. I did my best tominimize it.She looked at me with a grin and said, “My, aren’t we calling attentionto ourselves!” and laughed merrily. “Our first stop is at the beautyparlor. We don’t have that much time, so today we’ll just touch up yourmakeup and do your nails. Your hair can wait until tomorrow. I’ve alreadymade an appointment for you.”The voyage through the crowded mall was tremendously humiliating. Ikept waiting for someone to recognize me, or see through the disguise mywife had applied and sneer at a man in a short dress and makeup. It wasalmost a relief to near the beauty shop. While I didn’t draw anyof the disgusted looks I was afraid of, I got way too much attention,and the appreciative smiles were almost worse than mockery would have been.We walked into the parlor, and she talked to the receptionist. “Hello.I called earlier for a ‘special appointment’ for Sheila.”A pretty brunette overheard and approached. “Hi! I’m Cindy andeverything is ready. Follow me please.” She led us past the filledstations into a back room. “Please have a seat here.” I looked at thechair and then my wife with some misgivings.”SIT DOWN! You heard what the lady said!” my wife commanded and shovedme into the chair. Before I could recover, she pulled two velcro linedstraps out of her purse and quickly strapped my arms to the armrests,rendering me completely helpless. “Now sit there quietly, or I’ll have totake further steps.”The stylist was trying, though not very hard, to cover a big smirk onher face.”Go ahead and start on her. I don’t think she’ll give you any trouble.How long do you think this will take?””For everything you asked for, about an hour and a half.””Good, I’ll be back then. I’ve got some shopping to do. If she givesyou any trouble, feel free to take whatever action you think isappropriate.” She then walked out of the store, leaving me alone with thestylist.”You aren’t going to make any trouble, are you?” she teased.I shook my head no, not trusting my voice. Sounding like a man would’vebeen too embarrassing, and I’d feel like a fool if I tried a false woman’svoice.”Too bad. I think I’d enjoy disciplining and humiliating you. You’reobviously into it. Maybe I should see if my boyfriend would look as goodas you do dressed up.”That definitely made me decide not to resist – as if I could haveanyway. I did my best to ignore her flattery, too. The last thing I wantedto do was look too much like a woman.”Debbie here is going to do your nails, and I’ll be giving you a lightmakeover. Your lady friend made a separate appointment for your hair fortomorrow.” She turned her attention to my face and began working me over asDebbie began my nails.Sixty minutes later, she was still working on my face, and Debbie hadmockingly told me to remove my hose so she could do my toenails. The bandsaround my wrists made that impossible, of course, and I cringed as the girltouched me and did it herself. I kept my eyes closed, unable to face thechanges being made to me. The worst part was having my eyebrows pluckedinto shape. How could I hide that when the “vacation” was over?”This is a ‘light’ makeover?” I wondered to Cindy in a safe whisper,trying to joke. “How long does it take for a complete job?” I reallydidn’t want to know.At that moment my wife walked in with a shopping bag. “How are wecoming? Oh, she looks just darling!” she said as she grinned at me. Shethen bent over and admired my bright red toenails. Confirming that Debbiewas finished, she rolled my hose part way up and began diggingthrough a huge shopping bag.”What are you doing, honey?” I asked in a meek, gender neutral voice.”Oh, I didn’t think that those shoes were flattering enough, so Idropped into the Wild Pair to find you something prettier. I know you’rejust dying to wear them, but with that corset on I don’t imagine you canbend over far enough to strap them on.”That was an understatement! While I’d gotten used to taking shallowbreaths in the corset, there was no way I could bend that far down. Icouldn’t see what the shoes looked like from the angle I was sitting in thechair, but I could tell they had a much higher heel than the other set.”There!” Cindy announced proudly. “That about finishes you. How areyou coming, Debbie?””Just a few minutes to let the last coat dry.” After about five veryuncomfortable minutes of listening to girl talk, she said, “That about doesit. Let’s stand up and have a look at you.”My wife then removed the velcro straps, freeing me from the chair. Istood up and almost fell. I looked down at my shoes. They were a pair ofcream ankle straps with at least a five inch heel. I could barely stand inthem. It was amazing what a difference an inch and a half made. I thenlooked in the mirror, for the first time, and almost didn’t recognizemyself. The person standing there was a short, truly beautiful, entirelyfeminine woman staring back at me with wide,shocked, expertly made up eyes! Her skin looked perfectly smooth andher lips were strikingly highlighted. I reflexively raised my hands to myface, not believing what I was seeing, and then noticed my nails. One fullinch long and a deep liquid red – exactly the color of my skillfullypainted lips and toes.My wife smiled approvingly at me and said, “Don’t they look lovely,Sheila?””Y … Yes,” I stammered, too shocked to lie. “They’re beautiful. Ican’t believe it!”As she paid Cindy and we turned to go, she said, “By the way, I askedher to use a permanent set on the nails. You won’t be able to removethem.”I looked down at my hands in shock. How could you hide nails like that?What would I do at the end of the two weeks? I knew enough about it torealize that even if I cut them off, they’d be unnaturally thick.”Let’s go, Sheila, we’ve got plenty still to do. Now it’s time for someclothes shopping. With a gorgeous bod and sexy face like you have, we haveto get you some ‘hot’ outfits to match.”I slowly emerged from my state of shock, and wished I hadn’t. I wasdrawing even more attention now. The way men were staring at me left nodoubt as to their thoughts. I stayed as close to Ellen as I could as sheslowly toured store fronts.Our first stop was “The Body Shop.” My wife had me try on countlessoutfits in the dressing room. It was sheer torture, climbing into and outof one revealing outfit after another. I was horrified of being recognizedand arrested for this perversion. She ended up picking out a short blackleather skirt with matching bustier, and a white satin minidress with adeeply scooped neckline. Then she made me pay for the items with myAmerican Express Card – with my real name on it! The sales clerk gave me ashocked look and then a big smirk. My face turned beet red fromembarrassment. My slim hand shook as I tried to grip the pen and sign thesales slip with my too long nails.We went from store to store for about two more endless hours. I musthave tried on forty outfits and purchased at least a dozen. My ribs werekilling me from the constant pressure of the corset and my feet ached fromwalking and standing in those incredible heels.”Here we go. One last stop,” my wife said as we turned into anotherboutique. “Why don’t you have a seat for a couple of minutes.”She didn’t have to tell me twice. I was exhausted. I sat in the chairshe indicated, relieved to get a load off of my feet. I carefully smoothedmy hemline as I sat down (I’d learned this lesson the hard way through someembarrassing comments and looks from other shoppers). I was so tired, Ididn’t know what store I was in, and really didn’t care. I let my eyesclose.One of the clerks came up behind me and said, “Just sit still now.”There was a sudden, intense burning sensation in my right ear. My eyesleapt open, and I tried to get up. She held my head firmly with one handand said, “Just a few seconds. Hold still.” The sharp pain wasrepeated in the other ear. She then rubbed both with some alcohol andfiddled with each ear for a few seconds. “There, that does it. You canget up now.”I stood up and looked in the mirror. She had pierced my ears and placeda little gold ball in each of them! What would I do at the at the end oftwo weeks? Those holes in my ears were going to take a long time to healover.”Okay, that finishes us here. It’s time for us to go home and get readyto go out tonight.”With that, we walked back towards the car – slowly, because I was forcedto take such mincing steps in the tall shoes.As we got into the car I turned and said, “Honey, this is ridiculous. Look at my hands! I can’t -“She slapped me hard on the cheek, staggering me. She immediately pulledout a pair of handcuffs, put them on me, and secured them behind me to theheadrest, making me completely helpless.”I can see that you need a lesson to show you that I mean business. When I’m finished with you, you’re going to beg me to dress you up, takeyou out, and make you look as pretty and sexy as possible! We both knowthat you’ve secretly dreamed about this. Well it’s happening and there’snot a damned thing you can do to stop it! The sooner you realize thatyou’re no longer in control of what happens to you, the happier you’ll be!””But honey,” I whined, “don’t you think that this’s a little -“She rammed the gag back in my mouth. “What were you saying dear? Ididn’t catch it? Oh well, I guess it wasn’t very important.”We pulled away from the mall with me helpless in the passenger seat,thankful that the tinted windows offered me a little protection from casualobservation.As I began to look around me I realized that this was not the way home.Where was she taking me now?She noticed me squirming and looking around and said, “Don’t know wherewe’re going? Well, as much as you deserve to be humiliated more in public,that’ll have to wait. I just have to pick something up.”My relief quickly turned to chagrin as we stopped and I looked at wherewe were. It was a shop entitled “Exotic Leather Goods.””I need to grab a few things to ensure that you learn your lessonproperly. Don’t do anything naughty while I’m gone.”So there I was, tied into the passenger seat for any passers by to see,trapped in a feminine appearance and clothing with an artificial penisfilling my mouth. Now that we’d stopped, the tinted windows weren’t nearlydark enough.Suddenly, I saw a man approaching, walking towards the car. He wascasually looking at each of them as he passed by. Would he notice methrough the window? My heart was racing a mile a minute. Just as itlooked as if he would pass right by, he stopped and did a double take. HESAW ME! He stood there looking in the window for at least a full minutewith a big grin on his face while I tried to become invisible. Just aboutthat time my wife came up to the car with a bag in her hand.”Enjoying the view?” she casually asked the man.”Sure am, honey,” he replied with a leer. “Do you always keep her tiedup like that?” He thought I was a real woman!”She prefers it that way,” my wife laughed. “She’s my display model. Feel free to look all you want, but don’t touch.”The man kept up his lewd stare while Ellen loaded her purchases. Hewaved gaily, still laughing, as he walked away. With that she got instarted the car. As she drove us home, she said, “I was planning to takeyou out for a nice dinner and dancing tonight, but you obviouslydon’t deserve a reward like that yet. So, instead I’m going to teachyou a lesson in obedience. When I’m through with you, you’ll beg me todress you up in sexy outfits so you can show off.”brother, was I in trouble. I was afraid to even think of what my”lesson” would be. I was sure that it would not be pleasant, but I knewthere was no way she could make good on her promise that I’d want her toexpose me publicly.Finally, we pulled into the garage. My wife leaned over and connectedmy wrist cuffs to the collar. After that she disconnected my hands fromthe headrest, giving me no chance to get free. She then reached into herbig purse, pulled out a leash, and connected it to the collar. Getting herbag, my wife got out of the car and came around to my door. I still couldnot move because I was strapped in by the seat belt. She unhooked it andgave a tug on the leash.”Come along now, Sheila,” she ordered as we walked into the house. Westopped in the kitchen.”The first thing we need to work on is this tendency of yours to talkback and question everything I say. After all, I can’t keep that gag inyour mouth all the time. Unless, of course, you like the feel of somethingshaped like a cock in your throat.”I shook my head violently.”Well then, you need to show me that you can behave. Believe me, I hatekeeping that beautiful mouth of yours gagged all the time. There are somany better uses for it.”Having said that she pulled what looked like a leather sleeve with somelaces running down the length out of the bag of things she’d just bought.She then walked out of the room for a few seconds and returned with severalpieces of rope. She unlocked the wrist cuffs and had meput my hands behind my back. She then secured them with the handsfacing.Next, she picked up the sleeve and slid it up my arms, securing it withsome straps in front of my shoulder, guaranteeing that it would not comeoff. Then she began tightening the laces, straightening my arms andpulling my elbows together until they were about four inches apart.It hurt like hell and forced me to pull my shoulders back and arch myback to accommodate the position of my arms. My arms and shoulders beganto ache almost immediately.”My, aren’t you the brazen little slut!” she laughed as she looked atme. I had to admit that the way my back was arched did throw out my chest,emphasizing my big breasts. Next, she took a long length of rope, tied itto a ring on the sleeve below my hands and ran it to a hook in the ceiling.That ring! She’d had me put that in the ceiling last week to hold a heavyplanter. How long had she been planning this? A tug on the rope broughtme back to the present. As she pulled on the rope, it forced me to bend atthe waist while she pulled my arms towards the ceiling. Tying the rope offonto a doorknob, she commented, “There, that should keep you. Comfy?”Hardly! I was still in those ridiculous heels and this position forcedall of my weight onto my toes, which were already in agony. Adding tothis, the bent over position made the corset so tight that I was gaspingfor breath in tiny pants. I felt like I was going to pass out.The next thing I knew she was pulling my dress up over my waist,exposing my pantied bottom. Then she pulled the panties down around myankles.”Are you ready for your first punishment?”I had no way to say no, of course.She fumbled around in the bag. When I looked, she had pulled out aleather paddle. There was no doubt what her intended target was. Bound asI was, there was also not a single thing that I could do about it.SMACK! She connected right on my bare ass with a stinging blow. “Ithink that fifty good ones is about right for talking back to yourmistress, don’t you?”SMACK! She continued. After about twenty, I lost all control and wascrying like a baby. Each stroke seemed to sting more than the one beforeit. Finally, she reached fifty. My entire behind felt like it was onfire. She then pulled the panties up and pulled my hem down again.

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