Aunt KK Sneaks Into My Room


I was almost asleep when I heard the door to my room open. Someone was trying to sneak in. I could hear whoever it was trying to close the door slowly and quietly, but they weren’t doing a good job of being sneaky. I could tell they were coming up to my bed, then felt whoever it was slide in under the covers next to me.

It had to be my Aunt K.K..

She was staying with us that weekend, along with her two small children. I had heard her and my mom talking earlier the day before and I knew she had a big fight with her husband and needed a place to crash. So, she and her two young daughters were at our house, sleeping in our guest room.

This wasn’t an unusual situation since I was pretty sure Aunt K.K. hated her husband and she would stay with us often. Tonight, had been a little different though. My other aunt, Aunt Cathy, had come over and the three sisters, Cathy, K.K. and my mom had spent the evening on the back patio drinking wine and talking and laughing. My younger sister had played with my cousins and I had hung out in my room. A few times I could hear them get loud and laugh and say something inappropriate, but I mostly played video games and didn’t listen. I was off from my job and wanted to just relax.

At some point during the “party” Aunt K.K. had stuck her head in my room and asked what I was doing. I had told her not much and she had told me to come out and see everyone. I hadn’t wanted to.

“Oh, because you’re about to graduate you’re too cool to hang with your aunts?” she’d asked in a taunting way.

“Pretty much,” I’d said.

She’d laughed and dragged me out of the room and outside.

“I got him ladies,” she’d said outside. “All grown up and too cool for us.”

My mom rolled her eyes and said “I know, he won’t do anything with us anymore.” My Aunt Cathy just gave me a mean look. She was the oldest and the meanest and I was pretty surprised she even knew what fun or alcohol was.

K.K was the youngest of the sisters, thirty-four and married with two kids. My mom was the middle sister and at forty was still pretty hot, for a mom. Aunt Cathy was the oldest, and by far the meanest. She wasn’t pretty like KK or my mom. Maybe she had been when she was younger but now she just looked angry all the time.

K.K. was also the pretties of the sisters. I think that made Aunt Cathy jealous, but my mom didn’t seem to mind. She just looked out for Aunt K.K, and made comments about how she needed to grow up. Of course, Aunt Cathy always agree wholeheartedly that immature K.K. needed to grow up.

All three women were large. Aunt K.K. had thick thighs, a large butt, and large breasts on a medium size frame. She wasn’t fat but she wasn’t small. To me she looked just right. I had been noticing her thick figure for a few years. My mom was taller, so she carried her weight better. Aunt Cathy was, quite frankly, fat. But her huge tits were something I had noticed as well.

K.K. pushed something into my hand and said, “Drink it!”

“He’s too young K,” my mom said. I down whatever it was before there could be any more protests. It was not Escort good and burned on the way down and I started to gag. Aunt K.K. laughed and downed her drink.

“Don’t be such a baby,” Aunt Cathy sneered.

My mom shrugged and Aunt K.K laughed some more and said, “I’m a bad aunt, arent’ I?”

I hadn’t stayed out too much longer with them before returning to my room, but all night I listened to Aunt K.K. giggle and squeal and have a good time. I guess she was blowing off steam now that she was away from her husband. I knew she didn’t have the greatest of marriages and sometimes she’d bring her kids over for a few days and crash with us.

Now, I felt Aunt K.K. slide up against me in my bed. I knew she was drunk. I was pretty glad she was.

“Are you awake,” she whispered.

“Yes,” I said.

“Sorry to come in here, but your sister is in my bed with the girls. There’s no room.”

I’m sure that was true. “No big deal,” I said.

“Night,” she whispered.

I laid there and tried not to think about how sexy she was. She was my aunt. But it was tough. Seeing her loosened up and laughing had made me notice her. She was quite sexy. And her nice big ass was almost touching me.

The room was pitch black so I couldn’t see her, but she smelled wonderful. I wondered what it would be like to touch her.

I had touched girls my age. Some. I had kissed a few and felt up a few, but this was a woman. And her big ass was something that it would take both hands to hold on to.

As I laid there thinking about her my cock took notice and started to get hard. I felt her breathing and thought she was asleep.

That’s when I decided I would get just a little closer. I moved forward and got my body as close to her as I could. My hands were awkwardly positioned with her back to me so I slowly laid them on her shoulders to see if she’d notice. She didn’t make a sound.

I was almost touching her with my body but not quite. I didn’t have enough courage for that yet.

Aunt K.K. murmured and moved her shoulders underneath my hands. A cold feeling of dread filled my body and I moved them away.

“No, come back,” she murmured. I was totally surprised. She liked my hands on her?

“Massage me,” she said with that sexy, sleepy voice.

I slowly placed my hands back on her shoulders as we laid there on our sides and began to dig my fingers into her, her nightgown keeping me from touching her skin.

“Mmmm,” she murmured. “Feels good.”

I kept massaging slowly and she would acknowledge me with a soft “mmm” every few seconds.

I couldn’t believe she was letting me massage her.

Without realizing it I had crept closer and we were touching now at the waist. I moved my legs into hers and could feel where her gown stopped and her hot, soft skin started. My legs followed her legs in and I could feel her ass in my lap.

“Mmmm feels so good,” she mumbled.

I worked my way down her back getting lower and lower. I wanted to see if I could get near her ass without her noticing.

I finally reached her low Escort Bayan back where the small of her back gave way to the fat of her ass. I dug my thumbs in hard and she sighed with pleasure. “Feels really good, baby,” she said.

My aunt, who was twice as old as me, had called me baby. I was harder than a rock.

I kept working her back and enjoyed listening to her murmurs of pleasure.

That’s when I realized my dick was pressed up against her ass.

I couldn’t really feel anything but my boxers so I was pretty disappointed.

I reached down and slide my dick out of the split in my boxers. Now it would touch something. I inched forward and felt her hot skin on the tip of my dick. She wasn’t wearing any panties just the long black night gown that wasn’t covering her large ass.

I was nervous and I could feel myself nervously shaking. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Touching my hot aunt with my dick.

I pressed my hard cock up against her hoping in the dark and with the massage she wouldn’t really notice it.

I hoped she was asleep or too drunk to notice.

Then, surprisingly, she pressed her ass hard back into me.

I didn’t move. I didn’t say anything. Just felt her pressing up against me.

She reached back and her long sexy fingers wrapped around me and started rubbing my cock up against her ass.

She stroked me up and down and I could feel my precum leaking out and lubing up my cock.

She let go of my dick and pushed her ass into me harder. My hand found her hip and I smashed myself into her as hard as I could.

I reached down and started stroking my cock, using the fat of ass as to rub against.

I heard her giggle a little and squirmed her ass against me. I couldn’t believe it. It was feeling so good, the fat of her ass acting as a smooth block to rub my hard cock against. So smooth and hot. I was going to shoot my cum soon. All over her ass. I wanted to, but I was scared. How would she react to me shooting my cum all over her?

Then without much warning she rolled toward me ever so slightly. Her long thick leg, smooth as butter rubbing against my body. She moved her hand down to between her legs and I could tell she started to rub herself.

I took that as a good sign. I continued to rub my cock on the side of her ass but since she was almost on her back and I was on my side it was mostly her upper thigh I was against. But it felt nice and her skin was the smoothest, warmest thing I had ever touched before.

We stayed like that for a few just moments, each rubbing our own sexes with our bodies touching.

Finally, she shifted up the bed and raised her leg over me. When we settled, I could feel my dick against the soft flesh of her pussy.

Aunt K.K. continued to rub herself and I needed no encouragement to rub my cock against her. I felt her going faster and faster and she began to make little noises that made it clear she was really enjoying it.

I was almost perpendicular to her and rubbing my cock against her wet pussy. It was smooth, no hair, and felt small Bayan Escort and petite for a curvy woman. I could feel her fingers as she rubbed her clit and the wetness got all over me as I jacked off against her.

“Yes, baby,” she panted. “Rub it for me.”

I stroked faster and faster. I wanted to shoot it all over her smooth pussy before she could realize what she was doing.

I bumped my cock up against her clit and she moaned loudly, and I thought someone would hear us.

“Yes, rub it on me,” she said. “Rub my clit.”

I rubbed my cock hard against her clit and her hand involuntarily slapped me on the arm as she came.

“Oh, yes, baby. Make me cum.”

I stroked my cock up and down while she orgasmed

Her body relaxed and I rubbed down her pussy till I felt her wet opening. It was sopping wet and slick with juice.

Aunt K.K. moved slightly and the head of my cock was right at her entrance.

“Yes, baby, get it in me,” she said.

I didn’t realize what I was doing and pushed and slide inside her. I grabbed her fat hip and pulled and had my cock buried in her before she could reconsider.

She let out a small gasp as I moved it slowly in and out.

Her pussy was tight, but I went in easily. Back and forth. I could feel her wetness all over me and her body sucking on my cock. It was heaven to be inside her.

“Oh god, baby,” she panted. “Fuck me.”

I didn’t need much encouragement. I picked up my butt for a better angle and pushed her leg back that was thrown over me. Before she could blink, I was ramming her as hard as I could, her tight pussy sucking and squeezing me with every thrust.

“Oh fuck, baby.” She made the sweetest little sounds. I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

“Oh, cum in me baby, Cum in me baby boy.”

That’s all she needed to say. But she didn’t stop.

“That teenage dick is so fucking big. Make my pussy cum, baby.”

I could feel my balls tensing up and ready to explode.

Aunt K.K pulled down her gown at the neck and exposed one of her large breasts

and began to suck the nipple and squeeze it. I was raging and about to explode.

“I’m cumming, Aunt K.K.” I managed to say.

“Yes, baby. Do it. Cum in it. I don’t care if I get pregnant.”

I’m not sure where that came from but it put me over the edge. I wanted to shoot my teenage load inside my aunt’s thirty-four year married pussy and see what happened. I guess she did, too.

My balls ached and a pressure built up in my cock like I’ve never experienced before. I didn’t know if it was because she was so tight that maybe I couldn’t get it out.

After a second, I felt myself explode inside her and everything turned pink in my mind as I filled up my aunt with my cum.

She started to shake, and her pussy squeezed my cock so hard I thought it was going to pull it off.

I thrust into her while I came, slowing down until we both relaxed. I was panting hard from all the exertions.

Finally, I was limp inside her and I pulled out and laid on my back. Before I could think Aunt K.K was on top of me kissing me, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

She tasted sweet like candy and I loved her right there.

She rolled off of me with her back to me and pressed her ass up against me.

“Night,” she said.

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