Aunt Margaret Ch. 3


If you want to know why I am fucking my aunt, you might want to read the original story…

* * * * *

It had been a while since I had paid a visit to my Aunt Margaret. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, it was just that things just kept getting in the way of my getting enough time to spend quality time getting my pipes cleaned. By this time, I was the cock of the walk. I had bedded two women over 40 years old, and who needed the young chicks? Thus the need to clean my pipes. As it turned out later in my life, I would go the opposite way, opting for women younger than me as a rule.

It had been about 3 weeks since I had visited Aunt Margaret and I found myself wanting her more and more. I felt like a real man when I was with her. She appreciated that I was learning how to please her and make her feel good. One hot summer afternoon, I found myself with a few hours to kill and a raging hormone imbalance, so I decided to make my way over to my Aunt’s house. As usual, I went through the back yards and made my way to her back door. It was symbolic in a way that I was going in the back door, because the last time we were together she hinted we were going to try anal the next time we got together.

I wasn’t too sure how that worked, having never even discussed it with my buddies or knew much about it. In any event, I went in the back door and quietly walked in the first floor of the house. I called her name, but didn’t get an answer, so I decided she wasn’t home and started to go toward the back door, when I heard something upstairs. As I stopped and listened, I recognized a man’s voice coming from upstairs somewhere. This piqued my interest and I listened to hear what was being said. I heard “suck it Marge…suck it good”. Then I heard what was my aunt’s muffled response. Then I heard him say “God…that’s great….I want to pound Escort your pussy”. By now I am hard as a rock, because I am hearing my aunt getting ready to fuck some guy.

I took off my shoes and tiptoed up the stairs. Unfortunately a few of the steps squeaked, so I was afraid they would hear me. I noticed that the bedroom door was open fully, so I had to stay on the stairs and watch from there, lest they see me passing their door. I watched in awe as the cop who had given me a break began to mount my aunt and pound his very large cock (compared to mine) into her gaping pussy. He didn’t last long and came with a loud gasp accompanied by her moaning “pump me baby, give it to me hard”.

When he had exhausted the pulsating movements of his cock into my aunt’s pussy, he rolled off and collapsed next to her. She sat up and looked right into my eyes, and smiled at me, signaling me to go back downstairs. I nodded, but stayed and watched her lick his cock clean. I then retreated downstairs and into the basement stairway, remembering to take my shoes with me.

In a few minutes, I heard him come down the stairs and exit the house through the back door. Then I heard my aunt call my name and beckon me upstairs. When I got up there, I was confused. Why did she want me to see her right after she fucked someone else? It didn’t take long to figure out what was on her mind. She was still lying naked on the bed with her legs spread. She told me to get undressed and join her.

While I was taking off my clothes, which seemed to take an eternity, she told me she had heard me call her name when I was downstairs, and decided to see what I would do. She was aware of my presence the whole time and was excited beyond belief to be fucking the cop while she knew I was watching. She said she got turned on by exhibiting herself to me. She said Escort Bayan “ I want you to fuck me right now while his cum is in my cunt”.

I had never done that before, obviously, but that didn’t stop me from going for the gold. I climbed between her thighs and stuck my cock right in her pussy. It was still wet and stretched a little from his large cock being in there, but the feeling was undeniably fantastic. Her pussy was slick with his cum, but she grasped my cock with her muscles, and milked me dry in a few seconds. Remember, I was 18 at the time….it didn’t take much to make me cum!

She laid back after I came and said “there’s nothing like a cunt full of jism to make my day! “. She reached down and played with her pussy for a while, commenting on how fantastic she felt after having two cocks within 10 minutes of each other. I was feeling a little punky because I thought (in my infantile mind) that I was the love of her life. She sensed my feeling and said “don’t worry. You’re still my favorite fuck”! Believe it or not, that made me feel better.

She said “let’s take a shower, then we can do what I promised you we would do. As we showered, she told me how she had run into the cop and told him she was grateful to him for giving her nephew a break. He asked her “how grateful?’ and she decided to give him another round of fucking as his reward. Besides, she liked his big cock. I asked her how big he was, and she said he was a good 8 inches long and 6 inches around. I told her I didn’t know what I was, and she said when we were done showering, we would measure. But before we were done, she dropped down in the shower and administered a loving blow job stopping short of my cumming.

She said she had to do that to get it hard so we could measure! She got her sewing tape out and measured my cock at 6 ¼ inches Bayan Escort long and 5 ¼ inches around. “Not bad” she said. “It’s the right size for my asshole”. We fell on the bed, and she sucked my cock some more, and this encouraged me to go down on her pussy and tug at he clit with my lips. She stopped sucking my cock because she wanted me to save it for her ass. I continued my loving labors at her pussy and clit until she went over the edge and came with a deep moan. When she recovered from the magnificent orgasm, she got up and went into the bathroom and came out with a lubricant.

She sucked on my cock some more to ensure it was good and hard, and smeared some of the lubricant on the head of my shaft. She then reached around and put some in the ass as well. She then got on all fours and told me to get behind and start to put my cock in her ass. I did as I was told, and it was a struggle at first. Her ass was lubed, but not too receptive to my cock. We took our time, and eventually, my cock head passed through her sphincter and it was smooth sailing from there on. I didn’t know how hard to push, and took my signal from her.

She was getting very excited and started moaning and saying things like “fuck my asshole…..shove your big fat cock in my ass……fuck me good”. All this excited me beyond belief and I told her I was going to cum. She pleaded with me to shoot my load in her hole, and I came with a great force that emptied my balls. We collapsed down on the bed and just stayed like that for a few minutes until my cock deflated and I pulled it out of her ass with a loud “plop”. My cum was dripping out of her ass, but she didn’t care. She got up and got a warm washcloth and cleaned my cock off with it. She said “that was the best ass fuck I’ve ever had. You are the perfect size for my ass”. I told her I was glad that I could make my favorite aunt happy.

I had to leave soon to go home for dinner, but not before she got my cock up one more time for a quick fuck.

More to come in my adventures with Aunt Margaret.
Olderguy (and getting even wiser!)

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