Auntie’s New Tenant


This one is for lovecraft, who mentioned he likes this kind of story. Hope you enjoy! ~~BrettJ


Daniel Talbot grabbed his final suitcase from his father. It pained him to see the sad look on Robert’s face; his father was a good man who had been dealt a very bad hand.

“Dad, are you sure I can’t stay here and help out?” Dan asked. The look in his father’s once-happy eyes told the whole story. He appeared weary and beaten down, like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Hands that had once felt like they could bend steel girders were placed on Dan’s shoulders as he began boarding the train.

“Son, I want you to go to university and get the education you worked so hard for,” Robert told him. “Staying here would only cause hardship and stress; you don’t need all of that at your age.”

“It isn’t fair, you shouldn’t have to deal with Mom’s issues all on your own,” Dan protested. Robert shook his head.

“I understand how you feel son, but your mother’s beyond either of our helping her now,” Robert told him. “She needs help, professional help and intend to see that she gets it or … well, you know my intentions, I discussed them last week. Her drinking and the rage it fuels, it’s beyond anything I’m prepared to deal with now. I’m only 44, if it comes to that … I can still have a life, I’m not letting her drag you or I down with her.”

Dan’s heart felt as if it had been weighed down by lead. How had it come to this? He adored his mother, who 10 years earlier had been a vibrant, loving, ash-blonde high school teacher that everyone adored. She and Robert had been married for 21 years and had two children, Dan and his older sister, Denise. Denise was already at university. 3 years ago, his mother had began acting in a peculiar manner and acting secretive. Dan and his father noticed that Penny’s one drink before dinner had turned to a drink before and a drink after. Then it was a drink before, during and after. When Denise left for school, Penny’s manner worsened and it was hard to tell how much she was drinking. Her behavior became increasingly erratic. Robert began finding hidden bottles all over their house and it was no longer just wine she was drinking, it was hard liquor. He had received calls from her work and finally she had been suspended. Robert and Dan thought it might snap her out of it and motivate her to change, but no. It had given Penny no motivation to do anything; she just sat around drinking all day, cursing and staying in a fury. When Denise came home for Thanksgiving, she was stunned to see her mother’s downfall. She spoke with her father and brother and was so pained upon learning what they’d had to endure.

Denise had a private conversation with her father and they concocted a plan. When it was time for Daniel to go to university himself, he would go and stay with their Aunt Katrina while attending university. Aunt Katrina had done the same for Denise the previous year until Denise had found a roommate and moved in with her.

“Your aunt will likely like having a man around the house again,” Robert told his son about his long-divorced sister. “Do anything she asks you to do. I’ll send you money from time to time for whatever you need,” He said. “Don’t worry about finding a job, I can afford to pay for your schooling, just buckle down, get good grades and help out your aunt. Keep on making me proud.” Robert said as he slapped his son on the back and said goodbye.

Dan intended to do just that, he still couldn’t understand what had caused such a dramatic change in his once-vibrant mother. As he began his 6-hour train ride, he tried to remember his aunt, but it was difficult. It had been 10 years since he had seen Katrina Talbot — then Katrina Pearson — but he remembered her as tall, elegant and somewhat aloof. He knew she had been a dancer and he remembered her being a commanding presence, but that was about it. Denise had complimented their aunt by referring to her as a lovely, giving person and Dan intended to do whatever he could to pitch in. It was very kind of her to take in a relative she hardly knew and expect nothing in return.

Dan sketched in his books, happy that his father had approved his choice to become an artist. It had been one more thing his mother had raged about in one of her drunken stupors, how useless being an artist would be, even though she herself had started him on that path. She wanted him to pursue athletics, like his successful father or perhaps take over his father’s sporting goods franchises. Business was Denise’s forte, he intended to be happy. He was a good athlete though, having excelled in track, basketball and swimming. At 6’2″ tall, his body was lean and muscular and he moved like a dancer, which he thought his aunt might appreciate. The sandy-haired Dan had women flocking around him, partly because he was young and gorgeous and partly because he moved like Astaire on the floor. His portrait of Astaire and Rogers had won him the art show last year, a prize of $2000 he had stashed in the bank at his father’s advice.

He stepped off the train a little before 5 PM Escort and looked around. Walking towards Dan was a stunning, leggy brunette who was wearing an overcoat, hip-hugging black jeans and stiletto heels. Her hair was wavy and long, a gorgeous shade of auburn and her eyes were brown and warm. “Are you Daniel?” The woman asked. “I’m your Aunt Katrina; your sister E-Mailed me a picture so I’d know what you looked like. Come on, the MG’s over there.”

Dan was floored, first at the fact this tall, 5’10” stunner was his aunt. She looked to be in her early 30’s and moved like a supermodel. Second, she drove an MG? Very cool, he loved classic cars and hers was a 60’s model that had been painstakingly restored. As they were putting his luggage in the trunk, Katrina noticed him giving the car the once-over. “Hubby # 2 did all the work, he lost it in the divorce,” Katrina smiled at him. “He was none too happy about that.”

This smiling, sexy older woman contrasted greatly with the image he’d had of her. How had he gotten it so wrong? As the drove back to her … now his as well … home, he wanted to ask her a million questions, but found himself at a loss for words. She was still a commanding and somewhat intimidating presence.

“You’re very quiet over there,” Katrina smiled as her car pulled into the gated community in which she resided. “You don’t seem much like your father or Denise.”

“I’m like Dad in some ways, but Denise and I are very opposite,” Dan admitted. “I’m more like Mom in a lot of ways.”

“I was sorry to hear about that, I don’t understand what happened at all,” Katrina told her nephew. “Penny used to be such a vibrant, talented woman and she was always so happy, she loved you kids, she loved your father … do you have any idea what it could be?”

“No Aunt Katrina, we’ve all been trying to figure it out,” Dan sighed as the car moved up the long driveway. He loved the sound of the engine and how sleek the lines of the car were.

“No more `Aunt’, please Dan? I think of myself as a young woman and you’re the man of the house now,” She told him. “As long as you live here, you’re an adult and you’ll be treated as one. I have a nice beef stew ready but if you’d like a shower, it can keep for 30 more minutes and I’ll warm up a few nice crusty rolls.”

“A shower sounds like heaven and stew … how did you know, that’s my favorite!” Dan exclaimed.

“Your sister called me last night and clued me in,” Katrina grinned. “I love to cook but haven’t had the chance much lately; it’s no fun to cook for just one. I miss Denise since she moved in with Deborah.”

Dan nodded; his sister had been notoriously tight-lipped about her new roommate. All the family knew about Deborah was she was Japanese-Hawaiian and a journalism major. His sister and Deborah shared a condo about 30 minutes away.

Dan went upstairs to shower and was barely under the spray when he heard the door open. “Clean towels,” His aunt’s voice called out. He was glad she hadn’t come in a minute or so earlier or she would have gotten a good view of his naked body. He wasn’t embarrassed about his physique, but he doubted his aunt wanted him displaying it all about.

He put on clean clothes and walked downstairs. On the walls were several photographs of his aunt dancing, some of them were … sexy! She was wearing very revealing costumes; even the dresses she wore in the ballroom competitions couldn’t hide her stellar beauty. There were several awards as well; his aunt’s talents as a dancer were quite prodigious.

“I saw all the photos of you dancing, you were good,” Dan complimented Katrina as she ladled out the stew.

“I still am good, I just don’t get to dance much anymore,” Katrina sighed. “Your uncle — number one — was my best partner until he traded me in for a younger model. I got the last laugh though — she’s nowhere near as good a dancer as I am, I move much nicer.” There was a sly smile that made Daniel wonder if his aunt was referring only to the dance.

“I’ll make you a deal, any time you want to go dancing, give me a bit of notice and I’ll go with you,” Dan smiled as he broke open his roll to butter it.

“You like to dance?” Katrina’s brown eyes opened wide. “Your father used to love dancing.”

“He and Mom used to do that, too,” Dan said in a sad tone. “Yeah, I love to dance. You can get a chick … sorry, you can easily find dancing partners if you love dancing and I took it seriously.”

“You’re your father’s son,” Katrina laughed. “All right tiger, you’re on. Your old auntie will take you dancing some night.”

“Listen to you. You’re not old, I mean, I know how old you are, but you don’t look it,” Dan told her.

“What a line,” Katrina chuckled. “How old do you think I look then?”

Dan decided to fudge things a bit, for the sake of valor. “I don’t know … late 20’s, maybe? You’re a beautiful woman Aunt … Katrina. I bet when you go dancing, they’re lining up to dance with you.”

“Listen to you, what a pick-up artist!” Katrina laughed. “I might just keep you around to feed my ego, now eat your stew.”

Dan Escort Bayan ate his meal with his aunt and got to know her, she was certainly personable enough. She laughed a lot and was highly intelligent; he knew she didn’t work much any more, as she had invested her monies well. After dinner, they went for a swim by her pool. Dan noticed some yard work he could do and when she came outside to swim, he gasped. She was wearing heels when she came out on deck, so he heard her and turned around. Her suit wasn’t a bikini, it covered her breasts and then there were two strips of cloth that connected to the bra and led down to a tiny thong bottom. It was cut high on her hips and her stomach, flat and lean, was exposed. She was wearing earrings that dangled precariously and Dan would have bet they were real diamonds. She stretched out on the chaise and got out a book and poured herself a small glass of wine from a bottle she had brought with her. Dan could not take his eyes away from the sexy vision that was his aunt.

“I thought I’d catch some rays and read a little, less chance of burning at this time of day,” Katrina told him. He nodded and tried not to stare at her, but she wasn’t making it easy. Every time she stretched out her legs, her calf muscles went taut and he could see what fabulous dancer’s legs she had, smooth and sleek. It all went with the rest of her; Dan’s aunt was still an incredible, vibrant woman.

“Dan? Are you still with me? I asked if you’d like a glass of wine or perhaps a beer.” Katrina offered.

“Oh sorry, no thanks. I’ll go get myself a Pepsi, if that’s okay. I noticed some in the fridge and then I’ll have a swim,” He told her. He walked away and wondered why he felt as if it was 110° outside.

He stood in front of the refrigerator for a few minutes, letting the cool wash over him. Dan wondered why his older sister hadn’t warned him their aunt was such a fox. Had she not noticed? Dan knew his best course of action might just be to try and push these thoughts away, she was his aunt and older than he. He shouldn’t be thinking thoughts like this, but they kept on swimming to the surface. Swimming! He had been indoors for a few minutes now, he didn’t want Katrina to wonder about him. He hurried back outside with his Pepsi. She smiled at him as he took a couple of sips and then dove into the pool. Instantly, he felt it. He had an erection, oh shit! Had she noticed it? He hoped not and decided to stay in the pool until it went down, which took about 15 minutes.

He got out of the pool and noticed his aunt had an odd smile on her face. “I was watching you, Dan,” Katrina admitted. “You swim so beautifully, you’re almost like a dolphin in the water.”

She hadn’t commented on his earlier state which Dan took as a good omen. He sat in a chair beside her and drank his soda. “Thanks Katrina,” He smiled. “I swam a lot at home and was on the swim team at school.”

“Good for you honey, it’s important to keep fit,” Katrina told him as she sat up. He could see her perfect breasts peeking out from under the sheer top. Katrina was fit in oh-so-many ways and Dan knew he’d be thinking of her tonight.

“I agree with you, Dad and Denise keep in shape too,” Dan said, having another mouthful.

Katrina nodded. “I noticed that about your sister when she stayed here last year. She has an incredible body.”

“I guess.”

“You guess? Haven’t you noticed?”

“Well, not really Katrina. I mean, she’s my sister!” Dan told her.

“You noticed mine and I’m your Aunt … your much-older Aunt,” Katrina told him. “It’s okay to look and think about things. Thoughts can’t hurt anyone,” Katrina insisted.

Dan was sure glad about that, because the thoughts he was having about his beautiful Aunt Katrina were far from proper. He wondered what kind of nut would let someone like her get away?

That led to another thought. With him living in her home, he was certain someone as beautiful as Katrina didn’t go without companionship. He would have to be careful not to intrude on her privacy and make her uncomfortable. Likewise, if he himself decided to bring someone home, he hoped Katrina would give him some space. He doubted he’d have to worry much about that, he didn’t know anyone here and had decided to concentrate on his studies and to be there to help out his aunt. Dan wanted to make himself indispensable around her home in gratitude for taking him in on such short notice.

Katrina seemed to love having him around and having someone to dote on. Dan made sure all of the yard work was done; he cut the lawn and tidied up the shrubbery and gardens that surrounded the pool. He cleaned out gutters and drainpipes and made sure everything about her place looked tidy and in its proper order. Katrina mentioned to him one evening that she didn’t know how she had managed before he had come to live with her. He just smiled and ate his dinner, pleased he’d been of some assistance.

Once he got to know Katrina, she wasn’t intimidating, although he still remained in awe of her. Whenever she interacted with someone, anyone, Bayan Escort they seemed completely wrapped around her little finger. Men or women, Katrina was able to charm them all and did it with ease.

When he had been living there about a month, a few weeks prior to his beginning university, Katrina told him she had a date and would be home late. She had already made his dinner, although he’d insisted he could have cooked for himself. Katrina got dressed in an elegant cocktail dress that was a light pink shade that looked beautiful against her tanned skin. She wore beautiful earrings and sexy heels and sparkled. Dan was almost back to being intimidated as she exited the door. He heard muttering from outside and then a car left and Dan concentrated on the DVD he had rented for the evening. He hoped she would have an enjoyable evening and reminded himself to ask her dancing soon. He wanted to have the opportunity to move around the dance floor with his aunt, even if it was just once.

Dan fell asleep on the couch sometime shortly after the movie had ended. He looked at the clock in the kitchen and saw it was after midnight. He wondered if his aunt was home and then he heard some laughter from upstairs. It had happened, something he had anticipated earlier. Katrina had brought her date home and more than likely, they were having sex! Good for her, Dan thought as he climbed the stairs. He wanted to trim the hedges tomorrow and decided he should turn in. As he approached his room, he saw that Katrina’s bedroom door was ajar. He could see in and saw her long, beautiful legs and they were entwined with her lover’s. To Dan’s surprise, the other set of legs seemed to be slim and shaved. There was no doubt about it; his Aunt Katrina was sharing her bed with another woman!

They seemed to be lost in each other, if the soft moans and gentle sighs were any indications. He could see little snippets of their activity, glimpses of Katrina’s slender body being caressed by a gentle hand, bodies moving together. He could see a bit of Katrina’s face, but not that of her lover. In pleasure, his Aunt looked even more beautiful, sensual and in heat. Dan was hard and very horny, he knew he shouldn’t be playing the voyeur, but he was rooted to the spot. He watched for about 15 minutes, hoping for a glimpse of his aunt’s lover, but he didn’t get one. Katrina would speak out on occasion, but aside from small words of encouragement, the other woman remained silent. He was able to tell the other woman was younger and he thought she might be blonde. He heard the grandfather clock in her den chime that it was now 1 AM, so he made his way to bed. He got out his cock and masturbated until he came. He cleaned himself up and was asleep in 10 minutes.

Dan was up at 9:30 AM and Katrina was already baking blueberry muffins when he came down to breakfast. It was hard to reconcile the domestic Katrina with the sensual woman he had peeped on last night. He hoped she didn’t suspect anything. “Did you have a good time last night, Katrina?” Dan asked as he buttered a muffin and poured himself a much-needed cup of coffee.

“Oh, yes Dan,” Katrina smiled as she sipped her coffee. “It was just what I needed.”

Dan smiled at her, wondering if she was referring to the date itself or the sex that had followed. He decided it was likely both. Before he went outside to start working, he smiled at Katrina. “Would you still be willing to go dancing with me, Katrina?” Dan asked.

“Yes, that sounds like fun!” Katrina grinned, her long hair spinning with him as she turned around. “When would you like to go?”

“Why not Friday night or do you have other plans?” Dan asked.

“No, no other plans,” Katrina grinned at him. “I’m looking forward to our night out; it’s been several years since I’ve danced with a handsome young man.”

Dan went through the week and did as much as he could for his aunt. He also took the time to get a haircut and have his best suit dry-cleaned. If Dan had his way, nothing was going to go wrong when Friday came.

Friday night, he insisted on taking her to dinner and made sure to put his best foot forward. Dan tried not to act his age, he tried to find common ground and discuss her interests. Katrina knew about a lot of things and her knowledge of the world impressed him. At dinner, she ordered an incredible bottle of wine which she insisted on paying for. Dan thought he’d probably be better off not knowing how much it had cost. Their food was wonderful and Dan decided that they’d come here again.

The club he took her to for dancing he had found through some on-line research. It had a varied selection of music, so he could dance with her fast or slow and show off his ballroom skills. Katrina had worn a killer black dress with slits on the side, her hair up in an elegant chignon and her makeup impeccable. From the very first time they danced together, Dan felt at ease. She moved so well in the 4-inch heels and didn’t miss a step. Dan made sure to keep up with her; on the fast songs he couldn’t believe her energy. When they danced to the slower melodies, it felt wonderful having her in his arms. She looked so perfect and elegant and she smelled so nice. He didn’t care about anything beyond the fact that she was a beautiful woman and there was magic in the night and she was in his arms, sharing a special time.

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