Autumn Cruise Ch. 02


It was still morning around ten thirty when our taxi reached the dock. Rob unloaded the back of the taxi and Terry paid for the ride smiling at me the whole time. I felt like a little girl when she looked at me. I walked over and started to take some luggage and walk to where our ship was to be docked with Terry by my side. We were looking for the ship Essex’s and didn’t see it anywhere. So Terry went to the office to find out where the ship was docked at and came back and told me that Essex’s had temporally changed their name for the holiday since we were getting closer to Halloween. I looked at her and said, ” And what in names god did they change it to?” She looked at me and looked over and pointed to a ship down the dock and I looked over and read “Autumn Terror.” Oh my god, I started to laugh, “don’t you think they are going a bit to far?” Terry started to laugh and started telling me that the whole ship was decked already in Halloween garb and that everyday was going to be based on holloween.

I thought to myself, great that is all I needed a horror ship. We started walking towards Autumn Terror and the closer I got to the ship the more I got this feeling of dread coming over me to the point I was feeling ill. Terry looked over and noticed that I was not doing well and she said in a calm reassuring voice, “Hon, don’t worry we will have fun and besides you’ll be with me.” Terry was beaming from ear to ear and was full of excitement over having a whole week of Halloween feast going on. We finally made it to the ship and started to board it going up a long covered ramp and stepping on to the ship was like stepping into the twilight zone. Halloween decorations every where. Even the crew was wearing customs. One of the crew approached us and greeted us aboard and looked at our tickets and directed us to our rooms. I started thinking, thank god I and Terry have separate rooms on the cruise. I was hoping she would meet a man or another woman so I could just relax and be myself. But then again, I was starting to like being dominated over at least just a little.

We finally walked half the ship when we saw the opening to go into and was greeted by another crew member. The doctor dressed up as a mad surgeon. Now that really turned me off and scared me a little bit. Great a doctor with a weird sense of humor is all I needed on this trip. I just hope I don’t get ill at anytime and need his help. As we approached him he announced he was the ships doctor and his name was Ralph. “Well, Ralph,” Terry said, ” could you tell us the way to our rooms so we can get settled in?” Ralph took our tickets and looked at them for the room number and pointed down the hall to the left. “Great rooms ladies,” Ralph smiled, hope you enjoy your cruise here on Autumn Terror.” I tried to smile and said, “I am sure we will.” We started walking down the hall that Ralph had just directed us too and I noticed that all the doors had 666 – 1 and so on. “Ah, Terry,” my voice now sounding like a silly girl, have you noticed that all the doors are marked with 666 and then the room number”? “What, are you superstitious about that number, Leanne”? I looked at her and she had noticed I was not impressed with what she said. We finally made it to our rooms. Terry winked at me and kissed me on the cheek and I looked around to see if anyone was looking which no one else was in the hall and she said, “I’ll be over to see you in a while love,” and she went to her room next door and went in and shut the door behind her. I kind of let a sigh of relief out that she didn’t want to come in my room with me. I opened the door with the key they had sent with the ticket and I was surprised. The room was so big. I walked in and it was just like having a big apartment. The place was lush with expensive furniture in the living and big mirrors all over and even a big television and a stereo. I look around and notice there were flowers all over the livening and then I noticed a door over by the television set and I walked over thinking it might be a closet but it was a little kitchen behind the door, I turned to shut the door and walked across the living room into the bedroom and found a lush feather bed and all the wood was solid oak and more flowers. I finally picked a card and read it and I was surprised it read:

My dearest Leanne

You are the joy of my life. I’m so glad we are together for this journey and I will always be here for you.

Yours always,


I started to think if she had planned all this from the start. But right now all I wanted to do was to get my things put away and just rest for a while after being up early in the morning. I started putting things away and notice that in the suit case that Terry was in was a small box. I stared at the box for a while and then opened the little gray box and in it was a silver bracelet with Terry’s name on it. I just hope this was a phase she was going through. I put the box on the dresser and left it there not giving Kadıköy Escort it any thought to finish putting away my clothes and shoes when I heard Terry in the living room. What the hell I said, “How did you get in here?” I walked over to the bedroom door and looked at her. “I came in through the other door, ‘she smiled. “What other door”? “Our kitchen join together,” Terry replied. “What”? I said surprised. “Sure,” Terry said, “we have a kitchen we have to share.” I thought to myself maybe I should have taken a closer look at the kitchen and make sure to lock my door next time. Terry hadn’t changed yet but from out of no where she said,”you’re not thinking of locking the door are you”? As if she was reading my mind. “Who me, would I do that”? Trying to smile at her. Terry drew closer to me and I became uptight all of a sudden. “Terry, please, I am trying to figure out what happend the is morning between us and deal with it.” Terry stopped in her track and said in a kind and understanding voice,”Oh, I can understand that love, but don’t feel bad about what happened we both enjoyed it and we have all week to enjoy it again.” I looked down at the floor and said in a low voice,”I just want some time to myself right now.” “Okay,” Terry said, “that is no prob. I want to check out the ship anyway, I’ll come back and check on you later, as she winked at me and turned to leave the front door.

I felt some relief and started to relax a little. I decided to take a shower and change into something comfortable and lay down for a while. I had never slept in a feather bed before and this felt real good. I kept getting the feeling I was being watched but didn’t know from where. I must have fallen to sleep cause when I woke up I looked out the port and it was dark outside. I must have been tired. I got up nice and refreshed I notice the silver bracelet was on my wrist. I don’t remember putting it on I thought to myself. I’m sure I didn’t put it on. I got up out of bed and walked into the living in my silk nighty and noticed Terry was waiting for me at the bedroom door before I had a chance to say anything she took me gently by the arm and lead me to the dinning room where she had dinner all set up and candle lights going. I was surprised and shocked all at the same time. She walked me over to the chair and pulled it out and sat me down and pushed it in gently under the table and poured us both white wine before she sat down.

“I don’t know what to say but thank you for having dinner ready.” Terry looked at me and smiled. “No problem love, I had room service deliver. I knew you were tired so I let you sleep.” It was actually a perfect dinner set up with London broil steak, baked potato and a salad, all my favorite things to eat. I could feel Terry’s feet under the table caressing mine. Terry proceeded to tell me about the day she had on the ship and the people she meant on the ship. By the time she got done telling me her exciting day we were finished with dinner. Terry kept trying to touch my hand the whole time and I kept trying to pull away. Terry got up and came over and helped me up and she put her arm around me and planted a kiss on me as if she missed me something fierce. We walked into the living and sat on the plush lavender couch and Terry leaned over and kissed me again on the neck this time. “I really missed not having you with me today to explore the ship,” she said in a low soft voice. My body started to quiver from the kiss on my neck. I didn’t know whether or not she felt my body quiver but I had to ask her. “Terry,” trying to be stern, “what are we doing?” “What do you mean, what are we doing,” she replied. “This is just a fling isn’t it”? “A fling! I doubt that Leanne.”

Terry moved to the table in front of me and sat down in front of me hold my hands and rubbing them. She looked into my eyes and in a soft and low voice said, “Don’t you get it?” I looked at her and notice she was looking at me in away a man would look at me if he were in love with me. “I have loved you for years, Leanne and I finally have a chance to show just how much I love you and adore you. Sure I can’t offer you a dick but I can offer you so much more, baby.” She knelt in front of me spreading me legs apart. She started rubbing my thighs and hips. “Sweet pea, I know you have never experienced another woman before and I understand you have reservations about this but I can do for you what not man can do for you and love like no man can love you.” I sat there looking at her and listening to every word she said. “But, what was all that about the house this morning then”? I said in disgust. “Leanne, come on now. How long have we’ve known each other and how many secrets and stories have we told each other. I know you all to well. You want to be dominated over and you enjoy being dominated over.” “Terry, this may be true,” I added, “but by a man not a woman.” “Really,” Terry said in a sly and devious voice. “How would you know if you like Kadıköy Escort Bayan it or not by a woman if you haven’t tried it.” She made some sense but I never thought of it that way. I could feel my head shake yes, as giving some credence to what she had just said. “Don’t worry sweet pea, I know how you like it,” this wicked grin came over her face. After all these years I thought to myself, she knows me all to well. I sat there for a while just thinking when all of a sudden I felt my hand being guided behind me and something cold wrapped around them and a click.

Before I could say anything a ball was being placed in my mouth with a hole in the middle. I didn’t know what was going on. Terry could see the fear in my eyes and feel it. I was sure she could. She walked into the kitchen and left me sitting on the couch. All I could think of was I was in for trouble and I didn’t know how to get out of it. What next, was she going to kill me. All kinds of thoughts came in my head when Terry came back from the kitchen in a white silk robe and a paddle in her hand. My eyes filled with terror, what in the hell was she going to do with it. I was going to be beat, I knew I was but didn’t know why. My heart was racing and Terry came over and helped me off the couch. I struggle a little when she swung me over a bar stool and strapped me to it. My face facing the floor and my ass up in the air. She raised the chair so my feet wouldn’t be touching the floor. I was scared to death. She parted her robe so that a dick fell out of it. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she had a strap on, on her. She stood next to me rubbing my ass and said,”baby, this is going to hurt me as much as it hurts you, but it’s for your own good.” I started to struggle on the barstool but it was no good she had me strapped to it tightly. All I could do was mumble through this device she had in my mouth. I tried to plead with her but with no veil. I felt her hand on my back and then it happened. I felt the leather whip come down on my ass. I felt the stinging it gave me. “See, honey, you should have been with me instead of being in your room. You’re a bad little girl.” Another hit to my ass but this time it was harder then the first. My legs started to kick from the pain and because I just wanted to get up and away from what punishment she was going to give me. With every whip to my ass, I could her count one, two, three, etc. And each hit became harder and harder. Tears started to run down my face. My body was starting to tighten with each smack she dealt me.

“From now on sweet pea, you go where I go, won’t you”? I tried to say yes but found I couldn’t with this thing in my mouth. Another slap to my ass. My legs kicking for what it was worth. “Just remember, I love you and that I will always love you, it is just that you have to learn.” Slap again. “You go where I go, don’t you sweet pea”? She said. I shook my head yes. “Good, now that we understand each other things will be better now won’t they”? Terry stood there and when I didn’t answer her she whacked me again to the count of ten. “I asked you a question answer or get another whack.” I shook my head yes. “Good, girl,” she said, “see your figuring out your place in this relationship aren’t you?” I shook my head yes as fast as I could so I wouldn’t be beaten anymore. “Good, good,” she whispered. I was crying and sobbing but couldn’t yell for help or tell her to stop at any time. I hadn’t noticed but she had moved behind me and I felt the stool being lifted up and down with the foot peddle on the floor. My ass hurt so bad. I thought I was bleeding. OH MY GOD, I thought to myself she has that strap on, on. She wouldn’t after the beating she gave me, I thought. Or would she. I felt the dildo hit it’s spot near my snatch. I felt her silk robe draped across my back and her left hand touching my left shoulder. “Baby, I want you so bad, you know that don’t you”? I started to fling my legs trying to hopefully get her out from between my legs. I started shaking my head no. I couldn’t believe what she was doing to me. I felt the dildo start to penetrate my snatch and feeling the pain of my beaten ass. Her right hand came across my back to my right shoulder and I could feel her pushing the dildo into my snatch. I started screaming from pain but no one could hear me. My legs bending up to me knees I started lashing with them. I was fighting harder to get off the stool that I was tied too. And with all the struggle I did it was to no avail. I was held to that stool stead fast.

Terry getting a rhythm going and I could hear her start to moan with excitement as she thrusted the dildo into me. I realized I was moaning right along with her. Between the pain and the ecstasy I was feeling. I couldn’t believe that I was enjoying all this. My moans muffled. I felt Terry’s hands on my hips thrusting to and fro. “Oh baby,” she moaned with delight, “who loves you, baby. I told you I loved you.” The thrust where Escort Kadıköy steady and even. “The spanking was for your own good, baby. So that you know what you did wrong and that you won’t do it again.” I shook my head yes. Moaning with absolute delight. My body starting to quiver with excitement I never had known before. The thrust were steady and slow but picked up just a bit. A little deeper she made the dildo go in my snatch and as she did I felt my body yarning for it all. I wanted her to screw the hell out of me to make me scream with ecstasy. Moaning and gasping for air I found myself really wanting her. I hadn’t known what I was missing before in all my other relationships before. My snatch taking it in, palsating waiting and yarning for her to make me cum. Was it possible that a man couldn’t give me this or was it the fact that I didn’t trust anyone to do this to me. And yet, I trusted her of all people. I could hear her moaning in wild passion as her grip got tighter around my hips her thrust became faster and the dildo deeper and deeper. I my body started to tense up from the shear ecstasy of it all and I started to scream. I had never felt any mans cock go that far into me before. Faster and faster her thrust became and my snatch getting wetter and hotter. Taking it all in, every dam bit of it she had to give me. “Oh,” Terry moaned in sweet ecstasy, “cum for me baby” she gasped for air “cum and meet your daddy, little girl,” she moaned. My body starting to twitch from the shear pain and ecstasy I was feeling. Then I felt a hand whack my ass. “Cum for me, baby, come meet your daddy,” she said with excitement in her voice. My moans and screams muffled. My body twitching and wanting to exploded. Smack, again on my ass. The pain was shear heaven. Her thrusts faster and deeper. She was becoming more intense in what she was doing to me. And then it happened, I exploded with shear and utter ecstasy. I was cuming and could not stop. OH YES! I heard her say, “Cum to papa” she still thrusting and moaning herself. I felt she was cuming at the same time I was. “Oh, baby,” she gasped for air, “you’re so good, baby.” I kept cuming and cuming over and over again. I had never experienced this before. I felt her body on my back resting on me and breathing hot and heavy. “Oh baby, you don’t know what you do to me.” I heard the clicks of the cuffs on my wrist loosen and then come off and the gag loosen and come off as well. I was still tied to the stool with Terry laying on me, still in me.

My hands free now dropped in front of me. My mouth hurt from the gag being in for so long. And yet somehow I didn’t mind it. I heard myself saying in between gasps of air, “oh, that was so good.” My ass still throbbing with pain. Terry pulled out slowly and she did something I couldn’t see her but I felt this cool cream being put on my ass. It seemed to ease the pain a little. “See, baby, I take good care of my little girl, now don’t I”? I remembered what happened before when she asked me a question and I was quick to answer. “Yes,” with excitement and ecstasy in my voice. “So, tell me baby, did you enjoy yourself tonight”? I looked over with complete and utter lust and said, “Yes, I did, very much,” my voice sounded like a little girl wanting more ice cream. Terry stood in front of me and I noticed the strap on was off her crouch almost in my face as she started to untie me. I could smell the juices we created together. Once the rope was loose from around me and the stool I slowly edge my way back and off sliding off the stool as the stool was not lowered and my feet were still dangling above the floor. I looked over at Terry and noticed her satisfying smile she had on her face. She then came over and swept me off my feet and my hands around her neck she walked over and sat on the couch, gently lowering me to her lap. Gently she whisked my long reddish hair out of the way of my eyes and said, “You know I love you don’t you?” I shook my head yes and started kissing her passionately with my tongue in her mouth tasting every inch of her. Her arms around held me closer to her as she responded back. I started sucking her tongue, messaging it with mine. My hands caressing her face. I wanted her like I had never wanted anyone before. I realized what I was feeling and I jumped up off Terry now standing in front of her. She held my wrist in her right hand. She looked up at me with her loving eyes and lustful smile.

“So, your starting to feel things are you are”? I shook my head yes. “Terry, this is going to take me some time to get use to,” I said in sweet low voice. “I don’t know what is happening here. I never thought of myself as being with another woman.” I started to tremble slightly not knowing how Terry would react to what I just said to her. “Don’t worry baby, ” her voice low and soft, “I’ve been there myself at one time.” Terry started to stand up and kissed me on the check and led me into the bedroom where the covers where already turned down. She whispered in my ear, “sleep on your stomach, Hon, that way you won’t be in a lot of discomfort tonight.” She put me in the bed and covered me up and sat on the bed next to me. Stroking my long reddish hair. “You sleep now, I’ll be back to check in on you later.” She bent over and gave me a kiss and turned to leave.

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