Back Home from The Farm


Back Home from The FarmMy sister Beth and I grew up on a farm in Indiana. Living out in the country was pretty much a dull and restricted sort of life for teenagers. Since we had to ride the school bus, we had no opportunity to participate in extracurricular school activities–it was off to school in the morning and back home right school was out. This schedule cut down on our opportunities for dating, too, since it gave neither of us much chance to develop any kind of serious friendships or romantic relations with others our age. This wasn’t that much of a problem to me–I was shy around girls, and being tall and skinny without much in the way of redeeming good looks, I probably would have had a hard time getting dates anyway. s*s, though, was different. She was pretty. Well, in fact, she was more than pretty, she was downright beautiful. Petite at five-foot-two and 100 pounds, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a figure that could have easily gotten her elected to cheerleader, Beth could have had almost any boy in school if she had the opportunity and set her mind to it.Beth and I never played “doctor” or “you-show-me-yours-and- I’ll-show-you-mine” games. Oh, we sometimes talked about sex, but we never went beyond that point. Our parents were very strict, and discussion or mention of sexual subjects was a family taboo. That home atmosphere, together with a natural shyness we both seemed to have, prevented us from any type of overt sexual exploration with each other.This is not to say I wasn’t interested in sex, because I was. The truth was that I stayed horny most of the time. Since I had no opportunities to get rid of my horniness by dating and having sex with girls, I relieved myself by masturbation. Invariably, it was Beth I fantasized about when beating off. Even though I had never seen Beth nude, I had seen her in a bathing suit down at the creek and in shorts and halter around the house, so I could develop good mental pictures of what a naked Beth might look like. These pictures filled my mind as I played my solitary sexual games.One day, though, when I was sixteen and Beth fifteen, I decided the mental pictures were not enough–I wanted to see in real life what Beth looked like without any clothes. Since Beth never went around the house unclothed, I could do this only by peeking through the keyhole in the bathroom when she was taking a shower. One evening our parents were out in the barn when Beth went into the bathroom and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. I waited until the shower started running and then went and stooped by the door and looked through the keyhole. One of the floor boards outside the bathroom squeaked loudly when I stepped on it and I hoped Beth didn’t hear it. Apparently she didn’t because she began to take the towel from around her body. Just one second more and I would be able to see Beth’s lovely body. That second didn’t come, though, because Dad shouted at me at just this time–yelling and raising hell all over the place. Dad had come into the house without my hearing and caught me in the act of playing Peeping Tom.Both my parents shamed me in front of Beth and threatened a severe beating if I ever pulled a stunt like that again. This absolutely and completely embarrassed me, and I was almost afraid to look Beth in the eye. She never mentioned it, though, and acted as if everything were okay. Not once, in later life was the subject ever brought up. Not once, either, did I ever try again to peep at Beth.Beth and I both finished growing up. I went to college and so did Beth. After we finished college, I got a job in Los Angeles and Beth in Philadelphia. We saw each other only on visits back to the farm, and gradually we drifted apart, with occasional letters being our only contact.Neither of us married. I don’t know what reason Beth had for staying single, but my reason was shyness around girls and a rather plain appearance. Also, in my mind the ideal girl was one just like Beth, and I could never find a girl that measured up to her standards. We may have no longer been close to each other, but Beth was still very much in my mind. In my pleasure fantasies, it was still Beth I pictured. She was my standard for female perfection and was the subject of all my masturbatory dreams. I continued to keep a big-as- life picture in my mind of how she would have looked if I had been able to see her drop that towel those years before.Mom and Dad were killed in a car accident, and Beth and I buried them in a cemetery near the farm. We didn’t want to sell the farm house because it held so many warm memories for us, so we kept the house and several acres around it and sold the rest of the farm. The property had substantially accrued in value, and we each got a good sum of money from its sale.Beth had been writing on a part-time basis and was pretty good at it, having sold several magazine articles. She decided that the money from the property sale would give her the independence to quit her job and take up writing full- time. She also decided that the farm house would be an ideal place for her to live while pursuing this career. This would be a good arrangement for both of us–the house would be occupied and maintained Beth would have a comfortable place to live. She offered to pay me rent on my half of the house, but I laughed her out of the idea, promising to make up for it by coming to visit her often enough to lay claim to my portion.Several months passed without our seeing each other. We wrote often, though, our friendship being renewed by our recent mutual experiences. In every letter she invited me to come visit, but my schedule never seemed to allow it. Finally, though, I got a breather in my work and decided to take some vacation–two whole weeks to go back home to the farm, laze around, and visit with Beth.I arrived at the farm on a Saturday afternoon. It was an exceptionally warm May day, with the sun beating down and the temperature in the high 80s. When I drove up, Beth was out working in her garden. She had her back turned to me when I first got there and was bending over some plants. All she had on was a pair of brief running shorts and a halter that was little more than a skimpy bra. I was presented with a picture of the most stunning female backside I could ever recall seeing. Beth’s square shoulders sloped downward to a narrow waist and then curved out into perfect round, firm buttocks. She was still a sylph of a girl, as petite and well-shaped as she was when we were in high school. The only way she might have changed was in her breasts: they seemed even larger and more full than they were then. I thought to myself.Seeing her like that flooded my mind with memories of our teenage years together. She was still as beautiful as she was then, was still the perfect specimen tuzla escort of femininity. All my fantasies came rushing back to me and caused my face to flush in embarrassment at myself. I thought angrily to myself.These thoughts were quickly swept away, though. Beth had heard me drive in and stood up and turned to me. I ruefully told myself. And beautiful she was. Still no more than 100 pounds, with hair pulled back into a pony tail, shorts clinging tightly to her flaring hips, and a fair amount of cleavage showing above her well-filled halter, she could have passed for a teenager.When Beth saw it was me, she smiled and gave little pleased laugh. She rushed out of the garden and ran up to where I was standing by the car. At almost a dead run, she ran into my arms, pushing me back against the car. She put her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. With her pushing me against the car, I could feel her breasts against my chest and her hips pressing against mine. My reaction was immediate–almost instantaneously my cock swelled and filled the front of my pants. I thought.She pulled back and gave me light kiss on the lips. “Jimmy, Jimmy,” she murmured, “you’ve finally come to give your lonesome little sister a visit. But just look at me! I wasn’t expecting you until later, and here I am in my work clothes, covered with dirt and sweat.””Beth, you still look good, no matter what you wear,” I said softly. I thought, noticing the way her nipples made little points in the front of her halter.”Jimmy, you’re still just as sweet ever,” she said, her face flushing slightly. “But let’s not stand out here in this heat. Get your stuff and come on into the house where it’s cool.”I opened the car trunk, lifted out my suitcases, and followed Beth into the house. With her only a few steps ahead of me, I couldn’t help but notice her shapely behind. Each buttock was firm and made little tick-tocking movements in her shorts as she walked. Her legs were tanned and had very good muscle tone. I decided that she must do a lot of gardening and other outdoor activities to keep herself in such good shape.”You’re going to use your old room,” Beth said. “I kept my old room and converted Mom and Dad’s room to my writing studio. Come on, I’ll help you unpack.”My room was much like I remembered it. A floor-to-ceiling window, big pine dresser, and a double bed. I put my suit- cases up on the bed and we took clothing out and put it in the dresser and closet. As I turned away from the closet, I noticed Beth putting my Jockey shorts in the drawer. She was gently rubbing them, right across the front opening. Beth saw me looking and a light blush flowed across her face. “Boy, your clothes sure got wrinkled in the suitcase, didn’t they,” she said with an embarrassed laugh.After we got all the clothes unpacked and put away and the suitcases put in the closet, Beth said, “Jimmy, you must be tired after that long drive. Why don’t you lie down and rest while I go take a shower to get rid of all my sweat and dirt.” She turned and left the room, giving me another look at her magnificent ass and her buttocks making their see- sawing motion under the thin fabric of her shorts.I pulled off my shoes and stretched out on the bed. Closing my eyes, I tried to relax. At just about this time, I heard the door to the bathroom close and water start to run. The sound made me recall the time I tried to peep at Beth in the shower. The memory of seeing Beth about to drop her towel and display her body in all its splendor had such an erotic effect on me that I became as rock-hard as I had been those many years ago.I remembered, too, that it was just the two of us in the house. There were no parents to inhibit actions or yell about what they considered improper. It fully dawned on me that there wasn’t anyone to stop me if I wanted to get rid of my years of frustration over failing to see Beth nude. Without another thought, almost without volition, I got off the bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom. The keyhole was still there, and I could hear the shower running behind the door. Beth was in that shower and I could finally realize my dream of seeing her nude. The shower stopped then and it became quiet. She would soon be stepping out of the shower, wet and dripping, with all her body available for my sight. Quickly I stepped in front of the door, preparing to stoop and look through the keyhole. Without warning, the floor emitted a loud squeaking noise. Just as it had done those many years ago, the board in front of the door squeaked loudly enough to hear all over the house.Talk about deja vu! All the shame I had felt as a teenager came rushing back to me. I almost looked around to see if my father were there to lambast me. I was filled with embarrassment–I knew Beth must have heard the noise and that she would know exactly what it meant. I stumbled back to my room, shut the door, and laid down on the bed. Beth hadn’t said anything the time it happened before; maybe she would just ignore this time too.In a few minutes there was a soft knock on the door. “Jimmy?” Beth’s voice came in a whisper through the door.”Yeah, Beth, come on in.” Beth opened the door slowly and stepped into the room. She was just like she was when I saw her through the keyhole those many years ago, covered only with a towel that extended from the top of her breasts to just below her pussy. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but she was even more lovely than when had been a teenager. My embarrassment faded with the vision, and I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of love and desire for Beth.I expected her to be angry, but she showed no sign of anger. Instead of her eyes being angry and glaring, they were warm and soft and there was a look of wonderment on her face. In a soft, little voice, Beth said, “Jimmy, were you peeping through the keyhole at me?””I was going to, but the board squeaked, and I knew you heard me, and I got ashamed, and all I did was come back to my room, and I never did look,” I managed to stammer out.”You REALLY wanted to look at my body? You wanted to look when we were k**s and now you STILL want to look?” she asked in that little-girl voice.All I could do was drop my head and nod it a little. “Jimmy, I heard the board squeak back when you tried to look at me before. I knew you were peeping and I was glad. I was going to take off the towel and let pendik escort you see all of me, except Dad stopped the show. Well, there aren’t any parents around now, Jimmy, and you can look all you want.” Slowly, she untucked the end of the towel from the top of her breasts and loosened it around her. She shrugged if off to the floor and she stood there in tableau, completely nude.My breath caught in a gasp. She was stunning! Her breasts were high, the nipples pointing outward and upward. Her slight frame made them seem even larger than they were. Her waist was thin, no more than twenty-four inches, and her hips swelled outward, forming a perfect frame for the center of her sex nestling between those thighs. Unlike her mane of straight hair, her pubis was a matted sporran of kinky blonde hair. It was a luxuriant growth that extended halfway up to her navel and downward on the inside of her thighs. She turned around slowly and gave me a view of her backside. Her ass was everything I had imagined it to be: firm, with rounded buttocks coming down to little crease lines at the tops of her thighs. She leaned over to give me a better view and I could see the matted hair all between her legs and the lips of her vagina, moist and slightly pouting open. My cock tented out the front of my trousers in reaction.She stood up and turned back to me. “Do you like my body?” she whispered, her eyes drawn to the swelling at my groin.”Beth, you’re absolutely gorgeous,” I managed to get out.Tears flowed from her eyes and she started kissing me all over my face–on the forehead, the cheeks, the nose. “Oh, Jimmy, I thought you didn’t care. Why do you think I never married? Why I never went with boys? None of them were as sweet and thoughtful as you. No man has ever measured up to you, and I wouldn’t settle for less.””But I’m just plain looking,” I said. “How could you have considered me so special?””Looks don’t matter–it’s the heart that counts,” Beth answered.”Oh, Beth, I’ve felt exactly the same about you. YOU’RE the reason I haven’t married. I wanted someone exactly like you, but there’s only one you. I guess I was meant to love just you.””And you’ve been my only love,” Beth whispered, lying down on the bed beside me. We stared into each others eyes and she reached behind my head and drew it to her to kiss me again. Instead of my face, though, her lips went to mine. The kiss was soft at first, then hungry and demanding. Her tongue crept out and brushed back and forth against my lips. I opened them and met her tongue with mine. Tip to tip we stroked each other’s tongue. Hers became more insistent and moved into my mouth, slithering under my lip and into my cheeks. I sought her mouth with my tongue and explored all her secret oral recesses. Together, we lay there with eyes closed and mouths wide open, caught up in our deep soul kiss.My cock had already reached it’s full tumescence and now it simply throbbed. Beth had her arms around my neck and her body pushed against mine, so she could feel it pulsing against it, a telltale of my raging arousal. She scooted down on the bed a little and pushed her groin against my throbbing manhood. Soon she was pushing back and forward against it, in little movements that were pushing me higher and higher up the scale of passion.I moaned softly and ran my hands down her bare, smooth back. I stroked the indentation of the small of her back and then moved my hands down to globes of buttocks. I kneaded them gently and found they were just as firm as I had imagined they would be. My fingers moved into the crease between her globes and traced the line downward. Beth raised one leg and d****d it over my hip, giving me opportunity to seek out all her hidden secret places.She was moist and slick, her feminine secretions coating the space between her legs. One finger found the beginning of her labial lips and insinuated itself into the crevice. Beth moaned into my mouth as my finger wormed its way into the hot pit of her sex, seeking the gateway to heaven. The exploration was successful and I slowly inserted my finger into Beth’s hot internal region. She bucked against my finger and then pushed against my jutting cock. I slowly worked my finger out of the tightness of her hole and moved it upwards, seeking out her little nubbin of pleasure.I quickly found her clitoris, but it wasn’t just a little nubbin–it was swollen and as big a pencil eraser. In little circular motions, I brushed my fingertip across and around the swollen clit. Beth gasped and clamped her thighs together, stopping my movements. She broke the kiss and gasped, “Oh, God, Jimmy! No more! You’re about to make me come, and I don’t want to come this way.” She rolled off the bed and said, “Besides, it’s my turn to see your body now. If it looks as great as it’s been feeling, it’s going to be super.”She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it back. I sat up and she pulled it out of my trousers and completely off me, tossing it to the floor. Her hands went to my belt buckle, and she unbuckled my belt and undid the top button of my trousers. Slowly, she pulled down my zipper until it was at the bottom. She used both hands in the process and gently massaged the bulge that lay under the zipper. She went to the foot of the bed, grasped my pants legs, and started to tug them towards. I lifted my buttocks up so that they could come free. They came off and she tossed on top of my shirt. She removed each of my socks and added them to the pile. She climbed up on the bed and straddled my shins, her hands going down to the top of my Jockey shorts. “Now I get to see if you match my dreams,” she said, and pulled the shorts down to where my pubic hair showed. Her hands were trembling as she struggled to get my shorts off. My cock had swelled out the front of the shorts and she had to stretch the waistband to its maximum to work the fabric over my swollen cock and balls. Finally, she succeeded, and my cock sprung to attention, freed at last from its confinement.”Oh, my God!” she said softly. She couldn’t take her eyes from my seven-inch cock that was making little jerking motions in time with my heartbeat. “It’s magnificent. My dreams were never this good,” she whispered, reaching out her hands to touch and fondle my maleness. She ran her fingertips up and down the shaft and traced the contours of my scrotum. Her fingers moved through the pubic hair that sprouted abundantly, and moved down between my thighs to stroke me there. The whole head of my cock was slick and glistening with pre-cum, and a little drop escaped through the slit with each throb of my cock. She put two fingers into the font and rubbed the head in little circles. He fingers moved to the underpart of my glans and I gasped, my hips jerking involuntarily. Beth then finished removing my shorts and now we were both completely nude, our bodies totally revealed to each other.Beth stretched out on the bed beside kartal escort me. We were each on our sides facing each other. Silently, we looked into each other’s eyes. She reached out her hand and stroked my cheek. “Jimmy, I love you. I’ve always loved you, and now I love you even more.””I love you, too. I’ve fought against it, but it wasn’t any use. You’ve always been in the center of my dreams, and I guess I’ve loved you since we were k**s.” I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me. Our lips met in a soft, tender kiss.Tenderness soon grew to passion, though, and our kiss became more urgent. Tongue fought against tongue, and our lips nibbled at the others. My cock was pressed between our bodies and smeared both of us with seminal secretions. Beth’s hips ground into me as she tried to get even closer. I pushed myself downwards and allowed my cock to move into the vee of Beth’s thighs. It parted her labia and the head made contact with her clitoris. She held me even tighter and made little circular motions with her hips. Her lips spread to their widest, circling my mouth, sucking on my lips. Her breathing came in gasps and made little moaning sounds. She pulled away and said, “I want you love me completely now. I want you make a woman out of me, to do what I’ve wanted you to do ever since we were k**s.””You’re still a virgin?” I asked.”Yes,” she whispered. “I’ve been keeping it for the day you would take it. I’ve known since we were k**s that this would happen someday.””Beth, I’m still a virgin, too,” I whispered into her ear.”Oh, Jimmy, you’re so beautiful and sweet, and I love you so much for being a virgin.”Beth pulled away from me and rolled onto her back. “I can’t wait any longer. Make love to me, Jimmy. Love me the way I’ve been longing for.”I sat up and looking down at Beth stretched out. She was so beautiful and tantalizing I was almost overcome with emotion. I would always want to love and protect her, and even under these conditions I had to think of her welfare. “I don’t have any protection. What if you get pregnant?””I won’t get pregnant. I started taking birth control pills just as soon as I found out you were coming,” she said with a little shy smile.I realized then that she had wanted me as much as I had wanted her. My love for her overflowed and I whispered, “Ahhh, Beth.” Lovingly, I kissed her gently on the lips. The kiss trailed down to her neck and then to her breasts. Softly I lapped my tongue across one nipple and then the other. With just the tip, I drew little circles around each nipple, tracing the pink crepiness of her areolae. She arched her back up to my mouth and made soft “Mmmmmmmnnn” sounds. My hand traced down the rounded contour of her abdomen and into the lush golden thicket of pubic curls. Parting the hair, my fingers found her secret crevice and gently stroked it. She was wet with the hot flow of her arousal, and the crevice was a slippery slide down into her womanly depths. With little feathery motions I ran my fingers up and down the furrow, stopping at the swollen bump of her clitoris. Her hips moved up and down and gyrated in a circular motion. Tremors ran through her body and she moaned softly, unable to resist the pleasure waves mounting higher and higher.”Oh, God, Jimmy! Now! Now!” she shouted. “Do it now. Put it in me now,” she said in a moaning voice, trying to pull me on top of her.I quickly moved between her legs and spread them apart. My cock was rigid and throbbing, poised just above her golden forest. Her hips were thrusting up and down, and her Mount of Venus brushed against my cockhead with each upward push. Gently I pushed forward, prodding my glistening cockhead into the top of Beth’s pouting slit, parting the labia. She was hot and slick, and my flowing pre-cum increased the lubrication even more. Taking my shaft in my right hand, I ran its head up and down the channel, pressing harder each time it grazed across Beth’s swollen and beating clitoris. A shudder ran across her stomach each time the clitoris was touched.Beth raised her knees high and humped her pubic mound up against my cock. She worked her hips in circles, trying to position my cock for entry. I probed my cock deeper into the fold, seeking the abode it was made for, seeking the entrance to her inner secrets. Finally, there it was, and my cock dipped into the outer ring of Beth’s torrid hole. The whole head was engulfed in hot wetness and I paused in the sheer pleasure of the moment. Beth opened her eyes and looked up at me. In almost a strangled voice, she said, “Please, Jimmy, please. I can’t stand any more waiting.”I pushed my hips forward and my cock slowly began to sink into Beth’s hot channel. I was expecting her to wince in pain, but she only frowned a little as my cockhead gently pushed aside the constriction of her maidenhead. Soon, we were completely merged. I was flesh of her flesh and she was flesh of my flesh. Her frown lines disappeared and she released her held breath with a loud, “Ahhhhhh!.”She reached behind my head and pulled my lips down to hers. Holding our bodies perfectly still, we kissed a long, deep kiss. As we broke away, she reached out her tongue and ran it across and around my lips, lapping up the juices our kiss had left. Tears welled up in her eyes and she whispered, “Oh, Jimmy, we’re finally there. You don’t know how many times I’ve dreamed of this. It’s so good. The real thing is so much better than the dream. Now, make love to me. Love me hard, and if it’s a dream, I hope I never wake up.”I slowly withdrew my cock from Beth’s inner recesses, stopping when only the tip of the head was in place. I lunged forward, driving my cock home with one long, swift movement. I groaned aloud from the wave of pleasure that swept over me. Beth said, “Yes! Yes! Oh, it’s so good!” She pushed her hips up against mine and our bodies were pulled into full hot contact. She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my waist and her arms reached around my neck and held me tight. Once against I retreated and attacked, and once against she matched my motions. Soon we were rocking back and forward against each other. I was moaning and so was she. I was nearing my peak, and I could tell she was close to hers.Suddenly, Beth clutched me even harder. Her hips moved in a feverish motion and the walls of her pussy grasped against my see-sawing cock. She threw her head back and wailed, “Oh, God, I’m there! I’m coming, I’m cominnnngggg!!!Then it hit me. I hit the crest and then went into a freefall that seeming like it would never end. My vision blurred and waves and waves of almost unbearable pleasure flowed outward from my groin to all parts of my body. Spurt after spurt after spurt jetted into Beth, filling up and overflowing Beth’s spasming pussy. We were both trembling and shuddering, our breaths coming in gasps. Gradually, our motions slowed, and then we were still, making soft “Ohhhh” sounds.We both opened our eyes and looked into each other’s face. Our lips drew together and we kissed a long, tender kiss that sealed our love forever. No word needed to be spoken. We both knew that there could be no other for either of us.

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