Back To Normal

Big Tits

Back To NormalIt was a no brainer having Lisa back home, she had only been away a few months but I missed her but feel she has matured, she seemed different but better and she still had her sweet and innocent side which was awesome. She had made lots of new friends which didn’t surprise me as she is a popular girl and you can see why.We spent most of the next morning sorting out her clothes and moving them into my room so we could keep her room for guests although she can still use it for privacy.She had some nice clothes including a few uniforms which would come in handy and I have never known a girl to have so many pairs of panties, it’s usually shoes.It was certainly an eye opener as she let me watch her trying different outfits on, I could hardly contain myself but was told to behave myself so I just laid on the bed in my boxers with a hard on, not that Lisa minded that at all .We set the ground rules which was pretty much come and go as you please, a few privacy rules but then Lisa and I had a pretty good understanding. I am sure it wont take long to get back to how we were but even closer now as we will share a room and we wont have to worry about what we wear around the house; she will always be my babygirl.We had no structure to our days but today we were going shopping to replace some of the clothes she left at college, have a lunch and generally make a nuisance of ourselves. Lisa dressed herself in a little summer dress and without a bra showed off more than she should, I decided on a short sleeve button up shirt and dress shorts with boxer briefs underneath.The park was quiet as we walked through and we gave Doris a quick wave as we passed, I treated my babygirl to a greasy burger for lunch and we headed off to a well-known cheap department store.Lisa didn’t go mad, a few tee shirts and skirts, a summer dress and a few more pairs of undies, bless her she did put a pack of boxers in the basket for me. What I love about this store is the changing rooms, there is just 2 rows of curtained booths and many a peep has been had.With it being a midweek school day the store wasn’t busy and the young girl at the security desk didn’t bat an eyelid as I walked in with Lisa and headed off to the far changing room because it’s bigger, the thing with these is the curtains never quite fit giving pretty near zero privacy.Lisa slipped off her dress and looked quite sexy in her little thong and she tried on her skirts and dress, all fitted perfectly and I noticed that someone had entered the booth next door. Now just to paint the picture where the curtain meets the wall is a gap and you can see the reflection of the person next door; it was obviously female as she hung some dresses on the hook by the gap. While the reflection wasn’t like a mirror you could just make out the outline of her removing her clothes, Lisa could see exactly what I was doing and winked at me while she continued her try ons.I dropped my shorts and stood close to the gap with my cock out the front of my boxers gently massaging it, my cock was getting stiff as I stood close to the curtain so close in fact that the curtain moved with my wanking action, I saw the refection of the girl next door acting normal as she tried on her dresses and then as she walked towards the gap to get the next dress she froze as she must have seen the reflection of me jerking off. She seemed to stand there for ages as if she was trying to make out what she was seeing but I think she knew exactly what she was seeing, I took a step forward so my cock was pressing against the curtain Escort and as she stepped forward I am certain she brushed against it, she took a dress off the hanger and stepped back and this time I knew she brushed against it and in doing so widened the gap another inch or so, she stood close as she put on her dress knowing that I was watching.Lisa smiled as she saw me having fun and watched in anticipation as I stood slowly wanking against the curtain with an unknown girl the other side. She removed her dress and as she walked back I could just make out her bra and panties, she seemed to stop where my cock was and there was a definite touch and then I felt her hand touching the tip, it lingered there for quite a while as I continued to wank slowly knowing that she was watching, I inched closer to the gap and her hand seemed to follow me until we were both at the edge of the curtain, I stepped forward and the curtain opened and I saw my anonymous friend for the first time as she held the swollen head, I don’t think she was aware of Lisa’s presence. I gave Lisa the thumbs up and stepped into the next booth, the girl was about 20ish and looked good in her bra and panties, her hand ran all over my cock and balls taking over from my masturbation attempt while she looked up at me, she had sticking blue eyes which had lust shining through them, she took a step back and looked down at my throbbing cock and reached out pulling my boxers down, she smiled as she saw the glistening head and got down on her knees, not a word was said as we didn’t want to raise suspicion. She grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her mouth and rubbing the wet head all around her lips like a lip gloss before her tongue ran all around the purple head. She again looked up at me, her blue eyes were wide as she slowly took my cock deep into her mouth, I could feel the tightness of her throat as she silently gagged and spluttered, she grabbed the cheeks of my arse and pulled me closer as she deep throated me to perfection, I grabbed her head as I felt my cock pulsate and managed to keep my orgasm quiet as the hot spunk shot down her throat, she kept bobbing slowly and I could feel the suction as she drained my balls. She stood up licking her lips and looked up at me and smiled, she lent forward and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and I pulled my boxers up and returned next door where Lisa sat patiently and handed me my shorts. “Thank you daddy” she said softly as we paid and left the store, “And you got blown” she said with a giggle, lucky me!We walked back through the park and it was that time of day when college was kicking out so quit a few people around, Lisa saw an old friend and stopped to say ‘hello’, she introduced her friend as Lindsay and I let them chat away while I looked around admiring the views, Lindsay did look nice in her white blouse and black skirt and she had a nice smile. Lisa was showing her the clothes she just bought then she looked at me, “Daddy” she said in a ‘can I have’ voice, “Can Lindsay come back so I can show her my new things, please daddy?” she asked and they both looked at me with their puppy eyes, how could I refuse.We walked back home, the girls in front chatting and me a few paces behind getting a good view of their legs, Lindsay’s skirt was a bit on the short side and I could clearly see the back of her thighs but no further unfortunately. We got back home and went into the lounge; the girls were excited and I sat down in my chair to watch the impending fashion show. Lindsay sat on the sofa opposite me Escort Bayan but kept her knees together for the most part and thought it strange that Lisa was unbuttoning her dress with her dad present, “Oh it’s ok, he’s seen it all before” she giggled and that seemed to relax Lindsay to the point that her knees parted and I did get a glimpse of her white panties.Lisa took off her dress and Lindsay looked across at me as I watched my daughter standing there in just a white thong, I guess it was a little weird for her but she soon turned her attention back to Lisa as she put on her new summer dress, Wow she did look stunning and it fitted perfectly and even Lindsay clapped. She removed it and again stood there in just her thong, she seemed to tease as she bent over the sofa trying to decide what tee shirt to try on next, seeing her cute rounded arse was having an effect and I could feel my cock stiffening. She tried on her tee shirt and a nice tight black mini skirt and looked divine.She pulled out my boxers and threw the pack at me, “Here you go daddy, you gonna try them on?” she said with a giggle, I looked across at Lindsay who quite frankly looked horrified at the suggestion.Her knees were still together as she looked at Lisa, “Are you serious?” she asked with a giggle, I could see that she felt uncomfortable so I lit up a joint and passed it across which after a few puffs she loosened up a bit, her knees parted which is always a good sign, I looked across at her, “Don’t worry, I will put them on in the kitchen” I said reassuringly as I stood up and walked to the kitchen.I could hear the girls giggling as they finished off the smoke, I put my head through the hatch, “Shirt on or off?” I asked and they both said “OFF” in unison, “Which colour?, white, red or black?” I asked and the instruction came back as white.I stripped off and put the white boxers on, they were tight but stretchy and my cock was semi hard but I managed to get it packed away and they actually felt quite comfortable. I walked into the lounge and immediately Lindsay’s jaw dropped as she stared at my swelling package. Lisa smiled, “Wow! Daddy” she said softly, “They fit perfectly daddy, do you like them daddy?” she asked and I nodded my head as I looked at Lindsay, her jaw still dropped and it was like she was in a trance or never seen a mans bulge before. “Lindsay?” I said softly and she seemed to snap back to reality, “What do you think?” Lisa asked her, she looked at Lisa and then back to my package, “OMG! WOW, yes!” she said and I could feel my cock getting harder. I went back into the kitchen and could hear them giggling, I returned wearing the red ones and again both girls looked as my cock seemed to be harder but comfortably enclosed within the briefs. I returned again wearing the black and my cock was now rigid and very noticeable, as I walked in both girls had their legs parted about 6” but enough for me to see their white panty clad pussies, Mmm it was a good sight so I stopped at just the right point so I had their panties in view, they both looked at my now erect bulge.“Which colour do you like best?” I asked and they both said the white ones which was no surprise as they seemed thinner.I went back to the kitchen and put the white back on, it was a bit of a struggle as my cock was fully erect and although I got it in it was very noticeable. I walked back in and stopped on the previous spot looking at how hot and sexy their panties were, Lindsay looked at my bulge obvious to what it was, her eyes widened, “Wow!” she said softly Bayan Escort and it was if her subconscious was talking to her because her legs widened a bit more and I now had a clear view of her white cotton panties and even a few stray hairs poking out the sides.She was transfixed on my bulge, “Come closer daddy, can we see closer?” she asked but Lindsay wasn’t so sure but I moved a bit closer so I was about 3 foot away, “It’s err.. huge” she said as a smile came across her face, it wasn’t huge really but I guess it depends on what size you have seen in the past.“Wow! Daddy” Lisa said softly, “They are a good fit, are they comfortable?” she asked as she reached out and took hold of my bulge right in front of Lyndsay’s face, “Mmm, feels comfortable” she said as she gave me a quick squeeze, she took her hand away and turned to Lindsay, “What do you think babe?” she said suggesting that she have a feel, Lindsay was very hesitant but eventually put her hand on my stiff rod through my briefs, her eyes widened as she gave it a gently squeeze which forced a bit of precum to leak out and show a wet patch at the top.“Wow” she said softly not wanting to let go of it now and she kept squeezing it, it felt good and made me wonder if she had ever touched a cock before, she was raw.A bit more precum leaked out and the wet patch got bigger, Lindsay was fascinated by what she was holding and was gently rubbing and squeezing and it didn’t take long for the tip to pop out of the top waistband, Lisa smiled but Lindsay’s jaw dropped as my swollen head came into view for the first time“Oh Wow! Daddy, can we see it? Please daddy” Lisa said softly and I put my fingers into the waistband and pulled them down to the ground, my cock sprung out right in front of Lindsay’s face, her jaw dropped again which was an inviting sight.“OMG!” Lyndsay cried as she saw my cock and balls in their entirety for the first time, she looked at it from every angle before gently wrapping her fingers around the shaft while Lisa reached forward and with one hand cupped my balls squeezing gently and the other rubbing my arse cheeks searching the crack.Lindsay pulled the skin back exposing the swollen purple head and another drop of precum appeared but this time she just leant forward and licked it off and tasting it, “Mmm” she said as she went back and licked all around the head before putting it into her mouth, I could feel the suction of her sucking and her cheeks concaved, Lisa had found my arse and was prodding and poking with her fingers as she squeezed my balls, we both watched as my cock disappeared inside Lindsay’s mouth.It wasn’t the best blow job I had ever had but she showed willing and with Lisa’s help it was overall a good feeling, I ran my fingers through Lindsay’s hair as her head bobbed up and down and I felt her tongue exploring every inch of my shaft, my balls were getting wet with her saliva as she slurped away, I was close and started to thrust, “Oh yes” I said softly as the pressure built up, Lisa squeezed harder as I felt my cock start to pulsate and the first spurt hit the back of her throat, she kept sucking as she tried swallowing but was losing a lot down the base of my cock.The second spurt hit which she easily swallowed and as my cock softened she licked up the reside from my balls and Lisa’s fingers. “Mmm, this creamy taste good” she said as she licked her lips and looked at Lisa smiling before realising what she had just done, “OMG Lisa babe, I just sucked your daddy’s cock, OMG I am so sorry!” she said in a genuine voice, Lisa looked stunned, “Wow! Lindsay, just wow!” she said, “It’s ok babe, it looks like daddy enjoyed it, did you enjoy it daddy?” she asked and I looked down at Lindsay, “It was great, good job girls” I said smiling and both girls looked up at me and smiled.

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