Backyard Pool Ch. 16


All characters are 18 years or older



After a short, rejuvenating swim, they climbed out of the pool and sat down on the chaise lounges to dry off in the sun. It was now late morning and the sun was high in the sky.

After basking in the sun for a time, Anne said, “Whew…the sun is getting a little intense!” She looked at her son, admiring his golden-brown, all-over tan. “You might be able to handle this, Ronnie, but I’m still a novice at this outdoors nude thing. I think I have to get out of the sun for a while.”

“Yeah, me, too,” Amy concurred. “But I’m having way too much fun to quit and go inside!”

“We don’t have to go inside,” Ron said. “We can stay naked and outdoors if we move over there in the shade. Just a sec’…” He went inside and returned a few moments later with a stack of blankets and pillows. He spread them out on the grass in the shade of a tree.

As Steve and Anne moved over to the blankets, Ron took Amy’s hand and said, “C’mon, sis, let’s go make some sandwiches and we’ll have a picnic out here.”

“Okay,” Amy replied, and they headed into the house.

Steve laid back, propped up on some pillows, his arm around his lovely wife as she snuggled up against him. Her arm was around him, as well, and her other hand lay on his chest, her fingertips caressing his tiny nipple, causing it to harden into a taut little bud. Steve’s arm was around her back and beneath Anne’s arm-pit, his hand cupping her firm, round breast, rolling her much larger, erect nipple between his fingertips.

“Ahhhhhh…” Steve sighed contentedly as he gazed out across their pool and beautifully landscaped back yard. “This is really pleasant, hon,” he said. “I think I could get used to this!”

Anne chuckled. “You mean, being naked outdoors…or having sexy fun with the whole family?”

Steve jerked. “Errrrr…uhhhh…both?…I guess?…” he stammered uncertainly.

“Me, too,” Anne chuckled. “I’ve always enjoyed coming out here and getting some sun in the nude, but I always had to do it when I was home alone.”

“Yeah, tell me about it…” Steve said, a dejected note in his voice, “I can’t even remember the last time you let me see you naked.”

“Yeah…I guess, the older I got, the less sure I was of my appearance…” Anne said.

“You’re just as beautiful today as you were the day we met!” Steve interjected.

Anne slipped her fingers under her husband’s flaccid penis and held it in her palm, gently fondling it. “Oh, I know you’re just trying to make me feel better,” she murmured.

“No, really, sweetheart,” Steve said. “You wouldn’t believe what a surge I had this morning when I got out of bed and I noticed that the bedsheets were partially pulled back on you and I could see that you were sleeping in the nude. You looked like an angel! I already had a ‘semi’ when I got up, but when I looked down at you, I got rock hard instantly.”

“You did?” Anne gasped

“Yeah, and I pulled back the sheet a little farther, and took a look at your beautiful little pussy. I just stood there for a minute, stroking my hard-on as I looked at you.”

Anne wriggled against him. “You should have woke me up and let me take care of it for you.”

“Well, I knew how you hate to be disturbed for sex while you’re sleeping. At the time, I wasn’t aware that while I was gone, my family had been replaced by ‘pod-people’.”

Anne laughed and gently punched him.

They were quiet for a few moments, then Steve said, “When I first saw Amy out here, naked, a little while ago, I couldn’t get over how much she looked like you did when we first met. While you may not look exactly like Amy any more, that doesn’t make you any less beautiful…just different. And not all that different either!”

“Thank you, honey, that does make me feel better. I guess that’s what had been bothering me, and why I’d been hiding myself from you. I saw Amy growing up, looking so fresh and young and beautiful…” Anne murmured wistfully, “and thinking that I just didn’t look like that anymore.”

Anne gently squeezed her husband’s cock, noticing that it was feeling a bit firmer now. “Well, she said, “even if I am a dowdy old lady now, the kids have shown me how much fun it is to be naked while you’re around other naked people and I hope I can make it up to you by letting you see me like this a lot more, from now on.”

“Wow, I’m all for that!” Steve replied, smiling with delight. “You’re the most beautiful, dowdy old lady I’ve ever seen!”

Anne giggled and kissed him. “Ooooooooh…” she cooed. “Look at what I have here!” she said, gently squeezing her husband’s now erect penis, then tenderly stroking it. “Just look at this beautiful hard cock I’ve found!”

“Fuck!” Steve exclaimed, tensing his buttocks and thrusting his cock upward as he watched his wife’s dainty little fist slide slowly up and down on his long, hard shaft. “I can’t believe şişli escort I’m still able to get it up again, after getting off just a little while ago.”

“You might be surprised by what you can do, sweetheart,” Anne said. “After all, it’s been years since we even tried for an encore performance!”

“Yeah, I was always grateful whenever you let me do it even once!”

Anne punched him again. “OK, let’s try to get past my former sexual failings,” she said, “and try to concentrate on the ‘new me’, who loves to be naked and is willing to fuck at any and all times!”

“Holy, shit!” Steve gasped, “You really are a ‘pod-person’!”

Anne giggled and sighed contentedly as she snuggled against him, while gently stroking his upthrust erection.

“How are you with the rest of it, sweetheart? Anne asked, after a few moments of silence. “After all, there’s been a little more than just nudity going on here!”

“Ahhh, yes…” Steve murmured, “the ‘elephant in the room’! Well…I guess I’m still trying to process that! Actually, though, I found watching Ron and Amy playing around with each other to be pretty exciting. They’re both so young and beautiful! As for their being brother and sister, and my own kids…well, I’m still trying to get my head around that. Both the fact that they were doing it, and that I found watching it so exciting!”

“I know what you mean,” Anne said, “I feel the same way! Since they’re both legally adult now, they can do anything they want. It just depends on whether you are willing to allow it under your roof.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” Steve said. “Are they actually…uhhh…”

“Fucking?” Anne chuckled. “Amy assured me that she’s been on ‘the pill’ since she went away to college, and I’m sure no one here has any diseases, so there’s nothing to worry about, if they are fucking…other than the self-imposed hang-ups about incest that society infuses into everyone!”

“Yeah, I know! ” Steve said, shaking his head. “I felt kind of creepy at the thoughts I was having when I looked at Amy’s naked body…especially when we were lying there on the steps and Amy spread her legs wide-open so Ronnie could lick her pussy! I was lying there just a few inches away and staring right up into it!”

Anne laughed. “I wouldn’t worry about that! Any man would have those kinds of thoughts looking at Amy’s cute little vag. I’d be worried about my man if he didn’t! Besides, I’ve had all those same kind of thoughts myself when I see Ronnie naked, with his cock standing up, all stiff and hard! Mmmmm, it looks so beautiful like that!”

“Takes after his old man…” Steve chuckled.

They both gazed at Steve’s erect prick as his wife gently caressed it. “Yes, he certainly does!” Anne sighed.

“Oooooooh…” Anne purred as she slowly ran her fingertips up and down her husband’s rock-solid hard-on. “You know, Ronnie’s cock does look very much like yours…just a little more so!” She giggled, gently teasing him about their son’s slight size advantage over her husband.

“Mmmmm…” Anne murmured dreamily, “that was such a lovely sight, there on the steps in the pool, both of your big, hard cocks sticking straight up, right there in front of my face while Ronnie was licking Amy’s pussy…”

“Fuck!” Steve exclaimed. “I still can’t believe you actually sucked your own son’s penis!”

Anne squirmed uncomfortably, “Well…you know how much I like to suck your cock,” she whispered. “I just couldn’t resist…it looked so yummy, standing up there, all stiff and hard, like that!”

“And you even took his load in your mouth!” Steve teased, seeing his wife’s embarrassment.

“Uhh-huh…” Anne sighed, gently squeezing her husband’s prick. “And Ronnie’s jiz tastes really good, too!” she replied, defensively.

Steve gasped and they both burst out laughing.

They settled down and were quiet for a few moments as they just watched Anne’s little hand stoke lightly up and down along Steve’s rigid shaft, both momentarily lost in their own thoughts.

“You know…” Steve murmured softly after a time, “It was a real turn-on, for me, to watch you suck another guy’s penis…especially since it was our own son’s!”

“Oooooh, me, too,” Anne gushed, “I got so excited, sucking on Ronnie’s beautiful cock, and knowing you were watching me! I even came a little bit without anyone even touching me!”

“And then, when Ronnie shot his wad…that really blew my mind!” Steve groaned, thrusting his prick up and down through his wife’s encircling fist. “I couldn’t believe I was watching my wife take someone else’s load in her face and even into her mouth! Fuck!”

Anne giggled. “Oh, yeah, that’s when I came, myself! Like I said, Ronnie’s cum tastes really good!”

Feeling the cum beginning to boil in his balls as he pictured his son’s penis spurting its hot load into mecidiyeköy escort his wife’s face and open mouth, Steve tried to back himself down. He stopped thrusting his hips and relaxed his body. After a few moments, although Anne was still keeping him interested with her gently stroking hand, Steve felt the urge pass and he took a deep breath.

“So, how long have you guys been doing this?” Steve asked.

“Oh, I’ve been doing it for years, honey, whenever nobody was around and I had a chance,” Anne said. “I don’t know about Ronnie, but judging from his tan, he’s been getting a lot more chances than me, lately,”

“Oh, yeah, there’s that…but I actually meant the other stuff,” Steve said.

“Oh, that!” Anne giggled. “Last week, Amy came home unexpectedly when she was supposed to be out all day, and she discovered Ron out here, naked, floating around in the pool on an air mattress, and sporting a huge boner! I guess that must have been quite a shock for her to see, since she was still a virgin and had never even seen one before. Ronnie was a virgin, too, but after a bit of initial reluctance on his part, he let her get a good, close look at it. Amy decided to get naked and have some fun in the pool, too, and…well, nature took its course.

“And then, a few days later, we lost power at work and they let us go early. When I got home, I found them out here having a pool party with a couple of their friends. It certainly wasn’t like any pool party I’d ever been to! All four of them were naked, running around and playing in the pool. I just watched them from inside the house, feeling excited, and a bit envious, I suppose, at the obvious fun they were having like that.

“After a little while, though, I saw that they were doing more than just ‘playing’ in the pool. For some strange reason, instead of being scandalized and running out there, raising hell about it, I was intrigued, and very aroused! I snuck outside and sat in the deep shade, hiding, while I watched them, getting more and more aroused by the minute. Then they discovered me spying on them. I was so hot by then, it didn’t take much convincing on their part to get me to join them.”

Steve gasped. “You ‘joined’ them?”

“Yeah, I did,” Anne sheepishly admitted. “I got naked, too. And we all had some sexy fun together! In fact, we had so much fun, we decided to try to bring you into the fold, as well, so that you could have fun with us, too.”

Steve groaned and thrust his cock up and down through Anne’s lightly encircling fist several times.

They heard the sound of the patio door sliding open and they looked up to see the kids coming out of the house, carrying trays of food and drinks for the picnic. Anne giggled at the sight of Ron’s penis, still stiffly erect, bobbing and swaying beneath the tray as he walked.

As they set the trays down, Anne pointed at her son’s erection and said, “It looks like you two have been doing more than just making lunch!”

Amy laughed. “Not really, mom,” she answered back, “it’s just that Ronnie can literally ‘get wood’ over a ham sandwich!”

“That may be true,” Ron added. “But it helps when the girl making the ham sandwich is naked and wiggling her cute little ass…and other things, at me!” He slapped his sister’s butt and Amy jumped and squealed in mock pain.

Everyone laughed.

Amy pointedly gazed down at her father’s crotch, where Anne’s hand was still gently stroking his rigid shaft. “I see you’ve been keeping daddy interested, too, mom!” Amy said, approvingly.

Anne stopped, with her fingers still encircling the base of her husband’s prick. She pressed her hand down on his groin, causing his organ to swell up even larger. Steve groaned as Anne slowly slid her fist upward along her husband’s rigid shaft, then back down. “Oh, I think it’s safe to assume that your father has been enjoying himself,” she replied.

“I’ve just been bringing him up to speed on what’s been going on around here recently.” She wiggled her husband’s hard-on and said, “It certainly appears that he’s OK with it!”

“Mmmmm…yes!” Amy exclaimed joyfully as she gazed at her father’s erect penis.

Steve and Anne sat up as the kids sat down, and they all ravenously tore into their picnic lunch.

After a few minutes, Anne said, “While you guys were inside, your father and I were discussing the goings-on this morning. I thought that, since we’ve all seen each other naked now, and it seems that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the situation, I’d like to suggest that, if everyone agrees, we should make it an option for anyone to be out here, naked, any time they pleased, no questions asked.”

“Oh, yeah!” Ron cried.

“Sure!” Amy agreed.

“Actually,” Anne continued, “after seeing how much fun you guys had while doing the household chores in the nude, the other day, I can’t see any reason to limit it to the back yard. We might as well allow it anywhere, anytime, all around the house.”

“Sounds good to me,” escort istanbul Ron said.

“Me, too!” Amy concurred.

They all looked at Steve. He smile and nodded. “OK by me!”

“Of course, since we still have to live in a somewhat prudish society, and not everyone is as liberal we have suddenly become, we’ll have to be careful about who knows what we’re doing,” Anne said. “And we’ll have to be sure to call ahead and warn everybody if we’re going to bring any guests home.”

Everyone agreed at the sense of this proviso.

Finishing their picnic, they cleared away the remains and Amy picked up the trays to return them to the house. She paused for a moment, gazing down at her father’s lap. His penis now lay flaccid, nestled in a thick bed of dark pubic hair. “Well,” she said, “if we’re all going to be looking at daddy’s junk all the time, we’re going to have to do something about that!”

She turned and walked toward the house.

Steve looked at his wife, puzzled.

Anne smiled. “You’ll see,” she replied, knowingly.

Amy returned a few minutes later, with her tray now laden with various items from the bathroom.

Kneeling down next to Steve, she grasped her father’s flaccid penis between her fingers and laid it back across his abdomen while parting his thighs with her other hand. She picked up her battery operated shaver and began shearing the long dark hair from his inner thighs and his balls. Finishing with the electric shaver, Amy spread shaving cream around on his inner thighs and his scrotum, then picked up her lady’s razor and began shaving his thighs.

“Give me a hand here, Mom,” Amy requested. As Anne pulled and stretched the soft, pliant skin of her husband’s scrotum every which way, Amy carefully shaved his balls clean, as well.

Lying there, propped up on his elbows, watching this unexpected procedure with concern, Steve’s butt wriggled and squirmed involuntarily as the girls manipulated his testicles. He felt a tingling deep in his loins and he saw his penis swelling up as it lay upturned across his lower belly.

Finishing his balls, Amy looked up at her mother and said, “What do you think, Mom, should we do it all?”

Anne smiled wickedly and nodded.

Amy grasped her father’s semi-tumescent penis and held it vertically. She spread shave cream all around its base, and began running the razor across his groin, scraping off the well-lathered hair. As she did so, she held her father’s penis in her hand, moving it this way and that as she wielded the razor with the other.

Steve’s prick came to full erection before she finished, and Amy gently stroked her hand up and down his now rigid shaft as she carefully scraped away the last bits of soapy hair from around its thick base. She slowly poured a pitcher of water over his genitals, rinsing away the residue, then gently towel-dried her father’s upthrust penis and loosely dangling balls.

The girls sat back, smiling, as they admired Amy’s handiwork.

Steve gruffly cleared his throat and wriggled his butt as he grew uncomfortable with everyone just staring at his upthrust hard-on.

Amy giggled and picked up a mirror she had brought with her and held it so he could see himself.

“Fuck!” Steve gasped as he saw his prick, standing tall and naked atop his now hairless groin and thighs. “I look like a little kid now!”

Amy laughed. “A little kid with a really big dick!” she said.

“Mmmmm…yes…a really big dick, indeed…” Anne murmured. “You know…it does look bigger than before, now that it’s not hiding behind all that hair. I think like it!”

Steve eyed his wife critically for a moment. “I’ve noticed this morning in bed that your sweet little cuze was looking a bit more exposed now, too, than I remember it being the last time I saw it. But then, it’s been such a long time since you let me see it, I may have forgotten what looked like,” Steve teased.

Anne smiled sheepishly. “I thought we agreed to forget about the past!” she muttered. She leaned back, spreading her thighs wide apart, displaying her lovely cunt for all to see. “Amy thought I was too hairy, too, so she trimmed it up for me. Apparently, it’s all the rage, nowadays, for women, and even men, to be clean shaven, down there. Isn’t it cute, sweetheart?”

“It sure is…” Steve murmured, staring at his wife’s open vagina, her pink, inner folds glistening with moisture. The tiny nub of her clitoris was poking from its shroud, indicating the state of her arousal. He noted the neat little patch of blond curls that still adorned the upper convergence of her labia, and he smiled mischievously.

“Hey, it looks like Amy missed a spot!” Steve said, picking up Amy’s razor and shave cream. He leaned over his wife, pushing her down on her back. Anne squealed as Steve, leering maniacally, spread shave cream on what remained of her formerly luxurious love nest, and then, despite her writhing and thrashing and squeals of protest, shaved her clean.

Anne broke away from her husband’s grasp and, laughing and crying at the same time, jumped up. She grabbed the mirror and held it out in front of herself, inspecting the damage. “Omygod, I can’t believe you did that,” she looked at Steve accusingly.

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