Subject: STORY BANGED AWAY BANGED AWAY – Part Three Copyright Van T Zboi 2009 (The usual disclaimers apply, this is a fantasy, the Institution does not exist) “It’s alright,” Jackson silenced him with a kiss. Jack eager for Jackson’s tongue and lips responded and did not realise until it was too late that the cock now inside him was not Jackson’s. Jackson broke off the kiss and Jack blankly stared at Colin’s smiling face as he began to expertly fuck him. Unable to help himself Jack found himself responding to the boy’s movements and he began to urge the boy on. He again felt lips against his and eagerly sought them out not noticing that it was now Gerry’s tongue that invaded his all too welcoming mouth. Jackson stood and watched as the two fifteen-year olds went to work. He knew that the drugs in Jack’s system were good for a couple of hours more and he had a list in his mind of the boys who would be enjoying Jack’s newly available fuck tunnel. Leaving Jack in Colin and Gerry’s expert hands he went back to the office to operate the cameras as he had done before. A succession of boys followed Gerry and Colin into Jack’s well fucked tunnel, at one point Sam was fucking Jack whilst Jack was sucking Billy and eight-year old Geno was sucking away at Jack’s viagra enhanced cock. Finally Jackson took the held hand camera into the room to intimately film Jack as Robbie slid down the man’s cock and Jack finally got to really fuck a boy. Jackson was delighted to see Jack really entering into everything and controlling Robbie’s movements as the boy expertly bounced on Jack’s cock until he had his last orgasm of the day. Robbie now sat astride Jack’s face and flexing his muscles of his boy pussy, released Jack’s spunk so that it oozed all over Jack’s passion spent face. Jack now lay back exhausted and Jackson and the boys left him in peace as he fell into a sex-sated slumber. Jackson took a last look at the newest member of his team as Jack lay sprawled cum strewn on the bed. “Welcome to the Institute” he whispered as he closed the door. Back in the office he checked the schedules for the evening. A number of boys would be absent that night. Some would be with boyfriends or punters. Jackson knew all his boys friends families and customers and every overnighter was carefully checked. As he was working away the door opened and TJ entered. “Hi Mr Jackson,” TJ smiled. Jackson looked up at the youth. “You look well fucked,” he said. TJ grinned, “Yeah, Sam and Tony did a real good job and Jason took care of everything else.” “So?” asked Jackson knowing that there was more to come. “Well er,” TJ stuttered, “well it’s like this,” he stopped. “Out with it TJ,” stated Jackson. TJ took a deep breath and asked, “Look could I stay overnight. It’s just, well I sort rented out my room to a couple of students for a month. I thought I was gonna be at the seaside for longer than I was and well, they paid up front so I need to find a place to crash for a couple of weeks,” TJ ended lamely. “And where do you propose to stay?” asked Jackson, “you know my rules and the Institute’s rules.” “Well Jason wants me to stay with him tonight and he thinks his uncle might let me stay with him for a bit or,” TJ hesitated and then added, “I wonder if I could crash down at your pad,” he left it hanging in the air. “Hmm,” replied Jackson, “Okay, if Jason is happy you can stay the night with him, (at this Jackson could clearly hear a cheer from Jason who was obviously outside listening at the door), but only one night and yes if you strike out everywhere else you can stay with me but the usual rules, you must attend college everyday you must do your homework, nobody stays over unless they have been vetted and you have my prior permission that they can stay, and off course you must be naked at all times inside the house but that never was a problem with you was it.?” TJ grinned even more broadly “Thanks Mr Jackson,” and he left the room where Jackson could hear Jason loudly making plans for the night. Just then the phone rang and Jackson answered it. “Hi Jock, how’s the birthday boy then,” he said into the mouthpiece recognising Jock’s broad Scottish burr. “Fine, fine, Ron,” replied Jock, “Look sorry to bother you but I need an extra boy for tonight as one of my pals has just called a late acceptance. Will it be a problem?” “No bother Jock,” replied Jackson, he knew Jock’s birthday celebrations included an orgy for his last night before he came back for work and Jock had already booked eight boys for the event, “there’s quite a few staying in tonight. Now is there any boy in particular you wanted?” “Och I thought as my pal likes a good young ‘un that Jason would do. Is he around?” “Actually he’s going to be busy, TJ has tuned up unexpectedly and I’ve given him permission to stay the night.” “TJ eh,” barked Jock into the phone “that’s nay bother, tell him if they like they are both invited to the party TJ is always good value for money an’ if he’s with Jason well they always put on a guid show; if they come or no I’ll still need another laddie. I don’t suppose Robbie’s free by chance?” “Sorry no luck with Robbie,” replied Jackson, “he’s spending the night with his cousins or one of their ‘friends’. Geno is free if you want a young boy.” “Och, Geno will do fine, we’ll swing by ’round nine-o-clock for the pick up. Is it okay to bring the gang in and show them around, I keep promising them a look-see and as we have a limo for tonight we’ll all be together the whole time?” “Sure, Jock no problem,” smiled Jackson, oh an by the way Jack Carter is fully on the team.” “You don’t say, well, well done laddie, yerself,” laughed Jock, “an’ how’s is the virgin feeling?” “Well fucked,” replied Jackson, “you can see the video on Monday. Oh and that new boy Jimmy is a real find, a very good addition to the family.” “You have been a busy boy,” Jock laughed, “two in one day. I’m verra, verra jealous. See ya ’bout nine then. Guidbye.” Jackson left the office to tell TJ, Jason and Geno about the evening’s arrangements, he also needed to get Mark started on the boy’s supper; the boys staying out would need a meal before they left in case they did not get anything substantial to eat and he needed to check on Jack. A half hour later Jackson called the boys başakşehir escort to eat. In the meantime the showers had been busy and the corridors smelt heavily of deodorants, shampoo and after-shaves. A line of clean and not so clean naked boys lined up by the dining room door. Jackson sniffed the air and tried to decide if he preferred the smell of clean boy to after sex boy. TJ arrived with Jason hanging off his newly shaved dick, Jackson had always liked it when TJ shaved off all of his pubes it made the youth look much younger and accentuated the size of his cock. TJ did it also because his punters often tipped heavier if he was smooth. Jason was rubbing in the lotion to ease the enflamed skin where the razor had scraped too hard and was doing his best to get TJ fully erect and TJ was doing his best to stop the boy sexing him up too soon for the evening. Mark called out to say the food was ready and Jackson sent the boys in. As they lined up Jackson went to get Jack, he was due on duty anyway. On Saturday nights Jackson preferred to have two others on duty with him in case he had to leave the building to sort out any problems the boys who were out for the evening were having. A number of times he’d rescued Robbie when one of his new punters tried to either short change the boy or even try a real rape as the youngest despite his experience he was still the most vulnerable of the boys in his charge. As he entered the room Jack stirred and sat up. He was slightly groggy from his earlier exertions and rubbed his eyes with the backs of his hands. Jackson sniffed, Jack reeked of semen and sex there were traces of dried spunk on his face and on his body and a damp puddle had formed where the boys combined cum had pooled as it dribbled from his fuckchute whilst he had been fucked and whilst he’d slept. “How’re you feeling?” Jackson asked softly. Jack looked at Jackson and then blushed a deep red as he recalled the afternoon’s events. “Okay I think” he replied then as he moved groaned slightly. “Bet your arse feels a bit sore?” smiled Jackson. Jack went a deeper shade of red and then noticed that his cock had sprung into action and was hardening and pulsing almost seeking Jackson out as it rose to its full length. “Come on,” said Jackson, “supper is being served and you should be on duty now.” “OH yeah, er right,” stuttered Jack and looked around for his clothes, “now where did I put my uniform?” he muttered aloud scanning the corners of the room for his missing garments. “Here this is all you need,” said Jackson, throwing Jack his keys and his phone. “Uh,” grunted Jack, catching the phone but missed the keys which landed hard on his thighs. “You’re on the team now,” smiled Jackson wickedly. “Oh,” blushed Jack, going even more redder if it were possible. “Up you come,” smiled Jackson grabbing Jack’s arm and pulling him to his feet. For a moment they stood close together, Jackson breathing in the smell of sex that permeated Jack’s body. Jack in his turn found that the smell of Jackson’s body so close woke up more memories of the afternoon and he felt his fuckchute relaxing, readying itself for Jackson’s cock. Jackson felt Jack’s rising interest and grabbed Jack’s arsecheek in his hand telling him, ‘later’ as they left the room. Inside the Dining Room cheers and applause greeted them as they entered. Jack kept on getting redder and redder, trying to hide his erect cock behind his plate as he lined up behind Jackson. The two sat down together and began to eat. Jack found himself looking around at the room full of naked boys, blushing furiously each time he caught the eye of a boy who had fucked him earlier on. As he ate the buzz of the boys talking and eating discussing their plans for the evening and what had happened during the day Jack felt a sense of normalcy settling on him. Idly he scratched his balls as he answered a question from Billy who was sitting on his right hand side about his rota for the next week. “Thanks Mr Carter,” smiled Billy, “I’ll note that down, perhaps,” the boy grinned, “if you are on lock up on Monday night we could,” he caressed Jack’s leaking cock, “have a repeat of this afternoon.” Jack tensed, then as memories of the pleasure he had experienced when being fucked by the fourteen year old flooded his memory, he relaxed and began to enjoy the boys caresses. “Maybe,” he said. Billy pouted but continued to stroke Jack’s cock. Jack still in reverie asked absent-mindedly, “tell me how did you become such an expert lover?” Billy laughed gently, “an expert am I, well you can put that down to Mr Jackson; he’s the one who taught me most; as for the rest have you not read my file.” Jack coloured wondering if he had overstepped the mark. Jackson who had heard the conversation chimed in. “Actually Billy, Jack does not yet have access to personal files. He only knows what he has been told; he’ll need to have finished his training before we can let him loose amongst confidential material, but feel free to tell what you want, it will give him your perspective once he gets a look at your file.” “I see,” said Billy, “then perhaps Mr Carter you might like to interview me on Monday night, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting,” and Billy squeezed Jack’s cock-tip adding, “I’m sure you’ll find it satisfying.” “That’s a date then Jack,” announced Jackson, “but I think at the moment we need to get that engorged lump of yours treated. Any Offers?” he asked around the table. There was a chorus of ‘me, me, me’ from the boys including a deeper voice which turned out to be an offer from Mark. “Hmm.” pondered Jackson, “now who should I choose. Any preferences Jack?” “I, er, I,” gulped Jack not sure how to handle the situation. “I know.” smiled Jackson, “the new boy should do the new boy.” “That’s me,” shouted Jimmy getting up from his seat where Robbie had been giving him advice on deep throating; and the boy slid under the table. Jack jumped in his seat as the nine-year old boy’s mouth closed around his cock. “Er shouldn’t we go somewhere quiet?” Jack whispered to Jackson before uttering a low groan as Jimmy flicked his tongue across Jack’s sensitive glans before digging it into Jack’s pee hole. “Nonsense,” replied Jackson, “everyone wants a dollop of cream for their halkalı escort dessert and man or boy cream is the best there is. Look around.” Jack now realised that a number of boys had joined Jimmy under the table and from the moans and groans coming from those who sat there that he wasn’t the only one having his cock sucked. As Jimmy began t make him feel really good Jack found himself relaxing and enjoying himself. ‘I could get used to this’ he thought and he looked where ten year old Derek was sucking on Jackson’s cock, ‘and I certainly want more of that’ he thought to himself as images of Jackson’s cock deflowering him earlier on enflamed his senses and in seconds he was shooting a ball full load into Jimmy’s sucking mouth. One by one each of the boys being sucked delivered their delectable boy cream loads into the eager waiting mouths of the kneeling cocksuckers. A chorus of satisfied groans came from those being sucked and those doing the sucking. Jackson was the last to deliver and Derek sucked furiously as he sought to capture all of Jackson’s heavy load. Jackson stroked the boy on the head as he swallowed deeply. “Good suck Derek” sighed Jackson and the boy beamed up at him. Around the table the others were sitting back up with the cocksuckers all resurfacing. “Okay you lot” Jackson called out “let’s get this place cleaned up so you lot can all enjoy yourselves tonight. I want to see this place spick and span. Mr Owen, Mr Carter make sure that they boys get everything done in double quick time, please.” “Yes sir,” said Jack Carter springing to attention. “Sir,” added Mark, standing up and adding “Hey Tony get the team into the kitchen to clean up there, Billy get the younger boys to clear the table.” Jackson began to return to the office when the doorbell rang. He checked his watch, it was a bit early for the evening pickups to arrive and he wondered who was at the door. He checked his mobile for the cctv link; the picture showed a youth on a bike standing in front to the front door. Jackson walked to the door and spoke into the entryphone, he could see the youth clearer now, he appeared to be a teenager, one he did not know and he wondered who this was. “Yes,” he said, “I’m Mr Jackson in charge here, who are you and what do you want.?” The youth looked around for the source of the voice. Jackson saw he was speaking but could no hear anything through the glass door. “Use the speaker by the door,” he instructed. The youth laid his cycle down and located the speaker. “Er I’m David,” the youth explained haltingly, “Er, I met, er Deano at the school football match today an’ he gave me his number and I rang, he’s the one with the green hair, so I rang him earlier an’ he gave me this address, an,” the youth David appeared lost for words, “an, well can I see him please?” Jackson recalled Deano saying something about the boy he’d let fuck him at football ringing him later. “Stay there whilst I speak to Deano,” instructed Jackson, “you can park your bike in the stand to the left.” The boy, David nodded and picked up his bike whilst Jackson returned to the Dining Room to get Deano. The room was a hive of activity as the boys cleaned up and he found Deano stacking the clean plates in the dresser. “Deano,” he barked, Deano spun around at the call, “I’ve got a David at the front door asking for you.” “Oh shit,” replied Deano reddening, “I forgot to tell you he rang, sorry sir.” “Does he know the rules?” demanded Jackson, “only he’s just standing there.” “Er, well I did tell him Mr Jackson,” Deano replied hurriedly, stacking the last of the plates. “Come with me and lets sort this out,” Jackson was not amused. Twelve-year-old Deano quickly followed Jackson into the corridor. Out side the room Jackson spoke to him. “What’s going on Deano?” “Sorry Mr Jackson, he’s the one I met at the football match today. He’s the referee’s son. I was sat wif ‘im on the sidelines. ‘cos I was the mascot an’ ‘e saw me flashing my dick at the team like an’ we got to talkin’ like, ‘e seemed nice, so I let ‘im ‘ave a feel o’ me dick. So then at ‘arf-time he got ‘is dads car keys, so we could do stuff inn’a back seat like, an’ well I liked him so said ‘e could fuck me. Well ‘ed never dun it before, so like, well ‘e was very quick the first time, so I let ‘im do it agin ‘an afterwards, well ‘e wanted to see, well fuck me agin so I said ‘e could ring me, ‘an ‘e did, so I told ‘im to cum round ‘an, ‘an,” Deano stopped for breath, “‘an I want ‘im to fuck me agin, he’s real nice.” “But he’s standing outside the house with all his clothes on.” stated Jackson, “there are rules Deano.” “Oh shit, sorry Mr Jackson, I’ll set ‘im right,” and Deano shot off down the corridor, turning back to add, “‘es got a nice dick Mr Jackson, not bad for a fourteen year old.” Jackson followed the boy to the front door and unlocking it let Deano out. The boy rushed up to the gangly youth stood outside and began to kiss him. At first David kissed back but then he saw Jackson watching them and pushed Deano away. By this time Deano had undone David’s fly and had pulled his cock through, so Jackson was admiring what he could see of David’s cock. “Er, sorry, er sir,” David said lamely looking wildly from Deano to Jackson, then realisation dawned when he noticed that both of them were naked. Not only that but Jackson’s cock was by now semi-hard and an impressive sight. “David,” smiled Deano, reaching for his coat, “I tol’ you on t’phone, ya can’t cum in ‘less y’re naked.” “I, er, er,” stuttered David unable to take his eyes of Jackson’s now erect cock. “You do wan’t to fuck me, don’t ya?” asked Deano, stroking David’s cock. David glanced from Deano, to Deano’s hand stroking him and back to Jackson’s cock, “Fuck yes,” he said and began to take his clothes off. Once he was stripped Jackson made him pick up his clothes and let him into the entrance hall. Deano showed David where to put his clothes in the visitors lockers by the front door. David still nervous about the naked Jackson stood naked by the locker door, trembling and uncertain. “Now what?” he asked, his lusty bravado dimmed by the sight of Jackson’s drooling nine inches of man cock. Jackson studied the slim figure, the fourteen-year-old was just beginning to show şirinevler escort his muscles, the slim torso was taut and the boys backside was hung over his legs like a fuzzy peach, the crack an inviting indication of a sweet journey. The boys cock was a slim pencil tube of teenflesh, the sparse curly dark hairs hardy covering the boys groin, a few loose hairs sprouted on the egg sized balls, which looked ready to explode. A small dribble of teen precum bubbled at the tip of the wrinkled foreskin, the boys cock was abut three inches long and looked slightly inflated, probably coming down after being hard all the way to the Institution and Jackson’s welcome reducing it with worry about what was going to happen after being made to strip naked. “My rooms this way,” said Deano and took the slim teenager by the hand. David stumbled at first but allowed Deano to lead him down the corridor. Jackson watched the nude pair and grinned, he waited for a few minutes and strode down the corridor. He slipped silently up the stairs carefully closing the safety doors and made his way to Dean’s room which was next to the washrooms on the second floor. At the doorway he stopped and put his ear to the door, he listened carefully and when he heard Deano’s groans of pleasure he cautiously unlocked the door. Inside the two boys were very busy, Deano lay on his back, the twelve-year-olds slim body was wrapped around the scrawny teen’s pumping body. The inexperienced boy was going for quick pleasure rather than satisfying long drawn out delight. ‘Deano will have to teach him how to make it last’ Jackson thought. “Fuck, of fuck, oh fuck, this feels so good,” David was groaning as he plunged his thin cock in and out of the writhing Deano who was also moaning with pleasure. Jackson stood there watching the pair fuck away, he gently played with his cock, rubbing his hand up and down the thick man sausage, rubbing the ozzing precum across the partly exposed cock head, rubbing the tip of his cock slit with the tip of his precummed finger. “Ohh fuck, oh fuck,” groaned David as Deano bit into his shoulder and sucked hard at the skin raising a dark red lovebite. Jackson stepped forward and reached out a hand and stroked the teen’s soft skin. “Waht the,” David cried out and turned to see Jackson standing there. “What’s going on?” he asked, he was now still, his cock half in and half out of Deano’s boy pussy. “Just making sure everything is allright,” smiled Jackson and he worked his hand down the trembling teenager’s back, caressing the peach boy cheeks before sliding his precum covered finger up and down the exposed boy crack, tenderly tickling the puckered boy hole. At the same time Deano pulled David back onto of him and using his muscles sucked the last few inches of the teen rod back inside his boycunt. “Come on Davey,” he moaned, “Fuck me,” and he forced his mouth over David’s mouth stifling any reply the boy wanted to make. David felt his cock being squeezed by the boys colon and his own boy hole being caressed by the light touch, now teen lust took over and throwing his fears and worries to one side he began to slide his cock in and out of the hot glove that held and caressed him. He felt the pressure on his boy pussy as Jackson worked his finger inside him. At first he worried about the strange sensation, it hurt slightly but then his pussy lips opened like a flower and Jackson worked his finger in deeper until David growled as he felt something inside him being rubbed and a white light went off in his head. “Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhfffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkk,” he screamed as his passion gland was lit inside him for the first time. The teenager sank down on the boy underneath him, he had not orgasmed but the sensation in his boy pussy was amazing and he lay still quivering as Jackson finger fucked him, feeling the pleasure mount and mount. Jackson using the lubrication from the bedside table now began to open the teen pussy up, First one finger and then two were carefully manipulated inside the trembling boy who now and again looked back at Jackson with total sexual surrender in his dawning eyes. Not wanting the pleasure to stop David lay still feeling his cock throb inside Deano, ‘this is so much better than in the back of the car,’ he thought to himself as the pleasure mounted again, then suddenly the fingers were withdrawn and he felt the loss the lust to be filled again. Through lust filed eyes he watched as Jackson now knelt on the bed, he could see the hard pulsing tube of man flesh that dribbled its own lubrication on the bed cover. He felt the heat of the cock head as it slid up and down the quivering, melting entrance to his boy pussy and he knew what was going to happen, not only knew but wanted it, he wanted to be filled, to be stretched by the monster dick. END OF PART THREE To be continued….. 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