Beating the Heat in DC


It’s early July in DC and already unseasonably hot and sticky in the nation’s capital. The heat wave is unbearable with temperature in triple digits and everyone is seeking relief, even at night. My name is Han-Na, a Korean-American working in DC for a multinational company based in Seoul. I’m in my mid-twenties, 5’8″ tall, and about 110 lbs. in my stocking feet. My bilingual skills in Korean and English are highly sought and I was lucky to find a job coming out of college in the middle of a tight job market. I’m doubly fortunate that I get to work in an air-conditioned modern office building just south of the Mall, not far from the Anacostia River. I live in a nice apartment building near M St., NE, and 3rd St., SE, a few blocks north of the new Yards Park on the Anacostia River. During the weekend, I happened to see pictures on about kids playing in the water fountains in Yards Park and reminded me that I could seek cool relief not easily found anywhere in the city. Dozens of kids (and grownups) were cavorting in the playful fountains near the main entrance of the park. Others drenched themselves in the waterfall that fed the basin below. As I sat at my desk at work and thought about the scorching heat outside, I fantasized about getting soaked in the fountain and waterfall. An idea came to mind that would satisfy my stocking fantasies tonight. I could hardly wait for 4:30 to head home to my apartment. Sorority Initiation Hardly anyone knows about my secret fantasies that I have harbored since college days when I was first introduced, rather accidentally, to sexy underwear and stockings. The sorority that I pledged for, Zeta Alpha Tau, was trying out a new initiation ritual inspired by all the new Victoria’s Secret stores popping up in major cities. Until then, my tastes in underwear were pretty conservative–plain cotton briefs and sports bras. They were inexpensive and matched my simple lifestyle, which included jogging, biking, and weight training. I had no real need for anything fancier. However, the new ZAT initiation required us to wear sexy underwear and clothing selected for us for an entire semester. Any deviation from the prescribed wear led to expulsion. As I grew up in a somewhat traditional Korean household istanbul travesti with my parents who had immigrated to the States in the 1980s, I knew nothing about what stylish American women liked to wear under their “dress-to-kill” dresses and skirts. I guess one could say that I led a sheltered life. At the first ZAT meeting when we received initiation instructions, everything seemed too daring and risqué but I was eager to follow orders to get into the sorority. I learned that I would be required to wear sexy underwear all the time, even during weekends and evenings, such as garter belts, girdles, thong panties, sheer panties, no bra, and sheer stockings–preferably old-style RHTs and FFs. This was a new world! The first time I went shopping, my sorority “sister” assigned to me took me around to various lingerie shops in the DC area. It was truly an adventure and eye-opener! I remember the first lingerie shop we visited was named Joy’s Delights in a small strip mall outside of Rockville, MD. When we stepped into the store, my eyes opened up wide when I saw for the first time, all kinds of sexy underwear. I must admit I got a little thrilled to see the assortment of garter belts, OBGs, skimpy panties, and nightwear. The salesgirl sized me up and figured that I was a newbie so she kindly asked me for my waist size, panty size, and foot size. She took me to a changing room with an armful of things to try on. My sorority “sister,” Wendy, joined us to help me out. Stripping down to practically naked was a little uncomfortable since I never undressed before anyone before not even my own family. But there I was in my birthday suit. The only thing I had left on were my cotton panties partly for modesty, but also so I could try on different panties. Over an hour, I tried on a number of different garter belts. They all fit my slim waist nicely, but I liked several basic colors: white, beige, baby blue, pink, and black. I also tried a variety of panties, but I preferred the high-cut sheer panties for comfort and feel. The salesgirl brought out a variety of sheer stockings to try on. Having worn pantyhose and knee-highs for most of my adult life, the feel of real nylon stockings overwhelmed me. Never had I felt istanbul travestileri anything so sexy and stimulating. As I slipped the FFs and RHTs on my lithe legs, I felt my body shiver and my cunt getting moist.  Looking at myself in the full mirror, I looked fantastic in a garter belt, sheer panties, and stockings. Not wearing a bra felt liberating also. Feeling the thrill, I knew that I could not go back to bare legs or pantyhose. I must have spent over two hundred dollars in just the first lingerie shop. We visited a few others in the area, but I didn’t buy much more for the time being. At the local mall, I picked up a small wardrobe of sexy dresses that would show off my legs. I especially liked the sundresses and slip dresses, which were light and cheery especially during the hot summer months. For the rest of the year, I settled for an assortment of skirt/blouse combos and short dresses. This was the new Han-Na, a total remake into a steamy, sexy young woman! Stocking fantasies During my college years after initiation into ZAT and the world of fine lingerie, I wore stockings every day, practically 24/7, even wearing stockings to sleep. I couldn’t get enough. Some of my fellow ZAT sisters also really got into sexy underwear and stockings, but nowhere as fanatically as me. I was hooked, a sex addict. Daily, I felt the impulse to wear my sexiest underwear, sheerest nylons, and most revealing clothes. Increasingly, I had the urge to go “public,” wearing revealing clothes in risky, outdoor places. Summer was the best because I could wear sheer sundresses and slip dresses out in public with my finest garter belts, panties and stockings underneath. It was especially refreshing on a hot day to stand under an outdoor shower, soaking myself from head to toe, and rinsing off the sweat and cooling off my superheated pussy.  My dates got sexier as the word got around that I liked sexy clothing and like to show off. On first dates, it was pretty common for guys to start stroking my thighs seeking my garter straps and stocking tops, feeling my nylon-covered legs, and inching their hands up to my sheer panties, but heavy petting was as far as I allowed because I was going to “save” myself for my husband. travesti istanbul I wasn’t a true virgin anymore. On many a date, the petting progressed to plunging roaming fingers into my cunt and bringing me to the ultimate climax. Needless to say, there were many frustrated guys falling by the wayside who failed to stick their bulging dicks up my vagina. Aside from going on countless hot dates, I lived out my fantasies by going out in public with sexy dresses, underwear, and stockings. Starting out with regular dresses and skirts, I began getting more daring with sundresses and even slip dresses. Lately, with all the hot weather in DC, I even starting going out wearing filmy white slip dresses with colorful designs. Even in the daytime, the colorful patterns concealed what I was secretly wearing underneath–white garter belt, sheer white panties, and tan RHT stockings. With the unbearable heat in the streets, stockings were so much cooler than pantyhose, which heated up the crotch. A slight breeze blowing into the bottom of my light dress felt so refreshing! I wore such sheer old-style stockings, 10 or 15-denier, that my legs appeared bare. The only hint that I was wearing real stockings was the reinforced heels and toes but close-toed shoes and sandals hid them nicely. Cooling off in the fountains It was finally 4:30 and time to go home. As usual, I had gone to work wearing a dark business suit but underneath I had on a royal blue garter belt, sheer baby blue panties, and vary blue RHTs. All day, I could feel my nylon-covered legs brushing against each other. Perhaps no one else heard the distinct swishy sound of nylons rubbing. I could hardly wait to change into something more comfortable and sexier for my foray into the evening outdoors. It took only fifteen minutes to walk home from the office, but I was already drenched in sweat from head to toe. My crotch was dripping with sweat. First thing I did was to strip off my business suit down to stockings and undies and jump in the shower, washing everything off with steaming hot water. Switching to cold water, it felt so refreshing. Stepping out, I stripped off my garter belt, panties and stockings and hung them up to dry.  After drying off, I rummaged through my overflowing lingerie drawer and picked out a white garter belt, sheer hi-cut white panties, and a pair of Hanes RHT stockings in my favorite color, “Barely There.” Sitting on the sofa, I slid the stockings up my left leg and attached the garter clips, then the right side.

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