Beautiful Skies Ch. 02


This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on ANY Internet pay site without compensation for me the writer.



Sorry for the delay but my computer had a power surge.


Dazed and confused by what just happened, what I’ve felt now at the hands of these two, feeling myself droop there almost lifelessly as they continued to bring me to new heights of ecstasy and torment as my eyes quickly start open once again as this arousal forces all my senses to it’s highest peak. Coming out of my daze, still between both of them, thinking I must have blacked out for second there, the one in front of me comes closer enveloping my mouth once again in a deep embrace not even having noticed anything being too busy inflicting these sensual torments. At the same time she tugs on both my nipples roughly making me moan into her mouth even louder now as my sensitive breasts seem on fire! She loosens her hold breaking our long kiss giving me a devilish grin.

They must have made me orgasm so many times my body feels drained of liquids as my mouth feels extremely parched. My nipples feel as if they’ve been ripped off as my privates are being roughly handled, yet feeling such excitement and pleasure emanating from every fiber of my being. Such bliss here between both of them my head starts to sway forward then backwards as they both start planting kisses and little love bites all around my neck making me succumb further. My legs giving way once more, they both giggle as they manage to steady me on wobbly legs.

At that moment the captain’s voice is heard over the intercom saying that the plane will be arriving at the airport in thirty minutes and to please return to our seats. Hearing one of the two curse a few words, my eyes are partially shut not caring much about anything any longer except keeping my state of arousal going. I feel the one in front of me grab the back of my head as she kisses me with even greater passion than before. She says to the lady holding me up, “You gonna be ok with her?”, hearing a sound of acknowledgement she looks straight at me. Quickly releasing my hands, my arms droop to my sides exhausted from having done anything yet experienced so much. Tweaking my nipple one last time, she kisses the tip of my nose saying, “Delicious little slut” and dashes away fixing her hair and garments. There was that word again, my eyes fixed upon her trying to respond maybe even retort, nothing came to mind. Standing there speechless watching a woman who’s stepped deeper into my soul than any other I’ve known simply walk away, truly leaving me yearning for appropriate words to say. If my heart could reach out and grab her hand having her stay a while longer, it would have.

She stops glances into my eyes over her shoulder, doing nothing more than smile, turns and walks away. Seeing her pass through the curtain with my heart aching for her return, I can just stand there exhausted and drained hoping I’ll see her again somehow. Oddly enough, I snap myself back to reality seeing she’s left the curtain partially open! With the outlines of people moving about in the other room, my heart leap forward thinking someone will see me nude being fondled by a woman I don’t even know!

Feeling myself being directed to a bench I try to tell her to close the curtain properly for goodness sake but in my weakened state the only thing that comes out are inaudible mumbles. Gentling placing me on the bench she quickly looks for my discarded garments grabbing my pants and shirt.

My eyes closing on their own volition now, I feel her raise one foot then the next hearing her breathing frantically trying to put my feet into the pant legs. As she tugs my pants higher she kneels directly in front of me, grabbing both my legs putting my right foot on her right thigh and my left foot on the other side. Feeling my legs part a tad, she looks at me mischievously saying “No time to play sweetie”. Hiking up my pants as fast as possible then deciding she can’t reach any higher, she stands up quickly sending my feet crashing down off her thighs. Still on my sexual high I ignore that little pain as she pulls me by my wrist up as she cradles me to her making me stand.

Hearing her sigh, she kneels down as I lose my fight versus gravity slumping over her back letting my hands fall onto her backside. Thinking this is the furthest I’ve EVER gone sexually with a woman, let alone two and on top of that they were total strangers!

I squeeze her butt letting out a giggle thinking this is the best flight I’ve ever taken! Feeling her slide up my pants as she laughs as well continuing hastily with her task while wiggling her butt a tad.

Stopping a moment, she pulls the garment up over my hips as she pushes me back with her other hand as I grunt a little. Deciding to help her a tad, I keep my balance a moment as she brings the garment around Ataşehir Escort and fastens the button. Looking into her eyes I mumble, “Thanks” and her reply is to give me quick sensual kiss on lips passing the palm of her hand over my mound cupping my crotch while pressing her index against my sex a moment. Thinking she needs a little further coaxing, I moan slightly hoping she’ll continue.

Closing my eyes, I feel my arousal rise in a flash once more but that’s quickly stopped as she removes her hand making me groan in displeasure. Handing me my shirt she helps me put one arm into the whole while passing her hands over my aching skin teasingly only making my head sway a tad as my eyes close wearily. Feeling her hands remove themselves off of me as both my arms are in the shirt, she traces the outline of my belly button teasingly. Being on the verge of another orgasm but this teasing is almost unbearable, I decide to desperately give her my best puppy face look and faintly whisper to her hoping the shadows won’t hear “Please, please. I’m so close, touch me one last time”.

This touching and suddenly stopping is making me so aroused, but seeing her devilishly smile back at me, she knows what it’s doing to me!

With pleading eyes I wait a moment but with her only looking on, waiting for me to put my shirt on. I grudgingly slip my head into the hole thinking I’m on the edge, it’s so close! As my head goes through and my vision is obscured, I feel her lips latch onto my left nipple with one hand lightly pulling on my right one and her other hand on my back pushing me forward into her. Sucking on my tender morsel of flesh she tweaks my other nipple as the moistness between my legs is spewing forth. Feeling my orgasm approach dangerously close again, I stifle a moan as it creeps up to the edge of my lips trying to keep what is happening away from the attention of others. As it continued to build within me, my hips started to gyrate screaming for attention as beads of sweat started to form hastily on my forehead, the hand on my back having dropped down and cup one of my butt cheeks and then gliding over my hip reached the front. Biting my lip hard before a plane-shattering moan is let go, she drops her hand between my legs stimulating my clit with her index finger through my jeans. Feeling her start to suck even more and tug ever so slightly on my nipple, I start to moan as low as possible no longer being able to stop the surge of pleasure. My hips bucking wildly against her fingers with my hand on her shoulder and my hand wrapped around in a tangle of her hair feeling it on the verge of arriving, an enormous wave of glorious passion. I feel it, it’s all consuming bliss!

Just then I feel her lips back away! So close! She removes her hands and says, “Next time sweety…”

Pulling down my shirt she scrapes her nail teasingly against my right nipple as both could clearly be seen sticking out like little eraser heads. Wondering if she was going to leave me like this, I see her turn around and take a tissue out a nearby box looking at herself in the mirror.

Dumbfounded, yet feeling so aroused, I look at her pleadingly silently hoping she would come back. Seeing her wipe away some of the lipstick that was smeared around her lips, she reapplies a new coating taking a color from her purse. Wondering if I should cry or be ecstatic, she continued on as if nothing had JUST happened! Feeling so close to the edge of what could be a enormous orgasm, I slip my hand down the front of my jeans trying to mimic the motions they were doing as my other hand quickly grabs hold of my left nipple.

Seeing her turn around with a faint smirk on her face, she quickly tugs my hands to my sides leaving me once again on the verge of climaxing!

Ignoring my pleading look, she quickly gives a peck on the tip of my nose and then wipes away any traces of lipstick from my face. Feeling her unbutton my jeans once again brings a surge in me as I pleadingly spread my legs a little for her.

She brings down my zipper as she teasingly rubs my mound afterwards. Thinking this is it!

Spreading my legs little more, feeling her dip her hand only stuffing the hem of my shirt into my pants! WHAT A TEASE! Whispering to her, “I’m so close! Please! Please, just ONE last time touch my pussy. Please!” I look at her desperately. She finishes tucking my shirt in and passes her hand over my mound. Feeling my brow has once again been covered with perspiration as this teasing fiend toys around with my arousal feeling a bead of sweat flow down my cheek, I await my next wave of thunderous pleasure.

She taps my mound once, taps again a little harder, my thighs instinctively clench yearning for her touch almost wanting to seek out her hand. Closing my eyes waiting for the long awaited release, she removes her hand and zips up my pants. Feeling my left nipple flicked this time, I’m left more frustrated than I’ve ever been before in life! Taking me by the arm she leads me out into the other room as I’m surprised to Ataşehir Escort Bayan see a few other stewardesses getting themselves ready for the landing, they’re were close to us.

Me naked, being mercilessly toyed around with!

Hearing her tell me to stay put pointing to the ground sternly leaving me in the crowded room as I sort my muddled thoughts feeling like I did when I was young girl in lost in a shopping mall being reprimanded by my mother. Feeling my face bright red again, I stand there rubbing my legs slightly together hoping that will calm my desperate love gash. Getting bumped around a few times by these women who’re moving all over like worker bees, I wonder if she’s only making me wait and she’ll relieve me or let me relieve myself at least!

Feeling a hand place itself on my left hip hearing a whisper on my right saying “Lovely show, if you like to play dress up, next time ask me to” as she gives me a quick on the cheek stepping towards the exit giving my butt cheek a quick squeeze.

Baffled and wondering just what she saw thinking back to the room, I feel waves of confusion grow within me but also sense of excitement. Shivering and thinking I let two women have their way with me and what she was implying, I felt goose bumps multiply on the back of my neck sending my tiny little hairs on end with excitement. Feeling my pulse quickens more so, I look desperately around but that thought is quickly dashed as I hear her voice approach.

Seeing the teasing fiend dart around me into the room behind us for a minute, then her once again familiar touch upon my shoulders, she gently eases me towards the exit and guides me to where my mother is seated I would think. Passing through a small entryway leading to other side of the plane, I’m suddenly stopped by her hands upon my shoulders.

Feeling her hands snake between my arms and ribs on either side, she quickly flicks my nipples and removes her hands whispering into my ear “I’ll keep your panties and bra as a souvenir” with a light giggle.

Remembering only now that she didn’t put either of them on! Looking down, I could clearly make out the shape of my nipples sticking straight out even more because of what she did! Seeing a faint pink color visible through my white shirt since it was tucked it in so tightly I can only gasp much to my horror.

Quickly raising my arms as I hear her giggle behind me. Feeling lava like warmth again returning to my cheeks as I must be blushing furiously at it feels like I’m being exposed in public! Trying to keep my composure, I cross my arms up high in front of me as she leads me on.

Thinking that everyone can see my nakedness and feeling rather exposed, I now sense myself blush furiously almost as much as when they both had their hands on my body! Giving into my fate, we move along dreading coming face to face with my mom in this state.

Feeling as if everyone’s eyes are upon me, but when I look they’re too busy readying themselves. My mind seems to be playing tricks on me as I feel the hands on my shoulders start to discreetly massage my aching flesh. Abruptly coming to a halt noticing we’ve already arrived, I see my mother trying to get our bags out of the overhead compartment with great difficulty.

Feebly mumbling hello to her as I’m wondering if I’m emanating a smell of sex or sweat, I try to act as casual as possible.

My mother looking thankfully at me having returned to help her, asks if I can grab our bags from up there as she turns around trying to pick up some peanuts she spilled earlier from the floor. Seeing my mother ignore me in my present dilemma, surely unknown to her, the stewardess tells me to remove my shoes and stand on the seat that and she’s going to ‘help’ me with a coy smirk.

With no way out and my mother, busying herself cleaning the mess she made, I look into the stewardess’ eyes pleadingly. She just smiles back broadly telling me to take my shoes off now in a slightly more commanding tone. Hearing my mom tell me to hurry up as she’s picking what appear to be crushed peanuts, I grudgingly try to slip them off of my feet as she puts a hand on my shoulder to stabilize me while doing so. Having tied my shoes tightly of all days, I’m forced to use my hands, exposing what felt to me my returning to normal sized nipples. They stuck obscenely out as I only now notice that it seems cooler out here than where we had been!

Hearing an appreciative murmur, I look up seeing her stare directly at them with a full-blown smirk across her lips as she raises an eyebrow! Hearing my mother ask me again to get the bags now snaps me back to reality. Being left with no choice or be grounded for the next lifetime, I shakily kneel down to untie both knots quickly and kick them next to the seat in frustration and anxiety.

Seeing the stewardess lean over, as my mom’s loose pants have unwittingly exposed the top of her backside with her pink frilled panties come into view, I can only gasp having never seen anything of the sort at home. Escort Ataşehir Feeling devilish at even gazing her in such a way, it brings up strange emotions in me as I can only gawk at the stewardess looking down my mother’s exposed backside!

Looking back at me, she quickly licks her lips directing me by the shoulders to move onto the seat. Still in shock at what had just witnessed, I feel as if I’m being shown off to the entire plane as my unrelenting flesh is poking out of my chest like fog lights for all to see! Quickly covering up seeing the stewardess beam a large smile back at me as I hop up onto the seat cursing in my head at this whole predicament.

Trying to open the latch with my left hand as I lean over and cover myself while trying to keep my balance, it barely budges leaving me exasperated. Looking down, seeing her amused look at my problem, which she could easily solve by doing, what she’s paid to do here anyhow! Switching arms trying to cover myself as best as possible, I grab hold of the latch flinging it open with all my might and my growing humiliation feeling exposed in front of all these strangers. Even though no one is paying attention to me, seeing them all scurrying around gathering up their belongings, I feel a rush pass through me as no one seems to of noticed my state of undress.

Hearing the captain’s voice once again on the intercom announcing that the plane will be landing in 5 minutes so everyone should take their seats hoping we enjoyed our flight and to come fly again with them, my heart leaps forward feeling panic start to overwhelm me. Seeing my mother look back over her shoulder angrily giving me a ice cold stare, I see her lean down even lower to the ground trying to get some peanut pieces that must of strayed even further away.

Seeing her try to reach as far as possible while in this doggy style position, her pants have exposed even more of her white flesh as almost a quarter of her butt is being shown to us!

Glancing at the stewardess as her eyes are open wide feasting on the view before us, she taps my shoulder urging me to get the bag. Throwing caution to the wind, I reach with both arms struggling to grab the handle. Pulling on it, I notice that the other bag strap has wound itself upon part of the arm that keeps the door up. Sighing to myself, I reach for it trying to liberate its hold as I notice that my shirt is hanging away from my body as I had to lean forward. If anyone short enough were to pass, they would catch an unobstructed view of my breasts as I pulled on the handle.

Hearing a slight appreciative sigh, I look downwards seeing the stewardess gawking at my exposed mid section. Trying to end this as soon as possible, I notice most of passengers have already taken their seats or are making their way down the rows. Feeling her blow at my exposed flesh, knowing it’s probably to further stop me from my task, I press on.

Unable to move it at all, I look pleadingly towards the stewardess for help. Seeing my mom take her seat, the stewardess says we’re not supposed to remove luggage before we land incase something was to happen as she tries to hide a gigantic smirk. Telling me quickly sit down and fasten my belt before we land. Standing there too stunned to do anything as it’s slowly sinking in, all of this was for nothing but to watch me blush and on the verge of almost exploding in humiliation as I felt so exposed and being slutty.

After a few moments she saw I wasn’t going to move, so she grabs my forearm and guides me in my seat. Hearing my mom ask “Honney are you a ok?” in a motherly tone as she put her hand to my forehead realizing it’s burning hot. The stewardess feigning concern approaches even more as she wipes my brow with a napkin she removes seemingly out of nowhere.

“Don’t worry ma’am, we get a lot of these cases when someone eats too fast and makes them sick” as she brings my hand up onto my forehead placing the tissue between my fingers giving a quick squeeze. Seeing her give my mom a smile saying “She might need a little rest but she’ll be fine in a while” as she points to the window. “We’re already landing! Shoot!” she races towards the front trying to keep her balance.

Passing the partially crumpled piece of paper over my cheeks but it’s only being slightly soothing, I straighten myself out as I’m next to my mother now. My mother with light pink panties, I never would have guessed that she started buying colored panties. Catching myself with these forbidden thoughts, I quickly push them aside thinking about my favorite rock band as I reprimand myself for such thoughts. Hearing the intercom announce that it’s ok to stand up once again, I’m flabbergasted at how quickly that passed! I must have been lost in thought I guess…

Seeing my mom get up and ask me to get our bag as she stands readying herself, getting up myself feel that my legs have returned to normal with a sigh of relief get to my task but think of a way to minimize my nudity. I notice and elderly couple is seated in front of us, while a woman with her son are directly behind us. The elderly couple preoccupied with gathering their things as they put on their straw hats, that they probably bought at the resort they’re coming, from start to pack a few things in their pockets. Probably left over peanuts or the like; feeling some relief I choose to ignore them.

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