Becky’s Sister Jamie Ch. 03


Chapter 3 of Becky’s Sister Jamie. All characters are above the age of 18. Group sex, anal, a smidge of incest, and 2 dicks touching. If you do not like any of that please do not read. A big thank you to Todger65 for the editing and proof reading.


Becky called me at work a couple of days later. “Hi hun. Do we have plans for dinner?”

“Hi yourself.” I responded. “Not that I know of. Do you want to go out or bring something home?”

“Jamie called and is wanting us to come over, meet some friends and then go out.” She said tentatively.

I am not a big go out kind of guy. I had some fun in high school and college but one too many passed out drunks had led me to stop many years ago. Going out and parting was not something I enjoyed but I do love to see her dancing and having fun. She does not ask often so I usually agree to go along if it is not just a bunch of her girlfriends trying to pick up guys.

“Sure baby, sounds like fun as long as I get to tease her a little bit about last weekend.”

“You better be good; I do not know who is coming but Mom will be there to watch the kids.” Becky scolded. “They want to go to Dave and Busters so we can eat, play and do a little dancing.”

“OK. Are we meeting at my place and go, or do you want me to pick you up?”

I have not convinced her to move in yet. She was worried about the weekends when I had the boys. She worries about what they would think even though both of them thought it was great Dad was seeing someone.

“No kids at your place this weekend, right? I will just come with you from there.” Becky answered.

I was happy to have her over for the weekend. I know she would make it worth my while to go out partying with her friends. She was worried about what my kids thought, and I was worried what her mom and friends thought of me. I knew her father had to hate me. I was almost twice her age and she was his baby. There was no way I was ever getting on his good side and I understood it.

The rest of Friday afternoon went fast. I was almost caught up after my trip and my desk was clear. I got an email from Troy from the warehouse asking me if Becky had roped me into clubbing tonight. I told him yes and reminded him that the company reads our emails so not to get himself in trouble. He answered back saying that he would not send me the picture of what Autumn was wearing tonight then. Those two were trouble with a capital T.

I walked into the house a little after 5:00 and stopped dead in my tracks. My goddess was standing before me in all her glory.

Becky looked amazing. She was wearing a white camisole top that hung over her luscious breasts exposing her sexy midriff. Her large areolas could be seen through the light fabric. Flat firm abs and that sexy V going down to her hips were on display. Her shoulder length hair blond hair tipped with red highlights framed her angel face. Tight black yoga pants covering her legs and sexy butt. I am sure that the only panties she could have on would be a thong. Open toed white pumps with three-inch heels completed her outfit.

“Do you like?”

“I love it. Damn woman I am going to have to bring a stick to keep everyone away from you.” I responded. “Or maybe we can just stay home, and I use a different stick”

“Later big boy and who says I want you to keep them away?” she teased.

This was going to be a fun night.

“Change of plans. We are meeting everyone at the Oak Creek Brewery. Live band tonight.” she informed me. “Adults only. Mom took the kids to her place.”

“Sounds fine. Let me get cleaned up and we will go.” I said.

I had hoped to get her to join me for a quick shower. I knew that she was already dolled up so instead I did the fast, hot shower and a shave to get rid of the grime and 5 o’clock shadow. She had laid out one of my better dress shirts and a pair of jeans. I slipped on my black Merrells and we were out the door about 15 minutes after I had gotten home.

Becky handed me her keys and said I was the DD for the night. I do not mind driving her little Honda, but I prefer my truck. The upside to her car is a stick shift and that is always fun. Sliding in and out of traffic while I worked the gears got me a couple of dirty looks from the blond, but she was smiling when we pulled up next to a pick up truck at a stop light.

The Cheshire grin should have told me something, but I was paying attention to traffic more than the woman next to me. The light turned green and I heard a honk. I looked over and Becky had pulled her top down and flashed the guys next to us. It was my turn to smile as we rolled down the road. Becky was so happy with herself she did not notice that we were coming up on another light and the truck was trying to keep up.

“Don’t you dare stop!” she told me with a giggle.

I changed lanes and did a fast downshift to take the next right. The truck could not make the turn and Becky waved at them as we sped away. One last long honk was all Ankara escort I heard.

“Dang sexy you are in a good mood tonight.” I stated.

“Yes. I have been thinking about what you said about last weekend.” Becky said. “If you plan on teasing Jamie, I think I am going to have some fun with Jeremy and anyone else who may show up.”

I pulled into the parking lot and we could hear the band already playing. I followed behind Becky just to watch her hips swing to the music and stare at that ass. One quick adjustment of my equipment and we stepped into the bar.

The restaurant was not too crowded and Jamie had a big table for us in the back. The bar side was already hopping with the band playing an early set. I was pleased to hear a rock and roll cover and not some yelling or screaming punk rap mix. Autumn and Troy were already at the table with Jamie and Jeremy. Billy and Alexandra were on the dance floor where a good cover of 2 Tickets to Paradise had everyone moving. Becky did not even let me make it to the table.

We started with her dirty dancing through about 3 songs then a Journey ballad came on for us to get up close and personal. Her mouth was on mine before my hands had worked down her hips to grab her perfect ass. She slipped me the tongue and then licked the side of my face up to my ear.

“You’re not going to find any panties hun.” She whispered as she sucked hard on my earlobe. My dick stood up at attention and for the second time I had to readjust which way it was sticking.

Dinner was fun. Billy and Jeremy knew the chef and we just kept getting food delivered to the table. All of it better than any bar food I remembered from my younger days but not the TopChef TV show fancy crap.

Alexandra was Billy the club’s most recent plaything. He had met her just like Jamie, Becky and Autumn before. He had hired her to work at his breasturant. The only difference was that he was at Tilted Kilt now and not Hooters, but his pattern was the same. She was young and hot with big natural tits. Long dark brown hair with natural curls falling below her shoulders. Her cute little mouth with chipmunk cheeks and deep dimples reminded me what Becky had told me the other morning. All the girls had seen and sucked Billy’s club just to see if the stories of his size were true.

We ate, drank, and enjoyed the good company. I was sitting between Jamie and Alexandra. Jeremy and Autumn sat at the end of the table. Becky was across from me between Billy and Troy. Billy and I figured out we both had a good decade plus on everyone else at the table. Jeremy and Jamie were early in their early 30s. Autumn and Becky were in their mid-20s and Troy and Alexandra were the babies of the group at 19. Troy had been working for me since high school. I would feel bad about Autumn corrupting the young man, but he was enjoying it and her way too much.

Jamie leaned in and said “I hope you enjoyed the show last weekend. It was the least I could do for Becky letting me use your pool.”

“You could have invited me to join in.” I responded.

“Joined in on what” Alexandra asked.

“My slut sister was having sex with a high school boy by our pool when Jim came home from a business trip.” Becky answered causing Billy to nearly choke on his drink.

“He is not in high school. He is a freshman in college.” Jamie said in her own defense.

“What’s his name? I am a freshman, too.” Alexandra asked. “I may know him.”

This earned her a stare from most of the table. She was not startled by the fact that we were talking about Jamie having an affair or me watching them. She just wanted to know if she knew the guy.

Billy said, “She saw a few of the videos before she joined the club.”

Jamie and Autumn laughed, and Becky turned beat red with the knowledge that Alexandra had probably seen them all working on Billy’s large dick in one way or another.

“Ok, two questions.” Troy asked. “Can I see some of the movies and show of hands, who here is in the club?”

Billy and Jeremy were now laughing, and I just shook my head. The girls on the other hand looked at each other. Slowly starting with Jamie, they all raised their right hands.

“I think there are different levels of membership, right Billy?” Jeremy asked.

“I guess so. Only 2 of these are full members then.” Billy answered.

“Does that mean what I think it does?” Autumn piped in. “I am only level 2. I bet Jamie is level 3 and I know Becky is only level 1. So when did Alexandra get the full initiation?”

“I bet they can guess the level of membership but please enlighten Troy and Jim.” Jeremy added.

“Club membership starts at level 1 initiation. I did that at my interview.” Autumn said. “Blow job and facial.”

“Hey! It’s not like I ever start any of this. The girls come to me about it.” Billy said defensively.

“He is right. I did not blow him until after I had been told by Autumn and the other girls about Ankara escort bayan The Club.” Becky chimed in.

“If a blow job and facial is level 1, what is level 2?” Troy asked, trying to stay on track.

“If you let him have sex with you with his big club it is level 2, and I do not want to think what level 3 is.” Becky said with a blush. “And I swallowed so is that level 1.5?”

“Level 3 is what you and Autumn let them two do to you over the long weekend at Jim’s place.” Jamie teased her sister.

“You took that thing in your butt? How did you get it in?” Autumn asked Jamie and Alexandra.

“I bet there is a movie!” Becky yelled.

“There is a movie.” Jeremy said. “We have it at the house. Her first dp was that night.”

“I did it in the wrong order then. He fucked in my ass then my pussy before I ever blew him.” Alexandra said.

All eyes were on the youngest member of the group.

“What? I like anal. It is scary looking at that thing and I thought I was saving my pussy for marriage.”

Billy broke up the staring contest by saying “Let’s go watch those movies Jeremy.”

Everyone split up with a designated driver. I had Becky, Billy, and Alexandra with me. We followed Jeremy, his lovely wife Jamie, Troy and Autumn back to their place.

The girls get first dibs on the bathrooms while the men went toward Jeremy’s man cave. A sectional was facing the wall where a big screen tv hung above the gas fireplace and a loveseat in front of the small bar in the corner. An oversized footstool was in front of the sofa.

“If anyone wants a beer there is a mini fridge in the corner and my pisser is behind the door.” Jeremy informed us.

I went for the piss and found a shower big enough for 2, as well as the toilet. I wondered what they used it for down here.

I walked back into the man cave and the TV already had a movie going and the guys all had drinks. Jeremy handed me a diet Mt. Dew and went to use the bathroom. The screen showed Jamie sitting on the loveseat. She was wearing just a pair of white cotton panties with a wet spot in the front. She had one hand going down her stomach toward the waistband of the panties and the other pinching her pierced nipple.

“She must have taken those rings out when the boys were born. I had forgotten she had them both pierced at one point.” Billy said.

The guys got done in the bathroom while watching Jamie masturbate on the 82-inch HDTV. She never removed the panties but her hand was rubbing her wet pussy while telling Jeremy how bad she wanted him to take out his cock so she could see him stroke it. She told him how good it felt sliding her fingers into her wet pussy. She was telling him how lucky he was that she was letting him watch. If he did a good job stroking himself, she would let him cum for her. She kept talking about how good it had felt to be fucked by her latest boyfriend. How big his cock was and how hard he fucked her. A few minutes into the movie she pulled her hand out and stuck both of her fingers into her mouth. She sucked them dry and then put both hands on her beautiful breasts. She was pinching both nipples as she was telling Jeremy to cum all over her soaked panties and then her tits.

Jeremy’s hairy ass walked in front of the camera and up besides his wife. He was stroking his 6-inch cock pointing it right at his wife’s covered cunt. He was pumping fast to give her what she wanted. His hand stopped moving and his ass clinched as the first rope of cum shot out of his piss hole onto her cotton panties. He raised up and the next squirt hit her in the stomach. The last two went onto her tits. Jamie started to rub the cum into her skin but stopped. She looked up to her husband and told him to get down there and help clean her up. The video stopped with Jeremy bending over his wife starting to lick his cum off her stomach.

“Sorry we are taking so long but a couple of us who weren’t wearing any underwear are raiding Jamie’s lingerie …” Autumn stopped in mid-sentence as she saw the TV. “Becky’s right. They started without us!” She yelled back up the stairs.

The sexy brunette walked to the middle of the room. She was wearing a white thong and matching lace corset. Her tits were on full display and capped with quickly hardening nipples. C cup breast capped with small nipples that were perfect to roll between your thumb and finger. The top of her landing strip could be seen above the small thong.

“Dang that is hot Jeremy. Licking your cum off her is sexy. I can’t even get Troy to lick my pussy clean after he fills me up let alone when it is on the outside.” She complained. “You boys are way over dressed for us to watch porn with. Strip!”

Jeremy and Billy looked at Troy and then me. I shrugged and started to pull off my shoes.

Troy walked toward his girl and said, “Make me.”

Autumn let him get close and then grabbed his dick through his pants.

“If you want to use this at all Escort Ankara tonight you will get naked now or you will just get to sit and watch.”

Troy was pulling off his shirt before my second shoe hit the floor. Billy and Jeremy were following suit. Troy was a former football player in high school. His body was built like his cock. Short and stocky but not fat. Light brown hair and strong arms. Jeremy is a firefighter and is in the best shape of the 4 guys. A little shorter than my 6-foot but in way better shape with jet black hair and clean shaven. Billy and I are both about 6 foot tall but if I have a good dad bod at 210, he was at least 240 and barrel chested. My goatee had turned completely gray over the last few years and my dark brown hair had waves of gray in it. Billy shaved bald what was left of his hair.

We were all dropping our briefs as Jamie, Alexandra, and Becky walked down the steps. Jamie was wearing just a pair of white cotton panties like on the first video. Around her neck was an inch wide collar with a silver ring in the front. Her C cup breast swaying uncovered as she kissed each of us as she walked past. Her tits had very little sag, but her tummy had the stretch marks from 2 kids. Her wide hips and big ass stretching the cotton to breaking point. You could see a small patch of dark hair through the panties.

Alexandra had on the most clothes of anyone in the room. She was wearing a red see through teddy, matching G string and collar like Jamie’s. Seeing her almost naked proved she had the biggest breast of the four. Becky’s tits are either D or DD. Alexandra’s were at least natural Es. She had very small areolas but her nipples stuck out at least an inch. Her ass looked hot in the G string, but it was not as hot as the other three women in the room.

Becky was in a white string open teddy that covered nothing. Her perfect breasts were circled by the thin white lace but totally uncovered. It had a diamond pattern across her body. Her bald pussy framed by the two strings coming across her thighs to form the G string splitting her ass cheeks. Her bright pink lips almost matched her lipstick color. Her clit was still visible from being hot and worked up from earlier in the evening. Her ass was the perfect peach. Every time I saw it my cock got a little harder and longer.

“I should have come in naked.” she said. “Billy, do you have to be a level 3 member to get the collar?”

“Yes, but it does not have to be my club.” Billy answered.

Becky walked up to me and grabbed my 7 inches and said, “I better have a collar tomorrow lover.”

“You both owe me one.” Autumn said to Troy and me.

The girls went to their respective partners and we found seats for the next movie. Troy and Autumn were on the loveseat. His coke can of a cock was hard and Autumn was slowly stroking him. I was in one of the recliners with Becky sitting at my feet. My cock at the side of her head. She would turn every so often to give it a kiss. Our hosts were in the other recliner. Jeremy’s cock was longer than Troy’s but not as long as mine. He was the only one of us not circumcised. Jamie sat in his lap with his hand down the front of her white undies.

Alexandra and Billy were on the other sofa. I expected Billy to be big. Becky had said he was the biggest she had ever seen. I was still surprised by his cock. He was longer than me by 2 or 3 inches and about as big around as Troy. It looked like a Pringles can. Alexandra had the head at her mouth and was licking the rim of his head.

“See guys. I told you it was scary. I didn’t think it would fit in my mouth.” Alexandra said.

Jeremy hit play on the next video. Jamie was on all fours on the giant footstool in the middle of the room we were all sitting in. Billy was in front of her with his cock pressed against her lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked around the head and then the tip. She was about to take in her mouth but Billy had other ideas. He moved his hips back and then smacked her in the face with his big hard club.

“Dang that had to sting.” Troy said.

“Do you wish yours was long enough to do that?” Autumn asked knowing her boyfriend needed to be worked up to give her a good hard fucking.

I took a chance and smacked Becky’s cheek with my hard on. She turned her head so I could do it again. I smacked her forehead and her chin a few times. When she tried to turn her head back to the screen I stopped it with my other hand. I pulled her long blond hair back hard. She stiffened her neck but let me take control. I smacked her face until her cheek was as red as my cock.

The movie was still playing. Jeremy had entered the frame. He walked up behind Jamie and knelt down. He buried his face between her thighs to eat her out. Billy had turned around and bent over. He had stuck his ass and balls into her face. Jamie pushed her mouth into his open ass and was licking around his sphincter, down his taint to his balls. She took them into her mouth and sucked them one at a time.

Becky turned around onto her knees to face me. I let go of her hair and let my dick rest on her beautiful face. Her hands lifted my left leg over the armrest of the chair. I lifted my right leg up on the other side. I scooted down the chair giving her access to my undercarriage.

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